Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 10, 1976 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1976
Page 27
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fUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1976 WIFE jtagar The Horrible] Charmers T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N I'AGK 29 SWP IT ·»*. Wilit Crossword Puzzle © I97S LOS HNGEI.ES 1IMES jisajsga Ziggy Every new day holds in store opportunities galore. iS COUNTING SOMCOrW BlfiSSiNGS... iNSTeADOFVtoUROWNj johnny Wonder's QUESTION CORNER lV wow PIC? we set OUR letteR A ?" ·m lETfgE V 'A" BESAN UONS AGO AS THE PICTUEE OP THE H£ AD OF AN OX. THE ROMANS GAVE THE LETTER ITS PRESENT SHAPE. JOHN PURCEU- SYOSSET, NY time it did not look like an ox head at all. The early Greeks borrowed the old ox-head letter and used it for the first letter in their alphabet, too. They named it "alpha." The Greek alphabet was later copied by the Romans. They changed the alpha letter to look like the capital "A" we use today. Most of the letters in our alphabet are the same as those the Romans used in their alphabet. Many other letters in our alphabet started with pictures the same way "A" did. ACROSS 1 Potherb 6 Girl's nickname 10 British air gp. 14 Brisk 15 Employer 16 Music lover's purchase 17 On the whole 19 Eager 20 Albanian coin 21 Part of a molecule 22 Not 30 long ago 24 Trumpet sound 26 Healthy: Scot. 27 Fish 28 Tranquil rest 30 Seance sound 33 Dwindles 36 Hercules' prize 38 Mikado's court 40 Triangular 42 Consideration 44 Awful, mod style 45 African antelope 47 Paris suburb 48 River to the North Sea 49 Guam port 51 et labora 53 Heroic tale 55 Clicks or pawls 59 hoof, as of ox, deer, etc. 61 Sword lily 62 Dined 64 Where the heart is 65 Bismarck, for example 68 Part of a stove 69 Pullets 70 Factotum 71 Unites closely 72 Expel 73 Correspond DOWN 1- Ancient sun god 2 Metal tip of a cord 3 Arctic town 4 World-Wide labor gp. 5 Envoy 6 Instruct 7 Narrator of "Moby Dick" 8 Bom 9 Companions of slings 10 Ahab's enemy H Contests 12 Throw 13 Bona 18 And others: Lat. 23 Grazes 25 Snug abodes 29 Visionary: Poet 31 See 46 Down 32 Compassion 33 Margin 34 Shoulder of a road 35 Flourished 37 Smell 39 Beelike 41 River into the Missouri 43 Foreign 46 Parts of a circle 50. Villa 52 Mignonette 54 Plant of the rose family 56 German man's name 57 Roman robe, ankle-length 58 Wrap 59 Dog 60 Zero, to Chris Evert 63 Writer Gardner 66 Hay, in Germany 67 Pilot's record W56KACEP OI/R FAMILV A6AIN, I SEE., IT'S NOT aEA5ANT, KNOW, HAVIN6 A MOTHER WHO'S A CRIMINAL... UHENI 6ETA\ARRl£PANP HAVE CHIIPREN, I HOP£ THEV WN'T INHERIT WUf? CRIMINAL TENDENCIES! SUPPfVLY... OH. 845/t... WHY DO SUPPOSEDLY SPOOKED.,.! AfJ EYE OH PXK liltY LA TaUME K \ iABKY-.. THAT HE ABOARD K 8U6 US''[ POEStJ' STEAL 4\ Brenda Starr The letter "A" began as the picture of the head of an ox. Long ago, the makers of ihe first alphabet borrowed the picture from the ancient Egyptian writing called hieroglyphic, they made it the first letter in their alphabet and called it "aleph," meaning "ox." And when they wrote the letter, they made it look like the head of an ox. As a letter, the ox-head picture was not always drawn the same way. It changed in shape over the centuries. In PRIZES A pocket radio, camera/ World Almanac globe or olfter fine prize will be awarded to the first Youngster sending in a question used here. Send your question and Your age to Johnny Wonder, Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 74767, Tucson, Aril. B5724- tWWSRWCHyCKADEET WAR RW WILL BE HEI?E VJ Catfish ICH9 ARSr TROOPS INSIDE ] THE TrV LlEUTEMAtiT IS MAXIM 1 'EM BEFORE. THE.9 COM (3ATEE · MOMMA, CAN I LEAVE AKLY $0 I CAN O TO THE M0VIE5 . , WITH AW6IKL? Momma / LINCW, Y£W HAVE AN EffESTlN(5 6TPIKE A6AIN5T VOW.... LUIS REALLY IS NERVOUS ABOUT MEETING THE ADMIRAL, ISN'T HE? .^-^ -* THE POOIO PEAR IS EXTREMELY .SENSITIVE. / Apartment 3-G| ^ THE VERV THOUGHT THAT \ 5OWEONE MIGHT NOT LIKE x LUIS CAN DEPRESS HIM FOR DAYS/, THAT'S SURPRISING/ FOR A YOUNG MAN HE SEEMS SO SELF- PLEASE, LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT HIM/ I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU, ARISTOTLE/ I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK-- ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE Andy ... BYUrW'VOU'RE LOOKIN 1 PRETTY TODAY -11X3 BELIEVE YOU'RE GETTIN* YEAH, PECULIAR/ THAT - IT'S A WAY I 'AVE WHEN YOU'RE BROKE ' AN 1 THE LAOS · 'AVE ORGANISED* A TRIP DOWN TO LONDON O AM I [OBVIOUS?) Dennis The 9 l|i WELL.,WE ( COULDN'r SO AFTER TWO WEEKS WE DECIDED JUST TO GIVE IT AWAY "GUESS WORTH OF ITS JYS UKE YOU THAT THUS JOB Teu_iM fvAETrtlsf Sound like he hit ih' water-.' That's THE OTHERS HAVE THEY6WE AS SOON AS FORTWOPIWS ME THE FLUSH£I A NEST BOO-LIT7ER AUNT POTTY THE R£AL 5TDRy-ANt WElL \Y WIFE IN TH HOSPITAL- FOR PLASTIC Wizard Of Id FEATURES In-depth stories of general interest to southern Arizona readers. EVERY SATURDAY with the QTucsou Daily dUscn HOW ABOUT HAVING DINNER WfTH /ME WHEN I GET BACK ON THURSDAY ? Rex Morgan HOW WAS \ GREAT/ TRAVELING IN YOUR TRIP r ) YOUR OWN PRIVATE JET IS THE ONLY WAV TO GO' IWCIDENT/ULY, NORM X RESCHEDUtE^ WONT BE BACK FDR A } HIM AS SOON COUPtEOFDAYS/I HAD/ AS HE DOES TOCANCEtOUTHIS ^ SETBACK' APPOINTMENT AT THE LAB.' "People etc." Chit Chat iibont celebrities Micheline Keating "At the Movies" Mary Shay "Television forecast" Robert Shelton "Out takes from Old Tucson" "Books and Authors" Literary comment and ; rofile Travel news and views --PLUS -- Television, movie, and radio Programming (Tucson Daily Cilisen Ti subscribe, CALL 889-4611 Beetle Bailey yam* LOWEEZVSMIP!.' \TM WKK /' VOU flIN'T CHflNGED I S UE fl BIT SINCE I LOST \~~-L-.f Unscramble these four Jumbles, one tetter to each square, to form four ordinary words. | Steve Canyon .4. SYSUF C ) :) HOYNE D CHROW ^ ^ ^ V 1 :) FRUTOH : i l li ;','ii!';^r 1 "" U u u u WHEW YOU WOULWT BE EXPECTED ID SKATE. i ( K Snuffy "SmUhT^ 0 VOU'D WEUER BELIEVE IT, BUT I'M STILL WEflRlN TH'SOME DRESS SIZE STUL ' TH' SAME DftDBURN DRESS A H / A WARM ' SUNBEAM ON A COLD OAV Hi And Lois Ji WHEN VOU'RE AS ROUND AS I AM,YOUR ' SINKINS BACK: cAfv -, 6O ON AND ON / -·il«,*«: T. 16 pglDURING "I Now arranft the circled letters to form the lurprlx uniwer, m* gu(te«ted by the above cartoon. T 11 i.i n (Aa*wcn loworrow) Juml.lr.: FRAUD MINCE CROTCH BEAVER Aiw.rr: t'ault be ijiiomnlinrd m (Ac fiavy - A "CARFIIER" EVERYBODY IS JOGGING THESE DAYS

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