Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 2
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 2
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THE AtTOONA MIRROR—FRIDAY. NOVEMBER S, 1929 i HUt^U YARE SUCCESSOR BEING CONSIDERED (Special to Altoon* Mirror.) WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 8.— The prospect of a fight Against Renting Joseph R. Grtindy an senator from Pennsylvania loomed today fts it pri tnary reftson the Bristol manufacturer will not he appointed hy Governor Fisher upon disposition of. the Vare case. Grundy himself, along with all other Pennsylvnnla political leaders, Is not desirous of seeing Pennsylvania any longer deprived of full representation in the upper house, it Is pointed out, Thus there Is every probability that he will advise Governor Flahor he does not neck the appointment, for policy's sake. X* It Is admitted Grundy could have the veeat, Fisher's obligation to him having been public knowledge for some time. But the attitude of Progressives and Democrats hero is (hat Clrundy is a* Ineligible for the senate HB William S. Vare. This view took concrete form last week with Grundy'H "backward states" references before the lobbying committee. To lend further credence to the view that Orundy will pas« up a senate seat, State Chairman Ed Martin today said Qrundy's possible nomination "has not been discussed." "The sonatorHhlp from Pennsylvania has not been discussed and will not be discussed until there Is a viicancy," he oaid. "Senator Vare was duly nominated and properly elected. From our gtandpolnt he still Is a senator from Pennsylvania, and will be until such time as tho senate takes definite ao- Uon." Neither he nor Governor Fisher, nor other Republican officials, he added, are looking over prospective nenators, for that reason. The Martin view Is taken hero an indicating that no definite stand has been decided upon, pending further developments, although It is not believed Martin, Rood or Flahor believes Vare has any chance of being seated. There have boon growing Indications lately that a number of senators who voted against seating Varo have changed their minds. On the other hand, It Is known"others have shifted the opposite WAV* The general belief In that these shlftH •will virtually cancel each oher. Senator Norrls of Nebraska, now tho leader of tho fight on the Fhtladelphlan, remained confident today o£ a majority •ufflclent to unseat Vare. Although none of those questioned •would talk, for publication, there is Also little doubt that Grundy would face almost as hard a task as Vare In gaining a neat, should he bo appointed. The result would^, be Pennsylvania's continued luck of full repro- contation In the senate. Furthermore, during a considerable part of the new year, with Senator Reed absent In January at the London naval conference, tho state would bo entirely un- represented. Martin's declaration 1» therefore regarded us significant. This significance was emphasized •when he repeated previously expressed views that "when Orundy fights for a tariff he reflects the sentiment of our •tate.' This \vas virtually what the state chairman had said last week In his •pceeh at'East&n. Martin's real buslncus in Washing* ton today, however, was to BOO that only Republicans are selected as census enumerators for 'the state. Senator David ,A. .Eced recently made public a.) letter to Representative Brumm, in which the uenator advised .congressmen to Ignore recommonda- tlono of the census bureau. "We are interested In getting a real •consul," said Martin today. "Wo did not get such a census ton years ago, *nd we will, not get it now If Democrats are appointed." • Martin conferred with Reed and •evoral congressmen during his .visit. HOUSEHOLD DRUDGERY 18 TIRESOME; ASKS DIVORCE CHICAGO, Nov. 8.—Mrs. Rose Carfora has come out of the basement, announced that she is tired of serving %« a household drudge for her hus- • hand's divorced wife, and a*ked for * dlvorco. She alleges in her complaint that two years ago Dr. Alphonse Cartoru Introduced his first wife into tho household and informed Rose that in the future sha would live in the base* tnent and act as their servant. He added that he did not want to see Mary and Gloria, hlu children by tho •econd union, but that they could Mtuy* below stairs with their mother "If they didn't make too much noise." Since that time, Mrs. Carrara al leges she baa cooked the meals, done the washing and kept the house clean beside* acting as maid for her predecessor. Come on big boy lets get some Philadelphia Armistice Day DiOZVIJAY, NOVKMBKB 11 ALSO Thanksgiving Day THUKBDAY, NOVEMBER 28 i-v. AHoona 12.10 A. M. BETL'fiN'tNG LY. PhU»deli>U» (Brood St. BU.) 8.10 t. If. AU 8t«el Equipment Pennsylvania Railroad TELLS OF SUGAR Spunking fit "BURar," «7ff,000 w«» spent In l«ns than a year by augur Intercut* lobbying before CongreBft for reduced duties, Herbert O. T,akln of Now York, president of tho Cub* company, told the nennte lobby Investigating committee In Wnfthlnffton Jlc'» pictured above n» he testified before the committee that he'd "norrnwfully" reached tho conclusion that » lobby wan noceaiary. COMING GOLD WEATHER NOT ESPECIALLY ROSY SHAMOKIN, Pa., Nov. 8.—Prospects for tho coming winter do not seoin especially rosy for a "mystery" fam- ly, including two little girls of 8 and 9 years, respectively, which is making Its home in an abandoned hog pen near Bear Gap. Practically nothing about the itrange group Is known to its neighbors, although it appears that the family subsists on the proceeds from begging by the two little girls, who walk six miles to Hhamokln every day for tho purpose. The family includes the father, Joseph frllcklngor, late of Kulpmont, his wife, and four children. They are latabllihed on a farm formerly owned by Frank Karpinskt, The only protection against cold winter winds which the group has, s sheets of papor which are nailed against the side of their pigpen home. It Is known that a house on the '.firm was used by bootleggers until" tholr still was discovered about two years 'ago. Since then the form has been abandoned. DEMOCRATS CLAIM VARE CONTROLS BOTH PARTIES PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 8.—Alleged collusion between the organization of Senator-elect William S. Varo and the John J. O'Donnell faction of the Dem' ocratlc party here will be brought to tho attention of Jowett Shouse, chairman of the national executive commit- tee of the Democratic party, it became known h«re yesterday. O'Donnell 18 chairman of. the city committee of the Democratic party here. His slate was smashed by rfi- voltirtjr Democrats In the primary election IftRt September, when candidates endorsed by the Democratic campaign commlttefi were successful. One of the leaders of the revolt against O'Donnell was Magistrate John P. Boylan. Boylan was defeated in Tuesday's election and two O'Donhell- •ponsored Democrats, William.H. Belcher and John P. Grells, were elected magistrates. Official* of the Democratic campaign committee allege O'Donnell made a deal with Vard to defeat Boylftn and help out his candidates. "We are trying to save.the very existence of our party in Phltadel- j plila," declared William M. Rutter, ! chairman o! the anti-O'Donneii Dem-1 ocratlc faction. "We are preparing to carry the Vare-D'Donnell deal to the national committee, and show the people how Vare dominates not only the i Republican, but the Democratic party • here." are improved by Rumford—made "bigger and better"-~literally~with the addition of Rumford Baking Powder. 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