Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 7
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Ervln (D-NC). were Enl and three other Southern Dem rcrati; C h a i r m a n Eastlan Mlii), McClellan (Ark) an 'ohnilon (SO. It was some lort of a surmise that the committee took any action Monday. ThU was SCOTLAND'S . . · EBVIN'S propoiaj aimed at majority was dropping p r o v l i l o n i which would: ,.,,., Create a ipeclal dlvlilon In the Juitlce Department to enforce civil rlghti lawi. Create a special commliilon with p o w e r to,examine complaints of ,· violation -of civil I rights. , ' . j - . ' Set up a system permitting Injunction suits to protect a variety of civil right*. If t h e s e provisions · were dropped, the only thing left In the bill would be a section designed especially to protect the voting rights of Negroes. STAR SCOTCH OON7 BE VAOUE...MT ' ; HAIG ft HAIG FIVE STAB HINDSD SCOTS WHISST, SIS MOOf « IINPIIIO IKPOKTIRS. ITB, «. ». the first voting test of strength recorded In the committee since a subcommittee approved the dent Elsenhower Monday named Lt. Gen. Frank F. Everest to be commander in chief of U. S. Air Forces In Europe, ,,, The announcement WHS .made as the P r e s i d e n t nominated Everest for promotion to the rank of full general. He will I ucceed Maj. Gen, William H. viMiRtuLM, *jzi»xixi.avnKKfj?£iiX4[iif $·£i.'i^fffW . ffftf.:fflgp,fy-'.x.fu Conner, who Is being reassigned. J^;'. ^ ?'!*,,'' : : ? J *'' '"·^'','1' u " f Elsenhower a l s o nominated for the rank of General Lt. Gen. Thomas S, Power, who will succeed Gen. C u r t i s LeMay as head of the-Strategic Air Command. LeMay has been named Air Force vice chief of staff. II. Ill \ \ « 0 139 E. First St. HE 2-1974 MM, T.... *q, «. LIT 4i A-7 J UNWANTED HAIR REMOVED FOR LIFE "Longevity of Bockground Your Molt Estentlal Guarant**," 30 Yean In LA. MR WOMIH--n* "y-Jj*" '**!£££ /*ff'*r»!!£ "^MM^tkT "**' Mr far^k!»".MIw HIM . r»U. . llM. lime. l*ft u -Ml frM. MrtMit *···!·»·* b SO rwra. ·» Mm*. Iptkram, th« ln^tyilty ·! ····· Mr. ft*- ji IbM, fewck. clMM *l H«kllM, Htm O-- IJUtl«, Milk*** «tkl In Mry Httftt, fh* fjmt » l»f Ihl. id 'of Broliiin. Hlihlr tmlH4 ·· IV THE DERMIC 111 MwvtMH SMf. ., 1* MM »»««· . i\ -., · . , Ml. 4.ISM - · ' · " ' ' '· - · " · · · · ' · fri OfftaM I* l« tr*M\m · O»Mi«il 1m IMwl«i J«M LABORATORIES - - K,"K 1.1 «^.|«_.1t S. Im* Sn. DO, 1.1 IU MX, "" ' 1. S. THR HOUSE Rules Committee has a vote set for today on clearing the bill for a vote In he .House. Assuming It Is cleared, a House vote could be' expected by the end of this month, or early June, Chairman Eastland said the next subject on the Senate Judiciary Committee list Is the tfcClellan amendment to Include a "right to work" amendment. ' .. This amendment would out- aw any labor contract which ·eqiilrcs labor union member- hip as a condition for getting ir keeping a job. It Is bitterly opposed by In w unions and by many of those who want the civil rights leg- station passed. Hence, if the Southerners opposed to passage ould nail it Into the bill, the ^Islatlon's chances w o u 1 d be :urt. The committee schedule calls or another meeting next Monay but Eastland said he plans o discuss w i t h members Ihc Msslblllty of holding a special meeting later this week. Four member? w e r e absent itonday and reported In hos- Itals for treatment or checkup? cnner (R-Ind), N e e l y (D- VVa), Hennlngs (D-Mo) and Danger (R-ND), · , . · Summerfield Fete ',WASHINGTON 'Wl -- Presl- cnt and Mrs, Elsenhower and icmbers of the cabinet and lelr wives were invited to diner Monday .nlght by Poitma*. r General,.aod'JJrs. .Summer-; eld. The Summerflelds live, at he Sheraton-Park Hotel. ' TKI« Is Gt«ra» T. Ty*. He was born In Canon City, Colorado, came to Long Beach when he was young, attended St. Anthony's School here and graduated from Loyola with a llachelor ot Arts degree. During World War II ho entered the Infantry n« n Private, WHS dtHChargcd at n 1st Sergeant with service In Burma. He Is n member of the Veterans of Foreign Wnrs, the Loyola Alumni Association, tho . Pacific Coast Club and the Long Beach Llfo Underwriters Association, He Is mar- · rlcd and has five children, four boys and . n girl. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Georgo Tyo first came to work with us as a Prudential Agent In 1946. In 1951 he was promoted to tho position of Staff Manager. In 1955 we needed his exceptional talents ' in our Los Angeles Headquarters and he 1 iM m*Ktl MM*I KftOtf ,' ClOMnT.TTO,M«M«* i, 4110 Allulk A», « Third Promotion ' " wns named Senior Training Consultant there. We thought you would like to know a little about him because he has just been promoted to the responsible position of Manager of The Prudential's Long Beach District Aecncy. 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II (till «ltr »|M'«IIMU Ikiillli' IIMI I 19 r '179 Hill Hill 111! ' iitirr '89 -89 ....iii.ii Hmii'T 111,11 129 ; v Illll'l" Illll Ill-Will Liir.iii.ii ·|lnVli. Hull III.II Illll SriH 111% S|lH 11 J O ' Niiir 148 Illl'l" tnM K.IIF IQK ; ruin HUH ii.ii 30 , llill 'A«H AILWM| i t* : litp TUMI ...,111,11 I 14 '/-,i llill'l" STIII All-Will II RA likiml Wlllii Itl.ll I 08 f' llill'l" inr AII.W..I 'ME l.llllH WIHli III.II I 43 ' nii .snr Fiitii «J|M ·»U.«. SkMilli 411.11 itiiri" tint i milt «;IM VlHH T»K..tll.ll iiiirr »trit siriH-viiM» lino r»M ......... iii.ii IU8 Ilill'l 1 ' Silrli («tili IIAO AI.WHl Wlllii IIMI IU8 riii ·?···· *QQ vin.i in* ..... IIMI 99 tiiiiiuMi- «fi» tai| '. S yiHiw CHillk 141.11 98 llill'l" SIIIIKM liniint Till 140. t Qlllltr IMlllt III.II Iv8 iiFiri" si»»» ni.wiii l i e n HI|»-Lt L»».. 114.11 100 ' ltil'4" Umii Srln- IJSA ;· . VIIIM mil ..... 11.11 48 llil'i" SIKH ts-Kfii ICE DO ' Sim* WHIM ..... 11,11 l»ll «;ln.Vlii«M T«t« ....... ----- 11.11 'MM»M H«»r , . stni ..... 111,11 Illl'l" l»ll «;ln.Vlii«M II J 14 · "Jt«m«mfa*r. It't «!· if or* ^T' V bchfnrf th* pureflai* ffcaf eeunft" CARL'S 1250 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. Ample Parking Open Monday «S Friday Till 9 r :: Phone 'HE 7-7457 or NEvada 6-4,132 FINE FURNITURE · MODERN · MAPLE · PROVINCIAL · MAHOGANY · TRADITIONAL · DECORATING

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