The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 5, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1906
Page 4
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COVERER Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, the Qreatf Woman's Remedy for Woman's His. No other female medicine in the world has received such widespread and unqualified'endorsement No other medicine has such a record of cures of female troubles or such hosts of grateful friends as has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, It will 'entireiycure the worst forms of Female Complaints, Inflammation and Ulceration. Falling? and Displacement, and consequent Spinal Weakness, and is peculiarly-adapted to the Change of Life. It has cured more cases of Backache and Local Weaknesses than any other remedy the world has ever known. It is almost infallible in such oases. It dissolves and expels tumors in an early stage of development. Irregular, Suppressed or Painful Periods, Weakness of the Stomach, Indigestion, Bloating, Nervous Prostration, Headache, General Debility quickly yield to it. Deranged.organs, causing pain, weight and backache, instantly relieved and permanently cured by its use. Under all circumstances it invigorates the female system: -^ , . , ,. It quickly removes that bearing-down feeling, extreme lassitude, don t care" and " want-to-be-leffc-alone" feeling, excitability, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, faintness, sleeplessness, flatulency, melancholy or the " blues " and headache. These are sure indications of Female Weakness, or some derangement of the organs, which this modicine surely cnres. Chronic Kidney Complaints and Backache,"of either sex, the Vegetable Compound cures. Those women who refuse to accept anytiiing- else are rew« »led a hundred thousand times, for they get what they want—a cure. Kolil by Druggint* everywhere. Refuse all substitutes. FINISHING UPGALKGUN. The concrete foundation for tho West Calhoun street paving has aE been completed and the brick work will be done in a few days. When this is completed Calhoun •will have more blocks'oj paving than any other street in the city. Contractor Meek has completed the excavating of Walnut street and the curbing is partly in. Work will begin at once at putting in tha concrete base on Walnut. The property owners are wel pleased with the contractor's work. - Great. Reduction m All Departments. O UR MILLINERY IS CERTAINLY SUPERB. Our - trimmer is a pattern trimmer, so we don't buy any patterns. We have the largest stock to select from; we sell cheaper; we have the best trimmer; we sell ail kind from 25c to $25. If-you dont get the benefit, it's youfjfealt. 310MS snd JACKETS at Oreaify Reread Prices. One lot Kiinoni Cloths, 2 to 9 yards, regular ISe, nosr .. 10c One lot! Oc brown domestic, i! .to 0 vards, now f}4c Outing Flannels iwt-yard ." * . 5c, 7%c, 8'Ac and lOc Men's ei.3o,a.nd $1.50 Duck Coats, now $1.00 Men's heavy black hosiery, regular 15c-. no'w 1Oc Merrs light wool hosiery,i-e^uliu- l!oc, now 15e Men's fleeced underwear, rejrular 50c, now 39c Great bargains in Gloves, ]Uitts, Boots, Shoes, Orel-shoes, Felts and Rubbers. All "jo in this sale below a whisper of competition. Lanre No. 10 Grain Scooy; at • 75c Warranted Axes '/5c ~ $(> Shot guns now $3.98 Warranted Rar-ors ,...75c Si'Rilles, now ....$2.50 Trunks. Suitcases, Telescopes and Handbags at a pi-ice to close out. Another Glass Factory shut down and we i^ot the contents. .SEE PRICES, SIHSLE STRENGTH 8x10. 9x12 10x12. 0x14v ••• 10x14.. J2.xl4....... . OC . 7c '. 8c lOc lOc 12x20 IdxNi 14x20.!!! ...... 12x24 Oc 20c L'oc ]4x32 35e 40c DOUBIE STRENGTH 20x24 24x28 • 50e Oc Oc 24x.'!2 Kix42 SI- 00 fi.oo $1.00 Sl-25 $1.40 *l-5° $1.75 42x4-S ~ Putty, per Ih Glass cut to order. YOURS FOB BIZ AT N. Y..BACKET CHILLIGOTHE, NO/ PROPER SHOES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. Boys' Shoes. 2i to 5j ............... . ................. f l-^-o $3.0O Youths' Shoes. 11} to 2 ............ - .................. f 1-00 to $2.OO -LiUle GaBfs Shoes, Si to 11 .......................... $1-00. to $1.75 •'.-Misses' Simes, Button or Lace. 11 to 2 ............... $1-25 to $2.50 Chiles' Shoes, Button or Lace, Sj to H ........ ........ $1;-00 to $2.00 e&ilcls' Shces, Button or Lace, oloS ......... ....... 75c to $1. 5O Jnsants' Shons. Button or Lace, 1 to 5 ................. 5Oc to $1.^5 ALL LEATHERS FOR ALL WEATHERS. The BIGGEST SHOE STORE for EIGHTY j IKILES AKOUKB. Phcns 491. TO OPERATE ONJ5ZAIT St. Petersburg, ; '.Oet. 4—It be- ame known today that thareason er cutting was ill health. The czar is sufier- ng from a general nervous breakdown and has received no visitors ince his return several days ago. The reports~bf the abdication of Nicholas are the direct result oi he failing strength ef the emperor, who it terribly wrought up over the threats against his life. He lives in such constant dread of astjassination that he has gronw morbid, and has lost all of his old ;ime vivacity. More than that, he has lost his appetite and has be- ' come thin and haggard to such an extent that bis appearance i= changed completely. The physical weakness of the czar has caused a growth on one eg just above the kaoe which may make a surgical operation necessary. Three of the physicians attached to tha royal household had v consultation today over the general break down of the czir, but refused to talk about it. Nicholas remained in bed today. One o: the three doctor* remains constantly with him. PERSONAL AND LOCAL Thomas Kensella of Wheeling township was a business vUitor in the city Friday. The past, present and future ol Hood'a Sarsaparilla are: U has cured, it is curing, it will cure. D. P. Saale, who has boon spending the week in Kansas City. returned home Thursday night Mrs. Allen, who has been quit- sick at her home oa Eastin street, wasjreported to be much improve J Friday. Mrs. John Cover and child re- returned Friday noon from an extended visit with relatives ami friends in KanSas City. Miss Mildred McDowell will arrive home tonight .from Omaha, Neb., where she has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. A. Jasmer. ' The Ladies of the Baptist church will hold a special market of dress ed chickens, bread, cakes and pis.-* at Strehlow's meat market Saturday, Oct. 6th. Proceeds for Home Missions. L. T. and Claud LaUe of Kansas City were in Chillicbthe Friday en route to Eversonville to visit relatives. They -were the guests; of Mrs. Pauline Williams while in the city. Call on the Episcopal ladies ut P. T. AbelTs grocery store tJ.-itur day afternoon for fresh Jonathan apple cider from the Gould farm; also pies, cases, Boston brown bread, &c. dli Misses Ethel and Jessie Davis-; who are visiting relatives and •friends in Utica, will arrive in' Chiilicothe Sunday and spend •several days with relatives and friends here before returning to their homo in Kansas City. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a pasty complexion and otner consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sold by the Ni J. Swetland Drug Co. , What will undoubtedly prove one of the best theatrical events of the season will-be the Mcsars. Shubert's elaborate production 01 the English Musical Comedy success, "The Earl and the Girl," with Eddie Foy in the loading role, which comes to the Luella Tuesday night. Mr. Foy is too well known to theatre-goers as an inimitable and an irresistible comedian to require more than passing mention, than to state that local theatre-goers welcome this opportunity to again see Broadway's .,, favorite comedian. The company numbers nearly 100 players, which includes a chorus of the most beautiful and handsomely gowned girls that ever assembled in a musical-comedy production. sale Monday 9 a. m. TELLS HOW DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS HhSI OHED KEFTHEALTH^ AND METHODS PURSUED BY THE GREAT COOPER SOUTH Approve, 0 hirs Censure—His Sales Are Fh nomenal'y L.irg-e Origin of Fireworks. Fireworks originated in the thirteenth century, alciv* with the evolution of powder anil cmnimi. They were first employed by the Florentines, and later the use of Sh-o works became popular in Rome fit I lie ere ation of the popes. The first fireworks which rt-samble those which we see nowadays were manufactured by Torre, an Italian artist, ami displayed in Paris In 17G4. The -Sower and the The man who first enunciates a political doctrine rarely survives to carry it into practical effect. Some eo- ple are habitually ahead of their time. They see more quickly than others how a certain innovation might profitably be introduced, but after they have worn themselves out in the cause somebody else usually comes along and gathers tire fruit cf .ti-c agitation, j —Providence (IV, I-» -I^ra: St. Louis, Oct.-l—The astonish- ng sale of Cooper's preparations n this city has now reached such mmense ivzares that the medical fraternity «t large, have becom. forced into open discussion oi the man and his preparations. The physicians as a whole seemed to be divided with regard tc the young man's success in St. LOUIE—stmo biingwilling tc credit him lor what he has ac- 23mp!iohed, while others assert •hat the interest ho has aroused it but D IKISSH;;.; fad which cannot st and which will die out »s quickly as it has sprung up. The opinion of these two faction;' i* very well voiced in th iterm-ntri made recently by- two of ;i number of physicians who W-.TC- interviewed on the subject. D<-. J. JE. Carass, when questioned n'ocut the mi.tier, said: have c-ii bc-eu a believer in proprietary preparations heretofore uor i-an I say that I believe in clu in at p csect. But"I'must ad- rait that some of the facts recently brought to my notice concerninp this man Cooper have gone fa towards removing the prejudice h:;d fcrme.d against him when the liiih' :ir i o-' cinmand for the preparations iir-:c ; prang up in this city. "Numbers of my patients whon. [ have treated for chronic liver idduey and stomach troubles hav met me after taking Cooper's rem tidies, and have stated positively ;hat he has aceomplisod wonder i'ul results for them. I notice par cicu!:',r:y in cases of stomach trou bie that the nun has relieved sev iral cat-OS that were of years standing and proved very obsti uate iu treatment. "1 am the laf.t man on earth t stand in the way of anything tha may p'.ove for the public goo .siraply tnrough professional pro judicc aud i a m inclined to giv Oooper and hit; preparations crcd :t as deserving to some extent 'th popular demonstration that hai >een accorded them iu this city.' Another well known phj sicia >.ho was seen tooK tho oppobit view of the -'Cooper-mania," a r,o called it, which now has thi uit>- in its grip. Ha saiJf "I can only liken trie present state of af fairs to a certain kind of halluci U'ition. For \vant of a bette name I might call it 'Cooper-ma nia.' The people of St. Loui seem to be tirm in tho belief thii this man Cooper has health cork :d up in a bottle. "aoiae of fcbom imagine that hi has completely cured them of. va i-i. us ills judging from their state meets. Itis beyond me to saj why the cit.y has gone crazy ove tho man. It may be safely pu Jown. I think, to one of the pas? ing f<ids that so oftea attack th' American public. "Soonor or lat r the puople sr< uound to regain their senses, and will then re;ili?.n that a repufabl physician is the cue to whom the-ir hec.lth had best be entrusted." I-\ the meantime Cooper meets several thousand people daily.anr ouly smilus when statements o: the ab6^> character are quoted to nim. His charitable woik stil continues to be verv extensive. THE /TEXAS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for SI. Dr, E. W. Hal! 292o Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. WANTS .INHERITANCE TAX Washington, Oct. 4—Pr<vid( JRvsevcii i>;i:< in•--.>•':tt"i 11: tin', preliminary drait iri" hid forthcoming inuual message to Congress, i has become kuowu here, a cecom- rnerrdat'rerrttxttr a-law- fee pass imposing a national tax upon inheritances. The President first called public attention to this idea in his celebrated %; muck rako''spe9ch which he delivered at the laying of the corner stoue of the office building "Woruen as Poisoners. In cases of criminal poisoning cf the House of Representatives April 14 The President will make every effort to get a law phased I the lontr .-esj'.on which begius in j December of next year 'aud wil be attended by congressmen e'ect- woman as nine times oiit of ten found to Ije the guilty party. Poisoning is a feminine crime par excellence. The Hindu practice of condemning young widows to be burned alive on the biers of their husbands was a sort of preventive measure against conjugal poisoning. t Equipped for the Occasion. The following notice was recently to be seen outside a church door in, an English vllare: "The Rev. E. T will preach his farewell sermon on Sunday next. The choir will render an anthem of joy and tbanksgiv- Ing. special!/ composed for the oc- cason." cd in November. ft low She Gained Fifteen Pounds in Weight and Became Well for the First Time in Two Years. Women at forty, or thereabouts, linve heir future in their own linuris. There vill be a change for the better or worse, oi- the better if the system is piu-ifk-<l liy j uch a, tonie nsDr. Williams' Pink Pill.s. ilrs. D. C. Weddiiis, of Hartford, K>., vrites as follows conccrniiifr ilM difficulties which afiliotcil lier: " I was seriously ill and was coufinod ;o my bed for six or eight months in nil, lurfug two years. I had chills, fever, rheumatism. My stomach seemed always too-'fnll, my kidneys did nor act- freely, my liver was inactive, my heart )eat was very weak and I had dizziness or swimming iu my head <md nervous roubles. "I was under the treatment of several liffereut physicians bat they all failed to do me any good. After suffering for :wo years I learned from ;iu Arkansas riend about the merits of Dr. Williams' ?iuk Pills and I decided that I would :ry them. Tl>e very first bos I took made me feel better and wheii I had ;akenfonr boxes more I was entirely well, weighed fifteen pounda more than when I began, resumed my household duties, and have since continued in the best of Health. I have recommended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to many people on account of what they did for me, and I feoi that I cannot praise them too strongly." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills restored Mrs. Wedding to.liealth because they actually make new blood and when the blood is iu full vigor every function of the body is restored, because the blood carries to every organ, every muscle, every nerve, the nourishment necessary to enable it to do its part. Because Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make the blood rich and red they restore lost weight, strengthen and revitalize the nerves, bring color to the checks, banish rheumatic pains and bring good health and spirits to the depressed. Any woman who is interested in the cure of Mrs. Wedding will want our book, "Plain Talks to Women," which is free on request. All druggists sell Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, or they will be. sent by mail postpaid, on receipt of price. f>0 cents per box, <ix boxes for ,$2.50, by the Dr. Williams Mediciuo Oo.', Scheuectady, N.Y. GLASSlFiED AOVERTISEMEHT8 FOK SALS buys .1 5-room n^ar First ward school Ground 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink ir kitchen. Inquire a! Shis office, dt? For sale—Cottiige. in ville, three lot*, two wells, everything in good condition. Prict S550. Will t\ke team and wagon or cow. as part payment. William Vliscnhelter, at Connty Infirmary. For Sale—A part of my furni- lur-3. Inquire at residence, 420 oast Clay. , Mrs. Frank McNatniir For top, single .jut;o./ tlrnost ijj||f. Also set single hur- MOSS. wfil sell ot a bjrgain if taken at once. ^Ssdif Saunders-Turner Lumber Co For Sale—Hard coal ?tove K 1 - 01 ' HB new with pipe and elbows. In quire at this office. 29:>dlw For sala—Art Garland b ISP burner, piano and hi;-a.s«>.ho!d ef- f»qts. Inquire of Thomas Hculc 720 Vine street. 29sdlw For sale Good rubbertiied o]>i-u - ^ T - B. Steven.-!, oldlw For sale — 1-rooin he-use, -I blo> ks from Mafonic temple; in fi.-st it! 1=1- condition. Inquire at this < ific^ 2odtf FOB BENT For Rent — 7-rooin house iu t;ood repoir. Seymour Vvigely. 22sdtf Three light comfortably heated rooms for rent. Bank of Cbilii- cotho building. dlw For rent—Furnisht-d rooms with •:\\ modern improvements. Inquire this office. dlw BOOM ANB BOABD Good room and board for two. 406 South Elui. dlw For rent—Furnished room IIPOJ: square. Apply at this offico. o-H6t LOST AND FOTTSTD Lost—Overcoat and laprobe south of railroad. Finder please leave at this office. d3t HELP WANED—MALE Wanted—Laborers to lay Natural Gas pipe". Apply 3rd and Gillis streets, Kansas City, Mo. K. C. Mo. Gas Co. cod it WANTED Wanted: Traveling and Local representatives, either st-x, to present new, attractive advertising offer of first class established Music school, permanent work and advancement. Salary for traveling S1020.first year, and expenses paid weekly. Joseph Moore, 121 Plymouth, Chicago. dlt O>ving to tho contagious diseases in Cliiliicotho. a!! visitors at the county infirmary will be denied admittance for tho next six wooks. Dr, R. L. Dowel!. lodct Tvfrs. John MITBaifk ehEerfaineU six tables of "500'' list night at her home oo North Walnut street, complimentary to Mrs. Thomas Shore. The highest scores of the evening wero mafic by Mrs.Eylon- burg and Mrs. bwetland, the former receiving a Japanese olive dish and the latter a daintily bound copy of Emerson. At a late hour the hostess served a de- Itgjitiul luncheon of pumpkin pie, doughnuts and cider, i t t The first Janoe given by the Fortnightly Dancing club was held in Elks' hall Thursday night. There vrere eighteen couples pro- sent aud tho first dance of the season proved a grand success. Music was furnished by Clarence Truog. T it About forty friends of Arthur Morris of Moberly, who has been in the cit.y the guest of his mother, Mrs. Lulu Morris, East Third street, surprised him at the Morris homo Thursday evening. Games, music unu conversation passed the evening away until a late hour when refreshments were served. 4 t I Tho "ladies of tho Episcopal church will hold a market every Saturday afteruoou until the last of November ki tho grocery store of P. T. Abeli, west side square. FORTY YEARS A LAWYER. la the fjtiea Herald Hurry Webster gives a write-up of the career of Judge J. M. Davis, in the course oTwhich he says: '•Forty years r.go—last Monday —October 1, lt-60, the mudest shingle of a lawyer was iiunj; out in the town of Utica, aud James M. D.ivis, then recently admitted to the bar, began to practice law in the to\vn on the Grand. "He had only been located here a few weeks at that time, having como Bcdiord, w hereto had resided for q'jitn a number of years. Mr. D-ivia was noc rich in this world's goods. In fact, it is related, and Mr. Davis does not deny ir, that he borrowed a long tailed frock from Spearing Weiss, an old lime resident of Ctica, in which he plead his fir-t case. "The young lawyer's ollire waa located iu a little rooru about the size of John L.,U'S birbcr shop, and it stood in almost tho same spot. He sat in his little box of an office and patiently rend up on Blackstone while ho was waiting for business. He ma dc the mo=t uf his opportunities, and his natural attainments and ability i-n- nbled him to obtain a £ra; p on the law which few men h.ive been ;ible to get." Sidney McClougnan, messenger boy for (he Western Uni-.u is confined to hio homo on South Elm street with iiltiess. Clarence Shaw is delivering messages during the sickness of youn^ McCiuushan. Mrs. Fred Heir was taken suddenly ill at her home on Jefferson street Thursday evening but was reported getting nlong nic -ly. QREW HASH And we can PROVE IT o S' o u E do iiot call _,MOLLL- itteiiU.oiL solely tc our low pt-iecs-any one can quote meunin;rle*s liffuers. Eialhei- would w have you be conscious of the ini-ontrovertibio fact the clo(Jii.'s to which our lou- prices aiv attii<:hetl i-tj|Hv--.-nt the most notr- wortliy acc-ouiplishmi-nts of hiirh-prifiHl tailm- .>kill. formed from moilols SHIM fashioned of fubrics \vhk-h arc ulirest with tho hour or evc'i 1 boyoiid it.- if you h;ive nnvt-i-e.\ jn'i-- tioii such rlolh'-s'rr, you will ;i|]|iivi''i!ite I!K ;n evon more tlutn our re lui- patrons. $1000 to $27.50 \Ve •;!.:! 1 the reli'tn-atc-rl HK1.0K SIFK MAT. Wilson Bros.' .Shifts. WEST SIDE SQUARE. THURSDAY THE GREAT SUCGESS \Tl Lottie Biair Parker Am Imr " "Way Down East" THE ^ 6AHS-KELSON i Kt'Di-iHluctlon) Moving Pictures of the World's Most Terrific Contest. Will he seen at the A Play That, Will Live Forever Thu imwt oriitinnl. uiiIirii-kiH-yi'il and (II- vei-tins piny of ^Dutlu'ni hfi- wvcr written. 27 - REMARKABLE CAST - 27 Mu.-isi w l*rodUL-li<m Unmptel-: in OVERTWOMiilloii PEOPLE HAVE . SEEN THIS PLAY PRiCES: 25,35,50,750, $1 « Veilni'.-ilay 9 :i. i". Matrimonial Chance. The Northaampton fEiisian' dinns of the poor have received a letter from a farm laborer, who writes: "I hear that you have one or two widows on the hooks. If so, I am in want oi one for a wife. Due that is on outdoor relief would just suit me." A Horse Census. A cavalry authority in Belgium estimates that there are more than SO.- OOO.COO horses in the world. There are 22.0GO.OOO in Russia, while Germany and Austria-Hungary each has more than the_ British Isles, where it is reckoned'there are about 3,000,000. Advantage of Electric Light. T\.-.> fceirhoers were discussing the rival marl'.s and cost of gas and electric li^ht. "vVel!, I luiven't worked it out carefully." said the man who used electric light, "but I save a lot oi matches!" Don't Worry. Let us not be unnecessarily apprehensive. \Vhen air ships actually come into common use inventive R5- nius will supply ai upstairs window blind that will seAe the purpose.— Purlc. Watches First Made in 1477. The first watches were said to be made in Nurmburg in 1-177. They were of no practical use, howeajr, until the invention of the spiral spring by Hooke in 1595. A Bodkin Sutstitute. A small safety pin makes a very "ood substitute fnr a bodkin when that useful but elusive article makes its absence felt, as it usually chooses to do at the very mom-jut you're settling to run ribbons and tape* in the piles of laundered nndercloihes. MIS3 3ELMA HA3SEL, 2728 N. 42(1 Court, Chicago. .. - Danderine produces and maintains for ths scalp a state of hualth and activity far above the normal. Its applications are healing, coaling, and very Invigorating to both thelialrand scalp. It showj results from «he very first application. It is so efficacious that a sample bottle will. In many cases, bo sufficient to prove Its rare spa- clnc virtues. NOW at all druggists, three sizes. 25c., 50c. and $1.09 per bottle. KJf OWI/TON DAXDEKIXE CO., Chicago, j Queensland's Valuable Asset. I As a national asset Qr-ft-ns'snd s I 40 000 000 acres of forests have been clown by expert? at .•nn.Vf.UO.O'M. Nevertheless, up till a tV.v years SHIM : nearly all the soft v.-jods ««d in the state were imported-mostly from America. • It-li~oi^ liunmn cunul in 'M minutes by i \VoOLFOUn-S SAS1TAKT ^™*;™£ r ™™ ,U£LL& 1SMTRE a OCTOBER With other Subjects of Comedy timl Adventures. An Evening of Wonder and Amusement. -P.R ICES:, 35 & 50 Gis. Sout Sale Saturday. WiUDOW GLASS We are making the lowest prices in the city on Window Glass. We bought for the f;ill trade when the price was down and can save you money. Our stock of glass is probably as large as the other stocks in the city combined which enables to furnish almost any size you ask for. H, J. SWETLAND DR02GO. Southwest Corner Square. IMITATE — JAS. CORNWELL Jim is only 15 years old, but he is rtrawinjf $4O a month in St. Joseph. Jim enrolled in MAUPIN'S COLLEGE. If you are not a chump you'll enroll too. Manpln's College "T5i POSITION SCHOOL" J--— ChUlicothe' Mo. Ja. S3 TP raratha 'pimtTuo ^^ & of C^S / J. VV. Gillutu lefc Friday aftor- noon for Trenton where ho goes id the interest of th.» Motrop )liia a insurance company to pay a denth I loss on tho hfo ot Ab Fcuisiost. loflamm-itorv KUTAmaciam Ourod in 3 D avs . Morton L.. Hill, ot Lebanon, Ind., says: "My wife bad Inflammatory Rhouiuntlsra I In evorv muscle e.nd joint: horsntTering was ' tarribl-? and her body antl face were s-wollcn almosc tieyoiul recoKni'Jon; iiad boon In bed _ for six weeks nnd had olght physicians, but i received nohftiiolUuntiUhe trind the MystlL- j Oun (or Rhunmatlsin. It nave Immediate , rvllcf mill sin; was iil)I« to wnlkaliont in tlirpo • days. 1 11111 suiv it saved her ll'i--" Sold liy , ^.J.. Swetland Dnis C/'oinpiiny. | The Ladies of the Baptist church •' will hold a special market of dress- j ed chickens, bread, cakes and pies at Strehlow's meat market Satur^ day, Oct. fjtb, Proceeds for Homo Missions. NELLIE M c C 0 Y TUESDAY Q OCTOBER li SAM ®. LEE SKUBERT INC. Offer the Merry Emrlish Whirl and the Girl WITH EDDIE FOY ABft 15 BTHEBS. Catchy Songs, Beatitifiil Costumes, Gorgeous Faces. Seat. Sale Monday, 9 A. M. Free List. SusptnArf AJ§

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