Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 10
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Needy Babies Motivate Lamplighters ^R,ES VSCORONAUBS. in 'April Shower' Plans Wednesday F a t a t H e a r t JO t H » blefn Lamplighters G u i l d to Children's H o m e Society will entertain members and friends at an "April Shower" Wednesday. The party will take place In the home of Mrs. Leo Steen, 6909 Rendina Ave.. at 8 p.m. Members will bring Sifts of clothing and toys for babies up to six months which will then be distributed by thc society. Lamplighters Guild Is one of ISO auxiliaries of the Children's H o m e Society throughout California with a combined membership of more than 6.000 volunteers. · « * * THE SOCIETY itself is thc oldest and largest privately supported adoption agency in California. Established in 1891, it serves children needing security of a home, natural parents seeking assistance In planning for their child and couples seeking to adopt a child. The society has an office in Long Beach and is a member of the C o m m u n i t y Chest. U.N. News Chief ,* «. ...«.v ..-.. ,, ~ and quit work be- roast beef, curried, shrimp. MARGARET A. KILGORE Purpose of the project Is tsutt he thought his life a filled Ice cream, poached MONTCLAIR. N. J. (UPI1 to try to Increase the life was about over. halibut, beef stew and pot --Calorics DO count--«spc- of the average family bread "What .he needed was a "roast of .beef. These are dally in fighting heart dis ' --.--.-- «~ ---- - ease. This Is the observation «f diet and changing thc type the "Anti-Coronary Club." a of fat consumed, unique, grant-sponsored government project which winner by' reducing the positive approach to his 111- cooked In wine for'palit-. amount of fat he ha* In his ness.- explained Dr. Marvin ability. L. Bierenbaum, who heads ONE OF THE MOIIE dra- success storiri was has a membership of I2H matlc men between the ages of 20 that of a 38-year-old man and 50 who have suffered who had suffered one heart the project for the New Jersey Health Department. "We placed him en n low- fat diet for several months.'* Bierenbaum said. "The con- We encourage the patients to stay on these foods' and to stay away from milk; butter, eggs and frftt'y meat*," Bierenbaum raid.' · t · · · IF THE FOODS arc ever WE,THE Page B-2--INDEPENDENT STlLFSSSJS'S -rkcted generally. Bleren today he Is back at work.'* The club, which has a membership of many prom- L*it Hack, c«»i, Install Alum Head Will Speak Here GIFTED TOTS r Little Mark Fuquay, 11 months, likes showers, especially when they mean William R. Frye. chief of ^ {ts for babies. Here, he looks at package with rattle on outside shown by mother, Mrs. Henry G. Fuquay. She and Mrs. Allen Hamlin (standing) arc planning Lamplighters Guild baby shower which will benefit adopted and needy babies. Event will be at the Leo Stcen home, 8 p. m. Wednesday. U.N. News Bureau, will speak next Monday. April 9. at 8 p.m. in Little Theater. Long Beach State College campus. Through an inadvertent place on Monday. April 2. Tickets are available at the office of thc American Association ' for thc U.N.. 1544 E. Seventh St., the Unitarian Church and thc Long Beach State College Book Store. More Pounds Needed for British Debs LONDON Wt--The par- From Friday until early invitations. \Vlicnthegucsts cnts of Britain's new crop August the chandelier and run into thc hundreds the caviar circuit will be in full REWARD II )Ki taJy-ln-WoHim Hiding thit od toill viiit *K* n*w and 11 e 11I it 9 Motharhood Shop iuitopiMdot ill Pint A**.. sti« will b* rtwordtd by bting obi* ta pure-hot* fh» vtry lottit and ticiting faituoni for S p r i n g end £ait*r. of debutants will spend a record $5.6 million to launch their daughters in the social season beginning Friday. The season, as it's called, dates hack to the gay days of King Charles II in ICGO. Ntw Plan Helps Control PIMPLES 12-point "Zenw Plan" ol Urn care, hrtwne and diet proved helpful to 80*4 ol trenaie pimple rictmu in lettl See itep-bT-ttep direction* in Zeroo Liquid Skin Medication. You mutt benefit Iroro DO-dir treatment --cr money hack I For "Zemo Dan circular, write Zemo. Dept. tail Memphit 1. Tenn. To itart treatment at once, (et Zemo Liquid Skin Medication lodir. Cmti at little at tet. Or trt larirr liw at bic min». cost soars into the thousands. The season, however, includes more than debs. Some of the events are the derby on Epsom Downs, the Henley Regatta, June Week at Eton College, cricket at Lord's, the Chelsea Flower Show, the International Horse Show, and racing at Royal Ascot. swing. Before World War II, about 100 girls per season made an official debut. This year there are about 600. More than 500 debutante dances have been planned, plus countless cocktail par- tics. Some debs double up on coming out parties, their parents sharing the expense. Bringing out a deb daughter includes such obvious . i ,i /·*! L things as clothes for thc sea- Mothers L/IUD son, but thc big expense is C|,i pc Mpp-rmnc. the party itscif. oiates Meetings Father has to pay for an Delta Zcta Mothers' Club, orchestra, food, drink, serv- Ln n j. Beach State College, ants, a ballroom, flowers, W j|| attend a meeting of the alumnae in thc home of Esther Thompson, 5471 El To be installed as president of Delta Zcta Alumnae Chapter of Long Beach is Mrs. Morris H a y t e r on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. B. T. Thompson, 5471 El Jardin. Mrs. Hayter comes to the office well equipped with a background of experience in service and education. She attended the U. of Texas and received her master's degree at Long Beach State College. She has held offices in Delphian Society. Group JT of Ebcll Club and memberships in Community Hospital Auxiliary, Ladies' Division of Chamber of Commerce and Long Beach Pan- Hellenic. · · · * OTHERS to take office are Mrs. L. Winchester Stacy, vice president; Mrs. C. E. Crcmeen, secretary; Miss Ida Nolds, t r e a s u r e r ; Mmcs. Ralph G. Hand, Panhellcnic representative; B. Tuckley Thompson, William E. Fisher and Miss Alice Appcll. The program will be a talk baum estimates, ono r man could feed himself at'a'COst of $GO-pcr-month. . - - . . He said the membership incnt doctors who treat their of the club Is composed of patients but refer them to m because women gener- the club for diet plans. all do not develop artcrio- promises no cure-all for sc i er osls until late in life, if heart disease. ' at all Membership costs $15 "But we are trying to find [,, registration fees."- * the causes of the nation's Bierenbaum cited a'nothrr biggest killer," Bierenbaum case O f a member 40 pounds said, "and we feel diet has a overweight, aged 40, who lot to do with it." had-suffered a heart attack . * * * * six months before hcjqwed THE CLUB WORKS In the club. He also suffcred;20 conjunction with St. Vin- to 30 anginal attacksji day. cent's Hospital here. It has Biercnbaum's staff putihc lost three members through individual on a dict'-to'rc- death during its two-year turn him to normal weight, study of blood cholesterol reduced the cholesterol.; in and coronary heart disease, his blood "and he 'had ' : a It is hoped that a pattern complete cessation of pain of longevity will be drawn in no time," said the doctor, at the end of the five-year . . . « program which is financed THE A N T I - C HOLES- by the National Heart Insti- TEROL crusade has been^n- tute with grants of $33,700 dorsed by the doctors"Who believe that fat is 3 Marge contributor to heart disease. "But those who thinker- Mrs. Morris Hayter by Joyce Kyle, a Delta Zcta, on Peru where she and her husband spent two years. Chairman for refreshments Is Mrs. Kiel Landau, who will be assisted by Mmcs. David Ray. David Kennick. Richard L. Koss. LcRoy per year. Bierenbaum said the persons on diets were anxious to cooperate, "but we have tcriosclcrosis is causciWy a definite evidence of many of number of other factors," cf them being led astrcy by a course, don't go along with good steak." it." Bierenbaum said. His To lure them back to the group is the only one of its straight and narrow, club kind in the country, ai- dietitians h a v e prepared though New York and Chi- frozen foods with large caco have kindred projects, amounts of unsaturated oils Bierenbaum feels the ulti- in them so they can be eaten mate results of the experiment won't be known for several years, but he is cer- the Houts and Synicky. Miss Nancy without c h a n g i n g amount of blood-fats. The available foods, not sold commercially, include tain that it is a giant, Step in the right direction. -By IOLA MASTERSON- King-Hanson Nuptials Sealed in Home Rite Immediate f a m i l y members gathered recently to witness tho home, wedding -DuitY-liiiWelniaraner. but bil (timmick l« prettndins that he'i not really a dog at all! Belong! to June Keruner of lluntington, N.Y. If your dog haa · gimmick or trick that you think fa )u»t aa amart. etnd description of trick and anapihot to Calo. P.O. Box 4077. Oakland. Calif. For erery one u»ed in a Calo advertisement, 1100 wilt bo paid. Every dog needs 5 FOODS EVERY DAY and they're all in every can of CALO 1. Meats and cround bono to supply protein nnd calcium. 2. Whole pram* and wheat germ to supply carbohydrates. 3. Vegetable to supply minornla. 4. Fnt to supply fuel and aid digestion. 5. Vitamins A, D, E nnrl tho B Rroup to augment the natural vitamin supply in tho other foods. CALO the 5-in-l Dog Food ANOTHER laurel for WIN ma Hastings. This time she appeared on a national television network as commentator for a very swish fashion show In Tucson, spon- Jarvin. Park Estates, Wed-, torcd by thc Junlor Lcaguc parted. ncsday. Thc club's regular meeting will he held Thursday evening in the home of Lorraine Nichols. ."VMS Ccrritos j\ve. Plans will be completed for tlio group's pot-luck dinntr April IT. in Soroptomist House, Lonq Beach State College. Betty Ream will be in charge of thc dinner. 3 NEW all-meat treats for cats and dogs KMT DON'T DIET WITHOUT NUTRITION INSURANCE C«1lty pur kt-ularfe 4M *hh uhn't pamrtouu tl mitrltlaa W h*n · r«4»lni 41*1 civra you that tire*l am! irri table feeling, you may be. neglecting the vital nutrienta your body need*. · n«r i«i« ·««· *4* tti fl t! wht«f · Natvra htl ·'·'·? * n ftliundanceofnutriUonal wealth in wheat germ, which Mipplira ituperinr protein nnd over 30 natural vitaraina anil minerala ewential to health and energy. · Ovfti*f*f ·vdc*.Kr*flcb- twlt* at n»wih *«*l«in «t frtth *g|t. fwlc* Ih* k*n In r*ltlM, and m*r* S m*4 t ttomlM t« ««r Mho · Cfltarl* far · ·Url*, K r e t i c h m e r W h e a t (ierm a c t u a l l y offer* moro all-around nutrition than meat, tfst, milk, !read, fruita. and vegetable*. )· Hit f ttmlAahftf h*«r1 t«««i»4 fl«h«i. It I* t*t*«l, · IhHf w. r . · Why ··! ··· thu nutritional insurance to your Inw-calnrie. tneala? It'a · themn4tecnnnmic.i1d.irt additive- known, mating ahout 3c an ounce. Voii'l" fiml Krctxthmer Wheat derm, plain or Sugar *n l l n n e y . In vacuum aealeil jan in thc cereal tectinn at your fixxl ·tore, j a there. While in thc sophisticated Arizona city she also presented a lecture before the combined women's service clubs. All things included, it was quite a busy, impressive schedule. Wilma. who flew over last week, was due to return to routine here as of Monday night. · * * * WHAT WITH Easter not anywhere as far off as some thinklc peep, this might be considered a handy secret for doing decorative Easier eggs. It comes from Ethel Toyias. W h e n desiring to empty eggs of their contents she says this works like a charm. Prick a hole in thc top and bottom of cgR as always. Then, i n s t e a d of blowing till you think you'll ceremony uniting Joan Carol Hanson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Hanson, 382 Obispo Ave., and Robert W. King of San Pedro. Setting for the nuptial rite conducted by Rev. Wallace Benson was the home of the bride's m a t e r n a l grandmother. Mrs. Anna F. Hen- c-iplode, use a short straw over the end of thc smaller hole. Give a puff and the egg and shell are neatly, easily HERE'S A funny one that harks back to Christmas. Only J e r r y and Copcland Green Just learned about It. Seems that when they were drix. Some 125 guests were bidden to the reception in thc home of thc bride's uncle In Europe last fall they dc- and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul cidcd to send a music box D. McClaughrcy, 5505 La Pa- from Switzerland to their sada St. ton ad his wife, Gary and Roscmarle, as a Christmas Unbeknownest tn Jerry and Copcland thc gift was sent in a box boldly marked "perishable." What's more they had made quite a point in a letter to Rosemaric and Gary that they were NOT to open thc gift until Dec. 25. ATTENDING thc couple were Gillian King, maid of honor, and Geoffrey King. best man. The newlywcds h o n e y mooned in Northern California and will reside in Beach while both continue studies at Long Beach State College. The bride is Joan Hanson Museum Concert LIVE EASTERN LOBSTER ATLANTIC AVtNUE Mrs. Geoffrey R. King. San Pedro, received early school ing in that city. The "perishable" convinced a graduate of Wilson High, the recipients that they were Her husband, son of Mr. and being gifted with a big Swiss cheese. So, for a solid month they kept the bulky package In thc reft Iterator, valiantly fitting other edibles over and "rtelr reaction Christmas Shell Names Is morning was a combination of indignant joy. John Fitzcr, Long Beach teacher and soloist, will give a piano recital Friday, 8 p.m., at thc Long Beach Museum of Art, 2300 F. Ocean Blvd., the twelfth in their concert scries programs. He will play works.,by Mozart, Brahms, Cljoijjn. Ravel, Lacuona and -Gershwin. The program ST-open to all without charge. J)oors Program Subject openat TM° p - m - jr*'-' Mrs. E. W. Ulrich will speak on "Glossary of Some Shell Names" at tho meeting of Long Beach Shell Club Sunday, 2:30 p.m., at thc YMCA. Visitors welcome. ««»;'»»"ii»u'ftiaiiw7tA:" A rate item* *m b* tivnt ·" *xn U )»»! MU 1cM« H IM tt«ct MJttlt." INSURED SAFETY: dgpendon it at (ha NATION'S LARGEST FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION CALIFORNIA FEDERAL SAVINGS titvtN orricts You nro invited to ntlcnd tho . . . .. Gala Brand Opening. ol tha 'ciupoi'tcr inn April 11, 12, 13, 14 n May w« suggest that you invite your friends to join with you for the gala opening of Newport Harbor's first Convention Resort Hotel nnd Hostnurant. ncsorvntioni for roomi now being taken., ORiole 5-1700 MAdiion 8-1724 /Icwportcr inn Jamborea Rond at Highway 101 Newport Bench, Calif. · AMGTHCII GtORCE D. lUCCOLA t N T M M U E · '

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