Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 21
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o j R E c r . ffis95|j ° C t A S S l » ^ Announcements 00 FLY TO " VEGAS on ihe lanuious HACIENDA 4-Engine Airliners FASHIONS IN FLIGHT BY LORRAINE SUIHERLAND OF ALHAMDRA Dick Winslow at Sky Piano CHAMPAGNE TOUR $19.50* INCLUDES: J Gourmet buffet dinner. · Bolllo of Vintage Hacienda Champnone / Llmouslno service In Vegas S 1 rounds ol gall, nltc Illea course, clubs furnished S chances al $5,000 hole In one. ,' Continuous enterlalnment ^ Dancing all nite O'Nlter Incl. Above Plus Suito (dbl. occ.)....$26.50* GUESTS OF THE HACIENDA CHAMPAGNE TOUR ARL GUARANTEED SHOW RESERVATIONS SUN. THRU THURS. AT THE NEW FRONTIER HOTEL. SfllJ.Out Japanudo Hit Show "ll's « must," snys Hedda Hopper DINERS' CLUB AND ALL NAT'L. CARDS HONORED. AVAILABLE TO GROUPS. 2 DAILY FLIGHTS Afternoon Evening Depart 1:20 pm. 6:20 o. m, LONG BEACH HA 5-1269 Santa Ana K! 5-5568 ·J10 Arid. Fri., Silt Holidays Not a conducted lour Free A r Traniuortiition lor gucils ot Mac endn Hotel Casino Only With purchase of above package TO SAVE YOU TIME THERE ARE BOX REPLIES flt The Independent. Preis- Telegrarn office for tho fo towing boxes: B-9S4 L-966 B-2457 L-2293 6-3884 B-BMI M-965 M-2198 0-2438 M-2722 M-27B7 n.24i8 D-2812 O-2862 D-2841 O-38-H O-4073 F-2436 R - 3 8 1 7 G-2139 G-2433 S-2860 G-2762 S-3632 G-2831 S-386S G-3972 T-2437 H-2713 T-2750 H-2746 T-:7j3 T-2318 K - 2 5 5 1 T-2825 K - 2 8 3 8 K - 3 1 3 7 U-2I93 W-3819. W-382I W-3971 Funeral Notices 1 Funeral Notices 1 SMITH-- Iva B., of 6M5 Long Beach Blvd. Graveside service Wedncs OdV 10 a.m. at For! Rosccrans National Cemetery. Directed by HUNTER MORTUARY. SPtCER-Mnrlha Ellrubcth o! 114 Cra-vJ Av? Survived by son, Robert; douuhtcrs, Sara Jane Hedflck and Eikauelh Ann Hcdrlck; sister, Florence Sherrlck. Service Tuesday ' P. m. al PATTERSON SNIVELY CHAPEL, 55S LOCUST, with Rev, Nelson Warner officiating. VOGJACK-- Mary Helen, ooe 78, of 310 Wisconsin Ave. Survived by son, David; three daughter-), Helen Cuon, Elliubcth Colhoun nnd Mary Mnrk; brolher. John Szvloovi; slslers, Elliobcth Tas- nadl, Irmn Franz; 11 grandchildren; nine greal-grandchlldrcn. Rosary Monday, 7:30 p.m., at Shoclflr-McF.idvcn Chapel. Mass of Requiem Tuesday, 9 a.m. SHEE- LAR-McFADYEN MORTUARY, Dl RECTORS. Funeral Services Conducted by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK AHLGREEN-- Carl Viclor. Surv ved bv wllci Mrs. Louise Ahlgrecn; son. Carl Ahlgreen Jr.; brother, William Ahlgrccn; sister, Mrs Millie Sorensen; stepsons, Alber Schubach and Uluse Schubach; stepdaughters, Mrs. Vlrolnla Baleman. Mrs. Helen Ahlgrecn, Mrs. Katharine McCall. Service Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK ANDERSON~Mr. James R. Sur- v vcd by wife, Mrs. Ruth Anderson; brothers, Fred Anderson, Raymond Anderson, John Anderson; s stcrs, Mrs. Clara Pettllohn, Mrs. Anna Levlnc; several nieces and nenhews. Service Wednesday, 1:0 °MOTTFLL'S AND PEEK sld« service Tuesday, 9:30 j.m.. Veterans Administration Cemetery, West Los Angeles, directed bv MOTTELL'S AND PEEK CANNON-- Mr. Joseph P. Survived bv brother, C. W. Cannon. Serv ce Wednesday, t:30 p.m., graveside services. Veterans Adminlstrat on Cemetery, directed bv MOTTELL'S AND PFEK DIXON-- Margaret Augustus. Serv- CR Monday, -1:00 p.m. Service concludes In chapel, no funeral Pr0r MOTTELL'S AND PEEK HARROLD-- Pcarle Jesse. Survived bv daughter, Lillian H. Vauahn. Member ot Roosevelt Camp No. 9 U.S.W.V. of Los Angeles. Service Tuesday, 11:00 n.m., Rooseve 1 Camo No. 9 U.S.W.V. officint ng. MOTTFLL'S AND PEEK HUGHFS-- Mabel Renwick. Fam Iv rcauc-Js thai donations be n-.adc to the Heart Fund. Service will be at Arlmqton Ccmelcrv, Fort Mver, Virginia, local ar- ""WVlL^S AND PEEK JOHNSTON-- Mctla May. Survived bv diiunhfer, Helen Clay Averv; siblcr, Burma Inwnnrc. Sui, tc Tuesday, 1 :00 n.m. Service concludes in chapel, no funeral pro- ""M'O'TTELL'S AND PEEK REDMFR -- Arthur Martin. Graveside service Monday, 1 :00 p.m.. Fort Rosecrnns National Cemetery, San Dlcpo, directed by MOTTELL'S AND PELK SFT7ER-- Jane Mflroarrt. Survived i-y si^'cr. Grace Rosa. Rosary Mind.iv, 7:00 p.m.. 3rd Ala- nutos Chanel. Rcouicm Mass, Tuesday, 8:00 a.m., St. Anthony's Church, directed by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK b v ' w i f c , Lol.i:' daughters, Groro-,1 Holmr-,, Mildred Br.igg, Thc-lm.i v/.i .c, A''ce Jn!---n. Vim ni.i K c'i - ticnn, Clen Slntten. Carol dengelt: brother, Charles; 17 grandchildren; ^ great grnndchltdrcn. Member of American Legion Post No. 617. Service Monday, 11:00 a.m., Rev. John Mcsscr officiating. ,'AOTTELL'S AND PEEK STORM -- Robert Lewis. Service Monday. 9:00 a.m. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK For further Information call MOTTELL'S PEEK 3rd and Alamlfos HF fi-?7fJ HOR FUNURAL, FLOV^ERS CALL MOTTELL'S A PEEK FLORIST HE 2-690/ Funeral Directors 4 B. W. COON FUNERAL HOME With ,1 Real Home Atmosphere 10!h ObisDO Gt 8-5006 HOLTON SON HF. 6-96/9 Sixth and Locusl Cemctertes-MausolcumsS (And Monument!) GREEN HILLS MEMORIAL PARK HOPPE Anthony J T7C 51 of 46B 27501 Western, 5. Pedro TE 3-JW7 Home. Service Monday ? p.m. at HUNTER MORTUARY CHAPEL, _ -''·|.].l_Long_nc.Kh Jllvd. LARSEN -Josephine L. of 114 Fourlh St.. SL-.I! EkMdi. Survived Liy liui- b.ind. Oscar A.; d.iuohlcri. Mcv \Yciia M. Solem, Leone L. Nr'-r-n F vrlvn H Rflin. Olive 1 Hcoou'n; Liters, Aftiri Hilda Efincr ami /V.rv M.ibel, brother. Lrtdic Loner. Private service Tucv B.'W. TOON FUNF.RAL HOME 10IH AND OBISPO LEWIS-- Freest F., of 1336 Prospect. Survived by Mcpdiiuohtcr , Fillirr D. How.ird, Miter, Mrs. Lor.i Hen till*, b; other. Viclor L. Service Wednesday. it 1 D. m. in PATTERSON SN1VELY CHAPEL, 55S LOCUST. WcBRiDE--J .unes H., age 53, of L.mtai er, Survived by wife. Mary M.irgiuel; dfiunhter, Ndncv Ann; sons, Frederick, Thomas and Robtr|. sib'cr, Mrs. Dcncv G.irncr; hrolncrs, Aaron ind Dr. Leo G. McBnde; brolhcr-in-l.iw. Dr. Fred Walsh. Rosary WMS- Sunday at B n. ni. S H L E L A K McHADYfcN CHAPElI. AA'iii of Rtuuicin Monday 9 a. m. at SI. M.ilhrws Church. PAUL-- Clemm.1 t.." beloved" wifc~ol I rwis A. and mother ol Lewis A. Jr., .ind Rav P. Paul; citiht grandchildren, two tire.Tt-orandrhilrtrrn. Service will be Monday, 2 p. m. in the First B.iulisl Church at 1190B E. Or.inpft St., Norwnlh. KOSt HILLS MORTUARY direct- RICHA'RDS-- frnt-st f-., noe 8v, of JS^-l Lomon Ave. Survived by wile, Minnie; son, George A. Richards, Lona Oc.ich; diiuohler. b-uien n M. Raker of Bikersficld. four nr.iiKkhlldrcn : ninn grrat oranrichildrcn. service Monday. 1 p. m. HOLTON A SON CHAPEL. Rev. Reuben L. Anderson ol icifltino. SHEARING-- Harry Edwin, flee it. ol Af, I.inrirn Ave.. died January ?·». Iprm^r rc f ..dc"t ol Gary, Int. and V/lireMrio, W. Virginia and l.vcd i I omi Be.ich seven ve.i *. 'iiuvivcd ty d.iunhtor. Mrs. Jost'i)!' tlurgui of Muiisii. Fla ; son. liar toil F nf Gary, Ind. Funeral service. Kroner Funruil Hnmc, Wheel- ino W Va Loral arranacmcntf, ID charor- ot RIHf'LL MOR 1 UAR'i . bicrr.i M.idre. Funeral Notices 1 ^\ ^ WESTMINSTER / \MEMOJUALPARy SERVICES AT WESTMINSTER MORTUARY-CHAPEL HAZLL'TT-- Mark Euoene. Moiitlav 7 ii. m. Tuesday, 2 p.m. INTERMENT SHRVICES AT WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK CALLOW- Dnn C NAZI L T T -Mark C. Mond.w ?: -0 n. m. WJTCHlNR-Otrclla M. Monday .1 P. ni. npAvrr, i.uv-s K. Tuc^i.iv. .1 P ']'- LARStN- Jrtrn'i ne L. Tuc'-dav, .1 r ni. 'Jtw r\Anrfu,Tv-Chapr1 'n lVrttrpip«.trr now open to s^rve vfin with Reve'encc aid nmnitv GEnev» 16577 TWmr.,-,ks -T J-i?l Income Tax 9 INCOME Tax service, reasonable rates. Eve A weekends. GA ?-7?2fi HOME or office." Exoer. Kens. W. A. Rohrs. GA 2-64S3. GA 3-33W Income Tax 9 ,SUl'l : H TAX~lit"R'vTCf C. E. PRUDHOM, ex-oovl. tax official. New '59 deduction, wane earners, sck POV, cic. 618-1 At- l.ntic Ave., N. LONG BEACH. OPTN FvrS. SUN. GA 2-69/0. EXPERIENCED'TAX CONSULTANT FA5T. COURTEOUS A CFF - Clf-NT OPF.N SAT. SUN. A EVES. 2023 PACIFIC AVE. HE i-JJIO INCOME~TAX"SERVICE~BY~EXP. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. Reasonable rates CA 3-3888 69IJ L. B. Blvd. NE 8-1413 ALL" S1AIL-S BKHG."SEIRVICE UJ E 9th HE 7-2523 DAYS A EVENINGS NC TA'x" service al vout home or officf, davs. eves., Bun . 52 UD. A I Accounting, 350B Atlantic. GA 4-5932 Insurance 9-A AUTO-- We insure those canceled, rcluscd or ncedmo license rein stated Pay nionthly Annts eves. GA 4-0/0/. Jarossc, 2387 Atlantic. FARMERS AUTO 'INSURANCE S.ivc mnney. 6 mo. orcm. Terms Al DuDois, 23W Lime GA J 70:6 GO PLACES-HAVE FUN! Cai Clara Lane. HIT 5-751S. HT 7-3877 ALCOHOLICS "Anonymous." 7:30 1o 10:30 15J3 E. 10th. HE 2-9196 ANYONL Ihe whereabouts of Dick Marran call GA 7 519.1. JUDO Instruction for all aoes. For information call HE 7-1/96. ANY CAR. any color. S3!. Barnelt'i F'alnt, 1/10 Alarnitos HL /-Z5/5. DANCING "" " "Tb"6-311C 3 PRIVATE IFSSONS 52 CALL'BILLIL : TO 62?ss for 'pnvaf billrooni djiKP lessons DANCF Lcssons-10 h r s . " f o r " s i O ADULTS or I TENS Gb 46553 Irene Dance Studio. 3J12 E. 7lh. TFNSfT? Can't slccn? T r y ' Niagara WATCHES 'CDalrcd Lowest orices. Joe Robins, if Long [3 each Blvd. PSYCHIC. "Cards" S3. 12-8 disilv, 2-i Sun GE 4-7914. 1936 Chrrrv Funeral Notices 1 fltftan Farnilij FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1250 Pacific Ave. HE 2-5901 FLOWER SHOP HE 5-6388 or HE 2-5901 AYRES-W.ili.vr A, aor 55. cl II J.m., 01 UILDAY CHAPEL. D O W A T I - F l u i r * P., npc 72, of l/.-O Wrtlnul. Service will hn ^nnouiKO(J. MAZnilCM-- Jailirt A . JOC «. fit ?M H Rlh SI V C V K C Anti inlcrriiCiit in Chir.loo. II . nil. I J A Y MOR'iUARY in f..v,c Of ICCnl flrfrtnOC- n.cnli. Above '{Tylers w'll he rvtrson- nilv snocrviscd bv « member of IJie DILDAY FAMILY DILDAY MORTUARY Personals 1 1 JUST W ml. !o Yu-110, Aril. MARRY IN 1 HOUR Any day or nite. No wotlling. Lulci Grelna Green Chanel, Win- Icrhaven. No publicity. Turn rlyhl at Slate line go 1 blk. Write 500 First 51. or phone SU 34301 Yum a NEWCOMERS WELCOME To our get ncnualnted dances evciv night (exccol MOD. Tuos.) AL SKRIP i ORCHESTRA 5 cosh d rowing 5 Thursday nigh CLOVER BALLROOM 337Vi W. Pike. L. B. (2nd Floor "CONFIDENTIAL HELP for expectant mothers considering ddootlon' sinte licensed agency. No obligation, rho adoption in !itifufe, Mrs Long. WE 3-7181 ADULT get acquainted parties fur men women All ages. Dane. Instruct. Free rclrcshmt. i parties wkly. Tol cosi 51.90 WK. HE 7-0397 ALONE? Write or "call BeveFv Social Club, P.O. Box 177, Bellflower, Calif, or 1704. Atlantic. Long Beach. Ht 5-397-1. AA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ARF_A OFFICE-- DRINKING PROBLEMS CALL HE 5-5333 WIDOWER-- 53, 5'iO". 165" pounds. Home, car, security, meet nice adv. Club. Box A-2-10, Ind., P-r. BFAUT. cuitured"lody~like"tD meet Inlelllgent, sincere man 50 60. Club. Write Ind. P-T. Box A?220. "ATTENTION ONLY si Moke your own will, legal In all stales. Will Forms 418 Magnolia. Lost and Found 12 REWARD. Lost Thurs., parakeet, turquoise w/grcv white v/lngs, white head, answers to "Baby." GA 4-9555 LOST-- Woman's red' bllllold w/ilo- pcr. Los Altos cirea Jan. 23 24. Reward. GE 9-9?4B. GLASSES-- Charcoal plastic rims, pink Unfed, in case. Reward. GA 7-4208 Travel 15 LAS VEGAS RESERVATIONS GOSSAGE TRAVEL 924 Soulh St. GA 3-6971 DRIVING to Florida aboljt Feb. 6 i return. Take 2 or 3. Share. Exc. rof. HA 1-6935 aller 3 p.m. MEXICO-- ! /z cost. 21 days. Motor tour for your appearance in RIUEKS wanted. L.B. to L.A. Health Aids 18 RELAXATION, musk, massage, new types of baths, colonies, minera rejuvenation. L.idv IcLhmclans. New operators. Open 7 days. NE 6-6B29 LU 5-3049 can help you live longer live as long ss you live. 1-10 p.m., Mon. thru Fri., no Sat., Sun. 1125 Atlantic HL /-3B87 Nervous -- Tense -- Sore BrodOwav Health Sludio HRS. 103 GE 8-70fl1 TIRED? - N E" ED" "R¥LA x AT ION"? TRY OUR MASSAGE 2257 Pacific Ave. GA 4-V2/0 ! MARION'S Health Sludlu Massage, pic. MET 4-3570. !'rs. 10 a. rn.-E p. ni. DOWNTOWN HEALTH STUDIO rc- ODenlnn by chiororflctor A iis^i^t- nnts. 519 E. Broadway. HE 69362. SWEAT" BATH massage. iois v/. Compton 108. / days. N 2-9923. BLOOD PRESSUR'E CHECKED accurately. Only 50c. 142 625 Pine. HbC'tN b Massage Solon. 1210'h "lO. Hrs. 10-8. Closed Sun HE 6-3880. HAVE STEAM HATH-- Will Massage. Jan's, J173 Pacific Ave. HE 7-0766 GOLDIfT'S Swedish massage B, steam bath. Weekdays 8, Sun. HE 2-6315 ANAI.ETTE'S Metaphysics Music. Baths. 1-Hr. Massage. GE 3-7711. WEST'S NEW MASSAGE DF.PT Hrs. 106. No Sun Mon. HE 6 8289 MARY'S MASSAGE. COLONICS 6JO E. 3rf tit 7-457 NEW'OPERAT'OR." open wk'. days't Sun. HE 2-5133. 1151 E. 7lh. IJELLF-LOWL-R -Masnac, nrsfTl 6. closed Thursday WAb.ish 5-110i TPD I'Jc-n Mrtiinpi m o v r d ' f o U01 AN.vitlc. Mrs. 1-10. HF 7-27f5. Rest Homes. Sanitv'ms 20 IHE FINEST nursmg. rldrrlv «nfl CONVALESCENT CARE Physician m attendance Formerly Bixbv Knolls Hospital Long Reach / 3833 Atlantic GA 7 0964 Inspection Invited Something Different tn Sanitarium R Rest Home Care 24-Hour Nursing Service with R.N. Supervision We Invite Your Inspection LOS CERRITOS NURSING HOME 4005 V'inmi.1 Ru GA -011i LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM 25 Yl:ARS experience In car of the aged. GL I-*B22 ATLANTIC GUEST HO'ME Complete care of the aoed. We Invilc your insoccllon. 59?7 Atlantic Ave. GA 2-9703 P'iONEER SANITARIUM Siucious grounds, Inspection In- viled. Artesin. UN 5-7276. raid OR lite mcmbeiship. The Baslrr Home, IOIS N. Broadway. Santa Ana. Kl 2-35U CRESTWOOD. 14-hour Reg. Nurse caie. He.irl, stroke, bone, cancer cases. 1775 Chestnut, HE 28467 L U X U R Y LIVING -4- excellent (.arc. Experienced oncrnfor., lie. Reas. GA 36752 HOME away from home, man, v.:r-.-n cr cr'c A-rbul. f!C. 7 31iJ BOARD S. room, S80 mo. Nurse's lie. home. C.ire notional. HF 2-S?4J Board, Guest Homes 20-A BOARDING liomc tor ambulatory oiieils. 'iooo food, kind care, p.itm. TV, ?W7 In Salic. Los Angeles. RE 4-6E41 or RE 35741. A FINE Momc'tor "niothcr. o~r. Da. or LMh. S150 each. 1626 OHIO GE 89077 LADY, private rrn. A-1 rating. Lie. home, refined surroundings. GA 3-2903 HOMEY atmosphere in lie. home for elderly ladv. Gb" 9-5/9B. LOVELY priv. room, bath, board. nr. ocean. Fldcrly. GE 6-J723. VACANCY~in New" Guest Home 858 Olive Ave. HE 7-4801 VACANCY for 'iimrmlaiorv lady JELLFLOWER. CARE OFFERFD 9453 MflRlr. T O 7-4128; 10 7-12S? NICE home for mother, gsort me.ils. palio, TV. GA A-2667 f'OTTLR'S ~~iccnscd~~homc for la dies. Good food f. care. GE -1-93.16 GUEST" "HOME ~'FOR~A'rFD"M'FN. Loans 21 -A (Salary, Auto, Furniture) MONEY TODAY $25 TO $1500 BORROW ON YOUR SALARY Lmplovcd oecplc in all lnct rn.i/ qualify (or d salary BORROW ON CAR OR FURN1 TURE. Tins excellent security may cormit fast one-d.iv service S i ' L C l A L ( A Y LMY LOANS "S2!i S50 or more loaned until p.iv dnv" or onoer Pay only for ac'uril number ol days you keep money. 525 COMS I5c tor one week. tlO OTHf-iR CHARGES PHONL' FOR YOUR 1 04N LOCAL LOAN CO. Our 5?nd Year M6 F. 4fh St.. 2nd Floor Corner 4th Locust HL 7-4131 Ask lor Ed Sheer in. Mgr. Free oarkmo 344 or 355 l.ocusl Open Fndnv until 8 D m. School Instruction 22 AIRLINES Hostesses, Stewards. Interesting O'CUid 101)1, lew (icrrntiro hrn lied number for training placemen', d-iv or rvc'i'ng Long Brat h Business College 404 L.B. Blvd HE 6-4263 LPARN A"~TRAD"n In 2~to 6 wk*. GROCERY CH^CKFR S9B wk MfAT W R A P P E R 589 wk ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY S89wk. POX S1?S mo TV REPAIR . 5165 wk. So. School Of Business _5525 Atlanlic GA 2-173S PIANO INSTRUCTIONS Private-- your home or studio 933 Junlpcro GE 3-1)33 | CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE i DHNTAL ASST., WEDICAL ASST. ; GRABUATF PRACTICAL NURSI-S | !1» E. 1st SI. HE 50105 ! PBX RECPT. TRAINING Also 24 hr answer training. Live hOiVdi A free olatemcnt. Complon, . NE 9 2704, NE 6 1017. Bartender, Cktl. Waitress TRAINED 1 V Lowest cost Short. Thorn. '. V4U f.oui'.t Long Reach HE MM* tlf,H SCHOOir-GRAnE SCHOOL 1 5rve t^r-e srucJv .it Hone O · 1 plom.i. Write Columbia Schooi. : P.O. Box .S3. Pico, Cahf. · WOMF'N 10-- iri ofiod hcjiith, abb" 18 fo 60 to Irain for nr«ct.c«l nur^- ing. Nurses Placement, GA 2-0301 L F A R N ~ Rral" Estate ~TMq~u:tk f^sv way. Pnvat* Instructns. HE 6-9547. EmpLAg'clesCWom.) 23Empl. Ag'cies (Worn.) 23 ^.. ,.-...,, .+ .:,.. .,. -. f , -. , 1, .-,... ^. -*,,.,-,'., t · v.' f.-Mt, *JH fl 'W9*'* - ··»/·,'..«·,'."!·*·(·/ -^. I EMPLOYMEN WO '; Consult These P ·Irs*"".: s2jej:~ic?iE;v7?"'. ~*VKK\ _AKEV EMPLOYME 4143 Nona Way Lakowood Blvd., C STARTING SALARY $425 UP DOF. EXEC. SECTY. for Manager v. P. Handle records payroll. J350 UP DOE. SFCRETARY to Director of Public Relations. No s/h IOQU red, gd. typing. 'Compose letters, write cdlloria v 5345 STENO - RECEPTIONIST tile s/h 8. gd. typing. Mcinudl. 5740 UP JR. STfTNO. Wilt train young oirl lust grad uafcd wlfh s/h BO wpm. IVDC 5(K60 wpm. Xlnf opporlunlfy, car. S300 BILLING CLERK Rem. elec. add machine and Kardex. $280 CLERK-TYPIST Type 50/50, will be In charge of dcpt. Near Belltlowcr. $300 ASST. BOOKKEEPER A/R A/P to T-B, payroll, calc. add. machine, type. 5350 GAL FRIDAY LI. s/h, gd. typist, small sel of books, oavroll receptionist. 5350 F/C BOOKKEEPER T-B P-l., payroll, Ivulng. S370S325 PBX OPERATOR Rccupl., gd. typist. 5330 COMPTOMFTFR QPR. 4 phases, lor budget deot. FRANKIE BARNHILL'S "ALCO^ Employment Aocncy 2219 L. B. Blvd. GA 7-7415 AMPLE PARKING For the convenience of those who want a BETTER job, our office is open UNTIL 7 P.M. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. File Clerk, typist, PBX Relief, car t-?7c Pick un delivery, interesting onporlumty lor shnrp 7535, local, car . . . . $260 . f m i. General etc., credit CXD preferred., local .. . . J700-S225 G?-)d fypi-J, te!c'vrc, cvci , car . . to S275 Asst. Bookecper, auto exp., over 30, local st. S275 Cashier, NCR 3000, insurance billing, local . . . . $275 Medical Insurance typist, some assisting, Compton . S275 A R A ' P Clerk, repair orders tickets, cxtMi., S.iii Pedro $2iO Billing Clerk, type, ^drjinp ridch calc., V/ilminoton . ^300 -t Only Partial Listing CALDWELL PFRSONNEH AGLNCY 19 Pine Suite 312 Hb. 2B48I SCLV: yd skilh, leiiin legul . I30C OiclflPhone: type 60, expd. S775 Credit: collection, car $300 1 Cashier: expd, type, c^r . S?45 Secy: Adv. Mor., skilled to S350 TVPC: statistical, local .. $300 Stcno: sales, gd skills, car, to S350 Escrow Clerk: expel, type 50 S3M Sales prom: 30 -JO, car SJOO Secy: business bt-.od, 5390 up Dcpt. Clk. Know, of Adv. $299 up Sfcno: 30 up, gd skills, $281 MEDICAL DEPT. RU or LVN, ofc, 1 vnwood fo tl50 Drug Cik, ionic e«p . si 5316 in:. C:K, mi j,p:s!. i.o s..! s:-;: Lxod Maid lor hoso f?05 Admit PBX, cxp, 3-11 $252 G-'O, mecl group, si S3SO Asst, nun type, prt time $125 A-,si. cnipn;c:i(.v hoiiv Compt. ^"'-0 Norses Aides, all sh.lh S7.10 Ofc Nurse, raise later . M VN. current Calit lie S?50 Roctp. know Ins. S. Pedro $250 UP CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Bdwy. Rm. 505 HL 6-6271 Secy: trne In business 53904 Steno: sales, cngrg. . . . S 3 L O + Sleno: slat. type, oil . . . 5375 Acclg. elk: gd. 10 key $29-1 Recent: type 55 wpm . 5775 Sales: it. type, ans phone S?45 Escrow woman, expri. . $325 + Ast. bknr: payroll, cost . S325-( MEDICAL DEPI. F*nd aides m^nv -ill --hilU »o f"f RN, flmir. local St. SfiOO tin G 0, medical bKpd. . si $2iU Oft. RrJ, Lynwood to $350 st. fc'xpd. Ins. secv., age open 10 $350 M A'.st surg., expd. Complon st. S750 Drug elk. (?l $l.?5 hr. LONG BEACH EMPLOYMENT flGFNCY Stpno.-Sectv., dntn., legal to $350 Slcno.-Scctv., downtown. Varied general o f f i c e to $325 Acrountino Clerk, use calculator, no typing, local S3DO Lite Typo., meei public, dntn $200 US Pme Suite ??0 HE 5-1029 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE ROOM 208 r-RL-SH JOBS D A I L Y FREY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ?117 Atlflnlir GA J-0971 O f f i c e hours 9 to 12 7 to 4 School Instruction 22 REAL ESTATE If you LEARN WhLL if p.m well Study with an experience:! realtor who lias trained hundreds of ^wcces 1 .!'.!! ··iileipeoplc. Jobs waiting. Oav cl evening daises. SEPARATF RFN-r Al COURSE HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL T b . A T F i176 A T L A N T I C GA 3-6-1/3 " " " S T A R T TODAYS ~" BECOME: A GRAHUAFL PRACTICAL NURSE. fcARN AS YOU i_EiARN LOW r u i T ION-EASY TLRf.'.S Gaylord System of Nuning Mrs L- Gavlord, K N.. Dir 1836 Atlantic, L B. GA 6-1/0/ AMfRTcAN "RARHLP COLLLGL Long Beach HE 29247; HE 3-9311 School Instruction 22 QipeedMMgg The ABC Shorthand '· granted sf^T^ Good ft f ^,^,-it,-!^\ Housekeeping M?" 1 "»"" v "i";y Guaranty Seal ^a 1 "-- 1 ^^ Learn Shorthand in 6 weeks Qpeedwritigg No Symbols, No Machines, Uses ABC's TREE DEMONSTRATION -Convince Yourself! Conic In! Ddv nr rvcmnq O.mrs FRbE NATION-WIDE Av.lil.ih'e In SPI tDWPHING SclicoK In over 400 Cilics FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Free Brush-Up · Free Transfer Wlirn vnu cirn 1 tor cln'^rrir-ni inUruc'iOT ,it o n r srrro- WRITING Srhool. vnu ,irr rn- t,n«rt trt Hn*f nr.vilcnr^ pf Al L S P r E D W R . I I N O Sclioo:^ in nvcr 400 cilies! California College of Commerce 851 Fine, I.8., HE t-9767 T AGENCIES MEN acement Experts 412-rZ'KE"' · tiK%X.-^*..iUiZ^ VOOD NT AGENCY HA 9-5935 or son St. Diagonal STARTING SALARY 5375 SECRETARY lo Chief fnginccr. Prefers engineering bkgd. Nice office. S350-S375 DOE. SECRETARY to President. Gd. s/h f. tvolng with varied office dulics. S37S SECRETARY for Plan! Manaoer. Gd. secretariat skills, v/lll have own olc. PBX relief. 5390 STf-HO - G/0 S'h 90 worn, tvDmo, PBX relief. g-jod B'O bkgd. 5325 UP DOF. DICTAPH. 5FCY. Gd. lyoisi, comoose own letters. G'o bkgd. 5300 TYPIST TVVX Dlus PBX cxp. Wilh good ddvancemcnl. 5315 KARDFX CLERK ExrJd. life occurale typing. 5265 PAYROLL CLERK ? phases comp., adding mach., tVPC. S2BO-VJOO DOE. ACCTG. CLERK Prefers acrto, exp. Add. machine, fyping. S300 UP DOE. BURR. SENSI. OP. 1 vr. exp. A typing. S3-10 IBM KEYPUNCH OPR. A N, 2 vrs. exp. on 024. LOUISE KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGF-NCY 2 1 5 L. B. BLVD. HE 2-7931 5478 ATLANTIC GA 3 - 8 4 3 1 lion. Aoe 30 lo dO; car neco:, Siiry. Wonderful opptv. for c rite girl and must be free to travel. S40Q ·* qfliollnc -- any neccssfirv expenses. Stcnos "AB". Several . fo 5150 Wio : d tvoist S3J4.93 R.R. tab mach oor to SJ/0 inlermedialc ilOTio, local S310 Intcrmcrlicile 'voist, prrsonnrl bk- fld helpful for personnel rc'ords o f f i c e 5295 A:clo clcrt;, c-;p'd (iiinev. to idle ^O's. tvi'c 45 wcm. Local S?95 Sharp, well qroorr.ed girl cxp'd Clnwfird Adv. Xlnf oontv- IVRC, neat hGndwrillng, local S300 4- cornm Tvnist fralneo (Several) fo 5575 Escrow clerk, cxp . $300 up 2f-..-irp e'ri tr ff u^f dup!. S.'H, Local 5300 up ·ft This Is only a parllal lll of our good dally positions. We have 2 offices to belter serve vou. Our N.L.B. office K open Sal. a.m.'s. MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY 509 KRESS Bl-DG . VTH PINE HL 2891! COMPANY PAYS FFF ·i^CTY to Sdli'S Wrjr ^1 t i' 1 S L C 7 Y . Ho S'H, Attrac. S.I^O T Y P l O T 50 4 DiCt.)')h. . *,?/7 H'l t.FR, oliorc work 2dO T Y P I S T , Tram Dicl.Tpli S?// T Y P I S T , Elcr.t. Traltic Dent 5i60 YOU PAY FEE EXPORT SfcCTY. Interesting work . to 5435 FXL-C. St'CTY. to Pres. 5350 SECTY. INS. AGENCY cxp. SJOO STENO S'H 100, nice ofc 5310 SECTY. Advtg. Dept., S'H 80 5300 GEN OFC., DIctapM.. type ... S775 RrcrPT., PRX, S H RO S2/5 GF.N. OFC., gd Future .. 5300 MEDICAL INS. Clk . . Cnnd K E C K P T . Clinic 2 fo 10 . 5750 RECEPT. Relief 5775 RN Nlalils $381 RN Clinic St. i3?5 UN'DERGRAD Clinic St. SJ'iO LVN's S755 GOLDEN WEST AGFNCY 19 Pmp Room 914 HL / 0501 "COMPANY P A Y S FEE" Secv. to Sales Mur., 75-40. Sh,im onl, loci 1 cnr 5360 "APPLICANT PAYS FEE" Personnel Clk. Typist . 5295 FC B!;or. NCR. U 45, LB 5375 NCR 3100 Oor., A - P , p.lvroll 1325 Secv. for Co. Ally. IBM exec., ·JS-dO, sliarp Xlnl. adv. 5350 un Hurrs. Flkpr. Rank cxo. S?Ri Acctg. Clk. Burrs. Poslino, use ofc. mach«,. U -in. LB . 5295 1-Girl Ofc. Assl Bkpo. 25-35 Wilminglcn .11 e«. Car S3?5 Mod. Off. Ins. typist, NLB S?7i Order Checker. 10 K add math . likr fJonrpi. 33-30. to 5250 Temp. 5 1 0 p.m IBM cuec. tVD'St. 1 to ? wM. Dnln. LB 57 hr /.'ltd. Rccept.- typist, DiAby DOE EOV/ER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Sc.-ty.. 2525. oownlown S.'OO f C BroM-ccpc- s300 1- t-!r O f x c r . S e c ' v , 7S-35. car S4 03 5500 P.iVoM, s?90 HCiSlCbi. D.Vl lFfi;C S125 · PDX tvpis) 5225 Steno, construct exp. S300 up Ccncrnl o'c ynp Prriro S??f) 5?4S Driver O'fk uo, 3 0 3 5 51.35 hr. A'.t'il set'v. 17) 5?75-S375 S-iies promotion, 30-4D, car S400 Mcl Arst . r,ir *'*·' '775 Rfc-cnt , Med , Insur cxn. 5303 up 320 Pine A v e . HE 6 - 2 2 1 1 V O N EMPLOYMENT A G E N C Y S F C T Y . to oeneral Sa'es Myr. S H f. dictplin. Loc Co. S90 wh L"Xf;C. Secty lo oen'l V.or. Acclg. bl.od. Pro!.t iharino 5.150 o 53 /i A A T L A ' J I 1C GA ,1 W05 dorothy Stirling agency MANY OFFICE I-OSmONS IIS Pine Room 57.1 HE 5-6359 School Instruction 22 REAL ESTATE SCHOOL $25 Free boo^s. Salaried lobs. 900 Long BCK' Bivd Hfc t, 9751 WOMEN-- MODELS All ages needed now for H.gli Pa vino Jobs n Fasti ion. Photo. TV. Full or narl time. Or el Trflmmg Oualif-os vou. Hollywood Modeling Studios CALL NOW GA 6 - 1 3 2 8 School Instruction 22 SHORTHAND in 30 DAYS take, o,x»kMt tut ·fo SkAOtluuui uAtit $MW£C^ L,B. SECRETARIAL COLLEGE HE 6-4263 School Instruction 22 Have You Thought Of An Airline Career? A good (raining program now could stiii t vou on your Wdv towurd a successful future In airline work. Young men and women, ages 20 to 2/, hloh school graduates. should investigate the future of .in airline career. This excit no f eld offers niony opportunities. START YOUR TRAINING NOW. You con train for Stewardess, or one of Ilic many Important ground Dasltion^, s u c h fls Passenger Agent, Reservations. Ticket no and nianv otlicrs. Easy budget terms con be arranged. TRAIN IN HOLLYWOOD. You may allcnd resident classes al our Hollywood A'rllne School unon romnlcticn of b.islc training -at no additional charge. Send tnuuon lort.iv and we will see that vou rerrivc comnlcfo de tails on o-jr modern Airline Ira.n- Ino Pronrnm. AIRLINE CAREER DIVISION Northwest Schools Dcpt. M-34. Box A- 5697, c/o l - P f . Name City Age Slafe - Phone Educ. . ^^ PLACt 40 Elecfronic Assemblers Earn While You Learn Guaranteed to Qualify F-ree Placement Train Now-- Pay Later 12021 Long Beach Blvd., Lynwood NE 9-4924 JOBS WAITING Technical Writers Electronic Technicians Free Placement Low Tuition Train Now, Pay Later 12021 Long Beach Bl . Lvnwood NE 9-4924 Olrt«t ~Schoo in LOi:G~Bi;ACH Over 515,000 in bcu 1 T R A I N HE RE -WHY GO TO L. A.? Clicc.'; with us before "U" --, (,n in. GUARANTEED TRAIN It 'G N: PBX opr. . to S400 mo. CROC, cashier lo SM3 mo. IBM Keypunch .. to S453 mo. SOLDERING wiring to W50 mo WASHLR-drycr Rpr. ?6 hr. Moore Schl. 24S E. /lh HE 2-0745 lilk Screen A S'an Li-!!r'!nr; Mdsc Display 8. Art Classes Du Bay School 1611 Pine HE 2-6055 Driving School 22-A "PACIFIC" DRIVING SCHOOL" Beginners - Brusn-uo 747 L B. Blvd. GA 4-W1/ Help Wanted (Wom.J 24 : FR'EE REA1 ESTATF SCHOOL Part or Full Time Wo will ir.iln you 4 pbcc : you In sales position lo earn $20,000 YR. UP Our proven results will nelp you get started Immediately. Find out HOW MUCH you CAN EARN put time or full time In Real Estate. Join the MOST Successful Ok. Litcmcd Salcsncoolc A Brokers WELCOME CALL HE 5-8383 '/MITPtiELt. ».'.w iPbs l?carV"d rtc.Tiby lowns Top Piiv V.'AITRESSrS (Laoun.O «0 wk. + V.'AITRf/SSCS (Dc-.crl) room, board, good lips · i/03 mo. VMlTRCSfiES (Dovnov) Tons F R Y COOKS «AO to S75 wV. No deposits, t-ec, li c r of 1st Mo. GWINN'S Employmcnl Agency 316 Elm, Lono Beath HE 7-2885 GIRL f-HIUAY-- Good~nt figures'. \Vilmlnoton . S325 up Bookkeeper, Paramount .. S390 Stcnos. several . S300 UD Secretaries Open NO DEPOSITS REQUIRED Fees only 11 to 30% of 1st mo. Gwlnn's Emplovnienl Aqpncv 3)6 Elm. 1 . B. HE 7-2BB6 AIRLINES" Hosfesses- interesting ground lobs --now accepting limited numbct for training f. placement. D.iv or evening. Lonn Beach Business Coltegr 404 L B. B!vri , Cl. ??, HE 6-4J6" VtOiViLK, on o»ob. ncoucd for n e ferrcd fobs .w GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES. Brief trflirTrm w.ll Qualify vou. CAREER T R A ' N I N G IHSTITUTF 218 E. Isf Cl. '.1 HE 5-010i Counter Phone Life BnokKeoPino A Ivomg Apply Toddy! Pcfrl's Cleaners 1750 Orangi S T A T I S T I C A L T Y P I S T , IBM elcf.. Slenorctle S300 CERTIFIED Personnel Scrvirr Agency 235 E. Btfv/v.. Rm. 50i H L 6 6 ? 7 1 PREPARE NOW!'"" For your future career as a nurse GAYLORD SYSTEM of NIJRSHM See ddd cl. 22 GA 6 170? TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Best salary S. bonuirs. Hours to su.t vou. L-rpi. 1 nrclCTcd but not essential. CaM GA 4.8803. O P P R A T O R exner. on -,cv;ing n'av tic or hnht canvas. Cnam slitch or aoubic nccd'e. Apply 17615 Clark Ave.. Beilflowcr. LXPLRIENCL'D BOOKKFEPFR who can also prepare Income T a x returns. Temoorary work, Mrs. K no, GA 4-58??. REGISTERED NURSE To worK m Doctor's othcc in Lvnwood. For anot. call NE 6-3434 WOMENTM Hflvr/'vou 'thounht' of ' an A I R L I N E C A R E E R ? Sec our ad under Class. 72, Education-Instruction. MOORE 'School' will "train vou n Solricrinn Wiring. 245 E. 71 1, HE 2-0?45. Socr. attention women over 40. Free picmt. See ad Cl. 27 BOOKKEEPER, tvmst. State ane, pvpc r ., sal. c peeled. Give rets f. te.C. number. Write Box A 2588 c o Ind.-P-T. VVANTfcD-F-ull or "Part" Time TUPPERVVARE Demonslralor. C.ili Your lora' Authorized Dislributor or ApPOinlmenl. MEtc.ilf 0 3942 Moore School will train vou "in IBM Keypunch. 2-15 t. /th. HL 2-0745. Free olnccment. Soe ad Ci. 72. PRACf"lCAL~NURSE-hskpr""Livc" n _$IOO wilh freedom. GF 85195 16109 Lkwd. Blvd., Bolllfower. HOllSrKrFPrR-- Mnfherlcnr hnmr 1 ve In. Norwfllk. UN 5 2469 eves BEAUTY OPERATORS' SAS SALARY HF 6 9 AH 9 COCKTAIL VMITRESS Yrwno. ?i'tr,irlive 1?9 E Orenn HAIPORLSSER" and~MANrcuRiST 4970 E. 2na GE 4-20 t PART or lull-tiinc s"ii1esv7omcn"per- cenfage niui. NF 1-7497 SHIRT" PRESS" "oncratorT" exoor. union. 9816 E. Oak, Beilflowcr NURSCS^LVN S " Prnr tir'ah. steady «. relief, all shifis. 1775 Chestnut EXPERIEWCE'D WAITR"ESS~O"VER 21. f'IKC INN, 313 Wf ST PIKP. School Instruction 22 School Instruction 22 Mpi^HRW:^ P CLASSt^ P H V TYPING .D.A. RECEPTIONIS1 AIRLINES TRAINING N\ Medical Division A* 71 -M~R Dental Assistants -^/ Medical Assistants ilHK 1 Medical Secretaries -- 1 HEmlock 5-0105 Accounting Secretnii.'.! General Office E X T E N D E D TUITION FRLE Pl.ACFV.GNf Gregg Shorthand A (,-irndly- ^c^ool thnf will tonu entinuilv h^'P Dl^ce vou ifi you- first position and aid you n pftting future promotions. Long Beach Secretarial Accounting; School 404 Lona Beach Blvd. s nee 190S HE *-O*) Long Beach, Calif-, Monday, Feb. », 1MO INDEPENDENT-- PdyO C-5 Help WanJcd (Worn.) 24 Electronic Assemblers · Developmental · Experimental · Prototype Top electronic assemblers capable of fabrication and/or assembly of complex electronic products. Must be capable of working f r o m engineering prints in wiring from schematic diagrams. Must have thoro knowledge of electronic components, symbols and color code. -ARYAN is located a w a y , from major traffic con- jestion, only 2 miles from ; t!i9 Pacific Coast, yei still less than 35 minuies f r o m downtown L o s Angeles and surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crenshaw Hawlhornc Bl. TORRANCE DAvenporf 6-9523 STENO Im.Tiadiaie opening for qualified sienogrfipnor lo handle heavy volume of dici-ntion and typing. In- cludos very busy telephone contact w i t h customers, salesmen, representatives, etc. Applicants must bo alert and possesi good ability with shorthand and typing. Plc-?ie apply ·*' Personnel Office LEACH CORP. 16435 Susnna Road Complon NE 6-1061 PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL BURLAiJ 'Di/iscn C'! PROFESSIONAL NURSES BUREAU. INC. (Afe-T-v) 50.-T r acullv fvt.. L"wd. AAE 3-0731 NCv.iC-'a 65130 P N.. rj'y. nil . «197 P.M., car '04 1 ; R.N.. oor rni. *"6S, relief ihifl, car Il.lOhr. Under grad., 3 11 «50 LVM'i (3} cor S3!0 4 Mrd. nsiisl. locfll Good Prnctkfll, 3 1 1 i?30 NURSES AIDS (7} st. S225 SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5070 CncullY, Lnkewood (Across from New Sflfcwnv) ME(. 3-8147, HEv. i-UB ACC'T Clerk, K 0. A'P CXD. 53^ B:;KP. F/choc., ito IVPO $350 DKKP. Hflrilcv -yMem, to JO M50 MED ,1*5 t, Iron' t.ick (2) sz/i COLLECTION Clrk.. no. S3CO * SFIiNO. I'uh. Rcl-, locill 5275 Sales - Decorator FURNITURE CARPET EXPERIENCE NECESSARY BARKER'BROS. Hi t BROADWAY-Long Beach Hours 9:30 to 12 noon. Mondnv thru Fnd.iy CASHIER v YOUNG LADY Career Minded autiiificd to tr.iln for excellent 5FF MISS SMITH BOBUY'S SPORTSV/EAR 136 PINE AVE. Placement Interviewpr V/ill tr.iin comrjetcnt. st.iblc Should h.ive p'easmo ncr;on ( ilitv A e*ucr;ence in tominprclnl lcr- Call Mr Bane. CA| DWELL PERSONNEL AGfcNCY. 19 Pmc. HL J-E481. CLbRK-TYPiST Alert, 50 w.p.m., iome dicfi phone. Bt-nefiti, 5 day-- 37'/ 2 nr. wl. T R A V F L F R S INS CO. MISS McNHVIN RM ?0 110 W. OCEAN MOTHERS docs vour outJoct 1HI shorl ol vour needs? E,irn exlr^ nccdert income liv working a Irw hours a day selling Avon CosrncliCS Toilclrics Exclusive tcrriloiiei now twniiab'e. Tor interview call GA 7-0019, Exl. 33. OPERATORS Wflntrd, oncralori on Bcllcr dresses. MUST be exocncnced. Free coffee. ImnsDorlalion cdn be arranged. Good pay. steady cmolovment. 11594 Atlanlic, Lvnwcod ihe LESLIE employment agency Many Positions Available 3230 E. Broadway GE 4-0931 BOOKKr.rPrR," general office" S3!: T Y P f S T S - c l e r k s S?rtC 7. MED. ufc. msur. foun lvDi-,1 S303 + il LHOS varioui SJOa.S32^ S-/.'C R E D I T col.cciion c.erk $300-1'- PERSOMNEL CrnoJovnient Accnrir' 420? L. 2nd -*1J Kress lildn. WANTED Q.'l to ,iiS:M in" Dcnli ! o f f i c e Answer mown hrtndwnlino, noc. hCiQiii. we. plii. Stiitc exocri cnce in ricntnl work or oilier nub lir CTicrienc* G:vc phonr number. Box M 366:' 'nd. Press. . . HOUSE Kr.tif'CR S. COOK. MUST H A V L RLFERENCfcS. GOOD SALARY. i DAYS. J ADULTS. LIVE IN OR OUT. PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS. POSITIONS oncn for nurses. Aar o! drugs other nursmo routines. Call Mr. Rehnifln, TE 5-WM. 1C fl. m. 4 o. m. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS FULL OR PART n.V.f. APPLY SAV1T7 RFSTAilRAMT C O R N T R OC.VAN A LOCUST Pholo Fmisliiiio Plan' Needs exoeripnced checkers, billers, printers. Apply A.M. only. Meicurv Ptioto, 1030 L. B. Blvd. RECEPTIONIST Doctor's office. Lxncricnced only. Wilmington area. TE i-6611. BEAUTY COLLFGt" INSTRUCTOR Tuesday ihru Saturday HARBOR BEAUTY COLLEGE 4ft5 W. 7ln, Sftn Pr-dro TE ?-160A HOUSEKEEPER. "Pull" time. Live out. ExcJnt, pay working conditions. 1 children, 10 A 16 yrs. HOUSEKEEPER, molherless home. No ohicrtion to preanancv or fhlld. 4 children. UNivcr-.ilv e 7503 MOORE" "School" will train you In PBX- rent. 24S E. 7th $f. HE 3-WJS Tree placement. Sec ad. Cl. 11. EXPERIENCED stenographer. Gorxl ty»ist wilh ceneral office experience. Call fiwnrr. T T 4-W»0. WOMAN on Sot Sec. as companion housekeeper. G^"d home. Small wanes. GE 9-*?OJ. nXP.'dinfno room f, corkfail wait rcis. Club Norriian, 10327 L. 3. Blvd., Lynwood, afler 1 p.m. MOORE 5iChoril will train vou m Groc. Checkers. ?5 E. 7ln. HE 20945. Free plcmnt. See ad Cl. 3?. EXP^ BeautV^OPfirMor Compton flrts. Srtl. 4- £0mm. NE 7-3670. REGISTERED Nursfr^Physlcian's officy. Ph. HE 7-45S8 (or interview Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 * * GUARANTEED INCOME National oroflniiiilion, leader In Its Held, has opening for loco woman ol refinement. Experience In church social activity desirable. Pleasant, nleresllng, full or port llrrt work wilh no iclllno. We Are looking for n d.onlflrd person to fill a alanlficd iosition, For Personal Interview Coll Mr. Ekblade GA 2-7350 Calls Accepted Sal. S Sun. Reproduction Typist Ininiediiite tecjulfement for wcil Qualified renroducl.nn typist In our publication?, division. Must be capable ol hlph degree of accuracy in typing vellum ,md niuMllllh mnsfers. Rcaulrri familiar ty with engineering terminology. Please Apply al Personnel Offic? Botwnon 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. Dally LEACH CORP. 18435 Susana Complon EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Wort near your home for Na- . tional Company offering Top Salary and Excellent Working Condition. Under 35. 3200 E. 59IH ST. ME 4-1424 WANIED 3 Well Groomed Women Full. Riirt lime for newly organized sales ornamzat on in th s area. Ho door to door, collcctina, delivery, car '.pcessarv For *n- pcintmcnt, call GE 892-11; weekdays, 9-3. F - I - S - C - H - E - R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY S E C T Y - B K P R . , Rpllf. $310 MAIL CLK.. tvDSl, yng. S?03 SAV1NGS-IOAN iccty S-1Q3 RECEPT. - T Y P - S l . posl Dn '-9V Hi Pmc. Room 603 HE 1 592? MOD1-LS 7 MODELS needed now for Local No txncrientr Ncicsviry Brief Trrimmrj Aviinablc Earn to S?0 ocr hr Fun or part-lime _Call GA 6-13?B Sec Cl. 2? YOU NEED" MONEY? Hmmons Jewelry needs you. Fu or part time. No deliveries or collections. Advance comm. pa-d. Exp. not nrfessnrv WP Ir^n v^,, to cam as voi learn. Car essential. For Interview nppt. tall JE 7-8811 or afler 5 LE 96106. Req. Nurses 3-11-- Full Time Medkni-Surorcal \Voodrufl CornmunHy Hosplfat 3800 Woodrult HA 1-6?J1 BEAUTY OPERATOR Eyerie::-.-:*. 5 days wk. Gu.iran tec + commls'.lan CHARLES B E A U T Y SALOfI 5JS5 F. ?nd $t. GE 3-425-1 " G I R L S ' Mo exocr. nscc-.'.:rv. Part time work. ?0 h.'s woj':. SIOO wcc! D.T^iblc. Arjj'v 9-12, l-x CI,-;IY 1000 f£ Arid. a. L.D " RNs-- Calif. Eligible AM shitls. P.lrt or lull time. PARK HOSPITAL ^201 E. 10th GE 9-?109 MASSEUSE Jl-40. v;llllno lo learn. Alnlia Personnel Aucncv 518 E. 1st HE ;.0«B HOUSEKEEPERS Live In out. Good wages. Alpha Personnel Aocncv 516 E. lit SI. HE 7-G43B TRL'C PLACEMENT to pood p.iy- ino imdes. See School Ad Under Cl/i-is 72. SS^S GA 2-1739 HOUBY-T IME ""PARTY~dcmonslra ors. Unnniilcd earnings Flexible hrs. No delivery or collccllno _. ... HA *W7 or MA 96732 DANCERS Expcr. prel. or will tram to tr-nch ciirt-cha. swing, etc. Top pr,y DEL HLY STUDIOS. TO 6-3110 WOMrN 10-ln good hcaflh, aoe IB to 60 lo fmln for Pta c . Nursing. Nurses Placement, Cl 77 GA ?-0303 LADiES, PART "TIME," SECURING ORDERS. No t'xp. necessary. Call after 3 p.m. GA 7-7475. child. Free board rm. Grna! wanes. Can 6:30 n m. HE 6-2F01 2" VVOME N for" "motel "workT'SiC oath mo. share kltch. apart ment. 61/4 1 ono Death Blvd. M DDLEAGED ladv for~libht~hciuTe- work In L. A Help handicapped lady. Live n HA 1-7370. EDITH Rehnboro Cosrnrt-cs ollcTs unlimited onnor Full or oarl time. Cti.l toi rtpo I rA 1-693.1. B F A U T l C i A f j -"European, "exp" " n hair ventilating No Cfllit lit _necded. HE 63176; Gb 4 953* eve. FRY'COOKS 8,'wAirRFssF*;' PXP. ONLY-APPLY IN PfRSON SlIT'S HUT 775? L. B BLVD HOUSE. 'krrPFR-Carc 7~boy~r- ; A 5. Roi'.moor addilion. Musi live in. GE 1-B503. NURSES~"RN F""6R"sAN"AtoRTu~M Live in or out. Anplv 577 W Rnnpnl. Inolewood SALESWOMEN. Exner.". tun or P T Hartrthflos, Costume Jewe'rv. LANE'S ??3 PINE AVE Hel» Wanted (Men) 26 WANTED voung afifiresslve man for s.i'cs of General Tires by are.cs o'riesf d'str'biitoi. Snl.irv. rotnm R tKinus. Conta^' Leo Salisbury al HF! 6-9631. AVN lo scrvic^'esliibl^hed'wnlhifi' RK No C»D nee Pay starts im mod S2-i3 per hr 109J E. Wardlow Rd. A.M.'S only ELECTRICIANS 'presently enqaood n contraction. Opportunity lo work with established contract ig _ service. Write Rox A-199. men fton 71 4S Will'no to Irave Anplv Mr Dai'nhcrlY, 2J99 Cc'r tos. 1? to ?. Tues. thru Thuis POSITIONS open for ma'e nurse" Must have knowledge of drugs f. other nursino routines. Call Mr. Rchman, TE 5 6611, 10 a. m. 4 p.m. Mn^PITAL'nhiirmariist, nltjfit hours, competitive sa'.iry. Contact per- snnnel office. SI. Franc's Hn',Dita . 3630 Imoerlnl Hwv , 1 vnwrnrt. A MAN'S AMBITIOrT W.U--I re small t n« nr-pd? A (OP A does nol Cfl.i iF R774 IV R'.'PAIR T R A I N F T S for « ^hor course. See School Ad Under CM-s 7? 5575 Atlanta GA ?.]?39 MILITARY E.irn i?0 .in evening. Apply 143? F ;th.. A 9 n m. 1 NEED A voung married man," full or part time. Servicemen welcome. Hard work oood nay GA 2-0.103 i iPMnt ^TPR'FD Knnx Rlrhardson HE 5-S261 TRANSMISSION' installer fi, "me- chnnic winled. Musi have own to-ill. HP 2-334? 9 a.m.-? n m " B E "A PEACE OFFICER Sec c'dis 29, thii oapcr. YOUNG man, exocr. stenographer. Good tvoisf with general ofc. ex _pcr. C.ill iwncr. rn 4-MW MARRIED men, aoe 2540, car"ahd phone, ran earn 5175 weekly _Fuller Brush Co. GA AC:a2 RPAI. FST. salesman. Sal. K. cniiim". _DcolCV. VOO L. B nivd. HF A-9751 BIBLE SALESMEN. "Car necessary. L. B. Price 2105 Pacific Ave. Help Wanted (Men) 26 Route Salesman EsMhli sheri Retail Coffee Route. Salary, Commission and Bonus. Hospitalfration. Relircment nnd P.ild Vacations. Hi oh School Lduc.ltion, Married. Aoe 7V4S. Htinlinqlon Park and Los Angeles Territory. Jewel Tea Company Coll Mr. Sterns GA 2-920} -- 7 to 9 p.m. Help Wanted (Men) 24 ELECTRONICS HUGHES Research Development in FULLERTON has 'immediate openings for ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS wifh 2 yean' minimum experience in one of the following areas: * Digifa Computers and Transistorized Circuitry · Magnetic Core or Drum Memory · Electronic Instrument Calibralion, Maintenance and Repair For full informolton and *o arrange an interview appointment, please call: MR. C. L. FIELD MAdison 9 - 5 4 1 1 or LAwrcncit 2 - 3 3 1 1 Ext. I I 3 S HUGHES Fullerfon Employment 3 8 0 1 W. Artesia Ave. Fullerton Sales Opportunity FOR Men AND Women FULL OR PART TIME Retire Young Learn now -- How fo earn big money selling Rea Estate FREE R. E. COURSES NOW FORMING For Information Call GA 6-398 SALESMEN NEEDED The grealcbl s.iles promotion campaign ever attempted in th'? nrc.i. Pflv D.iv L'vorv Day. OUR men arc making from SI50 to 5330 per wk. CAiH IN NOW with ( on c.irn'n^-, -- Plus ,n fuL-.-c a chnnce for OUR product Is fl -'jcossitv f.»d one of the hrst In the coi.ntrv. Our sales otcscntahon is slmnlo A d'nniflcd is mnrJc only to Ihoir whf request 11 Qualified Ic.vis Issued dally. Fo o r LT |jjrlh.r d C . Sl ls- S cc B.LL Irom ir to 12 n m. at ?372 Adnnl c Ave. Lono Dcacli from 10 to 12 a.m. \' SALESMEN WANT TO BUILD A FUTURE? Long Boflch Territory Open Wonting to build a future se! na S'inolipri Irnriy v ou can earn from S3? lo ilflO i ri.iv on on outstand- Inn spci'rIIVs -.sue -- V/e h.ive ri proir.Tm \vhich rnn nrovc fo vou that In 3 lo 5 ve-irs VOM can he worth ,in ar' 5100.000. Real e'-Me f. InvirrTiro sa'c^man lake tnle. Oniv hmn tvno men will he rnni'rlc-n. 5235 Wllshirr Rlvd , Room 5?0. WE 3-9119 SALESMEN EXPERIENCED IN SELLING Pallets, sludi, wood boxci, crafei and lumber. Hunter Woodworks 1235 E. 223rd St., TorrancB SALESMEN Youno men to work self lo h nhcst oiivino position. Opportunities unlimited. Do what 1 say and vou won't be sorry, 100% NON-SMOKERS F-or personal Interview cfll TO 7-7390 between 10 a.m. 1 p.m.. Mr. Comstock "BRAKE SPECIALIST TUNE-UP MAN (LICENSE REQUIRED) Exp'd in meeting the public. Pair] varrition A insurance benefits. Aoplv In person only. CHRISTFNSEN AUTO SUPPLY 8JI IT. ANAHEIM SINCE 1915 PORTER AND PARTS PICK-UP MAN APPLY IN PrRSON ONLY SEE M.RV1CE; MGR. .). P. LAMSRD'N-- POIJTIAC 30? 110. LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON NE 1-2196 AUTO MECHANIC Imported Cdrs. Cat.aljle ol taking sirvicr mtinaoer's ioh. G1LLESPIE MOTORS 17056 Ltikewood ulvd., BeHflower TO 7-671? Dlgnif'cd lifetime DO ill ion 25 lo 50. Married Must he bpnriflble. No solicltinn or travel. Retirement provided, Call for interview: GE 8-1113 TRUCK SERVICEMAN MUST fir ALL AROUND 10-ton type truck serviceman _.VtE 0-5515__ O R ^ .AAE_3-W!3 - AGGRFSSIVE vounn men to sell im. porled cars. All Co ncnrfits. Ap. ply in nrrsnn to Rav Rrfimlflt. MAR IN'S RENAULT 107 S. Long Re-ich Blvd.. Comolnn COMPOSITOR Lock Up "mnn." Per- mflncnt position in Lonti Be.ich. area. St.ite expcncnr.e, reference. Renlv Box A-56J2 Ind. iTcss-Tele- oram. Help Wanted (Men) 26 MEN NEEDED FOR NEW TRA^BNG PROGRAM $459.00 Per Month to Start Advance Rapidly to $275.00 Per Wk. FOR INTERVIEW CALL GA 7-9478 | Monday Between f onrl 4

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