Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 11
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CALENDAR Oswald Jacoby SpotljghtonNew Slates j h yy;// f y^/$ $ f Tuesday . dell, and Louise Nicolaus. tj Tuesday A..L. Peterson Unit 27, American Legion Auxiliary, meets In Veterans Memorial BIdg., with Mmes. Helen Phllippbar and H. A. Shontz as chairmen. Mrs. Edwlna Grant, 18th district child welfare program chairman, and, Laura Lasscn, district Pan American chairman, will be guests. Nominating committee to be selected. ,. Wednesday Alamitos Library Association, meets at Alamitos Library for noon lunch followed by election of officers and musical program. Thursday Ladies Auxiliary, Unit 43, Fleet Reserve Association, will .honor past presidents and charter members at potluck social, 0:30 p.m. in Vet- orans Memorial BIdg. Hostesses are Mmcs. H. H. Mun- dell, and Louise Nicolaus. On Sunday a breakfast will' be served at the hen?? of the vice president, Mrs. Alboa Von Duree, from 8.30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Hostess- ing will be Kathleen Woodall, Rosemary Lyon and Lillian Kcchen. « » · · Long Beach Delta Gammas will gather for luncheon preceded by an II a.m. business meeting at the home of Mrs. William A. Wilson, 225 Corona Ave. Hostesses are Mmcs. Don K. Wells. Frances Deily and John Gaugcr. Guest speaker will be Robert Wcnkc, local attorney who served as legal aid for tho U.S. Senate in Washington. His subject will be "Inside the Senate." Reservations may be made with Mrs. Wells. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My son Is on the high school basketball team. He's a good student and Is well liked. His team hasn't won many games this season. Anyone in sports doesn't expect to win all the time, but our son is such a hard loser It is '."' sick. When his team loses, he comes home and cries like a baby. No one can talk to him. His father and I think we should make him quit sports if he can't take a loss any better than that. Would it help if we punished him? He should learn how to be a good loser. -- ONE BOY'S MOTHER. DEAR MOTHER: There are no "good losers"--just good actors. All athletes want to win, and feel badly when they don't. Let him have his cry. It won't hurt him half as much as being punished for expressing an Alicia Hart Be Careful If Trend Is Popular honest emotion. · · » · DEAR ABBY: I am a 14- year-old girl and my problem is that 1 steal. It started recently with small things at the shopping center. Then I started taking things at the grocery store and drug store. Now I am taking things from the big store downtown. I steal things I don't even need, just things I sec and want at the moment. I never take more than two things at a time. I need help and there is no one else I can turn to except you. I don't want to grow up to be a common thief. I know it is wrong, but I can't stop. Can you help me? --SO ASHAMED. DEAR ASHAMED: Not all people uho steal things arc "common thieves" -- some arc kleptomaniacs. Because you.take things you don't need, you could have a compulsion to "steal." You can be helped if you really want to be. Tell your mother, Honey. She'll know what to do. « · « · . DEAR ABBY: After a girl gets married, do you think she should keep up her diary? If so, do you think it Is right for her to have it locked and to hide the key? --HAS TO KNOW. DEAR HAS: There Is no reason why a married woman should not keep up her diary. But she shouldn't have to lock It up and hide the key. · · · « DEAR ABBY: Now I have heard everything! A grandmother a c t u a l l y COMPLAINING because she is permitted to visit her grandson only one day a week. She should thank the good Lord she doesn't have to take care of him all the time. --WORN OUT. * * * * For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding." send 50c to Abby. Box 3365. Beverly Hills. Calif. One of the favorite cam- plaints In bridge circles after a contract has been set is: "Our hands just did not fit together. We had enough strength if only some of the high cards had been in different suits." The short suit game try after a major suit raise is designed to reduce the num- L M ».««. CMI. T M . M.U . mi INDEPENDENT--P«g» B-J MEDICINE AND YOU i Explore Drug Use Benefits, Detriments By BEN ZINSER KORTn WEST *JS V 8 8 2 » K Q * J 1 5 Z EAST A 3 V Q 1 0 3 » A J 7 4 · 1 0 9 8 5 3 2 *109»4 + A Q « fiotmi CD) A A K I 0 8 7 * V A S 7 5 4 8 *K3 Both vulnerable South Wfit North Call 1 A Pats 2 A Past 3 » Pas* 3 A Fau Pass Pass Openlcc lead--* 19 A 33-year-old expectant mother survived a heart attack in the eighth month of pregnancy and gave birth to a normal, healthy son, three Boston doctors report in the AMA Journal. Let's Explore Your Mind GOOD--AND DIFFERENT Wheateii Tuna Croquettes, with sliced ripe olives ami chopped walnuts and topped with sea par- ,dcn sauce, arc just the answer to real pood Lcn- 'tcn'catin.c. Shape croquettes with oiled kitchen funnel.--(Krctschmct Wheat Germ photo.) f Lenten Meals Brightened biy:Zippy New Croquettes ;i . By MILDRED K. FLANARY · -.- I. C T Food td.tor Jf your I.entcn menu planning is a bit on the debit side*try these wheat germ- tuna croquettes. T h e y ' r e top'pcd with sea garden sauce which your family will accept with gusto. These croquettes are delightfully different in that s l i c e d ripe olives and chopped walnuts give them a new taste-appeal and an unusual texture. The croquettes arc easily, neatly and firmly shaped by stuffing the mixture into an oiled kitchen funnel. TUNA CROQUETTES ·I tablespoons butter nr margarine 14 cup flour \'i teaspoon salt Few drops Tabasco 1 cup milk 1 egg yolk, slightly beaten 2 cans (C',2 nr 7 oz.) tuna DRY SKIN m Notrim . WAT t AT ALL DRUG COUNTERS I teaspoon lemon juice li cup wheat germ 'i cup chopped walnuts '/i cup sliced ripe olives Melt butter or margarine; blend in flour, salt and Tabasco. Add milk; cook and stir until smooth and thickened. Add a little of this mixture to beaten egg yolk; blend; add to remaining mixture. Stir in remaining ingredients; chill. Shape into 4 to 6 croquettes. Dust with additional wheat germ. Dakc in very hot oven, , r )25 degrees, about 10 minutes. SEA GARDEN SAUCE I clove garlic, grated 3 tablespoon finely chopped anchovies, or anchovy paste '/i cup finely chopped chives or green onions I tablespoon lemon Juice 3 tablespoons tarragon wine vinegar Vi cup dairy sour cream I cup mayonnaise Vi cup finely chopped parsley Salt and coarse black pepper Combine in order given. Makes about 1 pint. When the full blast of the current "Cleopatra" trend hits this shore, it will bo Interesting to see what happens. With most women, nothing is likely to happen. Few of us see ourselves as the siren of the Nile. Eye make-up so exaggerated, so heavy and black can only make a woman look as if she's struggling to recover from a scries of sleepless nights. And as for those straight and lacquered hairdos, Cleopatra or Elizabeth Taylor may be able to carry them off but it's doubtful that anyone else could. · * * · We can expect, however, that hairdressers will offer "modified" Cleopatra hairdo which will actually have little connection with the siren herself. Eye make-up too, will be modified to m e e t the demands of the active, modern American woman who never did any slinking in her life. And we'll all sit back and enjoy the modified "trend." * * * · Large, open pores can be distressing. (Usually, they cluster in the area of thc | nose and chin. And they provide a perfect site for blackheads. Bui something can be done about them. Go after them with a good astringent and sterilized cotton balls. Use the astringent not once, but several times daily. In a few weeks, the pores will begin to shrink. CWAM ALCOHOLIC PAWNT BSTHE CAUSED? A YESD NOD. My SYI.VANUS AND KVEt.YN DUVAI.I. g r e a t l y between families. among nationality groups. and by educational and religious backgrounds. Teenagers tend to follow the patterns around them as they struggle for adult status. licyond these social reasons for teenage drinking lie the basis for the practice within the personalities of the kids themselves. 1. Today, a man needs more emotional help than lie once did! Probably true. M o d e r n technology has given him more leisure, and therefore has made him a greater problem to himself. On the positive side, modem scientific knowledge has given him a far better chance to understand himself and to deal w i t h his problems effectively a n d constructively. T h e trouble is that although this g r e a t e r knowledge does exist, most people don't have it. As a result, their emotional needs have become greater. * · · * 2. Can an alcoholic parent he the cause af a teenager's drinking? Yes. In general, teenagers drink w h e n the people around them do. For instance, city kids drink mnrc than do their country cousins. Drinking habits vary Square Dancing i A sqimro diner croup, Beichniks nf Long Roach, will have its opening dance Saturday night at Houghton Park. G201 Myrtle Ave., and will dance the first und third Saturdays thereafter. Boginncrs and intermediate lessons take place every Wednesday ni|;ht at 223 E. Third St. st 7:.",0 p.m.. with Don Small as caller. The public is i n v i t t d to join. bcr of such cases. Not only is it designed to do so, but it docs. South has enough strength so that no one could really criticize a jump rcbid to four spades after the raise to two and some rcbid is clearly indicated. North has an excellent raise and would surely go on to game if it were not for the information conveyed by the short suit try. * * * * SOUTH'S rcbid to three diamonds tells North that South docs not hold more than two diamonds. Hence, North knows that his king and queen of diamonds will be of little value to South and that cither his small hearti or small clubs are likely to be losers. In spite of the maximum quality of his initial raise. North mere-1 ly goes to three spades andi South plays the hand there. Playing at spades South has to lose four tricks--two in hearts and one each in clubs and diamonds. It turns out that North's king and queen of diamond's are worth nothing at all since the way the Uast-Wesi cards lie, South docs not need to discard anything from his own hand. S h o u l d a student take should check with his doc- drugs before an important tor well ahead of time, and examination? try out any drug he might It depends, says a con- receive when there is noth- sultant to the British Medi- in R at s ^ ak j- cal Journal. In the case of amphcta mine--the so-" called pep pill --the answer is no. While this drug may give the student confidence, it impairs accuracy. Alcohol? Again, no. ZINSER Actually, from the pharmacological point of view, alcohol is the best drug to allay anxiety. Says the jour- j nal consultant: "For obvious] reasons it should not be used." IA nun clout mean* of oarinf for The journal says barbitu-iyour "facial fipirc" vihilc }ou'rc /TROUBLED?^ call GE 4-7987 · i mju-uuu"- · I call I \ GE 4-7987 / rates may be helpful. The! tranquilizcrs mcprobamate' (Milton. Kquanil) or Librium also may be beneficial. But it is extremely important, says the doctor, that the student not experiment with any ilniR before an im i!ictin£ to \mc weight! The fas- linjting tittails arc )ours free in the beauty booklet, "Your Two I'aics". Call or write today for your free top)' y.MST, or HI- 5-9870, FA 1-1773. portant qiii/. Instead, lici'ilcnj. I7SKI S. \\'c^crn A \ c , Gar- Wal ers |l»f« tf ··"« DUKINS LUNCHEON ·Sad Sad/or' MANHATTAN i«t ran 4th HC i-otzo FA8TESTWAYTOA FLAWLESS LOOK The NEW way T " S8V The TUSSY way! ! (:,-!··?«- toe r $4l MEDICATED CAKE MAKEUP rlli HORMONE CREAM li» liini li II i|i. "I- S't '.i »"«· S2 BEAUTY WASH pi til Dry SI in C(MMi*g Cmm Sl.1t *ili* fir S l i Z S tu 2194 Atlantic Open 'til 10 P.M. GA i-SSS S1.75 COMES IN ITS OWN PRETTY COMPACT WITH SPONGE Faux pas needn't show on your Iaco. Cover your cmltirrass- men! instantly Tutsy MeJi-Pat. Lei a peifccl blu.X'i hide those blemishes I'll they're better. Mcdi-Pat hc«u heal. Deals delicately with sensitive slim. Colored to match yours (Money Dci^e, Warm Tan, Peach Rachel). Keeps its color too. Never streets or turns orange. lisa Tussy Medi-Pat once a djy --evrryrfay to Veep your faca loolnng flawless. NEW 2-STEP WAY TO HELP A PROBLEM SKIN CLEAR ITSELF BACK ON 11! THE JACKLALANNE SHOW Exercising for health, fashions:.. and fun! AM MONDAY nlf I thru FRIDAY insured savings ACCOUNTS OrtNtD f IM IM» «l ANT MON1H E A R N lrn t u t lit.. FEDERAL (1st) SAYINGS F I R S T a n d P I N E 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At 0«r R»«c I*tr«K« EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR A Certificate of Iruurance protecting your savings ogaintt lets by th* Ffdtral Saving* end Loon Inturanet Corporation it printed on the iruidt cover of our passbooks. It eiplolnt how each tavingt account it iniurtd. Tht United States Gavtrnment hat made potitlvc that your tavingt or* tafe. OKO Smooth Tusty Medicate Clcjnser on your face. Cleant iVin of cicessiva oils tent pimples thrive on. TWO FO!!O«-LP with i cover-up: Tuuy Medicated Lotion cooceils spots and blemishes while helping la htil them. (In a (hades. one'a mada to bJeod with you.) And the Tussy 2-tlep taket just minutes · day. Foil rlli mid I'lnr Phono UK 2-7I.11

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