Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
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FEATURES INDEX Amusement! ..OS Death Notices .B-J Churches ...M, 7 Radio-TV ....C-18 Classified .....C-7 Shipping .....B-3 Comics C-4 Sports C-l. 3 Indepen The Southland's JL Finest Morning Newspaper Phon. HE 5-1 lit -- CUuKT.d No. HE 2-595? 34 PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. SATURDAY. FE8RUARY J2. l»M YOU 24 --NO. 151 WEATHER v Sunny today tad Snnday. Uttl* tempera- .' tore change, with · high today near 79. Com-, pteti weather, Page C-7. . . . ' · . ' HOME EDITION-- I be CDC Warned About Overconfidence Although Polls Show Demo Landslide - Cx · · · : · · ' , . ' · ' · 2 Presidents Range Over Many Topics AIRS. LYNDON JOHNSON (right) is deep in conversation withlviSicrys first"" lady, Mrs. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, after their husbands spoke at UCLA. Leaders' Wives in L.A. Tour By JOAN SWEENEY LOS ANGELES (UPI)--The First Ladies of the United States and Mexico, matching one another in good homor and enthusiasm, had their day on the town Friday--a luncheon, museum and high school tours and motorcade through East Los Angeles. A large proportion of the city's 700,000 residents cf Mexican descent reside in East Los Angeles, and a con- Johnson Says Reds in Worst Trouble Alliance Rates High on Agenda By HELEN THOMAS PALM SPRINGS (UPI) -President Johnson and President Adolfo Lopez Mateos were reported Friday night to be progressing "very well" in their diplomatic discussions across a broad range of topics, from disarmament to Colorado River salinity. They began their talks Tying together from Los Angeles Friday aboard Johnson's big jet transport. Their first formal business session began about 4:30 p.m. and lasted 90 minutes. Their conversations continued later at a small dinner party given by Johnson and his wife in honor of the Mexican chief executive and his wife. * » · * ACCORDING to W h i t e House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, the two leaders in their afternoon business session dealt with the Affiance for Progress. Salinger said the alliance was "one of the key subjects." He said the discussion of the alliance was highly important "because Mexico is a very important participant in the alliance and because Mexico is an important center of training for people involved in the alliance." Salinger said the talks also concerned disarmament. He noted that Mexico is part of the 18-mtion disarmament conference at Geneva. United States proposals at Geneva were explored here at some length Friday after- By SHERM WILLIAMS and LOU JOBST President Johnson said in Los Angeies Friday that JOHNSON and Lopez Ma- A PRESIDENTIAL BEAR-HUG was bestowed by President Johnson on h i s guest, Mexico's President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, after speech Friday at UCLA. Confessioii of Witness Halts Trial CHICAGO prosecution's (UPI) star witness t' Four Nations Smash Diplomats 9 Dope NEW YORK (UPI--Federal Mexican President narcotics agents Friday ar-Lopez M a t e o s rested the Mexican ambassa- Springs, Calif. Barry Target for Blast By BOB HOUSER .'--'.. t0 "* two 0 The California Democratic -ountil convention keyed its riday night opening to a cau- on against overconfidence and a note of good cheer that it opposition front-runner is "19th century liberaL" y Charles Roche, d e p u t y hairman of the Democratic National Committee, t o l d more than 2.500 delegates in hie Long Beach Arena that de Democratic landslide indication] of current polls should lot deter active precinct work in this year's elections. Minnesota Sen. Eugene J. JcCarthy dealt with Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, who ha said described himself as a 9th century liberal. · · * · THE NAME requires some analytical description, said UcCarthy. That was the cen~ :ury of debtors' prisons, child abor, institutionalized poverty, a Karl Marx panacea and some remarkable exposures of the day's evils by Charles Dickens. · -- - . ·., Asked in a press conference if a majority of the nation's people weren't getting the idea that America is "chicken" in its foreign policy, McCarthy responded that "only Barry Goldwater can teQ you what a majority of the American people think: and he can do it on half a A d o l f o minute's notice, in Palm "One day he even told what the majority of the people in However. Kennedy said the]South America thought After prosecution's star witness . . y . ' . .. men on charges of smuggling 'United States "worked with that the rest of us abandoned threw a murder tnal into con-^on, of dollarj wonh ^u closest ^ tion , ith lthe field." fusion Friday when he ad- heroin into the United States the ' -- tnitted that he committed the [and Canada. murder for which the defendant was being tried. The mo vie-script ment came just as cooperation government of Mexico' CDCi 38 · member rules communism is in far more trouble around the elobe tuTopem Common Market accused I °^ I A rV(w4 *T-V«ilV*» *h *hTL ·' ^ than the United States and Allies. (which played a strong part in committee tackled the en- international effort to dorsement problem Friday illegal trade oflaftemoon and hammered out jrecommendations which, on N^the surface, rejected positions r ,tory~was~announced by Atty.jYork were Mexican Ambajsa-j^ supporters of Mosk Iri1 teos also took op trade and wa$ wi^drng -T its case Gen. Robert F. Kennedy in dor Salvador Pardo-BoIIandj" 1 * 6 - "* committee - re- · -- - '- -- =-- .... .- iw«Tim»tm« n/iwf,.pnv»i' Jinn AristL ihnut fin an'jected a no endorsement" also turned down e n d o r s e m e n t The four-nation crackdown tte ·on what was described ai the suppress th second - largest n a r c o t i c s narcotics." lot in U. S. his-r Those arrested the U.S. relationship with the against Asked whether the talks 'O'Connor also concerned Mexican rela- Percy Nelson, 48,1 Washington and by the Royal|S5; Juan Aristi. about 60, anj)*"** 1 of slaying Henry Canadian Mounted Police in employe of the Uruguayan'""'""" King Paul's Operation 'Success' speech before an outdoor con- . -- _ _ _ _ . _ g _ _ _ . - JI^.S-V-*« V^^VI t »i* UMkA4l^/l *."J*1- -- - · .. . ,-- f r . _ . . . . .is. j ATHENS l?»--King Paul of| vocation of 34COO at UC LA. Airlines plane crashed FridayU,^ Montreal. . '° Philippines Plane Crash Fatal for 31 He shuffled some then told Judge F. Morrissey: "Your Honor, the state's star witness has just con-^*** '* ^ The President, who arrived) | A d e t e c t i v e whispered in Southern California Thurs- (Continued Page A-3, Col. I) SO methin» to the prosecutor I. c * nad1 ' France day night for a two-day visit ' ' l ' m fnr """ * ;H : ' and talks with Mexican president Adolfo Lopez Mateos.' also warned Red China that that nation is "playing a deep-' ly dangerous game" in supporting Communist guerrillas in South Viet Nam. In a major foreign - policy Foreign Ministry in Monte-, video who claimed he was in policy. .New York on a diplomatic '"^mission, and Rene BruchonJ THE . v -- - - - - -- * c The bulk of the heroin, val-l id at J13-5 minion on the fessed thit h» ii the ic sea uiii ue " me jkiller, not the man on tnaL MANILA l?--A PhilippmeLThe judge ordered an imme- ! on the heroin of $52 minion Narcotics ~~*».uu. ».~ -XS..C A,. u^.«j. S | NATURE of these . m crackm s;50, a French citizen who washes--in the neighborhood of said uie men were j^port,.^ from the united2-to-l --augured trouble for r _ as they were at-, Sta tes in 1958 on another nar-[the Mosk and Engle candi- 'temptmg to flee the country. 1^^, ^^ *» and strength for either · · · · [Alan Cranston or Congress- THE SUSPECTS were ar- man James Roosevelt who . market, was con-'raigned in Federal District have strongly recommended in MontreaL Canadi- Court here late Friday nightjthat the convention not fet- authorities placed a vahie]and then taken to the Federal,sake · its primary endorsing " " " " "" " ' B'-ireau office in functkja. However, the rules sHerable number clustered in i Greece """krwent a four-J Johnson arguedthat the Corn-Ion the mountainous southernj operation munist bloc's troubles through- island of Mindanao, killing 31 'on the Canadian black tear! Manhattan. groups along the route of the hour motorcade in which Mrs. Ladybird Johnson and Mrs. Adolfo Lopez Mateos rode. emergency admission: 'ket Friday for a stomach uker. His doctors caHed the operation a success but Greek «t the world are more acu Arsons, an airline spokesman than those confronting the reported. United States. vived. He said American problems AT LINCOLN High School monarch's condition as grave in East Los Angeles where a or critical newspapers described the are. eclipsed by "the spread- One person sur- * " Se crowd of some -4.000 students and adults gathered. Mrs. Johnson quoted from the writings of George Washington and of Mexico's famed President Benito Juarez to illustrate the importance of education. Referring to her many years as a teacher, Mrs. Lopez Mateos totd the audience,! (Continued Page A-3, CoL 2) French Embassy Top Aide Enters China HONG KONG, Saturday W -- The new French charge d'affaires to Peking, Claude The most reassuring news came from Dr. N. Tsambou!as,|chYna. one of the five physicians at- Two persons were brought alive from the wreckage by] with murder. ·wnmittee . recommendations Bond was set at $100,000 had yet to clear the fun con- [vention. J. R. Carriere Even as Ergle and Mosk Montreal the fceroia;supporttrs promised floor Johnson was meeting with.(Continued Page A-2. CoL 1)! (Continued Page A-6, CoL 1) '*« «'*"*«.n, A-» P J iuc i*3c muja have had t fncnectof testimony ledlouchy diplomatic overtones!.,^ i,TM n authorities to charge Nelson --it broke while President! ing' civil war among Commu-jresaie crews but one died a nists" -- a reference to the!short time later, the airline policy gulf between the So- said. There was no mention Union and Communist of any foreigners aboard. Chayet, entered Red China today fnsa this British Crown colony. tending the 62-year-old ruler. He said. The king is an right ow." The operation went very wen." Tsamboalas told reporters outside Tatk Palace-26 miles north of Athens -where the operation was performed. Trie- king woke cp The DC3 had taken off [from Malabang for Iligan, 60 Mrs.!miles to the north on the P R E S I D E N T and Johnson flew from his vaca-[northern coast of Mindanao. tion White House 90 miles It crashed in a mountainous away in Palm Springs to region seven miles from Ma- Intenutkmil Airport in Air rawi. about 20 milei short of Force One, the presidential jetliner, to meet Lopez Mateos and his wife, who arrived by airliner from Tijuana at 9 a j its destination. and kissed the queen and his 1 , son, Constantine, and the! other children." Only a day earlier, the king had handed over his royal He and Lopez Mateos took UCLA to honorary degrees. Johnson's first West Coast visit since assuming the presidency following the murder of powers to Constaatine. the 23- President Kennedy was a sue- year-old crown prince, by.cess at the outset Lopez Mateos, who spok* medical t * r · Jo}mso0 ' calkd °a educators and scholars to help abolish the Cold War, wipe iking bira regent A brief evening .bulletin said. The postopera- He is going by train to Can- tional condition of his majesty too and frora there by p!aae ( th« king is satisfactory. His to Pelting, where he arrives temperature aad pulse are Sunday to take op his post'.TOrmaL- out the origins cf international tension ar.d to increase (Continued Page A-3, Col. !) REALLY, HE'S NO DUMMY MIAMI, Fla, CT1 -- At a heated' public hearing on expansion cf a Florida' Power Light Co. plant Thursday, county manager Irving McNayr leaped ta his feet to deny a charge that he was a power company stooge. When he sat down he apparently was confused. He sat in the lap of McGregor Smith, FPL board chairman. ALL TIIE TALKING ISN'T done from the podium at the California Democratic Council convention in J; Long Beach Arena. Here, a Cranston backer ignorei speaker to make point in conversation on the floor. '·!

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