The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 7
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RT^SPT ^ Jtlfld kf* f flfi M^ - Of w MM '*1 T* HRle birds for thl IJWMrtHu* •CMfBp. THi , i' tfcett Bird H«is* why.-they picked 1 housevthey t* i our camp 1« by fturtday. Gw 6t f 6 ask them • 'feavengdrs. rrfrihty naa took f. .around their v see, how jnany ..than in WJoait find, .TH*? .w» - ''flmi <«o; ma wer* so smj~ _ j fook-out Tues- the Brownies' en;cookout and daily leaders, Mrs. 'Mrs. Sartor, have from 15 to 20 .tt* ~".*'*™«^ «•*«' *•!«• t -tJ«w*llrn Moor* i' . •* (a-htt- ibeifn t anl> . ,, J and made stands, rtad* i hav* been learning hny Hop", Picking 1 up "".juid- other, dances . for tiieirsklt Friday 1* ar« Brownie*.and secjnd grade. The i : iTthe«Red,b^ds 15LUn ! ti _— n . -Monday MM secon< _ _ * • > the pavlUiorf and ate' _ lunch**.'After hiking : th«y learned some games , sobgs'ana than mad» tit* • they had «n art dan T Mrsv'La-'S. Taylor. gets AHoii Idretl ..ii'^4 6 *?^t i* J ijai ., —_ and raaSilaiif thints bttaute thel? tn*rh« *B6Ut Indians. ftatJ i edttw tr^tt . cooktd en •buddy: Thu«day aftd'alro wire bead- ng belts, «'* -' er the 1 very - Unit A this, weik dunntf Day Camp, Oft -Monday, they got set hW pait ">w* vrma -fumnwj p eu to dr»sf : «a|r mt hula ttjitti of " - . tneW cook-buts ; eamp day.Jdf it Mdu&twif but of « a i dottet mam dMbte"ik"the"Tain^-aftd af eoursev thty- aWT jKttlnjpifify i* mosquitoes! Bui ' ~ «on| *rfth sotte H»flfr gUtf pfotkftttt and gButijttiiWt ertitHyArifiW mOaqtuto IwKUVrB. * -t>«m.etib* Gfttt «utf*JM. k A !«&, M fietttrt* wte» wr W, ifeftl way. ma ThflL : their tentt. Their I, Kddef, Ittti Al•~ Larwr,. aflel sft the initial* naffte. t-*«e ,Devniy<v wvrs <5SJl8 j few Waf-OW Sesut »he stayed at fii* tWBt 9 ffcked thel vwy eisfly-. svetybne ed *rjnaffli ittd Carol i •Beehives"'ws* what decided upon. F. Sharer* "Little : 1 were at the pav ay when it began to 1 They had 4ken a hi** there to eat lunch. During thtweste the* » «P aete # A C f » i Surfsldd Cleanup Is Scout Proleet 8oy Scout Tr&o» Sal, «wft sfflrtd by the \e1asce- TO Befit,, has ehbieft th* : revamp^-'" ing and cleaning up of-3ut!-r.i side. Beach as their ift? fc U Halt Utue houi* <whlch utade ti» be vety way) and mad* IHT *it*tipon*, which .. nd named It, then th«y palnt-Jer Tuesday d some ver retr dt-uott ed some very pretty sit-upotts. 'he Bee Hive haa gone on a rwBwvi vw a» kw fcuv WVVkkUWU AW1 rt. They couldn't becguse of he rain, and they hoped to o before the week was out. :hursdaytt«y r wei« 1 *i >4 a hike and collected r »omS leaves'to patter paint some stationery. . *onT».6t tMgnrfjHd *»**«. P«M>«fi«. «••«« ma* •XkZ't, «he>* toound stepping m for their cat gardens before, • over. Unit'7 has don* many things tiring Day Camp. They will resent a Hawaiian danc* for «lr skit Fridays On Monday tMe/'took a n«< ire hike, after. wWch they". mad* pacques. They made can whiitlea, also. After the rain heir plans included working n their tissue paper.skirts for he. Hawaiian skit they, have 'so .planned soap carving. , , , —Mo»l»: Jo Tbompfoh .Unit 9, Ant Nest q*rop, ha*. 3«en quite busy the past "few iys. "when asked why they •Whtftf we built our ftnrt camp- flr*Vw« tfug it M an-mnt'nfttt." They began their weak Monlay by a jack tournament Tuesday they went on * nature hike- to the Kelly's where they saw,-three snakes.-'Thursday All in, all, Day Camp hts been n big. success for the ."Beehives. —Harriett Itaptun* During the beautiful weather which w* have been *o for- _—„,_ tunate to have lately aYDay MM«6 r ,._ H* m «'l- t ?« *** fc ^ *"» 8 ' 7 « *'&*' *** Unit 10 ha* been having qulUc a lot of trouble. '- " In the first place < some th«i speat jlp^ .. night in Everyone stirvivea fiiy Camp and h*d a wonderful time. t«*r««e* fte&Sf, M* ?&2 :«M, r?.:... jS} Optima dab, was mu wt ih« MMdaf nooa ms«a»g of ih* Bras» Ift-tt* Souihwtiutn 8*11 f«)*p!i6»* ga, builduifi in r***po»i. Ret, e* ft* «wt>. a Beany every Saturday, Sun^ day, and Menday mbrnMtii t»6" boyrwill wptttt 't* seeut:" " te? H. E. ShobfeH and assit mister, M. S. Juregui fof .„ statttlons an their duties fir* the tfay. This coopsratloB aMh si^pb« of the citizens of Brat* * osptjft will aid these boys U • ;their project. . ' MeJnbers of the troop art" Wayne Palmer, Tommy chril* lias, Kelly Borders; curtft- Pounders, Billy Kelly, Charles Clanton. Rip Palmer, Ronhi*" Cook, Donnie Cook, Don Mc-i; Beth, Bill Lindsay, James fiari' Hs, Joe .Tucobsen, and Refugtdi" Jauregiit. . •. , Th* boys are also spdftsor-, ing a soft dritik stand on th*' beach. TV Stars HSnntng Varied! Summers Unit gran) "WilU ** --». IP** -Mr**,. bedroll. So they h« he mikt him • tent which nttist not have lik«d, for seemed attracted to Unit Jl's tefttt, which were wiri/Tcl course. •! " .' When it, started raining they crewed gum like mad to atop up the holts in their tent*. WtshclothctV raincoWsj' and lewspapers were also used. They spent-Thursday night at the Little Rouse, and if there were no mere showers, Friday Would- be spent in tents. The tents were numbered and named, The camp was named Campers by th* Water,. mt • for several reason* • was changed to Camp Wa*h*way. I wonder why? •. . , Mr. Greenberg and - Mrs. Henry deserve credit for helping the Unit on the Photographer Badge and the 1 ing and Painting Badge,,. • .All in Ml'they hav*had* pretty good'time, even though Thes* firtu* _ |rader« chopped fh« iwl an unusual ice pick Mm* . known u a Httchtt, oa Monday. Tuesday th* gtrlf went around to th* dlttttrtm units and showed th* Brownie* how to build fir**. Than cam* the ratal and more if, the' Brownies taught songs by the** '?? Cat it did seem disgusting swatting, mosquitoes, sticking gum In.holes,vand eating-soaked toodb Let's give a big hand for •*% girls for the Cay Camp Camp- flro on Thursday night to which th* parents were-invited. Al*o they built a fire for baked apples and coffee. WhiJ* digging, the fire, they- ran smack dab into ah ant bed, However they dsclled that th* heat from th* fir* would kill th* pests. . On Friday and Saturday, these dear program aide* will do anything that they can to help out Indeed th* whole camp, would be at a loss without the program aide*. ' —Haney Israel Thursday night, June «, the Ctrl Scouts, and Brownies, which h*4 attended Day Camp, had a hug* cararttr*. It was a great success, in spite of the mosquito** and rain which they h*d gone through eartttr '•*. th* week,- r ^A.-". They asked their parent* to com* out. for » program. Th* program Wa» Very ate*. Every *Uth grade girl had • camp- fir* which stood for on* of th* ten Girl Scout Law*. Then each 4th and 5th grad* scout told Which law she liked best arid why .he liked it. Under the Unction of the Program Aides r* sang"songs. •" , ' I beUev* everyone had 'a wonderful time. I know I did. —Hantett •teph*M WHO: •r Hartht'j* „. JliVt you ever thought about,, •U of th* people who run our Pay Campf Mrs. Brown Is our I - »ctor and ibi hu | th* swimming pool wtd. pavIUlon for u*. .firs.! Shrod* keeps our n*ord| mil U In^ chargTof FlntTSd71^' McOUl la in chart* of th* I coffc* for th* leadars, and th* I Prtgrtmald*. -»-*«f--^ , OUwr people working with u* were Mr. Orenburg, phq- y. Mrs. Henry, Mri. " JBVV X ^x**v*y . t T~™nif' "* jiOUUI* mertime — wneii tag living" 1* easy, the cottott-ls high and re-runs bloom iri the TV" machine- —"rapidly Is ap'proach- • start ... iMtit. „:*«.- /;;.\. "" ' .IMs the IBM _ . . formers aremothbalUtifl the telcprompters and lighting out for place* a* Scattered as Swe- .V. J. and Engl. -^ EngleWood )» he spot .where Wl feilVSrs wtlfijiass pan of his vacatidtti ;fiSr#8 H goi zourte in the • /itrsey town gwned by comlte'Dlck Shawn and Buddy>^Hackett and Phil plans to work out on the links while • hli Wife, Evelyn Patrick, awaits their baby, it's due July" i; Dinah Shflre hopes to go to Honolulu for a couple oJ weeks. No Estimate ^ Yet On Road Damages BrizorU County' Engineer W. J. Lewis said this week that no estimate of flood damage to the coufity's roads has been mad?, but that snme road* ar* heavily damaged, and „ many ate damaged slightly, throughout the central and wtstern part «f .th* county. On the Anglmon-Cliite road, County Road Ms, water stood tar between seven and 10 day* on a portion about five miles In length." lewis nid the waiter soaked through, the black top in some places and penetrated th* base. He estimated that soma five mite* of this road may need to h* rebuilt early, in use, between Angleton was damaged for several mile*, and is DbV being repaired, Lewis said.' A'large number of Prison Farm .laborers are being used .In this work. Alto damaged heavily the Lake Alaska Road, Lewis said, as well as many other roads in the area which was Hooded. Federal aid will not be available for help 1ft re. building road*. ' , This mbnay is available only if the county can take a "pauper's oath," swearing tnat they i»re no funds which can be used for repairing the road;. Even then, .th* funds allowed would be only in au amount She's also > planning a visit ter husband's * Montana rahc ind intends 'to supervise th building of hef new home o Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Edgar and trances Bergen and their lUyear-old Cand will shoot off to Europe with one-month stopover in Swe. den. Art Baker of ABC-TV "You Asked;for Jt%i*' teWng off fo* ffliwpe. ._ who is getting married Aug 8,. will honeymoon in London, Cologne, Venice, Home Paris. SaOitttf Trip Cany- Moore will stuff his wife, and sons in his. boat an sail to New England and th Canadian coast Ourward Kir >y of th* Moore cast just plans a llsh away his vacation a his Connecticut home. Ed Murrow, another fishint buffa, is taking his son Casey 11, on-an angling trip through he Northwest and into Canada starting in mid-July. W* Handle A Complete Line OP ALL TYPES OPINStTBANCE SELLEES- HAfiBOUS Insurance Agency raoxc i-am Sll rwk Are. FntMrt Tennessee ETnle" Ford IB mapping a motor trip which he'll take with hi* wife, Betty, to New Orleans, Bristol, fentL, and ' New England. The" balance of the summer will be spent at Ernie's 860- acre cattle ranch in Clearlake County, Calif. HQwever, for one TV. star, summer « 'just shapicg up as a series of dog days, fie has CAT BOSTON—<B) — Mor* than 50 pedigreed cats wert.fet<d at a hotel banquet prior to the Boston cat club's ahnuir show. The cehtcrnifH* crn*l«t» ed of a 100-pound block nf icc- with a freshly-caught haddock encased in the middle. Ti». menu consisted 6f cakes/snupi all-fish canned eat food, he-' mogentzed milk and, for dessert, catnip. personal appearances sche- luled in Pennsylvania, Ohio, ndlana, Michigan and, Georgia. HIS name is Rih Tin Tilt, SPECIAL SPORT SHIRTS our tar -us. 1 who *l*o •;.noM 1 Uv* in] A Wonderful Selection of Styles and Pattern Worth up to each t**i .' J XV j- . ^ /' ..., . Wflrflti. i»0 |Wpioi«(0 w eW i 4i4:b* foiiu4 ia abuadww *tf ,$•**&?* .iMwkwk U0» wt*k M4k*.w**tb»s»w ftniUr *»IM down ^ rf' MJjfjpffpOTl |oi ii •uipibtf 0f we*|(f« *"M ,. ' pl •••*•- *^ «>i WILLOW DRIVE CHAPEL W* ne*lv*4 »_, - Hr, S^T whol '^^^TT^- >9*aS3e»F •^M-awifl »»>li .- j*' ; 'f-\$- • ",* N,' i A *• //// •, each V WILLOW DRIVE BAPTIST CHURCH ^sFW(s|Sej|PpWieflwl«fr(s v w%^T'F^^H(l ^pWssjUBI ^p4MW wlT , ? J GBSS/OS. LAJC1 JAOEfiON ^^^"P"i^^^^^W? TlWsWIK^'^Pp . W ^WP^^WBWSFIW . 0. PBOWT-PAflTOS-WILJXJW DJUVJ OHAPll, a, BSABD - PABTOB * msf BAPTIST OSTOQB NnJ itt- •rf • '-/'-,• 'A" tefi^, rt th* Unitedll /NAART STORE HOUR5 9A.M.-6P.M, 1 p f m*'6 p*m* ..-VA.. Mrf «J

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