The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 5, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1906
Page 3
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HEAVENLY HASH FRESH EVERY DfiY FARRINCTONS McGormick Bros. THE SOUTH LOCUST ST. LIVERYMEN have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought to Chillicothe. Besides doing: a geot-ral livery business, thc3' give special attention 1o funerals. They also make carriage calls (day or night) to any part of the city or county. Telephone 150. 410 S. Locust St. •| DR.J.C.SHELTON, , ', THE . . Oculist and Catarrh Specialist 5 Limits his practice entirely to Sur- jrery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, And tlie correction of Brrors of Ke- fmetlon by Scientific Fittins of Glasses. Bactcrfoscopicand Blood examinations mndt* for PhyHiciaus who are not prepared tOTimke them. Offlc-overGLOHE & MILLER 718 Washington St. Chillicothe, Mo. Telephones: Office, lit; Res. 355. *'H"H"H-H"I"H"H-1"I- I-l-I-1 I'!' ;• i -M The Food Value of a Soda Cracker You have heard that some foods furnish fat, other foods make muscle, and still others are tissue building and heat forming. You know that most foods have one or more of these elements, but do you know that no food contains them all in such properly balanced proportions as a good soda cracker? " The United States Government report shows that soda crackers contain less water, are richer in the muscle and fat elements, and have a much higher per cent of the tissue building and heat forming properties than any article of food made from flour. That is why Uneeda Biscuit should form an important part of every meal. They represent the superlative of the soda cracker, all their goodness and nourishment being brought from the oven to you in a package that is proof against air, moisture and dust—the price being too small to mention. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Froir '.ae Salida, Oolo., Record Robert 0. Summerville and Miss Pearl Paul were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Paul, at 630 E street Monday evening September 21, Rev. MacFerrin o the Presbyterian church officiating. The date of the wedding wa t for October 10, but on accoun of the illness of the groom with the prospect of a lougsiege of typhoid fever, the ceremony was hastened and Mr. Summerviile not only has a bride.butan attentive nurse, un der whose skillful mioisiering he is already much better. The bride is well known in Salida society circles, haying lived here since childhood. She is the granddaughter of R. M. Ridgway, formerly superintendent of th second and third division of the Rio Grande and is the niece of Carl Ridgway, at present general manager of the Rio Grande system with headquarters at Denver. The groom is the junior member of the law firm of Williams & Summ'erville and although a resident of Sa:ida only about two years, is highly respected and numbers his friends by the score. None but relatives of the contracting parties were present at the ceremony except Mr. John Tudhope, of Laurence, Kansas, a friend of R. M. Ridgway, who accompanied him on his western trip. The Record joins other friends in wishing the bride and groom a long life of happiness and prosperity. Kansas City, Mo^, Oct.''4.— Steers steady to 'to strong; top, §6 15; cows and heifers firro; stockers firm; calves steady. Hogs slow, steady; top S6 52%; bulk selling at 86.40(^6.50. Sheep steady to weak. Cattle-Receipts 6,000, including 500 Southerns;' Native steers, §4,25(a6 50; south- e/n steers, §2 50f«!3.^0: southern cows §1.75(0,2.90; Native cows ind heifers,; stock ers and feeders S2.50(«l4 60; bulls, S2.10;«3.25; calves ?3.00 (0,0.25; western fed steers S3.50@ 5.00; western fed cows S2.50,o:3.75. Hogs—Receipts 6,000; heavy Se.40fa64.5; packers S6.40@6.52>a; pigs and lights, S6.00@6.52,«. Sheep—Receipts 5,000; Muttons S1.75(«5.50; lambs §o.50(a)7.35; range wethers, 84.25(55.75: fed wes, S4 50(a.5.40. TO HEALTH K.AKSAS CITY OKA1N Kansas City, Ost. 4—Wheat &c lower. Dec68%c;May 72^c;Cash No. 2 hard 70K.(a,72c; No. 3, 69(rt} i^c; No.2 red 72c;No. 3, 6S@70c. Corn—Doc 37%c; May 38%c; Jash No. 2 mixed 43c; No.2 white, -153=0. Oats—No. 2 white 34@35c;No. 2 mixed, 32c. > K&n:as* City Produce. Kansas City, Oct. 4—Butter— Ireamery, 25c; packing J6c. Iggs—21c. . Malaria is an atmospheric poison which we unconsciously breathe into our lungs through the impure air arising from low, marshy .places, stagnant ponds, damp cellars, sewer pipes, improperly ventilated houses, decaying vegetable matter, etc. 'Day after day these genfls and poisons are taken inta,^ the lungs, and as the blood" passes through them it becomes infected with the '? poison and in its circulation distributes the microbes of disease to all par{f^- of the body. Malaria is a very insidious disease ; it gives no warning of it*, coming until the circulation is filled with the po:?nn and this foe to hei""~ has the system at its mercy. The blood becomes pol luted, thin and weak i > f its slow, irregular circulation fails to properly nourish and strengthen th^' body. _ Then the entire system is attacked, and if t!;e germs and poisons of Malaria are allowed to remain the strongest constitution will break down. No one can feel well when the system is\n a malarial conr!ition;'the vitality IS weak, the appetite poor, digestion deranged.' the complexion grow* sallow and the entire body feels the effects of tlie poison. Malaria must be removed from the system through the circulation and the only medicine that can accomplish this is S. S: S. It not only cleanses the blood o'f ajl unhealthy,; morbid matter, but destroys the genus, cures Malaria and restores this vital. fluid to a strong, healthy condition. S. S. S.' is made of roots, herbs and barks combining. purifying' and tonic properties which keep the blood free of all poisons and the system in 1 — perfect condition. "While destroying the PURELY VEGETABLE. S erms of Malaria and building up the weak,! polluted blood S. S. S. jjives tone and vigor to the entire system. Book on the blood and any medical advice without ch * r * e - THE SW3PT SPECIFIC CO., . J. E. CALLAWAY, M. D Anv Chronic'Ailment. Disease. Eve. Ear. Nose and Throat eiven suecia- attention. Office in Walbrunn Bid's Office Phone 57. Residence Pho~« 11. DB. H. M. GRACE, Physician and Surgeon. Booms 3, 4 and 5, Wall- brunn building-. Phones: Office 398: residence 399. laundry The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with Asphalt Streets and Electric Cars. We cater to the trade that knows. JO/lff I?. proprietor. HOLLISTER'S Bocky Mountain Tea Siuggefc? i. Busy Hedioine for Busy tropic, firings QtiUoo Health and Renewed Vigor. A specific f o? Constipation, Indige'&on, Uv ^ Mid Kidney Troubles, Wmples, Eczema, Input Blood.; Baa Breath, Slu~cish Bowels, Heaflaclit nnd Backache. Tt's Eoclcy Mount". ID Tea in tub Jot form, 35 c^tits a box. Genuine made \>\ UOLLIBTKR Dura COMPACT, Madison, Wis. NUG3ETS FOR SALLOW PEOPLE '25 to Pacific Coast Points Daily to October 31. One-way, seconfl-class tickets on sale via Rock Island Lines every day until October 31, WOO.., $25.00 from Kansas City and all points in Kansas to l^os Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver. . / The Rock Island runs Tourist Sleepers daily on fast thru trains. Fine dining car service. Your choice of two excellent routes. Write today for Illustrated Tourist folder, cfintnhiliiB full details and map. J. A. STEWAKT, Gen.AemtPBsstng-i-rDepinmout KANSAS CITY. MO. FLORIDA AND RETURN Ost, (6!h and Nov. 20ih, RY., VIA FROM ST. LOUIS To all points except Jacksonville and Key West, and points withiu a radius of 25 miles of and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virgina. Tickets • good oO days and allow stopover privileges goinjr and returning. ONE FARE PLUS $2 FOR ROUND TRIP To practically all points in the Southeast oil same dates, with same limits, but no rate will be higher than -$20. On Sept. 4th and ISth, Oct. 2nd and Ifith, Nov. (ith and 20lh. tickets will be sold to Florida East Coast points and practically all points in Florida and the Southeast at one fare plus *2 for the round trip, good 30 days. Write for particulars to J. C. BEAM, JR., Asst. Gen. Passenger Agent, SOUTHERN RAILWAY, St. Louis. Mo. •4-H"I''I"I"I-H"I-H"I"H"H'* I•!••!••!• I 'I I ' PATRIOT $4.00 SHOE. New pike toe, Patent colt, Goodyear welt. Mat t ? ? calf top, Bhicher cut,. f 4* This shoe is our special pride and it is the one | I | selected by Mr. Marion Thompson, who was the * I * ? one to locate the man wearing the Patriot shoes $ :; last Saturday. G. D. BRANT (Q. SON "Brant's Shoes are Better." No one would buy a sailboat with sails that could not be reefed. There is always that possibility of a little too much wind that makes a cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, whoso stomach sometimes goes back on him, provides for his stomach by keeping a bottle of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within reach. Kodol digests what you oat and restores the stomach to the condition to properly perform its functions. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. Cheap Rates to California Mexico Daily until October 31st. Colonists' tickets will be on sale to California and Mexico points at the exceptionally low rates: To From Chicupo St. Louis Kan. City Oniiilia .S. Krnnciisco LosAngoles JSCi mi KS $25 Mexico Clty Guadnlajara $32 $i7 $-'l fit NOTICE! Our meat nuirkets on Locust and Washington streets will not be open Sunday mornings hereafter but will remain open until 10 o'clock Saturday night for those wishing to get their Sunday meat. Scruby's. Sodlt When two strong men come to blows,even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasant sight, but if the man who gets the worst of it will use DEWITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVE, he will look better and feel better in shoit order. Be sure you get DEWITT'S. Good for everything a salve is used for, including piles. Sold fay Clark's Pharmacy. Pain from a Burn Promptly Relieved by Chamberlain's Pam Balm A little child of Michael Strauss, of Vernon, Conn., was recently in great pain from a burn on the hand, and as cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Strauss came to Mr. James N. Nichols, a local merchant, for something to stop the pain, Mr. Nichols says: "I advised him to use CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM, and the first application drew out' the inflammation and gave immediate relief. I have used this liniment myself arid recommend it very often for cuts, burns, j strains and lame back, and have never known it to disappoint." For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. BIG CROWD AT SEDALIA'S FAIR. Sedalia, Mo., Oct. 4.—The at- tenaance record at the Missouri state fair was broken today. The weather was ideal and the regular and special trains were crowded to the platforms. No such crowd was ever before seen in Sedalia, and at noon it was estimated that the attendance at the day's state fair would not fall below 40,000. For the best and most complete display of farm products, including grasses, forage, plants and vegetables grown in any one country in the northeast section, this county was awarded the first prize. The fair will close tomorrow night. Members of the Iowa and Nebraska fair boards in attendance say they have never seen a finer state exhibition and their only surprise is that the at- tendanca of today has not been duplicated the entire week. LETTER TO MR. JOHN ATWELL Chillicotfce, Mo. For sale by Joseph Minteer & Williams. Batta and VIA SANTA FE From Kansas City, with proportionate rates from other places east of Missouri River, to Los Angeles, San -Diego. San Fraacisco, and many other points in California, .New Mexico, and Arizona. '•'Tickets on sale daily until, 180fl, Inclusive. Good fif Tourist slcep- 1ns-cars; $5.75 additional for double berth. Liberal stopovers a I lowed In California and at certain points in Arizona. For Literature and Particulars. Address G. W. HAGENBUCH, G. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry., 90S Main St.. Kansas Cit y. M». Through tourist sleepers from St. | Louis and Kansas City on Tuesday of \ each week. You can step into the cars j at St. Louis or Kansas City and do j not leave them until you reach San i Francisco. Ask your nearest railroad j agent for rates or address W. S. ST. GEORGE, General Passenger Agent, 580 Wainright Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. Beautify the Complexion IN TEN DAYS. Nadinola CREAM, the. on- equaled beautifier if endorsed by thou- Kflnfjg, and g teed to remove freckles, pimples, liver-spots, tan, sal- etc., tie worst case in 20 days, the beauty of youth. Price MEN AND WOMEN. Uee Big <3 for nnnatora.1 discfaargee.infl»nitnation«, irritations or wlceraiiom of mucous nictnbranw. "" « Pander, and no* astrin- ISCHEMjCALuO. gent or poirtjnoue. k CINQNKATl.QMB Sold by DranK*** ^^^^or cent In plain wrapper, by express, (• re paid, foi 91.00. or 3 »iottl"« J2.7S. SOc. and $J.OO by leading druggists or mail. fnftrd bj NATIONAL. TOILET CO.. Parla,Te»' Sold by Clark's Pharmacy, N. J. Swetland Drug- Co., and others. "To Mexico & California." •H-K-I-I-X-I-: .-!••: •H-'H'-M-Z-H^fr ;; DAVIS & SONS, I ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS. $ Notary always in office. Office: 516 Washington | St., Chillicothe, Missour | i-i-H-H-M-I'M-M I H I I H-H-H-H? f •5- ^A/S? now have six register- . t "" ** ed GALLOWAY bull $ £ calves that will be a year old in 4. •{• February, March and April next T t that we will sell at 850.00 for J ? choice. They are good ones and ^. •5- sired by Imp. Lord Holland of •f £ Hensil, a Campfollower bull. 4 .;. miles west of Avalon. Two took 4- premiums at Chillicothe Fair. ? ^JO*ii\ H. Hoyt & Son | ^ R. R. 1, Dawn, Mo. * t t M"M"I"I'-I"I"I-I-I"I"I"M-I-I"I-1' 'M-l-1 'I-l-I' UNDER SOUTHERN SKIES." The return of "Under Southern Skies" to our city is an event that will be looked forward to by large numbers of our theatregoers. Those who saw this highly entertaining play on its previous visit will be glad of an opportunity of seeing it again, for it is a play that bears seeing over and over again, and those who have for any reason missed attending will no doubt seize the present opportunity of enjoying this greatsuccess. An entirely newoutfltof scenery has been provided, new costumes will be worn and new songs and dances will enliven the Halloween Congressman W- W. Rucker of Keytesville will spend next week in Livingston county, campaigning in the country. Tho Democratic county committee announced his dates Friday as follows: Mooresvilie, Oct. S; Springhill, Oct. !); Sampsel, Oct. 10; Sturges, Oct. 11; Wheeling. Oct. 12; Avalon, Oct. 13. Mr. Rucker is an effective campaigner. He will be accompanied on his trip through the county by the Democratic cou-ity candidates. NEW BANK VAULT DOORS. From the Chula News. Monday morning the Exchange B:ink of Chula received and had placed in position new doors to their fire proof vault, the old doors being considerably damaged in the attempted robbery on the night of Sept. 24. While the old doors could have been used, the officers of the bank, who always believe in supplying every safeguard, decided to purchase an en- tiro new outfit. The new front was put in by the Mosler Safe Co., which is claimed to bo the best made. When you have a ooid it is well to De very careful about using anything that will came constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. Use "KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. O Beware of Ointments for uatarrn that Contain Mercury, a* im-ri'ury will surely destroy the sense of siiK-tl and eumplotrly durance the whole system wlu'ii onu-rliiK it through the uiu- fou.-i surfiu'es. Such articles should never ho usoJ cxct-pt on prescriptions from reputable physii-ians, us tlio damage they will do is tt-ii fold to the (food you can possibly de- rlv,' friimtlicin.HALr/SCATAKRHCUBE manufactured by F. S. Cheney & Co.. Tole. O.. contains no mercury,aml is tuken Internally, actIIIK directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. lu buying Hall's ('atarrli Cure be sure you Ret the (rename, H is taken internally and made in Ti.I. do, Ohio, uy K.J.C'lieney &Co. Testimonials Tree. Sold by I>n;trirlsts. Price, 7.1e per bottlo. Take Hall's I-'amily Pills for constipation "r PUBLIC SALE. I will sell at public auction at my farm J! 1-2 miles southeast of Chillicothe, on Wednesday. October 10th. sixty asres of corn, cattle, horses, ho<fs, all my ajfricnlLuru implements. Terms made known at sale. slSw.'idlw H. C. LAIIJ. celebration. very strong CANDIDATES' CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' cerds in any size or quantify. Prices reasonable; work the best. dtf A.B a dressing for sores, bruises and burns, CHAMBERLAIN'S SALVE is all that can be desired. [t is soothing and dealing in its effect. Price, 25 cents. For sale by the N. J. S wetland Drug Co. The copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, *JS. P. Newland and Don Dider, under the firm name of Newland & Didar. has this day, dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts owing to the firm are due and payable to Don Dider. S. i j . Newland 4odlrn Don Dider. Think of Dr. Sboop's Catarrh Cure if your nose and throat discharges—if your breath is foul or feverish. It contains Oil and Eucalyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., incorporated into an imported, creamlike petrolatum. It, heals, purifies, controls. .Call at our store for free trial Ijox, Tjjie N. J, Swetland Drug Co, ' cast will be seen in the play. "Under Southern Skies" will be at the Luella on Thursday Oot 11, and seats should be secured well in advance as the return of this attraction will no doubt crowd the theatre. In these days of rush and.hurry courtesy is often forgotten. In the mad, pell mell rush of our life little things are done to offend that we rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal and its resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womarn is the one who relieves little ills of this sort by a little dose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. It digests what you eat and puts your stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. There is nothing that takes away the beautiful, womanly charms like a plodding, stooped, awkward parriage. There is absolutely npjeseuse for that as long as Hollis.ter's Rocky Mountain Tea id made. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents- sV i ?i'^- nd Dru £ Co ? A cold taken at this lime of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, That will cure all colds, .coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc., by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a cold, try it and if not cured get your money back. No opiates. Sold by the N. J. Swotland Drug Co. BACK FROF/I STATE FAIR. Col. Harry W. Graham returned Thursday night from Sedalia, where he attended the Missouri State fair. He reports the fair this year as having been the largest and most successful fair that the s tate ever held. Live stock en- trieswere filled inall classes. Chillicothe live stock men had no en- tiies. BETTER THAN POLICE." Carthage, i'o., Oct. 4.—The national and State organizations of the Anti-Horsethief Association aro in session here today. In the address of J. W. Wall of Parsons, Kas., president of the national association, the speaker declared that the organization, which has been in existence since its birth at Luray, Mo., in 1803, has done more in ridding the country of criminals than all the police forces in the territory covered. The next national convention will be held at liuid. O. T., in October, 1907. Escaped Uiath. It is not au uncommon experience for us to set a letter describing how the writer escaped death by taking DR. CAL'JWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for some violent and dangerous stomach or bowel inflammaiiou. The gentle, soothing, curative, purili- cative action of this pleasantsyrup is without any equal in the science of medicine. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and Si 00. Money back if this fails. Dear Sir: "Three -quarters paint" is a good phrase for the best outside of Devoe. Devoe is the standard; mark iti 100. The next best—there are several not far apart—are threa quarters paints; you may mark them 75 to Devoe's 100. The bulk of the paints in market are 40 or 50 or 60; a few are betterjthan 60; a few are worse than 40. How do they act? They cover from one to three-quarters as much as Devoe; "and they last from one to three-quarters as long j as Devoe. I What are they worth? The j same rule doalt hold, it costs more to put on some paints than they are worth; they are not worth anything; the ''put-on" costs two or three times as much aa the paint. Yours truly, F. W. Devoe & Co. New York, Chicago and Kansas City. P S Deardorff & Mecaskoy sell our paint. MATINEE AT' fHREJfo'CLGCK The Armin players, who have j been playing a week's engage- | ment at the Luella this week, will. postpone' Saturday afternoon's j matinee until thtee o'clock on account of the address to be deftver- ed by Governor Folk at the Luella at one o'clock. STILL &T THE STAND M. GRELLIN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS A Perfect Bowel Laxatiye for constipation, sallow comolexion, h?adaohe, dizziness,soar stomach, coated tongue, biliousness. Lax- ets act promptly, without pain or griping. Pleasant to take—Lax- ets—only 5 cents. Sold by the NJ. Swetland Drug Co. THINGS THEATRICAL Lovers of the manly art should risit the Cans-Nelson 42 round j Homeseek'rs' Excursion TO THE V Great Southwest September 4 and 18 0 c t o b e r 2 and 16 November 6 and 20 Rate, One Fare Plus $2 For the Round Trip. \Vi-ite for Particulars and Descriptive Literature A. HILTON, i;. r. Ant., St. r.ullis. Mo. J. C. LOVKIEX, A. G. P. A set., K:ms:is City, Mo. After eating, persons of a bilious habit will derive great ber.-jf it by taking one of (hese pills, if you have teen DRINKING TOO MICH, tlicy will promptly relieve the nausea, S5CK HEADACHE —*- nndnervousnesswhicl; follows, rsst ore the appetite and remove sloo.-ny feelings. Elegantly sugar coated. Take No Substitute. A RADICAL DEPARTURE. The most popular illustrated weeklies and monthlies are produced at enormous cost. Competition for the work of the leading authors and illustrators have established a scale of expense that is almost prohibitive. •Yet in addition to its many attractive features Tr.e^Suadriy Chi-- cago Record-HeraW furnishes its readers with a Sunday Magazine 1 which compares fivoribly with the independent p«riodicals in every way and has soino merit? peculiar to itself. The most famous writers and illustrators contribute to it. Pine paper and praaa work and handy size make it a pleasure to read this entertaining publication which marks a radical departure in Sunday journalism. bout at the Luella Monday night. Prices 15, 25, 35 and 50 cents. This is a reproduction of the famous I fights by moving pictures, with [ other views to complete the evening's entertainment. Seats on sale Monday morning. It is a well known medical fact that pine resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and Kidneys. Sufferers from backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys find relief in the use of Pine-ules. SI 00 buys 30 days treatment. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. J. L-Francis of Jackson township was a Friday business visitor in the city. Dr. Srthur J, Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Practicedevot- ed to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention ijiven to surgery of the Eye. Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sa.. Phones 88 and 312 Harry Hale of Sheldon, Mo., was the guest of friends in the city Thursday evening. Every woman covets a shapely, pretty figure, and many of them deplore the loss of their girlish forms after marriage. . The bearing of children is often destructive to the mother's shapeliness. All of this can, be avoided, however, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as this great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and preserves the symmetry of her form. Another's Friend overcomes all the danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through this critical period without pain. It is woman's greatest blessing. Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from the use of this wonderful remedy. Sold by all druggists at $i .00 per bottle. Our little book, telling all about this liniment, will be sent free. Tli Bndfi8ld Regulator Co., Atluti, 61

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