Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 10
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 10
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Crossword Puzzle fcy lUllS *. f fcV *W. YORft, June S.—Many current sa frevlew* ate calling attention pflce declines and attributing ftfcttt to the much advertised business I . Some think prices are be j slashed In an effort to stimulate-] lltaslness. Others fiink they have i ped because or the general drop In { ift-,furchasing power. It Is a very serloup j J mistake to proceed on any such theory, j ' | And In view of the size of the decline? j '»It is too important a matter to make a ^mistake about. Here are some price j K declines. The figures represent the de'• cllne in price in the last twelve Months. I T Pet. Copper 31 Steel plates, bars 10 Silver 24 Tin & l*ad » 23 fclnc 28 Rubber 34 Silk ....- 17 Wool 27 • Cotton 15 Coffee 4B Wheat ' Lamb :)| ' Oil. crude 30 - Gasoline ]4 While a very / small fraction of these declines may, in some cases, have proceeded from the general decline in demand, the general trend has had nothing to do with that. These prices were coming down long before the depres slon. They are coming down in obedience to a world wide movement to ward lower price ievels. The busine.=: ' which supposes it can Improve itseli by getting prices up is making a pro found mistake. Th only course oprr is to adjust itself to the new prices. I wouldn't invest a dollar in a bus! ' ness today which is spending considerable portion of its time trying to get . ' prices up. Keep your eyes open for these Industries which are trying to bring prices down and make profits •With low prices. i (Copyright, 1930, by U. P. C. News Service, : Inc.) Near Port Arthuf, Ont,» ft. Mrs. Geslte fretvirned homfe to flfttt that a black beaf had cabled off her old daughter. .* * *. At ilollo, P. i.j a dying steel fighting eoefc, wildly fluttering, fatally gaffed one Juan Martinez, spectator, m the jugular vein. LON-DON RESTAURANTS tfftY NKW FISft DISHES RADIO WILL TRY OUT NEW MACHINE By ROBERT MACK, ; Staff Correspondent. (Copyright, 1930 by Consolidated Press ! ' Association.) - WASHINGTON, D. C., June 2.— ' After-midnight tests which have been conducted in the broadcast band by Iowa's two largest stations for the past few months may contribute to the radio art one of the most revolutionary advances in years—practical synchronization of high-powered sta tions on the same channel. i. , Unknown to the publfc and to a large portion of the broadcasting fra- ' ternity itself, stations WHO, at Des Molnes, and WOC, at Davenport, have been experimenting with synchronization, or the operation of. both stations at the same time on the same channel, without causing ruinous heteror dyne interference. Radio engineers repeatedly have ; said that synchronization without the . use of control land-wires, is not practicable. They confess that when il " does come, broadcasting's most serious problem, that of lack of elbow room in the ether, will have been solved. Yet these stations, owned by the Central Broadcasting company, feel ; that the experiments have been so ; successful as to merit practical appli: cation. They have tiled an applica- ! tion with the federal radio commission ' for authority to synchronize during " unlimited hours as a regular operating schedule. The stations, each using 5,' 000 watts power, now divide time on the 1,000 kilocycle channel. Before they were taken over by the Central company they were severe competitors, each seeking to oust the other from the channels and get it exclusively. ,In their experiments the stations claim they have evolved an engineering process whereby they can synchronize their emitted signals with absolute precision and without the use ' of the expensive land-line control. The stations are separated geographically .by 160 miles. Using "matched crystals," the little nerve centers of the modern radio transmitters which are designed to keep the emitted wave absolutely constant, these stations have been operating simultaneously during th» experiments. A special monitoring station has been established equidistant from the two transmitters in which an operator is stationed to ', ,cb*clc the signals and see If they coin, clde exactly. A "wobble" or just a ' few cycles by either transmitter would /throw the broadcasting off-tangent. It has been the contention of engineers . that it is scientifically impossible at this stage of the art to maintain this minute accuracy without wire control. Last week, upon receipt of these optimistic reports. Dr. C. B. Jolliffe visited Iowa to make personal observations. Upon his return, he will submit a detailed report to the commission, and upon this unquestionably will hinge the determination of the commission's policy with request to synchronization in the immediate future. Should the Iowa test.s be adjudged fool-proof, it will mean that the congestion existing in the broadcast band Garden Hose 8c a foot W. H. GOODFELLOW'S SONS 1319 Eleventh Avenue NOW ItKAUV! The 1930 WILSON Line WALL PAPERS Your Paperhanger or Decorator will »how these modern papers at your request. H. I. VViUou 1021 Chestnut Ave. Credit ClothingCo 1507-11- AVENUE BERMAN'S GLASSES 1311 Eleventh Ave. HORIZONTAL 1 A \vnllc. 0 To relinquish. 10 Kellsh. 12 To thrive. 13 Unknits. 15 To wnlk In. 17 Hlgld. 18 Kyc tumor. 10 ritirnl of tills. 22 Afternoon inenl. 23 Coin. 24 To teccclCi 27 To respond to a stimulus. 20 Bustle. 31 Bird. , 33 Emerged. 35 Shlnd herb. 37 Girdles. 38 To hinder. 30 Heaped up. 40 Representatives. VKRTICAL 1 Little pie. 3 Manifest. 4 Males. 5 Neither. 6 Winged. 7 To plunge Into. *2 Ceremony. 8 Occurrence. SATURDAY'S ANSWER 0 To require. 11 Otherwise. 1 iz To beset. 14 Summer ntid fnll. 10 Deadly. 20 Garden tool. 21 Membranous bag. 25 Tie. 20 Presaged. 27 Feast. 28 Characteristic. . 20 Residue of n fire. 30 Action. 32 Local post-' tlon. 34 Smnll body of land. 30 Before. 37 Spring. NCiL UPON A TIME. Walter De La Mare, English poet and novel- 1 a t. was a choir boy until he was 17, When he resigned to accept-' a clerkship In,the office ot an oil company. . He remained with the oil firm for 18 years. can be alleviated. Stations would be enabled to double-up on channels by using the synchronization process, without interference. It might even result in a deviation from the present system of allocating cleared channels for the exclusive use of high-powered stations during evening hours. The only other synchronized stations In the United 1 States are WBZ, at Springfield, Mass., and WBZA, at Boston, operated by the Wcstinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. These stations, however, are wire-synchronized. Moreover, the company recently asked the commission to permit it to discontinue this service as unduly expensive for the results obtained and to consolidate the two stations, with assignment of the maximum allowable power of 50,000 watts. The two Iowa stations also have a joint 50,000 watt application pending, but whether it will be withdrawn in view of the synchronization request is not known. In. Ridgawood, L. I., William Layman, chameleon peddler, tied strings around the necks of his lizards, dangled them before prospective buyers, was fined $25 for cruelty to animals. • * • ,In Evanston, 111., Mrs. Frank Prit- chek wept because she had been arrested for driving through a stop sign, and she "didn't want a criminal record." When Mrs. Frank Frltchek told that the best qitizens of Evanston were often arreste'd or liable to arrest, Mrs. Frank Fritchek ceased to w,eep, beamed, asked if there were any "newspaper photographers about In Cambridge, 111., one Hobart Hanna was placed in jail for theft, Released, he stole Sheriff Charles Nash's best boots. When his home was searched, the boots were found, and again Hobart Hanna went to jail. From Petersburg!! Junction, Mass., to Berlin Center, N. Y., a distance of nineteen and one-half miles, walked one James Brown, aged 100, too impatient to wait six hours for a train. Said he: "I had me a little springtime cold. So I come back ov ( er to York state to dig me some yarbs", and roots t,o make some syrup for it." On the jumper front of Bobby Brown, aged 4, of St. Albans, L,. I., is sewn a sign: "Please do not give any food to Bobby." • * * In Manhattan, plump Mrs. Frances Munro dressed as a stocky young man, followed her errant husband into his haunts, nabbed him, hauled him home. At Fort Saulsbury, anonymous neighbors wrote letters to Captain Vtfil- liam R.' Marls asking him to refrain CET'S 1720-2S Union Ave. Headquarters for the Finest Porch Gliders At the Most Heasonable Prices lAiPCKTED SANDALJT Illustrated at the Right, The Rene $6.00 A clever One Strap Woven Sandal in all White and Tan and Brown combination with covered Spanish heels and cemented soles. XIIK KKNK LdNDOtt, June 2.— New dishes are constantly appearing in the famous restaiirants of London's West end and he majority of these are fish dishes. Chefs apparently find it easier to-ob- .aln new flavors and new Ideas with fish than with any other Importation. ^>r instance, London Is now eating for the first time a fish called fera du lac, brought by air from Switzerland. It la cooked In white burgundy. And they say the trans-Siberian railway now brings three times a, week from central Asia a large and igly looking flsh which Is smoked on the shores of Its native waters. It s eaten with lemon Juice, and Is regarded as a great delicacy. (Copyright, 1930, by New totlt Sun.) T WORLD WHEAT WASHINGTON, D. C., June 2.'— The 1929 wheat production as reported by forty-three countries was, 3,285,320,000 bushels or 14 per cent below the production of 3,815,791,000 In the same countries in 1928 when they produced )7 per cent of the world wheat crop. inclusive of Russia and China. RUPTURED? Free Demonstration at tlie Colonial Hotel, on Wednesday, June 4th By Mr. A. E. MITCHELL Hours 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. 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Grows"-Roast*« i Fresh Dally! v Out representative* Oft the far tiff Coffee plantation*,are Vetf { selecting only the most cfjoice of the. doffee bean crops, which't bagged and shipped direct to\«Mir roasting plant, where it i* blendftd ed (a fresh-supply daily) by our experts id tWs particular line of 1 Taste It! .. .A Blend To Suit &very Coffee 25 Large Meaty Prunes As a breakfast dish It will please each member of the family and tempt them to eat more before starting on the day's duties. Victor Coffee A straight title Santos—for coffee drinkers who iHee a. medium bodied, sweet drinking blend. Maxwell House Coffee Ib. 43c *S*J**S<J*****tS>S+S**'**' t ^^ Delicious ASCO ASCO Coffee A rich, smooth. Heavy bodied blend. • ^"K/Bfi ^specially adapt- ACME&: to p " colator nn Boscul Coffee,.Ib. Ibs. 27c / Fancy Seedless Raisins Give the family their Iron each day — Raisins make puddings, cakes, cookies and other pastries more delicious. 11 Oz. 5c Goden Bantam or Country Gentleman Corn . . 2 £«"• 2$e C HM,r J Lima Beans 2 ASCO Sauer Kraut. ,....., .2 cans 25c ASCO Fancy Hand Packed tomatoes, 2 cans 23c Farmdale Peat and Corn..... 2 cans 25c Joan of Arc Kidney Beans ,. .can lOc Cut Red Beets. ....'. 2 No. 2 ] / 2 cans 29c ASCO Spinach No. 2y 3 can 17c Mixed Vegetables .2 No. 2 etas 2Sc Whitehouse Apple Sauce No. 2 c*n lOc ASCO or Ritter's Beam .3 cam 23c Campbell's Beans .3 eaM 2Sc Ritter's Spaghetti .3>ni 2Sc Ritter's Tomato Soup .2 Cfstt ISe Pink Salmon tall can 17c ^^x^^^^vx^^^^sx>w^^N^^*~^>^x^v^y»>^^^^^/^^xV^^v^^v~x^x^^^^^^^yN^<~^^^XV^^^xs^^s Campbell's Soups Vegetable, Vegetable Beef, Chicken, Pea, Celery, Ox Tail, Mook^ Turtle, Pepper Pot, .Asparagus andlj Consomme. Cans ASCO or Del Monte ' Picnic Size Asparagus Tips A handy can for the picnic lunch- tender tips for salads. Cans Pillsbury or Gold Medal Flour use Flour SXN^s^vxX-%* Prim Pastry Flour A soft, winter wheat flour— flno quality Sib. Sack 79C I8c Choice Red Ripe Tomatoes 3^ Me Produce at Reasonable Prices Fancy Tomatoes . . . . 2 "»• 25c Fancy Sweet Cantaloupes 2 '° r 25c Fancy Ripe Bananas . . • 4 <»*, Ripe Pineapples Lar * e Sfze 2 '"/zsje Texas Red Bliss Potatoes"* «'* Five Popular Breakfast Foods! Serve- them with fresh or canned fruits. ASCO Corn/Flakes Pkgs. Mullets 2 pkgs. 25c Shredded Wheat. .. pkg. lOc Post Toasties and Kellogg's Cornflakes pkg. 8c Heinz™ Vinegar Pint 1W Quart 2OC Pickles Sweet Gerklns, Sweet Mixedf Sweet Mustard, Sour J ar Gerklns and Chow Chow. Loose-Wiles Sunshine Specials! Marshmallow Dixies . . •'*•''.ijffiij • >•••;..'/... Krispy Crackers u>. Pk «- 18c;; Bread Supreme BIB Wrapped Oven Freih, Golden Crusted Bread! Victor Bread 8C "The Finest Butter in America" 43c Richland Butter Ib. 40c Wrapped Lout Sc "The Pick of the Nests" 9tfd {foot EGGS «"r Fresh Loose Eggs Doz. 24c Adding Taste to the Picnic Lunch! >v ASCO Mustard .jar IQc Prepared Mustard...2 Ib. jar 17c Hom-de-Lite Mayonnaise, .jar 19c ASCO Sandwich Spread..jar l$c Stuffed lOc, 20c &30c Queen Olives.... 10c? !%.&^ Queen Olives qt. jar 2fc Beverages and Supplies for Makings Perpnl ^m I'lus -o Case of 24 Cereal „.„,. •-— « „„„,„ ,,. ao • Plus $1 Deposit Uingurule, ' I.lino, A Lemon mid Cream „ . Sodu Bottle NOW Life Beverage ASCO Rob-Roy Pale Dry Gingerale, 3 bottles .29c Bottle 5c 15c Hire'i Root Beer or Gingerale Extract bottle 23c Beverage Bottle* 28 oz, tize; doz. 98c Bottle Caps pkg. of 144—23c Tijn?elyJMeatjSug^^ Prime Chuck Roast of Beef ^ " 2Oc S Shoiplder Veal Roast or Chops » 2OG Lean Plate Boiling Beef . . . I5c Fresh Ground Hamburg Steak »22e Fresh Stewing Veal.... EF I5c Quality and Economy prevail in every ASCO Store. ' Every article you buy can be'depended upon, and you ftlways receive full value for -your money — lliat in why Iwinelieepers shop in ASCO Stores daily in ever increasing numbers. Tliesc I'rlcea lillectivo In Our Store* uud Muut Murliets in Allouua uuil Vicinity.

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