Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 36
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Gloomy Now, but Lush Days Ahead Newcomers to the West may be wondering what ever happened to sunny California and if the rain will ever cease. Thai question probably comes to some of us oldtimers in (his state, too, because most of us have never seen anything to equal the start of I9G9 in rainfall and its consequent flooding and damage. Rut there's a great summer coming, perhaps not Russ Cleary, Irvine Lake operator, reported Tuesday that the road from Chapman Avenue had been closed, that slides have closed Silverado Canyon beyond the lake and that the lake won't be in operation until Friday, and possibly not then if the rain continues. However, says Russ. once spring arrives and the rains cease, fishing will be wonderful every- DOIWELL CULPEPPER in fishing, but most certainly in beauty of our landscape. This gigantic rainfall is going to make possible the planting of trout in streams that normally go dry before we can get a bait on a hook. Just now, provided you can get out on a country rnacl, you have never seen such green meadows, slopes, foothills and even mountains. If you arc smart, you'll wait u n t i l some of the mud has been cleared. where. Just as Glenn Todd, of Cachuma Lake, said, "The whole countryside is one giant spring," Russ reiterated the statement for his section of Orange County. * * * * BEFORE THE continued rain stopped fishing at Irvine, anglers there were doing well with planted trout, up to three pounds, and were using shiny lures, cheese, niarshmal- lows and worms. There was a fairly consistent Lakewood Haskellmll Soviets SllUI'C Warriors 54. Knlcihls of Phthiflt, 45. HP --Eckleman (KP) 23. EMU Brummels 56, Truill Bantist 45. HP--Mitchell (EJR 43. Fashion Carpet 52, Peons 51. HP--At- WL Hockey Vancouver 3, Seattle 2. Only Qnme scheduled. Tuesday's Fighls LONDON--Jimmy Anderson, 12 1 ), London KO'd Colin Lake, 130, London (7). British Junior Lightweight Champion- M'lAMt BEACH--A'irirk Teisninn, 175, Houston dec. Fddie Tahami, 173, Mont r e a l (10). J u n i o r ll;isrhall Ihn Rossmoor-[_oi Alaniitos Pony-Colt LMCIUP will conduct tryouts Saturday fll Ihr Lo 1 ; Alamitos Naval Air Station. Roys 15-16 should rcporl lor C-a't League al 9 a.m. Ponv LC.HJUC iwjyi 131.1 should report ot M a.m. The drills will cont.ei»lfrilc on ficltjino. Boys who hove not previously registered mav do so d! lire field. Vikc Gymnasts Win LBCC 153.90, FULLERTON 143.83 Long horse-- Faae (LB), Cainldo (LB), Jennings (LB); fr« exercise -- Hahlin (F), Faqe (LB), Cntoldo (LB); side horsfi-- Uveda (LB), Miller (LB), God- , Albitz (LB), Railey (1 R), Jennings TLB); rings-- Swartz (LB), Albitz (LB), Mahorney ( L B ) . All-around-- Crouse (F), 7.93 avg., Jennings (LB) 7.V6 avg. Pioneer League All-Leaque Selections Grtrri(.lc Barr (Aviation), Jason Newman (Beverly Hills.), F-red Coker (Aviation), Bernei Craig (El Scgundo), Ralf D^vison (Lennox) and Jim lough IBev- erlv Hills). Second Team--Sam Runcii (Aviation), Ed Burris (Beverly Hills), Jcit P.ine (Lfl\viidale), Carl Pcterncll (Mitalastc), Jim Montague fAviation), and Ed Carmon (Beverly Hills). MVP--Rick Caesar IBpverlv Hills). Kesulls At t onfl Beach Auditorium Tom Andrews dcf. Medic No. 1 In 12 rnin.; Bobo Brazil c'ef Pedro Godov in ^ min.; Black Anocls dcf. Pepper Gomez and Blctct. GorUmrt.i in 35 min.; Georsie Cannon dot. Chris wiarkoft in ?0 mm. SEII3PS XIST . Bass Bcnmngton Dcnner .. Blue ..._ Bradlsv Brvce Canyon Bultcrnut .. .. Cabildo Calif. Cane Chandler . . f.hcmuno Collett . . . . Cove Dccatcur . . . DcHaven Uubuquc Edion Tlk River England .. hvcrsole Fxcel Firm Gallant Guadalune -Guide Hooper .... ,..r-eiiows a. Slcw.irr . Pier 15, Nav. Sta. B-M, NSY ,, B I 4 , NSY Drydock 2. NSY B-2I.NSY .. ..Pier 16, N.itf. Sta. , ". Pier 10, Nov. Sla. Shiphldg. P. Drvdock Co. Pier 9, N3v. Sta. Pier 16, Nav. Sin. _ Pier 9, Nav. Sta. DrydoU 2, NSY .. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. Pier 15, Hav. Sla. " " _ AFDL-40, NSr ~" _ B-63, NSY . . .Pier 11, Nnv. Sla. Pier 10, N;W, Sta. Pier 16, Nav. Sta. ' _ B-22, NSY Pier 9, Nav. Si.i. ~ . Pier 6, NSY . Pier 9. Nay. Sta. Todd Shipyard Pier 9, N-w. Sin. ; Pier 16, Nov. Sta. Hubbard Pier 15, Nav. Isbell -..Pier li. Nav. Loyalty Pier 9, Nav. Lucid _ Pier ?, Nav. Lucid . Mnrwilcv Marathon Marsh Warvavllle ,, McKeiin Merrirk Mlspitllon Moore Navarro . . . O'Brien ._. Okanosan . Ozbourn ~ Prime Sla. Sin. Sla. Sla. Pier l"/, Nav. __AI Lnrson Boat ._...Pier 19, Nnv. Pier 7, Nav. Bethlehem .. Pier 15, Nav. ...Pier 7, Nav. .. .Pier 16, Nnv Calif. Ship Bu .....B-33, .Pier 9 " ^ .._ - . -- . ..TIL-I Ji iv.i-j Pt Defiance Bethlehem , B-24, ..Pier 1, Nav Princeton Reaper _______ . ..Pier ?, Nav. Uoncador _______ ....... Submarine Somers ,, ________ Berth 12, Tall:rico« .."... ____ Pier 7, Nav. loppiihannock . _ ......... Pier 9, Nav. Turner Jcv _______________ ...... ----- B-32, Vammrn _______________ Pier 15, Nav. C OT snip information a.m. to 10 call 5-17-6302. Sta. Sta. Sla. ilding NSY Sta. Steel NSY Sta. Pier J.'SY Sta. Slo. NSY Sla. p.m. VESSEL Artcmision 11 (Li) Aiinntic Trdrtcr ( T K ) . . .. Bav St«tc Rns (Ho) Brunskooa (Gc) . Rrssegocn ( N o ) Black Heron (No) . Baniti LuKa (Yst . Blumcnthiil (Gc) Cdbo dc Sant.i Marts ( R z ) Chuo Manr Ja) . Cossatot (Tk) Coos B.iv DCSDiiiit N. ( L i ) Emma BaUKMNo) I : vamo (No) . Fineo (It) Gciia (No) l-uyo M.iro (Jci) Glow of 'tie S^'is Golden Gate Bridge [Jal OraziclM Zcla (II) . Hozan Maru (Ja) . . Jiiladhiirati (In) Java Mail Lanr Viclorv Maria Carla D'Amico (|t) Msukana (Kg) Mizukawa Maru (Ja) Montevideo (Sw) Musa (Ho) . . .. - Monte Sala (Sp ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT (Compiled by Marine Cxchnnge) BERTH OPERATOR Anc "' IB-76 ...LB 212 LB-56 Ogishiina Maru (J.i) . Okishima Maiu (.'~ v Ocean Comet (Li) Oliver J Olson III (Bg) Overseas Alice (Tk) Pacific Alliance (Pa) . Pacific Victory (LI) Poinl Lacrc (Li-Tk) Pacific Reliance (Br) Philippine Admiral (Pi) Pipat samiit (Ihi President G.irfieltt . Phillips Washington (Tk) Snt Jack Pcndleton . . Sm,iloa (Dn . . Stolt L^dV (No-Tk) ^innvvillC (No) . Sououola (Pr) Union Fnt^rori^^ (Cs) Viilwn Prem (In) Yflvari (Pv) 178 ... LB-3-1 I B - 1 . ..LB-211 15-1 . .. LB-13 "" . 265 . LB-25 LB-2 . 90 LB-17 191 ...1... LB-9 LB-24 in-9 ..166 49 LB-21 LB-73 139 . LB-204 LR-5 2J1 119 l"79 LR-M 228-D LB-72 I R-7A 59 LB-H DUE TO SAIL FOR Utd Intl ShDo Co ....Indet. Henry Inil Co Feb. 26 Seattle Malson Nnvig Co fcb. 23 Honolulu N Piic Shpo. Co indef. Nissan Mtr Car Car, Feb. 26, Guayaquil hide- Mails Trminal... eb. 26 Nanaimo Lloyd Brslro SS Co. c "'~ "" c1 " c "" Stemshp Moml Corp Hiimburq Amer Lin .. L'uyd Birfblo SS Co. . loko Line Mar Tispt Line XV.R. Chambrln 8. Lo . ."'.'..'.Feb. 25 San Fr .Indct. . Feb. 26 San Hr^n Fen. 25 San Fran . . .Feb. 28 Fusniki Feb. 26 H.iincs . indei. Grancol Line Feb. 25 San Fran Ktiuiscn Line . f c b . 26 ban Fran 1 iqcr Line Feb. 26 Yokohama Itiilian Line .Frb. 2A San Carlos Norskhyro Fcb. 23 Slocklon Showa Line Fcb. 25 San Diego Columbia S/S Co Indcf. "K" Line .Feb. 25 Oakland M'ltinc ChrtniD Co . . .Indct. "K" Line Feb. 25 MazatUm Scmdia Sim Nav Co .... Fcb. 23 Bombay Amer Mail Line Fcb. 25 San Diego Pac Ct Trnspt Co ... Feb. 26 San Diego D'Amico Line . . I cb. 25 San Fran Dilhnghm Line Inc Fcb. 25 Honolulu "K" Line Feb. 25 Mnnznnillo Jnhnsor, Line Feb. 26 London United Fruit Co ....Feb. 25 Pto. Armulles Hildc Christen Gran ..Feb. 23 Rotterdam N Y K Line . .Feb. 25 Kawasaki "K" Line ....'. Fch. 25 Chnmperico . ..Feb. 27 San Fran ..Feb. 25 Tolrdo . Indcf. Indet. Fell. 26 San Dicoo Cst Line . Oliver J Olson Co Maritm Ovrscs Cp ... Thai Hw.i Niv. Cu ... Orient Ovcrscs Li . -- Humhle Oil S. Rolng Co Feb. 26 Aruba Furness Line ....- Feb. 2S Glasgow Rt'tla SS Co Feb. 23 Redwood City States AA,ir Lino . . Feb. 28, San Diego Amur Pres Lines Mar. 2 S,in Fran Philps Pet Co Fcb. 2, Moss Landing -- - - - ' Feb. ?fi San Fran Tr.insprti The E.A.C. Parcel Tkri Lid . Kiaveness Line Instutn Oe f'omlo Daiichi Chuo KK . S.C.I. Lmr Gold Snipping Co. . Feb. 26 San Fran Feb. 26 Yokohama 1 San Fran Fcb. 26 Corinto Feb. 2fi Fushiki Feb. 25 Fran Feb. 26 Puson VF.SSELS DUE TODAY nrasiha (.Swl Cttawbti Ford ( T K ) . Honslnr Stal* ·,,'' Phil, Prcs. M^fi'.nvsav (Pi) jo Santa MrtHa (Tk) . . fort I Salvada (Qr) .Santa Ana . . . . Thorslind (No) Thuro Marrsk (Dal Ihorsoaflrd (No) P fll OPERATOR Wiillrmus LiriR . . . . Johnson Line . W H Wirfccrshrim A Co. . Stales M-irinc Lino United Philippine Linn Pat r.ftflsl imnsnort Co. Triin'iDorlalion Mflrtmic Mcx Grace Line ........... Sfllen ShiPOinq Co ............ united Fruil Co. . pacific Island Transnort catch of crappie on worms and Go-Getters. Bass fishermen were getting largemouths up to three pounds, mostly on sinking lures and night crawlers. Catfish were so hungry that one even took a bubble-gum bait offered by a fisherboy. Largest catfish of the season at Irvine was L.R-Enscnadn Knee in March FJviSENADA, Mexico- All offshore power boat race linking two leading North American recreation centers was formally named "the Long Beach- linsenada International" Tuesday at a civic luncheon news conference. First race in what is expected to become one of the sport's most important annual events is March 22. It will be the first race of 1969 in which drivers will earn American Power Boat Assn. national offshore points. Start for the ISO-mile race will bfi off Long Beach's Belmonl Shore Pier al fl a.m., and leading finishers arc expected in Ensenada harbor about three hours later. caught by Leo Martinez. Westminster. The fish weighed 12 pounds, 4 ounces and put Leo in the lake's Whopper Club. Carl Anderson and Robert Hammetl, athletic couches at Torrance Junior High School, went to Cachuma over the holiday weekend and Carl thought that he really had taken a whopper on Feb. 21 when he landed a 4|--pound bass. His dream was short, however, when his fishing buddy, Robert, hooked an S-pounder the following day with a lure called a Jungle Bum. The fish approached the lake's bass record of 9-6. That lure, incidentally, brings up a subject. It was just a plain lead-head lure with a skirt, similar to Jed Welsh's Breakwater Special. There must be imipty-nine lures similar to that and sold under different names. * * * * OUTDOOR PERSONALS -- There is a world record being changed in the books of the International Game Fish Assn. and it will be listed for a woman. Hellen King, wife of Braniff International's vice president, Thomas King. The fish was a big-eyed tuna, 240 pounds, caught Pairs Skate Lead COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP)--The Soviet Union's Irina Rodnina and Alexei Ulanov outskated the four-time title -holders from their own country w i t h a breathtaking performance in the opening pairs event and a 17-year- old shopkeeper's daughler fn.'in Vienna, Beatrice Schuba, grabbed a surprising early lead in the Women's singles in a f u l l day of action Tuesday in the World Figure Skating Championships. Miss Rodnina and Ulan- ov duplicated their exhibition in the recent European championships by outscoring Ludmila Belotis- sova and Oleg Protopopov, pairs sovereign of the world for the last decade. Jo Jo SUirhuck and Ken Shelley of Paramount'. 1 ; Arctic Club were seventh. Council Actions on 50-pound-test line in 1 hour, 55 minutes off the new resort of Puma Carnero. Ecuador. Jack Ford. Lake Henshaw's manager, reminds us that remodeling work on the store and restaurant is complete and that fi-Oiing oomimies every day. Most of the fishing has been for channel cats, w i t h mackerel, red worms and plastic worms doing the trick. Flying Spur Press has a "Yosemite Trout Fishing" booklet, written by Hank Johnston, Long Beach, that sells for one dollar. Most Yosemite National Park visitors see only two or three lakes, hikers see others, but Johnston has an analysis of 166 lakes in the Yosemite country, along with the streams of the valley and the back- country areas. Address: Flying Spur Press, Box 27S, Yosemite, Calif. 95389. Next Sunday's "American Sportsman" program on AISC's television nel- work has former baseball star Bobby Richardson duck hunting in Utah, Grits Gresham and Joe Hrooks fishing for cnho salmon in British Columbia and aclor John Saxon stalking elephanls in A f r i ca. STATISTICS City Council actions Tuesday: Referred to the council's legislative committee a orODOSCd "conflict of interest" bill, introduced into the State Legislature, to apply to members of water quality boards. Received and filed a report bv Councilman Raymond C. Kealer on the annual meeting of the Qeneral assembly of the Southern California association of Governments, indicating that tong Beach's dues for 196? would be $1,556, as compared to $1,424 last year. Received and tiled, at the recommendation of the harbor, industries and oil committee, a letter from the city attorney on a water study, a report by the fort of Long Beach on trade development programs and a review by the citv manager and ciiy auditor of Ihe state l^d'J'irSSS^Jw?. 11011 ° n fidelnnd Also on the recommendnlion of Ihe harbor, industries and oil committee, rc- lerrod lo Ihe citv manager » comn uni- ca.litm from the lllh Const Guard District commander, seeking exchangt o! SJ? °. n "'lerwavs, oorts and harbors; and voted to "encourage and support" a sludv 01 onshore oil operation" lo ore- ou soil repcllllg ' 1 "' lhe Sa n' a Barbara 11TM°."'*.'! a j re s»l"l'"l o' congratulations to Mando Ramos ot Lono Beach on cZSn'snl."" 1 " liDhtweisl " boxino wpr »claimea March 2-8 as Circle K W« k . Marcn J as World D»y of Prayer, Week as Nursl!r ' Education , Referred to tlm legislative committee legislative Dronosals suumitled bv District Attornev tvelle J. Younger. Referred to lhe legislative committee a resolution bv the Citv of El Sequndo TM»»V n 2 S'!"! 1 ? Bi " No '· "I'ich woSld Blablish height reslrictions in areas under airoort aporoarhes. Refen-ed to the special airport file a communication from tlie Long Beach Jet Control Association, enclosing additional signatures on its petition orotestino ex. panded use ot Lono Beach Airport. Referred lo the cilv manager a communication from Mr. and Mrs. F M, «0 t. Eiolith St., calling alien: i?.i..i.1. a ."°* sll ; l i ! 'raffle haiard at Eighth Street and Lime Avenue. Asked the citv attorney to preoare an ordinance orohibiting parking on Market Sheet between Cherrv Avenus and the east city limits. Concurred with the charter amendment committee, and received and filed proposals regarding an increase in residency requirements for municipal candi- dales, establishment of filing fees and election of the mayor af-large. Approved a contract wilh Martin s Chapman Co. for providinq election services and supolies for the city's May 13 primary election and June 3 general el- Referred to the citv manager the annual audit of Ihe Long Beach Public Library. Gave first reading lo an ordinance establishing .1 40-mile-an hour speed limit on Redondo Avenue between Reservoir Drive and Soring street. Concluded a public hearing and asked the city attorney to prepare the neces- !25i ? F vnca '. in !i me allev west of 5TMd streets" 1 ""' bclwl!B " Ja "l!on and Concluded a public hearing and adopted an order vacating certain streets, al-' leys and ways in Ihe West Beach Pro- icct urhan renewal area Asked the cilv engineer to prepare Plans lor improv-.ment of the alley easl , j S ??. tFr . ancl5l:0 *»enue between 15th and uth streets instructed the cily engineer lo initiate proceedings for construction of side- IS" f-? c nof "^ "'''""I "1 »e east side Slh slreffs between 27th and ,B?n1Hf cd " lons . nl " 1 specifications and a '""lul'in ordennn the improvement of .STM r {" 19 , lII !: StrM ' Sidewalk Dislricl be tween Santa Fe and Delta Aavenucs. Set April 15 for public hearing on a ITM!" 1 '"!' »' intention to improve the alley in the block easl of Loma Avenue between Fourth and Tilth streets Awarded a sw,]4i contract lo C.T.F. Co. of Bel Gardens for improve- Death Notices BOYp -- Francis N., 97, of 1730 Grand Ave., died Tuesday. BURLfcS -- Ken, M, of 5?17Cerntos Ave., died Tuesday. HUNTER -- Porn.-*! V/., 74, of 1326 Grnnaila Ave., died Monday. LtESONE -- Albert L., 81, of 10J04 Mildred Ave., Garden 3rove, died Monday. AA^NNASrVHFH -- Guy M., of 3122 Ttiereso St.. died Monday. MAY -- Arthur, 73, of 1360 PL'lharn Rorid, Seal BiMt.h, died Tuesd'iy. AAcNFIL -- Guy. 77, of 1203 fc. Anaheim Avc., died Friday. MILLER -- Bernice ;.',.. 31. of 1-H-J3 Ptairie Ave., Hnwthorne, died AAondav. NliUMANN -- Virginia, 75. of ?357 Lewis Ave., Signal Hill, died Sunday. SCHNARR -- William H., 81, of 74J Chrrrv Ave., dinrf Tuesday. (HOMPSON -- Gilda 0., 55, of 6323 Drlscoll St., died Monday. TOBIN -- John T., 2, of 7j6 Lindrn Ave., riiprf Monriay. VANDERPALL -- Hilda L., Of 653 Flint Ave., died Tuesday. liirths Births DOWNEY COMMUNITY- BRAKE--Mr Mfi. Anthony J., 800 Corlo Way, f a Habra, girl, feb. 6. BRUCE--Mr. Mrs. Acnous P., 12671 Hoflin Dr., Ld Mirjd.i, boy, Feb. 6. CARPENTER--Mr. 8, Mrs. Daniel 1 ., 7322 New St., Downey, girl, Feb. 11. COCKRAM--Mr. Mrs. William H., 9?S? Dm Vista Dr., Downey, boy, f'cb. 1. DAVIES--Mr. 8, Mrs. George M., 10448 Gaybrook Ave., Downey, otrl, Feb. 11. EASON--Mr. K, Mrs. Larry Dean, 12711 Kalnor Ave., Norwalk, air!, Feb. 10. GLENN--Mr. Mrs. Dennis C., 3206 Oregon Ave., Long Beach, boy, Feb. 4. HAGA--Mr. 8, Mrs. Edmund M., 1620J Cadwcll, Vnlinrte, girl, Jan. 31 HALL- Mr. Mrs. Kenneth D., 9129 Cheney, Downey, boy, Feb. 5 HARPLR--Mr. Mrs. Gary I ., 151.57 Leahy Ave., Bellflower, jirl, Feb. 10. JENKINS--Mr Mis. Jack N., llSMVi Adco Ave., Downey, girl, Jan. 30. ORTIZ--Mr. Mrs. Albert R., V6I3 Bupll St., nownev, boy, Feb. 10. OWENS--Mr Mrs. Gcorgo R., lOfil? Arncry Ave., South Gate, boy, Jan. 28. PIERSON--Mr. Mr:,. Bruce E., 9734 WUcy-Burke, Downey, boy, Feb 8 PROSSER--Mr. S, Mrs. Henry u., 11993 Olive St., Apt. A, Norwalk, Oirl, Jan. 31. QUESADA--Mr. Mrs. Manuel* 14926 Lnhcwood Blvd., B e l l i l o w e i , boy, Feb. 7. RALSTON--Mr. R, Mrs. Robert S , 9742'/i Maple St., Bellllower, oiri, Jan. RALSTON- Mr. f. Mrs. Robert S 9742','j Maple St., Bellflower, girl, Jan 30. ROBERTSON Mr 8, Mrs. James R , 1-1632 Helwifi. Norwalk, -tirl, Feb. 10. SARGLNT--Mr R, Mrs William R, 7738 Aldordale Si., boy, Feb. J SMITH--Mr. Mrs. Edward P., 11533 Horlcv, DOwnpy, girl. Frb 9 VALOV- Mr. " Mrs. Daniel W., I4fl5 S. Montcbello Blvd., Montebello, boy, Jan. 30. MEMORIAL O'BRIEM, Mr. and Mrs. Frcdric H., 145 Canton, Apt. 6, bov, Ftb. 20 McGRANE, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R., 333 N. Cdinbridcje, Oidngi;, bov, Feb. U BIGGS, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., ^42 Santa Monica, Garden Grove, girl, Feb. CHILDS, Mi", and Mrs. Glenn R., 5431-B Pai-onioont Blvd., AL!. 207, boy, Fcb. ID LH BLANC, Mr. and Mrs. Randy L., 25221 F'eiioa. Lomiia, bov, Fcb IB WILLIAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Jack H., 530 F. Willow, Aol. 2, boy, Fcb. 13 PELTO, Mr. and Mrs. Murvm t'.. 9591 Holder, Cvoa-Si, H j r l, Feb. 19 W b T Z E L , Mr. and Mrs. William S . 12527 Blvd. A 7, Downey, Oirl. Frb. 19 WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Michael S., 15007 Downey, Apt. 21, P.irdinouiil, boy, Feb. V; EVERETT, Mr. ,md Mrs. Richard E., 32-18 Daisy Ave., bov. Feb. VO PHELPS, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D., 130! F. ASfh St., Apt. 20, Noitb L.B., boy, Feb. 20 POWELL. Mr. and Mrs. Duiris J., 27JJ fc. 2nd St., girl, fe-h. 20 WOODS, Ally, and Mrs. Norvell F., 3091 Oak Knoll Dr., Los Alamiios, boy, Feb. 20 HALF, Mr. and Mrs. Andiew L., 4613 Vista St., girl, Feb. 21, 1969 JACOBS. Mr. diid Mrs. George E., 9923 Liqgclt, Bellflower, oirl, Fpb 21 PFANKUCH, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred V/. ( 838 Turmont St., Gnrricna, bov, Feb. 22 SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R., 560 PiPiisnnf, oirl, Feb. 20 ZtVNICK. Mr. and Mrs. Thorn nn M , 13901 Erin, Garden Grove, girl, Feb. 20 NIFLSFN, Mr. rind Mrs. Niels W., 1621 Summit, oirl, Fcb. 21 SHAW, Mr. and ton. James T., 1315 W. Grant, ivilmiiitfon, bov. Feb 21 CARR, Mr. rfnd Mrs. Charles L., 13220 Dostmo PI., Cerntns, bov, Feb. ?2 BROWN, Mr. ind Mrs. James, 2118 Hill, hov, Feb 23 UHI.MAN, A^r. and Mrs. Charlw S., rt310 Siifllirnac Way, Citus Heights, boy, Feb. 23 ST. MARY'S ALLbN, Mr. and Mrs. \Vaync E , 4513 Adcninoor Ave., Lakewood, qirl, Fcb. 20 SCHOTT, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 204 First St., Seal Beach, bov, t-eb. '.'0 JOHNSTON, A A r . and Mrs. Dale A., 1137 Juniocro Ave.. oirl, Fb. ?1 STEVENS, Mr. and Mrs. James E , 23J4 Seabrighi AVP , boy, Feb. 21 DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Keith h'., 3734 Mo-.vnrd Ave., Lo-, Alnmitoi, girl, Fcb. HOLBEN, Mr. and Mrs. Terry W, 1/50 Pine Ave., boy. Feb. 21 CLAMMER. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C , 6209 Turnerorove Dr., Lakewood, oirl, Feb. 21 BALFANZ, Mr. and Mib. Kenneth E., 80 Maine Ave., boy. Teh. 21 BECKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E., 1542 Oregon Ave., hoy. Feb. 22 VALE CRUZ, Mr. and Mrs. R.iul D., 1012 "E" Court, Wilmington, girl, Feb. " MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Slechen L., 4*16 Guava Ave., Seal Bcadi, boy, Frb. W A t T f R , Mr. nnH Mrs. Douglas C , 520 Magnolia Ave., oirl, Feb 22 WlLLEFORD, Mr. .md Mrs. Roger D., 12/ W. I5tn SI., oirl. Feb. 22 THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Roland L., 52*'l Orangf Avr.. hov. Feb. 22 COOK, Mr. and Mr-;. Jerome L., 2140 W \Vilhrd St , hov. Feb. 23 W A T T S , Mr. -ind /.Vs. Ron-ifd E . 5SOI Pearie Ave., Ldkuwoou. flirl, FG:I. 23 Raln-Soaked 1ND TM NT ^ Bern A* Bandit 6V/« $2.300 PRESS-TELEGRAM (PMJ--C-5 Long Beach, Calif. wed. Ftb. ;*, 1N» FASHIONED BARGAIN check "Sport ins Goods" in today's Classified Ads! A gunman. xvlm walked . in dripping from the rain, took S2.300 from a cashier at Gateway .National Hank. 2201 P.irific Coast Highway in l.omiui. at 10:lf a.m. Tuesday. Sher' ill's deputies said. The bandit wore a parka and had adhesive tape ·_l."iMl N 'ICP _ N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E :;'.'!!!. i. V - . i t '.-if:.'!- ·!i'.'."l ,;.'. , . f ' f V l i -'!. l"-,'l f i t " \u.l :;. · i.» · . · - ; - ' ! l l » · -:tl :..»: not separately , T:.j. t..r Ty[» . .'.! .' 1.1 OPERATING E N G I N E E R S ~ C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME - Current Slro .. Sk p under eac-li eye, deputies ·;',',;,!.'.-.."'i'ViN^'i'-Kv'-;;''-^^"' A ·;··';''^^'V'^'^vM'V'ti'i'f.^ xvoiv told. He thrust ;i .!\!iNrF.WiU-Yi-^ViVi : iA'. a ' - i !' ; .. "j,·"7, ,",'',,.,":''.,/'i'""^*.!'·* ·. pl.tsik- folder at the cash- '; ! !".^.i;!l ; ,\ : ,.'i',.'., '» ! '. ;! , '.'.;'"','.,',![..'','[ '""' '"·'·''·' ''''''':'i"i'-''' 1 ''-.c' iV'p'r i ier and said: :;! ^ ."-.'I'l.!.!'-* ..r':.'-i....- ; . r.''. J;^ 1 ,.^;^" 1 "^,,,, 1 ','.^;','.!. 11 ^""^^?. | -This is a linldup. l i f t J ·· ^ ^'-j'^". - :: ·'""';····: l..:u i the money and hurry." "i'Y:'.M l Vvhu. , : v .: ·» . ! then hacked out of the ^,.... ,, f l^-'^,^'J' :KHA door and escaped in a red i.-^Aiis.-!.-,"! 1 ..'.:^!' ' sports-iype car. i Civilans I n v i t e · Membership a I ' Toniiihl's ]Meel . .:..!· 1 ' i i . l i . ' .!l:n:.l ! -I -'.. i .l i · : - . in. i ; i v :i|i|i.-.t!-l ,1 i.'U Su.'.'h -.'" :i :.. M L - !·· I.." 1 t i l . - [.(·!- !:.. .- n mi,. i-! s u i t - . -i i t ' . - . I M ! r h :i i ! ! - t m i : . - t l l . t n - ! :i.-ki!.-w ' !"·· ;i.:- :. -a- I'i'-.-mtim pay irM:- ' . · : . . ! t . . in- 1 i-.^iiln- I'ii'.e rf j»t;.* i' '· i - 1 ' - i . I ' i i i i n - n ii l'-' I'rvl of ' .* .i-:v.'.l : ! i t r t u . i or m-v» Kn^:- 11.'. :· . Ij'.T i!..: * K i l l rr.iu-Ultm*' ; XV.':!.:.' l'.im|.'ii"';iii!|"i!ii!l"ir iHI^'I." .i!.-! ill.-. .-!·..11 r.v«va Ii: p~r : - · ] : · [ · : . ·::-ii:a ; . i v in :i.|.ln:.i!i !··, CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME M ! : r . . i - . - n a i l I I . . I S U M H o . n J i p m r i i r « . : . . ::i:.-.. i i n j i m r.r mntv. ^.i-iil !·· - . \ r - :.'.. j i . - i - li.m:- pr.'iiiuitd p:iy i.!'!:!i.-::.-i; t . . :n.i rr.^' r a t a o( | P n i S p l ' l - t i V O C i V i 1 a 11 S : '-.]",\ ]'.\7i'.-'^'r!"'t' 1 '""m* I'V^M'"^.,"' ' · !'^-:Y'.V:l" l'','mr'i-"ta Jli.hl'l'aM'X- j may join a nexv branch of i;;;; i !!::\, r "^:7 A1 ( 1 \{^ i ;.';Vii',,{iJ'v "^''^''·'""i».,.""-m »,ti, ,,-TM P i C i v i I n n I n t e r n a l i n n a l . ji',"'. 1 ,,','',;,',,.;,','.'.'' ,' 1 ,TM,',^ s ^'."'Ip'"!'; 1 ,".'. «*··!' 'TM'TMJ'° riTMSu,! n lTM**'«! ; imvtin;: Wednesday ex-e- i j " J";| .in.i !·!«.·.· ..f' an- ··' i .' i ." .'.^...''"Y^V^rV.'^"^''," I nim'S at llie I.on" Reach i Wiiii.-im \v. Mi:,-]i.'i:. i;i M.U--; '1 "' 111 -' ' |..ift-.i-. S'v II.T ii..ur 1 ' ' ' ! l i - ' i A n n . I."S A h u t i n n s - I ' - i t : - i , - - - i \1 I 1 " 1 " 1 '!!!]! · Pacilic Coasl Club. i:i-....k s . 7:c:. Kiuu sn..·!. I j H""J *·*,,,., ,... ,,,.,,,... : Spokesmen lor lhe new 'st,,..^ ^, n .. i : ...,,.|. " ^'7!.;''',/ ( .' l [ ] i ' l l ' i l I ' il ;: li ; Sipi , ; a f l i l i a t c clul) s.iid men i n - j tctesu'd in membership ; should a t t e n d any ot the 1 ' I p.m. meetings. r.^^isriiiV-Mimn : C i v i l a n I n t e r n a t i o n a l is \v,'i'!,\!''i'.u!!a7i,\'; n ' 1 ;|', ;: i,,'!''| 11 ',7 1 ' i 1 , 1 :',,,' 1 a businessmen's service ir'rs.iraiiy api.oar.ii xx'ii'iu P i j l l l p l l l t ' l l t , (lift (.'«!!I i"!' 1 i j i v i ^ i i i i t ^ oil'" 1 T f r i n i . s r ^ I ' j . i i ! Foreman a n i l h.i .^li.i! ' club, which sponsors a va- |M!.Vi.'''' l iir..i l iii?"Ui'i','nvii l 't,v l ini'' k i(i' t',c! ' " ' V l ' "'"'.i" 11 ' i ( »- wo iiiaii i'im rieiy of community pro- ii!!;'^'TM th.l" 1 ;",!!^ 1 ^,; 1 TM,,;', 1 ;,'^ "^'""^iH.'^'^TM;^'''TM'TM I jecis. For years, its mono i. ; ,ii,i ,,-k,,,uvi ri i,-M ,i, C) . C M,-,,,e,i A .,,,. :imp ,,,. Klv( . |li , h ,,..,,,,, £""«« | has been "Builders of ' " '""".-HKNVILLK c. STOM-: j ··""" l:1 . 1 " ''P« i-.|"ip"i'-nt _ i Good Citizenship." I I S K A I . I N.nary I'iii'iirjnpi,'^,',', 1 ,, f 4's''i 5 I j Honor Kand j lo Perform in \ L.ll. Sunday The Southern California i ; «iY i.-vii. in, -x. Jim-. 5 ]·· mi;? Dn , v '' r "' Dl ,""i' rrn ' uk ° r le -" s , 1 , , jj;! ' ' t h a n : -t yils. \vat^r lovfl 4.fi5 O l i v e r uf Tr:ui.=k-.Mix Tmrk N O T I C L T O C O N T R A C T O R S N o l n - c is l].|-oly p i v . - i i t l i a t l l l 1...HE" lloiu-li t i j l i f i o i l Si'lliiol District I » i i l 5 f u r liibor. i n i t t ^ r i a l ir:ins|, ami s.'i-vii-,. 3 fur tin! r . . l l u . v i n K w i . i k : I 1 BID K I N D OF W O R K j OPENING A N D SCHOOL :; yils. .,, ,, t S3 Drivi-r or Tnui.«it-Jlix Truck - :t y«is. oi- muri* .. . Ti 03 SUB-TRADtS ELECTRICIAN Wireni.Tn: Current f:.iicnil I'Vivman S7.-I8 ' · ,.^,. ,^,v,. j l ' a l ' l p Splii-fi- _ K . 4 H D A T E A l l . - i n t t i ' i i . s u F a t |.l"'ii n c y i n a n XVii-t'iii.-ia . H . J i l ·..':l"' | . I l l . \ V n i L ' of A i l n u t i i - - ' . ' " n i - n c y n i a n 'IVrlilliciall !.!') . - -- _ XV- . I n . - H l a y . l u t i o l i K i n l . l i n u J t t ! . l o l l l - n t ' y i i i . i l l li.-nhalion M o l l l I High School Monor Hand i '^'"'i.'!,;'! 1 '" :'ii".xri'"i'?r!!]iul')' 1 "' 1 '" iii''"iiiii'"ji u'pifnrT-V'ir'pcr | will perform at the Liberal i , s "'"" 11 "" x "' 4 -' J "-' j A^t.My'-'a-'pi!!^^TM I A r t s Campus a u d i t o r i u m j|,ii,'!i l,v Vii.. 'hisu-ii-^lmiTii'.'i'ro'ni'-'GLAVi'Li' | of Long Beach City Col- S^iti^SSi/ffiiT^ lego al H p.m. Sunday. mine. L»ntf lii'ai-li. r a l i f o n i i a 30SI::. 'I'lie band is composed _ juo| of 120 Southland high | lvll|1 ' : e iinwp«!iivi!' iiia'ii'.M'V"miiy"»i'- school students under the |sp",:ifU';;!hm,'»n,'i'w,u;;," 1i ,l 1K * °' ld direction of Don Wilcox. ,,,!SHf S^ i^±, ?,{ K:! v»*TMn S : s* KE Cal-State Long Beach Kiinration ii.-..« im-iM-i.-unoii r 1,0,-al NO. 172 No. :iSS J l . ' l a l k N u l l - O n Forpinim .......55.B7 .Metal ,t - N a i l - O n L a t h r r ... . . I 7 i \Vclfni-n - lllc biind director. .,, . . P A I N T E R S lono to Ite ! I'aint* 1 !- Frrnnan_Nr,t less than '['he h'ltiH u n l l ^l.j,r !;ts l" l t ( '«'.s: ?'^.0i) p:r day a d d i t i o n a l . me band will play · 196 , current selections ranging from i WAGE SCALES FOR THE .Kiwii --$5.50 . " h SIX B A S I C T R A D F S IBra.ili. Swinsr StnBn. Spray m o d e r n Composers tO T I I O n-auo mtp., l i s t i « l In-lou- a r n In Cllll. or Saml B l n a t r r 5.S5 Wagner and Bach. Tickets ! may be purchased at the door. L-I: with t h e tnrnis of th'j Califfiriiia Maste Spniy ( i n n or _ Swintr .StaRo 6.10 t for t h o L'on.«ln!rtion'hi I ' a i n t litlrnpr. 'I'aper 5.72 a n i t covpr Log Angeles j U l o . i l t h X V o l f a i p - ^3 ! -c per i r o n n t y . t h r - ; Pension I'lan - Jilc per I ' i r - . ; X'ac.ition Plan - 10c per I R I G G E R S a n d W E L D E H S F O R ^ l l t - ) I THE SIX B A S I C T R A D E S : Sinn., j J ' . u r i l i . y i i i a n Sicn P a l l l l P r 5.01 { n ^ n i i i K and u - f i l d n i t ,-u-p iii.-nit'a- ( l 1 ' - : [ ' P n / i o n p l a n - 1 r.r per ; t a l . ' In-.: X'.i.-.-iii..n I'lun - -I"II . ! PIPE TRADES X A R P E N I t R S F l l l n i h c r ,t S l e a m f t U P r flcilTll | l l ( - a l l l i it \ \ ' t ' i f a r f l - "(ir [ i r j - . F M i - i M n a n --'JiT;'o above pi'nss J o u i ! h o u r i T i p y m a n r a l r . ] F'--n.--ion - 'M- ]n:r I I . M I I - ' f ' l u n i h p r .t S i e a i n f i t t e r V o r p n i a n -_ j X ' a r a t i o n S a v i n g s - H o l i d a y - i '"''· a h o v a pross J o u r n p y m a n The Lemoore Naval Air :F..i-'pinan:'"'i'".,-pivi.s n.,i ir. s th.-nJ ""'' current *ioi: j i ' ' i - h o t i r ^ nuu-d l l i a n H i p l i o n : - - , r h i n i h p r . .Strain ^ ' t t t e l · . Lead ' ( H e a l t h . W e l f a r e - I'lo-T Pcn.-iion [Man - I f i ^ ; Hav- "Rescue Plcine LtMOORli, NAS l a s s i l l c . - L l i o n over wllicil he h;i.s i''.---|ioiisil)ilily. e x i ' l t n l i n ^ 1 Pn.iu- i n a t i i : .Nailer or P o w p t - S t a p l p r " Current PLASTERER ' · ' J '"' 'I'laste" 1 ' Station reported Tuesday I t h a i .an AL-.'i Sky Raider I with a crew of two has | crashed in the vicinity o f / : Mt. W h i t n e y . I M I I i w r i f l H --,;^ t Irlastei-ei- ... ...'i.JJS i The plane was on a ; : r'i"ie iw,.,-sa, v onr-'i-aior "'/,'1:1 "iii : !'"'ivii^on' f p!an"-'::se per i search and rescue mission, I 's7a',','i,'.' 1 -'" " X: "'"' '"' I ' 0VI ' 1 ' , ' ||J:; Vl '"' r ""'" plan ' :;5c PM ' ! looking for a TA-4F Sky- JCEMENT MASONS °" 'i'in.-=t»r Tender 1.69 i hawk which disappeared !"S' * w *«TM ' ^ ·- "Si'^ff'Ski ?£ ^ | Monduy near Sequoia Na- . v!!":^', 1 "," ".^.'''T. 11 ,'' 111 ' . . h r . : Pr;i-un ( M a n - -t^c per j tional Park. No details as lo the ; condition of the crew are Win-it thi-fMt nr nirirn (- SHE1E.TMFTAL infill .M.'isiins ;il.- I'liifiloyirit mi R : K'T^tllHtl . .. _ $6.75 : known and f h c y have not I lht) inwiriy'nu'e of tii'n'jiiEh^M'v" ; been identified pending ' wfill'ii hL'TijL" rtJ[luiw!!S?uy! " v " r , j notification of next of kin. ; ( v, m . m M.,,,,,, iM,nii ( n-hi-\? u r ' e n ^-iT)^,j' l ljM/!i-t^r work TM£l*p'-i ........ . ....... . l - a U l i i Wcif-n-e - ::fli: per IT.; Pension Plan - '^c per hr.) A i ) i » v « r-aiea 5ut)joct to recent I'lirther d e t a i l s were not · in-i'niint: imt m.t rM.tVn-;«-fi · ava il.,h|p ! ! " "''= f-'ll-xvinc: ri.i,,,,,,,,.. l V U 1 1 I U I C . I I , ; . - I - ) M I | " - · - t l i , . , ' -I. ,',-. · I.-c ; ,l N,, Pier r M7 ................ 143 Authorized an agreement v/ith thp slate or Ihe cilv lo provide a sewer msgector in connection with reconitruc- iton of city sewers 3$ part of the Arlesin Freeway project between Atlantic Avenue and Lakewood Boulevard. Adopted resolutions establishing relocation payment policirs for Ihe Drake iied S15,WO for relocation' payments fo7 the remainder of the current fiscal Authori7erf a contract with Bavlv. Martin fay. Inc., for insurance policies cDverinq Ihe Queen Mary through Authorized the rity manager to negotiate with Diners/Queen Mary Corp. on Us Droposal to construct an aerial tramway between the Queen Marv And Pacific Terrace: and instructed him lo seek possible alternate prooosals by other firms to sites outside the Queen Mary Awarded a 57,430 contract to Pacific Lift Truck Co. for furnishinq the Ga s peon rim onI with one industrial lift truck; a 522,78! contract to Pacific Scientific Co. for furnishing a compression and tension testing machine; and an sil,«7 contract lo Stenocord Corn, for furnishing office dictating machines. . Approved specifications and authorized advertising for bids for liohl-duty truck* and truck chassis. Approved a permit with the State Boar*) of- Accountinn for use of Long Beach Arena, May 7-9, for its semiannual examinations. Asked the city attorney to prepare resolutions of intention for the vacation of pedestrian easements at Shire Way and Rancho Drive in the Bixbv Hill subdivision, and for vacation of a portion of Carson Strert west of Del Mar Avenue In a subsidivision under construction there. Ask^d the city attorney lo preoare an amendment to the Municipal Code to provive stop signs on Bryant Roid between El P.irque Street and Anaheim Rond. Gave first reading to an ordinance extending, for this year only, lhe deadline for ronewino bicvcle licenses without penalty until April 10. Voted to ask Long Reach Ass^mhly- mcn Mike Cullcn and James Haues seek lhe opinion of the legislative counsel on Senate Bill No. 4, which would establish height limits on approach corridors lo airnorls. Received nnd filed on opinion of the cilv attorney's nfficc nn ihr po*siM« use of t idol and funds tn develop an nffshnro airport. Referred lo the city mannier n communication from the hoard of governor*, oi Sixtcnn 3jh Place, opposing beocti narking lots (here, FORECAST Lono Bench and Vicinity: Clearing :oday. fair loniyiit and Tiiurid.iy. Do-.vniown liioh todav aboul 60, lov; loniaht 50. Mountain Areas: Clcarinq lato today after hnticrino snow showers, ?nov/ level shout rf,000 fccr. Gusty winds and continued (.old lod«w, i.i ; r .itid //(inner 7hursd.iv. Hnz.Trdous driving condition tir.rt slide n'^narr most flreas. Interior and Desert Regions: Mostly fair today dnd llwsrt.iv. Gusty v.mds to d-iy, casino tonigiit. Sliflhtly warmer Thursday. Today'', hicns J-3 to 5 jrper, 55 !o 65 lower v.lllevs. Lo«5 lonioht 15 to 25 Gvjcnt Valley, 30 to J5 else- vvher e. Imperial and Coachelln Valleys (Including palm Springs): Fair lod^y ond Thursday. Continued cool with pustv winds ttirouon lonight, h.ahs oO to 45, hw J5 to 52. Slightly warmer Thursday. AntelODe Valley ?nd Mojnve Desert: Fair today and Thursday Gusty winds and continued cool todav, highs 50 to 55, overnight 'ows 3? to 44. Offshore Wind and Weather Forecast (PI. Concepcion to Mexican Border): Clearing todav, fair tonioht and Thursday Sm.ill-crafF warnmns. In'.vre^ all ^reas Winds mostly westerly 10 to 20 knots inrouah rr.ursdav. Little temoerature change. SUN, MOON AND TIDES Wednesday Sunrise: 6:34 a.m. Sunset: 5:53 p.m. Thursday Sunrise: t:34 *.m. Sunset: 5.53 pin. V/edncsday Moonrise: 12:35 p.m. Moonset: 3:CS a.m. Thursday Moonrise: 1:32 p.m. Moonset: 3:53 a.m. Wednesday Tides: Hichs, 46 feet at 5 15 a m . jn-I 3.5 frri at 7 -.7 -i m Low, 00 foot at 12:5/ p.m. Thursday Tides: Hiohs, r, feet at ri:09 p.m. and 2.f fco' flt S.I5 P m. Lows, 2.7 tccl at l?:0v a.m. and minus 0.3 !oot at 1 D3 p m. Long Beach Liieguard Sea Report: 56 decrees. TUESDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS i i i n i p l ; t n k . -icitirii,' of IiiU 1 .-. .-·l.-ik*-.-* iuiii i:ivul(.,s; f c i l l n t , ' .· j-'-'i.'.-, w h i H i Inclii'ie,- ^' i ' - c i l j - i i i s ; r u n i i K r . pci.r- j C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS. : F I C T I T I O U S N A M E i ,·,·.-·,. , ·\i",,, ttr * n | ^'ZHOg ! Sh^MoU t^l^ I.U-inn.-! h'nv".'l."im l; ( .. : i'ch.' Oiiif"r- t\'--r* ;tn.i ( ].-i k s ; UMi'imi;' ni;i. n i i i l c r l l m r n : i : t i u u s f t r r n n:uiie ; n n v r - t r i t ' - k .-1m:". .-| : .|.7. of f l A T K S J 1 A K I X K KLKCTItON I " Lona Bench . . L.8. Airport . Los Anafles ... Bakcrsficld Big Bear Lake . Bishoo .. Blytha Rurfaank Culver City . El Centro Fresno Aibuouerau* Atlanta . Bismarck . . Boise Boston . Buffalo ... Chicano Cicvciand . H L Prc. Al 50 l.OS 53 51 l.?3 .59 53 1.33. _ 4S -36 32 6 « . 44 35 .01 7-1 50 56 51 -59 50 1.10 . 77 47 -- 44 Lake Nrwosrl Beacn Riverside ban Bernardino .. Srm Dieno .. .. San Francisco Santa Ana Santa Barbara T arm nee Vittorville . Across the Natio L Prc. 3? 29 .03 :z .02 77 1 . I A 29 .02 32 Dei Dfn /cr Fo.-t Worth Hr-iona Honolulu U 75 20 . 77 . 47 52 //..ami Beach //.i.wfttjkrf ;/.inn.-St. Ptio! . He* Orleans New York . Oklahoma City Omaha Phoenix PiNstniron Port;,ind, f.'.o. Portlr»nrl, Ore. Ri;nmond, Va. St. Louis . J.n» LflkR City Scdltle H L Prc. . -10 3? 3.-S .. 53 50 1 31 . . 53 50 2.0S . 53 51 1.17 60 J9 1.03 .. 52 J2 1.34 H L Prc. 69 £i . 3tS 7) . 35 32 65 J6 44 26 69 33 . f u l l .-.tut place of fp I s : u - k - . . D:i;.-(i K - l H U ; i r v HI. 130. I I K X F I V K . MKF,.SK.V Sl.-iin of C a l i f o c u i a . J^.s A n ^ t J i o ; iv-ll r - M l f i i n s , ' . i i i ; i - l i i i i * ' m m i l : i r l y p w . l.ui! f ! . , ^ L A B O R E R S H - M l l h . \ V f » | f ; i i e - ' J l - h-.u:- I I ' " ' "f T i l l il'li:!..^! ,.|; ' . .- hi* til*? p r e v r i i l i n i f . '·:' h i i t i i - l y want's n n i l t i p l i ' i d hv i - : ^ l ; t . K i ^ h t Indira = h n l l o o n s t l t u M n il:iv'.4 w..rk. U'nrklilfiti O M i p l n y p f l !'·.-=? t h a n f-iL'ht hours per lny s h a l l !··· iii!'i tli;a f r a r t i - . n ,»f t h * p«r · l i ' - n t \\-,ix.t\* li.* 1 n u m b e r of h"ii'-s f . f r n i p l o v n i m r hears to ei^h.1. W O R K I N G R U L E S a . K i ^ h t i - i . i i ~ , c i i t : \ e Iviurg bc- f-v.'.-n ^ :i.:n. a m i ." p . m . =h;.M r . . [ ] . - ; n i i t » n d.-iy's work At. 5: t : i i g i d ; i in i» f « i r ail sincls * h i f t w.rk-M-.i. h. I-'or'y ii..ui-* h r t w c r r t M ^ n d ^ y 2 n m. »r,'i ?iiliy .". p.m. sh-iil ··..[i-nntf 1 :t w o r k ' s work at iK V - t 3 ' c. Ail w r . i k p.-rffiniie-I i n (xce?3 "f c m i . t h-i-.ii-s j i f i i - d;iy nr f..r:y I'-r lri;r.- pt-r week "r on Holiditv.-* aii'i Sum|;tv.5 .-h;ill hr» paid f'T ai t h f nu'; for overtime of tii* - '-i-.ift i n v o l v e d . '\'c. j.r- Bnls i i : i l ! b» .^a.l and filed m riy wac^ '. t i i - .] f c-f of t h p I'lJi-.-hitsinir D!"^ - '7. B'i:ird L- i*».ifl*M-?lnp. i';:. T - d C u r r e n t I:--:n;ii, l ' : \ \ i f » . . tmi,,' .,f Ki i r k .v L u m t » " r 3.'J7 t A v e n u e , Lc-ns; y*13. ·''it or hR- f"i'" U i « 11111*? ;nid d:-.te aho\9 .-ii'-u-n. .TIM! w i i l bn uponed and r?-id :ii..;id i n p t i h i i i ; at or about aaii u n i f i r.nd p l ^ f - c . .MART?: \VKIA A s s i s t a n t S-iT.;i;uy I-iii. K"h. L'ti. Mar. o. 10ri3 ( 2 t ) LuBT. 4J 32 71 3? Cnnsdn H L Prc. H L Pr ( fllfi^rv . 14 -7 .71 /Jlrnt'nl ,,. . 2 ? 3^ - q'^jt lomnor^lure Tursd-'v in thr JR ^dUrcnt \\fi\e\ w*'-. /a at Prc'.ldin, L and Wink, Tex., rind Gila Benrt, Anr. LoweM was 3 Mo a zero at Cut Mont. a Every time you come in! At over 3000 Standard Stations Participating Chevron Dealers NO PURCHASE NECESSARY UCENSED DRIVERS ONLY · WINNERS PAID THRU APRIL 27. 19-59 VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW f|

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