Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 62
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 62
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yi 174 . «·. TOYOTA ·TOYOTA K»IH|« i| Wnttrn Sllnton Scarlell. Mr. (?ui jSltm TRIUMPH .--SALE--" ''ft TR Spitfire" $1095 ^Jamestown ·M TRIUMPH SDllllre. Xlnl: cood S1350. Prlv. party. HA 5*83 eve. .«v VAUXHALL ~- VOLKSWAGEN ORDER DIRECT !· FROM IUROPE i SAVE «^M VW*T*i a *itSln W *' T * n1 ^' I'M TL flftbick ·' H10S f f 'ti Variant St§. Wao. 12MS *» Jttofr.^ i; _SALE= 8 VW Deluxe S.dan $595 .f Jamestown VOLKSV/ASEN $799 '45 VW VARIANT. WGN. LIKE NEW. *P.»; StOW Beach City Chevrolet {3201 E. Pac. Cst. HWY. GE 3-7421 *3 VOLKSWAGEN .2-dcor I'tdm, dSlock 5 2609. Full prke SI095. ..* RANCHO. RAMBLER 140 Long Beach Blvtf. CT1-3341 : ,xy; .. L.B. Blvd. ... t!4» JJTREY: . 571-1373 x ^Al . AUT ., L.B,, 'O VW cairiper. I owner. ta,«0 ml. iiDetalled. 5e« to a4^p^ectatel S13SO. V,Call all. 4 p.m. or Ssl. Sun. - ·« VWs--Imrmdlatt Delivery ·i. PACIFIC IMPORT ·**'' 9915 Garden Grove Blvd. JfGarden Grova · l?Hl 537-5871 ·H VW sedan. S*» bKw. Xlnt. cond. /i gd. Fully «wlp. ajXXJ fimlles. 1 owner. Going overseas .:»1350. CallI 424.5468 alt. 5 p.m.' 'M.VW, -J? VH, '60 W^transporler -i:lrf,VVi_catnp ? r v Good..transp ^^·**um r *?i .-Radlo j, healer. Xlnt running cond. Must sell. Make of fer. J - TO -p-ia^o or ME 0-31CT '«l;VOLK Seian;;Sold w/« mo; war ' l 8!Sir;S8E'-W% m ' '(i VW AM/FM. clean, S1525. Wnlti f:wall/ etc. 714428-1324. W,iillH."--«tr«-nMe. Fut f.riRH,--extra UM. GE MM,. i».sS5 r?M)VW : llue 1UO Fastfaack sedan », 3E ml.'Prlv..i2»S. S9l-o531 eves ^^fe; Y^TE fc SptxtCewt 17 VOLKSWAGEN 1 . . ON SPECIAL '62 VW "Converllble" Rad o, healer, gas oauoe, WW llfes; red body w(IKTMlak lor' lull bilge vinyl Interior; Iwre'l proven economy. A- 1 ...... SI 199 ...... A-l MEL BURNS FORD MS Lona Beach Blvd. 5114315 SHOPPING FOR ·A SECOND CAR? Buy Your Firsr Used VW, laroeil selection Finest C uara KENDON MOTORS Authorized VW Dealer , 1241 W. Pac. c»l. Hwy. (at Normand'e) Harbo_r CM' 13 CHEV.. touring. Il». 1111 PKO Del' Mar, San Pedro. 4:30 to i · ' ' ration Wagons IY. jm Volkswagen '66 DELUXE 1300 SEDANS 50 HP ENGINE $1609 1 F*cfory-Warranty S. Serv. CARS FROM EUROPE won? m-u LEE CARPENTER, INC. Over 75 V\Vs to choose from '61 ,YW ....... '.....;... J695 Transportation Specials! . Complon, Beach Blvd. tio-1652; U3- YW R ! -7«S8 VW VW VW i L.B. Blvd., L.B. VOLVO VOLVOS! VOLVOS! W* hiv* ill maddi and me.. colors for Immed. -delrverv. AND . [N SOUTH . JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3515'Atlantic Ave. GA i-WSI L.B.'S ONLY TRIUMPH DEALER '60 VOLVO wort COUDC. Too con MM. 591-2613, WA 5-1K1S. '63 VOLVO Sla. Won.; NICE condl lion. SOTS. McCarlliy, air. -U6-52J Import Cor, Repqir-Pcrts 174-A '55 VW -Englrw. Running. W5 Antiqitft Glassies T74B '« FORD. or]g. Nev . 'M CHEV. CUSTOM S350 ME 3-55U '!7 DODGE -dr. Sen. S!50. '5 Siude. Present. S175. HA 9-01' Ttar tn», ;e*t oiler or »*.__ ... Ph. (714) «!?7Q7 972 FORD center door sedan R«TM modtl. Compldety rtstored "1I«M, Xlnl. ccnd. . Tpi-tll 175 63 FORD WAGON $1749 .CourUry Sculre. V4, »uiornallc, power steering, radio, neater, etc. · A one-owner car. This Is tht hot model. Hensloy-AnoWson Ford nn Easl Aloodra TO 7-?7M 64 MALIBU 4 dr ..$1999 ^tor'y 3W a1r7 1 Rl'H.' J S7? r »r ri " 0 ' CORMfER CHEVR6LET SAN DIECO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP 63 CHEVY II $1499 4 dr. ? pass, i cvl, DOwerglttfc, power ileerrng. OJH EOS. CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP 830-5101) ,1 CHEV. 9 oass. Parkwod Won., P/gllde, R-H, Pftlcer. Sold as-ls. S19IB-A _.; -, »7W Beach City Chavrolet 3201 E. Pac. Cil. HWY. GE 3-7«l 12 FALCON Squire wag., filr cood Auld. Irans., RH, Xlnl. cone Thli li way loo tcwil .,,_._--,$99 ADVANCE MOTORS 17X0 Long Beach Blvd. HE 63 RAMBLER Station Wapon, auto- malic, fram,, radio, healtr. Stock ^ o 26M 1W5 .RANCHO RAMBLER ;iw Long Beach Blvd. 591-3341 tetleaWagoM 175 Shrtlen WayxB 175 I9o4 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX .... $2599 FRAHM Pontiac ' '65FORD FAIRLANE 2-DR. HARDTOP $2099 Automatic, radio, r.ealar, etc Lie. FRAHM Pontiac 'a». Aulo.. RH, wsw. this waoon RAY """" """* '·--'"· «' " Bdl 3EBOE, I. Blyl. TO-H»l. ·43 RAMBLER tlarxfard. RH. « ILWO ., Beach City Chevrolet 3J01 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 17m ·W RAMBLER wag., RH, o' 29,040 orlo. IT... VALL-ER 20 W. Anaheim . thruoul, C. BOB AUTREY IMP L.B. Blvd.. L.B. 591:1373 '62 FALCON Sla. Won., sulo., r! dto, htaltr. «M.H «« Beach City Chevrolet 3»1 E. P»c. Clt. Hwy. GE 3-7431 'Al RAMBLER American Waocn. Stick __«» JIM SNOW FORD 1S550 Parl-iKunl Blvd. ME 4-2MO '5? CHYS WAGON Full Power, Air. -_--__ W OLDS Deluxe F-85. wag, R/H p«r. 5trr0. brakes, air, luogaae rack, new .WAV tires. Less than WJMO ml. 1 owner, very clean. Muif sell, * BUICK Eslalc Waoon. F steering and brake*. Immacul M RAMBLER 770 deluxe station wagon, air cona., pwr. slrg. '60 COMET station Waoon V I PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5559 LaVewood Blvd. ME 30; '51 CHEVROLET Stallon Wag. SH9 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5055 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME 4-MOO '63 BUICK SDC Wag. RH Aulo, Pwr Steering, Clean 515J9 JIM SNOW FORD 15550 Paramount Blvd. ME -?«« '60 FORD WAG. $499 mo. OAC L.B. Blvd t-oadedl ISO dn.--«! rr» Dean Aolo 5ale 2300 L.I ·61 RAMBLER Sla. Won. Good 2nd HEVROLET ME M7I1 ___ PARKWOOD CHE 50» Lakexood Blvd. '63 CHEV. 2, Vihlle, RH, W-w 2 , V i e , , W-w m 3. 11,065. 3315 E .575S (wkend HA-M33J '60 FALCON Slation Waaon « PARKWOOO CHEVROLET MS? LaVcwood Blvd. "" " /ROLET ME 10 ·54 FORD Slation Wagon. S195. DON "TEMPLE CHEVROK DLR. 6343 E. SPRING ' '64 CHEV. 1MPALA. 4-dr., 6^«5S.f w,iDC[, aulo., pwr. slrg., RH. K)l E. Arlesla, HLB GA 2-liOI '62 CORVAIR V/Bflon 1 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 505? Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-078) ·59 RAMBLE ' - FARKV 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '61 VALIANT, ' ccn. S700. '63 PONTIAC Tempest. Dtlx Int. n*w 4-cvl. engine. Prlv. ply. 575C Evel. 4M-25». ·63 DODGE, leu "lhan 14.000 «tl ml., excel, tend., Drlv. '65 CHEV. Mallbu wagon. RH Aulwn. Loabjd. MWS^ _S»S : 40n 'B CrlE£_.vt.slick," jiH. neVd '62 PONTIAC SAFARI STATION WGN $1799 Au)om»llc, power steering ith . . FRAHM Pontiac TBS TO MH1 Fires) on* 64 OLDS F-85 COUPE AuJomallc. power htaler. Lie. OWE $1599 FRAHM Pontiac 62 Corvalr Monza .. $995 4OOOT Slitlon Wigot, Automatic. loo mKhanlul condltlori, beautl- lul Snow Slxx WMIt with con- Iratllng R«J Interior. LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN SIIS South SI. Bl WKtfruir LllnwociTputdfl V»Uo« TO4CTI a BUICK Rlv«r«, vrfillt, black toalher inter., wtrt whh., Ml ewr.. «lr. Irrvtuc.. prlv. ply, trf-llil Autos for Sol* 176 MISCELLANEOUS TROUBLED BECAUSE You Can't Buy A Car INSTALLMENT PLAN? $50 DOWN We tMltav* In clvlng anyone 1N itcoxl cr lait cnawK* to «stat}lith or rt-eiiitribh crtdll. For anyone that wt dMm sinctra h th*ir desTrt to da 1X right thlna- w* can finance ttitm. GAVIN USED CARS JIM W. PACIFIC COAST HWY LONG BEACH HE 65550 OPEH 8 TO -. SUN TIL 8 PM NAVY, E-3 HAVE r-WS--WILL FINANCE NO CREDIT NECESSARY LES RUTLEDGE USED CARS 1410 L.B. Blvd. 436-lii TRANSPORTATION CARS Many to choose from. PARKWOOD"CHEVROLET HIS LaKCTWl Blvd. ME 3-073 250 -- FINE eld Fleetwood Cad Runs line, good paint tire. 1 rxat Inskte, RH, easy on gas , oil. Owrnr. GE 8-1644. · BUICK '51 BUICK Special. Autom. Going oversras, musl sell, oiler. ?Z5-1717. ·62 BUICK Skylark Convert, bucket teals, autcm. Irans. Tfl.OI miles, best offer, by own. 4Z9-736 ·54 BUICK 7-dow hardlop «f BurVt's 1810 Cherry, L.S. 43?-?3i -. RH; sold as Is. SSS2-A Beach Ciry Clievrolat 3»l E. Pac Cat. Hwy. GE 3-74ZI ·59 FORD V-i, autom. Other exlrai. Looks-runs good. t375. ME 3»64 'M CHEV, Nomad. Full power, stiaro. Prlvale parly. GA X-93M. ·5! FORD Wagon. 5175. 509 Daisy Aye. Apt. 1., L.B. _· l"97 ANNIVERSARY SALE IN PROGRESS | Why not help us celebrate with a new 2 '66 Buick ·from our huge selection E of all models and colors.., = IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! ' ,, , a l I PEAIRS = 15734 1'ELUUWErT BlVD, lifill*wir tip-it 11 ,"| aniiiHiiiiiriiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiMHin[iiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii ^ ON APPROVED CREDIT Becaiise of the Tremendous Number of I'; ;;f New Car Trade-ins WE MUST SELL USED CARS l "v'vV AT CORVAIR 4-DOOR SEDAN $99.00 Down $11.33 Month '62 CHEVY II SPORT CPE. Radio, heater, etc. f999 $99.00 Down' $48.78 Month ¥64 CHEVROLET IMPALA Spt. Cpe. . steer., radio end heater 99.00 Down $71.33 Month 1958 FORD PICKUP $99.00 Down $23.01 Month 449 1964 MERCURY HARDTOP COUPE Automatic, power steer, RH. $ 1599 $99.00 Down $66,20 Month '61 CHEVROLET IMPALA Spt. Cpe. Radio, heater, stick shift. $ '899 $99.00 Down $43.33 Month 1963 CHEVROLET IMPALA Supr. Spt. Automatic, power steer, RH. 1399 $99.00 Down $56.03 Month 1961 CADILLAC COUPE DeVILLE Power and FACTORY AIR $99.00 Down $75.61 Month AND 50 MORE --ALL PRICED AT $99 DOWN No tide loans, no balloons. Payments include sales tax and license. These values'or* for yoa. No dealers, please. CHEVROLET CO. 304 E. ANAHEIM - WILMINGTON AND SUNDAY TE 4-3494 ·a BUICK'2-dr. iKdsl. RH. slid new paint. Xlnt. cond. 42l-9i?7. AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DIRECTORY FOR SALES ' SERVICE BUICK 'Pealrs Bros. 15734 Bellf. Blvd. lulck 9254611 CADILLAC Ridings Cadillac 15»l L.B. Blvd. HE 7-iMl CHEVROLET Cormier Chevrolet leach dry Chevrolet 3001 E. PCH ' GE 3-7«l Gtorqe Ch«vro1«t 170M Lkwd. Bl. BeH. WA MM Gledhlll CiMvroItt 3M ga;t Anahefm Wilmington ' - Harkor Chevrolet JTrt Cntnfy _ GA6-3M1 '/V. rortwood ClMvroicr - .K9 Laliewood Blvd. yME 3 0711 Chrysler Plymouth · \' : /; Carl't Motor*' /'iMC'Avalon -*. ' 'WHmlngton . · Ed.BtiriMri. '· · ' . HE.T-kTl 1 MO L.B. Blvd. Ploio' Molon 17439 Park Ave., Belli TO 7-CT5 FIAT Palm«r Moron 3300 Allanllc . GA 4-0754 FORD Gtea Organ Ford So. L. B. Blvd. Col. HE 2-7145 HtHiloy-Andonan · »U3 Alor^fra, Belli. TO 7-2734 Kott t, Smolor 3M West Anaheim -· wllrnlnato.1 Los "Altai Ford rscn Beliticwer BlvJ ilt-im Mtl lunn Ford ·Xta L.B. Blvd. . £91-3311 ' Pacific Ford MOO Clyrrv Ave. 4H-U01 DATSUN Lotrcj Boock Moton 1760 Long Beacll Bl. 437-5427 DODSE Gltni E. Thomot 340 E. Anatldm 437-4491 Jock Wldfjcr Dod?«- U900 Hwd. Bl., Self TO 0-9M1 Snavely Longford Dodae 401 H. L. B. Blvd. Cpl. H E 1-1514 Suburban Dodo* 445 E. Anaheim WTlm In a ton Vere* Holmn Dodg* 3ilh 8. Atlantic GAX-KOJ JEEP Dositr Moron 4005 E. ANAHEIM G£ l-t'M LINCOLN MERCURY Murphy Lincoln Mcreu 1 19« Lakewood Blvd. ' -· ircury J3-99II T7J17 B«tf. Bl., B*l. TO H7H VtH C. Wotttr. Inc. N. LB. Blvd. Cct. U94S02 MERCEDES Mtton . OLDSMOBILE, Dick (rawnliie) OldMKblk Sales I. Service 1OT Long Beach al. HE «-M?l Le» *·(· OW SMS.UB. Blvd., Cot. NEMII1 PONTIAC , · .-'······i..\ 4\1 Weat An»li4lm . Wilmington Sotta Pontioc IMS Long Beacti Bl. HE 7-lll Suburban Pontfae' MM Mtf.. II. i^f. TO 4-1715 RAMBLER Don-A'Ve* Rambler ^ 15737 Belli. Blvd. TO 7-725a' ·dly . Biv Jlfl H. L. B. Blvd. Cot. HE M5I1 Holiday Rambler 7 L.B. Blvd. HE 4-9001 Rancho Rambler lia Long Beadi Blvd. 591-3KI TOYOTA Hal Ke«iiuin'i Imports 3MO E. KH 43V-OW VOLKSWAGEN Clrcl* Mofon 19l»L»ewo«JMeliT» KendoN Mofors Pacific Cst. Hwv. al Normaodi. Harbor Clly TE 2-M24 Laktwood Motors 5815 Sou Hi SI. Lkwd TO M741 L*« Carpcufor, Inc. 305 S. L.B. Bl., CPT. o3e-7KI Rickttft Moron LB. Blvd. 43i-5»1 176 BUICK U US. cp«., tlr, 11X00 ^ k iu.7 xvSTirwvr" wfirftj," RH; green I BUICK Skylark; VI, aylo., P/lleer, bvcketij cclMA; w/oel» Interior. J1I99 Bach Cify Chevrolef £. Psc. Cst. Hwy. OE 3 7«1 - BUICK Riviera. Black w;blj(* leather. Pull power. Wood pa.-el. Ing. Factory a'r. Wire v,heil covers. S2795. GA 2-lOW M DUICK SKYLARK HT Coupe. V-K, RiH, Autom. ..11B9 CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE '« Cad. that It unbelievably nk.l /malch. nylo^ too int. Only HARVEY'S AD. 5ed. S* VIII*. Ha i every- ifl. Best offer accraltd. KE 2-72U ifler t p.m. iaL Sun. or TO 7-n05 1:30 to 5:30 45 CADILLAC 4JM) ml., air coivl 55 CADILLAC Transportation £wc. PARKWOOD CHEVROLET SOS? Lakcwood Blvd. ME 3-0711 Autos for Salt 174 CADatAC Auto* for S«W 174 RIDE with RIDINGS 1965 CADILLACS h»vt ttvtf«l iJ iittrnt Ouf sefffctiM cour« Sedan CHVUln, »ra i*4^n. All huvt tictory **f ce ditiontAg, «t wtll «i many Oil) e*frii, Prk«* ji»rt at ... A--$4595--* 1964 CADILLACS You ruv Kkcl Inxn II 1963 BUICK RM COUM; Wil 111?* -lift maKhlng. lull Iwttwr inltrlor; ftclorv *'r, powtr Our *--$3595--* 1963 CADILLACS . *-- $2695-- fc '63 IMPERIAL CROWN 4. Dr. m/tfoo; wlttl Ml iMUwr Wwlor; f«clory tlr, full wvm;. -- $2795-- * 1962 PONTIAC . StirthUI tOt. with facfocY trim. Hirdloc; lr tfd Venture icltdlon oT tMi potxiUr rroari mdiNui FlMhvoom, S*dflri DtVUIti, Com* DtVlllii, S»^ni, AM a convrrtible. All «rc equioocd vrUrt factory ilr condr- tfonlrta. Pttcn itart *t . . . *--$2695--* $1695-- 1962 tnvlcti 4-Dr. Hanttoci whlf* vrtlfi untt«u trim ami powtr windows. ft--$ 1595--ft RIDINGS CADILLAC Tha Only Authority! CADILLAC D.aUr In h* Hirbar A/.« 1501-25 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Calif. For Fast Positive Results Call Classified HE 2-5959 ^^m mmm mm ··· ^ MUSTANG NIUSTAHG; · ^ All Colors Afl Styles We HAVE 'EM We're Dealing NOW! All Colors AH Styles THIS WEEKEND Just Received 10 Carloads This Week FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT Going wifh FORD for a MILLION by March IM! We Have LOWERED THE BOOM on ieff-Over 1965 FORDS WE HAVE MOST MODELS AND COLORS LEFT. THEY MUST BE SOLD . . . NOW! SO -- SAVEl -- SAVE! FINANCING AVAILABLE MIL IUHNS has a fhcmc* plan to lit fan Mlvidnal b*d««t and dtilr.i. 100% SAVINGS AVAILAILE. L*r Ut Show You How You Can Afford · Ira.d Nw FORD During THt · FANTASTIC SAVINGS SA1E PRICK Md TERMS lo SUIT wry IUDCET. Trw vtry ' fiiMKt offer-wit Hrvlc* (nywlMro . . . aik rtt mai iwlrt · MIL lURNSJIun* Iron* en hli car. BRAND NEW '66 FORDS W« hove them in moil ovcry ityW, color, engine you may want. PLUS--THE DEAL YOU WANT. PLUS Muit«np, Fate***, PorT- tones, T-BIrds one! Fords, EXECUTIVE CARS and DEMONSTRATORS 3 carlo** of F*rd Moor Co. »c»H«« «ti M r«. cntly pxrchaMd PLUS over 30 tM hint) tmnthr* con odd demonitraten; liwd picked, torrked ewei 'painpoftd by our M!«I rr*r*Wfrrlm **4 ltnk» Dep«rtm*f t. Many of rhew can haw «lr co«dtrHHlo|. Say* Hndradt of Dollar! en tk*M Cm PLUS Nnl Motor Co. Now Car Warranty. ·· FORD NIGHT SERVICE For the convenience of our - r customers . . . wo will be opart MONDAY thru FRIDAY from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. SERVICE and PARTS NEW CAR MN tm.m.j, 1 t.m. SXHf ·U IUNDAY BUY-RENT-LEASE a FORD from MELBURNS 2000 LONG BEACH BLVD., LONG BEACH 591-3311 '66 DEMO. $ALE '66 MERC. 4-DB. Parfclane Hardtop 4io v-s MULTI-DRIVE TXANS, POWER HJWOWS POWER VEMT WINDOWS i-W.AY POWER SCAT POWEft BRAKES POWEX STEERIKO TH.T, STEERING WHEEL FACTORY AIR CONO. AM/FM RADIO POWER ARTENNA TINT, WimSHIELO AUTO, HEADIIOHT DIMMER POWER DOOR LOCKS WSW TIRES VINYL INTERIOR LOW HIIUGE STOCK "2M ' 142 05 $ A V E $ 1000°° '66 COMET Calienfe 4-Door NOT 1 COMPACT 2» V-l MULT[-DrllVE TMHS. Lin MOUP POWER STIIHIK RUIO AM TINT. WINDSHIELD DELUXE WHEEL COVERS WHITE TIRES INTERVAL WIPERS DEL. SEAT IlLTS OUTSIDE MIRROR NON-GLARE MIRROR LOW MflEAOE STOCK -159 $ A V E $ 500°° '66 PARKLANE 2-Door Hardtop III V-l MULTI-DRIVE TRANS, POWER BRAXES POWER STEERING TILT STEERING WHEEL FACTORY AIR COND, RADIO AM TINT, WINDSHIELD WHEEL COVERS SPINNER VINYL INTERIOR WHITE TIRES DOOR EDGE GUARDS LOW MILEAGE STOCK #14$ '66 COMET Cyclone 2-Dr, Hdfp. NOT A COMPACT 289 V-S MULTI-DRIVE TRANS, POWER STEERINB POWER tRAXES RADIO AM TINT. WINDSHIELD INTERVAL WIPERS CYCLONE WHEEL COVER VINYL WTERIOR WHITE TIRES BUCKET SEATS CONSOLE REAL LOW MILEAGE STOCK -428 24 $ A V E '950°' $ A V E $ 425°° SAVE AT Val C. Walter, Inc. ' 912 NORTH LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON "We Try Harder" SOUTHLAND'S NEWEST LINCOLN-MERCURY COMET DEALER 639-4502 PHONE 636-0774

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