Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 64
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 64

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 64
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17* Auto* far 5«t ,CHEVKOIJET flOOUESTION.... ,rhis'43Cj»«v.BelAir fZ-Door Seden ..... IS JVer'ni HOLMES-Dodg. Jjsm 1 Atl»nite ·42 CHEV. NOVA ._. $999 i«i!*L Im, Wllm. TE MiTl ij CHGV, Imptll Convertible; VI fr-illae, K-H, Patter; *225A; · with 1-Yr. w*rTMA. $(«». Beech City Chevrolet JCT E. P»c. Crt. Hwv. In*, cony. Air tana. 1 CHEVY II K»». 4 dr. ». Aulo, . #P:» jJ : -____ tti» Bcich City Chevrolet nei e. FK. Ci). Hwv. GE 3-7;i 1S!» CHE BWd "can*. 'i I Ml Air 4-dr..! er, R-H, jhv}. ... Beach City Chevrol /oil fi) ld*. P/ ) 1U» olet ! M1 E. Pac. Cit. Hwv, eg 3-74J1 CHRYSLER '12CHRYSLER ...... $1199 WAGON. LOADED. - - Mvmti. 714; eST W'.YCrkcr, la cocx). . 11J30. GE COMET 'I 2 COMET 2-Or...::. $849 vl. Automatic radio, hwter rwl sJurp car. Good transporta Heiwley-Ariderjon Ford tO E»H AlMdfl TO 7-2734 !¥, CONnNeWTAT,: '· CONTINENTAL COUPE '«] .CONTINENTAL 1EDAN ¥'· iMtiSi wffsJJL. r- --" CORVAIR rrSrifei 1 . " 4 Bd.. L.B. '40 CORVAIR Coe. =l JIM SNOW FORD wm P.ramoonf itvd. ME 4-340 ·UCORVAIR Monia, RIH, FM lu tr-w/vlbro ionic. 4 spd. 433411 ' fuliy · g!ii 174 CORVAIR I '61 MONZA "SPOUT I 899 A-1 MEL BURNS FORD _»iS Long Beach Blvd. 31.3315 61 CORVAIR $597 fiSBf. ty?'*} «« d ' '·""· CORMIER CHEVROLET 174 FALCON '* FALCON i-Or., R-H. oooel !r . .. H. oooel !r»n«. ctjiTSViUi M Beeefi City Chevrolet Mai e. nc. at. n*v. OE 3-7431 ·a FALCON 4-*., TBS. . '44 FALCO _sMt '62 MONZA CPE $699 jjl_E. Anaheim. Wllm. TE 5-M7I 63 CORVA1R $999 64 CORVAIR .:...... $1599 Monii. 4 sp«d. PCG 139. CORMIER CHEVROLET 6] CORVAIR Corn; »«A; 4. »nj; R-H; whllt with r«d Interior »95 Beach City Chevrolet ran E. PK. 01. n«v. 63 CORVAIR $999 ... Beach City Chevrolet 37C1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7«l Beich City Chevrolet MOl E. Pac. Cit. Hwy. OE a-7411 CORVAIR Monri, , ··Ml r»d; S7KA; tun Beach City Chevrolet E. Pac. Ctl. . GE3-74J1 a »$Si '·imfli'j~*~iffi' Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. CE374J1 61 MOrJT-A CPE. 'ti FALCON J-Dr. t*d. KtH. Hick »1JM. 3741 Cerrlloj. CA7-77M. IMAM** far fete FORD IE. Auto., R-H, p/ltKT. Beach City Chevrolet "1 E. Pac. CU. Hoy. 6E 3-74J1 '45 GALAXIE 5» HT Cpe; POWER EQUIPPED _TM~ ttlff C. BOB AUTREY lt» L.B. Blvd.. L.B. j.l-1373 SHORT of casti or credit problem? Relecled by olher dealers? t*9 dn. + fix t i r e , will buy you any new IMA Ford ot Your choice by celllfia Don Parrlsh--HE 2-7I4S. '« FORD GALAXIE, X-L 5«, pwr. brakes, pwr. itrg., air cowl., car like new. 91575. DON TEMPLE CHEVRON DLR. MO E. SPRING llcwer Blvd., TO 6-1761. '60 FORD Country sdn. 4-dr. wag.. V-l, au!o, owr. Itrg., RIH. Like new . $497 No Cash KMded OAC. ME 3-?iJI BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE 'a FORD GIL f«it e»ck C M. Full M FORD Sedan Good Tranworl ttfrn ,~ n PARKVYOOD CHEVROLET XSt L«fc«woed »|yd. ME M7I1 62 FORD Falrtafl. Sedan..v-a, p/s, ·utornallc «-* * *7w PAR KWOOD CHEVROL ET SOS? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07»l ·a FORO Galaxie Id:, ht., aulo.. ""caVfteefleVoAcnSeril'sil BELLFLOWER *UTO STORAGE '«2 FORD GALAXIE 2-dr. H«P-, Vt, ftulo. RH./ pwr. str.. new Mint. Im. like new/ v re«Qv to 90. Belllfowtr Blvd. TO 6-17J1. 15550 Paramom! Blvd. ME . CORVAIR 2-Dr. Auto, '» CORVAIR, deluxe, orlo'nal own- *r, M.OM mt. Ph. » a.m. lo f p.m. 43?-6*n er afler 3 p.m. GA 2.OW. '45 MONZA lly EOulDtKl. .VETT£S-rOver30of'Em U CORVETTE FaitDKl!. gray. 300 H.P. Orli own. ml. tISSe. TE 1-U4J.. '17 VBTTE. shwp. txctll.. ami muifuil H». filrtn KIP. ·sreo'Ry. F.I.. ,»*«* t^tt Js e«t. »ao am. New tlm. m-6tM '» ·COKVETTE-4 spd H«t. int. DE SOTO f»: 1. IWI, n DE front L _ - p.m._UrM t cond.,,.rtg*it DODGE '44 FORD Gal. "500" 2-dr. hr.._. RH, aulo., pwr. alro./ caul or assume contract. _B1 E. Arteila/ NLB. GA 2-1201 174 NEED A SELECT 2nd CAR? Wt'v* GOT 'Im -- Jnt Pick 'Em O«t ·51 FORD 4-Door. 6-cyl,, a u t o . , Dwr. steer., radio, htr. QJV 3 1 6 .... '59 FORD fetal* 4-Door. Radio, f A A A heater, auto., pwr. iteer. AIR ·Mr ar '41 TRIUMPH HeroW Convertible. SflAift 4-ipt.d. CLEAN *999 '40 VALIANT 4-Door S*4an. Auto., $| AA radio, heater. White 1W '60 GALAXIE Town Victoria. V-8, auto,, rod., htr. Real sharp. QBR 423. --100% HxiKltf AvilliUo (O.A.C.) »* BURNS ^ 2055 B ^ 591-3315 17A 1965 220 CHEVROLET IMPALAS TO CHOOSE FROM! 2O C O N V E R T I B L E S All *i)V»Mj wlrt V-l Mftn*, ««t*nertfc tmHtlulm, p«w*f itotfhra,, radio t k*«t«r. $1999 171 ·W FORD Galaxle v-») J.dr., R 8, Hlr.. pwr. s ro. Clean. 1500. Or g. ownerTlsil) Vf. ilit. CAT«OT. '60 FORD Gil. HO dr., «lr, full ' 6340 E. SPRING EXCEL. '» C ~ - e w f B onvtrl. '. IIW E 4-WK . HtK-, wtom. £uh or termt. 'i5 FORD V4 outocn 4-dr., auto,, - · RH. Ca«i or auum* comracr. ni-E. XrHlla. SLY. GA I-l2el '* F ?5 5059 Lakevii '41 FORD ?-dr. Xlnt,-cand, inc. Call m-'jm b*fye 3 p.m. ·a FORD Vt lllck, gd. tnnw. US. ·K FORD, 4 dr. Sexlv, X»d rubber, Battery, brafcM. »I75. OA 7-1777, '63 DART GT 2- Dr. HT Sold »rviced by us; his rad^o, VeTn^HOLtvfES^Dod'ge 351* «. A«»ntlc : ,i l ;:-.--T- 42.-7131 ,r,-H.-1p».- ; AI- $ 49 DELIVERS AMY CAR--NEW OR USED On Apprav*** Ci»*t -- Plw Tax eve 1 UCMM '64 PONTIAC 4-Door Hardtop. AIR CONDITIONING, avrotnatk, p o w e r . $1 AAA Many otter txlras I W" '62 PLYMOUTH 4-Door. . . . V-», $EAA " «te _ 9jfjf ·62 FORD FUTURA Cotjp*. Auto., rorfio, iMattr, vinyl roof. «re ·60 FALCON 2-Door. Rodio, l«ot«r, $ standard traniniHiioti '57 CHEVROLET 2-Door. Automatic 199 ·RAND NEW . . . OroV yours rodoy. CHRYSLER 4-Door. Factory $, '2649 ·RAND NEW . . . '66 PLYMOUTH FURY Factory tq«lpp*d _. Order yo«n 'today. ·RAND NEW . . . '44 IMKRIAL . . . . Order yours today. CARL'S CHRYSLER · PLYMOUTH · VALIANT IMPERIAL 1200 N. AVAIOH-- WILM1HGTOK 2 llecki SeuHi of Pacific Coast Hwy. TE 5-3131 100 COUPES and SEDANS All equipped wit* V-t Hfluc, iirtwnetlc Mwnmlulon, tfwrln*, rarfle ft h*e1«r. $ 2199 100 COUPES and SEDANS With Factory Air Conditioning All *4ntp*«4 wlrti V-l mflM, «m«im)k rrennilMiai, PDW*T sWerliif, rWI», k*ot*r nt fatrory elr ee»d!rH»l»f. $2399 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Buy today, drive tonight, If net satisfied, bring back tomorrow end get your money back! 220 1965 CHEVROIETS All In out (MM Never htfor* M many (tin c«n inllcM* la c1i*M frtml CORMIER Chevrolet Co. TtM l*r^ta, Ntwnt, and M.rt Meeltra Car Ctntar LOCATED ON THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF-RAMP LONG IEACH Pfcone 830-5100 SALES DEPARTMENT OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK DODGE PC H, P/itnrl PARKWO . . if KWOOD CHEVROLET V. 5059 LattWQOd aivd. ME 3-OT8I ·M " DOOOE . MATADOR R»dk ·H, DODGE. Gooil 2r PARKWOOO C SQ59 Lakewood Blv '57 DODGE--oood running ccnd. Best offer 4H4I21 anvtUrit. _ dr. Hdlp. irp tfSO. TO 6-M4 '61 DODGE Lancer, klnt. U N lnt. eontf. DART ICE1 ., t 270, dr. MO.A... NEWEST OF THE NEW iCHARGER! i'szse 82 DIL1VEHD HIRE! ufactur.r't sugg*it*d retail price, delivered her* exclusive of sal.s tax, liceiu* and optional .quiprnsnt This pric* includes *--- all these features as standard equipment: · We* WM«I . Dee.) DhTi Wh**4 Covers « Lighted OUve MX · LlgMtdCensel., ._ · RearCoTrtesirLlllin USED CAR SPECIALS PRICES GOOD FOR THIS AD ONLY DOOM DMT CT V-l, R»H, He, , HmMHTK, »·!, MHi tie, ; J4Uim « t-iHi, H,3M-»lli vmrranly. $2395 11 DODCt POUR* J» M«wrK«, rU(«, kulir, iiwir »*Hi iMmll tirti S 1395 MDM ttnturr MI , AilMtrUe, r«4lr«, feiilir, lie, »» 5-ynr, IMMHilli tnrranly, $2195 s^M CHfVMLIT IUf» tPMT «·· AAF .JMMtll*, wwir llHrliv, 91 Sf 513 ? |*H»wiH Hrn, nil*, lutir. IVVV ;« MOW mm 4-oew H***-, ' MMH,)*, rtttle, kitttr, · ifttrlw -. M495 ,. ..... JTAT1M WAfiflll vf*f*H*fitiri AttMiHe, 'NitK. Hwtr itMflut - $ 1995 ^ ACK WIDGER DODGE UfOO UKiWOOD HVD. Kro,«.foai i ;«v^ SlotV No-. il!4 ^1795* Brand New 1966 A M E R I C A N ^1995 Brand New 1966 C L A S S I C j. S'O'k * No, J204 , 1966 RAMBLER STATION WAGON INCLUDCt: twlonntic tfjnimiviion, wKiU »W*wiH IIIM. Suck N*. tO»0 RAN C HO s* ...!.,,.. A.- P h 591-3341 216O Long Beach Blvd. LONG BEACH Thanki, Folks, for your patronage) LAST MONTH YOU IOUGHT U1ID CARS * TtUCKS OSCAR CREAORY HOM OSCAR GREGORY CHEVROLET IN PARAMOUNT f.i H«vt r»v«o! If r.»i T» DRIVE A LITTLE SAVE A LOT-- AT OUR TEXAS SIZE USED CAR LOT CORNER PARAMOUNT ft COMPTON ILVD. PARAMOUNT ME 0-5861 OVER 150 CARS IN STOCK MUST BE SOLD NOW! -- DURING OUR -MARCH CLEARANCE * S A L E * TRANSPORTATION LANE $799 TOPS! Tfwx Ctrl «ri MI fc*it ftwtr prkrt tr»d«.|ni. '57 VW. Rtdlo. heiltr. Ecooomv iptclll ·J7 IMPERIAL HI. Kiel ta*in, _____ ·J7 IMPERIAL HI. CM. F»il. «lr, hill powtrT wHI krol. btmilllul c«r lh» »it oy«r isxo new '! FOKD utility CM. nl., RH, lid. MII. ·re tM M.I M Mr _'499 . ' «vtrh«ul. BMutlful COM. IUH. Inli /ljT?.? 1 ' « v t r « '* COXVAIR t««v . nr*. R««l oood rvnr»r ___., CHIV. Ifl »V M«. V.I, R.H7 P. Gild?; . sKiit.f56S"iSirir«r»' OM. thr»v*oot ___ rfor t «xl[rl»f NEOB _ «MO ^ rer lleerlno. A crtfefn puft . MANY--MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM TRUCKS GALORE! '·I CHEV. rub6«r, transmlitlon. r nr «xl, t»«vy '1 1QO ydramallc lloor shin, ·olet, V-« ~ , 4.ipd. Iraos. Sf Tarpaulin cove. Late, model '44 CHEV. «-TDN PICKUP Beautiful Ihnayclioul, Lie NIMH ,__ , . _ _ 'M CKcV. U-TON FTMIsW. BH Bto 6-cyl. efig. 4-lod. if. EOA '/.·"c-HEv" 1 ^'--' 1 **8 TM^ 1 " ------------=-- *??9 R^kt M "side. 'A'ileWVt" ' *" Q ' ~" y CHEV. CORVAIR. Van body, 4^.p3rtr«i«., r«flo and ( Kea*er, motor overtiayled. Like n»w --TM_ ' - _ lust overriauled^LIke new --! . . AO99 '41 CHEV. Iri-tOH. Ca£ a, cha^.T^V-t, Ions w/t«i»Tl' 3-fc(l», 4-lpd. rwr a^l. .._,, '2279 MANY--MANY MORE TO CHOOSI FROM STATION WAGONS! CHEV. Biicayn., 6. R*H, P/aliJ., 4- cy l. Spotl.H $11OO UhrougSoul * l ITT '» CHEV. Gr..nbri.r 9- 4-tfd. franl., radio, r. Lik« SljAO I n«w throughouK 1 TM" » '40 PONTIAC Bonn.vlll.. 16-Pen. *,SH. aulomalk, P/il«arinj. A SDOO ot r OTT I ' 4 3 CHEV II Nova 4-pan. 1RJH, P/glidi, P/f.or window. Sl Ifmi.h '44 CHEV 1.1 Air 6..=,i. V.I. RtH, P/gtld., powir il«»rlng. Clean $ lei A A tdroughoull I OTfT '4 CHEV. I.I Air 6-pm. Factory air can. V-l, RtH, P.G., P. Sta.r $t)AOO Immaculof..... *XWTT. '·2 CHIV. l«t Air, Fact. air con., V.|, RtH, F/glid. P/it..i. $1JQO Lie. R Q T 3 0 . *I*OT ·*2 CHEVY II Nova 1-Dr., RIH, P/ 4 lid«, Air Cord. A '1099 MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM CHEVROLETS-WE'RE LOADED! S.don, V-», P/il««nng. $1289 2-Dr., V-l, M299 '·3 IEL AIR ftlH, P/glida. Spotlaul _... '»4 IEL Aid idn. RIH, P/gliJ., P/it..r. Fact. air. Truly St.a! 'S» '1499 CO mm RSH. Pwr. A b.'outy ..I 199 ·«4 MONZA Spyo'.r cp., RIH, -t-ipd. our but M199 4-»«. 140 h.p. RSH. Low mll.i. Und.r fact. $1 O4A warranty ............ I O*f f '42 MONZA Cp*. RSH. 4- spd., Big .119. Lie FST 050. ·5? IMPALA Spt. Cpi. VI, R-H. P.gllde, P.tte*r. Tur- quois. with SJKaftO matching Interior TM" · '.S IEL AIR 2-door, V.8, RSH, P/ g lld., P/st..r. Lit. ±, d ._ *2179 '45 IMPALA Cp.i. V.|, RiH, P/gliJa, P/sleartna, w/walli. 2 to chooi.. Both u n d r , *2449 warranty 4fc"T"TiT MANY, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM ·S IMPALA Hip. Seda.. V.I, RIH, P/g!!cf., P/it..r. w/walji. Factory elr an^ It .................. $ 2599 ·»4 IMPALA Spt. Cp.. V-l, RSH, P/glld*, P/.t«.r., w/ walls, tiautiful tKraughoui and a Si TOO t«al at ....... ...... I* ~~ ·«4 IMPALA Hdtp. Sdn. V.|, RtH, P/glld., P/.t..r, w/walli. Lie. FMV 012. A M799 ·43 IMPALA Spt. Cp.. V-l, R4H, P/glid., P/.t..r., w/ walli. Lie. JRZ It7. Our ................. ·lit MONZA Cp.. M599 $ 899 '*! CHEV. II Spt. Cp.i. R-H., P.glid., P.iL.r.. un- d.r warranty. 2 to choai* ".;.. ........... *2099 More Makes-More Bargains! '« FORD Gal. SCO Spt, Cp.. Big Vt .ng., 3 carburetors, R-H., 4 ipe.d. A hot on.! '44 FOXD GaTaxie 500 Spt. Sedan. V-«, 390 .ngin., RiH, Cruiiomatic, P/ii»r- ing. Fact. air. $1*FQO iV. n.wl I / T T ·4 FORD Cuilam 500 S.d. .«, RiH, Cruiiomatic, P/ tearing. Factory air. A 1 '1599 42 FORD GaWie 500 Spt. S.dan, V-8, RJH, Cruiio- matlc, P/lte.ring. Origirial baautifd $1OOO h,oi;ghoul I V 7 T .2 FORD Foirlon. 2-door, V.|, R*H, Sto 1 . tram. Economy plui an $QOO mmaculal. carl.. OTT tl VW. R.H. 4 ipa.d. LI, *999 '41 PONTIAC Catolino Spt. Cp*. RiH, auto., P/ttiir- ing. A beautiful blu* with matching £ v 1 7fl Interior m \rnTr '«4 PONTIAC Cafallna Spt Cp*. RSH, auto,, P/it«*r Fact, air. Life* brand n*wl..._.,,. 43 ORAND PRIX Spt. Cp.i RSH, auta., PS, .led win- dowl, buck.t s.ati, 2 ta chooie. Both pufUI . 42 ORAND PRIX Spt, Cp*. RiH, auta., P/tte.r., .led. windowi. Lie. FTH 140. Fact. Air. Gar- S I O Q O g.oui thruoutl.... I OTfT '42 OLDS II Holiday hard- lop i.dan. RiH, automatic, P/tte.ring. Immaculate tliroughoull '42 OLDS «l Holiday hardtop i · d a n. Automatic, ·l.ct. windows, P/lfc«ring, RH, factory air. A gar- g.oui lilc. n.w $ 1 C4O car throughout!.. E iif"W f '43 OLDS tl Holiday Hardtop i.dan. Full paw.r, RH Automatic, Fact air. A low mileag* gor- $1QQQ 9«oui beauty!.... I * * * '44 OLDS Cutlaii. V-J, Rt H, Automatic, WUt i.all Coniol.i. 2 fo chooi. from t both lik. $t)AOO brand n.wl...... ··WTT ·44 PLYMOUTH Savoy 1 door i.dan, i-cyl., RiH ltd. ihifl. A nic* car of an unheard of Si AAfl I UTT pric*! MANY--MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM OSCAR GREGORY CHEVROLET Corner of Paramount Campion BlviU. PARAMOUNT ME 0-5861

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