Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 9
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Jttft* Only la Va»tiy V '>*<?t^-* "'" «I ! '•'«,'" "V ff^ !**',* • ' ' r'^Wj," ^^f< :> •> , . *t_ «3> r j,..i. . .1 >~K'. .jj. jt,, ^ .-,, .* ^. _*t .is. M _jd* j-u. .4*4. the gsrdeft, wn, JfQlKi, *n' 1 Bill sneak In ,an> fen the ftont smoke, there i easy cHalf. :« what „.„.. it the Mansion k he nave* took the "¥ou enjbjrtnf that Jlet wlshln 1 that tor up. Say, what in •them kids with the on, over theft?" J laugh's back. I, thems runnin' Go 1 on t what you I've seen hair tjbter trunks, , elephant ee trtmks, but never trunk run." 1 git my-, frieanin', Bill inks., that the boys rutt •>- , "f __... «l$y «ut>them on, without . i>unnjn l , r)1 h^ar then*? demands this "SjiWtt-' fittVSvhkt 1 mean Is, that / they wear Cheffl pants to run In, same as ydu Wear ydur hip boots when you go Bvflshm'. The Regular pants would be like, hobbles\ to a horse, it gives them''more.'freedom, a better chance ito BtoetcBT Out." j M "tfh uli< they use them fer'the same .••reason that they use bathing suits to • swlfti Irt Wrthat it, RothyT" "Gdsh TJ3111, you'fe 4»<ek at comprehendin'." * 'Bill 'cbritiniieo: /to stare at the boys fth' theri! t .;:dee, ROthy, lookit that Teller a ttifowln that javelin. I bet Ole,Saul had nothln on him." Gosh folkf* 1 didn't khow What that fellel .\*U2 a'.thfo.wlri' but he sure could make that ;thittg.sail thru the air., 'N> then there Ivuz. a Stiller, jumpln' over a big fenc«,'! : 'Man, *that fence musta' bin' ten,feet 'high, 11 an' niebbe more. He •' used a bean- pole, or somethln 1 , he'd 1 take 1 a-Wngf'.Vun, an 1 'over he'd go a salHri'.,. Ole Bill' heave> a sigh that Bounded. like the motorman turning the 1 air on/,** trolley car, an'i "How- come w6 didn't do"them things when '• we' ^ent to school Rothy? "I'bin' wortdwirt' about that my ownself," 1 sea, 'sea 1. • Allhd hoW we had to go to that old. yalter school house, with one room fer; the bqys' an' the'Other fer the! glrjs;' Recollect the Ole' egg Btove, Ah*, Wow we took turns carryin 1 • coal, ^n' how we used to carry drink- 1 . in' '•ijfrs.ter from the spring, an' feel tinder the kMck bank fer suckers. An' mind', how you-Jet-ked your hand out !one'day .with a.water snake a hangln' 1 to'lt', ; a,n' fiow you bawled, an' run badk -to the 'School ,room, an' how the teaqhejrj fiut yallen' clay on it, an' then glve/you. a : . gbod llfikin'. Ho, 1 ho. 1 • kin hearo-ytfu."yowling to this .day. Ha, ha, ha." •:':. "Boy. -I'm glad I didn't hev' rlm- pants on that .day,"' grinned / *l Jruut, iauat»,nu ion tft endf aHothe* {» part «** fot,/ an* . 16* Will 6e gfad t» of tfti present AMd wtiWnf you tut b*lt of, as, you etnbafk on Hfas ,lortf, J«s«#ftey, I bid yovt AJgffty »J|nt. - < '> r .V.i...-^.-J« -*.r* ..fc.l»...jl^J-J.J...- , I Di Stttft ' ,. . • ,' by Altdoaa MtMf8r.) i D. d., , J.une 2.— fte- vlval of Intefest and activity invtiie bphd market Is M6W Under Wai? "i«d Will continue to 'grow,* ftocprdlng to authoritative statements"' frbm treasury department heads. Tbrea* 6KlelaU say that conditions in the mrfn6y fitrtket are such that investors 'will turft'.ifiteiCe rea'dily to Bonds as a place to safeguard Idle nioneyi"" r ., financiers outside treasury circles today agreed that -the. demand , for bonds IS improving, v but they do «ot all aigree with the course of reasoning by Which the treasury arrives at that conclusion; In addition, Jthfiy declare that if the activity of tHe bond market' continues to grow, It Will, be accompanied by Increased activity in atdeks. Among the reasons given by the department for the improved . tone of bond trading is , the, slowing up of nhancing by means . trf bond issues, This means an obvious decrease Jn the supply of ^'securities and consequently a better demand fdr . those available for purchase. Investment bankers In some instances take issue with this. They, say that if the demand for bonds were improving measurably, corporate financing Jby means of bonds wotild speed up in proportion. IK* small capItallAH. -OutftMt* take thfe tfesitlort that while »5me salt dtffth thslc c<Uh intA lonrf- IssiteS, th6 ftulk of fhWKWa, to$« ftiWed th* sttMSlt tttdftg. sit up aftd take flatter*. • ttf iS' 1H a ' the h* ,"banli8 ate if lafge, tolloK '' it is true, as the' irti—„. __. .the bahlM afd full M tnb«ey, 'art, Jnafty o! them, vlJetiiJaliy; -• oui de"bt to the Jede'tal reier'Ve %6tLt& thef* Is small dematid for. fattd« ;h their various districts """' —" efSv bn the Oth«fr Hi ed 'that the batiks, good ttttn'y'cases are deteftM fdrjoaiisi putting their-surplus 1 funds into bdndsi but .brokerage houses fe'et that ortce the tide turns and ther*. Is %• demand for -cbinftiertfiai loans at interest rates' higher than the bond yields;,and when there-la a revival of demand for call hiotiey.i the bank mbriey '^111 cohi6 out of bonds In a hiirry and gb'lntb ehan nels where the returns .will be greater. - The irefnendous success Of government financing through hon-inte'reaf bearing notes "sold on a discount, basis •woUld seem to substantiate this belief, Binoe most of'these notes went into the. .deposit boxes of banks and large investors rather than to investors as a whole. ','...'• , The treasury will have 4 , ,to.. float att offering of securities about.June 15 in accord with its" .regular Quarterly fiscal program. No matter what Its size, 'It probably will be oversubscribed. ftit yourieif 'fight Wth rt»tttr* bj cKe*ln«Feen^,a Ihint. Works mildly but effectively (ti srtiHll doses. Modern -» Mf« -sdentiftc. for the family. KoTMtButthrMint Cheat It Like Gum FOR CONSTIPATION nn Underweight Children i . .•• • - ,"3hucks, Bill, I Wouldn't trade with the kids of today" at that. They hev' their good times, 1 more modern, I'll admit,--but .then we're a'llvln' in a dlfferent.age. Why. look at the adventures -we had.-" • Mind the time we were huntln' fer ' that hidden treasure in that old cave,-an' that striped pussy- celt- disputed oiir right to his home" Boyi Bldotado smelled. like a bedo' roses,'alongside of Bill -Jenks, an' it cost yout old dad a new suit at that, not : .to mention- the tannin' .that you got When you got home." "Don't-jter,glt to mention the time ,,vou went'over to Musaers orchard, an' iilled''your shirt bosom with apples, ah' When you tried ,to sneak in after recesa, the buttons busted oft an* 'the apples rolled-out over, the. flopr," reminded Bill, with a chuckle of' amusement." •.••'"Well, takin' it by,.an' largo;" 1 .sda, sea I, blowln' out a cloud of 'smoke, that made the smokestack of the Logan Valley plant look like an' incense 'burner, "The kids of today, kin hev' their runnin' pants, fence Jumpln' 'Javelin 1 throwin 1 football, an' •what 'noj, but give me tho'ole Yaller School house, an' all that it meant. Give' me the suckers, gray squirrels, Now You Cain Wear FALSE TEETH With Real Comfort Faatteth,' a now, pleasant powder, kcepn teeth flrmly set. Deodorizes. No gummy, Bocwy, paaty tante or feeling. To eat and Faugh. In, comfort Juat sprinkle a little FUB- taeth on your platen. Get It today at Llg- getta, Vocum A. Kopp and. other drug •tores. . Don't Delay Accepting Local Druggist's Weight-Increasing Offer It makes a mother's heart ache to see her ; punyj underweight child moping around with hollow-chested stoop and plped-stem legs. Such cruel thinness Is no longer necessary. Thanks to a wonderful scientific discovery, Philadelphia Drug Store guaranteeing McCoy's Cod LfVer Oil Extract Tablets which will cover up your child's ribs, round out his chest, flesh out his cheeks, greatly increase his strength, vigor and endurance—just as they did for the New Jersey boy who recently gained 10 pounds in 21'days. . Your child will like these pleasant sugar-cciated tablets, so full of pure cod liver 611's xmequalled fleah-pro- ducing vitamins, because they have no 'fishy taste, and never upset the stomach. Read this ironclad guaranteep- McCoy's 'Cod Liver Oil Extract Tablets must given any underweight, man, woman or-child the desired increase in weight or money refunded. Just aak for McCoy'a' at any drug store —60 tablets 60 cents. \ Spectator Sports Fashions! 10.00 Genuine white buckskin with dark blue, eggshell or Russia calf trimming. ... ••; Also "in a pump model with black or tan Russip,^calf trimming ....'.,...... ... W.Od •" V ' We suggest "Mo- grain'* Hose to - wear with specta- '• tor sports foot- 'wear. 1 " Perforated white washable calj with black, eggshell or blue, trim- 'ining — Also, in-all white, green or eggshell with frown . . . 10.00 I EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR ' ^HOSIERY Thi.'(«|i Hundred Eleventh AMM» ALTOONAP/K. FROCK/ The tub frock holds up its frills and bows with the best of dresses this season,'featuring fashions that appear among the smartest of imports. Fro«k» of dimity, batiste, voile, broadcloth, shantung and basketweave that appear in this collection at Gable's have all the clever style details that appearjm the season's best models. * Scores of Lovely Styles Priced Amazingly Low 2 .98 For outings or town wear there are neat printed voiles, and piques. These frocks may be had in the popular coin dot print, too. Roll or flat collars, others piped around neck. Sleeveless,, short or long sleeves. All sizes. 1 ,98 Smart daytime frocks with flared or pleated skirts, sleeveless or with short sleeves. Colorful printed voiles, batistes, piques and broadcloths. Sizes 16 to 42. 1 .39 Cotton shantung, and basketweave fashion these lovely daytime frocks in pastel shades and prints. Regularly $1.59. Sizes 16 to 50. 98c Sleeveless and short sleeve daytime frocks in neat floral patterns, dots and modernistic designs. Cool, and comfortable for summer wear, llth AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR • For over 7J years, Brothwf h&ve maintained a 1 reputation ft>r quality, Today, l<Jqwii4 Granite ia as goodies yesterday pr yeara and yeara •go. Uf r« ia floor varnish that weari 9x4 wears. Made in toth gloaa and dull. A Liquid Granjtf Floor la easy to keep clean, It la sanitary. All you need ia a damp ploth and prestol—it is clean. Cu.ll on us for anything you may need 1«J tho line of Fin- ialiea and Painting Supplies. S. M. Griffith Co. 905 Green Ave. \VA.ll> I'AVKU, AND 1'AIN'i'S \ Smart Modern Furniture at All Times You will find here one of the most complete displays of seasonable furniture. Modern, well selected, well constructed and reasonably priced is our motto. Come in today, look around, make yourself at .home, we are at your service at all times. SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR RESULTS Of GIFT AWARDING W. S. /tve. These Radio Specials are advertised daily. Watch for them! 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Other awning fabrics at £7.00 yard. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—FIRST FLOOR Cash's Woven Names Guard Against Losses Make it a habir to mark your linens, wearing apparel and other articles with Cash's Woven Names. They guard against losses. Names are woven distinctly on fine white or black cambric tape in red, blue, black, navy, green or lavender. Colors guaranteed washable. All orders made in red unless otherwise stated. 3 doz.[ Names 1 .50 6 </oz.< Names .00 llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR Books That Will Help With Garden Work Any one oi the books listed here will help you learn how to properly care for flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruits. Round the Year in the Garden, $2.50. Care of Ornamental Trees, $7.25. How to Grow Roses, $2.00. Gladiolus, $1.00. Land-, scaping the Home Grounds, $2.00. -The Gardener, $2.00. Garden Pramer, $1.50. The Rose in America, $3.0&. The Woman's Flower Garden, #7.25. And 1,001, Garden Questions Answered, $2.00. lit!} AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR You Can Be Cool Though Corseted With this light cool Nemo-Flex Foundation, the problem of being properly corseted for the mode and still be very cool is solved. This foundation is light in weight, in spite of its molding qualities. You should have one of these garments for summer wear. Sizes 32 to 39 llth AVENUE BUILDING THIRD FLOOR GABLE S Growing with Altoona since 18$4

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