Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 11
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 11
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d*k Ritf^e A«|8 and Bi .Of the *»* ftt . t*. the Jewish, ft? »§ive 'B«rVices held in >1C« or this kind had kttt had not bien r»- nternationftl League «edom undertook to 8«»vi*» rfoup- of people gathered 6fn"fti8 Oak Ridge-«eme. »«y *t 4 d'clocl^the „ wJ Jtie« by fteV. Merman &,,.£>•. 'th«I newly elected ,th« AltoonA Mlniste*lum. « very cold weather the equal to all expectations in singing ,"America," ,ey. Kaelnifck le'd tn pray- [eKKnisely,. .representing '"1 the pd;em, "this Is . Jould Sfng." This is Joiks toward a new day Ifks Of peace shall occupy I of men. At the con- il« reading.Rabbi Eugene of the Temple Beth an address on "Peace SJkislon of Rabbi Hibsh- '" the sexton of the Oak ..^ v, c .,.=—y led the procession to i grave of B. Vrank HoUsum. a «re- was killed .in the old Cen- rtrai noiei*"fl»>e In, 1898, Here Rev. ii Oh*rW"JDr»ockel placed the flowers • V 0n the grave reading the following *L t . t , ... , . - . . ' l weir' in the - art ««* WM$- ft, r 6*eW ot 'M tet V ifeh""I««| an, onct moo-warn nte ana inou nWneit In ou? Sight «r6mSft, MOt etetnai life. W* pfal!».the,AlftHf Cfeato* And Ihdft'iof life Witt thy — sejjrth flfttt'M, striving w etwUijt/' mm th« grave of the mother the procession b went to the grav« of Bnglnee* Sherman Lh-Myers who was killed In the'f&tlroftd ***&« ftr th« £ftrd at Attoona in 1926. H,«f6 Mf*. tflywes 8. Whatton placed the ftow«» with the 'WlloWintf «ttldgy'i ^ •, s'' "0 heart o<:Bitnpl*; cauif**! tnoti dldet no long hold the JWJn* «W«d to Its Speeding course and w* thank the? for-that silent simple 6oU)»ag:e. .As the 'tratn roared ov6r it* twih-rlbbed road tlvoli waat brtetf sugtained by the.con- fidence that thoU, wast aervlttji?, thy fellowmen and* sd it- 4 was. , In that fervid* came the efain .thafc sent l»y .life speeding drt its s\Hft JbUrney to other worlds than this. • "fhou art gone jio^>and her* thy m61dering ruins lie but'stlll the faith* fulness in Which -thou didst •$««' thy life stirs us to a fuller consecration of service to duf feilownien. FiifeVer dost thou remind us thai Incretialng multitudes ,ot men miist wrest their living from the jaws of death. Inspire us we pray, with the courage, to make thou dldat do thy tVofk, lii %nd ffllfld wei-e wfottiht -twt^ iAto WRich the gWlft *OW|nK , i*y- -"--— of human life was cast, / Thy lit* a daily «afcriflce of self andm** |B llv * Ing still in the men and -wenYeh whoeo plastic minds thou didst mold by the «ntle dpirlt that froni thV 'OW« «>Wid lid (KW, thy life was given td thai which is highest ana be*t nof 'didst thou look upon the world'to see what It would give thee tot rewar'd. But AKd 'to VETERANS' MEETING MAY BE FINAL ONE •ters inciudmy wteflins, thtt* twafttej and frlettd<M«4*f «*p*ot«d tft «tt*tid the reunion. fo the veterans the gatheHftg is «mf« than * Wunioft--Jt is a.otfr"""*""" ' t*y trtiUd Press.) SILOXf, Miss,, Jufte 2.*-A thin line 6t grey-dad men marched, hobbled and rode down thiSf boulevard pasi the boat-war home 'of Jefferaoft DAvts. president of the Confederacy, here to* ' • it -* were surviving rttemberi of the United Confederate Veterans here to meet in their 4dtK, and what may president »p?ftt hi* last dayl i» viftoaf e*iie afte* th* dhrtl . In the lift*, 6t Hifafch were JH*n had folio-wed General Robert fi. L*e, General Stonewall JaekiOA and tfeit* ^ral Albert Sidtiey" Johnson, at Shtfoh, fiull Run, Vlfiksburf, OftttysfetUff, Aftd other histprlfi battlefields in the feat years of strife between the state*. The state of Mississippi IS host to the approximately 6,000 veterans (fathering; from alt sections of the united states. They occupy tents in a catfp to themselves, and live again in mimic and in memory, the days Of 1862-fl8. Bach year the number of veterans IRV , HUE *>Vft» *<BMI>«WIB V» •»«••£• Might? Molt, fiaeh y«f te» tft* *«<*««, y««* it has Win yet dffieoWAitt the rftuNlMM, a *•*»*• »l)fb48 ift SUppofl 6* tfr* income mar* and ffior* ... lederaj gdwnfflent 1< \g to mike this reunion a DU v^°.» ...jtftrt exhiBitlona And naV«1 drt* iityg •fill be- featured, Tht United jttte* MaHne baftd iHtl be Joln*/l by |h* National- band frt the Republic of (io itlrnfffn TtttiBlO* MafffcfehuiietU. Built on Ship rA«FROMAR Co. ABSOPURE ' HKrRIOERATORS 1711 12th A««. AftooM, Pi, s-UW s «ftdttnpftt*t f* awSw the c- ftkttd ot GWKwraf R. A. Strt«d of O*M» otr* MM MMHK OB *6tt trefft ptftflty of wont for fBf Wiwy ** ttrtj *flt wwftM. tt on aftttww taper* and tti«» " to pwna* «8*a*« «pac«. Chorntd attd fold Within tfc* Wt«k row MY ybttN o«o«eii UmbrttlM J, .1 -^T t^^^&Ufa.i' ' *$fo •mm, Pock«tbooin KARASEK'S r M % 140f Ekt«rt ;-P "Or'WaWther over,the destroying Aflame*; in thy, faithful vigilance thou Xtdidst tea^tfu* the way of faithfulness l;-<ln life* ThOU^flliJst stay the flery fury % but It took thee as its victim that our Presides. might be safe. Today •V paqse to pay tribute to thy heroic •'faithfulness to the common good. May ."Tth* day KpWdW come when no_t. alone — such litte t«j«e but all > men may live and die fd»,the common good. When !,',flames were consuming and walls fall- 1 "inff thpu dlddfliot stop to count the /costxrt Safety. Thou didst glvo thy ..Fall not to destroy but to save; not to consume but to conserve .and. that ' ."heroism moves us today as we lay ! \ithese flowers,upon thy silent-grave. ."You hayo/ tafj; us a rich heritage of i"*othe humble* ujwung courage of your «,*hea?t. Mtfy.' l aTl the race of men - Speedily learn that in the sacrifice of Ithy life thoU haat shown us the way " the Clty,o«.0od." n F^oln'the grave of Mr. Housum the procession went to the grave of Nor- "Jnatt E. Vaughn, "a miner who lost, his -life-in a fall of rock while working l rtn the mine. Here John Weller, repre- , •%enting-'the BftSr County Central Labor | -.Amion, placed the flowers on the grave . f -?4vith this iulbgy: *' "Thou-, digger into the depths, who 'Jin dampness and darkness didst servo ; J u< to the? we do: homage. From , "*the« we,,learn t\hat all must cooperate j s ,'ior the'sakeW society L and that .there ; ; ".inust b% some who do the work . oC u. difficulty and drudgery. We honor *' .thee brave Heart \and worthy worker. .A for in,.tny haunts of dampness ant'! darknesW .thou hast provided us with! h - •• . tLjJti i .-• . ABC Electric Spinner ABC Playma.'d Have a demonstration of these \ Washers. ' J. E. HEAPS ELECTRIC CO. 1004 «!he»t. Ave. Phone 2-1022 Westfnont Bread FHKSH DAILY At Your Neighborhood Grocer WESTMONT BAKERY Footer's AND DYERS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 KVEK* DAV IS OOLI-AU DAY iOLDEN ~ ' 1212 ELEVENTH AVERUf" NEW BARGAINS Every Day At . > (ill-Rale Shoe Store 14(3 Eleventh Avenue An idetl Elgin for the gnda- •M. A depeodfbl. timepiece that it modern io design with m«i|i wruc btcd u illiutnied old filled pue. . m Design, bal inun to the mb decree ApopoUrEJfiowith U.iewel oYenLTMuculine m de- GIFTThtt Will Refill Your "Best Wishes" for Many Years to Come ... A Gift Will Be Cherished ALWAYS Why not give them the gifa thty would choose th«mie|v«i? It would undoubtedly b« an Elgin. Wt offer you a wide selection in many new designs. Our FINANCE PLAN Is a Convenient Modern Method of Purchasing on Weekly or Monthly Terms VE VERKA In Her Interesting Talks on BEAUTY, HEALTH AND ' CHARM At Senior High School Auditorium 1 - "' '^^ ' -'..-.,- "• Starting Tomorrow, June 3rd, at 2:30 P. M. : * ' ' . UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE ALTOONA TRIBUNE .•-•'.• • , » , ' , ' ( _ • ' NO ADMISSION CtiARGt. EVERYONE INVITED EVE VE VERKA Knows the Extra Value of "A" MILK i .41 1 ¥ Eve Ve Verka visited Sunbrook Farms, Country Home of Mr. John Lloyd, to see the Famous Golden Guernsey herd. She was very much impressed by the care with which the Harshbarger Dairy selects its milk supply from such beautiful farms, and to see how that milk is surrounded with every known safeguard from tjhpsje^ farms to your table. Eve Ve Verka knows that it has not been by accident that year after year highest honors have been won by the J, E. Harshbarger Dairy. • AtHarrisburg in competition with the largest and finest dairies in Pennsylvania. At Hollidaysburg, at the Blair County Farm Show, with eight of the principal dairies of Altoona and Blair County as competitors. - x Harshbarger's have always, with but a few exceptions, won highest honors for many years. And throughout the past year, the month after month average reports at the Department of Health show Harshbarger's Special "A" Milk leading all milk in Altoona in the "A" Milk class. Special "A" Milk is extra rich, extra 6ne. Eve Ve Verka recommends it to all women for beauty, health and charm. Stop Our Drivers Anywhere, or Phone 2-9224 for Service HARSHBARGER'S f"S I •* Jl, -V# SPECIAL EXTRA RICH

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