Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 61
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 61

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 61
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140 SPORTLINE BOATS TER1 MFC. ME J-M71 S. ttewney, Plfai5«i.f Si{jot C« .NEW OWNERS CATALINA SPORTING GOODS ,, G assear-AlumtcrtH-Mercs. OX Long Be«* Blvd. GA M14t ~ '»» CRESTLINE, ~belux«, ullU cabinet, sVErrg, »vin no, cooler, iMdsuped, Beautiful ^tola K; 1« FT. Fiberglass, cabin, 50 H.P. Johnson, cuslom cover. Tilt Iraller, £"}·£«-. "Slt...""^ *._«'!. ski Mobil* Horn* TrajkrSpaett W CABIN Crubr. 1555 Chrysler marine V.» engine; 14,700. In process ot reconditioning. Can be seen at 156 "'·-- ·"- · i Rlvo AUo Canal, L.B. DRAFTED "^Sk' 1 -"' « **-J8Sth T WL% "Sloe's. W»"iTM» Glaiswr, 75 HWM Jotiruon oU- brJ. + tflr.HMQ. 827-5973 bcijjO u *S*5SStt?£!SaPM£. ML covers.-SS^L.jtjg. 'Si OWENS tl' Inboard Cabin Crul- ser. Complele w/lrtrl., 14' wllh 35 tip Evlnrude, complete with .-Irlr.'Call Bill, 4^-4088. ...SACRIFICE XT . Hunler Cabin -,i~ Cruder ln,sta[e of reoalr. » 11.0. J^-Grav marine, w g e x - c s f . guard. AT 4 -X431 CASH -TODAY for vour IraHer. · ' -- ller sal«. 925-M83 Eve». TO 7-4M . - __ ;§"'CLOSIHC. out all 1945 TMjnderbl rd, .' rfl John»n. M.F.G.; Classic Snort^..- line- boats. Harbor Marina Safes, (? . 5091 L.B. Blvd., L.B. GA 243M . ., .. MOTORS if'f*1 4-CYL., 25 JID MS engine 1 /**·- ,* «V f " -US to NordVrg 5»l en- tt, 'Dine."Call CA 7-57.9 or SB 42373 H.P, .V4 Chryjler' marlin tn n. 6000) cond. ' SAIL BOATS Motorcycles Wonted ·_*\ 11 FT. Rref Iv. rmpofl ed En g 11 ih, ' *.- Mahog. Sail boa,, like new, Irail' * ' er, $575. 5M7 ROBOT e St. HA 1-4055 Mobile Homes 164 SAVE 1 MOBILE | HOMES ^" Now Is tin limi to take *aVan- rr ,i. tag* of our Annual Soring Clew- 'fifc U P Salt. "You can iave Ihouiandi JT or do I far* on our new and used .·j/ MoWte Homes. Stop In and se« lor ' £: vcurself. Open 7 days. SHcct from *y - Soylhem California's Idroest selec- f x,» 1I(W -- Trtilarams, pacemaker, ,-«( Paramount, Alias, Mayflower, .37*. Estate Homes, Go Wen Weil, Pan '· /4t'Amaffew { Cambridgt, Nallmal. ^!' 'Puriraii/ focal.. Vi;EO. W. FRY ^'!2l422ll7Pac.Csf.Hwy K .'.'DA 5-1941 '. Lomlla . TE 2^503 - . = WO.W!!! : $3995 ; BRAND NEW iJt, furnished jftSffi- ·* : MAYFLOWER 1965 5Srt», Mrm. ft elea 22 fl. llvlno m» jMust ' clear. . scrtcntd . Ready to . Dandi, awning, i ,-?;· \'Jf j^QpoTntmnl :all for 472-1803 ; CRUSADER 12x60 FT ?..jy£Tr.. JM2. .model. . BIG 8 itt up COS' tl. t,lw id stt coadl ?;c«: .. 55x20 ;s- *.Ncw tfx. Rolltway. Fum. o*- w .:./rfwTl. Muif b« s«n la be ap- v £ , -; prfldated. Reduced SI775 for aulcl f.# r*a]e. »1M nx. w/down. ^...y-RAYlS^ftTgT Long Bgacli '« METEOR, » wW«, 2 br.." . .,,. .··Ijtjllhr porch, cotnpl. w/ awnlnosa ._..,_._ ..__. -^rvj, carpert. tomol 2 CRUSADER swing-away. S520Q full prk«. Vacant. Immed. poi Set Mgr. 4301 Warner Avt., H.L ^'Sea-aira advlt only MoWie Ei atf. SPACE^p^n^-^ i^ I ,i I2'x60' Dbl« Expando 2 encki«d porches, Carport. Pel o.k Musi 1 »« to apprex:. Ranctw Oef Ray, 1«22 Monterey Lake Space 94, HunTirxjton fleach [2] OCEANSIDERS selll » · 2ux4 prlc* reduced ID seiiE · br., 5 ba. Bank lermi. WUI trade ,i BONDED. 12152 Hdrbor, Carder - Grove. {1 ml. so. ot Disneyland 'U CRUSADER, dble. 10, 44-60 .f'. 1 bdrm., 2 bath/ vv-w carp. Furn j Ished. Porch, awning, skir I ' f i y ONE ONLY _RAY ! s';CTi l LoTO'8each Bl., L.B /OS CHALET IDxSS llv. im. ExoBndi 2 bdrms., awnings, small equity t- taVa over pymtj. rM-92^ allc r . S:3o p.m. , 30x57--2 BDRM., 2 bath, follv care ^.thrxtout, drapes. Beaut, landscaped ' ' Carport, awnings, patio. SI0.2SO Cairt3-«35 alUr 4 p.m. '· LOVELY 35' trailer, spo'lless, " · bain. S13JO. Sell er t/air. Cai .UNIVERSAL 10x50 2 br.. pels, rim (urnllure. S}n5-term VTrade! BONDED. 12MS Rosecran - Norwalk, [at Sanla Ar.a Freeway -JDEAL ·, Tone-em wheels. Llk new Inside aixl oyt. Only SW9 Geo. W. Fry, 2117 Pac, Cst. Kv/v Lomlla. DA 5-19 .·50x10, 2BDRM. Clean. Hew came ' Awnlno. 110.64 mo. wilh norm .. oown PYmJ. Geo. W. Frv, 21 .- Pac. Ot. rfwv., 1-omlta. TE 2-4.' - W/LIVING rm. e»tenslo fcm. 11330 dn., S» mo. Will Irad RAY'S 67S7 Long Beach Bl., L. - · if. *** » NATIONAL 55x12. Large NxM F ferxfed llvln? room, alum, awnto Be«j. atfultparh. WSjiS '«) CUSTOM "50x10 fi»n., crol' washer, dryer, builMns, dis - 04fi. 326-7812. |_ '.'64 FLEETWOOD J-Bdrm., part . turn., 55x10. SietO. Consldir Ira ol car or Irucic. 630-18 -,»COTTAGE. K'xV wld. trailer w/e ;^a closed patio. Clea.i, --·* '-"· J: HMartnaPr.,ScalBcli 15' ROLLAWAY, can buv lor »77 Can ffnanc*. 1S47S AllanUc, Com ton. Dfr. rb BUGGER ;E EXPANDO HOMES JCT 17M LAKEWOOO, BELLFLOWE 1 BDRM. Adull park. Man xtras. 16444 Bolsa chlca, 3 Hunllnglon Beach I7IO 847-MI NASHUA 8x15, 2-br., rmma. «jnk teds, w* relrlo. H«5-- Ofr. ME 2-?S 'M COLUMBIA, 10 x 52, · " star park, " Jt'tef. f ^4l'4O3/. 3 O- HAT'L, 1st JlfS lakes. Dl K I528 Atlantic, Ccnnplon. t''S» NORSEMAN Mobile Home SxlS i Excel, cond. Adufl Park. NE t-5» ANGELES 'M. 8*4), cornel, set up Awning. Q27-«27; «2M«18. xM 1-BR. Front kllch. Excd cond. Excel, loc U400. 423-3141. ^SPARTAN «x«'._£all after i p.m 15'xW--3-BDRM. '43 Pllorlm. Ca GA 3-5318. »«r.V/ANT 'Strove! Trailers ·*·« TEARDROP, sleeps ·* llgrift, bvilane, » ib. Ic ^1 matt. ; ii« lie. tS4». *^1« FT. Cal-cratl, Elec, brakes. Nei cOai.'lt lie. 5 7 5 1 3 7 E. 9lh S '"l? FT. trilfer, TrofWcod cl*e bu t'' ooocn*. Hew Hres. Ill t37S like tfi im E. Ainherm si. GE MM \ SAtJTA FB, 15 It., lleepjj new, »77 UTILITY trailer, *, '44 TRAVEL6ZE, 14', K|[onl3lne, », ^lnl. w/Re«c« Hjfaj! 439-°'* 12-FT. Al[e« SpoTlsman, U7S. ST"! 4:3444 Hackell. 4»-45; 1« TRAILER HITCHES Sale* and Initatfallon ·w H7I Wld-ie. insliMed -.,,PIP6R WELDING I. MFG. Mil E. Artes'a Blvd., ME J-17W . AIR _ KEt DOVES TSAILER 5ALES Gnod Selection USM TrA|T«rs to» Lono Belch Bl.. Lena Beich ' CUACTA bin. »._j I._iT L ALE J SHASTA, , iclnt. cond. :h "refrir;"Ei' n i'ft . _.x. conlrol, «». KO4 Oily. Av». TAKE OVER PAYMENTS !· Reid Strasm, 4 iltsotr, ah ash Interior. Dlr. 32Q.23r9. 2-BD U5-A SKANDIA ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT CLOSE IN LONG BEACH PHONE (714) 847-7284 ELLFLOWER, Bjr "G" Inn, «IU. Available. 10x50 expinOo. 14115 Ctrrlloi St., ME J-5503. :. POOL. 5V, expand. Pels. d l». M804 Grligev.Llcwil. M5-30M rollers Mobile Homes Wanted 165-C ('E BUY MOBILE HOMES and Day tos dollar. Geo. W. Fry. 2M1 Pac! Cst. Hwy. r Lemlta. 832-503. BED I oc 10 wide mobile homes + Iravel Ifjllen. Dlr. HE 2-43M. 'roller Storage 165-F U5G WILL BUY. OR CONSIGN ANY MAKE USED MOTORCYCLE HONDA OF WILMINGTON W.. Ana helm, Wllm. «»: SM i i-UOO 't'rcyele«. Scooters 166 WE'RE OVERSTOCKED With Hied Motorcycles « Cushman Scoottr (needs work «i '« Honda" frail "55"~_JZ 6 to choose from 'M CJucati 50cc $14 .'_43 HofMfa Cub 50, extrai ..._.;$17 Esi '64 Yamaha 50 cc ^S1B9 '« Yamsha Trail to cc 'M llonda Sport 90 '65 Honda IMcc _M95 'U Honda Scrambler 1549 2 lo choose from '65 Honda Scrambler JOScc ....MW MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM Largest Selection of Mew Hondas in South Bay Area ' Also large slock of Mini bikes BANK FINANCING AVAIL. NO DOWN PAYMENT FREE DEMONSTRATION RIDES HONDA OF WILMINGTON 530 W. Anaheim WllmUmtc 00-2500 Ooen'9-9 EVERYDA THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL '42 Honrfa D/C.MTI, 305 c.e __$27P ·SEE US FIRST NO DOWN PAYMENT ON APPROVED CREDIT 5105 ATLANTIC . «2S E. ANAHEIM GA 3-1453 GE 9-W43 66 YAMAHA 80 CC S295 ONLY n mllei Jamestown WE BUYS SELL HONDAS BSAs NEW USED L.B. Motors Honda-BSA m W. Pacific Clt. Hwv. U7-A TntdnTraeten lit $2995.00 cemoer mound w/mlrrori F This rcckSES ...... price this weekend only. .... .-- over ready to 00, ^''Special $2995 X L TRUCKS 3595 E. Pac. C$t. Hwy. 434-0883 FLEET-AIRE CAMPERS FACTORY DIRECT JALES 90% FINANCING MANY models to CHOOSE from COME IN I SEE THEM UNDER CONSTRUCTION RT AT »5» 1NSTR s ITA PRIC Th.y're Here! '66 Models ·orlabl* slid^lns, tomplefe- \y itlf contalntd, hoi waler heater, pressure waler system, toilet, CALLEN CUSTOM CAMPERS · SI eel Frame Cenitroctroa . -ll-Yo'j^en-Klls -- $185 uo. Evtrest SI., Downey S - Sales it. 0-5, Sun. 1-5. Days TO 7-9OT CUSTOM CABOV£R-- setf contained camper on one Ion Chcv. 4 speed stick, new llres, Tach. Vacuifm oauge, air horns, encr. cooler. Flush toilet, txrtane refritr., lof- cloieli, 40*80 beauyrest trutl. $3.895. . 1061 (Vang-!, L.B. CAMPER SUPPLIES A RE?PA1R Pacific Coast Hwy. Wilmington BOB'S CAMPER SALES/RENTALS. TcartJroD, AEr-^llte, I' fuli t o KIS Complete line of trucks, supplies '" sell for Jess. Param'l. .ME 0-SM9 « VW Camper, RH, fullv raot. IrKliKJIng special Iraller hllch. " Wv ewily SJ50. Assume paymls. Call 429-3357 alter 6 p.m. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS Pleasureway Campers CUSTOMIZED TOPS FROM $!3S 7630 Jeftirio n, Para ml. ME 4-8W6 S-If conlalned El Dorado. S-c . loday at |?3S OH Amo (at Cherry) Dfr. WEEKEND Special $995. ' * dn, 61 CAMPER sleeps 6, self-contained ?4-lcn - V8 Chev. 4-ipeed aulcm. Irani,, djals, pwr. sleefg. · S2SOO. GA*-576; GE 1-003] DELUXE B' CAMPER TCPS Dome lite, clearance lite 1199 Dlr. Call. 720-227?, Carson SI al Western Avi TAKE OVERPAYMENTS R' · Gibraltar, cabover, Int, coptxrloTK apgl._[ TAKE OVERPAYMENTS f Troplcane, slda e!Uu furqyolsa _aopjlance3.^ Dir. 3a-23r5 NEW Eldorado cabover camper with new '44 CMC LWB, .».a.--JTf" Norm -Hotlman, .GMC UN 3-li 11530 E. Firestone, Norwalk TRAVEL- Queens--America's safes! camper. Arlesla Camoer sa!es "ll 5. Ptoimr. Arlesla, UN PILGRIM CAMPERS -- Buy, Sell Rent, Trade. MM E. Artesla' St. N.L.B. Open. Sun. 11-5. ME -4ao. 17141 4-WheeI Drive 167B TOYOTA ELECTRIC STARTER HARLEY DAVIDSONS · See them now at s£K£irW^n£ F Jrfioi NEW BSA HONDA" MOTORCYCLES LONG BEACH HONDA 5105 ATLANTIC ' GA3-HJ3 4373 E. ANAHEIM GE KKU YAMAHA 34 MO. TO PAY O.A.C. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH W. Pac. Csl. Hwv. HE TRIUMPHS--New Used 34 MO. TO PAY O.A.C. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH tU W. PAC. CST. HWY. HE 4-0151 SAVE UP TO $100 ON NEW '« HONDAS Call us save! FuM fac. warr. 100% flnan. Free dellv., assembled tuned. Honda of Lamlta. 32-3310 YAMAHA B.M.VV. -- MATCHLESS HOP 'S3 HONDA ISO cc. Xtnt.-cond. Custom pipes, xlra chrome, n«w transm. S235. 35 E. PJvmo ' API, e. ·|cr. ulndshldd, saddlebags, extra chrcm*. See to a03re. MOO. ME 3-E9S* alter 5:30. 6S HONDA C-72 300, 2 original ml.. will lake UOD. VALLIER MOTORS W. Anaheim J32-W5 I25C Irs . . Import car. rail bike. Senility "o*r r rr'»;e"Tor -· -·«« re-built oood -- trade ' HnS - HONDA 450. Take over pvmli. Sjl| mo^ Like "new. HE S.y?10. 1943 HONOA Sirper Hawk, r^w ti. glne. Will trade lor smaller bike or S375. (7141 842-1854. ·65 HONDA 160. !». 1S30I Orchard _Beljllower. ?25-71Q2. H. Customised, blue. S75a '65 YAAAAHA 5Scc St. Dike. 5ISO GA 2-4073 1-tt p.m. '« HOHDA »S ScraifiDler. h FFake Red, IJQOm f. MOO. GA 4 Mlnlblk. Weil"' ·65 TRIUMPH, world's record I er. B street cycle. '62 '6? TRIUMPH TR slreel or dlrl, S6SQ. 350 eng. Ccrnpl '05 YAMAHA; xfnl. cond. P«rlv. Mi. ME 4 '65 HONDA-^305-- x[nl. Cond. ·45 ROYAL Enlleld. S)50. 834-9440 for aopolnrmenl. HELP Wi ara Ovantodiad P. U. TRUCKS · Just A Few ·43 Chev. Vi ton, long bed, chofca ·41 Chev. V, ton, long bed. nlo. '« Chev. Vi ton, long bed ' " Ion 3 ipd.Ttg six. .. 4. speed. i 'NEW' itei Oi«v'», Writ. K L . TRUCKS 3595 E. Pac. Cst.Hwy. 434-0883 ·_. SEE IT the all new . selt-conlalned. : llonlng, genera 1 Now showf Home. Th Ytcht. Fully lh« all new Motor 0 pen Road La nd . en whcdt. Now on cflspfav and accepting orders. K L 3595 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. 434-0883 You'll Find This . . . '62 Ch»v. 6 Fleetside Pickup ........ Clean and ready to . go; low' mlleao«; Verne HOLMES-- Dodge 3S1h I, Allanllc - 4JJ.7I3I --SALE-60 G.M.C. l/3-Ton PU $595 Jamestown CHEV. V« Vj ton [Xckuo. RH Autos Wanted 173 CASH FOR YOtR CAR! CALL AND TELL US i HOW MUCH TO BRING DAY OR NIGHT 830-5100 CORMIER Chevrolet Co. LOCATED AT THE IAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP IUTE* ov burr 24 HOURS 4 DAY 7 04 rj 4 WEEK Tracks tTraeton Ul LOOK!!! State Truck Specials '62 CHEV. l/ 2 T. ·64 SMC Heavy duly 'A T. rlck-yrvS' v. J ,it sloe bed. custom cib, Rll, heavy duly trans. REAL CH6RRYI JI575 '57 SMC 2l/ 2 T cyl. 2V Halted. Exceptionally sharpll . »4i '62 FORD 12' STAKE CLEANI XLNT. TIRES STEAL THIS AT »134i JACK WATKINS GMC . Exclusive GMC Dealer 54» Atlantic Ave. G A 7-7444 |^ |^ a^af ^0 |^ 11 FORD pick i/p, Cult. Cab- , . . Carnotr Shell. . $1050. - Ayto Pom Repairs 169 LATHE AD V-8 '53 eno'nt, hood fenders, US. W62 Vtfard* Or?, Jjualinflton^Beach. {7I4 962-3172 64 FORO 427 Hiohrlser eng.. dual A brrk, HA 9-tOM; HA 5-1612, Larry. BATTERY ctll Autos Wanted 173 WE NEED JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID FREE PICKUP SERVICE . CAYIN Auto Parts 4 Wrecking 2100 W. PAC' CST. HWY. L.B. HE 6-5570 OR TE .|ll WE NEED CARS ! ! Von Nostran. 4s. See Larry Von Nostn DICK BROWNING ' TOP GASH . ANY CAR I ANY MODEL Local or out of stale license Open every day, 8 to 9 p.m. 2IX W: PACIFIC COAST, L. B. GE 6-3610 .. HE 6-5KO LLOYD C. PATTERSON Hi; Lakewood Blvd. GE JUNK CARS WANTED Too J » S % -- Free ptcla-p HE 5-10M, ? A.M. to 9 P.M. dans. HE 6-E525. {Roy or Frank Import Sp't Cars 173-A CWANTEDl PAY MORE for your clean vW--paid for or not. KENDOt MTRST aoth.' VW Sir. Paclfk Cst. Hwv. at rtormaixlie, Lomlta TOP a PAID FOR USED VW'S Lakewood Motors Volkswagen 5115 South St. at Woodruff Lakewsod Dutch Village TO e-«7' Racing Parts Ser. 173B Cheater Slicks $15.95 B D T I R 6 C O . E. Paclllc Csl. Hwy. HE 19M CHEVIE 594 cu" tnoliw sllll I original crate. ISO), F/i. 421-160 ft Sw. 1731 Chester Sfidn ... $15.88 DISCOUNTTIRECeNTEmjum import t Spott Cart 174 MISCELLANEOUS '58 METRO COUPE OUR SPECIAL CAKhr tin We»k. end. Tht* .nict little car U vours for IIH total prlct of $195 ptul. t« * llcms». BUY ITII LAKEWOOD MOTORS Pu m LONSBE ALL MODEL 17M Cono T |W»ttl'S 51 -KARD to find I ^Vlc. 0 ^.^ AREA H MOTORS 42 METROPOI .BOW trinspor . ' L I T A N « T £ R H ' . irtatlor,.'4»M2S after 41-;« DAIMLERS, VJ. olfer before Sun. AUSTIN-HEALEY --SALE-'60 A-Healey Deluxe 4-pass Factory hardtop Kft too. Jamestown --SALE-56 AUSTIN-HEALEY $495 Jamestown --SALE- '6i Austin-Healey.... $3199 Jamestown '63 Austin H«*l»y .... $995 Sprite Roadster. Llont Beige exler- tor with ccnlrastlna red lop. Really mint condition. LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN '5S15 South St. al v/oodrufr Lakewood Dutch Village TO 6-0741 'SI AUSTIN Kealey i. 42,OW orlg ml. Gd. *hape. Lite green. Fait as new, big V8. I owner. Eves: 865-7XI9. '6S AUSTIN Mealy 3000. Best offer Muit sell by Mar. Iflti. 43M44: 9 AUSTIN Healey Rdilr. 4 seiter seiter 925-52g BELLEL --SALE- '64 BELLEL Diesel ..$1895 Special 4 Dr. Sedan; R-H; beam control, VAV tires, tinted class carpets; loaded wllh extra?. Jamestown Authwlred 'MG, Austln-Healev Dlr 13» L.B. Blvcl.. L.B. HE 2.791 DATSUN ·65 DAT5UH CONVERT I BLE_S13W - . C. BOB AUTREY 18M L.B. Blvd., L.B., 591-1373 ENGLISH FORD FIAT ; 62 FIAT 12TO Rdstr. Roll no win dows, radfo. all orlg. clean SS33 434^996, Ptr. or best offer JAGUAR '« JAG, Cp*. XKE, 4 Jt., let Ut wire wheels, low ml., new tire Immac. contf. Owner's wife's ca ""ADVANCE MOTORS 17« Lonj Beach Blvd. HE 2-3*M t Sport Can 174 JAGUAK KARMANNGtflA C.BO'B AUTREY L.B. Blvd., L.J.. rte, Doc tr 7 p.m GVl AM-FM. rtd L tlrn, clNn.- »v». Call or w»tt tods. U^04«4 MERCEDES --SALE-- 59M«rc«d« I90a«4-Dr. L««th«ri R-H; «xlra.nlcc. . Jamestown Atitlrarbed MG. Auitln-H«»!ey Dlr. 1350 L.B. Blvd., L.B., HE 3-M11 60 MERCEDES, dfesd, 190 D, 4 SD. Must Iry this onel Can lln. all du to this rxlct ...,, TM_ W9 ADVANCE MOTORS 178 Lcng Beach Blvd. HEJJ-34M Inltrlof. 13,750. M. G. --SALE-- 64 MG MIDGET .... wires Radio, heater; low'low miles. Jamestown Aphorized MG, Auslln-Hta!ey Dlr. 1350 L.B. BTvd., U.B., HE 2-7911 --SALE-'63 MSB Convertible wires with Hardtop soil loc. Jamestown '43 MO 1100 J Dr. Sharp. «Y? JIM SNOW FORD ISS» Paramount Blvd. ME -i00 i Sedan; extra clean ..:__159S C. BOB AUTREY . 1UO L.B. Blvd., L.B., CT1-13J3 ft Import * Sport Cora 174 PORSCHE '17 PORS 1 cond. ·57 POP.SC $1,5« or i SPRfTE ··--SALE-- · '60 SPRITE HARDTOP Jamestown i SPRITE, new ew clutcn/ r StrilsM. -Dir. L.S6 '61 SPRITE. Mwt M4I. Good MOO. ' y* Import Sport Can 174 SUNBEAM "'-SALE-'64 Sunbtam" Al R.H, O'drtvt; to tn» wir*$ .mlteagt. Jamestown . Beach Ciiy c. c»l. HWY. TOYOTA '54 CORONA--Oerno Sllck/Automitlc-SAVE^ ^ ' ' ·45 MG Mldoel. Hdlw Rad^o. TaKi ovar i Party. , wire vrrn enli. r G A FOR MG Salts Mrvltl. Hkrb Frledlander Imports GE OMU · recenl motor ovihaul, PH. 5M-91M PEUGEOT RENAULT RENAULT TRADES . BEST BUYS Carvelle 2 taps Cardiff) 4 speed IMPORT AUTO 14M Long Bead OPENSUNDAY ft'ne. oood r^E a-5417 Dauonlne. Good Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174Import Sport Cars 174 rucks Tractors '64 FORD ^D l/j-Ton $1295 no Bed B'} 6-cvllndsr, transmission. Tip-Top LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 5S1S South St. a I Woodrutf Lakewood Pulch VHIane TO 44)741 '65 CHEVROLET ....$1999 El Camlno Mallbu. i cvl, slindard trans. R 47155. CORMIER CHEVROLET SAN DIEGO FREEWAY AT WILMINGTON OFF RAMP 830-5100 '61 FORD Rancriero .. $899 StaDdard trans., rad^o. heater, These are hard to find. Hensley-Anderson Ford 9SM East Alonrfra TO 7-7734 '« CHFV. 3 -i Ion plckun wllh SW cab over camper. S» dn. I95.B1 D=r mo. OAC Aik for Jim Redfern. PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5059 Lakewood BlvrJ. M£ 3-0731 BIG VAN $650 '« Ford, VA ton, "2 speed rear/ R,4H., dual wheels, vacuum brakes, nood cond. ph. ~ , Cab over and 20' aluminum Van. Must sacrifice. Can Tex Jones or Undy.. '£3 CHEV. ?/i tan, cab thastle 3-axle. V-6, 4-spd., 2-spd. a xle. Air over hvde. Call Paul Gall kin at 30-58AI. 'PARKWOOD CHfEVROLEV SOS9 Lafcewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '65 RAKCMERO, tow ml[«, v*rv clea.i ^.__ Sl JIM SNOW FORD 15S50 Paramount Blvrf. ME 4'64 EL CAMINO V-8, aulo/ RAH. '5059 Lakewood Blvd. WE PICKUP TRUCKS B8.L. 5UW. Pac. Cil.Hwv., L.8. GA 7-721J 'rx-lween (-5 wgrtd avs '«S CHEV. 'A-tnn nlrkuo. Owiwr-- 1009 act. miles. Flctlildc. 1' bed. Many xlras. M-3JSI ah. 5 D.m. SOS? LaktwooO Blvd. ME 07B1 'SS FORD W Ion okkuo S1W PARKWOOD CHEVROLET 5W9 LaVewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·M FORD TftephOM Iruck. 'A ton, pickup, d cyl., good cond. Stf5 btsl otftr. in- '5A FORD ^ ton PARKWOOD CH 5059 Lakcwood Blvd. 'W CHEVROLET Van ___ S1 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET SOS? Lakewood Blvd ME ickup ______ VROLET ME 3 07«1 T W7I' '57 CHEV. Vi Ion olckupr 4 cyl.. r 1W3 TRIUMPH 500, exce ckan, very low ml., S495, . SIM. «ns Myrlle. Airptanei 167 eve. 4226059. PILOTS' Counlrv Club. Fry ISO's KM. WAA, 42j.«5l. Sport Campers 167-A KENT CRAFT SHELLS FROM 1245 Weitwavs-Parkway-Kampers Kabln ll]74 AlUntic, Lynwood HE2-:«I '6$ Vt T. CHEV. I ruck 8, camper, tvpcr pfuih« B nx, OK). See al 2« W. -14!h SI, 'U SET-ON S299. Many choose (rom. 422-4411. Amo (it Cherry) Dlr. XTrds -t pool locus, »IBT}, acii separate, also late lr«te. »45-W?. ·43 GMC. H T., low ml. PrlOflm C.O. boot, alr-cond., butane or efec. refrlg. Xlnt. cond. 59l-244t '« EL Camlno cab high. 1225. Call 433-»OW. CAMPER EQUIP. Slovts, links, re- ^rld., ttc. S1VI H. ME 4-«62. ·M GMC. Cab «, chassle, Wi Ion, 4 cvl. 4-spd. tr«ns. Elecl. 2-SD. _axi«; jCaOajjLQajiton 430-5841. '42 FORD ^-t., 6 cvl., short "beef, A.I, 30.000 ml., wllh camper, SMO. Will sell sip. HA S4J17. excel. Come en over!!! YOU MAY BE THE WINNER of*2332 CASH in Boick's $1,000,000 Sweepstake No strips ottoclKd. J«t .«'««' l ,,» cur , vehicle WenlHieolioi no. ogomjr a lilt ol tmmlwff petted In our jJwwroom. NO N E E D * To Waif for That l.g Trad* Allowance on the Fflbirfoin 1 9 6 6 B U I C K , Get If RISHT NOW!! -·: AYALON MOTORS i ] NMdy--LOW OVERHiAD W I L M I N G T O N 900 W. Anaheim Sfrreet W« Alto Have a Few I row) New '65t' at FANTASTIC DISCOUNTS JUVM4 THIS IS A FORD. A FORD CORTINA. CORTINA GOES FAST. 101 mllei p«r Kour. It hotel g«, 32 miles per tjalleit The 2-Door Dtluxe costs $1910.00. rloia Motori sells mor« qnd MOT* We liVr Cortina. You will, (o» 24,000-MII* 24-Month Ford Factory Warranty PLAZA MOTORS )PRODUCT TO FACTORY AUTHORIZED DEALER \/2 BLOCK SOUTH OF ARTESIA BLVD. ON CLARK 7-2785 17439 CLARK AVENUE BELLFLOWER LOS ALTOS FORD QUALITY CAR SALE! $ 61 CORVAIR Monza 2-Doar. Radio, heater. 2 to choose from, 1 4-speed, 1 automatic. Both only 63 RAMBLER 2-Dr. Sta. Wag. C Equipped with' radio, .heater T and other extras... : : '61 FALCON Futura 2-Dr. Sedan, ft Radio, heater, standcrd trans., * bucket seats and console.:... '61 T-BIRD. Full power and other accessories. A real nice cor for only '65 RAMBLER American 330 ft, model. 2-Dr. Sedan. Radio, *' heater, standard transmission. '62 MERCURY Meteor 2-Dr. V-8. Radio, heater, automatic, power steering ..:.... '64 FORD XL 2 dr. Hardtop, ft Radio, h e a t e r , automatic, * power steering '62 PLYMOUTH Sport Fury 2-Dr. Hdtp. RH. automatic, power steer, buckets, console. ·65 FORD Falcon 4-Door Station Wagon. Radio, heater, V-8, etc ..... '62 FORD Foiriane 500 Sport Coupe. RH, automatic, P.S., bucket seats, console --...... 1699 1099 Import 4 Sport Core 174 Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 174 100% GUARANTEED USED VW'S : AT LAKEWOOD MOTORS-- YOUR FACTORY AUTHORIZED VOLKSWAGEN DEALER! THIS INCLUDES ALL PARTS and LABOR FOR 1000 MILES or 30 VISIT OUR HUGE USED CAR LOT TODAY! 59 USED VW's NOW IN STOCK 59 ClMV. plckuo. IBS. '0 FORO Vi ton pkkup, runs good. HOD. 472-S5M. '60 FO'L^ Vi Ion. Pick up. Long btJ ita. 7I4) »42-O21. '» FQRD Ranchero. Xlnt. cond. S1V: Call TOMi JMOTI, «xt. 584. '51 JMC *i ton. Like new. New 6 vt llres. 4374327. standard' trans.' Xlnl. RANCHERO 4M-3454 ·O CHEV Panel, reolt. eng.. new paint. Cd. mech. cond. 43M7M '47 FORD /·! VploiTpii wllh telf phone body. Clean. U4-17I7 eves. ·H CHEV. Vi «o«. Real. I clean, low 1; 523-U25. SEDANS | Buset t Campers I--'it VW Stdan J--'55 VW Stdan I--"51 VW Sedan I--'68 VW Sedan 1--'59 VW Ssdans 2-'59 VW SunrMfj I--'60 VW Stdan I---SI VW Stdan t-'62 VW Sedans 3--'62 VW Sunrcols I-- '52 VW GNil Ctope 12-- 'M VW Sinrwli 4-'63 VW Sinraefs 3-'M VW S*dnt l-t4 VW Sf, lick i-- « VW Mns 1-65 VWSf.'Kk I-'S5 VW SnrHf 1-1* VW t-iMt, Konbll : 2--6Z VW Oil. J-1155, 8«s« I--tJ VW 3-plsl, ill I--'U VW Cinpir I--W VW 9-pltt, Del«i lit I--'M VW Gimp" l--'U YW9-;i»,!n I--'65 VW 9-pass, B» uuttweo* MOTOM LAKEWOOD MOTORS I 5815 SOUTH ST. TO 6-0741 (Comer of Wotxjnrff and South St-- Across From Ditch Village) LOS ANCILIS TOLL HEI « OKAH6I COUNTY TOLL HU J.53SI · 521-7211 1789 1549 '64 DODGE Polara 880 Oust. 2-Dr. Hdtp. RH, auto., P.S.. buckets, console, many more... '63 FORD Fastbock 2-Dr. H.T. e RH, auto., power sreering, * Factory Air Conditioning........ '63 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Door. tadio, heater, 4-speed _. ; ·63 CHEVROLET ImpaJa Cnv. Super Sport package, RH, P.S., P.B., buckets, wtiirewdk '63 CORVAIR Monza 2-Door. Radio, heater, * 4-speed '63 PONTIAC Grand Prix 2-Dr. Hdrp. Radio, heater, auto., power steering/brakes.. '62 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Sport Coupe Hardtop. RH, automatic, power steer.. '6V VOLKSWAGEN. « Radio, heater, . * 4-speed '64 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Holiday Coupe. Radio, heater, 4-speed '65 FORD Galaxie 500 2-Dr. £ Hdtp. Radio, heater, auto., * power steering Off Auto Row --Where Prices Are Low I S OPEN SUNDAYS ^^ - ,,,,,,, « Off Alto Row -- Where Prices Are Low 2302 Belli lower Blvd. Son ·»' · FrMway OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9:30 P.M. OPH SUNDAYS

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