Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 30, 1963 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 26
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N ex «x PONY TAIL . A n.s-,i4.s r m«ii A w.5-2i.s. TO fOt»l|»ft i»)lv*ftd. in cartons; Ex *rgr AA 4^)1, J«f«» .AA 34-3?, mtdlum AA »-M,t: $m*)l. AA. J2-J»Y ·* ^I'srce A' 41-H I«« A 3M4/:.rrwd!om A- ?«·», wrwll A 21-25. To consumers' 1n-l«|j« retail stores In -cartons: Laro* AA 35-50, medium AA *W4,-/nn«M; AA J5-3V IWM A 37-47, medium* 3f-4l, Mntll A 29-35. Butter-- JobMna wlcf* to retilters In car torn i Gride AA 45.5-49.5, or»4« A 45.5- *»·*·: P · · - . ; · · · · · · - , ' - . . - . . - ,..: Live pwjttry,' volume prlcM; at rantfeV Fryer» M.no head, 24 .pet U.05, IS vt 14.55, 3 -pet 1», S«- pet undetermined! roa5i«rj9-OOT:h«»i, 21-25; light hens 23/00 ?e»a, 5-4 weighted average 5.57; crosses 2?M» ; taad,i 4-7, weighted averaae 6.18. Tu$eyi; J Yourrt.toms (under 22 Ib 37.5-15, 22-24 H» 'Wi ; V roaster* 37-40. . ; Voons hens 34-3?, fryer- * f I . U U S I 7 6 Carolina 232ON Campbell Avo. TONIGHT 8 ,?,M. MaHnee Wednesday nuu ix ULiiJt pjuuvi JION 7o* - (V · MAi°3I06?. Paramount -318 E. Congress St. TODAY ONLY! Continuous From ti*S P.M. "Good Earth" 1:20-3:30-«:JO-»:J8 A WORLD HERITAGE PICTURE! © Hint fobstti 'SyadKttt, foa, 19«3. WotW rights reserved. Door Left Open By Boeing Union Castro Wins Naturalized lean Award For '63 SEATTLE--WP)--The Bee- for improving a contra a ing Co. faced a strike ultimatum today. The AFL-CIO Machinists' Union still held out hopes of averting a walkout, providing the huge aerospace firm would contract offer. The vealed union plans last for upy, you CANT reu. we. you U6JN6 THE PHON*. JT£ 6T1U PALMISTRY READINGS -- Advice en l o v e , marriage and business. Readings assured. All readings confidential. Why be in doubt!! Brim ad for reduction, t a.m. to '1C i-.m. 4513 SO. 6TH AVE. The DESERT INN cs £ e offers a complete dinner special every day for as low as $ 1.65 Special Chicken Dinner every Sunday desert inn freeway and congress PAUL MUNI LUlSErUINER Ends Tonight! Open 7 P.M. "FOLLOW THE BOYS" and "REAR WINDOW" -- TOMORROW! -- m \m IE -- COMPANION HIT! -- 171 W.Congreit · MA.2-0711 LAST DAY--DC" -·-EN 12:4J "WINGS OP EAGLES" PLUS: "P^IONIMO" AND " B A ^ i L E CRY" rr STARTS TOMORROW "AND GOD CREATED WOMAN BR1GITTE BARDOT Plus! Tony Francfosa "Period of Adjustment" and Robert Wagner "A Kiss Before Dying" COTTONSEED OIL NEW YORK, April » W--Bleachable cottonseed oil futures closed 1 to 10 lower. May 12.41-42; July 12.69-70; Sept. 12.87; Oct. 12.90B; Dec. 13.05-04; (1944) March May 13.06. (B-B!d). revise its night re- a rolling strike to begin at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Thursday, reaching this area -- site of Boeing's headquarters and center of its largest employment -- next Tuesday. Machinists' Vice President Harold J. Gibson said, "I want in the worst way to resolve this dispute, but the company hasn't given us any leeway." Boeing, maker of the Minuteman missile and involved in other defense projects, declined comment. Earlier, the firm said it would continue to operate in. event of a strike and last week said it had no plans SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters) rejected by a margin of 877 votes out of more than 18,000 cast. Gibson said the strike would begin at 6 a.m. (local time) or at the end of the third shift, whichever is later, at each location. Walkouts were scheduled Friday at Wichita, Kan., and for Saturday at Strategic Air Command and Minuteman bases at Minot, N. D.; Rapid City, S. D.; Sedalia, Mo., and Cheyenne, Wyo.; and Malm- sU'om Air Force Base, Mont. The work stoppage was set i'or next Monday at Vandenberg AFB, Calif.; Huntsville, Ala.; and Michaud, La. The strike at Boeing's Seattle and Renton Plants and at Ogtisn, Utah, was slated Tuesday. Amer By JIM JOHNSON Superior Court Judge Raul Castro today has been named the winner of the Pima County Bar Association's Naturalized American Award for 1963. Established three years' ago in conjunction with the bar association's annual May 1 observance of Law Day, U.S.A., the award is given a naturalized American exhibiting outstanding citizenship and accomplishment. In past years Castro was ineligible for the award because he had been a member of the nominating committee, Tom Slutes, Law Day chairman, said this year the selection was made by the executive committee of the bar association, "so that we could make Judge Castro one of the TUESDAY EVENING, MUTUAL FUNDS NEW YORK, April It (JF)--Nail. Asm. Securities Deiltri. Inc. Bid Asked SOMETHlNa OF SOUIHtfiH IIAU ON- NORTH FOURTH... Caruso s - v «*v ^ ARIZONA'S OLDEST AND '- FINES1 ITALIAN RESTAURANT 434 N. 4th AVE MA.,2-965/ TUCSON INN (127 W. Drachman) · Have you Breakfasted, Lun- cheoned, or Dined with us lately? Our warm hospitality includes superlative food, generous portions, at LOW, LOW PRICES! · Don't forget -- ANY DRINK at our Poolside Bar, between 2 5 P.M. (FREE HfTv d'ouvres!) i 1 N O W P L A Y I N G RUSTY DRAPER SHOWS S, 10 12 SADDLE SIRLOIN STEAK HOUSE RESERVATIONS · MA J-.136I 7 1 3 0 M I R A C L E M I L E 'APACHE: Mating Game; Home from the Hill--times not available. ·CACTUS: Operation Bikini--7:35, 11; California--9:2J. CATALINA: Mutiny On the Bounty--S. ·FIESTA--El Esqueleto de la Senora Morates--7:37, 10:47; El Caballo de ml General--9:17. FOX-TUCSON: Operation Bikini--2:24, 5:12, 3, 10:48,- California--1, 3:48, 6:36, 9:24. LYRIC: Battle Cry--1:10, 7:31; Wings of Eagles--3:40, 10:01; Geronlmo--5:35. 'MIDWAY: To Kill a MockIngbird-7:37 whole show}, 12:15 (first hall); Cry for Happy--10:20. 'MIRACLE MILE: Rear Window--9:25j Follow the Boys--7:35, 11:25. PARAMOUNT: Good Earth--1:25, 3:55, 6:25, 8:50. PARK: Miracle Worker--«:15, 10:10) Manchurlan Candidate--6:05. PLAZA: Espelo de la Bruia--1, 4:08, 7:11, 10:14; El Grtto de la Muerte-2:38, 5:44, 8:4?. ·PRINCE: City of Gold--7:35, 12:05; Ben Hur--8:30 (whole show), 12:24 (first half). ·RODEO: Giant--7:45 (whole show), 1:4« (first half); Summer Place--11:31. THE MOVIE: Shangri-La; Career Girls on Holiday--from 12:20, last show at 10:45. "22ND STREET: Two for Seesaw--7:37, 11:52; Claro--10:09. '--Drive-In theaters. THIS SUNDAY, 4:00 ANDRES JESUS JUAN BLANDO CORDOBA GALVEZ Fighting to Death 6 Huge, Brave Penuelas Toros Tickets Sold at George Hall Travel, 8 E. Pennington St. . . . M A 24806 Tjj,^ .TONITt-'-AT'^OUH - - v*~ · * w j-- ·'·'·""' A T M f* '^* D RIV E - » N T H E AT R ES ·^^ ·.* " . ^^ *' · TUeoc^C r\Vi' u.i' -v-Kim . viriy-mxKn^^-v/^rv 4500 E. Speedway EA. 6-fl'ii Now in its 42nd Night! CACTUS 22nd at Alvernon LAST NIGHT SEE DISPLAY AD Tab Hunter Frankie Avalon "Operation Bikini" --ALSO-"California" R, Mockingbird sUrring GREGORY PECK 22nd ST. 22nd at Belvedere Robert Mitchum Shirley MacLalne "Two For the Seesaw" --PLUS-George Sandert "CAIRO" |, K tfH I ACCLAIMED BY THOUSANDS 4 THOUSANDS OF TUCSONIANS! HERE'S WHY! 4 ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS ACADEMY AWARD WINNER - "BEST ACTOR" GREGORY PECK Also nominated for best picture, best supporting actress, best director. Nominated for 8 Awards. PRINCE Campbell at Prince LAST NIGHT ALL TIME ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS Charlton Keston "Ben Hur" --ALSO-"City of Gold" SELECTED AS THE OFFICIAL UNITED STATES ENTRY IN THIS YEAR'S CANNES FILM FESTI- VALi THE PULITZER PRIZE NOVEL THAT HAS BECOME A LEGEND IN ITS OWN TIME NOW COMES VIVIDLY ALIVE ON THE SCREEN! THE RARE FILM STORY it a father who must expose his children to a small towa'f outraged passions . . . and can only protect 4hem with Ills love. RODEO Nogales Highway LAST NIGHT Rock Hudson Liz Taylor James Dean "Giant" Richard Egan Dorothy McGuire "Summtr Place" FIESTA S. Park Ave. Arturo fe Cordova "El Esqu'eleto ite la Senora Morales" ALSO-COLOR Pedro Armendarls "El Ciballo d« Ml General" A strike previously sched- i[omfnees " uled for April 15 was averted I Castro ' is attending a re,, _when negotiators m WasMng. ^ t r a j n j m this ton, D. C., reached tentative « 6 H LAST TIMES TODAY "ESPEJO DE LA BRUJA" Rosita Arenas "GRiTO DE LA MUSRTE" Gcisfon Sant?..t- SWIM agreement. But that was overturned and the present crisis precipitated when the union rank-and-file, led by Wichita workers, turned down the offer. Another strike in the ten- months-old dispute set for Jan. 26 was skirted whan President Kennedy obtained an 80-day Taft-Hartley injunction. The union tried thn.»e times last week to get Boeing to grant concessions. Gibson said the firm could still avoid a work stoppage "by demonstrating its responsibility and coming forward with an improved agreement." About 15,000 of Boeing's production workers do not belong to the union. week for juvenile court judges in Tahoe City, Calif. The 46-year-old Castro, in addition to his duties as Superior Court judge, has served as the county's juvenile judge since 1961. Because he himself rose from an impoverished background, Castro has regarded the rehabilitation of "less- chance" youngsters one of his most satisfying tasks. Born in Cananea, Son., Mexico, he was one of 14 children. His father died while he was still a youngster, and --Citizen Photo RAUL CASTRO ic remembc- · running a crude luice box to Mft out enough gold dust to bay beans that tept the family alive. Castro launched his political career aft^r torving four yea r s as a deputy county attorney. Clever defeated in the political ring, he twice v/as elected county attorney before winning the judgeship in 1958. He was re-elected without opposi- :ion last, year. "~~" BUS SERVICE -- ""· TUCSON -- NOGALES Greyhound Terminal MA 3-0538 Leive TUCSON for NOOALES 7:00 A.M. 1J:1I P.M. 4:30 P.M. »:15A.M. 1:15 P.M. 8:15 P.M. 11:15 P.M. 3:30 P.M. 10:30 P.M. Leave NOOALES for TUCSON 7:00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. 4:00 P.M. »:15A.M. 1:15 P.M. »:1S P.M. 10:00 A.M. 3:00 P.M. 10:15 P.M. 4:00 P.V.. WETMORE POOL TUCSON'S LARGEST NORTH OF TOWN THE MOVIE 1039 E. 6TH ST. Matinee Daily From 12:15 NOW! ENDS WED. In Plui: ON THE SAME PROGRAM They Journey to the Lard of the "CAREER Rliini Sun to GIRLS ON A .Enjoy a Vacation it a Nature Camp «sr HOLIDAY' STARTS THURS., MAY 2 Here! At Last! "THE FESTIVAL GIRLS" NEVER ANYTHING LIKE IT DRIVE IN THEATRE WE PROUDLY PRESENT 2 AWARD WINNING HARD HITTING FAMILY PICTURES * carload OBf-SHuCKS -CAT ON A HOT TW ROOFr pteunts Robert Eleanor MiTCHUM-PARKER K A S O L C SI ECO. deductTM "HOME from the HILL rWDGUGlAS c..,*m« FREO OAR* m CwoaScape ' "The Mating Game SHRINE CIRCUS ^-" ~RODEO FIELD SOUTH SIXTH AVENUE TUES. APRIL 30 WED. MAY 1 MATINEE 4:00 P.M. EVENING 8:15 P.M. WEST'S FAVORITE SHOW PRESENTED BY RUDY BROS. SPONSORED BY TUCSON SHRINE CLUB GEN. ADMISSION ADULT 51.50 CHILD .75 103C N. Park MA 3-4851 ACADEMY AWAift WINNER! "Best Actress" ANNE BANCROFT .the. Mirape worker fhwk Sinatra Laurence Harvey Janet Leigh Mancminan indidate LAUGH SPECIALIST that's Nancy in the CITIZEN HOME t)F THE Broiler-Own STEAR 81.35 COCKTAILS * DRAUGHT BE4S 22 W. DrachjTKin 624-5358 Aberdeen Fd I.M Advlier« Fd , 4.S* Affiliated Fd «.10 Am Buslnm Sri 4.12 ·Am Inv Fd 16.13 Am Mutual Fd ».30 Atom Physlct 4.75 Axe Hough! A 5.43 Axe Nought B IM Axe HoJaht Stk 3.90 Bos I on Fund , ».70 Broad Street Inv K.«7 Bullock Fund 13.33 Canada G*n Fd 17.07 Canadian Fund 17.40 Cdn Int Growth 1C.« Cap Life Ins Sh 10.f» Centurv Shrs 14.15 Chase Fd Boj 6.33 Chemical Fd 11.04 Colonial Fd U.« Colonial Grth 12.31 Comw Income 9.94 Comw Invest '.92 Comw StK Fd 1*.IS ·Cons Invest Tr 20.12 Corp Leaders 20.15 ·de Veah Invest 17-70 ·de Veoh Mut ; 59.93 Delaware Ed 11.32 Divers Gth Stk a.59 Divers Invest Fd ..- ».M Dividend Shrs 3.41 Dow Th Inv 4.79 Dreyfus Fund 16.77 Eelon H Bal 12.64 Eaton H Stk 13.M Electronics tnv S-*S ·Energy Fund 21.51 Fidelity Cap 8.43 Fldellly Fund 15.90 Fidelity Trend 13.45 Fiduciary Mut 19.88 f.l.F 4-32 Founders Mut 4.17 Fundament Inv ., 9.79 Grp Sec Avia-E! No Grp Sec Com Stk 13.39 Grp Sec Petrol No Growth Ind Sh IB.OS Hamll Fd HC7 5.07 Hamll Fd HDA 4.94 Imperial Cap 7.94 Imperial Fd 3.35 Income Found 2.42 Income Fd Bos 8.21 Incorp Income 9.60 Incorp Invest 7.20 Instil Found 11.97 tnitlt Growth 10.33 Insllt Income 7.20 Invest Co Am 10.23 Invest Grp--Mut 11.40 Inv Grp--Stock 18.62 Inv Grp--Select 10.42 Inv Grp--Var Pay A.6B Inv Grp--Intercontl *.07 ·Johnston Mut 13.44 Keystone.Cus Kl 9.65 Keystone Cus K2 5.19 Keystone Cus SI 21.88 Keystone Cus S2 13.02 Keystone Cus S3 14.53 Keystone Cus 54 4.18 Keystons Intl 14.32 Knlckerbock Fd A.42 Knlcker Grth 5.79 Life Insur Inv 16.81 Life Ins StK. 4.24 Loomis Say Can 30.28 ·Loomts Say Mut 15.49 Manag Fd Elcc No Mass Invest Tr 14.68 Mass Invest Grth 8.10 The Daily Investor '^5W~, ,^^BF t ann-margret explosive new talent In one skip-and-jump year,-a pale-faced nymph called Ann- Margret has become one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. The Post this week reveals the'4 "mes" of A n n - M a r g r e t . Her strange fears and superstitions. And the role of men in her life. Read her story in the May 4th The Saturday Evening Post America's most quoted magazine 23.13 14.51 2.86 15. IB 4.08 7.28 5-W 7.W 7.88 12.31 TFU A"°O N US S Holiday House Cafeteria» { ff's Arizona's Finest! \* TODAY! Old Fashioned Beef Stew . . . Serve-Yourself and Save! Mass Life Fund ·Mutual Shares Mutual Trust Mall Investors Nat Sec Salan Nat Sec Dtv Nat Sec Pref Nat Sec Inc Nat Sec Stk .. Nat Sec Grth NCE Shares One Wm St ................ 12.91 *penn Square .......... .... 14.93 Philadelphia Fd ............ 11.31 Pioneer Fund .............. ?.« Price, TR Grth ............ 15.37 Puritan Fund .............. 8.59 Putnam Fund .............. 14.98 Putnam Grtfi Fd ...... .'.... 8.65 *Scud St Clark ............. 19.35 ·Scud St CK Com St .. ..... 10.35 Select Am Shrs ............. 9.65 Sharehldrs Tr .............. 11.07 Shares Am Ind ............ 14.04 State Street Inv ............ 39.25 Telev Elect Fd ............ 7.44 Texas Fund .............. 11.95 Unit Accum Fd ........ .... 14.« Unit Cont Fd ............... 6.87 Unit Income Fd ....... ..... 12.32 Unit Intl ..... .............. 9.83 Unit Science Fd ...... ..... 6.60 Unit Fd Canada ........ '.... 18.30 Value Line Inc ............ S.30 Value L Spl Sit ............ 2.96 Wall St Invest ............. 9.28 Wellington Eq ............. 13.56 Wellington Fd .............. 14.53 Whitehall Fd ............... 13.52 Wisconsin Fd .............. 6.81 Open Dally Luncheon Dinner 2.44 7.23 1.76 4.16 16.13 10.16 5.18 4.12 9.61 4.26 10.60 15.21 14,61 18.66 18.53 11.82 11.71 15.46 6.92 12.02 12.56 13.53 10.86 10.84 17.65 21.67 21.97 17.88 60.50 12.37 9.41 10.14 3.74 5.18 18.23 13.66 15.00 5.96 21.51 9.16 17.19 14.73 20.41 4.74 6.71 10.73 No 14.66 No 18.59 5.54 No 865 3.64 2.6S 8.97 10.49 7.87 13.03 11.29 7.87 11.18 12.33 20.13 11.14 7.22 6.57 13.44 10.53 5.67 23.83 14.21 15.86 4.56 15.49 7.04 6.34 18.37 6.80 30.28 15.49 No 16.04 8.85 25.23 14.51 2.92 16.41 12.59 4.46 7.96 6.49 8.69 8.61 13.45 14.11 14.93 12.39 10.30 15.53 9.29 16.28 9.40 19.35 10.35 10.44 12.10 15.31 42:00 8.11 13.06 15.77 7.51 13.46 10.78 7.21 19.89 5.79 3.23 10.14 14.74 15.84 14.62 7.36 By WILLIAM A. DOYLE Q--An old lady I ' k n o w invested in shares of a well- known mutual fund for many years.- Now she has made arrangements to receive a $200 check each · month. She knows .that she will have to report at least part (perhaps all) of the $2,400 she receives ' each year on her Income tax return. She has asked me if I know how this should . be done. I don't know. Do ; you? A--The arrangement she .' v has made, no doubt, , i s - , a n automatic withdrawal plan... Until, fairly recently it was;next to impossible for a little' old lady or anybody'else to'. figure out the tax situation' resulting from the payments; from such a plan. ;· Fortunately, this is chang-' ing for the better. Within the; past couple of years spme' mutual funds have started, sending out year-end 'tax; statements to all shareholders ·; with such plans. Each statement gives a dollars-and-cents breakdown!; on all payments to the share-holder and explains how much! should be reported as diyi- dend income, long-term cap- 1 ;; ital gains, short-term capital» gains, etc. ; .' All mutual funds will pro-; vide this information to share-; holders u s i n g - withdrawal'; plans sooner or later: Any- 1 ' fund that doesn't, simply .isn't; providing the service it' should. ; Q--I own a number,of ·., diferent b o n d s all : of .;· which were in "bearer" form when I bought them. For safety and convenience I had most of them changed into "registered form," with my name on the bonds and ·" on the records of the is- v suers. But some of my ;' bonds cannot be changed ,' into registered form; What · do you suggest I do- with 'them, to protect me against ': possible loss of the bonds? '; A--You could leave thenV' with a brokerage firm or a, 1 ' bank, in a "custodian" or; some similar type of'account. ·- Many people do just that. If you don't want to do that,' you should at least get a safe' deposit box and keep bonds there. A "lock box" is- a good place for all securities' you own. \ Mr. Doyle will answer r only representative letters ', of genera] interest In his column. .He cannot answer i phone queries. Copyright 1943 ' : Quotations furnished by National Association of Securities Deaten, Inc. which states they do not necessarily reflect actual transactions or firm bids or offers but should Indicate approximate prices, and unless otherwise indicated, are as quoted by the sponsors or Issuers. ·Net asset value. GRAIN LIVESTOCK FOX TUCSON 17 WIST CONS«5S MA.I-MH FOX OPENS 12:45 P.M. CACTUS OiUYEJN 1HEATIS »»D 1 AIVBINON EA. 5-1!!! LAST DAY AT BOTH THEATRES Tab Hunter · Frankie Avalon "OPERATION BIKINI" Companion Co-Feature "CALIFORNIA" Starts TOMORROW at both Theatres A ROMaNtiC ROUND-fefTHE-WOBLD ,PANAVlStON fc MEraocQiSi IM HARf OBR1AN BOEHM WIN 0 MJ\iDEN N[U1HDN -- FOX CO-HIT CACTUS CO-HIT -- "FsHow The Boys" j "Riiifi In Tokyo" CHICAGO, April 30-- W-- A brisk speculative demand boosted wheat futures into a firm range most of the time today on the board of trade but liquidation weakened all soybean contracts. Other grains were generally little changed In quiet dealings. .May wheat was ahead well over two cents at times on urgent short covering but It ran Into profit cashing at that peak and slid back sharply in the early afternoon. Brokers said the absence of tenders on contracts In the pit was a strensth- enlng factor. Soybeans were under active selling most of the time with declines running to more than a cent In spots. Wheat closed H to 14fe cents a bushel higher. May S2.m%-'/j; corn unchanged to Vt higher. May Sl.lTW-'A; Oats '/i to % lower, May MVMfe cents; rye 'A to % lower, May $l.27'/j; soybeans % to V/4 lower, May CHICAGO, April 30 Open High Low Close WHGAT- May ... 2.11V4-H 5.13% 2.11 'A Art Leonard says * your menu for the coming week DELICIOUS BUFFET 1.50 July .... 1.87% Sept. ... 1.8B 7 /i Dec ..... \.n-nvt Mar ... 1.93% CORN-May .... 1.17%-'/« July .... l.Ifl%- ] /4 Sept. ... 1.17'A Dec ..... \.WA-Vt Mar. ... 1.1*% OATS-May ... .49%-'/4 July ..... 47 3 A-y Sept ..... 68% Dec ...... 70% Mar. ... .71% RYE- May ... 1.28-2TO July .... 1.28'A Sept. ... 1.28'/j Dec ..... 1.30'A Mar. ... SOYBEANS-- 1.88H i.nvt 1.94 1.87% 1.88'/« 1.93 1.93% i.93«-Vi 1.17% V.17'/4 1.17%1.18 7 /. l.lB'/i 1.1BV 1.17% 1.17'A 1.171/4- 1.14W 1.1. 1.16'A l.M 1.16V4 .48 .64% .70% .72V* 1.28% 1.29 .691/4 .67Va MV4 .70% .71% ,69'/4-% .61 'A .70'AA .71 'A PHOENIX --m-- Slaughter steers less" active than last week, steady on smaller, volume, however, several West /Coast T buyers now In area and good (rqulry;' sizeable volume steer: over 1,100 Ibs.. have been cleared recently! limited, heifer sate, steady; trend other classes: not tested. Slaughter steers; 320 h«ad mostly choice 1,000-1,025 Ibs. 23.00; 40 mostly' choice, sizeable good end, 1,000 Ibs.' 23.25, delivered price Involving 70 cent"' freight charge;' 390 head mostly choice'* 1,075-1,100 Ibs. 22.50-22,75; - 2 6 0 ' ' m i x e d 1 oood and choice 1,025-1,050 Ibs. 21.75-: 22.00, 130 standard to most!/ .good 975-1 7,000 Ibs. 21.00. i, Slaughter fielfers: BO head i-BOOd and^ choice 600 Ibs. 22.00; 40 choice 1,000 1bs/ J 21.50 to West Coasl. v Slaughter calves: 200 good 525-550 Ibs.? 23.25-23,50. LOS ANGELES, April 30. (JP)-(FSMN) : --Producers' stockyards Arlesla: cattls- salable 1050; slauohter sleerj hloh good- and low choice 950-1050 Ib. 2J.50-75; high- ullllly lo mainly standard 20.00-75; cows commercial and standard Tanse price 17.35-18.20; utility holsteln largely 15.50-16.50; cutters 14.10-15.50; csnners 12.10-14.00; bulls average to high utility' holsteln 21.00-60; other utility mostly 18.50-20.50; feeder cattle good around 550600 Ib. 24.50; medium 600-700 Ib. 21.00-. 22.75; cows medium S00-900Mb. K10-50;-, calves salable 500; good 250-300 Ib. 27.00-. 28.50; standard 23.50-26.00; oood 325-450 Ib. 23.50-26.50; feeder steers good around. 100-140 Ib. 28.00-31.00; medium and goad. 325-475 Ib. 22.25-25.25; boss salable 50; sheep not represented. KANSAS CITY, April 30. (ff) -- Catll* · 5,000; calves 100; steady i'j-25 lower; choice steers 22.50-23.25; hloh .chotco and prime 23.25; good 20.75-22.25; -. choica^ heifers 22.25-23.00; flood and rtiolce 21.50-, 22.501 cows 15.25-17.00; oood'.and choice, vealers 24.03-27.00. Hogs 4,500; steady to 10-15 tower; 1-1 190-250 Ib. barrows and gills 13.50-14.10;" 2-3 250-280 Ib. 13.25-50; 2SO-2W Ib 13.75; ' 275-400 Ib. sows 12.50-13.00. Sheep 2,500.- sleedy to -50-75 higher; % cfiolce and prime spring Iambi 22.50-23.00f, sood and choice 21.50-22.50; cutf to good, ewes 6.00-7.50. 1.27% 1.27'A 1.28 1.38W-28 DRYGOODS LUNCHEON- FASHION SHOWS Tues. Fri. Associated models clothes by CHEZ JOSEF DINNER--Held over by popular request, the 'THREE YOUNG MEN from MONTANA' Great, that's,all Dancing to the LOU GARNO QUARTET, novhing but the beit Special Tues. Eve. a Night with Fred Astaire . . . real fun and something different in dancing Instruction. Lets all join in. SKYROOM May July Aug. Sept. Nov. Jan. Mar. 2.60 2.6)%"% 2.40-60'A 2.481/4 · 2.51H 1.28V4 1.28'A 1.281/4 l.SOTi l.WVfc l.30Vi 1.31V.N 2.60 2.58/ 2.58%-V4 2.59% 2.58'/j 2.51 Vi 2.50 I.Wt I.Wt JJl'A 2.51'/4 2.51 Vi 2.54'/a 2J'A NEW YORK, April 30 WrLthe cotton" textile market was firm May. Somo mills reported moderate i»es of print cloths for third quarter delwery Scattered sales of print ci.Vht, sheetlnoj- and drills were also noted today. Ask-' Ing prices for certain typis of prl(i»' cloths were. UP as much a 1 vi cent ·' y»rd tor nearby shipment. TREASURY POSITION WASHINGTON, Apr!) 30 -Ml-- The cash position of the Treasury compared with corresponding date a year ago: Balance April 2J, 173 April Z5, W? Deposit] Fiscal year }67,3S5,U3,3j8.70 579,794, IM, 517. 85 Withdrawals fiscal year J97,863,095,W«.« »1,737,9»,4U.M Total debt · (X) (301,91 1,091,216.16 *J97,.J7S,M7,3U.17 Gold atieis J15,877,8M,4)1.60 J16,«4,4S7,777.W (xt includes $3M,741,04S.« debt not sub- lect to statutory limit. COFFEE NEW YORK, April » WKCnffM JPOt Santos No. 4 ex-dock clcsed at 33.25A. Cos! and freight offerlnei Include Santon Bourbont 3s at 32.50A and ft 37.50A. "B" lulurei clos«d quiet, no salei. 39 MN ( " lur " Clos * d on * h 'flhtr: May A-Askedj N-Nomlnal. The wool goods market vvu quiet Moderate sales of ptiyester-ravorv blends were reported for deiverles Into the third quarter In trie syndetic goods market. COTTON NEW YORK, April 30 (A-CottOn fu-' fures were lower late loda] Washington reports Intflcatjf thai sponsors of cotton legislation coplnuad thelr eflorti to get a bill mov^g In Con-"' gress. This stimulated comrJsslon house' selling. Buying came trough short" covering. Four May delivery nolle* were Issued at New York and th«y were re... ported promptly atoned. Tlnre were no. tr'ades In nearby M6V ""* Ju'v ! n ' 01 (he enfly afternoon.' .^ Late aliernoon prices wer« unchanged; to TO cents a bat* I«w« rk ', t j" n1 , 1l i he , p , r ,';; k , vloui close. May M.W W d bid and 0*t. 3J.4S. ,,, "·« ·- METALS NEW YORK, April » oui rmUl Price, today: ptr irov ounce,

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