Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 23
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MlKtHomwui for Salt 72MIfctlfan«oiM for Sal* 72 DONATED ITEMS FROM SO. CALIFORNIA'S FINEST HOMES AND STORES MEN'S WOMEN'S CHILDREN'S Suits (3.50 up Dr.u.j 25e up Shirt, |0c vp ' P.nli $25c up Bloui.i 20e up Drum ICo up :!.:.-.·; ::; ·,,·- SMM, zoc up sho.« zse U P Refrigerator* $25 up Hi Chain, $2.50 up Range. $12.50 B.ds Compl.t. with Sprlngt Baby Bsd:, Peni $4.50 up ,nd Moltr.n.i $10 Woideri, Bilei, TV, Radios Electric Motors $3.50 up PROFITS TO MILITARY ORDER OF PURPLE HEART OPEN EVERY NITE 'TIL 9 P.M. SHOP WHILE THERE'S PLENTY OF PARKINS 218 Locust, Long Beach; 6217 Pacific, Huntington Park Foam Rubber 71 -A FOAM CUSHIONS 16"xl8" 79c 5WIALL REMNANTS _ i]»'c" Ib Foam Rubber Couch mattresses J24.50 Plastic Learner Covered 3"XI8"X18" Slock Cushions, 53.95 $20,000 slock of oam oroducts to choose from ACME FOAM RUBBER SUPP' ' 3441 E. Anaheim, L.B. GE 9-4908 411 W. 5lh In Sonla Ana KT 3-6716-- Easy Pflrklno Miscellaneous for Sale 72 WE RENT Washers-- Relr'geralors--Rannes Vac. Cin., TV sets, Sew. Math., Typewriters, Elec. Fans, PolKhcrs ALEXANDER ELEC. GE 3-7468 FIRST TIME OFFERED IN L.B. FOR MINIMUM-CARE GARMENTS, Clean only-- dresses or coats «iQc With steam air finish Me Minimum c«h carry order $1.10 Minimum pickup delivery 53.00 FREE MOTH PROOFING OLYMPIC CLEANERS 1765 Lono Beach Blvd. HE 1-4674 4115 South SI., Lakcwd. ME 02382 PUBLIC AUCTION GOVT. SURPLUS Hardware -- Tools -- Electronics 900 E. PAC. CST. HWY., L.B. 1 P.M.-- SUNDAY, PER. 7TH GIANT RUMMAGE SALE Fur coats, stoles, lewclcd sweaters, desioner's c'olhcs, elc S3 UP. Municipal Auditorium, Sat., Feb. 6\\f; 9 to 9. TOOLS, BOO'fsT DESKS, dfffce Equipment «, Thousands of small terns. Visit Our Warehouse. P A R A M O U N T SALES. 6000 Paramount Blva., Lono Beach. SEE I~T TENEX wall paneling, 13c ft. Surf wood wall panclino S6 :,hcct SALVAGE MASTERS 76B5 Santa Fc Ooen iv, davs WE BUY AND SELL Antloucs, books, tools, power fools, cut olnss, fine china, curios, small (urn., kit. utensils, all kinds misc. Rutherford's 1705 Oranoe HE 7-8516 USED BU1LDIN~G MAT ERIALS'. Used store fixture! i taunlcrs, umber, olass, olvwd. olumbo LONG BEACH Fence i Mstcrini, 3d.(d E. Anaholm $!. GE 9-J5OT RFFRIG 565; 2" TV~"sTOQ; Mr f. Mrs. bedrrn. let J90; ranoc «.·; dinlno set $20; bunk beds SM); nflir lamps $U; twin beds WO. Die. ME 3-3927. TRASH CANS . A-l-- THE BEST-ALL S l Z t S 3031 Lono Beach Blvd. GA d.3814 es abllsh your crcdfl on a washer or Television or any other nr- pl'ance. $10 down. 715 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-37JB. ·j£ Brakes Relined $10.50 JIM V/AYNE'S BRAKP 1101 E. ANAHEIM HE 7006? TRASH CANS-- METAL A fiber. -IS-oal. Lt. wl. mctril cans. 53. 5301 Cherry. GA 3-J6I3, VACUUM cleaners, new like new. AM makes, best oncci. pdrls serv ce. Wocrner's, 1383 Cherry. Oncn '111 9 n. m. HE 7-7A33 COLE MAN wall tumacc, w'ilii thcrmoslat 35,000 B.T.U., 1-vr. old, cosl J68, sell 555, Ph. GE SACRIFICE for quick sale by owner, complete orocery, p'oducc, mrnt f i x t u r e s equipment. AH or any ilcm. HF 7-685? or HI: 7-?042 BRAKES RFLINED $10.50 libbett'S, HOI E. 4lh HE 62-133 6AI DDLAST Special Irom SB5. 2- bcd^oom home or repninllno. L. B. Sandblast Co. HE 6-470? or sewnj, Bllt-Rllc S.nini.ikrrs. 114? W. llth HE 7-«:-l Dryers inslallcd. rep.vnm, rclm- ino. 230 E. r.Vvkct. GA 2-3J67. Trash Cans, 50-Gal., $2.50 940 Alflmcda, Wilm. 7 f 5-/640 DECORATIONS for Vdlentme, SI. Patricks Easter on dKolav nciv. M. b. Taylor Sen, 1501 Oregon TARPS, Awnings. Canvr. Repairs. Paramount Sales, 6PPO P.v.nvount _BlvtJ., L.B. ME 3-0771; GAJ-SiOl. .MATTRESS renovated, your ' c o v e r 57.95. Cleveland Hum. «, UoDol. GA 2-7T48 544.1 L.B. Blvd. fH ROME* "dne tie sol, yi. v.liife"l,!ilc top stove, rctno. animue de*^. Reasonable. LO 4-i:"3 a-vear-- '-i PRICL SAL1-. LUAN'S 3734 Long Be^ch Blvd. Rental-- Calc. Add Mch. fc.ect. typewriter Sl/9.50 uA 6-/-.I1 TRASH CANS $3. DEL. ^E 8-8195 Open Sun. 2343 E. 17lh ,ADULT hair cuts," 51.30:" Vhiid'i. 51.05; flat top exocrt. Clock Barber Shop. 1985 AHaitur. RE LAX-A~CIZOR. Used 3 l.mci". Cost $250, Sell *100. Ct 3-3i03, GE 3-6M2. equip. S3500. See at 725 E. Hill o( cfl 1 Carol at TErminal J-WJJ. 25c- : LA~DDERb lor rent "per cay f. ui». AViifeison Scaffolding Co. Fn. HF 7-1973 1710 SeflbnnM lOOO" YARDS used'TarncTfrom iOv per yd. Gd.iiolidated Carnct Conl. 15^ Haves Phone HE." A-6S64 KIR BY "VACUUM, like new. Altch. + polisher A electric cooker- rvcr. S6S. HE 74149. 12'x24' ALEXANDER Smillh wool Cflrpet. S75; b^l^^s iirescrrni. S2. r i: DRYER, washer, Ironcr, large col- fce table, anllque Iron bed. G.E 9-6056. fhcn cabinets with lormlcn counicr 1oos. Xlnt. cond. 5135. HA 1-7037. HuORCSCENT celling lights. 4-fl. 4 tubes ca. f like new, 10 for SSi. GA 7-1057. VABLES, counters, shelves, cash register, paint, sundries. Every- thino for naint store. TE M9?/. DEDUCING bar hell cauipmcnt. BUY-- SELL-- RENT. GA ;.9?I3. c.-rvas cover. 1700 P.iciMr. ADEN'S store fixtures. Mnrhma f. sewmcr machines, rlc. T f 4-7 i ;S? ELECTROLUX vac., JB.95. Bin tratlr ins. Marks. 363 E. 4lh. HE 6-73Ji CLOTHES POLE" $6 GA 4-4223 CLOTH v/lndow shades. 10° n oil. Mason Tutt, 5598 Atlantic bSED RUGS S10 up. HE 7-5170 West Const Ruo Co., 1S35 Cherrv feo% DISCOUNT on tight fixlures. Resso. 1092 Redondo. GE 4-66}A. 5265 ATLANTIC AVE, HEW clothes poles Inst. $12.95. Rolary dvrs, ISO', i9.V5. GA 2-9220 40-YDS. carpef, Tweed S39.95 _ Drtscoll Carpet, J008 H. Anaheim _ Lumber. 1921 Redondo. GE 4-3517 MINK STOLE -- Re.lSOn.iblc. Ca 1 _ GA 2-3631 alter 5:33 o.nt. klHHY vacuum clViincrTlatc'innricr, n.irdlv used. S.if. ^.8S. f.F ? fl'.U DOt'SiE overhead giu,igc floor with hardware. SIS Of fl JMB. new. HE 7-48)8. JUKE BOX rerorrK 4Sv ', f.-^r ^.1 78s. 5 for $1.00. 16?4 t. Anannni. CERAMIC TILE, 59c so It no HandV Andy, 6934 L.B. NH 1-6473. 5TAUFFER home reducer, like new. $300 value, $145, VVA 51530 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 Used Tires, $2.95 Laraest Slock In Town K1NGSBURY TIRES 3340 E. AHAHFIM GE 8-9980 210 MAGNOLIA AVE. HE 7-2554 Sporting Goods 72-A btAUTlFUL Mahoe. Gun Cablnel, S150. TO 7-6628. Mnc'3 Tackle, 619 E. Pac. Furniture for Sale 73 3" ROOMS COMPLETE including refrigerator range, bedroom jet, living room sot w/all accessories and dinette, all-new refrigerator and rango (used), but in A-l condition, all for only -$399 $30 down and then only J3.90 week. LONG BEACH FURNITURE 6fh Long Beach Blvd. SEE AT HUB Repossessed 5 rnis. comol., including 11 pc. liv. rm., fl-pc. bedroom, maple bunks compl. with springs, mattress chest, 5-oc. dlnelte, range S- refrlg. Bal. doe 5399.95--HO down. 5-1.50 week. Ouf-of-Shitc Credit OK SERVICEMEN WELCOME REGARDLESS OF RANK TERMS UP TO $36 MO. HU3-- 6190 ATLANTIC (cor. Harding, H.L.B.) LEAVING TOWN . . . because ot Illness much sooner than expected, movlno Inlo new trailer; would like to scl or have someone take over mv contract on recently purchased dlr. 3-pc. loam sectional, tables, lamns beautiful mahou. bdrrn. scl, sea- mist bdrm, sei bunk beds, carpet- Ino dmino set i«8 slove. Olx 2004f 2-dr. Ireczer-rcfrlg., au o matlc wa-,hcr. TV; bal %36't. uav 53.85 week. fAr. Thomas, 220 V;. ?nd St.. Santa Ana Maple Close-outs Top Quality Sofa K. chair sets fm. cush. from SM9.95 Club cdalr-from -- 569.95 ilen iflbles-- Irom-- 527.50 Mtinv other lerntic Maole VAI UFS IN TOP OUALITY PIECES -COME IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. INSURANCE FURNITURE 4/00 Lona Beach Blvd. GA 7-2)51 ALL BRAND NEW Rcmrnrd from model home. S rim., compl. Incl. onn rnnoc A Inc. l.imflv sire %'orgc refrig. Ba . due *JE3.88-S50 down delivers. O u t - o f - S t a t e Credit OK Servicemen Welcome TERMS UP TO 36 MO. HUB 6190 ATLANTIC PUBLIC NOTICE Furniture Appliances NEW AND USED Everything Will Be Sold Building For Lease 45'xl30' 1900 E. ANAHEIM 9-PILCE living room group. Complete, includes divan (modern), n long hcnvv tivlcii trlcic wit t c.i- veci icni piitlem, loic b cue. Alntcrinicj niiTitrr Alr-lo.Tin reversible cuvhion. ? Neva-M,ir w.nnut ^ICD end I.Tblcs. f.'.cttch no r olfcp tiiblr. (iorpeous large tflll lMirJS. Relumed Irom ihowlng. B.'.ind new Balance all 1197. 3A or Brtvnients S9.'^i ncr montll. Pcler- ion's. iJ90 L.D. Dlvd , TJ.L B. Dnvb. cvrr. rtnd Sun bedroom iuilc. BefluMul, Iflroe, hcnvv case dresser w'lh frnnicd mirror; heavy twin pineapple pL-itei beds, .-omnletc; nntch ng mohl itand. Lclt in itorane to Iflv.c ever. B.ilancc S177.58 or In^c navmcnts $8.33 month (box sor nn mtUtrcs onlionall. To be shown nt Hetcrbon's Warehouse. Thev will delrvrr. 6390 L.B. Blvd.- NLB. FOUR "MODEL HOWE GROUPS lint rclurncd to Hub Furnllure's liirqcit Wiirehouic 5 lore. Prices slaificd for quicK. Laic. All urn. hkr new Used tor display only. Complete oulMs for en'ire home from S3SS lo S9SS. Small monlhlv navmcnts. Save hundreds of do · lars on each nroun. Sec on display at HUB Furn.lure, 804 S. Long USED AND RCPOSSLSL-D Furn'turc. ruos f, appliances BARGAIN PRICES! New lurniture A dDpllances Al L AT DISCOUNT PRICES MrKINNEY'S GE 3-5604 7J30 F. Pacific Coail Hwv. Open diiilv 9 to 6 -- Frifldv 9 to 9 ;/USTTACR~IFICE compl. 5 room-, ol furniture. Fvervthino tor i- room house. Excellent cond. Bal. S473.2? PdV S5.J1 per wk. See at Hub. flW S. Long Be.ich Blvd., Compton. LEADING finance comnanv hns .1 ronms deluxe furniture, Includinn stove S. refrip. Assume week v payments 53.BS nnlv. Call Mr. Bower 1 ; GA 34935 Dlr. No. 62-1. REPOSSESSED-- 3 rompl. rooms ol good furn. Inrl. comolele liv. rm. bedrm. dinette. Bal. 51J8.33. Pmts. S2.B7 per wk. Sec at Hub. BOA S. Long Beach Blvd., Complon LIVING rm sets, 599.85; dinettes, S39.B5; bedrm. sols. S69.85: snnnos. mstts., tables, Inmpo, etc. Leonard's, 52M Long Beach Blvd. 59i~l£ATrinne'rTpr^na maliress. bo iorinos, R A F - Transfer. Ur claimed Stor.ioc Oullct, 1131 Gavi Ota. HE 7-6'l53 aocdj. frcmht c'.iini set! led, pick up cawncnti ol S3 15 werkly. Leonard's, W64 Long Bc.ich Blvd. S-i.95 bACH -InncrSDring matlrcs or box bpnng. S AT Z J _900_E . _Ana helm NEVVLY re-upholstered fJaugflhvde divan R ncc. chair, antiouc white. 575. TO 6B07J. 4-PC orav bdrm. suite, orihooedic matt. A springs, orav desk 12 SALEM made ^-poster twin bed with canopy matching night stiind. S75. GA 4-0115 GOOO ubed refrlos. W9 DON _ DAVIS APPLIANCES NEW manic llvino room scl S245. BROMLFY'S HAflY (-URNITURF r,^o; r:. ccmpion^ BM.^E 3WJ 3-ROOW GROUP"." 1 Si«.ni lcon,.rd'. 5764 L. B Blvd. HOI 1 YWOOO'twn beds, pracliCdl v npv/ SIOO. 454 L. B. Blvd. A l l "INOS Houschoftl Turn. Sec to ,imvflr.i,ilc. fM V/. 3rd S 1 . G! VI" TV, about" 3 iros old. Just Assume pavmcnt-.. GL 9-3395. DK~~grpen"~vvOOl"rug/ 9x12. $37.50. A17I Br.ivtcn Ave. 5-PC Maolc Br. set. Make offer. 9348V: Flower, Bellflower 10 to 1. Miscellaneous for Sate 72 Miscellaneous for Sole 72 FACTORY TO YOU! Innerspring Mciiress Box Spring ACME ECONOMY SET Xft. jfa C« New sorinos anrt new cover. Cotton K "J0 iBjB***' cleaned, sterlliicr) and Drrcoi«.prl throuah ff "^S Acme's modern (deanino D ant. Tiv-. is a if m slurdv. wci:-n.iddrd ni.iMrc'.'i \cL F uii ii.-e, K-jg *Jr 510 Additional. t : r o H"i. vf r v ·""* ^* OPEN MONDAY A FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. Acme Mattress Factory 3415 E. Anaheim GE 8-6758 or GE 9-4908 Furniture for Sol* 73 ic * * · MODEL HOME FURNITURE MAPLE, 4 room* may le bughl seoarAtely. Original price $1,410.95 now only $797.66 cash or lets than $10 vvf week. LIVING ROOM MAPLE 8- PC. hardrock maple, bed divan, nl0n back rocker, club cnalr, ? 3 CD fables, colfee table, 2 lamos; was $349.95, now only $197.66; on y $2.50 per week with 10% down. BEDROOM MAPLE 54" drtsser mirror bookcase, headboard bed or poster, ? night stands, 2 lamos and a 352-coll box spring mo tress witn 10- vear guarantee, was 5349.95, now $197.66 cash or only $2.50 per week wilh 10% down. DINING ROOM MAPLE 54" extension table. 4 chairs; reg- u ar $119.95, now $64,66; optional 42" maple buffet and hutch, reou- ar $99,95, now 557.66. RANGE Callers Saltier, timer, clock, lloht, chrome manifold, automat c C-P. Rco. S239, now $159. REFRIGERATOR Hotpolnt 11 cu. M.. regular $296. Now 3197. VAN ORDEN'S 2264 ATLANTIC AVE. Opon eves. 'Hi 9 MUST UNLOAD HUGE STOCK REPOSSESSED. FURNITURE APPLIANCES REGARDLESS OF COST EASY TERMS BLUE CHIP STAMPS, TOO! ALL STATES FURNITURE 1325 Alamitos' HE 5-8356 (Just North of Anaheim St. FOR SALE REPOSSESSIONS MADE BY TIMES CREDIt CO. SEVERAL 4 5-RM. GROUPS INCLUDING tf 8 pc. modern living room scf with cocktail tables, end tables, lam pi shades. V 8 PC. BR. set with dble. dresser mirror, full or twin sl;e headboard, box springs matt. / SRC. dinette set, several colors shapes to choose from. »' 3o" Roocr ranoe cross- op Frinidaire refrigerator. Tolfll Dritc Including delivery installation S364.4Q Groups art on display at our warehouse at 5351 ATLANTIC, L.B. or call for Information GA 2-5329 or NE 6-2749 All merchandise sold on guaranteed exchange basis. Open Dally 9:309 Sal 9;30-5 Sun 11-5 Sc Habla Fsoanol MAPLE NO MONEY UNTIL MARCH 10, 1960 Pickup brand new Eailern maple oullit. Payments have been mode io Feb. 15th, I960. No monev dn., 3 vri, on balance. Only $18.99 mo. Maule bed, nilc sland, maple dresser, box springs mattress. Fnam rubber sola, 2 maple steo- fnbiti. manic coffee fable, 2 table idmpt ihadcs, maple dinette table 4 chairs, pictures, throw ruis, nincif p;ilnws, etc. Totiil bflMncc due W25. Pay cash or tnxe ovirr coniroct. No moncv' down. Ask (or Mr. Van's lurniture. County Fair Maple Shops 17217 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower 1 blfc. Ho. ol Artesla Blvd Open Mon. Frl. nltcs. Sun. 12-5 NO GIMMICKS DA'IK i riHA'.'CC REPOSSESSIONS One Hem or a houseful 5 COMPLETE ROOMS Incl. ran-x. relng., wo^hlnn mn- chute, tl-pc. II vino room set. fine, bedroom : nt twin bed, and complete dinette Full price $259 Pa-/ S3 weekly. Free delivery Out-ol-state credit o.k. ENCORE FURNITURE «J W. Alondra Blvd. (formerly Olive) Comnlon Between Wi!m a Central) ut 8-6151. Open each eve. 'td 9; Sun. 11-6. RELEASE ME Of My Responsibilities Going back lo service. Left mv 6 rooms of modern furniture A an- pli/inces slored in Long Beach. F.;:pcr.*:S:c r.ccrte can taKe mv payments of 51B.67 monlh, balance S2J7.35. Dlr. Nothing e ! sc big cross-fop rpfrlg , automat c washer, 21" TV, run, vacuum cleaner, 5-pc. dinette set. It-piece living room sef, 4-pc bedroom set, bunk beds and boy's bike. Sec at No. 3 Warehouse. 6086 At- lantlc Avc., Long Beach GA 3-253B Alsn 6-rm. Gl home for sale or RESPONSIBLE person can take bedroom suite. Includes Mr. 8, Mrs double dresser, mirror, nlte stands. maltress frames, etc. 2 beauliful iflnios. intended to stay but must Ir.ive foi coavl. Sec and Ukc tor balrincf; 1133.16 or ovmts Sft.91 a n'o. Thev will del. Warehouse. 5390 l.R. Blvd. NLB. LIVING room grouo. Naugahyde. BcaulKul Chrinnon "gold" sofa matching chair, walnut Ncv-Mar $tep end tables, maiching c o f f e e table wilh sell-leveling legs. Br.ind new. Inventory clearance price 5176.45 or pvnils. 58 per mo. Peterson's, 5390 L.B. Blvd., NLB, days, eves., Sun. YOU'LL find what you want at the big LETO SHULTZ "ACRE OF FURNITURE" 7th L.B. Blvd. cr 1st L. B. Blvd. FORCED TO SELL beautiful 5 ims. of furniture, includes everything to furnish large 5-rm. home. B..I. only 5421.J3. Pmts. i2B JS per mo. See oil at Hub. 606 Ii. l.nnn Rr,-,ch Blvd., Conicton Furniture for Sale 73 FINANCE CO. Will turn over 16 ' groups of furniture · and appliances, with I TV sets, for [ust the : balance due to any reliable party. LOT No. 4 : 3 r o o m s of furniture. · Livino r o o m , bedroom and kirchfn. nalftncf due S19B. Just tdke over payments, SI. 60 ncr LOT No. 11 5 r o o m -, of fi.imiure. L'ke new. Used Its-, Uian i mor'ti. Oriij.nal cost S5?B. Now J?8B. T a k e over payments, 52.50 per · week. LOT No. 62 ,: 5 dc luxe rooms of furniture with range and refrigerator. Tables, lamps, ruos, pictures, etc., etc. Now o n l y W28. Take , . over pav.T.cnJs, 53.82 per week. Many other items, too ; numerous to mention. · No money down. Our- of-statf credit OK'd immediately. LINCOLN Warehouse Outlet 400 Norlfi Hawthorne Blvd. , HawthornB (Cor. 13?nd St.) Furniture for Sol* 73 B F TRANSFER ^TC^ACC C'JTLCT TWO WAREHOUSES FULL OF USED FURNITURE Beds S3.00 Innersprlna matt. ,-- J5.9S Sof *^ ,, ,,, train 19. 9i Refrlgoralors ._ from X' Stoves from JU.95 Rollowav, complfie SU.95 Bunk Beds . . .. $29.00 Simmons Hldabed , JM9.95 Can'J List Everything Open Fridays 'III 9 Terms 1131 GAVIOTA HE 7-M58 FREIGHT CLAIM SETTLED Insurance Freight Allowance All NEW 6 Rooms $424 O'Keefe Deluxe Ranoc. Automatic 14' refrlg. Automatic washer. 21" Console TV. 2 complete bedroom sets-- modern maple Including box sprlnus and mattresses. 7 PC. Deluxe Dlnelte. Custom made, foam rubber f'vlno rm. groun. Also tables, lamps i ruos. Items can be purchased separately. Liberal terms. SAV-ON FURNITURE 5921 Atlantic Ave., L.B. Open Sun.. 11-5; Dailv 9 to 9 EASTERN MAPLE Going back Bail. SIcKneSb force;, me to olve uo my 5 rooms of furniture appliances. Full balance SS9? Take over payments of 526.80 3 month. Group con- bisfs of O'Keefc Merrill range with griddle and hl-lo broiler, bio 2-door refrigerator. 5-plecc din- ino room set, 2-piecc livino room 6ct, end tables, colfcc table, artd lamps, hioh-rmster bedroom set complete; also twin beds. All furniture in excellent condition. Will separate for ouick sale, in storage at 6W2 Atlantic Ave., NLB GA 3-2538 · o e · SEE AT HUB MANY REPOS5. TRADE-IN GROUPS 3 Rmj. incl. Free TV. $|9S OUT OF STATF CREDIT OK SERVICEMEN WfcLCOAAE TERMS UP TO 36 MO. HUB-- 6190 ATLANTIC (Cor. Harding, N.L.B.) JUST RETURNED from mode home In Garden Grove. 5 rooms of beautiful furniture. Like new! Save 53-10! Incl. large refrig. *, stove. Cornpi. liv. rm. orp.. ? bcd- rms. din. rm. All for S747. E-Z terms. Sec on disolav at Hub. 80fi Furniture Wanted 75 TOP PRICES PAID! One piece or a houseful Eslatcs, business Inventory, furniture in storage. REPP MOTT, INC. MOl E. Anaheim GE 9-om BETTER PRICES? IMPOSSIBLE A Warchouseful We Pnv TOPS REPP MOTT, INC. 7501 C. Anaheim GE 9-0?77 Call B i B Furn before you s^ii 2100 E. Analie'm GE 4-0615 CASH :H A HURRY! for ranges, refrigerators good used furmlu re._C all _Dlr. GE 3-S6Q4 WE buy used TVS, washcrs ( re- frlgeratorb ctoves. Call AA HE 6-3240 QUICK cash lor hcuseful or par furniture, appliances, tooh mhr. CHARLIE DAVIS needs antiques, finer furn., china, ouns, elc. VVAtlTED-- Piano. Prefer Solnct cr HIGHEST CASH -- Rcfrio.. stove;,, washers. Leonard^ . GA 3-0527 Household Appliances 78 MVAS"H"ERS-- S'ALE^D" R Y E R~S~ i" WASHFRS Frioldnlre aulomatlc .... $99.95 1 vr. guir.-- L kc new Bendlx Gvro. Automntlc 599.95 Like new-- 1 yr. guar, Horge Deluxe Aulornalic . 599.95 Like new-- 1 vr. guar. May too, guaranteed . . . S59.95 110-J30 Voll. New dryer with inv Wrtshcr. New or used S99.95 \Vestinohousc twins . i!79.v5 Bcndlx Comb, oas 519995 i- Full guarantee, delivery and Normal Installation. Wesflnohouse comb. . W9.95 KCDO.--I vr. puflfo-'iiec NEW! NE'.V! NEW! Apt. rcfrloerator . .$149.95 No trade-In needed 14 cu. It. frost free. Food compartment ?-door. Hfls HO Ib. freezer, regular $499.95 S7S9.93 15 cu. fl. Norge upside do^n, swlnoout shelves .. 1199.95 10 cu. It. GE . ... S169.V5 16 cu. ft. upside down deluxe re- fnoernlor combination 5399.95 USED! USED! USED! 6 CU. ft. . S3J.95 5 cu. ft. Frigidaire S69.95 8 cu. tt. Admiral S79.95 G;od used Moves S19.95 TVS-- TVS-SALE;! C-E. Black dav-lllc. new picture tune w ? yrs. guarantee, fflitpri, 21 '. Defter ihan new guarantee. S 119.95 S10 down-- SID mcnlh Autom. porlablc prionograoh S24.95 3-"/tiy comb. 21", new picture tutie. Only 5129.95 Choice of blond or mahogany. Emerson 21" TM . 539.95 -;.- We have the lowest orlces in town on new TVs, washers, dryer combinations. THIS WE UK'S SFE1CIAL! Zenith S559 deluxe T V only $359.95 with a good trade. Navy Credit OK Open 'til 8 p.m. Monday Friday NFW LOCATION BAKER'S APPLIANCES GOOD VALUES Gb~ 6 cu. It. relrtoerator in excellent cond-tion. 90 day guar. S59 MXV oas range. Gjarantccd. Installed . . . $49 Fricitlflirc Aol. MIC rcfneerato-, .10-d.iy ounrflnlec ^35 Fng-da-rc 7 cu. fl. rcirlncr.ltor with tfoss-tou freezer, 1 yciir ounrantce $93 Phtlco 11 cu. fl. double door ref r i o t r a t o r . 1-year guiii-intee S133 GE 12 cu fl. refrigerator. 75-lb freezer. A very good buy. 1- venr guarantee . . S169 O'Kccfc \\crritt g,v, range. CP. Very clean. Guaranteed 57S Frln'rialrc Custom Imperial automatic washer. '56 model. Looks like new, 1-year guarantee, in* stalled ...$139 100 Other Items on Sale HILL'S 5650 Atlantic. GA 3-WO; 01 J-7078 OCEN EVtNINGb I ILL 9 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerators automatic washers 5% ABOVE WHOLESALE COST. BEGHTOL'S FURNITURE 137? W. Wii'ow HE 7-60!0 itrJVICL"~,V,LH-L(:t A *A App · dntcs est.ibnih vour credit on washer, nr television or anv olhcr anplian:c. S10 down. ;ii Long Boach Blvd. HE 6-3748. KITCHEN range delivered installed, large assortment $39 UP. McKINNEY'S, 2430 E. Pacil c Coast Hwv. Of 3-5M4 BENDIX combo washer-dryer, $|6S or $10 mo. WESTERN APPLI. 5201 L. B. Blvd. GA 3-9476 $39.95 EACH. Stove ft refrlg. B S. F Transfer, unclaimed storage outlet. 1)31 Gflvlofa HE 7-MSB DE-HUMIDIFIER, STOPS DA.V.P- NTSS, //.ILOEV; IH HOME. LIKE NEW. 575. ME 3-7001 EASY WASHER. CHEAP. C.A 2-3 5M KENMORE autom. v/ashcr with suds saver, gd. cord. ^50. HA 9-20J4 KKNV.ORF; automatic "washer. Good fcnri.lion. Reas. GE 4-5159. R F f - R l f i w^.itM - HloM^t (.ash workino or no! "Ben HI: 6-233'. UStD stoves R, r"efno;*'$W t. up Leona'd's, 5264 Long BCflch Blvd. REFRIG. 9 cu. ft., cross-fop freezer, ','.. ',;:: i B B.*. J .. GA 3-S47,v kNMORt:""iron'erV vacuum Tiearier __2J^_TV. TO 6394A. Gf" P.ANGF, 3u" oven, dciu»e features. S1SO. GC 1-8876 GAS rar.fic. 3S" Tapofin, autcii. ovfn. Xlnt. coid. SM. GE 1-3642 Housthold Appliances 78 FRIOIDAIRE refrigerator. 0'K«fe Morritt gas range, Refrlgcrolor Deluxe. Has separate cross-too freezer, dial defrost, roll-out shelf, porcelain crlsner. Range CP model deluxe. Pluorcicent light, big 24" oven, ihrome broiler In oven, center simmer burners. Repossessed. Bal. both $277.81 or »\Mimt nymts. i 10.43 T mn 'ney will deliver. See at ware house, 5390 L. 'B. 8ivd. dnytime Sun. APT. slie ref., very clean $65; med- urn size deep free;« $75; Moving t«jfo. washer MS; 22 fl. decDtrcczc SI 75. All guar. Rcf. rebuilding. Rel. wanted working or not. Reagan's, 5935 cnerry. GA 3-5005. Musical Instruments 79 HOHNER accordi jnTM20 "bos'T~R~e«i. GA 62750 Rental Sale Specials 59 month rents new Wurllt*er SB-note spinet oiano. Used electronic organs: $1500 Lowrev now S395; 51235 Wurlltzer 2-ln-l, now «9S; Ren. $035 Thomas --2 only-- $595; S1020 Hammond, $745; $130 Magnus, 199. Many used spinel pianos, Sforv 5 Clark, Gulbransen, Wurlitier, from $275. 310 down, JI2 monfh. 13 good grand pianos, Knabc, Klmbali, Wurlitier, Monarch, from 5395. Pay S12 monlh. 11 good upright studio i soinet- type pianos from $125. Good condition--guaranteed. S10 down. 8 piano accordions $245-$400 new, now only $99-5150 Play perfect. McCRERY'S 03J Pine. Lono Beach HE 6-9327 Open Monday Friday nights | PIANOS West's Finest Selection WINTFR, CSTEY !. CABLE All Styles Colors STORY 1 C L A R K , LESTER Many floor bamoles. Save S200. CONN ORGANS America's Finc?l Electronic 2 MANUAL -- PRICE $995 UP Many other makes. Big Savings. FOLK'S 2119 N. Long Beach Blvd. Complon. NE 2-0-188; WE 5-8022. Week davs 9-9-- Sun. 1-5. "Serving Music Since 1918" 2-MANUAL ORGAN Like new-- had very lev/ hours of play; full octave foot pedals, 25 voices variable Vibrato. Originally il.595. Sacrifice price $595 PLUS Blue Chip slamos at E S T E R N ' S 3344 E. Pacific Coast HwV. Open Eves. Sunday PIANO SALE-- GRANDS Baldwin (rel.) was S1795 ..._..S1295 Vose Sons, was S995 $795 Behr Bros., mahog., was i695 5575 Story S. Clark, 5'4" was 5595 $fi?5 Milton Grand, was $745 5545 Used oraans ._ from 5195 Many upritcs ,,. from $ 75 HUMPHREYS 130 Pine Ave HF 6-4296 JANUARY CLEARANCE NC.Y used pionoi orcdns Dealer for Jansscn, Kohicr 8- Campbell, Winter pianos Estev, Kinsman, Thomas organs Expert rcstvling, refinlshlno* tuning GLENN'S PIANO ORGAN Shoo 5155 L. B. Blvd. GA 2-5640 Open daily 'til 9 Sun. 1-5 GULBRANSEN PIANO SALE Pull 83 note Spinet piano. Brand new. 3 working pedals. Spruce sound boards. Th« world's finest diano buy at $499.95 plus Blue Chip stamps at E S T E R N ' S 3344 t. Pacltic Coast BALDWIN PIANOS - ORGANS Rent Irv Before vou Buy E-Z Terms Special Savings on Floor Mode s RUSSELL PIANO CO. 4431 Atlantic GA 3-6443 HAMMOND O R G A N S , Spinel Chord. Used. Attractive Prices. Few Used Pianos. HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF LONG BEACH 2168 Lakcwood Blvd GULBRANSEN TRANSISTOR organ Bulll-ln Leslie Iremolo system, ? manual, includes bench. AND 1 yr. guarantee. Full price $1,350 PI US Blue Chin ^Irtmps »t ESIERN'S, 3344 C. Pacific Coast Hwy. Open Eve-.. Sundays HAMMOND ORGANS Used M-2. Also used M-3 with guarantee. CALLAGHAN MUSIC 433* Atlantic Ave. GA 7-7406 WURLITZEK organ, excellent condition. Call HA 9-4179 afler 5 p.m. Save on Plnnos Organs MOREY'S MUSIC STORE 342 Pine Ave. HE 6-?929 TOP Cnsh paid for Anv Piano. Regardless of cond. TO 7-0052 TOP cash for your old piano. Any PIANOS wanted, cash paid. Anv make, model or cond. GA 7-53E7. used Spinets. Kri,ie-- HE 6-4?96 "Trombone. 304 Proipcct. GE 44094 CA5H-FOR GOOD PIANO OR ORGAN. OLR. GE 4-7457. PIANO, uprfgrYt, excel con^i. P r - vate Dflrtv. GA 7-jy64. Radio Television 80 ADMIRAL~TV~CLdSEOUT 21" hand rubbed wood console or. swivel bfl^p, ? snrnkpr sound svstem. Fullo rice S73995 Includes 3 vr. picture warranty, 90 davs ·free service, fiee delivery in ital. PLUS Blue Chip stamps a! E S T E R N ' S 3344 E. Pacifir Coast HwV. WE RENT TVs $ 1 0 MO. UP ALEXANDER ELC. GE 3-7468 17" TV. Table model 599 21" TV, lablc model S16^ 21" TV, Console (Reg. $J49) 5??5 L R RADIO 8, TELEVISION ZENITH radio 8. record player combination. Brand new. Close out price $49 4- Blue Chin stamps IsTERN'S, 3344 E. Pacific Coast 16" FULL-DOOR mnhoo Packard- Bell. Good cond. $49.95. BERGMAN TV-HI-FI 4207 Aftontair HA 5-1971 50 TVs to choose from. Rucomt . ou«r. l:kf nrw. From S77.50 F.P. Terms avail. Open Sun cv?. '! 9 PEYTON'S TV Scrv. TO 6-W33 9/00 ArtCbl.1 Blvd.. Bellflo.ver REAL SHARP-- 17" mohoy. comb, ifldio, 3-pred changer. Rccond., ouar. $139.95. SM 46 dn., $11.75 mo PEYTON'S TV SERV. TO 6-S533 9709 Arlrsia Blvd.. flellflower «· RENT A TV -^ RENT W'LL APPLY A A APPLIANCES HE A-32J3 Recond., guar. .69.95. Trms. avail. PEYTON'S TV SFRV. TO A-B633 9709 Artcsin Blvd., Bellflower cond., guar. SS9 9S Term*. PEYTON'S TV SLRV. TO 6-8633 P A C K A R D Bell walnut stereo. Rcpos*.essed--Oniy 3 mos. old. B6.W TV. 520S F.. ?nd. GE 9-6A65 NU i v nic'tubc," Sl'pc.-'mih. Tai»e iiodc : -. . oirolj ,, porirtbles. All Oii'Hiinli-n.l f rii-.i S'/ 1 * OA 2-35a6. "TV RENTALS "$6 MO'.UP BC3LI1 TV IK IT. Jtn.__HE 6-5S33 TV. 625? 1. B. Blvd. CA 7-1063 Stereophonic 80-C -SAVE1230! Motorola Stereo. AM FM console ·i-snccd record changer, dua ch/inicl amplifer. 20 v/iitt. Diamond cartridge. Reg $495 $ 5265. L. «, R. RADIO t TELEVISION J594 L. B. Bl. HE 6 7765 HE 6 0/69 Coiled L U 3 ^i 1 ?: TV Radio Repair 81 NL-W PICTURF TUBE "StRVICE S10 DOV;N-$!0 MO AA Anp' '15 L.n. Blvd. Hf 6-J^4B HO.NCST S c r v ^ c ' c f l U 'S2',"b'v JflO- rt-.v-e A.v,c:: t --,n. .','as TV, Hi .'. 7S17. IMS'GUA'R. "SERVICE CALLS $3" JarviS TV, 1518 . 4tri. HE /-B«3 51. JO HOWL fft'KT"bi^s USCrt'Tv;.. F:dS TV Gfc 9 5 6 3 ^ . GC 6-3570 " i,\'j.'."FniAf r "TV SFRVICF ^2 No 1.x, no P,w. LvCi. GA 917PO. Sewing Machines 82 NEW usei-t rr.schs. from $19.50 up RenMK A Rer^ir^ SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE 94i PINE AVF. HE 6-4975 Sewing Machines 82 ZIG-ZAG machines from M9 Left mod. straight sewer* from 132 PARKS SEWING MACHINE _5Ml_Long_Be ; flch i B|vd. GA 2-3007 Office Sup., Equip'r. 84 KfcNI a new""Cl"ary"*clei.t~"add.nti machine. $11.44 mo. GA 2-0491 Livestock 88 3 GOOD top buggies, also breaking cart, In good condlt'on. Harness aood choves. Oown upright _^ n . 0 .-_y ¥ . 1 " ' r "uc. JAckson 7-7190 HORSES boarded, box stalls exercised doily. Also (ruining. SAM LINEBERRY, MANAGER 3720 Golden Ave. GA M755 ARfltH/"* «, Welch filly, Vh Vrs. old. GrL-cnbraok. HA 5-0754. Pets 91 NOTICE Eflccl., Feb. 1. 5pen 1? noon to 8 p.m. to belter *crvc vou; finest n tropical fish i T.UPPHCS. THE REEF Expert Dog Grooming CALL US ABOUT OUR NEW LOW PRICES KING'S PtT SUPPLIES 1165 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GA 6-2836 ' THE DOG'HOUSE" """ Pci Shop Boarding Kennel 11957 E. Carson UN 5-2244 SILVER min. poodle, finest import U.S. strains. 5 mo. $150 and S175. AKC HA 9-5698 POODLE PUPPIES 2563 ATLANTIC GA 4-0380 COLLIES, all ages. Slud service. Terms if desired. 211 E. Carson St., Torrance. TE 5-7807. CHIHUAHUA puppies, short or lonq cost, liny oeauties-- various color:,. Lakrv.ood. TO 6-1635. DOG-GROOMING - ALL BREEDS BY PHYLLIS GIBBONEY L.B. SFTF.D ft PFT 7550 L.B. Bl. BEST DOG TRIMS IN TOWN. CU l E ouooies, weaned. $3 each. 103B E Hill St. AKC reoistered wlrchalred puppies, 9 weeks old. GA 7-7623. COLLIE puoy, all shots. AKC. Rcas. to good home. GF 8-3151 DACHSHUNDS, ~ miniature. Stud MINIATURE POODLE PUPS. HA 1-3696 I'M THE NICEST boxer you ever saw. DAvls 9-2116 CHIHUAHUA ol^s. Dachshund pubs, AKC, studs. Tb 4-9360 PUPP ; ES~Wanfed tor Cash! 10231 COCKERS - PEKES · BOXERS Collage Pet Shoppc TW 3-6417 8 weeks. AKC. GA 2-7137. Poultry. Rabbits 92 4 GRADE LC-G CJRADERS UN 4-5218 Hotels Motels 97 WINTER RATES $12 WK., 1 PfcRSOH. 515 FOR 2. ALL ROOMS WITH BATH Coflse shop, TV. downtown. SEAVIEW HOTEL 541 V/ SEASIDE BLVD. HF 7-64S1 ROOMS with Ille baths, 515 per week. Apts.. $20 to 535 per week. Seal Mofel, '^12 5th, Seal Bench HTLLVFEW HOT EY" -- ""$'" week v TWIN-INN HQTEL -- 1653 Santa f-c $7.50 wk. up. ··faam ht., free pk. Rooms at rcas. 'prices. HE 2-9157. HOTEL GRA*NT S7, SB week. Mild service. 117 '/,'. 3rd. HE_7 ; 9790. $1.50, S? U WK. RATES. DNTN. TV. Admiral Hotrl. 61? W. Ocean. HARBOR HOT=L-~TV, rates. 513 Harbor BL, San Pedro TE 2-9082 Rooms for Rent 98 WILL takr 3 gentlemen boarders. Lgc. rooms- kit. privl. $20 wk. -· Musician-, welcome. Prac'ir.e rm. avail. 6392 Bannock Rd. TV/ 3-3125 GARDEN GROVE urea. ? nice slecoinn roomi r n private home. Pool psllo, TV prrvileoes. Wr tc Ind. P-T Box A-'71B9. BA'CH. APTS.-- Centrally loc., ooo . wk., mo., rafes. Also sleeping rms. 515 UD. 1777 Cherry, cor. Hwv. 101 MAH'bR~~H"6TEL-- $6.50 UP MFN TV lobby, klf. privil., pleasant Rim. 117 Bonnie Brae. HE 7-9321. J30-- BELMONT His. Neat, clean. Pri. e.nt. Prl. shower, Parklno. N.L.B.-- 58 wk. Priv. cnt. adjoining balh. Emr)loved man. 6691 Myrtle. GA 2-?lE8 $8-- MFEN. Clean, good heds. Pnvnle entrance. Close In. 133B Lindei 550 PER mo. Home prfvllcocs. 543fl RM. gar., 2 blks. No, of Carson Oianuc. 4301 Maury. GA 4-M70 DNTN.-- 58. HskDD.i prlv. entr., wtr. shwr., ph., prkg. 1200 Alamitos. Rossmoor home. GE 1-7066 EXTRA NICE. HSKPG. MAN. E. 1st St. Pnv. *nir. Priv. hath". $10. Maii onlv. HE 7-3121. DNTN. Hskno, f-'rlvate cnlr. Shv/r. Rcfrio. 53.50. Man. 3?A V/. lOlh. S7~R'dbM, kftchcn iiriv. Men only. 533 W. 6th SI. 510 WK. Rm. with sink. Park no Incl. Man only. 937 A'lflni;r. Eino-d. gentleman. Ofc 3 W-'Room and Board 100 HUNTINGTON HOTEL [290 E. OCEAN BLVD. ROOM, with privale file balh djily maid sirvke; also includes choice of ouf 95c club breaktasis cho.ce of all our 52.20 dinners. $5.90 ucr day. Two Pfople, loom wltfi b.i'h, IncluOIng meal".. S8 30 per ddy Tlu^ ! not a ucard-r.i house, hut a Boulevard Ho!el ^i' room-- with private oalh. \',e seive very excellent food. Special werl: v rales 52905 per week UD including meals, as listed above. For res ervallons-- Phone HE 66753 entrance, lunches cached. 945 P.TCtllC Ave H C _ 6 6 1 1 ? SOUTHlTPN h'onie, Dlr-Uv ol tool. ?64ft Atl.inlic. GA 7 -192? BOAR'b~ 'room. 'TV, 'fanv'v "sty r meals. TE 5-?S4? ME 4-3561 MEN; ' nice Vm., lunches D vd. M a d GIRLS-- ROOM BOARD. MEN-- BD. RM. IHE BESTI TV 7JO ATLANTIC. MEN -- ROOM R, BOARD 3?1 V/ISCOHS1N Housekeeping Rms. 100A MO-- DOWNTOWN. H.C. wfr. Re- frig In rm. Phone serv. 603 W. 4th for elderly l«dv. GE 4 9017 Rentals-- To Share 102 WAN! elderly pennon ladv (o mare n'.v hcrnc. Pnvotc rcn:n. S6j mo. SELbCf vcuno man to Llidie suj- fious. bachelor home. ??? AA.ra Long Beach, Calif./ Monday, Ftb. I/ 1969 INDEPENDENT, --III Duplexes and Flats 104 ( UJ Nf UB Nl SH EO 1 Duplex-- Bixby Knolls~~ Upper newly decor., large rooms, living, dining breakfast rmj., 2 large bedroom*, ige. closets, itdll shower in bath, also '/; balh, garage avail., must be seen o appreciate. Very desirable in every way. Only 2 adult;, mlddle-agfH ^desirable. GA 4-2407. LARGE side by side, ? BR. duplex wlfh wall bed. Avail. Feb. 1 Owner will be on premises. W35 E. 7fh. HE 541V2. 1-BR. + wall PCQ. rctrlg. slove avail. Adits. ;il Loma Vista Dr. W. of_8ih Maine Ave. HE 2-8217 572.56^'Opoer with view, clean, cozy 2-br., sunny kit., narking. 1771 E. Milt. GA 7-3020. I-BDRM.-- Rcdec. aof. Wash rm., large lenced yard, small chi'd _or_ infant OK. 40? E. I6lh SI. 2-BD"R'M.-- Children welcome. Re"- ccntcly rcdeco. 1226 E. 1st St. SCO. HE 5-8420. Mod., l-Br. Redec., Gar. 2-BR.-- Garage, water Irash nd. Nr. bus S schools. S76. GA 2-6467. l53S3'/i California, Paramount. LARGE 1-br. loWei. sfove" rcirlg. Lndrv. rm. Oisp. Fenced in yard. We. Water pd. HE 7-6194 SBO-1-DDRM RRDFC.'Refrig.'/disp. Garaso. NEAR MAY CO. Phone »f!er 6 p. m. HA 9-1835. S65- i-BR. oar. Lawn, water, garb. serv. pd. Excl. loc. ME 0-1 OCO. WRIGLEY, Ige. lower 2-br., clean. Adulls. No nefs. 7072 Chestnut. i^-5~ROaws77aTDCted, gar ."Adi ti. No pets. T501 E. 37fh St. V/R1GLEY Ig. lower 2-br., clean. Adults. No pets. 3072 Choslnut. 580-- Loe. ? Br. Garage. 1900 E. 561h S65-- UPPER 1-br.. furnace, adults, Bel. Hols. G3r. avail. HE 5 3270. VI!. -- Small !· Bedroom, front. 1032 Redondo GE 9 O'.Bl MS--HEW 1-BR.. dlsp., Idry. (acil. 1245Vj Lcma Vista Dr. HE 2-7667. 570 MOD. 1-br., rcdec., Idry., gar , ?2dOB Harding SI. HE 2-0064 LGiT-BR. uorTi rirrbus. A~dfts. S55. 829 'A'oihlngton Pli3C^.__HE 7-4344. 2-BR. Garage. Children v/elcomc. 569.50. CA 4-1377 5SO-IGE. sunny 1-br. ?4/2 Linden, L.B.. or ph. TV/inoaks 3-0765. 2-BR. upper. Bel. His. Adults. Will rcdec. 575. GE 8-2027. LG. 2-BDRM. Nr. store Iran*. Call after 3 p.m. S?5. GE 9 7185. S55~Lge." 1 BR. Redcc. Adults S75--New deluxe 1-bdrm. Infnn ok 8th E. Brlmont. GE 9-394S LOWERING renl for older folks, double 555. 815 Daisy. Furnished Apartm'nts 106 CLEAN Sgles., 545 mo. up, Including util. Sundeck overlooking orenn private steps to beach, autom washer 8- dryer. Adults. 1078 F Ocean Blvd. HE 5-9361. LARGE delue 1-BR. apts. "Nc'wlv lurnlshcT 577.50. Nr. freeway grocery store. Water pd. Laundry fatuities. Large v/a'drobcs. ME 4-2192 570-- RFAUTIFUI. clean knotty pine -- 1 I3K. Provincial, w/tilc kitchen bdlh w/showcr. Piinc! (um^cc au-lomafic washer avail. On bus ·slon. 4135 E. 4th. 560-- NLB. Nowlv dec. Nicely furn l.qp irnr"" 1 hrrrjl' flrt. Park no Close In. Adults, no pels. ?5 V/. Pivmauth PAJL 0 ! 7 . 11 2-BR.-- Evcrylhlng furn. Brdd no. mo. Enclosed yard. No pets. GF 4-1271. BELLFLOWER- -Near new l-bedrm. ant. S79.50, also 1 unfurn.. with slovc rcfrig., 569.50. '-·.- blk. to shopping. 9873 E. V/alnut. TO 6-0315 1/11 E. 'JCEAN 1-bcdroom 579 i'ngle S5» Child o.k. Gf 3-04M; HL 7-9574 580 monlh. Child OK. See Mgr., AP'. 6. 1831 Magnolia, after 3:30. Ulil. paid. Washer and narking. 2305 Lemon GA 7-90/0 $30 MO. UP. Complete nsKoo apis Autom. /shr.. mala serv. Women nnlv 2040 E. Anaheim GF. B-B181 DOWNTOWN sgl., Includes maid serv. linens. Onlv SI 7 week RILTMORE AptS., 336 E._lit_SJ. OCEAN" "front. Large ant. Sleeps 4. Util. pd. On bus, $85. Child o.k 3921 Livingston Dr. GE 4-3386 $70-- LGE. rcdet. 1-bdrm., furnace heat, separate dinette pull-down bed. Baby ok. 1033 Holfnun. $79.50-- FURN. 1-bcdrm. opfs., d s- posat, laundry loc.. parking, adlls. 9307 E. Artesla, Bellll. TO 6-1014 1-BDRM. upper, exceptionally well furnished, w-to-w. dose In. Infant O.k. 5100. 714 W. 5lh. HE 6-S15I. 555-- I'bedroom house, new palnl. initos. HE 5-94/7; GA a-O-i/?. $65--1 BR. upper, Idrv., baby ok Nr. stores. MS Raymond Ave GE 4-533R. luxe VERY large ants. Wllmlnn Ion. 1020 Brood Ave. TE 5-1300 shopping 8, transportation, t o pels. 2436-A E. 5lh. GE 4-8781. S6l-- DBLE. Ulli. Pd. Adulls. 1642 Erie, north ol 3rd «. Walnul HE 7-5731 SiO-- SGL. Util. na'd? Adults. Ho. ot 3rd Walnut. 1633'; Eric HT ? W31 556-- 7-1 JO Lccu;.t. So'e., ull'l. nlid. 1 .tdull Man pie'. C-A 7 D^'i N E W L Y rffcnmtM. $75 mo. Ul.lS Dtf. 7150 Elm Ave. S-JS-SGLE. Util. pa;d. Aduiti. 555 - - F U R N . bachelor aol. nc.i Cherry South St. GA 3-743! "way V'Re'dondo". Adult!.. HE 7-62 ?6 LARGF 2-BR.. also sglc. Nr Bixby F'ark. .123 Hcrmosa. S46? S51, "vcfv cle'sn. util., wshr.. ari'tv 555 Golden^_ i HJ._2^8J5. , _ _ ISO f. un, nice detin ^nti., fldll' 1351 Slanlcv. GE 6-7496 LC't"""Y~UH "i " pun do. v/nglc/. Real fircplat-c. GA 7-6136. ape ?Rflc?, disposal. 4435 L : . Ocean HiDR'M ni-ound flonr garaoc ant. Gas water nd. 577.50. GE aor«5i- 2-DDRM. u;)RCr. Adolls. HF 7-S70' after 10 .T m. siy--N~M~"lBeT 1 B~P. UMI pil. fhilrl ofc. 2D°0 A T L A N T I C AVL 567 'SO-- 1 BR Hircly turn. "2-119 "E. Uth. MA 9- c 6?7 SCO" t.'e"i"r; v new,'~H'x2?' 'iv. " rm. 1 - B r . . d : s»., babv ok. 6*5 W. 3rrt 679 PACIFIC. Inc. attract., amct. dntn. 1st fir igl. S65. 1 .idyll. UPPER Dbl., $70; also sgl. SJ0.50 UP. Adits. Util. pd. ICBO Elm. 550- CLEAN sgl., w-w carpet, wash- Inci facll. Adits. 1555 Linden. 2-OR. gar., lower llr.. la. closets. 2075 E. 3rd. GE 8-1034. 555-- REDEC. Sinolc. Utilities paid. 1456 CORONADO. W7.50--LGE. sglc. UIH. pd. Adulls. 1347 Ohio GF 9-3375 GA 2-9594 BEL. SHORE-- l-bdr. uprcr rear. W5 OR Sl?.50 wk. }-M'. Free ut''s. tJr. stores. Clean. 2ftvO'..- L. B. D . Furnished Aparrm'nts 106 CHILDREN WANTED 2-BEDROOM ARTS. ·ft !_3rg« Ward'ohes. ·ft Orlho Multrcsies. H Lnrgc Kitchen. ft Disposal, yt 11 cu. ft. Relrloerator, ·fi Full Size Rancic. ·ft All New F urn 1 shin DS. Vr Carporl if TV and Phone hookuD. ft Patio Sundeck ft Plavgrounds. immediate Occunancv All For $100 Mo. 6664 KNOTT AVE. LA 1-0817 BUENA PARK New Sgle.-- Heated Pool THE SEA NYMPH 3020 MARIQUITA (bctw. 3rd 8- Ddwy. off Ob ; sno) ·«· Danish modern turn. ·:; FM music n each dpi. ·:- Outdoor ivmo. V; Walking disl. to bus, beach. Ph. GE 9-2591 GP 9-75 f jl BAY WATERFRONT rWRiN/i A P T S ULTRA MODERN I-8DR/A. Nl:WL v f-ii',"j!$'-)i L Nr. ironsp. markets Tile bath ?. kit. Autom. Idrv. rm 595 mo. Adiii 5431 A Sorrcmo Di G 1 ; B 6 V i OPEN HOUSE For Rent 'til Feb. lOtli Brand new deluxe 1-Bdrrn. furn. All custom fc.ilures. W-w camet, drapes, etc. 535 uo. 6-131 Long Beach Blvd., L B. WA 3-2171 New furnilure. Larae 2-br. ac .large Mv. rm. din. m., good size kitchen, garl. duo., dec. fan i healer. Very desirable blda. location. 5140 ncr mo. Adul T . No nets. 60 Granada, afier 5 p.m.. Apt. 3. FLAM'GO APTS. Under New Management FURN. UNFURN. l-BDRAA. LGE. POOL 1760 REDONDO THE CARIBE APTS. New 1-hedroum aph., attractively furnished, heased swimming poo , 596 per mo. 9903 E Belrnont, Be · flower TO 6-6'rl". 1-BEDRM. MODERN APTS. S10C rno. up. Pooi Recreation. Built- Ins. CHILDREN ACCEPTED. [ J et; accepted with Deposit. 17710 So Woodruff, Bellflower. S25 WK. OR SIOO MO. BAHAMAS APTO. HEATED pool. DF L I J X F A P T S . 1 or 7 persons. Ulil p?'d. parking 1430 South Tt.. N.L.B. GA 3-5717 535 WEEK. 5100 mo. lurn. 2 BRo. !6/ 50. UNFURN nr ircewav and Highway 101, H*rhor CHv 1316 W. Anaheim DA 6-7330 7263 W. Anaheim DA 6-1145 ~4256~LAKEWOOD BLVD. Open 10 to 4. New. spacious soles. 1-Brs ranges; carpe s, .gars. Close fo Douglas · $65 $75 Ncwlv decorated, well turn. Dblc. t. '.-: 1 ':.. LI! I od ?? N. Dal'.v. BELLFLOWER GET IN ON WINTER RATES 579.50-- NEW 1-BEDROOM, new furniture, oarnaoc disposal. Automatic iGundrv, loo. closets 10015 Aloidra Blvd., Bellflwr. TO 6-7182 $15 $16 Wk. Downtown Neat soles Adulfs Util. THE PLAZA 625 W Ocean "GORGEOUS SINGLES Heated pool. Built-in bar. 5949 Soulh SI. (P.ujch.yiliflgc) $115~L"cn. modern luxurious l-bed- rm. apt. POOL. Xlnt. Blxbv Knolls Chopping, etc. Trans. 661 E. 46lh Mor GA 3-3743 "BELML SHORE SGLE. · 249 Glcndora GE 9-7551 HH 5-7730 S9B-- CHILD OK. New 1-BR. apt., w/garb. disp., swimming pool. Cor, Pioneer Carson, Artesla, ,,,,,,,, 21615 Pioneer. UN 5-3553 Indoor "planter/ tile' shower tub, swim pool. 5105. 5120 Livingston Dr. $70 _ GARDEN APT. BRIGHT, CLFAN, FURN.. CARPET. ADULTS. HO PETS. GE 8-56M. 3012 F. 6TH. monif furn. New flic, cabs., garb, dlsn. Real nice. Ill Loma. D'Hip. deluxe. S/7/ E. 2nd. GC 3-2088. 1-br. Gar. avail. 4440 Banner Dr. Phone GA 7-9889. SFAL BEACH. 1-br. fumhhcd aot. 565 mo. Including utilities. 346 12th St. SEAL BEACH-- Modern 1-BR., all electric kitchen, near ocean, w-w. 585. 1603 Ocean Ave. GE 1-1177. LARGE uopcr 1-BR. -V roll away bed. Very attractive. Adults. 1493 Chestnut. MODERN DBL."O'KEEFE RANGE, FRIGIDAIRF, VJ /',',' C A R P E T . 941 T. Brontfwftv, Aol. 6. ME 2-266 I'-CR.," DELUXE, POOL Adulls v _6151_Underi. GA_ 3^575 ; RIGHT o.n tne bay. 1-br. front ant. New, soac'ous. 5100 mo. unt 1 sunimer. GE 4-J7JO, GE 3-7177. F.MT 'ilDf, lov/er sole. Garb. disp. Ullliiies nd Per wk. 515; mo. J55. Ati«;: T-ii-J Ga.Iiia. BrC""SH.""l-"BR.r mbd7, a'ttrac"" Dlsp., autom. wshr. R- drver. ailulls. 35 Argonne. GE 4-9J01. I 1436" WALNUT S6B 50. 1-br Util. C top refr. Bdbv. LOS "ALAMlfoS."s55 rno. l-Bdrm. Infant OK 5 min. to DnuoMs. J597 Howard GE 9-7817 BEL. NTS." Nr. To'tri Termino", Nice sgle. 5f..V ArtuiH. Gf 4-7097. BEL'.' SH.'l-BR studio, 'rttilom. h"(Dt, oarage. ?6B Covma. GE 8-0516. Unfurnished Apts. 107 # $75 UP DELUXE NEW Furnished Unfurnished li 2 3 Bedrooms AND BACHELOR APTS. Wa!l-fc-Walt Carpet Disposal Coiport Laundry Facilities WALK-.N CLOSETS WALKING DISTANCE TO LAKEWOOD CENTER OPLN / DAYS 5024 HAYTER AVE. LAKEWOOD ME* 0-6170 Lowest Rent in Town! CLOSE ID EVERYTHING New, Beaut. 2-Br. Apts. Everv deluxe feature. Low 33 $69.50 CHILDREN WELCOME 3028 Santa Fe Ooen Everv Day GA 4-5661 NEW OFFERING r£ 6B » n S" tedi S " sn r- Bfe caroeis i crapes. Beautiful modern b!do wilh large heated oval, jroDJcal .anal, ind, LOOK AT 661 E I6fh St. or call Wr Savaue Mgr. Ph. GA 3-3743 COURTESY TO COUPLES WITH BABY Exlra nice beautiful large 1-bcd- room. SS9.50 Available tomorrow, aardenino paid. Spacious lawn, large closcls. Avalon VII. laae, S(6 E 23la Wilmlnglon. WD|fl| CV'C KJCU/CCIT Lorelv f-br., ait, kitch., thermo. h:a,, sound Insulated. Extra S h VM: ALSO " K - ""* r ?-br., I 1 /: bnths. Extra nice. Gar. avoil AdulK. Sxccl. oulfl loca- lon. ?l?7 Cedar. HE 5J2I7. HE f-A^-'A, LAROE HEV/LY DECOR, l-blrrn, REFRIG. FRCE-- Stove avail REDUCED RbNT ON LEASE. BANNER CIRCLE APTS. 1BO E. SAM ANTONIO DRIVE _GA a-4303 com Dallv Sun. ORIEHTAL AREA " NEW 2-BR. DE LUXE W-w carpet, Venetian!, dlsp. 2 children. No pots SBC mo. 1531 VI. "ill. HE 1-9J07; GA 3-7«i V $64.25 LGE. I-BDRM. Nice living room, dlnelte. Kitchen, excel, loc. nr Douglas walk to stores, bank. 4219 Bellflower Blvd.. nr. Carjon, Lakewood. HA 1-1983. NEW LARGE 2-BR. pros, crpls.. dlsp., shwr., o'tani. Child OK. Nr bus, schls. $87.50. E. side. 106? Coronado. GE 8-8547 FREE RENT TO FE8 15 K"?« ,H, h S' Cd ,n D ,°°J' , , Bul| t-H«. V/RIGLEY, recently rcdec. 1-BR., inc. closcls, soundproof, tile bath, birch kitchen, dlsp., Venetians! T V antenna. I'drv, locker, adults, no Dels, 565. 1887 Locust. $65 MO. EAST SIDE l-OR. modern, garage. Tile baths, ;'nk. Oft Redondo Ave.. 3225 Ran- NEW l-bdrm. Conv. location, all carpeled, HI-FI, enclosed tub, soundproof, Ige. closels, Idry., u II. Included $85. Adults GA 7-5078 PEL. SHR.-- DELUXE I-BR. Uoiicr front, loc. closets, snack our. planter, nr. shops, fra n Stove, retro, oar. avail. GE 1-1536 WALK TO DOUGLAS or Cllv Co - coe. Soaclous, 2-bdrm. + dinlno room or den, fireplace. $95 -J579 CARSON HE 6-7227 102 E. 68TH ST. La1r J IC ?;bedroom. v/asher wafer Data. Hhwman 9-3909. from ocean. Adults. UW. paid. Washer-dryer, S90. 107 Pomona HE B-80S3 tj.iffi i kit. Hdmi. firs., launtfr/ rm I child OK. 221 7lh 51 , Apf. D, Seal Beach. GE 8-17U ·uuRM.-Rcdce. apt. \Vdsii rm., aroe fenced vard. Small child or nlanf OK. -J09 E. Ifith St. NEW de luxe 2-br. 565 1-br. 570. Carpels drapes. 1-br. has stova UPPER 3 RMS. Large, very sunny. Conv. fo Shoos R bus. M5. 1314 BEAUTIFUL new rustic I (L ?-BR. ARTISTIC sludlo style. Teener Sf-AL BFACH M5-S-3S GE 9 5070 BEAUT, extra nice, brand new; carnets, drapes,. 2-hr. Adults. 7935 lOlh St., Weslminsler. TV/ 3-6352. 1-0r., clean rilcasant. Nr. shoos. tr.iT,p., SW. Aflulls GE 9-6339. 213 BELMONT. DELUX l-bdrtn. apt GE 9-545H S9«-EXTRA.'oc. J.bdrm.. walk-In Walnut. GA 7-1093 SW-- 1-DDRM. lower. Quiet. Patio W-v-- cr''. Ay 1 -- jf'c vs'ir Adults 1750 l.ocusl. HE MITO. ' N.L.D. Healed pool, new de luxe 1- Dr., stove 8. refrlg. avail. Adults. 6151 Linden GA 3-3575 170 MO.-tlEVV allrartve modern larpc 1-DcJrni apt. Garaoe avul. Adults. No pels US W. I2lh St. H'L.B.. », new" I-BR lower, dr.inrs. rtisn., oar., stove, retrln. avail., adults. 6320 Lime GA ?-59J6 G'AnAGC Apt. w/garage. Utlls. pd. Furniture optional 1-BR. X6S. Prefer man. 743 Walnut HE 6-J14I MAN for modem, mcely furn. sole.. '-»u«m. AULIi. ONLY, w - w c o t . ulil Pd. 926 E. 4!h. 57S - 245 Redondo ' 1600 E. OCEAN-SINGLE , $5 *~i; tGE TM,V' Ca r' I C «K* J-'^S i^'v' DOUDLL. S45-V5. CHILD OK. , ...°u.Ct. 37?3i- ; C. 15th. GA 7-1181. rp'oPACsss-utii." bd. Adulfs". 'Ho MODL 7 R|J 1-Br. lower. W-w caroet. n^l^ -JJ]4 T. ISIh. - 1311 C l5t SI.. Act. 2. S45:-SINGLE-I50 l-bdrm. Util. pd ^^- ,^ v f, relrio avail. , N r . p.t DK w.n f r i * r r « Hfllphs. 1133 Ravmond. GE 8-0054, S9^BMOt7fui"Tbdrni. util. od. Jr. W ?' GL ^« ^ tra 'f? e - ^WX*TM ocean. Adulls. No pels. 51 Hicto. rcas.J9» Mannolia. GA 4-2951. S85-- New mod. 1-br. V//iv caroet, drapes, washer drver. GE 3-59,17 LOVELY CLEAN FRONT LOWER I-BR. 1307 E. 3RD. Alio, dav or mo. 822 Maonol'a LOV^LR rear, single, adults. No drinkers 545. GE 3-7717. S55.-- mcr clean sole. V/nll htr. NICELY fuinlihccl apt. 515 wk. UP Ch'ld ok 1B25 Cherrv BEAUT. 7Bdrm. L. B. Blvd. New. Furn. Snccial bcnus NE v-?533. 7 b 0 ,n, HP R?£ E " ""bTorar,,, J« .Or., n « Avo, GA 4.5J3B. .._ M,ir._r,r .MiM: Gfc 9-J017. | rro , p ,,; cvrl ' v ,f, ino . Gt'9-J3J9. GENTLEMWI lo shdrc 3-bilrm. ' MB HEWL - Y dbcorTLgcrSreTwdTk. home wilh tame. UN !-«?. _ 1|r| dll , pnnc | ,,,,.,1 HF 7 ., ](u "a^rffilh'VbX 0 '?£"' I-5S;: ' ^1^TM^TM^. M^. "A*TM.. 0 ! 1 " 1 HOrS ' ° ^ " S P A C ' O U " iSS. S^ViS .J fU M IS - H _i D ! ,3,5- S T A H L r v V ' S g l t . . ulil. No ^""ilb,""- ;MS»X,-"'",,S SUWOALOW- ^ TMTM r TM- BF-U HTS.-- Redcc 1-br. uoocr. $7. r . W - w cot. Gar. Adults Nr. bloici g. bus. 362J Colorado St. GQ BHL. HTS., 3 t.-r.v. nd'lis. no DP!'. Nir.cly fjrn , lurnocc, v/asher e- 3105 MarQuita. Gi! P-f.V,i. $70 -REDEC. Dbl., uor.. Ig. closefs. 1065 Temple GE 8-1903; GA 7-8566 555-1-BR.. Lonu Beach. ? child. Ok. SGL.. icioinv, cltrtn, like RloM dn- town. 319 W. 5th. HE 56759. 560--5 RMS.. 2-OR., clean, adults. B I L M O U T HGIb. L'r,-. '.irpp - n CLE/Mi 5 ini! -ID!. UtM.!i« p.iid. .1 rn" t)0'*/n V E R Y A T T P A ^ T iv'i ,IH .M. ';o rt"- $50 ~-C 9 9??? ? flh |. ld f(° KJ r"?- 36 ' 8 VCrm01 ' °' ALAMlTOSBAY/'soacious-l-.h-rtrm-. -.""' TM..' r M . r-'.-^k . ort-.o. v,C5. GF 8.:96A. i*TM\ ? /riniK 1V ?m i' % r i°i' NEWLY decorated, well furnished, (floes- Adults. ?J35 L. 4th. UL ]. Bl i r(1 ,. HE 7-39J5 S70-1-BDRM. Ulil pd. Nr. 4th i Junipcro. Nn neh. 943JV; H. 5th. GE 4 8731 (urn. Srt5. Ariulls. 1368 Cherrv. $65-- Large 1 Bdr. ·) pulldown. Adits. Bus. A shops. 1330 Sinnlcv leen o.k. 833 W. 4lh. 575-- 1-ODRM , new de luxe, dKn , J65-- NICELY furn. lower single. UHI. pd. 24M 1 '; Linden. I-BR. dupl.. nftwly decor., ufil. Dd., adits. 460 Aimnrt. HE 2-6096. BEL. S"H. t'BR. "W9"50. UTIL. PD". 21-B ROSV^bLL GE 0-1591 $50-"-^- RM. "ub. Adulls. Fenced ""vd. 190? Sfanlev HF: 3-?4i6 SW--l-Br., ige. "kit., schls- bus, mkls.. chilrlren OK. 517 Orange. S57-- l-PR.. h'o vi . water nd , MOV/-, refria. 4 v J ' j Oav'^nn. GA 7-0234. J7S-NR' Bf-ACH". 1-Bfi" C'efln. uf." Pd. Tot. Pet. tlf: 6-795? SJ1 E. father St. Duplexes and Flats 104 (UNFURNISHED) EAST L. B.-- Nice loc. Quiet. 1 Br. Util. Pd G«r. S70. GF S-732J. BEL. HOTS. 3-Bdrm. Excel, cond. 230 WlrA Mar. GE 4-9715. 2-HR. FINfc. NEW, LOVELY 1820 V/. WILLOW. 510. HE 7-7687 $45-- C.LF.AN single. Adulfs. Util. nd. 2121 L.B. BLVD. Large l-bd,;ni. $85. SES^WLL" "FU'RN; FRONT "2~B'R*. Furnished Apartm'nts 106 New ,na De Luxe 1 -Bedroom Apts. xiJl"V Furnished or ^*^2i Unlurnlshed ^i-Ti=3 yw ^Z* S\vlmm'n3 pvcf %imm»^ . HMninmiv ^'ttiit' 5 ' LJinrtsrancd ALL-ELECTK;C .·.',:: BALLIOH KITCHENS NO CHILDREN OR PETS Casa De Solana Apts, S20 E. Adnms SI. (Hth and Atlantic) Phone OA J-M« bus. Adu'!i Nr. pels. 2266 Locus . 560-- 1-BR GAR. APT. ?GJCi f 11TH UPPR. front 1 b' rjirciv lum., unit heat. 770 St. Louis Ave. GE 9-3690. 545- LOE. smoic Util Dd Pensioner. 1134 Slanlcv Ave. GE 4-6214 190 R UP. Mcacrn l-Br. Adits. Gar. avail. 817 E. 46th St. SBO-- DELUXE 1 BR.-- lower, utl . nd. Aduils. W6 Wiollno. GE 4-4152. 550 MO.. 513 WK. Kids OK. Util Dd. Clean, dntn ants 25 S. Dnisv LKWD. 2-BR. Upper, wasnr., oar. 5125. HA 5-1405, HA 5-8574. LARGE 1-BR, CHILD OK. Ldry. facll. Nr. school. 1632 Walnul. SI -t W E t K . Cozy Iwr. sgl. Adulls. Util. nd 1915 Atlantic. GA 6-97A4 Vd., S70. 1430 W. Mid. Apt. 3. NEW 1-br. palio. Nr. Blxbv Pk. Adulls. 1731 Aopleton. HE 6J358 "I?" Che'rrv ai! GA jStsf"^' SEAL BEACH-- 1-br. Yard. Hear beach. 545. Bkr. GE 3-513V. S55-I-BDRM.. modern. Child o.k. LARGE 1-bdrm. apt. Nice clean. See 651 Redondo Ave. 5357 Orar.ce Ave. Ino. Apt. 3. 55P-UPPER I br. Balconv No petT 10S5 Linden Ave. HE 2-7534 S45-? BR. Reflff. V528-A E. Ana- iii S SSO-1 i 2-BR-. Ige mo'd. Child ok. Yd. G4 7.BJ83 GE 3-2591 *"?"~Brs., HTd. Pool. GA 3-81SS" Pates! 4797 Atlanllc. HA 1-2227 2-RR., diso., coin wasber dryer, paring. Infant. GE 9-8644. S70-MODERN l-Br. Adlls. Garage avail. 817 E. «th. H5-SGLE. 555. 1-BR., relrlg. stove. Adults. 1742 Chestnut. GA 7-1934 shwr.. sundcck. «21 E. 4th, No. . 56S MO. 1st week free. Hew 1-BR. 19th Tcmole. GA 2-3685. 585 -- ,1-BDRM. W'GARAGE. 851 Ornnoe. GE 9-8594. Disposal. Near bus stores. LARGE l-Br. ,ipt. Lower. 1 clva · 56S ,-1-BR. r '' n ve. refrlo., disposd . OK 1/70 Wfllnut HE 6-54R1 - 7207 E. lllh. GC 3-8236. NlrAR new l-bflrm. Hc«r Atlantic f. · NEWLY decor., dntn. 1-BR. Hew ou"i 4i4 Hul'c' . s t o v c f- relno. 560. HF 7-10.1-1 LAKLw60D~vrri AGF~-- "Sp'ac~o"us . LAKEV/OOD VILLAGE-- Redec. 11-Br 57/.-.0. HA 9-71EB. _Br._S65. n.irfloe avnll. HA 9-71SB 567.50--1 Bdrm., uoncr, block to bus Snfcwav 9709 E. 6th. GE 9-3010 SPACIOUS 1-bdrm., mod., carne cd. Huge closets. 3239 E 3rd St SINGLE. Ulil. Pd. 535 mo. Adulls. 2030 Soauldmo Wav. GE 4-1952 RE 'DEC*. 1-BR~"560. Ulil Pd. Adults." 112? GlAdvs Ave. HE 3-^206. 565 DBL. Clean, quiet. Util. Adu ts. 1483 Atlantic, Aof. 4. sgl. Util. 1240 Ddwson GE 97005 575-- 1-BR., *»rfshroom avail. Aduf s only. 2757 Monroe 1 E -S- 185 J-B'R. MO. Utilities pflldT~Belmoht Heights. HF. 6-3193. Unfurnished Apts. 107 S5S-- i-BR., garage in rear. Baby nk. 4104 E. 5lh GE 8-5054 AJAX APIS. -- OiiHr** ufolrnnie 1445 0. Hill " CLEAN 1 bi. upper n1. Near Bixby Park. Artjlh. HE 2-7132. 565"-" V/RiGLEY." l~b~lwr., c em '. 2235 Earl GA 4-OW5 570 MO.-- Brand new 7-bdrm. Disn. Aciintr, no oci".. )u2V Stan cv. NEW I'-BRr'Apt. OIsp. Adults. No oets. 570. 1072 Newport. GE 9-4133 W5-- LOWER 1-BR. StOVi «fr 0. Adults. GE 9-M3I, M7.50-NR. new i«. t-bcfrm.. tower. Adults only. 826 Euclid. S75-MOD. 1-BR.. slovc, cot. refrlD. Adults. ?919 Theresa nr. 7th. 565-1- BP. Pallo, vd. Child o.k. Se» 1502 Stanlev. l.B. JE 7-5778 collet. LAKEWOOD-2 BR. Spac. UOr., w-v/ tot. gar. 5110 HA 5-J-IOS HA 5-8574 S70-1-BDRM. STOVE REFRIG. CHILD OK. 6i5 ORIZABA Unfurnished Aph. 107 THIS AD IS WORTH $20 ON 1ST MONTH SENT RENT AT SMOG-FREE Park Western Ap's. ^"^ Heated Pool ^ 2-Bdrm. Hotivwooil TVM .,,_ stuoa Ants. S45.JJ Wiiii K6,-,8« 1 R«fr/BTZ3SW 1-Bdrm. :_357JI School! - Children WtlcorM 1200 Pork Wctttin ft SAN PEDRO TI 2-42»

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