Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1976 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1976
Page 26
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Advertise Where The Buyers Shop...The TIMES Classified Ads! Coil 442-6242-ASK FOR CLASSIFIED AD H WHEN YOU* 6D ·' Ncrlriweif Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 18, 1976 4 -- Schools Instructions 1 * " ' , " " ' · . ' - Times Classified Ads ! Dial 44 'Daily . . . 8iOO to 4:00 2-6242 Office Closed Sunday Phone Calls Acecpted Until 11 -.00 A.M. ; · ; :- upio 7 Days : $780 ^ i ;;-20WordS 3 D O V S . . K 8 0 24 j Above, are th* Cas2i Dlsrooat ral« you will receive by onleriry! four Ad al Thf TIMES or bj 1 ordfrinsr your Ad bv Phone and pavins Tor 1C yHhiD 10 days rf the date billed, ··^d^' added atlw 10 dj-s.- *For b«.t results (dve Ml descrir- ;"llon and sfart i'txir ad for 1 diys. .You -may cancel your ad when re- ·-.soils aw obtained. You'll mly ho * fhar£fd [or the. actual number ot Vdsj's the ad ran. 'PLEASE be sure to check itmr ad .-'(or "errors the first day of H pabl:ca- UoQiiASjUstme'nl-t wiU tw made on lhe~- basis ot Hie fits! appearance 9£l3ju^° correction mnt alter ad * This.' newspaper, reserves the tifrtil lo.i'edJt. reject and property classify SAV'fi* MOSEY! Place ytnr a3 m tlje'^specia] flst rales. »« words dally For 30 daj-a . (2J.W Eacfil'addittoaal wml S1.33 .ragworts daily for 14 coasecutive \tes£" · - . 411EO »Ki*c£?addtiona] word TSc iTT-Announcements '^WANTED vepelaWei nalhe Kandcrafis ar^3 house- pCthts^l. FajTltenlte, SprmfrdaJe Bcatbnvrilp markets. Write or call Raral Me*atSjf Producers E\di-nFe. Box 11GB FsirU*vHle. Phone K2-13=H- -'[ir^.'NOW OPEN Land's-- Anto dtnic and wiiee] alignment al 303CX WHlow, Fayettevllte. Arfatn- ssj- (la- the forme* Herb's Alignment Service":.: BuildinE.) All a«w equipment, ctw nwusflawnt asd personnel with M T3T$ of experience. All vwfc guramteel Cciipoa for Frr-a chicken dinner at land's Pancake House «iih nbeel alignment Job. Call '"iU-SOSl or 44Z-374 'for service la- irwliiciory otter expires June 15, IffX. NO! J-- ." " REAL E * ORDERED SOLD BY'PO) :r PUBLIC / "LOCATED -- 108 WEST EMA i : Monday, April 19th '""Known as the OSCAF Exce^est location, only one Nock we Emma Street, with a 1W U. frontage Sprmzdale Hizb S^iool propeny a ft TJcs pnvertv sells on ihe premises a £=n£E5s; : ol iTice or weather conditions . Power o! Auomejr recoided ' viitb D; FajetieviEe, Arit3!i*as. in record volume " - . '. .IA.MJ DP A parl-rt the NE",i of Uw SE\i ol Scci WesU.'Ew'jdnmng at a poiirf 20 reds WE tratt,- And running ttence West 33 T« North 16*i rods theace West 100 reel ih to the plsce of begkininz. --SERVICE DIRECTORY--. Minimum 3 HUPS dJlTj- for ONE MONTH ONLY S17.70 . (tijcft adctjliooai Hoe-, J5.SO rartl of Thanks -- J3.00 (O\~er 30 «xwds PC r*r word) -- UKADUNES- CL.\SSTFIED WORD ADS ; -- lo start Sunday are accepted until 4 p.m. Friday ' , -- lo it art Monday arc ' acc^pteil ! onlU Ll:00 Saturday. ' -- to start Tufsday Ihni Saturday are sccepled until i p.m. oa the day , ' before pubtl catloci. ! CLASSIFIED DISPLAY* 1 (SPACE ADS ; -- to start Sunday a re aw eptrf J iintii 1 p. m. Thursday. -- (o start Monday ar accepted J Uiilil 4 p.m. Friday. -- to slart TuMda- thru Salurday are accepted uolLJ 1 p.m. two days btfore pilbllcatioa '. 2 -- Coming Events ANTIQUE SHOW and Sate-- BctlJes, In- EMlators.- Avcns. Jeivelrj 1 . and .email collectibles.' Wa^htnEloo Counly Fai rErww.ds. April 3lih X- Sih. 13-?4£. BER.VICE i- Karen's Resale-- (Jood near new doth in* 9:30 5:30. aosed Thursta,v i- Raturdaj-5 n-, rniki on West 68. 751- 3IS3. PETE'S BARGAIN STORE . -- 546 \V. Cefrter. Used fui-ailure homehoCd [tenu £lediner trunks and fo^ lowers. G ass- w-a re, some doprewJon. AL"scet!ai:«jus. Basement ro« open. C?o1hinf, lurniture Lincoln, west side ot 5qnare- Op*n 3:PO irM, U**d (urnilar* and an tig a «, BZ4-91T}, 3-- Personals lets t E-Vap "w-ater pills." Fayetteville ICE STATE WER OF ATTORNEY AT AUCTION UST., SPR1NGDALE, ARK. , 1 976 -- 1 :30 PM ? SEARS PROPERTY « Emma a, and the nest side borde:s . deep. With o'd house ar^l garage on 1 1:30 p.m. sharp on the abir-'e dale rc- Proba Ic Cran . U'a$ Et^n Eton Cotmtj-. A, pare 82, the 20ih day of Ftbruary, 1375. ion 35 in Twvmhip IS .\arth of Ranpe 30 51 of ihG SE crt.-ner of the said 40 acre lor a beginning comer, running ihencs ttce Soot.h IS^i rcda thence East 100 feet :i CJ. HENSON, POWER OF ATTORNEY r;, --:. AMERICAN BUSINESS AUCTIONEERS Phone ME 6-2E6 Rogers, Arkansas TZT^o ft tloesn't COST, it PAYS la W f rK class. Call Cd. C. J. Hens-*] "THE: CREIVTKST AUCTIONEER ON EARTH" · _.;·; Col. Soy Hcnson - Auairreers -- o1. C. J. }lenson · ?;.--i=fc Phone 6i6-2*K, Elcgers, .Arlc. , f ESTATE THURSDAY, APRIL SALE IN NEW NATJO On Highway 71 Soulh ;- FAYEJTEVfLL EsUU'ofMrs. Enid F. Eastm, DCCKU-C Ctoilage Antique Shop of Eureka Sjrin . Beamilni ^lasrravor color TV, fttr^art Xe#i Cemu'o 1 "Mark 4" SICTM with Ta Stoji,. C.E. Relrigeraior. G.E. W Ee A.NTIQUE FURNrTURE: Beauiiful Cra nut Drop. Leal Dial Kiltben Table, 4 L O«: Oi-rtrs. Beautiful Walnu-. Gate 1 Roucd -JValnut Table. 6 oak Dinfng Set *N«Metf TeWes. Set Larae Walnut ilarfcle ' Top Chest with Can'ed Pt t«sl,'- Bfl5u'iTul Maple Chiffon er Lar^e -Llricoln R-x^Xer. Larse Oak Rcr Pedestal table «"Kh Picture Under C Hall Mirror. Very Old Pvst»r B*rf. W Bt-J. Lo-.eb 1 Cedar Chest, I»ts Xiw ANTlfJUE GLASS AND CrfllNA: Cui Olfiers. Ci:reval Glass. Bchemian GU I'res5«rl and Pattfrn Class. Flavrfa^d, Berry S^t. Bo-*l5. Compotes Pitchers Peppeij. H.P, PJales. Dr^iwr Trss, Etor, Pemfmf. Tooth J'icJcr, Butter WAter-SeL (BIus), Eor.e sh«!S, Relish sone G;nger Jari (Green-, Royal Do'Jt IrA.zn Rtad.ChoVcr. O: n Salver, Bet, Irrfnti Cltlef W'rtf Ruhe). CWicr Ir.-ian arid Fork',, Communlly Plate Slver Str Onire* Tablw. Swb. Gas Rarliant Sf Biaw Lou Baskets, Brass, Copper. Ire. ESTATE OF MRS. EN James W. C COL. FRED HIET 501-636-3946 1320 Mo 17 COSTS NO MOR AUCTION 22, 1976 at 10 AM NAL GUARD ARMORY -- Just Norf hof Airport F, ARKANSAS d. Late of 5« N". Washinilwi. Fayelteville antique glass ar.d china from the Brrwt gi, Atk. Wamer Radio in Queen iWuie Carxnet, Llh ;* Dfck, fine Lmcery Heclrk: Organ wit 1 the Range. «tfather Clock (German) Rur,s Gxd, \Val adder Back Chairs. Drop Leaf Oak TaWc, eg Table. G Oak D.n:n^ Cftaiis. Ffeauiifu t.'ftai rs, Bcaur ifu! Rmir^t Wa!r u'. Table Cuiio Shrf^s, Oak Crr;r.a Cabinet, Fin Li, Glass Cabinet, 3 Draper Bat-hefo; with Mirror, -Lw Dres.ser «HIi Sid ter. Beautiful Vi clod an 'dc rrhair. R«in lass. Tine Toitel Mirror, Wainul Frain« a]r.ut Day Bed. Beautiful Wafnul V;ctoiU fluil^, Pictu ITS ard Fra mcs. America , 4 Ice Cnsam CJiarts. GJa.« Decanir with 6 Tall filem Winca i, Citmtriclac Biiffet Set. Crystal, IJ-AS o Havana n. Irrfsan Tree, Iroritorje, Germa "ratiw Jars Cream and Sugars, Sails ar. Covered Pw.rJerr;, and Jewti w«s, Mui Pals, Keisey, Depf css-v.n , i^iiJd's PJa [es ^, PMiery, Jard nierc. I^auUfu! P^ir «crfs .n Pitcher, Chcrokte Raskfl. Wicker Stx Bractriel SlerKn^ and Turiiiw : sc (Msde b Je-Aeliy, i2 Siorfina TrIe Dinr^r Kn ve vsc« lor 8. Pe-J.1cc Carole Siar-di. palers, FVecinc Wirdo-i- Ka/is. FIOOT. Far D F. EASON (Deceosed) lark, Execjlor f, Auclioneer/ fnc, nle Ne Road Rogers, Ark. E TO GO FIRST CLASS KELLY'S BASKET :.- CHICKEN, FISH and ; BURGERS Now for less than $7,500.00, You may Share in the Fas Growth of the Fast Food Industry by Investing in your Ov/ Fast Food Chain, No Experience Necessary -- Company Will fully Train -Company Will Furnish As Per Contract: Advertising - Building - Equipment - Building Erect on Personol Assistance with Site Location - Proven System Notional Acct, Buying Status - Accounting Service - AN MUCH MOREJ TERMS AVAILABLE For personal interview, call Mr, Kelly 300-328-605° or 092 TOLL FREE - Company wi'l fly any qua Hf fed person 1 PhoenTx 3 days and nilej - all expenses paid - Foot Lodging, AirfraveL or cornT1«e lac(j abcut our boms stud.' -a nctliod, American Sfhoo! ot CLlMSo ! k« 73S, Uttta Rcvk, 7KOT. Dtparbntol T. 1 AVETTEVILLE Business College. Tttt * ^.-hool «her« i*cu learn to earn. 221 Soulh » -xx-uit Phone W!-23$J, Faj-eitevilk. Ark. . --Lost Found r JST-- t)n« Wack bull ratf SW IK*., otx- " «J«3S. * LOST MJxed Collie, Ivtiiate, nxldish TO), l red, has ID with the name Mot la. lA(l s miles south oJ t»iiss wi Ca1o Spiiiiw r Hiv\d. Ite-.v-anl KO. Call 5ai-KZ3 or 531- 273. · - LOST: Male Bpflglp, named G««Ke. l lack 1 ^t:te with lemon face. Weanns ] i!lar w'lh hilf nanw laj{ torn oil. Lnsl w ldiind Enli«rtakmien! Center. 4 V3 -31 30 at- c 7 -- -Business Opportunities FOR SALE or leaw coin ope rat erf laur.d- r;', and GOO square ·· feel of adjoining ·SJMCC lor another business, (or further infomiailcn call W-ax-O. NEW mmm FRANCHISE ^ h * Ad^inc«d cjrpet cleaning · No^u/oritMin Write ID: HOLIDAYTulsa, OV. T4101 comparable jvcdurt ; exclusive retire · - 2 Korks Irom IJmversllj 1 . Small Investment] two can operate. Phone -1K-S38- 1.6-- Help Wonted PEOPLE PERSON nccease-d bus^ncii dirtatei '. immediate /i*ed [07 a [v?cson «-ho -enjoys meeting people- Must be able ' to use lelophonc and twinstl poorte. Murti freedom ol expression on this job, ItKome related o ability, perform a re?, and e\psri«ice Call Vctsil. 751-822 1 · BH ·· JK _f\ ff f^ AGENCY AVON .. Earnings meaa Ereedoml Rerferorate. travel, splurge. 1'rl slujw you how to do t on your wa Lime. Call right away. 442-9836 RESEARCH ASSISTANT WANTED ' Rachelors t Business Administration or related area, some secretarial frainiuK. Send Resume or inquiry prior to May 3«I to: ARKANSAS REHAB RESEARCH TRAINING Attn: Jim .Harper 1491 B roohwood Drive P.O. Box 371 Li'ule Rocfc, AH T2303 Unh-ersiiy ' of Arkansas Apyointmen( equaJ oppcrtunity emploj'er. Put your office -skills ; · back to work As a keJJy Giri-ft temporary employee j-oti can wort a'du'. a sv'eeli, even a month. Pi«vious experience and ic st- in? required to qualify [or Interesting tcmporar- ivork assignment*. For inter- visftv appourtme nt call 751-3330. Kelly Services 218 1 .?- E. Emma, Springda e An e*iual opportumty *mplo-er AtyT SEC-BKKPR NW Ark. In WeM \\Ath., cty, 2 openings. One tp* Ffli use d: eta phone, W?5 start, TTvc ether r^eds SII, *500. Call Jan. COST ACCT. $750 up fee nego NW Aik. Degree or «iuiv. experience A l=o, anf/ficr needs drgrec t exper- Etarts in May, S9;S up. Call Jan. SCHOOL NURSE lo $8500 NW Ark. 10 mo. j?ar. Call Jan Pt. Time OFFICE $2.30 hr. Type, post, lite bkkpg, Call Jo Ann COUNTER SALES $381 Sell music, plar.U, or snacks on 371 hour wk. Call Jo Ann. STOCKER $4880 Rciail store. Call Jo Ami. PROD CONTROL fo $9500 FEE NEGO. NW Ark. Degree or equiv MATH-ENGLISH TCHRS related exper. (^al! Jan. $7200 up NW Ark. FaK, ^. Call Vcnzit. VOC. AUTO MECH. TCHR $3100 up fair '75. SW Mo. CaH VtrgA. COACH lo $11,500 \tred 2 with social studies cert, for Fal f T6 in NW Aik. Call Vergil. 751-8221 EMPLOYMENT « A A A A/icwrv FIVE DOUjARS AN IIOUH Knapp Shoe partilmc salesmen ean s : in.T are higher than ever NO fnvfj mert ! Ff e c crjui pmoni ! Freo Ira 1 mn prozram!. Free Shoes! Interested? Writ Or.tre, Jtrockton. Masr/tt^iUKtls WW TJfF, LINCOLN Si fool E r^cds plementar pr'jicipa r, Must te ccrtirifld in e:«mei rOUNTRn HE1.V needed. Apply Al Brer rtfl'.-i Drive Inn, 1S W. Cth alter 7:6 p.m. ND phwc calk. WAfTETlS arid waitresses r!cckd hoJ shiiu open, Wjll train, Also dijfimslif/ Apply in [*rson El Fern's N'o. CWIeg PART TJMP; hwTS-foIl tinko earning. Tr.^inirt fn THFCIIKM MQUI HMnHOIOKRV, no cxpcntncc ncccs-^ao +12 Mr,. 1 OHJPLK or vr.mxn wanted for ortiMc^r 1 irvses. Prjvalo rVAwmif, ? bfdrwmi u fiirnisticrf, SerA ir.quirj' 10 P. O- Hot W raytiicviUp. - NOW NKKH?3 te!cT*'r,« opera tflnr. IMT lime work. (2.30 an hour, CalJ «2-?r ASSISTANT MAnARer of relatl cl«?i r " slisrc. I'till lime, pcrmArrcr.t cmplrj . mofil, mus*, h« able to nwnflfic [e*r anrt to wll, and wUIlrig tft work hnn J Mart f:e jn^lurc arxl fwdaWe, wporic fe prercrrtd hul no( Mscnll^l. Call f lntcn"jcw (H-TZTfi Tt.e N'f/,/ Worirf-- Ma DAY Sales h'*stf,« ixrtillorjc availab' above avtraw ejirn^ZH, r'lpa^arit «w ing o-/r.1ili'rrs, appry In r*rvjn lo Ki- 1 lucky Frie.1 CliJcfcro, 5H Nr., fWIrife- ' May I, for hard wr/ parti Urn* p* sfcer rlwJr.ff. Approximately IS twi per *«lc. Cj(J 4-12-7172, AD FOR OUR LOW-COST SEVEN DAY RUN. YOU 'MAY C/ GET RESULTS. PAY ONLY FOR NUMBER OF. DAYS AD ACT 0 -- Kelp Wanted 18 -- Camping Sporting r w civcle, part time, aflcmooas c.ilL p 1-1371 e\t. K6, ^ RUP WAN1K» -- rArt-litnc -- G tiihts "" week. MUM tv dciviidable. AM' In 2 o phone calls rJe.iw. \ co KeAtaurHiU. Troni 10:00 A m.-l:00 ] m. Apply at ZM8 North CtiUreo. b t 8 ' ;r/Cl«or wantnl h»r Iwal mortgage i fico. FHA, VA, and conventional cs- s oriencc rtpsired. above averayc ' tnHnu t kills required. -Svr.d i«umc A- salary + "conrS in cwnfirtcnc* in Box P-M. N.W. - rt. TIMES. . , 1 "chnicfon to «crk In FayetleviUo. Oood - ·orhinp cond-tfntis, PAid vacation and 1 isuraiic*. Send qualifiratirtis to M. Kin- P aid, E31 Melmar, Apt. 104. FayetteviUe. P c iheem Manufacturing Co, PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST : l-'CCE CICS/VS AND DBOMIi expcrtence ghly desirable. Resumes and salary ·equiremenls should be sent to RHEEM MANUFACTURING ' CO. "5600 Greenwood Road Fort Smilh, Arkansas' 72001 (Atln: Personnel Dep't.) c/o Andy! Babyak ASSEMBLY \vorkejs, J3.3j r*r hone t« st^n. *2.70 r^r hour In 90 days. Supar Shell . Camper Co. WOO Stem St.. Faj-. \SSISTTAJST manager jvjKiiions sve aval- able v^^^h K«Huck- Fried Chicken. Apply n person al 514 No. College. MEN AND 'WOMEN MANAGEMENT TRAINEES. $720 FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW. Tit 1 -CIl V Drive-In Theater Is H ring part-time help. Apply al box uftice be- .weeii 7:00 i: 9:00 p.m. nightly. No phone esls -please.- . ics. Goad pay and ijoncfiU. Apply 'at Uelt International, Inc. Highway 71 South, Sprinsdai« or phone (ot-1436. KXPERIEXCED Bod- Repairman. Good paj- and benetils. Apply at Dell Inier- national. Inc. Hwy. 71 South, Springda e or phone 751-7436. LPN-- Good hourly base plus Incentive. !a d hospltaliiallon, 11-7. Full or part- i me. Contact Pfltn Ttdd. K1143S3 B:CO 11 -- Situations Wanted VILL DO banysitlhiE In home Monday tiroush Friday W.OO per day. Call 4432005. RFJTUtKD lad- mshe.s p«iirfn us day tnmpantcm, babysiUcr, or cafe \\txrk, Formal Lr v-uth Grandmoihers' Ir,c. SM- 8E33. 16-- Services Offered COMPLETE TREE SERVICE! INSURED JOSEPH KASZYCKI P.O. Box 542 Hunlwillc, ArE;. 727-10 (501) 738-6873 YARD WORK -- leaves removed, mow ins. (rimming, clean up. Dc-FenrLible worli. Rea^OTiable priiss rail 633 J423 o- Tcrnnites? Pests? Ray Johnson 521-3750 PL\NO TUNING. Call Joe] -- 443-4121 If w answer, a21-84Z7 or 4434672, 17 -- Boats Marine Supplies ' FISHING- Bail with 1975 Johnson St ng or. Hrfco trailer v-ilh 13" wheels ml 16 ft. ASTHOOMK bass.bwit «1lh tra er ^·a'rious ojKionaJ a«x-ssories Ir.cluded 73S-6W1, x*K for Terry. 1%0 FAHUOI^S Tridert ll Trihu! boat is-iih wlak-iliru svlmkhieW, speeilomc Icr, tachometer, hom, spWliRht, convert iW* lop and full canvair cover, 5 h.p Jr)?inson motor v-ilh alternator, exlr prop, 2-6 gall«i fuel Unfcs, flTid Dill Irailpr. Some sH c*iuipmcnl -- «xce fen cwndilion. S2.COO CaU +I2-9MO. BOAT D«:k5 -- hnill (o lart installtri a wir sile- fall W653W day or eveningB GtS Sales, Hosiers. year's rental. I/i!l Bridge' Marina. Phon 353-3322. P.O. BOT: K, Caj/i*ld. Ark. 18-- Camping Sporting e Goods ·» WANT lv buy or trade Im py/l trav . irancr.?. We have ne-,v or usert. MonHoM ' N ft SI. HI, 3 Rox IW. TaWcquah, Okla HANDGUNS, rifles, shotguns. SmKh ar * ramfo Pawn Shop' 4M So. School. +1 5 4701. . . . ·i See the New '76 Solid Sfa ; APACHE i at Sines Body Shop 2425 Old Farmington Roac e Phone 442-2691 - LEA " FOR A BUSINE · OR JUST Af- i. Our PonHacs and Cadillacs ^ your needs, whatever ihey !· large leasing company? c from a dealer. Leasing fr v possibfe In leasing prices a HATFIELD Rent ·* SEE HERBERT HATFI e Fay^ftevHIfl, Ark 3W rainrcr Inr \\litc bed IrucX. Phone \M 3:00. 4*14318. 0 -- Motorcycles r,\ YAMAHA 250 KrnIui-0, F^ceKcnl 171 YA1IAMA MOTOttCYH.K 350. road kc (or pale. (?S. Good th^rc. Phono Ml- 3T2 K.VWAb'AKl 750. Saddle I«KS, xvlnd- Weld, talrine. 3,000 mile eruiinp. Ksccl- nt condition. S.ile or trade. (1193. Phone V33760. ONTIA- Iffru Cl. 350 excellent coiiUliuti, HrwlsWcId. canicr. new batlery, H;fl or 974 YAMAHA 250 MX, new ir.insniisdun his accessories. Phone 531 83T6 adcr 3 .m. t-ltent condition, I«75. Phone 52LTOI5. {ONDA 1970 CUT*, exraltail wndilion. Indshield. canier. m-vv hAtlorj'. 1-150 r best offer. 531-9315. 973 .YAMAHA 2M cxcdletit cwitfilion. 6^. iiiriuitps 2 htlmels, have lo sell. odnR to school. aff7-39:-0 aflcr 5 p.m. V SU/.t'KI MW vr-rj- clean and runs Like dream S195, 73 Honda SUM In excel. ent condition. 5235, Phone 613 2M3. 571 IvAlVASj\KI 500 Vc-rj' i^ rcccnl toi verhau] never wrecked, «7a, Many 21 -- Automotive -- For Sale PICKUP for sale. 1X6 GMC, Eood con- i 1 on. Phone +13 -5063. If nn ans\i cr Sun- lay call Monday and Tuesday. VANTED 75 Volvo 16! - ur 74 or 73 \1-B 2?0 D. Phone ^!-7S3-r;w alier 1 973 COItVETrTE T Top, white, auto, ari, ower windows, A.M/FM radio, leather ln prior,, smnll erginc, excellent shape-. RUSTY TAILPIPE PROBLEMS? End this expense and worry by letting us install a HEAVY DUTY SCOTTI TAILPIPE Fully GUARANTEED as long as you own your car SCOTTI . : The only L ... muffler company · that guarantees both muffler and tailpipe. HEAVIEST DUTY MUFFLERS Clamps and .hangers, if needed, extra. CHARLESWORTH Pontiac AMC/Jeep 71 So., Spnngdale, Ark. . P. S. We. as a Scotti Center haven't set a car on fire yet 1974 AMC GREMLIN 2 -door hard lop, stanrJarc transmission, factory air con difioning, low mileage, extra nice. Wheeler Motor Co PHONE 443-3458 Ldj 3244 N. College tfij (Highway 71 North) Open 8 lo 6 sender -slalion waRon. Excellent condilio H47S. Phone 751-M62. ; 1075 pnRSfHF 914 2.0 LITRE 5-speed transmission, a I i conditioning, 11,000 ictu \ miles. We sold new o " Wheeler's. In showroom con - Wheeler Motor Co, ' Inc. KvJ PHONE 443-3458 MM 3244 N. College BB (Highway 71 Morth4 Open 8 lo 6 SING ESS, PROFESSION, J INDIVIDUAL are equipped and tailored might be. Why lease from They must purchase ihe ca m us will give you the be nd service. al Leasing, Inc. ELD, 22 Eost Meadow Phone' -442-2303 NCEL YOUR r'nll UALLY RAN. V u " 1 -- Automotive -- For Sals ·cps 2 SVe lo ai'prcrl'ilG. C.ill 4-13- 3k bclcrc 0;rO .1.111. R: after C:LXi p.m. 03 CEIKVY pIcXui. IcrR. wile bed, 6 Ijfdcr, .fair cotidlilni, S1K), I'lionc '11353 afier 3 on wtckilays. 1975 CHEVROLET G-30 VAN ^u pmalic transmission, pow- r . steering, low mileage, oublc sharp! Wheeler Motor Co,, PHONE 443-3458 LJ 3244 N. Col leg n ,103 (Highway 71 Norlh) Open 8 lo 6 % 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE ON TRUCK TIRES CALL LARRY WADE UViHWIJTalt^O 19 w 1975 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CLASSIC *ower sloerTng, power jrakes, auto ma lie transmis- ol, AM/FM Slereo radio, 800 aciual miles. Local one wner brand new. Wheeler Motor Co. PHONE 443-3458 iWJ 3244 N. College G3 (Highway 71 Norlh) Open 8 to 6 ·rings. Evcellcnt rwidilion. S9M. Phono 971 DATSUN 1200 L 4-apcc(l,' new lircs, ood condilion. 599J, J'hixic 736-3365. 1PW rXHtVAin. good Iransr-oidlion; $]W. 1I3 CHEVY *,'» ton 4 speed, new paint, runs ^wxl, !350. 4-H-40TC. 1372 ClIEVnOLET pickup. Vi'ilh calw\ oanipor. i'J.COO aciual macs. 'CM S2I-7 BY OWN EH 1073 Corvette T-lop, *-\ 'hffcic V56-3-100. 442-6242-ASK -- Aulomo)iv»^For Sale 2 1 1 13 :'·.,,, --//^._ i ·.,..· £· « jreO^^I YOUR IMPORTED CAR AND. MICHELIN Built lo 1.151. MicriellnZXfs be led will steal or resislance to wear . . , powerful road giip ., . precision control, Make sure you change rjp to Michelin ZX, tna number one lire for imported cais. fnfa\ 40.WO Ml LE IVftR RANT Y .^llln'i I'.'jrr.M/ (or 2X Piiiirvyr 7.:f extrpi AJL\J. Cttdii cr «ljnd tn J.Ultlin'} AtlenUonTuel Saveis: You can save up to 10% of your gas consumption lor more miles per gallon of gas ThinkRadtaI...and Look to the Leader MICHELIN CENTRAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS 315 W. Mountain Fayeiteville 442-5342 tWl niKVV Nomad Wagon G, auioma J375. 1957 W' lm new jnovor, radia shocks, clean ?SO. «3-ia-G. 1067 CHEVY V-6 automaiic, 53S. 1 C1IEVY new p^ini anrt overhaul. 1 1SKL CHEVY li Ion, el ran, MM. 1MB \ S.155. 1%1 O1E\ P Y fiood wx-ond car. Jl -1 13--10T5. FOR CLASSIFIED 1 Automotive -- For Sate E6 CMC [»v\cr slceiinif, rcol cJtvin ir\- 2 door, JIIS. +13WC, . "3 FIAT X19. like new, mil sell for iW, I'hono MCHtf. KARMANN « W a (or Mir. Mark, Jtlns «J .Make offer. Soe al 723 Hotccmh or: . II 7a6CHX). -3 CMEVriOM-;r body, no mtrfor. In KO1UJ (3n)axy, 2 do«W, vim 1 rxr, wr brakes and sleerinS, fatiory afr, , . lenl 'rlonillllon. ' Orialnsir.'- with i»w ten- .imL ROW! lirca. Must we la preciale. 839-^641. ^ CHKVEIJ.K Malibii 4 door, |OM PS xi coin pi pie oveitiiulea *npn*. ind^Wc RIK! de*n. $700, Call 5210 after 6:00. CADILLAC !U3 Ouupe nc ViUe CdbrMel- , SJv« lh blue Iralher. leaded, with aU c-p- n. Very low mileage. ; 524-52-10 or 524-6127 1974 DATSUN 260Z AM/FM radio, factory oir ondilioning, 26,000 oculal . m es, double sharp. Wheeler Motor Co, ; PHONE 443-3458 lfc| 3244 N. College EBI (Highway 71 North) Open 8 -to 6 372 CUTL;VSS ·! ikor, bronze, btnch seat, air, power brafces and sieerinp, xwllf nt condition, new radial ti reJ, 973 VW 412 \\Afon, automatic, small *orsciic eniane. Good cordiUon, 35 m.p.c. Vill trnwrlcr trade. MUST SELL. Phon» 1 BUICK Eledra Limited, one owner, ovv mles can he financed. Ffione 4il- 1BL rfldials. AM/FAi, 8 Lrarf;, Evcelteni. SlTiS. · Phonp 412-7413. FOTl SALE 65 Chevy Sallon wajjon. ' clean, blarts and inns good , air conditioned. J450. tall · «3-1»5. i HJEh-Spetl Bull Wax Jobs $19.95 ; EMMONS PAINT : BODY SHOP : 51S W. Coiilor 531-3770 ; J372 SSO-Z DATSUN, 39,000 miles, whole- f snip pricfl. G hnrsc Ward Tiller. Phon« r afler 5:00. 5ai : S118, 1973 CADILLAC EJ Dorad« Oaurc, \vhil« T «ilh while vinyl »np, opera Hindow'S. " beautiful car, 1-4895. Will CKi^fipr tiada. .' 751-H77. · ' new, many PXlraJ, ^3iOO (irm, call 445- ' 4351 ash for room 1M. '; Truck, 2 ion vrilh ponj- axle. Ca31 Chartes Slacks, -142-7W7. S2-1 icr day, 4 yjrd Uuck !20 pcf day, Tnnulrc al SeraU Aulo Sales, 10J a. Sohri). 531-0601 [^·SERVICE DIRECTORY^j; ---Air Conditioning -- FOR AIR CLEANEHS. Alll CONHJTION. ING. ] lEA'HNG AND HUMIDIFIERS C-A1,]. SHELTON SALES AND SEHVICK 412-9MO WHAT'S a heal rnmp? Call Pa?chal Air Conlillonins- 751-0305. Commercial t Residential Sales Service, all mafcci. -- Antiques -- FUItNlTUnn HESTOltATIONS hy Sievs iivis. Jlelinishing. repairs, experienced (ouch up. antiques. 303 W. Dietaon- 321 K75. ' · . -- Asphctlr Work-- PAOKING lots and driveways baltt o repaired, pmve! hauled Motor gtadei work Tomllnson Atphall Co. 521-3179. -- Automot'VR -- IIADUTOn REPAIR ENGINE nEPAIH, IlMkes, Tune ups cleclncal. Bob Ma yes Aulo Service 21M N Garland 4S3-4S47. -J42-53iO. Boh I -- Bulldozing -- · DOTING-- Top Soll-Gravel-ExcaralioD - ilackTioe and Tractor Wort - Landsrap ins - leveling - Diimptnck Wort Footings Hug and pogrfd J G Jone* »2 -- Carpenter -- QCJ. \J1TY ivoik'on additions, remorteltnf (cji'lcrior and inlorior) roofing, store ivorfc, anrt fircrliioes. Call Jw "cnf RIO -2+13 or Tim Duke 8595619. CARPENTRY. nOOt'lNO. PAISTTNC Paneling sheet rwk. aluminum s;dm nnd olhcr sldinfi. Wlndwvj, dwirs, add, linns." Rclctcnccs. Hay nnKstolc, «1-71 IF you arc INTERESTED (n ihp Re Cabinet Work, Home ttulld:nB. Re/node rn«. or TEXTURED CEILINGS call « 8371. REMODELING, carport additions - pa los - hDiise Icvclina - roofinfi - pan -- Carpet Cleaning -- C-jrpct S(eom Clcnninff nt ilic'Iowc price.? Sn an-a. Phono 'U2W6]. -- Concrc1» Work-- HOIJSK Tlrwrs, p,itio?, drlvp wsiys, fir «-a 1 ks nni! fool inas, call Jim SI awa Jt39-32jO ador 5^00. Patios, Drivways. Ileiainlng Waifs, R Qinlity Work MACK STINER Cw.crclo ConsliucCo P^tln, Drivovvays. ncl.ilnfog Walls, Rns menu, Dj-^iniiRc, Nit Jo1j too sma 1, Ca anytime 413-4313, 521-9049, U HEED - S7K DO CON3TRU(7rTO Drive wa yi Bfason ry, pa tio, FlHtwor caTfirntry, Relainlnf walls. dralMHe. Uoo ZlmmermflB -- Scott Miner H3-73 «J-312i. Pcpcndabfa Service n* i f VP! T ; 'l SO CASE Cramltr wiih (roni-er^d fMtT Ki 5 yd. dump liack, Some of the (w [op .vill In XW ArkAns^s. II2-1723. an (Imc. TOP SOn, MMESTONB ucavcl and iir rfclivorcd, for hlro, crrntr.icioifln T.\ Duncin, fTJ-KKo nftcr C;00. -- Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil -- --Lawns Gardens-- STKVB Harris -- UackJioc ivoik -- Top soil. Bank mid creek ftmvd, till rtin soptic lank and taleral lines instaLct -- Ditch Digging -- DlTCFHVITCll ircnt-hmg for water, pas elect rif, draiMSc, etc. Narww. 24" rtw icncli. 2*: f1, Mintnwm job, JH. Gic HACKHOi-. anl Dump Tn'ck Wort Joh. aiuler - PTxme H^-6ff78 Exrcrlcnrcrt Err\' ice for in aM tv conlro Call 7Z-66J14. FARS1 FEN'CING, corrd \s a nd loadin chutes free estimates 1^1: lacS W** brooh *· 75M5M or 751-r 3 22 ---.Garden Plowing. ., GATDBN plo-AlrB, harrowln?, brush ho Sin?, rf-icinjr, yard [evelinp, salbhdlc 29I2. -- Garden Tilling -- er sen-) ro. -Hauling. 4H-XH7. ; -- Grinding -V O7ARK Grirdine Service, 6» UtinlsvLI Hd 5213000: Cflihldc hlpTi.spn-d (M j, scissors, papei cutting Vnivfs j -- Handyman -- t lencins - Hie - h.iullnp - ire* (rf ,. mlns - Yardj - Free Estimate* - Oi 2. Jnlis. Exciter! references. Ken Roy? 4-J3SW7, l ; --Hauling-- Garafic and Allic ClcanlnS Gill bctoic » a.m. or after 7 p.m., J T sm . "* -- House Design -- COVFKMI'ORAHY Uwisc Desisn -- CVi r-Iric rlanninR services -- Hcmortolinp c nc\v conHniclion. Totf. Olfirc Box i^ -- Horticulture -- r, -- -- « TCOTXXJY ENTERPRISES INC, BntlW JT slon- Wo are spcclnllzing in · crccrhOE , i? media, and will ntsi any t ,f lo your STPrtllcn l f Dns Own 9 |o 11 .\fonday Him F/iday Phone 21-M70. ciilile; feel vermlniljtc, J3.SO. 4 cube r ( r*rl 1 1(«, J3.50. G cubic foot i^rhignn k; poal HUMS, $750. 1C« Ibs. hamiw pe $1, 25 Ibs. lopsnll, 75c. The comer N Mt. Comfort Tiond and Hupple T^ne d . ~ r fei(ill7jnK. vxldjnc, fiowlmR. ttee torr ^ .ird For (r«J *stln%Atw f TO PLACE AN AD Itf TUTS fl SPACK U'OUI.D COST ONLY (17.70 PER MONTH ·OMPLETE Isvra and yard care service. Mossing, edging, iTimniinp, n n}1 hin£. C'all : 456-2.^7 or ·J66-31M. ask /or Chuck Ogle. \ -- faint ft Paper- - Salisfa L lion fiuamnlcpd Fur free estl- " EJ male, .-nil c*Hcct. Lircoin 62-1^673, EXTERIOR painting, icasorablc rale*. n call 442-2JC3 or 521-132-1. - ANY kind of painting Jnsfdc or on!. Frea cslimnics. U'orfe suarantccd Jeff Barker, _ 521-3039. ' Fabrication and Distribution. i\ll lype* ' of jilasilcs Prototypes made (o year spa_ clfi eat ions. Spccrlal orders. Free coiuulla- lloh, ^Tounlaln PI ail ice. Inc. 521-3S79. . T O PI.ACB AN AD IN THIS ' SPACE WOULD COST ONLY H7.70 PER MONTH -- Plumbing Service -- LIGHT PLlKinilNG SERVICE Call 44J-4S35 " TACF«TT'9 PLUMHINQ CO. TO - P L A C E AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $17,70 PKTl MONTH -- Roofing -- McCOVS ROOKING - All types of r^f- e free csiimstes. call 1-27$ 7202 Jamftt i Riook. 1 :, Owner. *' noOFIN'G. all klnrts, fijaranlced, Ir« esllmalcs Phorc TS1 Dfi68 Bob Enh?ifcs -- Security Guards -- «· ARKANSAS Armrd Cuarrt Slate ana !«:- J: ally [[censed uniformed suaids. Avail- '· Si'r J mnlMlAt " 7 M h0llr Mrvlc * TO PLACK AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY j- --Tractor-- BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE ' Call after 5 p.m. 521-M24, PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE u - THOME S21-2«D / TRACTOR SERVICE _ FLOWING, dlBcmg. hnushho^in^ Urg* n or small Jobs. Call 531-6117 aflcr 5:30 p.m. \ e -- Tree Service -- ' 5 FOR complete Iroc ft stump removal, Inmmln?, ihflpln.i;, shruhs trimmed, call x - Ray's Trrc fc Slump ScniM. West ** Fork, MM51J. (N.W. Arh.) Jt. MVEM THEE SERVTCF, Oi fJrovswT, Free estimates. Insured. Spr^y- Fcititiiing, hilly cqulpwJ, 22 years cx- R, TO PLACE AN AP. ITf THIS DC SPACF: WOULD COST ONLY »U (17.70 PER MONTI! ~~ -- Venetian Blinds-- CAT.T, Gahe Ctwper for complfl* vweiun bllr^l wnlro. Phon* J^2B334. MO F.1* Prc«pcct, Faye!li1ll«, A;K.

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