The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 19, 1920 · Page 6
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 6

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1920
Page 6
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THE PRESS • "The frail !!ttie craft hummed noisily : ff her. petrol .motors, drove the twin •crews through the water. .The F?5,, •ne of the'^lder type of submarine, *as making 'ten-, knots through a, dlffl- .Hlt sea. Within her 250 feet.byi.15; Jfee held an amazing potentiality for Destruction. - Above the conning tower" rose the •Ingle., periscope 1 for the captain or lookout; man — now almost useless,, jhould {the F55 submerge- herseU!j.,,on,' account of the washing seas. .Within^ tte tower were the_observation_port, ieptlr;-meter, "and "tubes connectinl; *lth the engine room aad torpedo ttatlon. .The' platform • quivered IncW ' BUitly "as the. periscope; motor under- ^eath throbbed, and- the vibration at Hie engines made the entire vessel Jfolver: In the few days that he had been »t sea. the sense of responsibility for. his ship and the lives of his men had Weighed on- iDonald heavily.; Now, .enr" .terlng. the conning -tower; and- taking.- ikls stand beside the lookout man, he feemed to assume, a, dual personality; One part of: him bent : itself automatically to its task. The other , was .Ihlnklng.-over - the -events of the- past tew days, and pondering on their sig- •Ificanee. , •-..:.. On the day > following' his! • visit to Baltimore/Donald had telegraphed' ie- ?ea'tedly to New York, but no news. ftad' been received of the Beotia, and te Had -been nimble "to obtain any In-' . formation concerning her from any of Jhe port officials. 'He had .finally gone (board at Newport News In a ; very iteappolnted frame of mind, hopeless •O.' meeting .Ida Kennedy until after fl»e war. . .>..-,/ : ,'..- ,-. • • The'iChances -of his .surviving It did ' lot appear to -him to be brilliant ones. A last message from the mother ship -Informed htm -to keep his course Coward . the Shetlands. He . was in- ttrncted , that ' a battle cruiser - had . jUppe'd? out 'of the Kiel canal and JKDS lurking • somewhere among the; Norwegian fjords, • with a view to trading the blockade; making for the Atlantic, nnd harassing shipping there. Che inference ' from this statement Iras an obvious one, for the American Jeet's patrol joined the British in this longitude. •'"... "Smoke to starboard, sir !" ' Sam Clouts, the lookout, was-speak- iig, and instantly the two t parts. of Donald's .personality fused. ' Ida Ken- »edy "was forgotten. Upon ' the hori- .ion, through his glasses, Donnlcl could _ lee a tiny spiral of curling smoke. He flung over -the surface steering wheel and headed the F55 straight for 3ie stranger. _ From that 'distance he mew that, while he could see the hmnels of the ship, the submarine was invisible; owing to the curvature of jhe earth. ' Relinquishing the wheel to Clouts, ie watched the stranger. . Gradually ,lhe smoke thickened ; then there came :Dto view two funnels, and a hull half Divisible' among the chopping waves: It was impossible to mistake the on- •omihg, ship.. She was a battle erufser <f the Bluecher class, and she could escaping westward, to harry tommerce nl.png, the , Atlantic trade •joirte. With her fast heels "and 12- 4ich r guns, she could match, any unit jfloat except thos.e at .'the home sqiiad- •on.- •'"' '•'" ; '•;" Donald's luck was "with ^him after - • - feiarveo- uriew, 'afin slowiy SEe would swing back, growing more, discernible. ' Below; the' men', whQ understood that iin 'enemy ship was near, waited .In suppressed .excitement. . - . • ,' •"We'll,^ a: mile, ' Clouts," 'said 'Donald to the lookout. He.carrled only, three.torpedoes. He would'have.liked,to close in and make sure of his prey; but a shot at 'almogt the extreme range seemed preferable to:• hazarding the vessel and the lives of .his crew. '"."•• • . "Aye,_slr !•' answered Sam Clouts. "Clbfits was Bi man of about. forty years, hook-nosed, with bland, humorous blue, eyesi and- a square jaw under a square, brisBing .beard.,.;:When'!off duty he was perpetually playing is mouth-organ, and Donald could not help smiling to see his hand stealing covetously toward his pocket even how. '"• •' • ••'•'. •••' The German could hardly have been more than a.,mile .away..wh'eu she sud- denly'changed her course to westward. Donald had been approaching her head •on, jvith; the'•: object Qf. mah'euverliiK,' wh'en within s'trikihg distance, to send a. torpedo, amidships. The new course •of-the vessel' was -a bitter disappointment tb him. • • • • •: : (To be coattnued.) BAILPAYRJHSE BILL Terms of 'Reorganization Me'as- i ure'Are Made Known at ; Washington. WAGES TO STAND SIX MONTHS }•;.- • '•• .- .'-' ; -— ;•--. •• ' ': •;.. : i!:,- .;-.-•. Proposed Act Jointly. 1 'Reported j' vldes No ;Chanae : 'Shall Be Made ,| : - ' Before September ii—Arbitra- i tion Is Made CbmpulioryJ Washington, Feb. 19.—Wages estab-. lished i by.:. the railroad administration daring the war would continue In effect nnt«..Sep,ten>ber 1 .under, the^railrond reorganizatipn .1b'ili',, the conference . re^ port on which was presented 'in : the honse and. senate! ': -.^ . - . ' I .Under' the wage pro visions''tlie'i-e-' drafting of which; created more snr- congress^than any other change made la compromising, the.Esch bill.ot the house and.the Cummins -bill:of the ;House Committee oh;' Approplria- tipns trims: Estiirhates for . ••'.'.• -;•'. Coming Year; '. «i»liothingsogb*xi:foi-^otf and Baby a«VinoI, our God" v; . ; l^erwul^i4iiT«Miic.>''rV' f : HOWL OF PROTEST GOES UP Department of Commerce' l« H«rde«t , Hit— Slashes' All Along .-th« Line : Will Let Out Hundreds of '•:' Employee*; "'"' ••• / : Washington j-Febf IBi-J-Sharp ciit8-ii>; apprbpriatrbns" f6if "the various' government .departments fpr-the coming, fis- ' : CBl '-'yfeaT*. were; ordered, by ; the .house committee .oh .appropriationsi-i - i !."• ; •&... general howl., -of ^protest iweht up 'Irii)m.;pfficials J -QS,. £ th.e ..various departments, particulaidy,,the f departmeiit of commerce whiclr had ' a'sked .for .a, 'large' increase, .b.ut.was./cutliTiore than $l,00p,000 below its last year's total. of ^employees will be Hundreds senate,.pay., of railroad-.workers would 'dropped from, the "gp-nbrnment service be' stablilised'.at' the present levels' for'l UD(:le r the bill. -•.•'•'' s'«-.;•• ; -. , HAVE BIG FUND $33,800,000 'May Be Spent to Aid Cause in Europe. Great Britain Is Stirr.ed by Report of Drive of Americans With .Large Sum. London. Feb. 19. — Some British newspapers have been stirred to indignation by receipt from the United States of a report that prohibition organizations there >yere going." to use £10,000,000 (nominally-, $50,000,000, at current exchange S3G.800.000) fftr prohibition propaganda throughout the world, but chiefly in Great Britain. A few have expresesd. resentment at what they characterize ns outside interference with "the right of the Bng- .lishinnn to drink what he likes." "A subscription to' dry up the At- 'iantic would have, as much chance of success," s»ys the Saturday Review. "But. there arises the. question why, when everybody is harassed with post- win- problems, we should allow our pp.-iee to be disturbed l>y. a band of Yiinliee fanatics with never so many millions to scatter?" Referring -to disorders that recently attended a prohibition campaign conducted in Wnles by an AmeriOan, the paper adds: . "We really ; think the government might ask permission of the Washington cabinet to repatriate these meddlesome maniacs and to forbid, at all events, for.-the next .year or two, their landing on these'shores." ' HOME RULE BILL DELAYED She "was -proceeding -west-DOE'-west, ividently purposing to round the Shet- «nd8~and-so-g(xin the- shelter of the ipen seas. It wasia::darin'g maneuver,. mil -'She'.woold 'certainly, be 'sighted by" *e; British .destroyer : . flotilla. ., Still,: Sough she could hardly- outsteam • -^•em^iaor jiiLie .crart, sncr tnrgnt bear - -.4hSn .off Hind" escape before either the . British ; - or'-" the; : American • •blbckading ^ressefs could come' spon- the- scene. Donald spoke a sharp command Into ^tbs tube .of .the diving . station. . The. fcatch was -jammed down. The horizontal •rndders at the -bow were de\ ,:flected, the water rnshed Into the dlv- ^ng tank's, arid! the F55 began to dip. "IThe surface running light slanted sea-^ward as, .the bow went .under; "and ;«i6wiy regained poise as'the stern followed, bringing the F55 back to an isven keel. The hum of the petrol mo- •tors ceased, the hull was filled .with •the roar of the inrushing water; then •the electric motors took .up their «tendy throbbing. ' "Five meters !" announced the man at the depth indicator. "Six meters ! . Seven — half !"• At first the hum of the electric motors dominated all other sounds, but .gradually it became blended with a • medley of noises. Placing his ear a "moment against the plating of the lull, Donald could hear a steady .though faint pounding, whi'ch came, not trom within, but from the bearings of •the distant- warship, transmitted under water. Somewhere; too, Donald fancied that n destroyer was speeding toward them, for there was ,a faint and. almost imperceptible whir- atoS, as 'of "liigh-speed machinery. Mixed with the,,throb of the screws ,ttere : came the sound of their suction. 'JLt,, times the seits, -Breaking over the • periscope,. oBscured^his vision; Sp'me- times. too, the cruiser shifted outside jfrer tgcj . then the _pcrlgcope ' motor Qovernment at London Decides Not to Introduce Measure Today, as Planned. London, Feb. 39.—The government has decided not to introduce the Irish home rule bill today, as hnd been planned, pending further consideration .-)f one or two points. It is believed the points in question nre ns to;:how much eacli section of the country created by the bill shall contribute 'toward the maintenance of the empire. .••Because of the vast difference in th. area, the wealth and the population oC the two sections, the framers of the bill believe it will be difflcxilt to .reconcile the north and. the- south of Ireland in this,particular. S. ,B. Mason, Plrectpr, Illinois Farmers' Institute. BloomlBgton. .months'after the rail;e,'' returned tb private control and opera-i tiqh. The''bill'also seeks to : stabilize rates for-the same time, providing that prior to .September 1 no rates may be reduced unless approval of the lnter r state commerce commission Is, obtained. . . . •-' The restriction on wage increase was looked upon with especial intisrest by members of concress, railroad'' officials and union leaders iu view .of the recent 'demands of the more, than -2,000,000 'railroad workers for an advance in pay. . President Wilson,. In. supporting •the contention that no increases could •be granted, on the eve of return of the railroads, told the..union leaders. that_ their demands would be considered by a commission to be created by law.if. 'no-provision was 'included in the railroad bill, or to be appointed on his own Initiative. if no^ legal provision were mnde. . •. • 9 • ' ' • In the'belief that, a \vnse commission would be empowered to take up the>r demands, the 14 railroad" union heads have called a be held here.beginning Monday to discuss the policy to be ndopted in dealing with such a commission. Slashes All .Along Line. The committee reported to the house e"annual"'legislative; •• executive aridi ''' ' the judicial •ap'prop'r.ititio'ns bill. 'The. total cnrrleg-.':[s.';$104,120',616,'. which,. Is 1 -,' $18,-, 333,069 less than :the amount, requested 'in the. .estimates, and, $23,045,087 l^ss than the. appropriations for the current flsc:il_year. ". , '.; ' ''•.': The. slashes were mtulc'all along the line in accordance with -the attempt .of the Republican steering committee of the house to reduce all estimates by at least 2S per cent. . . .\ , Blow to Foreign Trade. ' The cuts in items of the department of commerce were aimed particularly nt its. activities in. the promotion of foreign trade. The. item of $165,000 in last -ypur.'s bill for commercial attaches in foreign : countries was eliminated, (he. fund. for. the .promotion of foreign" '.and domestic commerce was reduced^ from $325,000 to $175,000, .the fund'for the promotion of • commerce ..with-the far Eastw'as>educeU"fr,o,m $100,000 to $50,000, and. 38 employees; of the bu- erau of foreign ,. land domestic commerce in Washington were ordered dropped, six of : them beiujf chiefs of divisions. To ascertain'. if the railroad execu- The total allowed in the bill for the .bureau of foreign and domestic com- tives would agree to turning over, the wage controversy to such a commission. 'Director General Hines has requested n committee-of railroad officials to confer with him here Thursday. • . Few Changes Expected. Chairman Esch of the- house managers nnnounced that the conference report would be taken up'in the house Satunlny—and -Chairman- Cummins of thp sennte mnnngers expects to call !t up in the senate at a Inter date. Despite the expected opposition to the new wage section..Republican lenders of both the house nnd the sennte expressed belief that the conference report would be adopted and the bill' sejnt to "the president with little change. The outstanding points of the measure as finally agreed upon nre: Compulsory submission of labor, disputes to a permanent federal bpnrd 'appointed by jthe president and composed of nine members' equally' divided between the employees, employers nnd the public. Nn provision is made for enforcing the bonrcl's deci'sion. A'rt.1vistm.ent of rates by the Interstate commerce commission; so as to yield to carriers-a return jof-5% per cent upon the aggregate value-of their property, with another-, half of one per cent for improvements. ' " Distribution of. half the'jiiet railway operating income in excess of six per cent of the property vnlue, equally between the carriers' reserve fund and the federal roil road' contingent fund. •^*•"~*~"^^^^™™i^»««i^' • LA1JKA E.lS^ARTZ ' Chronic CK»i«e* (Specialty Offlo* In L»ud»r-Nlcholt • - : .j ! F*- 1 --V'y-';,-','. ", ' j To impart the life givinz and body grow, ing elements to your! Baby, you must be in good condition'yourself —yoU'hiustVbe strong and vital, you- must have real red blood, and your.own food 1 rnust Be' well digested and Jreadily assimilated. VJnoj win give you ill .-this?; If'you need strength .and your baby is not doing as well as_he :mighttiy -,'» ibbttle'. of VinoJ andjr';see .how-!baby: will impfbvb and how much better you will' 'feel yourself;"," . . ^ : . .-. NOTE:— Your leading druggist las: for' many yeara : specially, •recommeridea Vinol becausdrhe • knows'- there js .iibtliiijg better' than tUis,famottn .Cod Liyerand Iron Tonic to.create strength and build one-up; 'Th*-' formula of'VinoMs on every label. . .„ ', Your money back if it fails. Claude Fox and Druggists everywhere. WILSON GETS REPLY Pr.esicfetTt: Studje^ Allies' Answer, : on ; Adriatic Situation. Contents of Note Kept Secret, bat Rumor Bays It. Is Both Conciliatory and Defiant. AViishinijt'iii', Ij'eb. ;19.—-The reply nf thu. ullied'suiii'eriie council to President. Wilson's .'protest-' •sijriiiiiRt' the lafest proposed "solution of the Adriatic problem' rencftod Wtishl.n^ton .and is now in Mr; AVlson's•'•possession' I'or consideration and ivJoiiideT. ..'.".•'• - . W.'ishtiisfonofliclnls miiko tlio ivply.-public »!•- to diseus-s it. hut Hie note, i.i.w111<;)-\v'ir[i President U'il- nieroe is 5487,4-70, as against $910,5101 'son's'protect ob'nmi'ning the tliroiit'.to. appropriated last year, a cut of $428,-!"' itllllr »''V"irn- peaty, froin-thb -s 040. TO LAUNCH BUILDING BOOM : Contractors Say $6,000,000,000 Will Be Spent In Home Construction •• • This Spring. ' Chicago, Feb. 19.—A building boom involving an outlay of $0,000,000,000 is. to be launched this spring, according, to' delegates to. the.convention of the Associated General Contractors,- at its meeting here. The booni, the contractors, say, will last for five yeurs and will relieve the shortage .of dwelling places, .throughout the country. . . The convention was called for the purpose ot discussing the many problems-which have • operated to retard building and bring about the present housing shortage and enormous increase of rents. CRIME TO "CALL STRIKES German Commander in Chief Issues Order Against Inciting Walkouts . of Workers. . Berlin, Feb. 19.— Gustav Noske, commander in chief of the Greater Berlin district; and ; Brandenburg •:'• province, has: issued ah 'order threatening imprisonment a flne up to 50,000 ^.T,ln1. » m l,~ « T , • j. j, L i. ] yi'^wmucLii. ui a uuv: up iv uv,vw ^«L for th 'i ," y , 6 C ? m " marbs for inciting per S on S ,":by speech ±^ , tne .' asslstan <-'e of weaker m : jn writin& fo ^ WO rk which roads. • Government guarantee to railroads against a deficit during the first six months after the roa'ds nre turned back.-' •••.•; . ..-Permissive consolidation of railroads In accordance with a general cpnsoll-. dntion pJnn to he prepared 'by the Interstate commerce -commission. Loans and Claims Fund. 'Appropriation of $500.000,000 to be userl ns revolving funds'from-which to make lonns to carriers nnd pay claims. \vould affect the production or distribution of foodstuffs. The deccee is directed against threatened strikes, of! the .bakers and hotelkeepers. . .. . . FIUME COMPROMISE HINTED Paris Newspapers Say There Is Po» ' sibility of'Reaching Adriatic V Settlement. Paris, Feb. 19.—The Paris newspa- growinc .out of federnl.. control. Unex- pers hinfnt the possibility of a com- penrted funds now in ,the rnllrond-nfl- ! promise being reached on the Adriat- ministrsitlon's hands are also renppro- priated for that purpose, nnd nn.ap-.i propriation of .$50.000' for the federal labor board is provided. ic difficulty. They suggest that complete neutralisation of .the .Adriatic would nifike unnecessary the application of the treaty of London .(with .its As finally agreed upon..the lahor sec- military 'safeguards for Italy) and tion provides that "it shall be the .duty ! would be consistent with the*aspira- of nil carriers and their officers, em-j tlons-of all nations in the Adriatic, and agents to exert every ren- sonable means to nvoid any interruption, to the operation of any cnrrier p-owlhs: out of any., dispute behveen- the cnrrier nnd the employees or sub- ordinnte officials." • ASK STATE RESCIND DRY ACT Chicago Alderman Would Submit'' Liquor Question to Vote of the People. " Chicago, Feb. 19.—Aldermen Kostner and Tolman introduced~at Oie meet- Ing of the city council resolutions call- Ing upon the legislature to rescind action ratifying the eighteenth'-amendment, and to put the. : dry question, up to .a, vote of the .people. The resolutions, were referred to the judiciary committee. . ' :: USE COFFINS FOR FIREWOOD Vienna Press Reports Robbing -of Graves of Articles of the-Slightest Value. Vienna, Feb. 10.—Systematic vandal-, ism nnd robbery in cemeteries has' led to . demands for police . protection. Newsp'npers say graves nnd vaults have been despoiled, nrticles of the slightest value stolen'and coffins smashed for .'-fire wood; ; '•.'.' .. / . may he •}iiihl!.sh>i| within n few days'. At the [li-etiiilBats dirwtion the iillU'*' 'ootmcH. had iu j en-aKktMl tn "verify.'ir.ri- marinqs 'couiing Crnr.i :ibrnn<l-that they w<p;ikl not oliject to publtet-'m'i of''Use 1 cii; i i'i'S]niiiil.i i nc i i>. II" in..undi'.^ssccul here that-Hie ailic:-' I'pply ro .Mr. \V'!> !« co'iK'iliaioi'y -in 'tt:no...l»ut' i (li!fi:in't in ... spirit.;' Insisting iliat tlie Ad'rhuic (luustiini should-nut' be I'eqnpiied. .;;n(Lsi',->kin.u to .justify'the action, -of I'reiiiipr I.lo.vd (7«,rjcu and .fo.nuor. .I'l-.t-uii.?!.-. CkjiMPiit-ijau in r'iivis- • ing""!he proposal of. ncce'mber'. K 'fi 1 ' \yliich-'Miv\Vflson-..agreed.. and..subniii- i.iiig it ivirli «n';ii!tiiiiatii:,ii Id Jiiiru- Slavia wiiliiHi't 'i-oiisulrlng -the UniiPd •Stales. ' '•••.'. GOIfJG UP OVER 1,'j- EFdGLAND MACKEV, COAIL bprici : i NEW HAMILTON BUJLOINa ' H«ura • to IV A. M. a n4 I «• • -P. • :.. PHONI tt •-'•; • -'-•'•"•'•• '- Attorney* at : Law '•••;.' • PhOB« «M KV, •ulto 112.111 New Hamilton DJESLIA CALDWEIJL/ Mi D/ MoANALLY BINLDINQ 211 Wa*t Main »tr»#t • Pfflo* Hours—• to 10.M.M.;. 11* 4 *>.•« GARBONDAtE CANDY Honie Made Candlea and 16* CrwM| T«l«phon»M4Y ECONQMY COAt J. B. WOODS, PROP. Waahtd Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. HENR^BAIN ' ' GET OUR PAIGES ' •:• ; 'Phone' '342-' K • H. Q, HALL & CO. rCOAL AND POULTRY ' SUPPLI'E'S' : : Phone; 233 ' W. A. BRANDON) ML D. GENERAL PRACTICt AND TUB " Teitod Vrginia Bldg. -QlaMM Pitted CcrbondaK lit, F.L.LrNGLE,M.D. •p*el>l attention to Ey«, tmr, • and Tbr*at QlMMi Fltud Phon«t.: Residence 330-2, Oflle* Big Jurr-p M?de in' the. High Cost of Living, Savs London " ' ' ' -•" Report. •- '..... , T.omlnn.VFi'li. HI.—A .lii:: '.tiunn in H. C. I., .in- IJrtiiiin: .-ar'uniniffil. hsre. hrinsn; !hc SIVJ-V.-IMP vin-~i per. rent in" a month. Soviiv:'V:o|-!'o.iv :rj i?]i n mnts n. spnnl. .sell/ng..iii 20; ce:its; to!i;i-' : co. all hrjindp, is-iip. ,'M'n/*.con's fiM'ftunQt*; ci^ai-s oi-e,i:'ii TO to. 20 .per..cent, butter is up 8-cents a ypuad, sellins -it 75 cents. Advances.- are. prpcilctert soon in taxi fiirH's'. triflii. and bus. faros.. In snciir. rife..-nn«l .Inin. S.ho^s also-^ H(lv;iiK'e. .F'QStnl worjrei\s (ie- mand higher, wacosi' DESCHAN.EL,-,'..,^iS PRiSONERS Sweeping '-Amnesty to, Mark Assump. tion of French '.Presi<lenoy._: . '..'' , Trsitcrs Exccpted: I'tivis. Kp;-). .i:).—A; s,weH|i!i!)p sniiir (if niiinusty was nnuli-" by"l':uil..•n<>si'li:ij'n;| njion liis hsf!ni'Yi'n;{-!.l.h'e::ruii('ri(in's of. pi-esldfiif- i)f':llH- [''rt'iu-h rc.puliiu-. (-jvii and military. njTuiiilyrs '\vi>:-;>. ,'nclinlcfl; rhe only ^.••tjitihn'x- \\vii-- 'PCI-KHIIS' con-. Tic.'lyil i>|' tut'iiAin .-is;;iin's[ ih<> st:'ite. Money "b'aclc "\vittiiSit afifestfoh if HUNT'S Salve fails in the treatment oflTCH, ECZEMA, RINGWORM, TETTER or otheritching,8kin diseases. Try •:75 ;cent^ ourjisk: HEWITT'S" DEtJQ " S PILLS ^ RESTRICT JAPS' SIBERIA No • More of ' Mlk'a'do's Troops to Be, Sent West Frpm Vladivostok, It Is Reported. Vladivostok, -Feb. 19.— Ae the result of negotiations between General Krak- owitiski, commander of the .-Zemstyo.'- army,' aoid M. MntsiKlulra, representing .Tapan','- : instructions. : have been sent to- the Japanese general in command to-. cease sending Japanese troops from. Vladlvostokv.westwar.d.^ This move is* Interpreted here as tar dieating that Japan .desires, to avol* a conflict with the Rns'sians. KERENSKY SAFE IN ENGLAND* , $1,000,000 to Keep Out Booze. ;Washington,-Feb. 19.—An additional ! $1,000,000 .Jor enforcement of the law prohibiting . liquor importations ' was : • written into the second 'deficiency: bill by 'the-sehiite '6n^'recbmmendatldsa of L: the appr6prlatt6niB''cpnlni't»'eft•'".-;-'; 'j;' k. • ....... . ••• • .. • • ._-. .^ i fc Former Russian'. (Vemie'r Not Seizedi- iti Caucasus^ as Reported-^ln "' ' " London Some Time. London. Feb.-. .10.—JReports .through. - Copenhagpn t-hat..Alesaii<Jer Kerenskjv\ the Russinn ; revol.utionnry- premier.' whose, re.sinje. wns .overthrown by th& 'bolshevik! in November. 191-7, had) been imprisoned to.the Caucasus were;-' speedily 'shoVn to be untrue when inquiry.'revealed that KerensK-y .wns still- in England,: where he had been livingr • for some time. . As k'-for FIV:E; ; , MILLION^ USED IT LAST YEAR BILL'S d3 remedy for 20 rear«, : form—safe, «ure, .'Jlo- piccesr~breaks up a. cold in .24' hours—relieves grip in 3 days; back if it fails. The-me box ha> a Red,p with Mt.v-B0e>' picture. „, ..,..„,,..' 5-if. I

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