Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 102
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 102

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 102
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nf T.ihprtv: "The A r t h u r Franz. Elsa "Antarctic; Cnnauesl" PATTY CI.AKK stars in CBS "Glen Miller Time" Monday. TUESDAY 6:15 2 A u s t i n Green 6:30 2 Language You (USC) 6:45 4 M o r n i n g Farm Report 7:00 A. M. 2 Capt. Kangaroo: Trains 4 Garroway Today Show with Sander Vanocur; M a r t i n Agrofisky from Jerusalem 7:45 2 News, Maury Green 9 Carlrionsville--A.M. 8:00 A.M. 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe 'i Chucko's Cartoons 8:30 5 Ding Dong School 9 Tim Holt Western: "Along the Rio Grande" ('41) 9:00 A . M . 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 Say When, Art James 5 The Jack LaLanne Show 7 1 Married Joan, J. Davis 11 A d v e n t u r e s in Spanish 9:30 2 Video Village, Monty Hall 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 5 Romper Room 7 It's a Great Life 9 Movie: "Alibi Ike," Joe E. Brown, Olivia DeHavil- land ('35). Ring Lardner story. 11 Yoga for Health 10:00 A . M . 2 DM. Exposure, S. Dunne 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 7 The Ray Milland Show 11 Movie: "If Winter Conies," Walter Pidgeon, Deborah Kerr, Angela Lansbury ('47) 10:30 2 Your Surprise Package A Concentration, H. Downs 5 The Larry Moore Show 7 Our Miss Brooks, E.Arden 11:00 A.M. 2 Love of Life 4 Truth or Consequences 5 Here's Hawaii (taped) 7 The Gale Storm Show 9 Legacy: "Conflict and Creation" 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Color) 11 Could Be You 7 Love That Bob! 8 Movie: "Bringing Up Baby," Katharine Hepburn, Gary G r a n t ('38) Comedy. 11:45 2 The G u i d i n g Light 5 Telecopier News (11:50) 4 News, Ray Scherer (11:55) TV REPAIRS - Ili YeSr.-Horoe ' J HA MK46 '· F/ 8-8020.: 12:00 NOON 2 Grant Holcomb, News Burns and Allen (12:05) 4 (Color) Jan Murray Show 5 The Mike Wallace Show with Gerold Frank 7 Camouflage, Don Morrow 11 Sheriff John John Rovick 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 All-Star Scouting Report, Lindsey Nelson 5 The Chef M i l a n ! Show 7 Number Please, B Collver 12:45 4 All-Star Baseball (see sports box) · i :00 P. M. 2 Face the Facts, Red Rowe 5 Movie: " I n t e r n a t i o n a l Settlement," George Sanders, Dolores Del Rio ('38) 7 The Pioneers: "Auto Intoxication" 9 Champ. Bowling Re-runs 1 I Topper, Leo G. Carroll !:15 13 Public Service Film 1:30 2 Art Linkletler House P'ty 7 West Point 1 1 People's Choice. J. Cooper 13 The Lloyd Thaxlon Show 2:00 P. M. 2 The Millionaire 7 Day in Court: Theft 9 Movie: "Mountain Justice," Josephine Hulchinson, George Brent Guy Kibbee ('37) 1 1 The Paul Coates Show 2:30 2 The Verdict Is Yours 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz I 1 The Ben Hunter Show 13 Robin Hoot!, R. Greene 3:00 P.M. 2 The Brighter Day 5 Dorothy Gardiner Show 7 Queen for Day, J. Bailty 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 3:15 2 The Secret Storm 3:30 2 The Edge of Night 5 Debbie Drake (exercises) 7 Who Do You Trust? I I Your Better Self 3:45 5 Telecopier News 9 Yoga for You 4:00 P. M. 2 Amos V Andy 5 Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 American Bandstand Guests: M a x i n e Brown, Al M a r t i n o 9 What's News? (quiz) 1 1 3 Stooges, Don Lamond 4:30 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 4 Wrnp-Up, Chick Hcarn fl Cartoonsville -- P.M 13 Wink M a n i n d a l e (POP) 4:15 4 Movie 5:00 P. M. 2 Movie: "The Man Between," James Mason, Claire Bloom, Hildegarde Neff (Br.-- '53). Post-war Berlin. 5 Popeye, Tom H a t t e n 7 The Soupy Sales Show 9 Movie: "Seven G u n s to Mesa," Lola Albright, Charles Quinlivan ('58) 1 1 Superman, George Reeves 5:30 7 Rocky and His Friends 1 1 Sheriff of Cochise 13 True Adventure, B. Burrnd "Fighting Fish of Canada" 6:00 P. M. 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Ed Fleming, News 1 1 Broken Arrow, J. Lupion 13 Baxter Ward, News 6:15 4 Himtley-Urinkley Report 7 ABC livening Report 9 John W i l l i s and the News ? Excellent Service and Repairs f I JAftVISTU I ',' Atl Repairs Fully Guaranteed '' \ HE 7-8992 5j W.^1518 E. 4th ^^ THOSE RAGTIME YEAKS --First of nine repeals of specials to be seen in this slot. This and one other are from "Project 20," one is a "Sunday Showcase," with the rest night airings of former daytime "Specials for Women." Money Carmichael headlines tonight's tour of the Ragtime era, and the music people played from 1900 to 1917. Ii's at 10 p.m. un channel 4. [ « . : · · · .-.-.- ::-::;·: · . - i 13 Goodwin J. Knight 6:25 2 Weather Vane, Bill Keene 13 Turnley Walker 6:30 2 Dunphy-Slratton Report 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 Mackenzie's Raiders, Richard Carlson 9 Cartoon Express 11 Dick Tracy; Weather Eyes 13 Mold the Phone! G. DeWilt 6:45 2 Douglas Edwards, News 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 The Big Three (News) 11 George Putnam, News 7:00 P. M. 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges. Test pilot panics in deep water. 4 (Color) Best of the Post, John Contc (repeat): "Antidote for Hatred," Beulah liondi, Robert Crawford. Spinster adopts orphaned refugee. 5 Win-Dough Shopping 7 Focus on America: "The Constant Protectors" (St. Louis). Filmed study of city's police department and its inner workings. No actors are used. 11 Huckleberry Hound 13 Wonders of the World:. "Gardens of Shalimar" 7:30 2 The Jim Backus Show. O'Toole pulls trick to keep Doro from q u i t t i n g for better job. 4 Laramie, Robert Fuller, John Smith, Adam West. Slim is blamed for d e a t h of deputy (repeat). 5 N i g h t Court, Jay Jostyn 7 Bugs Bunny Show (repeat) D Kingdom of the Sea: "Iceberg Patrol" 11 Rescue 8, Jim Davis. Girls trapped in car being pressed into scrap iron 13 Wanderlust, Bill B u n u d : "Ghosts of Savoy" 8:00 P. M. 2 Father Knows Best, Robert Young (repeal). Boss' son seems irresponsible. 7 The R i f l e m a n , Chuck Connors (repeat). Lucas goes to bat for wounded deserter against hard- bitten Army major (Robert Cornthwaite). 9 Mr. D.A., David Brian I I Tightrope! Mike Connors 13 Art Baker's Teleplay: "Passage to Maranga," Adele Mara Rex Reason 8:30 2 Dobie Gillis, Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver (repeat). Dobie joins school band to impress music- loving girl (Kathe Green, daughter of Johnny Green). 4 Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Cat," LesTremayne, Audrey Meadows, Stephen Chase (repeat). "Boy friend" gives mink coat to woman and she dares not let her husband see it. 5 Roller Skating Championship (see sports box) 7 Wyatt Earp, Hugh O'Br ian (repeat). Earp rides shotgun to guard government · . payroll. 9 Crime Does Not Pay 11 Divorce' Court. Wife says doctor husband is unethical. 9:00 P. M. 2 Tom Ewell Show (repeat). New girl Friday proves too efficient. 4 Thriller, Boris Karloff (repeat): 'The Hungry Glass," Wm. Shatner, Joanna Heyes. Mysterious accidents befall couple in mirror I ess haunted house. 7 Stagecoach West, Wayne Rogers, Cesar Romero (repeat). Wounded Mexican commandeers horse to escape bounty hunters. 9 Movie: "New York Confidential," Bioderick Crawford, Richard Conte ('55) 13 Art Baker's Teleplay: "Deception," Linda Darnell, Trevor Howard 9:30 2 Playhouse 90: "The Cruel Day," Van Heflin, Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre, C l i f f Robertson, P h y l l i s Thaxter (repeat). Reginald Rose's story of Algerian garrison where violence and terror have become commonplace. 11 M-Squad, Lee Marvin. Fay Spain guests as young widow of old millionaire. 10:00 P. M. 4 Those Ragtime Years (repeat), lloagy Carmichael (see box) 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 Alcoa Presents: "The Death Walt?.," Elizabeth Montgomery (repent). Suitor r e t u r n s to fancy dress hall, to claim dance w i t h girl who sent him to death. 11 George P u t n a m , News 13 Baxter Ward, News 10:15 5 Big Three Final (News) 11 W e a t h e r Front; Sports 13 Goodwin J. Knight; Today in Wall Street (10:25) 10:30 5 Divorce Hearing: (1) Steamer captain never home; (2) Infidelity 7 Tallahassee 7000, Walter Matthau 11 The Paul Coates Show 13 The Horn Duggan Show 1 1 :00 P. M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 Movie: "Mystery of Marie Roget," Maria Montez, Patric Knowles, John I ilel ('42) 7 Lew Irwin Reports 9 John Willis; Bill Brundige 11 Highway Patrol 11:15 2 Movie: "The Green Man," A l a s l a i r Sim, Jill Adams (Br. -- '57). Professional assassin schemes to knock off diplomat. 4 (Color) Jack Paar Show Paar is back, with Cliff A r q u e t t e , Buddy Hackett 7 The Honeymooners: "Head of the House" 9 Movie: "One M i n u t e to Zero," Robert Mitchum (·51) 11:30 1 1 PM F.ast -- PM West, Mike Wallace, Terrence O'Fia- herty 11:45 7 Teleplay: "Here Comes the Suit," David Niven 12:00 MIDNIGHT 13 Newsroom, Don Rose )2:I5 5 Land and Your Future 7 Movie: "Caribbean Mystery," James Dunn 12:45 9 Movie: "Bengazi," Richard Conte, Mala Powers ('55) 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "The Sun Sels at Dawn." Sally Parr ('50). Melodrama of man about fo be executed. 4 Almanac; Newswrap ALL-STAR BASEBALL, live from Candlestick Park at 12:45 p.m. on channel 4. Mel Allen and Russ Hodges describe the 30th classic (the 3Ist is J u l y 31, in color, from Feenway Park, Boston). ROLLER SKATING championships, live, at 8:30 p.m. on channel 5. Dick Lane describes the action from the banked oval track at F.I Monte Legion Stadium as the Texas Outlaws meet the L. A. Thunderbirds. Beauties Seen on Television Hour long telecast of ihe arrival of delegates from Australia, Burma, Canada, Ceylon, Republic of China, Japan, Malaya, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore w i l l be seen Wednesday as the first of twelve telecasts of the events of the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Beauty Pageant. Telecast from shipboard in Long Beach haibor is set for 2:30 p.m. on channel 11. Other early telecasts include interviews w i t h early a r r i v a l s a t t h e Lafayette Hole! July 18, arrival of beauties in native costumes at Hie Long Beach airport July 20, luncheon-fashion show July 21 and official opening ceremonies at Veteran's Memorial Stadium July 22. Bill Welsh will be at the microphone for all telecasts. Project Mercury Coverage Pooled Live on-the-spit coverage of the second Project Mercury man-in-space launching, scheduled to take place on or about July 18 at Carve Canaveral, will be handled by pooled coverage by all three TV networks. The networks have requested National Aeronautics a n d S p a c e Administration permission to place live television cameras inside Mercury Control and inside Ihe blockhouse. An official request has also been made to transmit, live, the Mercury Astronaut's l e ports to the Cape from his capsule during the flight. BUT, BOSS - i ALREADY MADE THE OSAL WITH THE TV PEOPLE.'-

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