Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1969 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1969
Page 12
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DNOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE! STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT A MATTER VITAL TO YOU! Health care costs are at an all-time high. They have been rising at a rate of increase that is double the rate of increase in the cost of living. Hospital rates today are more than twice what they were ten years ago. This is a matter that should be of concern to you. Hospitals are concerned about rising costs. Physicians are concerned. And we, at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, are concerned. For the simple truth is that the end is nowhere in sight. Health care costs, already the highest in history, will continue to rise! WHY THE RAPID RISE? look at the problem hospitals fact. Salaries and wages account for 70%ofahospitaftmis. (»n industry this figure Is oejy 28% J Shorter working hows, rising pay scales awl increasing payroll tutu pwfc Ibtie costs higher and higher. Hospitals have two eftemativs*. They can meet these rising costs by raismg their rates. Or they can etaa their eJoorsHM abarath* that me* «f m can afford. WHY CAN'T HOSPITALS BE MORE EFFICIENT? They corid be . . . ff al babies wan bom between i7iOO and WO in the mining. And If heart attacks and automobile accidents and children's faffs could be scheduled at a set time each day. And if patients didn't need any care at all after 5.00 PJA. But this caa never be. A hospital has to be ready for anything at any fine, and this means having people and equipment ready to perform their Mewing duties ·round the clock. Efficient? s*rvfces,youwi1lfindrttoUamsrve1e*effWeacy. And you wosft stop to ask the cost. WILL YOU HAVE MEDICAL BILLS THIS YEAR? Statistically, one family hi two wW pay medical bftc this year. Over naif a minion families win have MM greater nan nek* entire amen Income. If you didn't have someone in the hospital in the last year or two, your turn may be coming soon. And it could be costly, look at what we have paid for the health care of Arkansas Blue Crocs and Blue Shield members during the last six months: October, 196S iinibiMa-iW lOAlt nvnmiivif ITOO December, 1961 Jeneary, 1969 Faanery, 1969 March, 1969 largest Payment Far One Member $11,006.35 4,574.15 174314 SJ17.65 Tot «J Paid for $1^80,079.24 U26\301JM 1,529,997.11 4,74125 lJU6fln.1l The sharp upward surge in health care cosh beenmesevenmoreepparent when you understand that a year and a half ago, our total payments for the health care of our medMKamowMdtokJtt over one million dollars a month. Today, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is paying out approximately one and one-half million dollars a month for the care of ourmembers. This is almost a 50% increase in an eighteen month period. COULD YOU *AY THI BILLS? nK SOflW IOTM Of Wtlill KUWiWOt* don't you should have. If you do, you mad to know exactly what your plan provides. Basically then art two kinds of health insurance pfcns. One pays fixed dollar amounts. The other provides services. Let's look at the differences. The amounts are stated in the contract and they are the same for all, regardless of need, HwddoHer|fanBMfcBiiopfwiiifai for rising tests. Such · plan that may have been adequate two «r three years ago could be woefully inadequate today. If yea i an 4tfmt*t en · fixed dollar -r * # * PUNS pay for the covered health services -- raaardleisef tests. BtMfHiareMtliMftedtf asetdefcraeHeHh The services yow need are the services you get. And this gives- you a built-in protection against rising costs. The service beasflt fastens ef year Mae SOVKE HANS PAT FOR COVERED SWKES, KBARHESS OF COST * * * * But rising costs art wot the only reason you need Service Benefits. Of equal importance is the fact that no two illnesses are alike. Some patients need X-rays, medicines and a lot of physical therapy. Others require many tests and hours in the operating room. One patient may be ill for two weeks and get a bill for $700.00 (about $50.00 a day). Another, ill only three days, may be billed for $500.00 (about $165.00 a day.) In both cases. Blue Cross and Blue Shield would PAY IN Wl All OF THE COST OF COVERED SERVICES, EXACTLY AS GUARANTEED IN THE MEMMTS CONTRACT. FIRST CHOICE OF AMANSANS This Service Benefit feature has made Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield the first choice of Arkansans. Mora than 370,000 Arkansans (over twice as many as the next largest plan offered) protect themselves against necessary health care expenses-end rMog caiti through membership in Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD IS YOUR BEST PROTECTION AGAINST RISING HEALTH CARE COSTS! NEW BLUE SHIELD PLAN NOW AVAILABLE IBHMHHHHi^HHHMMHBHMMHM^H^MHHHBHiHiMB^HHHi^^HHIi^^V Arkansas Blue Cross and Blut Shield, in cooperation with tha ArkinsM Medical Society, has designed a benefit plan to prepay physician car* in the same way that Blue Crest has always paid hospital bills. (Until now, Blue Shield Physician Cm ptymrts have (MM based on find dollar allowances.) offer plans which will pay for your physician cm based on your doctor's "usual, customary and reasonable" charges. What 1hft means to. you Is that Blue Shield *iH pay the full amount of covered doctor bids, so long as the charges for the services rendered tofl wUhiii tto usual, customary and reasonable price range tor fito MvkK to the area where the servte is performed. · _______ ^^ ·IM IWVv a^^HI vVNa COV0TM MNVaV MClMH||f · Diagnostic X-by art Ubontor* I · Medical MM IN TOUK~nQME · Mecfcal vWh M TOR DOCTORS OFFICE IS THIS A BETTER PLAN? Most emphatically, YES! The New MM SUM! Mali to prepay nearly all the cost of phyjkJM em YOU CAN AFFORD THE NEW BLUE SHIELD PLAN Tonukether^BtaeShMdPlwavanabktotheoreetetfnumberrf Arkamans, we offer it'm sever*! forms. Full Service Plans and Partial Service Plans are offered to permit, you to choose the plan-and flat cost-that best fits your need AND your budget. YOU CAN AFFOR0 THE NEW BLUE SHIELD PLAN. And became it gim yai faUfcar auto twn against nstng bosHti care costi* yen can starcely effera to ba WRITE FOR FREE LITERATURE We want you to know all about this new plan and wewge YOB to sand tor FREE LITERATURE which explains how the newly designed Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans work together to pay more of your health care costs than ever before. (If you are already a member of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, you will receive information concerning the new plan.) Writing for literature does not obligate you in any way and m salesman will call on you. CLIP AND MAIL THE COUPON FOR FREE INFORMATION JOIN NOW! Ariunsit Blue CroK ft Mee Shield, me, I Sixth Gaines Streets I Little Rock, Arkansas 72309 I Mwte mid me REE INFORMATION about iMinbenhip n AWSMSBI Blue Crmairfa^SMiliwhkhgivKm the bair |M» aval ! able fwiNyinglmpMaje'deetorbills. I am btamttdIk I O MvMueler tty tlwe*

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