Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 2
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: Fi9« A-2--INDEPENDENT l.. laturlar. Ft* .1M4 --KA.C. SAYS: Unrealistic Method of Announcing Death "I almost died before I opened it" This waj the torment of the wife of an Army captain--^who is serv- tng in Viet Nam. It referred to a telegram from the War Department telling the Torrance wife that her husband had been slightly wounded in Saigon where three of our men were killed and 50 wounded. There were 500 of our men in the theatre where the bomb was exploded. * * * V We can sympathize with the shock experienced by this Torrance housewife and her children. But hers ·was an instant shock that was quickly eased when she read the telegram. But there were thousands of homes where a dreaded fear was experienced as they wondered if their son--father or husband had been one of those killed or wounded. · During World War II, Korea, and now in th present war in Viet Nam, men are kiHed. The news is flashed to all radio, television stations and news' papers. But it is announced the names of those kiriec ! or injured will not be announced untQ the next of kin t a r e informed. One family may be saddened by the · death. But every family with a man in the war suffers ; for hours or even several days before the name of the J casualty is announced. ; * * * ·· It would see,ni more humane to announce the ! death or condition and names of the wounded at time | the widespread pubGcity is given. It would be no more ; of a shock to Chi bereaved than if it came later by t telegram. But it would relieve the thousands of homes · whose loved ones might have been among the casual: ties. '"~''~~ ·· During \Vorld War II one of my employes--when ; I operated The Independent--had a son in the Air J Force. She lived alone in a small apartment She was J under doctor's care. One night, around 10 o'clock, I J received a pitiful call from her. A Western Union boy · had knocked at the door and handed her a telegram-| it was announcing her son's death. It was one of the ; most cruel shocks that could be given a person. I was ; later told this was not regular procedure--but it ! happened. ; * * * 1 There are constant reports of Air Force men being · killed in accidents. The radio tells of a plane with ', three men in the crew missing. A few hours or days '·later it tells that the plane was found crashed--with fall the crew dead--those killed will not be named until i next of kin are notified. Here again, thousands of men · are at the base where this happened. All their families · suffer anguished fears wondering if their man was | one of the dead. ; It seems that the armed services should adopt a ! more realistic program for announcing deaths in · action where that action is publicized. It is not fair j to the people at home to hear of the action and deaths ; a few minutes after they happen--and then have to ! wait days to find out if their men were among those J who died. It is doubtful that the shock of casualty ! names at time of the action would be any greater than j a telegram many hours or days later.--LA.C. Filibuster Gag Seen ; by Kuchel LOS ANGELES (CNS) -Sen. Thomas Kuchel said "ridiy there will be a locg llibuster led by 20 Southern Vmocrats to halt passage of he civil-rights' bin cow be- ore the US. Senate, but he believes a strong bD] win be assed by the Senate. "There is no question there s a clear majority in the Senite in support of a strong civil-rights bill, but the question is if there is a two-thirds vote available to break a filibuster." the California Republican said. IT IS MY opinion there win be a two-thirds vote to close the debate so we can vote -- and when we do, we win pass it." Kuchel added. Kuchel was in Los Angeles to preside at a meeting o the Rockefeller for Presiden Committee at the Sutler H3- toa HoteL He said the com mittee is making "much prog 'ress," and he would have another announcement con ceming the committee on ilonday. Commenting on Presiden fohnson's speech at UCLA Friday, Sen. Kuchel said he was e n c o u r a g e d by tw points. 'I am glad the President said our troops would remain in Viet Nam and win continue to aid the free people of the world as long as they want our help." the Senate minor ity leader said. He added that he was also PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Arrest Millionaire Playboy in Slaying MARK FEIN Detectives Friday arrested the millionaire playboy- gambler son of tincan king Irving Ft in on charges that he paid of f a $23,000 World Series bet with a Brooklyn bookie ( o a r months ago with b u l l e t s instead of bucks. Mark Fens, 32. w a s seized on murder charges as he stepped out of his plush East Side New York apartment building a f t e r his red-haired girl-friend broke d o w n under questioning and admitted t h e helped dispose of the body of the bookie, Reuben Markowitz, 40. Markowitz was f o u n d floating in the Harlem River last Nov. R. His body. with four bullets in it, had been in the river for nearly a pv\n^h- . · Police charged that Fein, president of the tincan and cardboard box manufacturing empire his father had built, tried to welch on a bet and i h o t Markowitz , when he came to collect. Fein lost more than $60.000 over the past two years to Markowitz and o t h e r bookmaker!, police said. Last October, he placed a $23,000 bet with Markowitz on the New York Yankees to win the, s e r i e s . The Yanks lost four straight to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Five days later, on Oct. 10. Markowitz went to an apartment Fein kept under an assumed came. Marko- .witz disappeared and the foU owing day the bookie's wife reported it to police. When the bookie's body was found in the river, it was fully c l o t h e d . His hands and legs had been tied with clothesline. He had been shot in the head and body. Detectives began an exhaustive investigation. The break c a m e when a red- haired call girl, using the name Gloria Kendall, fingered Fein as the killer. Siappy with the use of the word in discussing the Soviet and Red Chinese problems. 'I hope the President is right and there is a civil war brewing in those blocs." chel commented. President's "civi] war" Mincswcepers Open lo Public Eight Pacific Mine Force minesweepers will be open for public visiting this week' Insane, Plea of Suspect in L.B. Slaying Ku- FRESNO (UPI) -- Five California Republican leaders, including Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel, will join three GOP John Louis Moore. 32, Friday pleaded innocent of mur The seven ocean mine-jder and innocent by reason sweepers and one inshorej°j av ^"" 1 . y .°. , .*?· minesweeper are tied up atL^, ^ befriended Kil Pier 9 of the Long Beachj Superior Court Judge Mau- Naval Station. Open house.rice C. Sparling scheduled hours will be from 1 to 4 pm.|^°^'«_^ riaiI _ for A P"i??;Jf^ In addition aQ ships on thei station will be "at fun dress", victim of the still-unex- Saturday with flags and pen- j plained attack by Moore was nants speakers next month at the g 1 TM - flying in honor of i Douglass D. Carmach. who Birthday. A 21-,died from two .45-caIiber be fired at .bullet wounds in the stomach bly convention. C o n v e n t i o n Republican Assem- noon from the anti-submarine after being shot in an apart- Chairman warfare carrier USS sarge. Robert Egan said Friday that JKuchel; Caspar Weinberger, chairman of the State Central Committee; Gayior Parkinson, vice chairman of the commit- ILJC.'| coTutnn, b/ L A. CoHini Sr, U« e^er cofunins. ii ·* t»prt:iio« cf ptnotal ep'a^en and d~*t not nec*;:ari1y rtfttct tf.« con. s-d*r»d ep'nion ef tfui r·*ipap«r.) WILL A dispute over proceeds from the trust estate of author Mark Twain ended Friday in a session before the judge of probate in the quiet western Connecticut town of Redding. Twain, whose real name .was Samuel Clemens, was a.' resident of Redding when he died in 1910. The estate he left in trust has grown to about $867/100. according to Judge Hjalmar Anderson. When Twain's last surviving child, Mrs. Clara Oemmens Gabriknr 111 e h Samoussoud, died last year in La Jolla. her win granted life use of the income from the Mark Twain trust estate to her husband, Jacques Samoussond. Mrs. S a m o u s s o u d ' t daughter by a previous marriage. N i n a Clemens GabrUowitsch of San Diego challenged the will, which made no provision for her. Friday a settlement agreement between Miss Gibilo witsch and her stepfather was approved by Judge Anderson. Anderson said 63 percent of the income from the trust win go to Samoussoud as long as he lives and 33 percent will go to Miss Gabrilowitsch. After their deaths, he said, Mrs. Sa- moussoud's win direct that the income is to be used to support a Mark Twain foundation. AWARD Stanford U n i v e r s i t y physics professor Arthur L. Schalow wfll be awarded the Morris N. Llebmann Memorial Prize for his work in developing the LASER beam, it was announced Friday. RECEIVE Mrs. Mary Hemingway, widow of author Ernest Hemingway, is expected to receive about $1 million of gross estate of J 1.410.- *-":.*»] trw. , NATALIE WOOD give the keynote address to Kear- ment the men shared at 710 W. Broadway. Moore, a former mental P^ent in New York, report- the convention on March Sen. Barry Goldwater, Ariz, and former Minnesota officers £_ Carmaclc befriended him tee; National Committeewo- Gov. Harold SUssen. both man Mrs. Patricia Hitt, and candidates for the Republican National C o m m i t t e e m a n presidential nomination, also Joseph Martin Jr, have ac-jwil] speak, cepted invitations to address The three-day convention 1961, and recently dim to move to Long Beach from New York. The two men had lived together four days before the shooting. the convention's General As- [which begins March 13 will endorse candidates for VS. sembly March 14. Senator and President, elect KUCHEL will arrive with^new officers, and make plans Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, GOP! for the presidential hopeful who will paigns. fall election cam- Diplomats Arrested in 4-Nation Dope Ring (Continued from Page A-1) BEH'S WORLD in invited ALWAYS AT your call when you've a need to be filled--that's Classified ads. 1 Dial HE 2-5959 now. *-»!.»· seized from our suit- · cases that had been left last . Monday in locken at a Mor.t- . real railway station. ^ · The previous day, Carriere · said, Aristi had arrived at · Montreal International Air- · Prince, licrlil ' i/i S.F., ns a liacliclor 3 SAM FRANCISCO «1 -Prince Bertil of Sweden, open- port carrying a Uruguayan diplomatic passport. J "He was kept under close, watch until he left Montreal; for New York the next day,"j Carriere laid. "Four pieces of j luggage were deposited in the railway station locker and search revealed they contained 1 kilos, or approximately 136 pounds of pure heroin." · » » · ' THE R C M P narcotics squad emptied the suitcases and then placed in them ing a Sweden W«k exhibit ^ iv , lent k contiin . in San Francisco, was asked J, ,,_. "v^..* ., ^, ! Friday at * newt conference [ how he felt about being re; garded as one of Europe's ; most eligible bachelors. flour. One pound of W1J W| jn Juit vania Station where they were seized by VS. agents. Aristi alkftdly took the tuitcasei «o New York fol- That sounds like a }oke to loming the switch and put ·_me." replied the 52-year-old ^ tm jn lo^r, , t pennsyl- prince. Tm getting on, you know. "But Tm quite happy as I iia. I go aH around the world, fand--well, don't -ou think 1 ; look tappyT* * .--^-' IJC I'laj »IVumlicrs .- Game on Knrnllmcnt I LOS ANGELES CB -- The ; University of California Board ;cf Regents, faced with the J threat of student overpopulation, decided Friday merely · to count heads differtntly. '· A Aboard spokesman said ' the stcdent figure it the ; Berkeley campus this year ; threatened ta top the 27300 jmaximun laid down by the ; state's master plan for the 'unfveriity campuses. Regents had not expected to top the maxima capacity figure cn- tJ the 1965-66 academic year. '^ But the board averted the prpWcn -- for one year -by %*tfcg rjot to iccfcuJe about 500 .la absentia* *todeat* in the bn-ctnjput Berkeley fig- INDEPENDENT ' Published tfally except Sundjy I Sixth St. a*d Pine AVI, Long B«jcn 12. Ci'f. Entered at *econtf jcrait -nitter Mar. Z7. 1}43, at Long e»v* 2. Calif. *4|ud!cjte4 ty Sia- v* ** Cevrt, t BI An Betel Counv, Oct. I. 1M1. Dnrtl N- C.IC23O. i Per Per Worts Year Carrier Delivery 12 SO UO 0« tl Mail 100 M» lnnl« Cepr .Iff 310 left by the famed author, according to an accounting filed Friday in New York. The accounting stipulated that the rest of the estate would go for taxes--past and present--various debts, funeral expenses and legal fees. AD\'1SED Queen Mother Elizabeth, 63, was advised by her doctors Friday not to undertake any public engagements for two months. She was operated on for appendicitis in a London hospital on Feb. 4 and returned to Clarance House, her London home, last Sunday. 'SILVER ^ GODDESS' The United 'Artists film -West Side Story" starring Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer was awarded the -Silver Goddess" trophy in Mexico City for the best foreign movie in 1963. The award, sponsored annually by Mexico's Movie Writers Association for the best Mexican production, is being given for the first time to the outstanding foreign picture. /A T BRAZIL Missing Texas millionaire wniiim IL Lathrop, accused of cashing a $70,000 worthless check, is in Brant The Odessa (Tex.) American telephoned Lathrop at his hotel in. Sao Paul, Brazil, Friday. He told the American he knew nothing about a civil suit against Mm When newsman John Sliney asked Lathrop when he planned to return to the United States, the line went dead. Lathrop, missing for 10 days, faces a civil suit in a Texas district court for alleged failure to make good a t $70,000 checl drawn against the Midland (Tex.) National Bank. PREDICTION Eminent anthropologist Dr. Margaret Mead Friday said the time will come when "people must see each other as a loyal opposition in the human race" if ideological differences are to be resolved. Dr. Mead, in a talk at San Francisco State College. said the ideological differences between America and the Soviet Union can only be resolved by compromise. MAD P h o e n i x Easter Seal workers are mad at comedian Bob Hope, national chairman of their fundraising campaign. It seems he accepted an invitation to do a benefit show in Phoenix Mir. 16. The only trouble is, the benefit show is for the local cancer fund drive. And it's on the same day as the annual Easter Seal parade. First Grain From U.S. \ . ,, * · . : j in Russia ODESSA. U-SiR. UV-The kmerican freighter Exflona. coated with ice and 12 hours head of schedule, arrived here Friday with the first cargo of United States wheat or the Soviet Union. With U. 5. and Soviet flags lying, she docked 'in mid- afternoon. Soviet harbor officials told Sie Exilona's master,. Capt. Ulward Jungerheld, of. New fork, that the 500 tons of heat aboard would be un- oaded within three days. The hip sailed from Hoboken. N. J, Jan. 31. There were no special welcoming ceremonies but har- or officials rushed the ship into dock immediately, bypassing eight other shipj anchored in the harbor. SEVERAL hours after the docking. Soviet and American newsmen were permitted aboard. One Russian joumal- st greeted the captain with a little speech. *We hope you will come back often," he said, "not just with wheat, but with other finds of cargo, too." Odessa officials said the last American ship called here about two years ago. The Ezilona's cargo is the first part of the 1,700,000 tons of wheat the Russians have purchased in the United States. The Exilona had to battle a raging blizzard to reach Odtssa. The blizzard hit the Black Sea shortly after th« ship left Istanbul, Thursday noon. 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