Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 23, 1973 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1973
Page 15
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Ugal ftotict*-- QF RALE ·v CTTT OF WEST FORX, ARKANSAS - flKNEKAL OBLIGATION , IMPROVEMENT BOXLW, DATED MARCH 1, 117} Nolle* )· hereby ffLven lhat the City ot West Fork. Arkansas (the "Cily"), will sell to the highest bidder on auction b.di Us proposed Issue of $42.000 City of West Forir, Arkansa* General Obligation improvement Bonds, dated March 1, 1975 (Ihe "bonds"), which »re beln*, Issued fbr the purpose of Ihe coal of the cbhitruclEort ot a building for the houifni.of fire fjshllng apparatus, and the purchase of lire ffshllng apparatus. The bond* are being Issued under the provision! of and pursuant lo the authority contained Jo Amendment No. 13 to lh« Conslltullon bt the Elale ot Arkansas. The bonris wl!) be general obll- tatlons of the City secured by Ihe full faith, .credit and taxing power ot the City under Amendment No. 13, including continuing annual'lax of rive (5) m'..... Oft the dollar of the assessed valuation «jf the taxable real and personal property in Ihe Cily, which will be pledged lo the payment of Ihe principal ot and Interest on Ihe bonds. In thii regard, Ihe -.assessed valuation ot the taxable r«l -·nd personal properly.In- Ihe Cily for Ihe year 1972, the latest assessment ot rec- -onr,-ts $845,205. The Issuance of the bonds has been'ap- proved by Ihe electors of the Cily at an eleclion held for lhat purpose on January 25, 1973. " The bonds will be dated March 1, 1973. ; Interest thereon will be payable on De, ceniber. 1. 1973, and semiannually there- ; after On June 1 and December 1 ol each year, and the' bonds will mature on December 1 of each year as follows (but shall be .subject to redemption prior to maturity as hereinafter set forthl: "SEA* · AMptFNl · · -wii--- · ilooo . _ . 1978 - - .' 1,000 ·' 1979 1983 1,500 l«l 1,500 1582. - .... 1.50Q 19M . - , 1,500 »B4 1.500 · 1985 -. 2,000 19*% 2.000 3987 j.OOO 1988 " 2,000 ' 1983 · 3,000 · 1990 - 2SOO 'i i99i · · · - , alsoo' '· 1993 2,500 1993 ' - -.- 3,000 19M 3.000 1995 3,500 " 199S 3,500 Supplemental and dual coupons will no fee permuted and the bonds wiH not be ·ubject lo conversion- Each .-bidder shall specify one rale o Interest And no bid of less than par ant accrued Interest will be entertained. Th ·ward, if made, will be to the blfldei whose bid results In the lowest net in terest cost to the City determined "b Computing the total interest cost at the rate bid from the date of the bonds tc -maturity and deducting therelrom an ^premium bid. · ', The bonds will Tie callable for pay .;ment prior to maturity Jn inverse nu merical order at a price of par nd ac eruM interest as .follows: From plus lax collections on any Interest pay Ing 1 date; from funds Irom any sourc on any In1 crest payment dale on fcm '·fter December-1, 1978. - The City will covenant that, afler i "debt service reserve has bpon estabtishe In the amount of s\x months interesl surplus tax collections, feeing collection Irom the Bpecial continuing annual ta In excess of the amount necessary t Insure Ihe' prompt payment oE the prln dpal or, interest on and Paying Agent' ' fee* In connection with the bonds as ih same become due, must be iised' frt_ ' time to time on each Interest payinen '4ale "fls and to the extent available redeem the outstanding bonds. The purchaser shall have the privileg »f naming 1 the Trustee and paying Alien The '· expenses of the issue, including without' limitation, the publication e\ pens?, printing of the bortds, the authen I [Ml ion lee, and the tee of Smith. W[ Hams, Friday.- Eldredge . ClarJt, Bon Counsel, Little Rock, Arkansas, will b paid by Ihe City. The bonds will be sold at auction at o'clock p.m.,'on the 8lh-day ot Marc 1973, at the regular meeting place ' the City Council in West Fork, ArJta «s. 'All .bidder* must file a cerllfie pr cashier*A checfc In the. amount 4840-00 .payable lo the City of West For "Arkansas, to be kept as-liquidated, tfa .agts if the .bidder Is awarded the sale the bonds and fails to complete Ihe pu chase. Checks, of unsuccessful bldde will be promptly, returned. Interest not be paEd on good faith checks. N NOTICE Nolle* Is hereby given to all personi at a. pelitlon hai been filed with the ty Clerk of the City, of FayeltevilJe. rVanaas, by Zara L*e Thomas and nlon Life Insurance Corporation, ie«»c- S ,to close and vacate a certain portion an unnamed »l!ey In lh4\Evla'a F«rm deli.ton to the City of Fayettevllle, Ar- ansan. more particularly described as Hows: The South 5M feet of the Twenty (» foot alley lying adjacent to and along the West side of Lot Three 3) as 4howh on the Evin's Farm plat, and lying adjacent 16 and Bast of Lot Four (4) as shown on Ihe Evin's Farm plat, as per plat of said Addition on file In the Of fire of the Circuit Clerk *nd Ex- OEftcEo Recorder oE Washington County, Arkansas. ; Notice is further given that Ihe Board I Directors of the Cily of FayettevlUe, s f i x e d March 6.'1973 at 7:30 P.M., ai e time for hearing on said petition. aid hearing is lo be at the Board Room t Ihe City Administration Building. Any persons desiring to be heard on the mal- r of this pelitlon are hereby notified t* ye present, at said time and place, to how cause, if any they have, why said petition should, nol -be jrranled. This not fee first published on thin 3?rd ay ot February, 1973, HELEN YOUNO Ctty Clerk 25, W "He Noi.cti- Ugol Notfc«4-- ntlnient provliloni may bt Included In y bid. The Cily reserve* "the rlfh. to ject any and all bids. For further [nformalloa, ftddreti tht nder*lffn«d- or Wometdorfr' * Llndiey, "nwer Building. Little Rock, Arkanta* 201. GIVEN this 5lh day ol February, 1973. CITY OF WEST FORK, ARKANSAS By j. K. MCKNIGHT. Mayor · 9, 16, 23 3lC tht time for hearing oo said petJl'on. Said httrinc Is (o be at Iht BoaM Room at Ihe Cily Administration Building. Any persont detlrlnf to bt beard on tht mat* ter of thli petition are hereby notified to b* present a I »1d llmt and pUce* lo show CBUK,* If any they have, why said pelitlon should not be granted. This nolle* lirsl published on Ibis 23rd day of February; 1573. HELEN YOUKQ Cily Clerk 23, 2* 2tc NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons hat a petition has Men filed with the I t y . Clerk: of the Cily of Fayeltevllle, .rkansas, by Calvary AssemWie* of Gnd CTiurch and Union Life Iniurance Com. jny, seeking to close and vacate a cer- ain portion ol an unnamed alley In the jVin's Farm Addition to the City of Fayt t e v l l l e , Arkansas, more particularly de- cribetl us follows: A Twenty (20) fool Alley lylntf adjacent to and along th« Soulh Side of Lot -Four (4) and lying.; Adjacent to and North of Lot Five (5) as shown on the Evfn'r Farm plat, as per plat of said Addition on file In the Office of the Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder oE Washington County, Arkansas- Notice ii further given that the Board r Directors of the City of FayettevlUe, has fixed March. 6, 1973 at 6:00 P.M., as Ihe tinie',for. hearing on »ald petition. Said hearing IK at the Board Room at the City Administration Building. Any persons desiring to be heard on the mater of this petition are hereby notified to e present at- aofii iia.e and place, lo show cause. If any they have,, why aaid petition should not be granted. This notice lirsl published on thii 33rd day ol February, 1973. HELEN YOUNG. . City Clerk '. ' ' 23, 26 2te NOTICE Notice is hereby given, lo all that a petition has been filed with the Cily cterk of the City of, Fayettevltle, Arkansas, by Thomas Wiley McKLr, Don- nealla Kay McNalr. Sieve Cummins i, Ed- wlna Cummins*, Mrs. Gu* Carroll,,and Arkansas Western Gas Company, seeking ;o close and vacate a, certain alley lying between Stone street and Maine Street In Ihe Cily of Fayetlevllle, Artanft more paittcularly described as follows A fifteen (15) toot alley lying adjacent lo and along the North side of Lt}ts One (It through Twelve (12) In Block Two (2) West End Addition to th* City of FayettevlUe, · Arkansas, and -lying adjacent lo and Soulh of Lota Forty- One (4H ihrough Fifty-Two (WV la Block Two (2l in West End Addition the City of FayettevlUe, Arkansas/ aj per plat of said Addition on 111* In the Office of the Circuit Clerk and Ex-O- fido Recorder of Washington- County, Arkansas, and more particularly d,e scribed as follows: Beatnnlns at tht Soulh east corner of said Lot Fifty- two (52) and running thenc* West, Six hundred (00) feet to the Southwest corner of said Lot Forty-one (41) thence South Fifteen (15) feet lo tht Northwest corner of Mid Lot Twelve (12) t thence Bait six hundred (600) feet to It;* Northeast corner of xaid IxH One (l, lh;nce North Fifteen 15) feet In the point of beginning. Notice I* further given that the Board of Directors of the Ctty of Fnyettevllle, has fixed March 6, 1973 at 7:30 P.M., ai the time for hearing on" tald petition. Said hearing is lo be at the Board Room it the City Administration Building. Any persons desiring to be heard on the mat- ter'of this petition art hereby notified lo be present at said lime and place, to jihow cause, if any they have, why said petition should not be granted. This notice first published on thii SnJ flay of February, 1973. a petition has been filed with the Clerk of the City of Fayettevltle. HELEN YOUNO City Clerk 33, 29 2tc WARNING ORDER !· 1%* Cfcancery Court ol county, Arkuiiu Andrew CharLe* Rochier, Jr., Plaintiff, VB. 23m Doris Rochier, Defendant. , The Defendant la warned to appear In this Court within thirty days and; answer the complaint of the Plaintiff In the above entitled cause. Witness my hand and teal of this Court this 20th day of February, 1973. Aim a KoJlmeyer, Chancery Olerk By Ruth Shipman, D.C. (Seal) Zt, S, 9, 16, 4tc N«rthW»«t Arkansat TIMES, Friday, Feb. 23, 1973 · IS FAYCrrCVILLK, AHKAHIAS Four Charged In Murders AI Brickeys Cafe MAR1ANNA, Ark. (AP) -Lee County ShcrilC. Courtney Liyigstoir -"says tour persons have been charged in connection with a robbery and double murder early Thursday at an East Arkansas cafe. Xangston .said Hie four, ar rested by Pine Bluff police were students at Ihe: University of. Aikaiisas-Pine Bluff. He said Thursday- night that he did no know'-'what 1 'charges had been filed. He .also said that two other persons were arrested near Marianna, but that Ihey had not been charged. Four men. armed with sawed-off shotguns and wearing masks, entered a cafe at Brickeys (Lee County) early Thursday, robbed 10 customers . and the cash register and killed .wo of the customers. The victims were Identified as Jimmy Crawford, 62, of West Memphis and Hughes and Robert Johnson. 64. of Hughes and Memphis. Langstpn could find said "no authorities provocation whatsoever" for the slayings. , S"x7" Color Photos in your homa for $5.95 Call Jim S. Hill--521-12U NOTICK Notice is hereby given to all :hat · · - - City Arkansas, by Earvel E, Fratey and Orval Carries, seeking to close and vacate a irtlon of an alley south ot South Garland at the dead end at Catb Springs Road In the City of Fayetlevilie, Arkansas, more particularly described a» follows: A Two hundred ten (210) foot alley due south of South Garland at the dead end on Calo Springs Road. Thts alley lyintr East ot Lot One (L) owned by Orval Games and which is between, and West of properly owned by Earvel E. Fraley'atid Carolyn Jean Fraley, which in: A part of the Northwest quarter (NW li) of ih» Northweit qiiarler, (NW % "of : Seclion" Twenty-eight (281, in Township Sixteen (IS) North of Range Thirty CW West, described "a* follows,' to-wit: feeglrtning at Ihe Northwest corner of sa'1d Forty acre" tract, , and running Ihenoe East One hundred (100) feel, thence South to the center line of the branch,'lhence in, a. Southwesterly direction along the ceftter "oE 1h* branch to a point due South of the ' beginning point thence North Five hundred fifteen M! feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, less and except ' L h a t portion on 'the North aide-'embraced In Calo Springs Road. NoUce is further given that the Board of Directors «f lh* ; Cily of FayeHeville, ha* fixed March fi, 1973*at 7:30 P.M., as NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION ' Notice Is hereby given that the Annual School Election will held In EUclni School District No. 10 of Washington County, Arkanwi on the 13th. Day of March, for th# purpose of having the qualified vol«n elect: 1 Director for a term ol 5 year*, Position No. 1. Vole -upon the question of a levy .of a 50 mills annually on the assessed valuation of Ihe taxable property .in the district of which 15 mill i of the abov* -will b* used for ' Operation and Maintenance and 35 mills for th* retirement of existing: Indebtedness; -- · Witnessed my hand this 20th day of December, 1972, fiijrned: James K. Carter Superintendent of Schools Elkins School District No. It) Eiklns, Arkantfai. COMING -- OR -- GOING : . .-ZITHER--WAY- WHY'-.DON'T YOU- PHONE TJSI We'll find just -the rljhf home for you if you're NEW TO FAYETTEVILLE. If you're leaving we'll find the RIGHT BUYER for the HOME YOU 1EA.VE BEHIND. , FANTASTIC BACHELORS ABODE H-393. Step into LARGE CLUB .ROOM -with WET BAR from the ENCLOSED HEATED POOL (appro*. 22x18). SHAG carpets in bedrooms and master bedroom includes KING SIZE BED. Living room and dining room have BED carpets, central heat air, 2 .WOODBURNING fireplaces and SUNKEN TUB In bath. Listed by Mr*. Hammers. HOME OR INCOME--WEST OF U OF A H-402. /This .2-story, frame located on large corner lot has SPACE like OLD HOUSES havc-^-In nped of some repair* BUT for $11.600 you can AFFORD IT. .4 bedrooms. Jiving room with WOOD-BURNING FIREPLACE, built-in-range in kitchen-dining combination AND some FURNITURE U INCLUDED. Listed by Mn. Hammers. : 16 COMMERCIAL ACRES . L-397. HIGHWAY 71 NORTH near Holiday Inn. About WO foot highway frontage. ALL UTILITIES AVAILABLE. Lilted by Monroe Laner. STONE . AND CEDAR .CONTEMPORARY. K-40I. Located in COVETED AREA and CUSTOM BUILT less, than -i year ago. t 'bedrooms--living-dining room combination with -NATIVE STONE FIREPLACE--kitchen--SHAG carpets--central heat and air. BEAUTIFUL VIEW. Listed by MM. Hammers. GREEN ACRES ADDITION H-394. ty* ACRES--PLUS HOME. 2 bedrooms, living room, separate dining room, kitchen and BREAKFAST ROOM. Central heat, FERE- .PLACE and concrete basement. Selling for LESS than $20,000. Listed by Mra. Hammer*. * " - " NOTICE OF AJWCAt. SCHOOL Weather Forecast Cold' weather is .forecast for the Northeast, the -North- Central states; and. Pacific coastal areas, through tonight. Rain is expected alone t h e Pacific coast' with snow for -.the upper . Great Lakes. Warmer weather is expected for the Southwest and southern Plains. (AP Wirephoto) HELEN HELP US Salespeople! "Urged To Be Cautious BylHELEN ANI?;S.UE BOTTEL ' " ?Uce, Is hereby given that the Annual school Election will be held in FarmlngUm School District No. 8. o* Washington County, Arkansas on the 13th Day of March. 1973, tor the pui pose of having th* qualified voters elecl: 1 Director for a term ot S *ea», Position No. 1. Vote upon the question o! a levy of a 50 mills annually on the assessed valuation of the taxable properly in the district "'of'which 18 mills of Ihe above will be used for Operation and Maintenance and 32 mills for the retirement of existing indebtedness. Witnessed ray hand this 3rd d a y - o f January, 1973, Signed: - 3eo, H. Ledbetler, - Superintendent ot School t Farmlnnlon School BIstrict No. G, FarmiriKton. Arkansas. 9, 23, 3IC JfOTICE OP AINCAT. SCHOOL FXECTION ^lice is hereby given that Ihe Ann u a l School Election will be held in Greenland School District No. 95 of Washington County. Arkansas on the 13lh Day of March, 1!W3, for the purpose of having the qualified voters elect: 1 Director for a term of 5 years, Position No. I. 1 Director for a term of 2 years, ' Position No. 2. . : Vote upon the question of a levy of a 47 mills annually on Ihe assessed valuation of Ihe Eaxable property in the district of which 25.5 mills of Ihe above will be used for operational and Maintenance end 21.5 mills for the retirement of existing Indebtedness. Witness my hand this IBth Day of December, 1972. 'Signed: W. N. vafakei. Superintendent of Schools Greenland School District No. 95, Greenland, Arkansas 9. 16. 23 Sic 'Dear Heten;: Our baby survived only two days, aflet-be..was-, born. -This was a crushing blow because we waited ten years for what seemed like a miracle. Doctors say this was our last hope. After the funeral, we were making a comeback when thqse "sales pitches" started coming: Each carried a congratulatory note about our happy parenthood. And each opened the wound all over again. Why can't companies and salespersons check the death notices too? -- Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Dear Mr. and Mrs. W.: I hope your letter will be a reminder to salespeople who don't thoroughly check before they send out "congratulatory pitches." In sympathy. -- H. eyes, and just gave up. (I aven't yet!) - When, a very active .man is oirced to retire -- to nothing -- it's sheer cruelty. And it eems that a 11 of society is imed at proving he's old and iseless. Even your children are uddenly patronizing (or "solicitous," Which is even worse). If you can't afford travel, you putter -- and slowly disinte- .jrate, and that's a sad way to end an active life. Pon't you., agreej --' Not so iolden Ager Dear Not: I certainly do! And so do an ncreasing 'number of em- jloyers, who bring active, alert 82 CHOICE ACRES C-403. Located in COVETED. SECLUDED AREA adjacent to LAKE FAYETTEVILLE. Ideal for high class residential development. Listed b y George Caudle. . . . . UTLEY ond Company, Inc. Realtors-Insurers On the Square Since 1942 OFFICE PHONE 442-8241 HOME PHONES Mrs. Hammers .. 443-2033 Hal Modlin 521-4108 H. L. U«ley ..... 442*6044 Experienced, Responsible Sales Representatives NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL EMCCTION Notice Is hereby given that Ihe Ann u a l School Election will be held In West Fork School District' No. 141. of Washington County, Arkansas on the 13th Day of March, 1973, for the purpose of having Ihe qualified voters elecl: 1 Director for a lerm of 3 years, Position No. I. Vote upon the question of a levy o% a 55 milts annually on Ihe assessed vatna- Hon 'of Jhe taxable property In (he district of which 18 mills of the above-will be used for Operiitfon and Maintenance and 37 mills for the retirement of exist- Irur indebtedness Witnessed my hand f n i i 5th day of January, 1973. · Signed: Frank Wenzel Superintendent of Schools · West Forlf School District No. HI, West Fork, Arkansas. 9, IS, 23 3tc :; 'COUNTRY CORNER" . WATCH THE "COUNTRY CORNER" for Professions! ' ; RANCH, FARM and RURAl SAIES WE CAN SEIL YOUR PROPERTY! THE "RANCH HANDS" ARE AT YOUR SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT CALL,521-1300 The Country Corner has a complete selection of listings ranging from 1 acre up to 1,000 qerei. Close In or secluded! Call us first when you're inquiring into rural property for fast, easy, convenient service! Dear Helen: When my hiisbaind retired, a little item about it appeared in the paper. The mail started coming by Che-bushel!'' First it was "Invest!" We laughed. Having raised five children, withstood one awful depression and continuing inflation, who's got money to invest? Next, the mail changed to hearing aids, false teeth cleaners, '-geriatric ·· -vitamines etc. Then -- cemetery lots. Come to think of it, wB'didn* get many promotions on cruises, though .there, were .9 few letters about' retifemeh homes. These depressed us a little too, as my husband am I were very active am "young." But finally this being pushet into, old age sot to him. No only the ads but the attitude of our relatives, friends, clerk in stores -- everything said "You're ready r for the .scrap heap." ''" · ' ·""'·'· Truly, the mind controls thi body. If you're loved am needed, the juices tell the body "Hey, you're happy!" Put monkey wrench into the "think pattern and the mind goes int reverse. My husband frettec worried, grew old before m; NOTTC1! Notice Eft hereby given lhat the Annual School Election will be held In the various school diilrlcli in Washington County. Arkansas oo Tuesday, March 13. 1973 for the purpose or voting for school districts' board members. Tor county board member from Zone I .(FayettevHIa and Greentana). for school tax, and oth. er measures which nav* been properly submitted: Date of Election March 13, JS73 Hours or Election 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Signed: J. R. . Keanan, Supervisor. Washington County School)! ; 9-13-23 Jtc retires back, to advisory jobs. part time or Useful oc cupations for elders would cure many "out to pasture" blues. Our society should take a t;p rom the Orientals and ap preciate. the special talents of he.old,-rather.than shove them off to retirement villages Elders can help by staying in the- mainstream,.- proving their usefulness with volunteer work [hospitals, schools, care cen ters, politics, service clubs), a well as knitting grandchildren' sweaters. As for "old-age treatment,' you get what yo expect. If yoi retain .a..lively interest, anc good sense of humor! who ca pity you? As for "old-age treatment,' you get what you expect. If yoi retain a lively interest, am good' sense of humor, who cai pity you? Illegitimi non carborundum (Whicn means "Don't let th you-know-whats get you down! and- makes a .terrific sample for your wall.) -- H. Dear Helen r I know you can't tell me vi column or.personal letter, all need to know about raising m children (ages 6. 9 and 12) s would you recommend.a boo or two that we parents migh read? -- Ma Dear Ma: Two books I recommen highly are: "Growing Inl Adolescence," by Lynn Minto FRIDAY SATURDAY BIG BUYS 2 DAYS ONLY Father Learns Son Died After The Cease-Fire MULBERRY GROVE, III. AP) -- "If the war was sup- osed to be over, if there was upposed to be no more shoot- ng, then how come they did 'hat they did?" asked Leland croggins. .-;-.-·.-.-. He learned on Thursday that is 25-year-old son, Army Spec. James Scroggins, had died of njuries suffered when his Chi iook helicopter was shot down iy enemy ground fire north of Saigon a week ago. "Ie was the second American o die as a result of hostile ac- ion in Vietnam since a ceasa- ire was declared Jan. 28. Scroggins said he had every ·eason to believe his son would be coming home. . "In his last letter, he said: Dad, I've been grounded. I've jot orders to come home," 1 the ather recalled. Because he thought his son no longer was flying, Scroggins aid, "When I saw the news report (of the crash), I said to myself: 'I am sorry for all hose other boys, but I'm happy my boy wasn't on. it.' '"' He learned later during a vis- t at his in-laws, that his. son was aboard the craft. Scroggins said his son was on ais second tour of duty in Vietnam. During a leave in January, be had returned home to be with his wife, Aifreila, and daughters, Theresa, 2, and Tracy, 1. . . ,. . After the crash, residents 'of this southern Illinois town collected money- to help -send James' wife and mdther to visit him in an Okinawa hospital. Mrs. Scroggins 'talked briefly with.her husband by telephone last Saturday.and told him she was coming. "His wife talked to him for about 30.seconds," said the.el- der Scroggins. "He said, 'No, you stay with the girls.' " It was the .last time Aureila heard her husband speak. When .she saw him in Okinawa, be was unable to' talk. ·' The body will be flown home next week. . MEN'S REG. $5 $6 SPORT SHIRTS FOR YOUR NEW FASHION PERSPECTIVES Current prints, solids. Half sleeve. Polyester-cotton; no ironing needed. S-M-L-XL. (Parents Press), · ?n- -'-'Your C h i l d ' s Self-esteem'," t»y D o r o t h y Corkille · Briggs (Doubleday). -- H. SAVE 1.22 ON A $4 CHEMISE SLIP Crepe nylon tricot wiith lace trims. In white A A ft or soft pastels for misses. .In 10 to 14, 'DO YOU WANT TO BUY? Baker- Freeman MIS N. College Nlta nd weekend! call: Murl Steed V«rn Reevel Don McNouftiton , 3W-22S1 ' f21-K8» S21-4730 WE WORK HARDER WE GET RESULTS ' " ' WE ARE OPEN SUNDAYS NOTIOB OP A1WDAL KHOOb , KT.TXOTON' Notice 13 hereby given that th* An. niral .school Election will be held in: Washington Couhly School. District No. 20 of 'Washington County, Artansat on the 33th day of M»rch, 1973, for Die purpose of having the qutlirted volerj elect: 1 Director for a term of 5 )«irs, Position Not 1. 1 Director for a term ot 1 rear. Position No. 2. Vole npon Ihe OTeillofl of * levy ef · W mills annually on the assessed valaa* lion of the raxahle property In the dls. trlct of which 20 mills of Die »6gvo wilt be used for Operation and Maintenance and 40 mills for Ihe retirement of exislinz indebtedness. Witnessed my hand this 4th day o( January, 1073. Signed: 3. R. Kennan, Superintendent of Bctood Washlnlton Co. School Diilrlct No. 5M, 'Fayettevlll«, ArVansas 9, 18, 3 He Th. TIMES I* Th* Boit Buy For Your Adv*rtiiing Dollar*! GRAND OPENING !! ICE HOUSE DISCOUNT CENTER Food Values Galore, All Varieties of Canned Vegetables and Fruits Available in No. 303, No. 2 1/2 and No. 10 Cans. · Come By and Compare Our Prices, WE WILL UNDER SELL! · Buy Our Goods by the Can or Case and SAVE $ $ $ Come By 221 N. 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