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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 20
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Page C-4--INDEPENDENT L6M iKI " «""" "·""*· ·**· '· '*· ErJZIE^^^ A-Waste Danger to World's Seas, Piccard Declares LAUSANNE, Switzerland W)--The famous Swiss explorer. Prof. Auguste Piccard, said Sunday that radioactive waste buried in the deep sea could contaminate the entire body of the water around the globe. The 76-year-old deep-sea and stratosphere explorer said the recent discovery of a living fish near the bottom of the 37,800-feet-deep Marianas Trench in the Western Pacific was proof of the existence of vertical water currents reaching from the surface of the sea to the deepest regions. "Scientists have been uncertain up to now whether such currents actually exist," he said. "Therefore, it has been seriously proposed to submerge the dangerous radioactive waste from atomic reactors to the bottom of the sea." Prof. Piccard referred to the record-breaking dive of U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh and Piccard's son, Jacques, aboard the U. S. bathyscaph Trieste. They observed-a foot- long deep-water fish through a porthole about 100 feet from the muddy bottom. "This animal, as well as all other living things around it, consumes free oxygen dissolved in the water and separated from carbonic acid." Piccard said. They explained the separation of oxygen from carbonic acid is done by sea plants in shallow waters. Death Notices DONATI-Elvira R., 72. of 1730 Walnut Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are sons, Louis A. and Leo S.; daughters, Mrs. Jennie Margaroli and Mrs. Irene Harrir; sisters, Mrs. Laura Brantley and Mrs. Bina Gregory. Rosary Monday, 8 f.m., Dilday Mortuary Chapel. Requiem mass Tuesday, 9 a.m., St. Anthony's Catholic Church. LEWIS--Ernest F., 62, of 1336 Prospect Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are daugh- :er, Esther D. Howard; sister, Mrs. Lora Hendrix; brother, Victor L. Service Wednesday, I p.m., Patterson Snively VIortuary Chapel. PROF. PICCARD 'Know Currents Exist' Seek Hike in Pension Fund Rate WASHINGTON ijpt -- The Eisenhower a d m i n i stration has decided that the trust funds which finance such programs as Social Security and veterans' life insurance should get higher interest payments from the Treasury. Officials have devised a plan that eventually could add about a billion dollars a year to the interest these funds collect on their investments in special Treasury securities. This would increase the amount available for benefits to Social Security pensioners and retired railway and government workers. It also would result in bigger dividend payments lo insured veterans. THE VARIOUS trust funds have 43 1 / 2 billion dollars invested in special government securities which cannot be traded in the open market. On these investments, they collect average interest of 2.701 per cent a year--well below rates currently available to private lenders. Top Businessmen Say Federal Aid to Schools'Must 9 WASHINGTON (UPI)--A committee of prominent businessmen Sunday announced the "reluctant, conclusion" that federal aid is "necessary" to provide adequate schools in low-income states. HILL--John W., 72, retired machinist of 375 Molino Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are lis wife, Margaret; daughters, Mrs. Blanche Jensch and Mrs. Margaret Spark; sons, W. C. Hill, Fred Hill and John W. Hill Jr. Service Tuesday, 1:30 p.m., Chapel of Christensen- Pino Mortuary. SPICER -- Martha Elizabeth, 64, of 114 Grand Ave., employed by the Long Beach Unified School District for 20 years, died Saturday. Surviving are a son, Robert; daughters, Mrs. Sara Jane Hedrick and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hedrick; a sister, Mrs. Florence Sherrick. Service Tuesday, 1 p.m., Patterson and Snively Mortuary Chapel. This conclusion--a depar- Georgia, North Carolina, Ala- turc from the opposition to bama, New Mexico, Tennes' federal aid for education pre- see, West Virginia, Utah, viously taken by much of the Oklahoma, Kentucky, Idaho, business community--was the N o r t h Dakota, Louisiana, highlight of a 90-page report South Dakota, V i r g i n i a , released by the Research Hawaii and Vermont. Policy Committee of the Com. ,_ . * ut JCJJUIL aaiu must or mittee for Economic Develop- them are already spending on ment (CED). their schools a proportion ol The committee, wlik.; i n - t h e i r income considerably rluded some of the nation's larger than the national aver- bcst-known corporation ex- age, but even so are unable to ecutives and industrial lead- support adequate schools. ers. proposed that the federal ·I "^ ^UlllllllLLUU dbbUI LtTU, government dislnbute about however, that a general fed- if Ki mi I inn rlnlmrc in ctrirm. i · t . 600 million dollars in string- · t i n i aiu jVJlU'^l rtlll, L.UVU1 llli; All free grants to strengthen states is " unnecessarv and public schools in "states where incomes are lowest." The report listed 19 states-mostly in the South--where per capila incomes are less than 80 per cent of the national average. THE 19 were Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ship Arrivals., Departures (Compiled by 7(,e M a r i n e ^chan ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Vessel Amorlcan Trader Okr) __,, Atlantic Seaman (Pan) _ Bvron D. Benson (tkr) BHorano (Gcr) Colina (tkr) . D;/sscldorl [GorJ Dlno (III) . Oona Edie (Lib) Ems'lcln (Gcr Frances Salman (Swd) . Gporoe Olson Gcestcmunde (Gcr) Hal-Yir (China) Humboldt Woodinun (bnc) , Hflv.niliin Former Iborvillc Wolo'onycr (Nar) MflHorca (Piin) Hacss Explorer (L-b tkr} . Nlrhlwa Maru (Jap) ... . Northwestern Victory .. P T Leauer p T Builder ... Pennniar . ,, Pacific Unitv (Rr) _ a Maru (Jap) Berth operator Due to Sail For 160 Amer. Trad. 8- Prod. Co .... Indef. _ 1M Maritime Broker', inc., Jan 31, Yokohani 150 Tidewater Oil Co r'eb 1, Avon n.\ R. Oefker ... . Fcb 2, Eureka 239 Soronv Mobil Oil Co Feb. 1, El Segundo LUJ3 Hamburg Amcr. Line ... Jan. 1, Frtienada 71? Lurlfi Bros. Indef. 107 Chandrii Ltd. Indef LI31/ N. tier. Lloyd Line .... f=cb 3, 5an Fran L05? Orhidian Gulf Line . ,.,Feb 2, San Diego 107 Oliver J. Olscn CD Feb. 4, Coos Bay t.ni3 Hiimbura Arner Line Fcb 3, San Fian 15G Ch'n,i Merchants Ltd. Feb. 3, San Fran. .. ..... 172 Siiuie Bros. Towtnt) Co. Feb. 3, Toledo 1?6 Million navigation Co. Jdn. 31, Honolulu I/O W.ltcrrruvi Line Feb. 1, San Juan LB33 Intc.'O'-O. 1 -.'! Lir.c . Feb. 2, 269 Soc. National de Galapecos, Indef. LB78 SMnUora Ol Co. Indel 180 N l t t j L-ne Feb. 3, Yokohama ... LB10 Stale* /VUrine Line Jan 31, San Diego 14A Poor fi Tdlbot Line Feb. 1, San Fran. ... 146 POM T-.lbol Line Feb. 4, Snn Fran. LB25 Caimar Lire Feb. 1, Portland 188 Furress Line Jan. 31, London - - . . _ 156 N.Y.K. Line .Jan. 31, New York Santa MdrUna ....._ LB29 Amer. President Line Feb 1, San Fran Seattle Miru (Jap) ,, 174 O.S.K. Line Jan. 31, Yokohama Texas _..LR21 Stales Line Feb. 1, San Fran. Taranaer (Nor) LB34 Inteioct'in Line Fcb ?, Anrwero Winnlpes (Fr) -- 230D French Line Feb. 3, Lc Havre VESSELS DUE SUNDAY Vessel Berth From Operator Due lo Sail For Bollnas (Nor) 177 . San Fran. Fred Olscn Line Fcb. 2, Rotterdam Idaho Standard (tkr) 101 \vafe is. Standard Oil Co Feb 2. El Seoundo Mormar.sun LB10 . . .. Ensenodd States Marine Lino Feb. 2, San Oieoo Oswroo Trnnjoorter (Br-lkr) 119 Arubn Panama Tranpcr! Co F«h 3 Talata Paolo Toscanelli CHI) 143 San Jose Italian Line . Keb 3, San Fran. Point 3sl (tkr) 113 Avon Fa:. Codst Transot. Co. .. Feb. 1, Oleum iiunelna (Itl) Anc Vancouver lianut-nav Shpg. Ltd ....Feb. 1, London VESSELS DUE TODAY Ve:sel llerth From Operator Due to Sail For Andros Crtne ( L i b - t f r l 151 . .Hurt. Be*!. Orion S'nvi. 6 Trad. f-eb ?, San Fran. Rml-fir Hillc (Ikr) LB77 Portland W H \VickprshtiniCo Feb 1 Port I fine CrrrINo (Put) I4/ Pucrlo Atmucl'ci United Fruif Co. .Feb. '?, Puerlo Armuelles CMarles S. Jones ( t k r ) LB76 Morro B.iy Richf.cJrt Oil Corn., F-eb. ?, Manrlalpy Bch Oureiro Do Sul (Lib) 118 . . . Siockton DnKJo Line Feb 4, S-irt Fran L-!na (HI) 231 San Fran. Italian Line . .. ' Fcb. 1, Ensenada Lsperos (Grk) Anc .,, Seattle Triton Shoo A Trad Co., Feb 2, Trieste Forest fbsie) 154 _ San Dletio Oliver J. Olson Co. Feb. 2, Bandon Florence (hnei 200 Reexport Oliver J. Olson Co Feb. 2, San Dieco Illinois LB2L' Portland States line ,,.. Fcb. 3, Sar, Fran Kvolcku (Jap) 1-55 --.San Fruti. Wn'-ui Line _ hcb 2, San Dicoo Lake Palourde (Lib-tkr) 46 ..Kuwait Barracuda Tank Corp, . .,,.. Fcb. 3, Kuwait Loamar Anc _ Coos Bav Line . Feb. 1, Port Newark Marine Snapper 229 'Jrooklvn Luckcnbach Line Frb. 4, San Fran. Santos Maru (Jap) 176 Son Diego O.S.K. Line __Fcb 2, Yokohama fjhuho Mam (Jap) 763 .Tokuvama lino Kaiun K.K. J _ t .^...,. Feb. 3, Kawasaki Santa Fe 58 ,, Salina Cruz Grace Line ._ Feb. 2, San Fran. T.unrana (Nor) Anc Norfolk Sao^enav Shpn. Ltd. f-cb 1, Yokohama Snrerstein (Ger) LB12 San N. Gcr, Lloyd Line Feb 2, Lc Havre TroMcaficn_(Npr) 27a Duncan Rav Crown Zllrhch Corp ."Feb 3, Oc " The report said most of The committee asserted, eral aid program, covering all undesirable." * * THESE FINDINGS w e r e endorsed by 39 of the 51 committee members, including Marion B. Folsom, president of Eastman Kodak Co., and f o r m e r secretary oJ health, education and welfare Nine members were op posed to any federal aid, even for low-income states. Three members called for federal grants to all states. Other major recommendations were: 1. In most states, the state government should take over from local school districts a larger share of the financial burden of schools. The committee said property taxes-the only source of revenue for most local school districts-have been pushed up ahout as. high as they can go in many communities. 2. Reorganization of small school districts into large ones that can operate economically is an urgently- needed reform in many states, particularly in the Middle West, Far West and Nev England. Any school district with less than 2,000 students is too small for efficient operation. 3. "More than money is required" to obtain b e t t e r schools. Businessmen should join other citizens interested in improving education in or ganizing *'permanent, representative" committees to fight for good schools at local and state levels. Vital Statistics Births . , NEGARD-- Mr. It Mrs. Jemej E., 13J Harbor Hills, Lomlla, bov, Jan. 19. GANDSEV-- Mr. 8. Mrs. Louis J., 24M5 Buckskin In.. Rolling Hills, girl, Jan. 20. WHITTAKER-- Mr. Mrs. R. V.. 1M3! S. Georgia Ave., Paramount, boy, Jan 70. WILUAMS-Mr. I Mrs. James L., 6447 Marctlla Way, Buena Park, girl, Jan SOUZA-- Mr. Mrs. Donald R., 13172 Hoover St., Westminster, olrl, Jan. 21 WILHITE-Mr. «. Mrs. Glenn F., mot Blacklhornt St., Garden Grove, girl, NIELSEN-Mr. (, Mrs. Alex Jerome, 2711 Tulane Ave., girl. Jan. 21. BACHIOCCHI-- Mr. Mrs. Glno I.. 13881 S. Bush St.. Weslmlnsler, olrl, Jen. 22. BARBOUR-- Mr. Mrs. James 0., 247 LaVerne, boy, Jan. 22. THOMPSON-Mr. Mrs. Frank M., 4839 Deebovar, Lakewood, bov. Jan. 23. GEORGE-- Mr. Mrs. Robert H., 5439 Ebell Ave., girl, Jan. 23. WHITAKER-- Mr. 1 Mrs. BUI R., 10432 oakhaven Dr., Stanton. bov, Jan. 23. BRASS-Mr. Mrs. Warren A., i5C Pearce. Lakewood. olrl, Jan. 25. HANSON-- Mr. 8. Mrs Conrad A., 43 Plat! si., girl, Jan 25. KOTH-- Mr. Mrs. Howard H., 11557 E. Carson, Artesla, bov, Jan. 25. , LONS BEACH OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL YONKEY-- Mr. i Mrs. John. 23504 Ra. venna Ave., Wllmlnoton. olrl, Jan. 20. FOLEY-- Mr. Mrs. Francis, 2552 Aceca Dr., Los Alamllos, olrl. Jan. 21. McGINNESS-Mr. Mrs. Edwin, 359 Truman Boyd, girl, Jan. 21. BRETT-- Mr. Mrs. Wesley, 1816W W. 255th St., Lomlla, girl, Jan. 21. CHURCHILL-- Mr. 1 Mrs. Michael, 4\Wi E, 7lh St., bov, Jan. 22. PEASLEY-- Mr. Mrs. Geralrf, 127 13th St., Seal Beach, bov. 'an. 22. WHITE-- Mr. Mrs. James, J895 Oregon boy. Jan. 22. SHEMEL-- Mr. S, Mrs. Lee Roy, 474( Matney Ave.. boy. Jan. 24, BAKER-- Mr. Mrs. Robin. 2520'A Monroe, bov, Jan. 25. WEBER-- Mr. 8. Mrs. Douglas, 1902 Pullman Ln., Redondo Beach, boy, Jan. 25. HARRIMAN JONES HOSPITAL GRANT-- Mr. Mrs. Herbert C. Jr., 48th PI., girl, Jan. 21. VERNE-- Mr. Mrs. Phillip H., 231 Corona Ave., bov, Jan. 24. RIO HONDO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL McWHORTER-- Mr. i Mrs. D. L., 319 Arlesla Ln.. olrl, Jan. 24. MacGATHAN -- Florence, 75, of 445 E. 3rd St., died Saturday. Surviving are her hus- sand, Thomas; sons, Russell G. and Frank B. Robinson; stepson, J o h n MacGathan; stepdaughter, Bessie MacDonald. Private service Monday, Mottell's and Peek, 3rd and Alamitos. Family requests donations be made to your favorite charity. LAURENDEAU--Philip Edward, 81, of 436 Ohio St., died Saturday. Surviving are son, Donald; sisters, Mrs. Joseph Madden a n d Mrs. Jeanne Pizey; brother, Bert; sister, Mrs. Agnes Gott. R o s a r y Monday, 8 p.m., Mottell's and Peek, 3rd a n d Alamitos Chapel. Requiem mass Tuesday, 10 a.m., St. Matthew's Church. Family requests donations be made to the Long Beach Osteopathic Guild Memorial Fund. ANDREWS--Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George Andrews, 5940 Rose Ave., died Friday. Also surviving are brothers, Jon, Neal and Blair; sister, Valerie. Private service, Mottell's and Peek directing. BAKER -- Lucille, 67, of 2372 Pasadena Ave., died Fri ChBrrv Av«., olrl, J«n. 1». DOOGE-Mr. i. Mrs. Stephen J., 1680 Knoxvlllc Av«., Jan. 19. SCHROEDTER--M. Mrs. Lcomrd, tSJl Constance Jan. 19, . . , Clrclt* Buena Park, bov id vs. Id F. Divorces Filed Long Beach MACLEOD--Jane R. vs. Donald W. PEREZ--Bevcrlv A. vs. Edward E. SOMMERS--Edith vs. William M. HAMILTON-Luclllc A. vs. Cecil L. PRICE--ChrKllne vs. Tolberl. PREISENDANZ--Barbara L. vs. John F FINCH--Helen I. vs. Harry P., Jr. DILLE--Lea vs. James W. RIGG5--Rosaland SANDERS--Da' MORRISON--E -.. ... _REMICK--Thelma vs. William. -1ALL-- PiiKy L. vs. Howard K. =lGARELLI-Alexander L. vs. Blllle J. HEATH--Ramona J. vs. John W. PISCIOTTA-LfMa us JosiTih J. HARRIS-Maodalene vs. John L. McKELLIPS--Helen C. vs William W. PETERS--Darlene A. vs. Rov J. HEDGE--Judith A. vs. Charles R. DIAL--Holen M. vs. Burl. BURNETT--Lorctta B. vs. Terry R. HANCOCK--Gladys B. vs. Virgil D. EASTFRDAY--Darlene vs. Leslie. WERT--Vivian T. vs. Summer G. ROBINSON--Everelt W. vs. Mildred M. McPIKE--Yvonne H. vs. Gene G. GAUDETTE-Andrew J. Jr. vs. Eliza. MCDONALD-Arrene vs. Davlon W. EDWARDS-- Dorothy M. «s. Clvde L. DIXON-Dolorcs I. vs. Chesler A. Jr. PHILLIPS-Sandra A. vs. Jimmy A. POSSUM--Beverly M. vs. Llovd O. COSLETT-Dorolhv J. vs. Stanley E. CAHILL--Ronald B. vs. Luz G. ST. CYR-Lcona I. vs. Andrew O. Annulments Filed MERRELL-EI,-|e na E. Bi v i 's C '' Robert C. HOEBEL--Nnncv vs. Philip. day. Surviving are sister, Mrs. Ruth Hess; brothers, Earl and Wallace Van Sickle. Private service Monday, Hunter Mortuary. Family requests donations to the March of Dimes. LAGERFELT --Bessie, 84, of 6665 Long Beach Blvd., died Sunday. Surviving are sisters, Mrs. Ellen Larson, Abbie T h u r m a n; brother, David Larson. Graveside service, Wednesday, 1 p.m., Smi- nyside Memorial Park, Hunter Mortuary directing. Communist Unbelievers Criticized by Pope John VATICAN CITY M 3 )-- Pope John XXIII Sunday bitterly criticised Communist unbelievers and reaffirmed that Christianity "still and always will be the faith that will conquer the world." The 78-year-old supreme ruler of the Roman Catholic Church spoke from his throne, erected near the cathedral altar of St. Peter's Basilica. His address closed Rome's first diocesan synod. He spoke to an audience that included 26 cardinals and hundreds of archbishops, bishops and the pastors of Rome's nearly 500 churches. THE PONTIFF recalled that during the synod prayers were offered for Catholic clergy and laymen in the "church of silence," the name given by the late Pope Pius XII to the church behind the Iron Curtain. He said that "the troubled brothers" of the church of silence merit admiration and "But," he added, "their persecutors, who also are our brothers in Christ, deserve commiseration because -- after 2,000 years of Christian history -- they still are so blind that they are unaware that Jesus will always be the glorious and immortal king of the centuries, and that this (Christianity) will still and always be the faith that will conquer the world." * * * * AGAIN, as he did earlier this month, the Pontiff referred to a Radio Moscow broadcast that described the Gospel and the story of the birth of Christ as fables. "It seems strange," he said, "that after 2,000 years of religious experience and of the Gospel, lived and diffused, there are still those who have the courage to tell us that the whole story of the Catholic Church, all Christianity, is only the prolongation of a great fable upon the life of the world, and that it is necessary to dissipate it to remake the Divorces Granted Lent lucli orma P. vj. Marlon H, KINSELL-- N . . , TURK-Jinm IB K. Irom Jackiin 0. 0 i (r . om ira from Ed from Howl £" from M B i . i LIERMANN-- Oi IRVIN-- Uolj U. f KINGMAN-Antolnetlt from f«Wy J. CHAMBERS-Dorolhy L. Irom Robert G. OpTbCHALU-- Elsie 0. rom WIIMnolon J WOOLIE-- MBthcw Irom S«lly 5"""""' J ' GEMMRIG-Josn c. Irom Jwiij R. TR§LOAR-Dcr=!hy from Joinn D. JREECE-Esthiir Irom Llovd C. i Emlll, Sldntr. la H. BONDY-Paul from Celln. MYERS-Wllllom Irom SMITH-Molllc Irom ;....,,. HACKETT-Evtlvn M. Irom Huoh f. WALKER--Corlnne S. Irom Michael D KUHN--Doris L. Irom Bruct. CHAVIRA--Rebecca from David P. HENDRY--Belly J. Irom Earl. JONES-Marlan B. from Henry M. CHAPPEL-Zelma from Raloh T. HARFORD-Harold S. from Rose M. BETKEL--Belly (rom William D. P^EY^ac^l'ffe'" $." «' Chart, jggjBg^irjMSF 1 *·· vlrglnli laid M. Icla A. Illam I WULU-- uonald A/\. from Lois. ffOODMAN-Mnbel H. from Wlllard W. WATERMAN-JOSOIJh E. from Gloria A W iy=y.--Dclmar R. Irom Karen V. PARLIN-- Mary F. Irom Howard E. i Legal Notice N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby Bivon by tlio undersigned Frank FuhreilkrOE residing at 1257 E. 1st. Long Bench. California, thai after the date of Jan. 29, I960, lie will not be responsible Tor any debts, liabilities, or obligations Incurred by'any persons other than h i m s e l f . Dated Jan. 28. 19GO. (signed) F R A N K FAHRBNKROG Jan. 29. 30. Feb. 1, 1960 (3t) L.ii.I. N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice is hereby given by t h e undersigned Leland D. Bcrggrcn residing at 156 E. 57th Street. Long Heach, California, that a f t e r t h e dale of January 29, 1960. he will' not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Jan. 25. 1960. (signed) LELAND D. BEHGGREN Jan. 29. 30. Feb. 1, 1960 (lit) L.B.I. N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y N O T I C E Notice is hereby given by the undersigned. Frank Voiikcs. formerly of i:i'0 B e n n e t t . Long lieaeh. Cali f o r n i a . that a f t e r the date of Feb. I . li'60. he w i l l nut be responsible lor any debts, liabilities, or obliga- t i o n s i n c u r r e d by any persona utlier t h a n himself. U a t e i l J a n . :;0. 19tH) (SlBll'id) F R A N K V O A K K S I'ub. Feb. I, .'. ;;, l%u i;it) L.B.I. 14880 NOTICE OF INTENDED MORTGAGE N O T I C E S I l E K E U V GIVEN- That P H Y L L I S M. ERICKKON. . Mortgagor, v.-ho.-'e addres Colorado, in the City · Lteal Nolle* rights and rights, uf way of The tcniu and conditions t i t l e and V. cscrov ·--· "·- seller. restrictions. reservations, , . , _ . , . . ^j record. - -- na of sale ure cuuh In lawful money of the United Staler upon the confirmation of sale. CVi tificalo of t i t l e and at Ihe exp.--- .-.· ···.- : lilda or offers must bo In writing and w i l l bo received at the aforesaid office ut the undersigned administrator. Dated thla 26th day of January, E. A. W1NSTANLEY, Public A d m i n i s t r a t o r a» administrator of the estate ui said deceased. Pub. Feb. 1, 8, 10, 1960 (3D L.13.I. t4870 NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK IN BULK AND NOTICE OF INTENDED TRANSFER OF LIQUOR LICENSE NOTICE IS 1IERBBY GIVEN- That FRED B. J1AUD1X, Vendor and Licensee, whose address Is 2535 C h e s t n u t , in the City ot LonK r CU A'''iW Cou ," l ' °' Loa A BCles, Stale of California, intends to sell, transfer and assign to R u d o l p h p. Wcig- and. Vendee and Intended Transferee, whose address is 6508 Pine AVPIIUC. in the City of Bell. County ?! °? Ai'i'elcs. Slate of California, the following described personal property, t o - w i t ; All stuck in trade, fixtures, equip. ''."·'"I, " l l d K " aa w l « Ol « certain n.VrK 1 "". 'i" r 1)U ' il '»- 1 M k n o w n as T H E . CARIBBEAN ROOM, and lo- fi !i? 1 2I29 Lor 'B Bc " ch Blvd., in the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles. Stale of California, and t r a n s f e r the following alcoholic beverage llconsi Sale Genera! Ises lociitcd (or licenses): On low Issued to prem- 21^9 Long Beach .,,,,, . 'or the premises lucitted at J129 Lou- Rendi Blvd.. In tho Clt5 or Long jlcach. County oL Lo'i Ancelcs. Slntc or C a l i f o r n i a . Tlull tlie amount of purchase price or consideration in connection w i t h said transfer of said license (or licenses) is Ihe sura or $6.000.00. w h i c h sum has been deposited In escrow. Thai It lias been agreed between said licensee and intended trans- lerec as required by Sec. 2-1073 or tlie Business and Professions Code that the consideration Tor the trans- -i'i- of said business and said transfer ol said license is to bo paid only a f t e r said transfer has been approved by suld Department of Alc o h o l i c Hevernp;e Control. That a sale, transfer and assignment of t h e iiforesiiid stoek in trade f i x t u r e s , e q u i p m e n t and good will of the said business w i l l be made, ud t n c consideration therefor to. I ' t h c r \ v i t i i ihe consideration lor t i n ' transO;:- and a l i g n m e n t or the .-iforesaid lie-'iise (or licenses) w i l l be mill on t h e 7th day of jlnreh. I960, at 10:00 o'clock A. 31. al the OSI.TOW d e p a r t m e n t of ( J l t A M U H C Y ESCROW CO.. at 3959 Wilshirc Blvd.. in the C i t y i.l Los Anj;cles. Counly of Lo? Angeles. Stale of 's is ·I:M:;|;?UI-|' C a l i f o r n i a , provided' t h a t prior to ic Drparlmt'iil of Alco- who i- addres.v Avenue. In ilia _.... ,,. ,, County of Los Angeles. State of California, all fixtures and equipment of a certain l a u n d r y busine"? k n o w n as Helen's L a u n d r o m a t , and located at -H05 Kasl Fourth Street in the C l t v ' o f Long Beach Coi or Los Angeles, State or C.illru: and that an executed mortKa, t h e same will be dcliiu-u! an c o n s i d e r a t i o n therefor paid at 10:00 o clock A.M. on the 10th day ol February, 1360, at tlic escrow de- p a r t m e n t of the A and B Efcrov Inc., at 3704 East Broadway, in t l i . City of Long Beach. County of Lo-Angeles, Slate of C a l i f o r n i a . Dated January 15 IE160 PHYLLIS LI. EK1CKSON. FRANK MBZZATESTA.' HELEN A and B Escrow, Inc. 3704 East Broadway P.O. Box 35C7 Lono Beach 3, California Vul). Feb. I. IQ60 UQ-L.B.I. M879 N O T I C E O F I N T E N -VOTIl'K IS I I K K K R Y That F R A N K J1K/.HATKKTA a HELK.V ilKZZATESTA. whose address is £1111! M. Avenue, in Ihe C i l y nt Counly of Los Angeles, ^ a l l f n r n i a . I n t e n d to .-ell L I S M. E l i l C K S O N , Vendee, iddress Is 43-1:1 Colorado, in tiic 'f Long lieacll, C o u n t y liiEi-les, Stale of Callfo f o l l o w i i i K described personal property, t o - w i l : All Mock in trade, fixtures, len and good will of i i i n d r v business, k n o w n E N ' S L A U N D R O M A T , in al 1105 Easl F o u r t h Sire City of Long Beach. Cnui les. State ot Califo ' h a t a sale, transfer an c u t .. and the consldi-ra .. lie paid at 10:00 o'clock A.M., on the 15th day of February. iytiO. at ( l i e escrow d e p a r t m e n t of ' " ~ Escrow. Inc.. at 3704 East R a y . in the Cily ol Lonj bounty of Los Angeles. J a l i l o i ma. DATED January 15. IflfiO. FRANK JIEZZATKSTA H E L E N MEX.ZATEKTA PHYLLIS M. ERICKSON. A and B Escrow, Inc. 3704 East Broadway P.O. Box 3567 l-ong Beach 3, California Pub. Feb. 1, 1960 (ID--L.B.I. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING nci'tbcd; NOW. TUERIJICORK, th« Board of Harbor ConinilaflloitQrii of tho C l t v of Long Beach has determined, and docs hereby determine that tho land hereinafter described la not nuw required, and with reasonable ccitr t i;;lv v.-!!l nut ,be required for a period of twenty-five (25) yearn from and after the date of tho adoption o this resolution, for tbo promotion or liuvrlujnuciit of commerce, navigation or fishery. The land hcrelnabovo referred to and which is intended to bo HO used in situated Jn tbo Harbor District of tho City of Luiiff Ueach, County of Lus Angeles, State of California and Is more particularly described as follows: DRILL SITE J-115 A circular urea having a radius of 22.5 feet, the center point of which is located us follows: UeginnliiK at the Southeast corner of Block 3. Plat No. 1, Seaside Park, as recorded in SI up Book a. Page 89 of Maps, Records of Los Angeles County, C a l i f o r n i a : Thence South t'.76B.67 feet; thcnee Eusl 1.1SO.OO feet to said center point. Excepting therefrom any portion of said circular area previously described nnd set fortli in Resolutions covering Drill Sites .1-17 and J-«0. See. 2. The Secretary of tha Board shall certify lo the passage of this ruaoluiion by the Board ol J l u r b o r Commissioners of the City of Long Beach, and It shall there-' u p o n take Sec. effect. The Secretary of tho Board shall cauae this resolution to be published once in t h e Long Beach i n d e p e n d e n t , llic official newspaper of the City of Long Beui'h. I hereby c e r t i f y that the foregoing r e s o l u t i o n was tidoptcd by the. Board of l l u r l n i r Commif.Moners of the City of Long Beach at its meeting of J a n u a r y '2S, I960, by the following vote: Ayes: Commissioners: Daubnry, Bishop. Harrington, Davis, Ridings Noes: ComnnVsioners; None Absent. Commissioners: None W. A. H A R R I N G T O N Secretary of the Board oJ Harbor Commissioners Pub. Fcb. i, I960 (U)r-L.RI. 14868 IM TUB S U P E R I O R COURT T J I K STATE OK IN AND FOR THE C O l i N T Y OF LOS A N f i K L E H No. 416533 In HIP Matter of the Halph Kent. Dv NOTICE OF SALE REAL PROPERTY Good cansc h e i n p sliown t i i and it being for the beat o f said estate, t h e u n d . E. A. Winatanley. Public Atlnitnl?- trator as administrator esUte of Ralph Kent, d will sell at private sale, lighesl and best bidder, Lo the confirmation of paid Superior Court, on or a f t e r Tuesday the 16th day ot February. I960, at lu's o f f i m S. H i l l St., City of n the County of Lou Aa if C a l i f o r n i a , all the ind interest of said deceased t i m e o f t h e d e a t h , a n d a l l t h e r i p h t . i t l e a n u i n t f i v s t lhat r . J ftirl rlecea^^d has by of law fir n t h e r w i ^ e a r r n i i r e d U i H i i . 01- in a d d i t i o n to, .'(lid flei:-ji.« t -ii al t h e t i n i f in ;in-i to n i l of that rerliii p r n p ' - r t y de.scrihcU t o - w i i : Lot !t. hlni'k E of the c i t y of L o u p B(Los Aiiffelep. .^latc of . 1'fr j u u p recorded in book SO papo 55 of *Mnp.i. in the o f f i c e of the county recorder of sniri i i n p r n v n c l , G. r ili4 Ccrritos. IJeach. Kscrow must he opened -with of Long ?lcs. Stale morleag- TA anil 31't iratr-'O;. 1 . Flo IT nee Dmvnov. Stale of id equip- busincss omal. ami Lli Street i, C o u n t y rtRUfic of I U J i ( l ( ] ) , ! 1 at 10:00 i dny ol crow dc: Escrow, uy, in t h r tv of Lo-' la. KSON. l o r t g n K O r TA, TA Ki. .B.I, 3 SALE V K N : jSTA iintl Vendors. Florence DOWUPV. State of o PHYL- ec. ivhtu-c i ttic Cilv of Los ·Ilia, the ml prop- 's, Cf|l'iri- i c e r t a i n as II EL- ri located t , i n t h r ty of Los Ilia, an 1 ! as.sipn- )C IHIld* 1 . ·fifnr \vill A.M., on ]y^g jj( A «t K t JRroa rift Bench. State nf 0. ' Vondo ON, cc B.T. URT OK · O R N I A l i N T Y S t a t c of ed EAL t l i f r n f o r . i n U i i ' C K t s crsigiifd. A d m t n i p of t h e dcnpflfled. , to tho subject Superior the 16th lis offir.'. Angolc'i-, IOF, State ^ h t , t i t l o "d (it Hie he r i p h t . in p. c tatc f i p f r j i i i f i n ·ed ntlu-r l i d l i u Mcvi-rapc Control 1mb npnruvei said t r n n . « [ f r uf .tiiid Hi-eiiEe. JJalen J a n u u r v 1'L ID6U. I-' R E D B. "HADD1X TlUDOiJ'JI P.' W E i C A N D " " Vf.MidtM' and I n t e n d e d Transfcrco G R A M E R C Y ESCROW CO. 3959 W i l s h i r e B o u l e v a r d Los A n g e l e s 5, C a l i f o r n i a Pub, .Fol). 1. Jlttil) i l l ) -- L.n.r. O F F I C I A L C I T Y P R I N T I N G N O T I C E O F F I L I N G OF A S S E S S M E N T Notice is hcivny p i v e n by the City Clerk of the City of LOUK Beach. C a l i f o r n i a . H i n t tlic City K n L ' f n r o r of said C l t v did, on the JSih day of .laniniry. 'I960, f t l u w i t h wilil C i t y Clerk tlic a^esHinenl witii a t t a c h e d diagram for the iniprovc- M H ' i i l .f t i n - A L L E Y EAST OK A R G O N N E AVKN'UE. BETWEEN L I V I N G S T O N D R I V E A N D BROADWAY, in the C l t v of L f - n p Uearh ji^ d c y c i f l i t ' d ip H i ^ u l i i t f o n of I n - t - ' i i t i n i i No. C-lTLTi-. a d o p t e d hv H i t - C i t y Couin-ii ,,f R a i d t : i t v of ·1'iiK l^oacli "n th' 1 ? t l i d n y of J u n e , S'.'i! 1 . in wlili'h R t - s c l n t l o i i nf I n t c n - betwcci Coust slrci-L s P l e t i - . c' n d t i i t r other a] cssary lated w of i h e describe Sec. : irovi-nit ici-oi d u i t a i l e d No. R-; on l i l c i u g i n u e d e t a i l e d iroveme it ihe |)J O\ IM110 rii'C. or o r d i n n i t y cm Icclitrc.s i c i i c f i t t l l i e r ^ i i t 011 f i l e Cler);. tc C l t y CltM'k* do.\s h c i v i i v fix t h e L'::nl day of K o b r u a r v , 1360. at I U ' ^ 0 i i - c l u c k A . M . . of" yaid day. nt iho Cniiiu-il C l i a i n b c r ot the C l t v H u l l of ,«aid City. IIH tho time and place w h e n and whore a l l pcivong In- ti'ri«t"d i n p a i d wfM'k ov itnprovc- ini'iit donn u n i f i ' i - Rt'HOllltlon of J n - c n t l o n Kit. C-lTiT*: 1 or in wild an- M-'^inont will be heard hy said City C o u n c i l . All persons d c ? l r h i R to be heard, ehall. prior to ^ud date. Eppeal to t h e C i l y Council h v h r l c f i v stulinc in i v r i t i i m t h e g r u t i n d s of apjioai. Any n b j c r t l n n not made in the manner ho re ina hove p r o v i d e d , shall he doomed vohint.'irlly w a i v e d , and any person c n t i U e d to appeal shall he deemed to luivc consented to the jki' ARC AR'KT L. 'i i HART WELL City C l e r k of the Cily (SKAL1 01 L o n p Beach Puli. Keh. 1. L'. IHiiO ( i l l -- L.RI. R E S O L U T I O N N O HD-690 A R E S O L U T I O N OK TUB B O A R D O K M A R l t U H C U M M L S - SIONIOIIS OK T I I K CITY OK LONG 1)KAC1! D K T E K M I N I N r t T H A T C'-'.UTAIN L A N D I N T H E H A R B O R DISTRICT OP T H E CITY OK LONG BEACH W H I C H IS I N T E N D E D TO KB VSED FOR THE D R I L L I N G AXD O P E R A T I O N O K A N O I L WELL A N D KOR THE HAND L I N G . R E M O V A L A N D DIS- P O S I T I O N O K T I I K O I L PKO- DLX'KD F R O M S A I D W E L L IS N O T N O W R K Q I M R E D . A M ) W I T H R K A SO N A I ; 1 * K C H K T A 1 NT V W I L L \( IT HK R Ky i : n : K n KOU A P M R i o n OF T W K N T Y - K I V K iLT.l Y K A R S K I . ' u M A N D A K T E R T H E D A T M OK T H K A L i i t P T I O . V O F T H I S P R O M O T I O N ' OFi DEVELOP- M E N T O K ! ' U M . M K i ; i - K N A V I G A T I O N OR FISHEHY. The Board of H n r h o r Cr.ninii.^- Ftoii'M-.s (.1 t h e T H y ol Long Bead Prction 1. W H K I t h J A S . by a cert a i n D r i l l i n g JMK! Operating Cont r a c t d a t r i i A t i p t i n t :^. 194-1, hetwcf-n the lioai-d of H a r b o r Coiliiiii.^Uinorfi of t h e C i l v of Long Bench, as I'"ir.«t P a r t y , and LOUR Bt-aoh Oil Devel- ipuu'iit Comitany, as Second Party, ?aid Board enpaped said Second P a r t y , l ( f r o i n a f t e r r e f e r r e d to n$ "Contrartor." as i n d e p e n d n n t con- t r a c t o r , to d r i l l and complete, and !o op-vate. m n i i i t a i n . r r d r i H . i v p n i r . v r o n d i t i f . n a n d iiepppn n - r t a i n w o l l s f o r t l i e p r n d i i i ' t i o n of oil. f;as aiu o t i i e r h y d i r i r j i i - i i o i i . - - f r o m th't- PIUTI- i l a n d ID .^aid c u n t i i t c L doscrihei .Hid t l i i - r r i n i -ffj mi lei a? Pai i-'- t h a t o f ".I." at t l n l i m p s ami f r - . m t l i o nf i l r i i t h . t a i n i-ral f o l l o w y . 7tfin. i n on n l y of o r n f n . H.-* SO papo 0 nf the c o u n t y . Long ·with a ings and M i i ' l a t ' - 1 "rat ion." t o bo d ' s i ^ n a t i ' ( in i v r n i n i ; l i y anl H n a n i UK in s a i d Contract more p a r t i c u l a r l y pro- v i d ' - d . N I K ) , pnr.^tianl t o t h e terms of .«aiit c o n t r a c t , to nive and h a n d l e and n u i k r d o l i v t - r i o s of tlie oil. pm n n r l o t h e r h y r i i - o r a r h n n s o b t n i n o d f r o m .aid parcel ; and W H E R E A S , said Hoard, pursuant to tic 1 terms of .said D r i l l i n g and O p c r a t i n p Contract, intends to .serve, ur cause to be served, on ^id-1 Coiiinio.toi- w r i t t o n notice, re- i u i r i n g said Contractor to drill the w H l in f n t f l notice specified upon a n d from t h o l a n d h e r e i n a f t e r de- f u s t l o r paiil by S:il''t \' Soc. -1 Ulul a i u c o n v r u l i ·^ui'li ii ami pi.i o b j o c t i i ' i i i i | i ] ' u \ f ni ', tin in 1 No. c-;: i i i n k i i i K m l n a t k ' i u t b l i c 1 no !(·.· «i a l l J i K ' i i i t oniiiiu 1 .a n d iioi' l i b - l i t i t ni' nt u i n n'M' ' . r fc'-c. 5 i i i t i - r m i i roct?edi ro\*'me ur.-tmn . ^ I f n ' t S l u l l e d a" H n; lJ.-.n« providec Hifihwa; t le r a t e o repr F i f t y D j n a i n i i i K att*T t i n p o r i a l b pi riod e (jocond o l i n u i n f .^CC t I l i a ! ..H i t i l . i 1 . L l t i n ' C l t v H h a i ' i n n · i i i | i n i v i - i Kiild Cit n the S t r e e t s ii^t }c w i t h Hi HIT. " c e r t i f y t u l i o n a in publ liem-h 1 p a j i e r c hereby d and Him bo posto pianos 1 t h o r c i i p o Clerk .sii notices t U n i o n o fm-M' a n f ( ' - s i p n a t r'h'ero M ' - i i i K ' t t- ciu LOUR b · l a i M i a r j - vol«v A VO.H. Nnrs: Ab.SL-nt MA KG (?-:AL Puh. Fo R E S O L U T I O N NO. C-17543 A R E S O L U T I O N OF INTENT I O N T O I M P R O V E A N A I I K I M STREKT. B E T W E E N LOMA A V E N U E AND P A C I F I C COAST H I C H W A Y . I N THE C I T Y OF LONG J J K A C U . CALL- F O K N I A . A N D TO UK DttSlG- N A T M ) A y T H E A N A H E I M S T R K K T SAFETY LIGHTING DISTRICT. The C i t y Council of the City of Lony lieaeh resolve. 1 ; as follows: Section 1. That tho C i t y Council itends to order the improvement of the f o l l o w i n g s t r e e t : A N A H E I M STREET between Lunia A v e n u e and Pacific Coast H i g h w a y , by I n s t a l l i n g a filrci-i safety l i g h t i n g system com- together w i t h standards. ·-. c:,bl. .-.. f i t i i n g u . lamps ai.J p n i - i r i n i i H T r t ; doing all nec- g r a d i n g and any other rr- ork rtMiulrvd. excepting any i m p r o v e i n e n t hereinabovo d already completed. 1 . That the a l u r c E a f d 1m- eMt shall be performed in n u d w i t h plans, Profiles, dc- di-awingj* ami rpeclfica lions ;ipS5. w h n - h ducuni'Mita arc in the o l M c c ol tho City Engineer, and r e f e r e n c e Is hereby to fa id d o c u m e n t s for a tm- tioa im- d e s c r i p t i o n of snid tho e m e n t and f o r t h e grmic to w i n c h to he made. . T h:iL .^iiul contemplated i'.'iit Is of more tlmn local ry p u b l i c b e n e f i t , and said n r l l hen-by dofrmliicB und . t h a t the d i s t r i c t to bo f i t t d t l i c r c l i y and lo be assessed, t h e custs and expenses L- .«huwn nn .Map Xo. 6 SI n UK oliii.-r. of the City re-n-rencc is hereby: ;i d ^ ' . ' - i i i i | ' t i o n of tlio ns- d i s t r i c t , mid t h a t f i f t y - i m p r o x i - m - j n t . A t t l i u tinu; v j i e i . - i n n.\cii t u r hennng ns t o t l i e i ' i o ] i i ) : i r d work or i i i . ' , i i a p u b l i c h e a r i n g w i l l i l l - i d p i n - M i n n t t n Ordinanco .-f .-MK-II hy the heaiing. i n to the f i n d i n g an I deter- C I M I I I C I ] . A l t e r mirh. ii [!i-- C o i r n - i l . by f d i i r - ( i ( t l i . « v n t e of e r i - d i . l i n d s and d*-. e n u b i l e c i n \ i - n i c n r e i - n n i n 1 ,-iii:h improve- n f i T ."iidi ini|irovc- f i n I her proi.-i't'tilng.i d e b t 11 im tat ion or . . The C i l y Council hereby iif.c and declares lli:it tho i n g s fur t h e af ore-aid 1m- nt f O u i l l be, l a k c n t i n d e r ai:d t to l h a t port ion of t h n and I h c h w a y a Code rieptp- s the " l m | M o v L ' n i e n t Act nf and t h a t serial bonds a ha 11 and lorm d fnr in said Streets and H i g h w a y s Code, bearing interest at r a t e of ,«ix per cent per annum. ent each assessment of lars ($5n.OO) or over, re- npaid fur t h i r t y (SO) day.i d a t e of t h e w a r r a n t . Said bonds j-h.'ill e x t e n d over a n d i n g n i n e ymrs f r o m t h o day of J a n u a r y next atn t h e n e x t October f i f t e e n t h t l i - i r d a l - . i. N n l i i ' ^ :.*· hereby pi veil d u y ol M i l i v l l . IfltJO, - ' A . M . . thn b e f i r o cati.-c by the. h.piii- .f I all. .·ui;' and all n i - n l , n i n y a i ' p f ' i i y C u i i n i - i l and i l n i n r i i i i i " ' prt\«crlh'M_ _, . . . and H i R h w u v f i Code. Tvhy ipo.«cfl i m i ' r o v e i n o n l should c a r r i e d out in accordance is rt-.-olntion. 7. The C i l y C l e r k shall 'Mipe of this roao- and s h a l l cause t h n same to tt]\f-fl t w i c e in tho Long ·ilci i t ' n d e n t , n daily nc\vs- circulati'd in said City and reby desipnated for lhat purpose. ' ' c ui.^e this resolution to posted in tlircf! (3) conKpicuoiir. In .-ai:l C i t y and it s h a l l i take, e f f e c t . Tlie C l t v II aii-'o cause to be m a i l e d , tin* a d o p t i o n of t i n s ro^o- m t f ' i i M n i ) in t h e t i i n f . m a n i i f - r a n d t o t h o pcr«nns d. all us p i - m u l e d by f c aid inf.-nt A'-t of I f M I." n- c-'-ruiV t h a t the forc- .. C u i u i i - i l of lh^ City of .. Boach at it!) m e e t i n g of J a n u a r y L'6. H'tiO. hy tlic f o l l o w i n g C o n n o M n i o i i : DESMOND. H K E S K . C J A H H I S O N * . A H E R N . C R O W . K P O X G B E R O . C o u n c i l i n r n : NONE. : C o i i n r i l n i e n : DALESST* D O O L E Y . K E A L E R . M A R G A R K . T L HtiARTWELIi ' " ' : - ' City Clerk Foh. 1. 2. IftfiO " ( C M - - L . B . T . SAVINGS INSTITUTI YOUOP.EN- YOUR COAST FEDERAl SAVINGS JOE CBAIl, PRESIDENT MAIN OFFICE ^, - , · ' :: : . . - . - · · · - ,-. ·..··/·'· \-v.\3-v?, '/.··· .. 9th Hill, Los Angeles · MA. 3.-,l35i a

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