Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 18
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PAGE 18 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, I960 YESTERDAY'S ANSWER CROSSWORD PUZZLE somiaiw 01 straimtit nai OH NORTH fOtiSTH... I FINIS! lUllth HSlluUK! ' 4 3 4 N 4th AV6 MA 2-96$f' ACROSS I C»5vados capitL 5 Actor Paul 9 Intend*. 14 River of 1 Across 15 "W ay ouL 16 Point to bf decided. 17 A Po«h-Bih 3n g T»lace: 2 -word*. 19 Bete . 20 Language devised in 1907. 21 Jrdand. 22 Sweet sum tree. 23 Alligator of South America. 25 Harum 27 Furniture *tyle. 29 To (out' of reach): 2 ·words. 32 Novelist Nevil 35 Aurally 50 Portuguese islands. 54 ^«vile Row (ftnpLAZA DOORS OPEN 11:30 A. M. H E L D O V E R 2 MORE DAYS BY POPULAR DEMAND The Passion, Tenderness »nd Romantic Adventure* of "LA CUCARACHA" In The Mad Whirlwind «f the. Mexican Revolution. 37 Greek letter*. 38 Dessert 39 Talking bird*. 40 Man of · Psrnafsus. 41 Vanishing N.Y.C, rtructures. 42 Alloy used for screen?, cooking ware, etc. 43 Boreas. 44 Pacify. 46 Gulp: Collotj. 48 Array officers. 56 Esiuary of the Amazon. S3 "What a ffOl boy _ !": 2 words. 59 Of a bone. 60 High Mcpper between halves: 2 words. .. 62 L'nexcitable person. 63 Connecticut campus. 64 Kismet. 65 HengUt and -- , Juie chicfj. 66 Heavenly body. 67 Next in order, DOWN 1 Funny. 2 Plowed land: Span. 3 Revel in. 4 _ -Impressionism. 5 Judge in 19-19 trial. 6 Wife.' Lau 7 French city. 8 Jap statesman. 9 Specialized to a frcondary degree, 10 River Jn N.Y.S. 11 Most of Turkey: 2 word*. 12 Ridge on edge o{ coin: Vtr, 13 Appear. 18 English novelist, "" s^ks 24 Dillon bf the 26 Atoll substancti. 28 New Jersey poveroor. 30 Song for two, 31 Baltic native. 32 Pace. 33 Arcade, 34 Its lip is Polaris: 2 words. IV) Chemical suffix. 39 Go by car. 40 _ stick. 42 A favorite resort of writers. 43 Hyderabad sovereign. 45 Dovcr-to-__ 47 More heated. 49 Dieter of rhyme. 51 Relative of 43 Down. 52 Behave theatrically: Colloq. 53 Bewitching. 54 Nonsense! 65 Kind of taxhorn. 57 Assembly ball: Ger. 60 Bad: Prefix. 61 Opposite of fore. Arizona Savings, Elbel Agreement Approved PHOENIX--I*)--An agreement settling the tangled affairs in Kansas and Missouri of Arizona Savings Loan Assn. has been approved by Maricopa County Superior Court. Under the agreement, Arizona Savings will give j $350.000 to the Coffeyville Loan Investment Co. of Coffeyville, i TVT » I · Kan., a firm controlled by Don- IatUrailZatlOn aid R. Elbel of Kansas City. . n ^ ·*· C * In return, the Kansas company ;-*· rOC6eCIJllg oCt will drop lawsuits totaling more j than J5 million against Arizona! Jud « e James A - Walsh wi " P re " Savings for failure to carry out I side at 1:30 p.m. Monday at a loan commitments. j naturalization class in the U.S. Until it was closed last July, j District Court. The class is sponsored by the j public affairs and the citizen- j CL1C had been a servicing agent for Arizona Savings on about $9 million in loans made to construction companies owned by sh 'P departments of the Tucson Elbe). ! Woman's Club. Judge Lorna Lockwood, who is! Members of the club who will supervising the state receivership! participate in the program are the of Arizona Savings, approved the Mmes , John w ; Mclnnes presi . SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters/ ·APACHK: Lilt B««ln* «1 17-*: 15: i H«ve Racket. Will Travel--«:5C; The ! Lineup -- 11:!5; CUnt Btherooth -- j 12:20. I ·BU.TMORZ: Once More with FeeliiK- 1.01. 11:39; The Tinnier--J0;0«. I ·CACTUS: Circus of Horror* -- 7:S7.1 12:06; Rise and Fall of leu Diamond } CA.TALINA: Pillow T*!k--iz:«. 2:M, , 5:10. 1:30, S:35. i ·FIESTA: Gldget--7:5J; l*rt Train from i Gun Hill -- 9:M; Sh»iM -- U:M; j Mad"noii«lle StripUaM-- I'M. \ FOX-TUCSON: The Fugitive Kind--; I 12:35. 4:05. 7:M, 1J:W; The Pmher ! --J:2, «:1B. 9:42. LYRJC: The Bramble Bu*h -- 12:37. I ',;'£. 1:21: Suddenly L»»t Summer; --2:25. 6:17. 10:09. [ ·MIDWAY: Tall Story--«:!«, 11:39; Tour ] Fan Gun*--10:M. j PABAMOUNT: A« Long at You Ale | Near Me--1:14. 4:50, «;!6; Killen ol Kilimlnjaro--3. «:3«, 10:12. PARK: The Lovere--f-M. 8:14. 10:14. PLAZA: Monedita de Ore--1. 4:M. 8:12; Bolero toortal--2:M, 6:12, «:4«. ·PRINCE: Pretty Boy Floyd--7:45. 11:35; Noose for a Gunman--9:55. ' ·RODEO: Pretty Boy Floyd--I, 11:13; Nooce for a Gunman--10:04. ·3ZND STREET: Viiit to a Small Planet --7;50, 11:35; The Bii Country--10:05. ·--Drive-In theater*. I Chidester Receive* i Graphic Arlg Grant j Otis H. Chidester has been i ] selected as one of 12 teachers to j ! receive the Elmer Voight Scholar- j ship for a graphic arts workshop at the University of Houston. Chidester is director of the graphic arts department at Tucson High School. The workshop will be held in August. The 12 teachers were selected from more than 1,000 applicants. ^m* _ · · w j j O f . c . i - Ccttcflana HELD OVER! agreement after a day-long hear- dent; Martin S. Rogers; Glen C. ing. It previously was approved by the U. S. District Court at Carpenter; A. C. Embshoff; Kansas City. j Beth H. Carmack; and A. B. Ray B. Lucas, co-receiver for Hodgson. Arizona Savings, said the agreement would make it possible for the receivers to obtain clear title i to the Kansas City properties on j which the loans to Elbel were made. Haflow King, Kansas City attorney representing Elbel, said the agreement also would make it possible to control the Coffeyville firm. He said bids for reorganization will be called under the federal Bankruptcy Act next Wednesday. MARTY SAJELL at the Organ and Piano Dancing Singing Nitely TROPICAL INN J«l E. Speedway PROMPT D[PtNOA6LE SERVIC6 9fAL~ [ C I T I Z E N S ' TAXI] MA 3 - 5 4 5 4 ··LJ CtD aa4 «t a cak to I Minttt - CO-HIT COMEDY - PAQUETES DE FAQUITA" MARIA VICTORIA UN E. River Rd. EA MM1 SPECIAL SUMMER $195 DINNERS from.... I * Dinners S p.m. to 11 p.m. · Bar S p.m. to 1 a.m. Facllltiea for Banquets And Weddini Receptions El Corral Will Open Mondays (or Private Dinner Dances or banquets . . . M or more people. f JIMMY RODGER5, t Owner % Mbtolof ist GOODY, 600DY GUM DROP ICE CREAM. Your all-time candy favorite, Gum Drops, makBS every bite a flavor discovery in this Baskin-Robbins origination. Cherry, Mint, Lemon, Lime, Licorice, Orange... you name it-you'll find 'em all in this surprising new flavor ,.. £0od to the last Gum Dr»p! TRY ALL 31 FLAVORS! ICE CREAM STORES If tt«r« ft Sarvt Yra 9w I. Ipttiwiy.., PfcMt u I ~ ^ 2 071 Ml ' H ul P A * ION DOORS OPEN 12:15 HM1VKIB ·WlfVIM an* CUFT ··Mr* co- FEATURE SATURDAY at 9:00 A.M. THE NEW MARSHAL R-UCLUB '1,000 IN MERCHANDISE TO BE GIVEN AWAY EACH MONTH AND HIS TALKING HORSE PLUS FULL LENGTH FEATURE Jehimy Sheffield "SAFARI DRUMS" Cartoons 1-Reel Comedy If you feel wilted, young man --· that's your cue to go EAST (if you're downtown) and wind up that tough day at the office with a stop at the El Con ""Terrace Cocktail Lounge. 1 ' The El Con is completely air-conditioned by refrigeration and exceffenf cocktails are made to satisfy your thirst and the inner-man. Marvelous company, too. The ladies -- bless 'em -- have discovered us. And some of the town's leading executive* look upon us as an oasis on a desert of late-afternoon blight. Try us, soon. Wilted-shmilted--you'll be a NEW man after a stop-by. Soon? Like . . . today? EA 5-2611 YUL BRYNNER · KAY KENDALL Kay has anrf th« LAUGH SITUATION IS OUT OF HAND! TKCHMICOLO* ,«*,««,,, *» GREGORY RATOFF- MAXWELL SHAW B I L T M O R E O T O R V U Finest of Food and Liquori CLINT ALLEN at the keyboards 2»1N. ORACLE MA 44371 SWIM 'BUS SERVICE" " TUCSON - NOGALES Ltav. TUCSON for NOOALE* 7:00 A.M. 12:15 P.M. «:M P.M. *:1SA.M. 1:15 P.M. 1:15 P.M. 11:15 A.M. 1:30 P.M. 1030 P.M. 5:00 P.M. L««v» NOGALES for TUCSON 7:00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. *:00 P.M. »:15 A.M. 1.15 P.M. *:15 P.M. 18:00 A.M. S-00 P.M. 10:15 P.M. 4:00 P.M. Greyhound Terminal MA 34538 OPEN 12:30 P.M. ALL TUCSON'S TALKING ABOUT.., TONY RANDAU--MIMA RJTTER Wetmore Pool North on. Oracle Road past cemetery to the tign al ... WETMORE ROAD Open at 12 Noon NOW! Third Record Week! Open at I:M P.M. "THE LOVERS" UN N. Park MA 34851 it I:M, 8:», H:ll "THIS IEAUTIFUL R A R E FILM IS THE OUTSTANDING ONE TO SEE!" --Ntw Yorktr "THE LOVERS" » the picture about which Dorothy Kilftallen aaid in her "Voice of Broadway" column last summer: "ALL THE AMERICAN TOURISTS IN PARIS THIS SUMMER ARE FLOCKING TO SEE "LES AMANTS" ("The Lovers") BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN THE UNITED STATES." After the Supreme Court Decision in favor of "Lady Chatterley'i Lover" the .Picture "THE LOVERS" was finally admitted i n t o the United State*. r-r^l -·-" ' lp * sar --* r 2 ~ __ TblpVEI^ THIS IS THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL UNCUT FRENCH VERSION EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN PARIS. IT WILL NOT BE SHOWN IN ANY OTHER TUCSON AREA THEATRE. 2nd Disneyland ALL-EXPENSE TRIP DRAWING* (Plus 16 Other Valuable Mcrchandisi Awtirdt) TONIGHT-7:30 P.M. AT MONTEREY VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Tonight another lucky family will wirro 3-Day All-Expense vaeatiop at famous Diintyland Park including transportation by TWA. Thit it tht second of 4 trips to bt awarded this summer. Members of tht first winning family will be present to pick the second winner. Register For YOUR Family'i Free All-Expense Disneyland Trip AT ANY MONTEREY VILLAGE Store or Service Absolutely No Obligation · H O P P I N O C M N T I M SPEEDWAY at WILMOT ROAD ·Winners Will Be NotUM If Not Praent new D O W N T O W N 0 1 J i b t Cona S t _ PARK F R E E ' ·K D O W N T O W N D t J I B t Cona S t _ Paramount STARTS TODAY! WO-SPEED PUSHBUTTON WASHER OPEN 12:30 A TJOISffD THWJJC SOEf HISTORY'S MOST SLAVE TRADERS! *^^^^v ^^"^·Ty rw^wB ^^u^^y MOOtl LWOU Just touch a button to get the proper speed for the fabric you want to wash! Now you can select the washing speed that's just right for the fabric you want to wash -- normal speed for work clothes »nd diapers, slow speed for delicate things. Pushbutton control for hot, warm or cold wash--warm or cold rinse. A simple chart inside th,t lid tells you which buttons to push for each fabric. UNDERWATER LINT FILTER TRAPS LINT WHERE IT FORMS . ., UNDER WATER! Swirli with agitator during washing and riming ... world full lime! Clothes com* out ·perilling clean, lint-free I with trade NO MONEY DOWN $7.90 MONTHLY · Water-saving partial load con»r*l · All-porcelain finish protect* against rgjl · 3 cycles for light/ regular, heavy x»ii · Big 10-pound tub capacity · 5-year written parts replacement warranty en coaxial lransmiMio*4 ·A* year an entire washer 1XKRT GUARANTEED SERVICE ON ALL APPLIANCES A TV Larfe sefectiwi «f USED RECONDITIONED WASHERS, REFRIGERATORS, TV Smith WaldntCHi farfjr -Iff- J5W N CAMPWU AVf. TH, EA

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