Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 11
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A-12-- INDEPENDENT (AM] »» PI! ESS -TEL EG RAM (PM) KH. C.IH., f,\., »*«*». nn VERDICT NEXT (Continued from Page A-l) That;i, .he r.*aid, is the "overview"-,-the j u r y should!in considering "tie fine line of whether she was a'cting voluntarily." HE R E M I N D E D the jurors of details of her abduction and captivity and called on the them to consider Miss Hearst as the best source for what took place in the SLA hideouts. He reminded them that the terrorists had lold their captive she would face prison if she turned herself in. "If we can't break the chain at some point in t h e i r predictions, t h e r e arc g o i n g to be other Patricia H e a r s t s . The blueprint is p l a i n , " he said, his voice at times almost a whisper. Bailey, who depended on an emotional appeal to the jury's sympathy, all but urged them lo disregard the evidence. "You have lo resort to something besides the evidence in tills case; it's riddled w i t h d o u b t a n d always will be ... we have given you all we have goL No one is ever going to be sure," he said. "WE ALL have a covenant with death." he said in husky voice, speaking without notes or m i c r o phone. "We all arc going to die, and we know it. We're all going to postpone that date as long as we can. And Patty Hearst did that, and that is why she is here and you are hi; re. "And t h e manner in which she did it is the subject of t h i s trial," the attorney declared. Unlike Browning, Bailey barely touched on the evidence in Ihe case in his 45- minufe statement. Bui he d i d a t t a c k t h e g o v e r n - ment's eyewitnesses lo Ihe hank robbery, saying: "When you're looking al the business end of the tiling lhat's firing the bullet, your attention is on that tiring end and you do n o t m a k e p e r c e p t i v e observations." At the end of his statement, he said: "What you know, and you know in y o u r hearls to be undisputed, was that there was talk about dying -- and she wanted to survive." B R O W N I N G , IN an impassioned ending to a statement that took up all of the morning session of the 38th day of the trial, told the panel to conclude that Miss Hearst was not raped by;SLA soldier Will i a m .Wolfe;; It was, he s a i d , qiy .indication her whole story did not ring true. ··. iihi'iv Holding:'in ..his hand a s m a l l ' s t o n e n e c k l a c e found in Miss Hearst's purse the day she was arrested. Browning reminded jurors .lhal the trinket was a '. gift from Wolfe. From the witness sland, she h a d t e a r f u l l y d e scribed Wolfe as a haled rapist who'assaulted her in the first.weeks of her SLA captivity. "She can't stand Willie Wolfe. Yet she carried Ihe stone (ace with her to the day she was arrested. It's loo big a pill to swallow. "She couldn't s l a n d him. But (here is the little stone face. It cnn't say anything. But I submit it cao tell us a lol." Wolfe was slain along wilh five other SLA members in a tiery Ixis Angeles shoolont w i t h p o l i c e a month afler the bank robbery in which Miss Hearst is charged. BROWNING also read lo the jurors from Miss Hearst's own writings on f e m i n i s m , confiscaled when she was arrested, a n d n o t e d t h a t she described the love and common bond bclween women of the SLA. He urged male jurors lo ask the seven w o m e n o n t h e p a n e l whether "in their view a person into the women's l i b e r a t i o n m o v e m e n t would ever have permitted anyone in t h e group to have Miss Hearsl raped." Facing jurors from a lectern, Browning cited all of Miss Hearst's apparent displays of revolutionary ardor a f t e r her arrest Sept. 18. He held up Ihc picture of her raising her arm in a clenchcd-fist salute and said: "She says she didn't mean it when she gave t h i s clenched-fist salute, that she didn't mean it when she gave her occupation as 'urban guerrilla, 1 (hat Uie (Patricia) Tobin tape wasn't the real Patricia Hearst. "... I ask you if you would accept that incredible slpry from anyone but Patricia Hearst. If you wouldn't, I ask you not to a c c c p l il f r o m h e r , " Browning lold the jurors. "IF YOU believe the defendant Patricia H e a r s l voluntarily joined t h i s group and committed that bank robbery, we ask that you convict her of bank robbery." He concluded his argu- m e n t w i t h a statement f r o m a Supreme Court decision -- "That guilt not escape, nor innocence suffer." As Browning spoke -- a tall, thin figure in a plain, gray suit -- HID courtroom was hushed. U.S. District C o u r t J u d g e Oliver J. Carter ordered the doors locked and forbade any movement during the closing arguments of both prosecution and defense. Miss Hearst, clad in the same outfit she wore the first day she faced jurors -- a navy blue pants suit and softly bowed white blouse -- sal expressionless a I the counsel table. Her attorneys wore dark blue suits and seemed almost lo form a protective shield around her. A g a i n a n d a g a i n . Browning staled his key thesis -- that Miss Hearst had lied on Ihc witness stand. He asked jurors to consider an a f f i d a v i t filed four days after her arrest that told a story different in details of her captivity from the one she told at Ihc trial. DEAD IN THE WATER, some of more than 100' ships backed up at the Panama Canal on Thursday are shown in aerial view as sickout by U.S. employes caused the most expensive traffic jam in the canal's 62-year history. Only six vessels inched through the waterway on Wednesday. -AP WTrwhalo BROWN MUST GO EAST AT LAST "THAT A F F I D A V I T was signed under penally of perjury," B r o w n i n g said, "the same type of path she took as a witness in this case." He also cited her refusal to a n s w e r certain questions on grounds of Fifth Amendment privilege, although the judge had ruled she "had no such privilege in this case." He e n u m e r a t e d the many points made by Miss Hearst on the witness stand and declared, "The story's just too incredible 'to believe." Browning conceded that the key issue is not whether Hiss Hearst robbed the Hibcrnia B a n k here on April IS, 1974, but whether she did it voluntarily. "Rarely has so much evidence of apparent intent been available lo a jury of a defendant p a r - ticipating in a hank robbery as we have in this ease," said Browning. Ho urged jurors lo look again at the bank camera films that he insisted show Miss Hearst acting wilh "verve, swinging a weapon al customers as they walked in the door. "I WOULD ALSO suggest lo you there is no evidence in t h o s e photographs of any of the other four individuals holding a w e a p o n o n P a t r i c i a Hearst," he said. Browning b a r e l y mentioned the Feb. 4, 1974, kidnaping of Miss Ilenrsl by the SLA, but constantly hammered home the point t h a t she had converted to Ihe terrorist cause. He noted lhal she was allowed lo s l a n d guard duty al one of Ihc SLA hideouts and declared, "Is it reasonable to conclude thai the captors would entrust their safely to their hostage? "1 suppose you can say that t h e defendant w a s pulling on a good acl," B r o w n i n g s a i d , " b u t where does a good art end a n d v o l u n t a r y participation begin?" The prosecutor urged jurors to forget all of the psychiatric testimony they had heard both for and against Miss Hearsl. "I HOPE YOU iry (he case on Ihc fads, ladies and gentlemen, because that's where it's at," he said. "... I hope you do il without loo much reliance on psychiatric testimony." H o w e v e r , acknowledging Ihe chance thai jurors might consider the opinions of the experts, Browning lold Ihe panelists that the doctors he brought as w i t n e s s e s w e r e m o r e (Continued from Page A-I) here--what I present to the people." He said the people want "a choice of someone who hasn't been part of Ihc national scene." However, Brown noted that he has been "making some waves on Ihe national scene for many months." ' He did not preclude entering primaries besides the one in California but said the decisions on that, as well as the conduct of his California campaign, musl wait for at least a couple of weeks because of t h e p r e s s of California duties. BROWN did indicate a couple of the themes of his campaign. "Shrinking resources in California and the escalating demands have been Ihe theme of my administration," he s a i d . "Demands have never been greater, w h i l e the constraints also have never been greater." He said the next president must concentrate on that problem of m a k i n g do with less, including less growth. "The missing ingredient in politics is to define and discuss t h e issues in a m e a n i n g f u l w a y , " he added; "to let the people know that we know where we are going. How thai translates into a campaign is w b a l I am thinking about." Brown doesn't believe that "setting off balloons from Maine to Arkansas to Soulhcrn California" is the proper way to campaign. He is opening up discussions wilh labor and liberal leaders about the campaign, but that campaign won't lake form for some lime Iwcause "we have lols of things on Ihe griddle." HE also recognizes that h i s campaign m a y n o t lake off. "If the resonances arc not there, t h a t will determine what I do," Brown said. He denied reports [hat he is courting prospective (telegates pledged lo Sargent Shrivcr in Ohio or might make a lale entry in Ihe June 8 Ohio primary. Meanwhile, it was revealed dial licp. Morris Udall, D-Ari/., and Brown h a v e talked w i t h e a c h other four or five limes since the first of the year a b o u t t h e i r respective campaigns for Ihc Democratic nomination. The last discussion was Thursday, w h e n B r o w n called Udall and Udall told Brown he was keeping his options open for running in all or part of the California primary. U D A L L revealed t h e conversations d u r i n g a Washington press conference in w h i c h he announced he will enter the New Jersey primary with [ho s u p p o r t of l!-tcrm Rep. Frank Thompson Jr. and six-term Rep. James J. Howard, b o t h Democrats from thai slate. Brown, too, Is considering entering Ihc New Jersey primary. B o t h m e n a r c also dueling for support from members of Congress. Hrown scored one point h e r e Thursday as Rep. N o r m a n Minela, Dcmo- cral f r o m San Jose, announced his support (or B r o w n ' s California p r i - mary bid. However, Rep. Don Edwards, also a San Jose Democrat, has long been in the Udall camp and shows no signs of charging. U d a l l first mentioned Brown as he cited t h e p r o b l e m s of "favorite son" candidates. "The problems of a native-son c a n d i d a t e is a p i t f a l l G o v . B r o w n i s aware of," Udall said. IN Tuesday's I l l i n o i s p r i m a r y S e n . A d l a i Stevenson 111, D-I1L, headed a favorite-son delegation which did not do as well as expected. "The voters in California want lo help pick a presidential candidate, not honor Gov. Brown," Udall said. He added that he and Brown had discussed UK mailer thai morning in a telephone call. Udall also noted that Ihe California primary n e x t June 8 is the same day as the Ohio and New Jersey primaries, calling Ibosc p r i m a r i e s t h e " S u p e r B o w l " of D e m o c r a t i c presidential politics. He predicted thai he would be one of the two or three major candidates slill in the field on thai day. The Ariznnan predicted dial he would win Ihc Wisconsin p r i m a r y and come in n close second to Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Wash.. in the New York primary, bolh on April 8. A f l e r the press confc- r n c e U d a l l w a s asked whether he and B r o w n didn't appeal to the same kind of voters. "At leasl in parl," Udall said. HE WAS a l s o asked w h e t h e r e i t h e r he or Brown might support the other if it became clear that one of them had no chance for the nomination. "I have a great deal of a d m i r a t i o n f o r G o v . Brown, and I believe he thinks highly of me," said Udall. In another development, Ihe campaign manager for Gov. George Wallace said in Sacramento that Brown will "decimate the liberals" to win the California presidential primary and Wallace will finish second. But front-runner J i m m y Carter's Southern California campaign chief, Terry Utterhack, said the Brown campaign w i l l wither before California's primary and that it won't have the impact that many political observers are predicting. T h e C a l i f o r n i a c h a i r man (or former U.S. Sen. Fred Harris of Oklahoma would like to se« Brown explain his ,"lower your expectations" p o l i t i c a l philosophy in a face-to- face debate with Harris. "These limited-expec- tations politicians sound more l i k e a (Herbert) Hoover or C a l v i n Coolidge" than liberal Democrats, said William Yaney. At the Southern Califor- n i a c a m p a i g n headquar- t e r s f o r Sen. F r a n k Church, D-ldaho, Cochair- m a n Marvin Shapiro also said Brown would cut into e v e r y other candidate's share of California's 280- member delegation. Three die in fire at cabin SALINAS (AP) - Three persons died, including a 7-year-old girl, -when fire swept through a small cabin early Thursday. The victims were identified as Johnny Carrillo, 2-i, his daughter, Lisa, 7, and Maria Correa, 23. CANAL (Continued from Pago A-l) Company officials s a y an underlying motive for.' t h e j o b a c t i o n , w h i c h began Monday, may be- f e a r a m o n g the 3,500 American employes t h a t ; the contract changes are t aimed at phasing them out"; and replacing them with.- local workers as part of'.^ negotiations with Panama,'; for a new canal treaty. "'; By noon T h u r s d a y , .' canal authorities had man-:^ aged to persuade only six£ pilots out of a 200-man": force to turn out for work.V E a c h s h i p t h a t passes' though the canal must'. : have at least one pilot,; and some of the heavier.^ vessels as many as four. }·; Strikes against a g o v - - ' ernmenl agency such as\ the canal company are ; illegal, and so the remain-j ing pilots have called in! sick, along with hundreds- of teachers, tugboat crew-;; men and other employes, U prompting c a n a l author-!, ities to begin challenging !,· the authenticity of their':. doctors' certificates. t, Th'e doctors in t u r n '· were reportedly consulting · lawyers a b o u t the c h a f i tenges. Panamanian doc- [ tors w e r e complaining that their competence was being insulted when Canal Zone Gov. Harold Parfitt | a n n o u n c e d t h a t o n l y \ health certificates f r o m Gorgas and Cocoa Solo ( hospitals would be accept- · ed. i Canal Zone elementary '· schools w e r e operating ;. ; Thursday, but high schools ; were closed as teachers i, calledinsick. One-fourth of the canal f zone's 40,000 American ';. residents are membars of i. the military. j there is a design just right for you BETTER CONVERTIBLE SOFAS Three excellent quality convertible sofas are offered on sale for one week. Each a super queen size that contains a queen size innerspring mattress; for more comfort and roominess. Each an individual style adaptable to living room, den or family room and covered in appropriate fabrics. Some models can be had with a matching loveseat and occasional tables. Many are available for immediate delivery. Don't miss tnis exceptional special offer. capable of evaluating Miss Hearst's intcnl than Ihc three doctors called by the defense. Bailey disagreed, but implored jurors to consider Miss Hearst's tearful account of her abduction and captivity by the SIA as the best source for the c i r c u m s t a n c e s t h a t brought her into Ihc bank. "A young g i r l , who absolutely had no political motivations or history of activity of any kind, was rudely snatched from her home, clouted on the side of Ihe head with a gun butt and taken as a political prisoner," he t o l d I h c attentive panelists. "IN MANY segments of this whole saga, you are cither going to have to lake what Pally Hearst said as Ihc truth, or, if you buy Mr. Browning's suggestion, you arc going to have to disregard it, in which ease you have no access to what happened because she if Ihc only person surviving who is willing to talk about it." Bailey said the issue of Miss Hearst's presence in t h e b a n k , a r m e d a n d bewigged, was no! at question. "... She did rob the bank." he said. "You are not here lo answer that question, we could answer that without you "The question you arc here to answer is why? And would you have done the same thing lo survive? Or was it her duly lo die to a v o i d committing a felony 1 "Thai is all this case is about, a n d a l l t h e m u d d l i n g and stamping of exhibits and Ihc little monkeys and everything else that has been thrown into this morass don't answer thai question." Super Queen Size ' covered n durable herculon-- ' matched Uripes. Innerspf'ig mattress. Reg. $' SM9.95 299 Super Queen Size covered " glove soft vfnyl. Irwiersprmg mattress. Rep. S-09.95 ! 349 Super Queen Size covered in sta'm remtant hercirton fabric. Oak exposed wood wfth parquet side ponefs. Rc fi . s: $(99.95 ; 399 Fine furniture for ove' SO Years · ProU'VuOrXi! inlt-'uy ck".«jn '.t.l-v · C t M - J X ' f T X J · l i»fX.'MC% · Wiill c c A V ' P e j s Visit Carl's New American Traditional Store PENNSYLVANIA HOtSF- i KIO K. 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