Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1976 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1976
Page 27
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il-- Automotive -- for Sole : '^C^^. ' ' ^BQ« 1974 FORD MU51ANG i G H I A COUPE 4-cylindcr, it-speed, factory aYr" candilioning, low mileage. Clean. Wheeler Motor Co, '".PHONE 443-3458 il : j*44 N, College B» . i, (Highway 71 North) ' ; Open 8 to 6 13T4 CAMAIIO, fine o'Ajwr. 22,000 orijjinGl miles." 33Q, automatic, air and full power. ric interior, tilt wheel, real clean. N«d to, sell. 4424233. lirafccs.' -Custom interior. Many eMias Pric* Negotiable. Call John. 575-^603 9:00-5:00 or 521-flCM evenings t weekends USED CAR SPECIALS i; THIS WEEK . 1974 MONTE CARLO, . ATJ..'twM-er,' air, bucket sealj, tape p'ay- cr , · turbi n whc* Ls fc more. ro?y J35ii 1973 CAMARO 350 Automatic-, air cord iU on, power .Mcering rallyc wheels, 40.000 local miles. S2JSS 1972 GRAN TORINO Vinj.1 . Inf. all power, air conditioning auicm alic, good rubber, over $200 htwl vati3«' our price only . . ·. $1785 1975 OLDS STARFIRE V-6 ".autcunalic, air, all ptfAvr, radift tires, and niLlyc'JT wheels. ,V ADA Hon .wys (4100. We Say J3i5 1971 BUICK IESABRE CUST 4-di»f hardtop, all power ,air, vinyl tnp tLl'Mvhtcl, A.M/F.M, under baofc asair 12 -- Machineiy £ Karm iOO CASK Lmt-k laider, power sWli, C.ncA unditfon. I'h-wie '412C3W. " L\I,R Strx-k ADI] Hotsc Trailers. Dealer; i arris Auto Sales, ItoEcrs, Arkansas. 23-- Livestock -- For Sale 4 RACE HORSES FOR SALE year old ftaUion by GO MAN CO Year old xcldinR !»· AZU11K TE a Ywr old ilallicn ly I^M)V HUGS MOON Z Year old stallion by RO STOL'KJSn MAN Gtntl condiU an-Jtoady lo go to parnw- al race I rat*. All -J horses tnr (10,000. For further information call 521-2516. Introducing -- First lime In Arkansas AT STUD JOE DON REED Rcfiislerfd Ouarterharsc Sorrcll. Strcti- in*s. blaze, flaxen mane and Lail. Siring cells with confirmation, disposition ard speed. [Joe) is Ihe sire of Tarzan .loc, on« o tlh« lop jumpinj; horses in llic naiion, Visitors \s-eJcotne, Jlcoking available. 'BOB FITZHUGH . IU. 6, Mt. Comtoil lid,, Fay, Phone 531-77B3 10 MONTH OLD Marc mute, broken (o Iwd. Phone 8il-59!6. WANTED in rent , pasture for 2 to 3 IrorMs- Phone ^Itcr 5:00 (13-1248. HORSE SALE MclXmad County Uvrsioek M artel Jane, Missouri Monday, April 19,. 7:30 p.m. It you have lat broVe horses to' buy or Eell, atlend . this sale. DELIVBRBD, BALE, DOIJV^ NOlSKXVATEEt. 13-W7J. AT SFUn -- Re£is«T«l Iron gray nuart crtiorsc. Bert, OWahtnna Star, and Pocc But no brecdinE- For informaiirm , ca 442.6382. DOGWOOD SIMMENTAL ASSN. 1ST ANNUAL PRODUCTION t4 -- Dogs, Cats PeU KC CHAME'ION blood line Rasvt ounJs, red anJ .uhilc, black, and Tii- olors lor 5ale. Some lull KIOTSTI do^s. 53S73. ·OU.Vfi (HJ Kngllsh Shcdxlag. female. CT. Photic 52l-lfc;i7. VKC KNOI.ISH HulldoR lnJitpies, Crand Irrs, Silu-r Spurs arid E«e Hen, 7 viccks, 2«i ui, I'faliic Urovft Aik. 8W 2J12. AKC HKUISTKIIKI) tn.niatuTC »Ach hnnds, wks. lirsl puppy shols, and sunned. 7512373. fc while. G..L. Bairns. I'hoiie S31-S179. SNOW white American Btkimo, male. 11 nf»s, utd, loves children, has had shnts. ^KC [cxisltfivd, miw ISO. iiJ-iai cxt. 43 p.m. ask for T. 0. Toiler. \KC, REGISTERED Doxcts. rvatiy to go May 1st. J75 to *100. 44'^-77P3. AKU IlwrroN Tcrric r puppies, w ell tnarkril, some toys, iuod ones. Plait's, SMJ21TO. - ' \KC m.ick and Ian DACHSHUND pop- pfcs. fall 751 OH3 aller 6 p.m. or 7K- 0?33 before 1:00 p.m. years experience -- Bonlla Vlisct -- 2J11 25-- Home Needs -- For Sale EVANS BLACK CARPETS By Armstrong AMERICA'S BEST SELLING POPULAR PRICE CARPET NOW BEING SHOWN IN OUR NEW CARPET SHOWROOM Free Estimates Excellent *5-- Kom« Need*-- f or bol« vMlGK RlNINfi DOOM SHIPMENT -[as just arHved aiid you now have a upfr Mlccllon on an' sule or size you T)iy ntwd . Orcal buys such as chlrvi aWnts as low as f 309. OS. 5 piece iln- lie sots only, .ill wood 5 p:cc« Unlns room Eels only tM9,« .Hid mutli TIO;C. Cash or Terms -Available. UFS/ ntcd Krclght Sales, Ilwy. 1 62 W. Kay- tlevilk'. Open 9 3 Mon.-rri., Ull 6:00 Sal. KtNG Sifc bwl with spread t pillows 173. 1 lai£c oak drcsscNypc chest of 1 rawe rs. (TO. 1 cockle 1 1 InWr. GO' ' in cnsth, HO. 1 KocaU, fKO. Call 521-3173 allor 12:00 noon- 17 K. rnwpcct. 26 -- For Sale -- Miscelfaneous IEINZ 3370 toniaty plants, 5c pat+i or HOT per 100. W-3341. snlc. Alier liOO P.M. call M6-37-3 or W-3M9. U'AUSUT Cteifci«ncc dtftk, Walnut ric- dcnu, low priced, Drwrt Sand crMlenza with iving Seciclary Desk and E.\«utlvc rtcslt malchin^. llesl bu«-s in slalo. Typewriters 155 up adders f4\ up, Aco Offrce Equipment, Spjinsdale, aiascmally across (mm Apolio The^atrc (acin? West 1'INTO R CHIiVY CAR parts. Sandbuppy frame, 3-spced transniisjlon. Buick en- Bine. 310. One large chair. Call 521-Hffl nller 3LOQ. - · I^ANK hrapf chest, orx vcar old. like new. J75, Washer, needs repair, 125. Pb^ne 321- Wa^--lS^O N. I^vprrtt 14-A. aim mower 1163. Sx27 camp traitcrr J7» Iw dollar. -MiMTTG. MOVINCi-- Must wll new 1 \\. diamrte red velvet round bed, 2 matching red lamps, melal wardrobe. Gold whit tapestry bedspread. GaraRC door and nu niei\w5 items leFl over horn remodeling New bricks. 531-1431. WEDDINR rouirtalns. \vcdtlin5~~arrh7~ crystal a nil silver puwlibo'^is, crj'sla si VPT son-iws, table IrnpniS (clrith anc i"a[or). EvenHiinK lor that special pa ty. All H«iU t Sales Center, 442-83 ' A KII1EIV Vacuum with att. in porfec condition J10. or Hoover upright, rea niw; f25, Cafl 52L«H3, Ej\STEH Bunnies lor sale. Vhvne 835293 Sl'KAH' for sale. I'hwwi 4J2-51M. USETJ RAILROAD TIfS -- trailer lea STH ETCH -SriTCII MACHINE i!3S Tut's lighl you can buy a brand nti WHITE Ofvrolidalfri Inds. SHTE7TC7H STETCK scwins machine that docs but. tonholos, dams, monograms ' and se\v hea\-j' material for only *139.£i. Thi niachinu is nationally advertised, {(ir o\ er 52jO.OO and carries a M Year PART arvd LABOR Guarantee, Hurry n-Jiil supply lasli. E-Z' Terms. UFS/Unitc Frpiphl Sales .liny, 62 W. KayMleville Open S3 Mon.-Fn.. tili fi:OT Sat, GARDKN Tiler, ?65. · Gardun · sprayur « -- Antiques -- for Sal* M.DWLV AntLguM loralde 5 m!l« Kart Kajstleiilk- urt 16 Bast has bc^ ockitiR atid K-fml^JnK ihc irvtcrior o! gp all wilder. We have EVX! tie-in neral line onti'iucs and collectibles r j-cur insretlion. «]»»*! 105 Mor^lay. aluiday, 14 SundFiy*. Ple.ise trunc anO ·V uo. (h\n(-is Jan t t-arr' I'^pc. IXON'.S AN'nOUKS new Iw.-ilio.i, 015 orth 7f Ilijthis-ay, 273 TTA, ItcniMMIk-, xriQUK SHOW, April 2-1. 24, £j. Civic IcnttTt CliiTcmuri?, Oklnhfmn. Sixmsors . Paul's rJiiiKfiiul Ctrtirch. AL!WIN Antiques locut^l 5 m-Ics East t fr*syeUeUll[ wi 16 fXx-rt has brcn Ot'kin« and .rcfir.LshinK the mlenor ot shop ajl winter. Wo have good clean c ncral line nnl [iiurs aixl cc»;iectablcs or your inspection. Open 10-3 M on rt ay- Saturday. 1-1 Sundays. Please come and VANTED: Uicd watlier and ilry*r. Phone 2J-91M. 3Q_Wanted to Buy VANTRD: - STA7-fl COLLECTIONS. CathcrJng dust or inherited. Will hny r sell for you. Call Jack MoncricC. 5S1- 111, days. 34 -- Apartments For Rent FURNISHED 2 bedroom .ipartmenU near 1 ROOM Furnished apaitnwnt. All utilities paid. Across frnm VA hospital. Si5 per mraitti. Call 41Z41M. after 5-.00. MAPLK.PIJVCE! Apaiinicnls. New sum- mcr rntes [or uUra-cnntemporar}- ILvrng. 2 li«1nx»m lu LiiithcJ, air oonailioM'd pcrfoci Ifx-ation. C3GL4 West Map!*. Call alier GvOO. 521-5052 or 521-1570. AVAILABLE May 20th Mid June 1st. 1 bedroom, furnished apartment ne*r Un versity. Stay !or sununor or indnfinlrp S130. Phony 531-i*M alter DLOO. 11A70IIRACK Viata 2 bedroom twvnhouse Jurn^hwl, all- bills pa id-wol-- \valking djy atic« to UofA. av.ii! able M ay 15 Phone KI-allG or Mt 1033 ^^W~ r T J)| Murry Hill Helendule ' W.averly Woods A nt*i 34-- Apartments far Kent BOOKING FOIl A PLACK TO LIVE THIS SUMMKIU GLENDALE APIS. ii WIl.L HOLD UNTll, MAY M ^ SPKC1AL SU.M.MKlt ]UTES * rtiitMsnv;tJ * ONE »K11HOOM * LTIl.lTHiS 1'AIT) * I-AUNTJHV * WALKING DIS1VSXCE TO UofA * SWIMMING 1'OOL * NICHT Sp;t:UltlTy GlTAtlD POOL PAUTltS ON OCCASION. A MCE PIACE TO UVU. YOUtt C3IOICK LT1VSK Oil MONTHLY. L'ALL ANYTIME W2- 6638. 632 PUT.MAN. Nov/ Renting for Summer CUMMINGS APIS. ] and 2 Bedrooms Closo la campus. Special summer rates. Call today 443-4757 TAKING APPLICATIONS BEDROOM . . . 4 1 1 5 2 BEDROOM .. $134 All utilities paid, unfurnished, quiet, family atmosphere. WASHINGTON - ^ PLAZA APIS. i^^V 5213073 . L*«J BEVERLY MANOR APARTMENTS 2 hlocks in rumpus. 3 bedroom, unfumirfi ed, available Jujie 1st. 4i2-W60. ^"^ V ^^ \ MAPLE MANOR Where Qa;st Counlr? LUInj; Becotae A Suburban, M(e Style" Northwest Arkansas tlMtS, 'AYj-nrrKViLtE, ARKANSAS 36 -- Houses For Rent 0 ROOM 6 bedroom house 5200 p ·ninth, inquire it Jlochlcr Jewelry. 37 -- Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent milts trom square, ro^sh roatl. bcautl ·ieiv. ni6. canlwi spot. 'iuirt, Phono ^ 010. ·'UKN1S1IED. 1-TOff Irxinl porch. A Vrry private. ne.iuUful wooded blu Bine F.iyulteville, mature coupfe. pols. SloraRC spare, rca sonalile. '112'SJ \ VALLEY VIEW |Mob'ile Home Park LARGE LOIS, RAMOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH Of UofA 1840 N LEVtRtTI ST. 442.4367 COME SK£ OUE{. VILMGE. IT QUIFTT -- SHADY AND FRIENDLY PRIVATE 1AHKING AM) W1JH PAVED SrnKKIS- VERY ATTn.-\CI IVE TO IIETinED FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE MOBILE HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 '.,' Nev/ Two ond Three Bedroom Home Villa 310B1LE IKNtES Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly, Rent. Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn . lit Montb Rent . free «ith space renUL W F K I A W n n A U V1IM 38--Mobile Home» For Sol*.'fi MOBILE HOME SITE acres. Trco covered. Paved Ccnlra] walcr SJilcin. Bert at I Wcdlngton Woods. 443-2445 39--Office Spate Buildings For Rent 60x40 BUSINESS BUltDING For Lease. jscelleiU location- West gal* Shaping «rler. Write U B« P-44 c/« Nwlhivfesl Arkansas TEMPS, P.O. Drawn D, Fayetlevllle,. Ark. 727W. 1,500 SQUARE feet t o r . lease for , showroom, or wareho Highway 62 West. Inquiries may sent to P.O. Box 813, FayetteviUe. 40--For Rent or Leas* Mtn. F o r t y . . . . . : In The Oz'orks! Boaiftifu] -lO-awe N.W. Arkansas t*- features many building sites with panoramic Otark views iJ nej(by rive* valley and ct:stant mountains flordfj-s national fnrc-a for sped (leer and jnull name hunting. ALL 'bvaiUtfully wooded, seasonal spring and etc eh, $9,500. JUW FREE Slluslratcd bulletin of other tine s in are; WE, WON'T BRAG ABOUT SAVING YOU MONEY : ; _ " WE JUST DO ITI "BARTHOLOMEW J "-Motor Company ^ 521-7871 SALE Installation 1370 1MFALA Chevrolet. 2 door lapanj one owner. Sec at 075 ' o r ; call S21-W23. 13rO,, ROADRUNNER. V-fl. auton* Pw-er, air. buckets, mags, svvay-hsrs, new*, tires, cxhauit, brakes and battery. Very dependable. $l,6», 621-0507, e ings.; l trade. Call H2OT12 . 1912 OTJS Cuilass. Body berrt, Ironl" cap . and CCTIC other body Hun* 'g^xl.' 'Ixnv mirpaEc. S/SO. In al 103 So. Kch(xi! St. Auto Sales. MONDAY APRIL 19 Bentonville, Arkansos AT BENTON COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS STARTS AT 1:00 'P.M. PUHEBRED DULL BJIED P U H E H R K I ] FEMALES OPEN PUREBRED FEMALES 31 PAIRS BRED qi's OPES VH *i PAIHS It RED Ws OPEN' Vi's ' " Performance Tested Percentage Commercial Bulls K. K. IIALE, President ecaiur. Ark. 501-7T2 3NZ J, A. EHMONDSOX, Vive Pros., tlaj-Aville, Arfc 501-291-374. REYES, REYES ELDER SALES MC.nS, AND AUCTIONEERS Phone 512-345-2183 CARPETS Home Or. 521-4500 "FREE ESTIMATES" 125, fpon Singirr 500 slant omAlic. SW. Mobile wheels, donuts and 5-hoie, SI a Sony under (lash cascUc player, J15. Fender Tclecastcr suilar. S200. Mar mplified, J150. Antiqirc print irys. $10. Car lop tufi^age carrier, J2J. Call BETIROOM FUTlimUHE -- Pickup Cro A nice sclec-licm o! ,all wrwd bedrrxj (rirr.fture at super prices. For example beautiful solid oak 4 piece bedroom s (or only J209.95. Many more and all M are all vvocO nmatr-ucUoii. E~7. Terr Ava'lab'e UKS/Unilcd Frcifrtil Kali Hwy. 62 W. F,\THcvll!c. Open S 9 M«M Fri., lill 6:00 Sal. iscd 23" RCA color ' nvmlhly. Goodj'car i -tia-ezu. SOPI3R 210 traasmfs-iion, like ne«-. shillcr S300. Phone, 521^130. BE1\UTIFUL orange Apricoi a^d ' nzalea? for Easter and hanging ba bluetwrrj- pfanls, rhododondroris. CARirPalnllrig and body 'work. Ttca able FIWJ cMinwtCi aiid all ivork piar- arleed. - Phxie 751-33S, \ HAS -"youi" nuto Insrirancc been' can"' celled, Bsd driving record. DWI, etc. W« »n- write ·your insurance at a rrasonable rat5"Cal! 531 6510, 5314322; evenings «3. K37, 521-12S3. [v- WANTED t "'Cut arid tracks lor P. Any Make or Model I! Richest Prices Paid -Machinery farm Equipment 9 -PIECE Walnut dining room sol, 5450. Very good condition. Phone 311-7615. HEREFORD REDDING SALE -- We - ra/lors wilh alt siies lingl Selc-ction aud pri' i beller, full ! Horned 1.8-24 Months -- Growihy Reasonably Priced ' W I L D HORSE . HILL RANCH · Hall mile south. «i« mile Earf of Boai Oklahoma. Phone 9I8-V/2-32S1- only IM.95. (]iioon s d firm grade only $149. . onhopcdfc scls only (1W.D vailable. UFS/Uniled FreiR 52 W. Paj-ettertlte. Open ,, till 6:00 Sat. "outside W£ED EATERS, JAR! : MOWERS-· LAWN GENIES Furnished or Unfurnished · Extra large bcdnymw (chwce ol reg- . ular or Hnesfre beds) t Courtyard -euyiuUUqly lanrfscapcd «ilh · Wa!l to is-all car pel in 2 and drapes » Dc^blo .closet fn bedrooms \\ilh am storage space · Central Hpat and AlrcundrlimihB t foftorn kitchen »nlh all conventen inclurtirjs dishwaXher (All plrdric) · Iwtundronvat ivilh wa-shers and dryui · Two puesi .pa[Xing · lots .Maid Service ;· CTflnveraciilly - localcd lo Unrvc-riity. public schools and shopping areas. ^Murry Hill, Helendale,- Waverly Wood Apts. Mnnascr Apt. C-l " or Phone 4J2-B722 turner of llrll i Pulman Most Weal For The Famli? . Four Floor Piani Starts at tlM Small Deposit -Holds Vour Cfcnlce NI BLOCK RENTALS 2 L-x:a(loiis tutli 1 sn d2 Hodroom -fa 1. NEm-ESHIP AND FAIRGROUNDS APT ,-1533-15.10 NcUleshlp. Quality nnits, all ctertrii; vrilh dashwashtr and disposal. 2. MOBILE HOMES, NiKocks Mo bile llama Pk. All units with air. Ni pel s. · Call 521-5323 oc 52133(2 or 5215510, Mobile Home Village Rvvy-' IE »iTaw . . twl, .launiltTi patios, slorafft. Call Today 521-S5W 38--Mobile Homes For Sale UNITED FARM AGENCY ·Z7 Nort h College. FayH tenllc, ArX T2T01. Phone 501-112-7615 ( Rent or Lease NEAR FayrttcviSle for summer ir^l faU. . il! Iurnib!id r'ac« (or stntfe jwrsrn ' w-ilh -.veil manered . doc. · .n pprira matelj Catl 573 ^637. VANTED to iwit 2 bodrconi duplex, party furnished, gurtigft or carport, hot fi5' 1 from do-.vnloMTi. Elilerlj- couple '^Ith pots or residential children. FhciM ' ' ' XH/l'l.E wdroom h rd.but u _ to run", unfurnished S B ^ or tluplux. Prefer lencwj"- cwary. Call Ken at S31-'.-*' \VANTKD TO LEASE; COUNTRY 75150 acres. Up to J3QO/monlh. ' 43 -- Real Estate Wanted 11S6S .110RII.K Home, t u n bedroom, bath, cunrplotely carpeted, furnished, CH/CA ivashcr-doxr. skirled, tied dc chain link pen. S7.SOO- -S43-301 ntter 5 tl\70 MOBILE homcj. 3 r bedroom,. Z.baih 45--Lots For 5a1» FOR SALE -.lark Addition 3. CaU -H Springs) 52446S3 arse Level Lots' in . All ,cily utilities a rrison Da^s" (Sit 2 ACRES '72'MODEL. Cater^llar, 5,400 hours vvilh pow-cr shift, brush cab, and tree pusher. '63 International thick wth a CMmmings cnRinB. 13'tim CJTn'-Tiairl IrXiler. Carso ML'ler. 7B9-2tW3. T chaii WASTER in' buy -- Big DuU-hi l-pe feeder system (or heavy layers. Sy^t'om must · const M of 2 Hoppers and IBflO Jeel ot chain and trough. Call 8392603; ' ' '' ' .1^ ' WANTEH -- Will bur or ront ti larfic irtflity or Booseneck trfllk-r. with s-ides Also nc«l irriEalion winipment and ri' TWO Y4 mile HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age ' RAGSDELL FARM Prairie Grove 846-3583 DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So, School , Phone' 443-2163 Come by and set out line sclectiot pood furnilure.. New 2 P'.CK sofa and rhalr, gwxl covets Save XO .. /. !10i Ilean Da?s, Regular J29.56 Now , . 519.K i-y diitj' viTicltcs ...Jeers, gffxl cxivers. Only J39.9; Used rhe.« or drawers starting ss Icr.v S13.95. Uscd Ihing room Jruile Marling as Tow Jari ^ro^v!rs-S^cfele R a r MO-AWS Lawn Genie----CuU ^ml S\\e«ps Weed-Easter -- Cuts vrilh 1'isfng Llr.ft Full Year Warranty 1'ur InforriiaUon or tree demwvslratro call 7at-l»2. 751-SIS3 or II no atiswei call 521-7071. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES P. O. Box 611, Fayetlevi! te. Ark. MM complete line of Weed-Eater parts in KW 'Arji; ; ' · ; · : a\DDLE Railed eoMen P Bood tiAl:rff horac, good C»i! 311-3RK, evenings. STUDENTS 2 RR cct Available May 1st. 412-9283. quiet t 1 BEDROOM tumistie paid. Jl-W r«r Tuonlf (own. Call 321-12] 5 3:30. 521-2312 after NE\V SUMMER RATES! JENNV LYNN APARTMENTS how arMjSiiig applic.i lions tor "LKIC' and two bed room fiirmshe ^r unfUTiiishcd 3 part mrnts to Tc read 1 beginning June. !, IS76. Close lo UofA ipus. Call 521-7HO after JiXn. VESTERN Hills Aransmenls. 2 or 3 ledroon; furnished apartmctit. No pets. Kl Rabbatd. or rhone 5214739. »nl at TERRAC13 35--Duplex For Rent FUIIMSHEU 1 bedr oim duplex vrit tencrd ynrd. Ou! SU nwnth. Phor pavement with central water «yft*m; roe covered and best of term*. Vowtt .- - . ' - . ' . EXCELLENT barE.ivn -- onlj- J2.500 lui 1 Q)(47, 2 bedroom Centti rj- mobile e. Phon? _G45£JC05. MAKE olfer liath fully i-ai I'linne -HMOi USED MOBILE HOMES J2000 fc up M In AH Cash Only HINTON'S MOBILE . HOMES 46--Farms Ac "0 ACRES adWninB Lako Wilson ar.) City Park, lotal prrre 516,000. Fhm« 21-J172 or 859-3232. ',-" . MOCK AVEXUB--2 · Iwdrwtn. · unfirrnish- fd, 2 level, wrAral .iir. modern builMn kitchen. i-anwr1. S130, 130 deposit. Available May 15. 521-cKM. GARDEN plcr-vms. brusti boggms; tree removal. On weekendj, Conlart. belvpei 5 and 9, Monday through Saturday, 4327;.73 and ask for Ilicfc- flUlKr APARTMENTS! Nice locallonl GAH1AND KAIIDBXS will have one nnd Iwo bed room vacancies lor Jur.e 1, 1576. Sirmmor ratps avsilahl c for sludc Ms. Connk-1a . laundry facilities. CalL Ml-3431 [or more .Information.. - iirr^fl tiea' Also. riv«i reek Brave], hillside s chal. Phone 442-30S6. 2 GENTLE la me riorscs. S-idd! ev-lifce new. pads and bridles, all for J650. or will sell separatcly. RIB-rtcfi9. SUHJKCT to islercd niarc, AAA breed' E BM-SIM or Wfr-3707. NE1V SOFA AND CHAIR SHIPMENT. Thai's rigM we have just retch cd a hrand r.ow Etuprnmt of bwutitu! K(A, and chair scls in a wide vancty of colors nnd styles. Prices ranee from SI39.95... SIM-M. . .$-249.95' lo J299.M and also sonic bcarililnt coffee nnd end lables starting at only J19.K each- Cash or Terms. UFS/Unitcd FrelRhl Sales, Kw}-. fi2-W. Faycticville. Open 99 JIon.-Frf,, 1C] 6:00 5.^1. FURNISHED apartmenti May 15, rcnlal One bedrooms 1 .or cfficincJes, qnlel c!os am pus Car single atudont or married No pels. 442-8«5n. TOWETI APARTMRS-llS. 1 t-2,^fdrrm islicd ararlmciiLs- Sutiiriicr rales e lo University. Phone .52H?** Dl GG Discount Furniture GRAND OPENING auncii 2s Of Our New Store Location at: 2262 South 71 - Fayetteville (t mile south of Soulhgate Shopping Center.) PH: 443-5756 _J OIL We take used furniture and appliances on trade or we'll buy outright-one piece or a 1,000 !!! TERMS AVAILABLE M**^***** GG BIG PRIZE GIVEAWAY A BRAND NEW DRAWING EACH WEEK! Each Week'! Drawing will be made from only those names entered that week - so stop by each week to reregister and have a chance at all of these valuable prizes!!! 'OCCASIONAL CHAIR WIN A ROCKER 5TH WEEK DRAWING: Salurdby - May 1tt 3 BOOK SHELVES 6TH WEEK DRAWING; Saturday - May 8lfi 2 BAR STOOLS 7TH WEEK DRAWING: Saturday ~ May 15th FULL SUE SET MATTRESS BOX SPRING No purchase necessary. You need not b« pre- scnl tn win! \***4*4t»*t*t Mi *M»»» and lv,o bedroom furnished apart r, PAS and. wafer' raid. Available TWO bed ;d dryer coruuMtwis. Sha 1 hrouahoul, ^atbage fJis posal W2-173S allcr -1:50. KUIINSSHPID ivvo lrd and water paid, av Invcslnienl Co. J21-37 36--Houses For Rent 2 HRDIIOOM p. Couple u . r 'wanted toi child- nS- Mu* Hvc cm -Send inquiry to P.O. Bo\ 603, ' 12x70 MOBILE Elonie with A/C, ... -kirtcd carpricrt- utiliiy building. Porch paiio. Priced lo sell. Call Sdl-iar - 442-f/JOrJ. 443-2465 _ ACIUDS. nil pd, small dowi 839-3292. . ACHBS larg» nak and h!clrar' ircei,"^- ...jstly level, J300 down, owner. £iaao«." Phone 531-oVfa or 630-3202. !^*^ boairtlllil vallwr ^ ' 20,000 UnoiLEH Farm, BO acres, old bedroom home, good condition, *^ r ;J ham. caHle and machinery included. · · ' iis, J59,OCO. V61-3616. REDROOM ujifur rcfriForator. Pas 1 or montb. PhMe I e;cppt siovc utilillcs, $115 IARGE one bedroom, diihwaslier, nir-jSTUDENTS - 2 JW condlllonln?, niilpl romptM. Call Vic after I -- -- . - - . GOOBi 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 1103 KV/AY Jl S. m OQl, Tables - new and nsM -- Art- Ion's only Erunsulch dealer -- serve!* id supplies -- MI-WTO. UtUe H«k, Ark. IETAL. DKTECTOHS. GAHntT, (he cssionals choice. Treasure hantJDg lies. Call Abe Lincoln, Hof*rr. fCGHECT PIUCEa PAID FOR COOtl FURMTUHB AND AFPl^AN ANTIQUES. SHOP Ufl FOR BEST BUYS IN TOTN." ' ' RAKLIFF'S FURNITURE Hwy. ffl W. K DW Two StoiM 19 Berr T R O P H I E S Bowling--learn spoils, All your award needs, 'URV[S SPORTING GOODS 2335 Norlh College. WEED EATER. Jar? moiten, Lawi Ocrtic. Sales, p.irU/ service. Lawn cqnip- m p n t jales, P.O. box GIL Phono 751-1962 27--Musical Merchandise Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS ; CARPET. AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heot and Air is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT Will HOLD APART. MENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 Building lot on Sycamore St. 77x150 for $3750.00. . ; . $15,000.00 will buy you Ihis 3.9 ac. resident in town, oil ; city utilities, cleared and ready to build on. , - 70 acres, about 25__wqpd.ed." acres on Hwy. 265 South, all^ fenced and creek through property. Owner would divide into smaller Iracls. This home offer casual, comfort living in the family room, ' kitchen combo and have your coffee on these .pretty mornings on ihe screened porch. 3 BR., 2 8A., Approx. 1600 ; sq. ft. healed space. Listed at $39,900.00 Close ta Mall, between Fay. Spg. 3' Dr., 1 Ba., central heal. Fenced back yard, FayeMeville Schools. Won't lasr :i » long a t $20,750.00. . ' · · - . - - ·',!£' · · it -y* Prime commercial properly North of Springdale on Hwy ; »;} 71. 1500 sq. ft. building. Has been drive-in restaura.nt In'";" pasl. $70,000.00. Good tern^s. : . 1 ^'. CALL OFFICE FOR TROUBLE-FREE .APPOINTMENT, or NITES'I. · . · ··.*'. Jan Henson, Residential, 521-6509 . ;·«. Howell Trumbo, Commercial, 442-5167 · ·-: Bob Whilfield, Invesiment, Commercial, 521-6019 .;'; TRUMBO CO., INC. 908-A RoUing Hills Fayctte^lle, Arkansas 72701 501/521-6800 MOVING? Here's How To Save Time Trouble ! " LET ONE CALL DO IT ALL! SUPF;R HBCEIVBR, SUPER PRICE -You buy a proftvvsiona! receiver has all ihc features you've alu-jys wanl«! n\ a prirt you ran afforrl! Keen ASI/FM rcreplion ,AFC for drift free reception, 2 r*vmi« hook ups, loudncss filler arxt much more for only JI39.9j that's righl only M39.£ Ihls woo* oniy .il United FrcitfH S.i!oS. Terms AvaiUKc. UFS/Uflit«5 rtttfil Sales, Wv.y. R2 ,W. FajedeviUc. Opon 9 J Twi.-5'ri,, till 6:00 GUITARS, bin}oj, macfltillas, Ttollnj. vt- olas, cellos, pkeT*les, flulcs, coronctj, tramptls, clarlnels. sax^fhoncE, drum*, ·rcerdlans f,r\A many niher mturiral te- siranifnti. Heal barflala*. RorhJer Jtrtl- t Flart Cenitr fHr***. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal' 2 Bedroom _ . . . 3 Bedroom Dishwashers Central ;Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools NATIONWIDE FIND-A-HOME SERVICE, tNC CALL 521-9030 TODAY FOR FREE BROCHURE Nationwide Ftnd-A-Home Service dosn't charge you a penny for this referral srevice. AREA REPRESENTATIVE A G E N C Y BURBAN PLAZA - Suite 4 1765 N. College, Fayetleville Ofc. 521-9030, Res. 443-3295 i'.'.l * ;.-ol

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