The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 12
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 12

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 12
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Twelve THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 29, 1952. Rankin Can Cool Off After Furious Pace By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON W— John Rankin will have time to cool off now. For most of his life he's been as active and blazing as a man with a box of matches on fire in his hip pocket. Rankin. the tireless champion of white supremacy who had his hand called on the floor of the House for throwing around words like "Kike" and "Negro" won't be back next year. Rankin says he always uses the word "Negro," but his pronunciation sometimes makes it sound more like "niggra," a circumstance which once led former Rep. Vito Marcantonio (ALP-NY) to raise a point of order that Rankin had called singer Paul Robeson a "Nigger Communist." Speaker Raybum ruled than Rankin said '"Negro Communist". Rankin has been a member ol the House from Mississippi for 32 years. This week the voters of his state turned him down for renom- ination in favor of a fellow-congressman, Thomas Abernethy, who is 49. Rankin, still as lively as a boy at 70, is one of those old men who never seem bruised by the shoving around time gives them. Unlike some of his ponderous fellow-members, far younger, Rankin could be on his feet in an eye- blink for a fight with his mouth or his fists. Size didn't faze him. His fellow-members, presidents or even the Supreme Court were all targets for his tongue and his tern- He was one of the most active Communist-hunters of his time, a pursuit he developed as a leading member of the House Un-American Activities Committee. He was equally attentive to, and equally against, any anti - racial discrimination moves by the Democratic administration. He strictly for segregation of Negroes. 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He might have ke doing that indefinitely. But this year the Mississip State Legislature, over his pr tests, combined his congression district with that of Abernethy wh has been a House member 1 years, and the two men had t Light each other for the one sea prison Backs Legion Democratic National Conventio point with pride to him? It didn even mention his (Achcson's name." BACK TO PRIVATE PRACTICE WICHITA I8i — Charles McClii tock left his post as special .a; sistant U. S. district attorney Fr day to return to private law prac lice here. He has been attached t Retail Food Prices Highest on Record WASHINGTON ffi — Mid-August retail food prices, the government's Bureau of Labor Statistic reports, were the highest in U. S. history. During the first half of this month the bureau's index went up almost 1 per cent to 235.6 per cent of the 1935-39 average. On the basis of figures collected in eight cities, the bureau said foods now are j.bout 16 per cent higher than when the Korean War began in June, 1950. In another economic development, the government yesterday suspended price controls on radios, television sets, record players, carpets and bedding. The latter includes studio couches, davenports, mattresses, springs and pillows. Price controls'were abolished on vitrified chinaware, silverware and jewelry, and hand - made house - nold glassware. Retiring Price Stabilizer Ellis Arnall said relaxatipns "do not mean abandonment of controls in any area where controls are need- At the same time he championed the Tennessee Valley Authority, rural electrification, and war veterans. Veterans were his special province. He was chairman of the House Veterans Committee. For attentiveness to his job, he set an example. Up at 6 in the morning, he got down to his office before any of his staff. And he knew his way around Congress as few men did. All the business of the House, on the floor, is done according to parliamentary rules. Rankin took the trouble to learn them by heart. With this knowledge he was hard to fool and he could tie the place in knots. In spite of his shrewdness, events he couldn't control were Rankin's undoing. He lost his job on the Un - American Activities Committee through a reorganization of Congress. In 16 previous elections Rankin had squeaked through, or breezed through, depending on who his op- Carlson (R-Kas) said Friday th American Legion, in demandin the buster of Secretary of Stat Dean Acheson, "has requeste what the President's own part feels and what the American na tion demands." President Truman, in respons to the Legion's demand, sai Acheson is the best man for th job in the entire U. S. Carlson said in a statement: "If the secretary now is sue an asset, as the President claims why didn't the Truman - dictate Coming Soon! Brand New Model WESTINGHOUSE Big 9 Cu. Ft. 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OPS made clear that if the prices of items on which controls have been suspended rise to a point where they threaten to pierce the: old price ceilings, controls will be rcimposed. Higher prices for pork and chick- "I think I know the fear of th people in that area and I thin it is a reasonable fear," Carlso said. "It's one that concerns th citizens of that section in regar to who should control the wati and who should control the sa of electricity, whether it should b somebody in Washington, D.- C or whether it should be local p ople." Government Wins Cigaret Test Case WICHITA Wl — U. S. Distrii Judge Delmas C. Hill said Thur day he had ruled in favor of th government in a test case on ci] aret prices. The ruling was against the Sha\ nee Vending Company of Topeka Charles McClintock. specia U. S. district attorney attached t the Office of Price Stabilization said it was the first suit of i kind in the nation. The judge said he upheld OP in deciding that the ceiling pric for cigarets in each vending ma chine is determined by the pric charged at that machine durin the base period, Dec. 19, 1950, t Jan. 25, 1951. The defendants had claime ;he highest price charged at an they could charge at all machine of their machines during the bas period. McClintock said Shawnee charg ed 23 cents a package at 176 ma en were the main factors in the |chines during the base period, an atest rise in the food index. Pork rose nearly 5 per cent during early August; chickens more than 4 per Carlson Sure Eisenhower Violently Opposes MVA 'NEW YORK — Sen. Frank Carlson of Kansas says he is sure :hat Dwight D. Eisenhower would be "violently opposed" to a Missouri .Valley Authority. Carlson, a close adviser of the Republican presidential candidate, made the statement in a debate >vith Secretary of the Interior Oscar L. Chapman on a television program Thursday night. 25 cents at eight other machines An $8,574.65 judgment agains the company was awarded to OP by Judge Hill. Polio Foundation Says Cases Up 68 Per Cent NEW YORK Iff)— The Nationa Foundation for Infantile Paralysi said Thursday that this year' total of polio cases is 68 per cen higher than last year's total ove the same period. So far in 1952, the Foundatio: said, 19,980 persons have bee stricken in the U. S. It said th total for the period in 1949, whe the country suffered its wors . is ECONOMICAL, QUICK and CLEAN!" SAYS MRS. A. C. HESS OF TONGANOXIE "I have cooked electrically for about eighteen years and I love it. I just took these beautifully browned rolls out of my new electric range. I am always so proud of their brownness," says Mrs. Hess. "Successful baking is always assured when cooking electrically. "The deep-well cooker cannot be surpassed for its many uses, and that fourth unit which is under the deep-well that can be raised to the surface and used for a surface unit is wonderful. I just can't say enough good things about cooking electrically." For low-cost baking and cooking electrically see your nearest appliance dealer or The Kansas Power and Light Company. polio epidemic, was 20,526. In 1951, it was 11.886. Rayb Rally urn, Johnson to Ticket Use bacon fat in griddle cakes DALLAS, Tex. HI — Speaker or waffles; utilize it also, when Sam Rayburn and Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson rallied around the Democratic banner of Adlai Stevenson Friday. Others of their fellow Texans did too. But the cry to put Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower's name on the Texas Democratic ballot continued. Johnson and Rayburn announced their advocacy of Stevenson's Democratic presidential bid in the face of opposing stands by Gov. Allan Shivers and Atty. Gen. Price Daniel. Both Shivers and Daniel have ex-1 pressed personal opposition to] Stevenson's candidacy because the Illinois governor said he agreed with President Truman in advocating federal ownership of the supposedly oil-rich off-shore lands. port to Camp Gordon, Ga., for a 10-month course. Mrs. LePage junior is the former Jane Barnes of Leavenworth. Capt. and Mrs. LePage have a daughter, Jane Dayton. America's Top "GOSPEL QUART.M" THE MIRACLE MEN Brought to you by STURMAN'S SPOT REMOVER WIBW Topeka — 580 9:00 A. M. Monday thru Friday you are frying chicken. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Julien LePage Receives Degree o Capt. Julien H. LePage of Leavenworth will receive his master degree in business administration at the summer graduation exercises at Ohio State University today. Capt. LePage is a member of a class of 775 receiving diplomas. Mason- M. Roberts will deliver the commencement address.! Capt. LePage is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey LePage, 300 Sherman Ave. and was graduated from Kansas University in 1942. He served in Italy during World War I and remained on active duty. He attended Ohio University on military assignment and specialized in personnel management. Following graduation he will re- df! 'our; .. FOR FUN AND BIG SAYINGS! Ready-to-Paint, Unfinished, Genuine Pine Furniture at AUGUST SALE PRICES! It's easy to paint or stain your otvn furniture when you have smoothly finished, genuine Fon- derosa Pine pieces such as these. Beds, chests, tables and cupboards are of lasting construction and priced low. 8e« them! Hollywood Beds, full or twin size $15.50 up. 5-Drawer Chests $19.95 up. 4-Drawer Chests 1 .... $19.95 up. Dressing Tables $9.95 up. Dropleaf Tables .... $16.50 up. Corner Cupboards ... $17.95 up. Garfinkle FURNITURE CO. 62, Years of Continuous Service 7th & Shawnee Phone 930 The changing years have brought no sounder whiskey. 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