Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 10, 1962 · Page 4
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 4

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
Page 4
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HVMIiOLDT STANDARD Tuesday, April 10, 1962, P. 4 IHumboldt *** Features *.**.. Comments Established 11173 Published by THE EUREKA NEWSPAPERS, INC. DON O'KANE. President and General Manager Second Class postage paid at Eureka, California. Yearly, $21.00 . . Monthly. $1.75 . . Mail rates, Zones 1 and 2, $1.75 per month . . Zones 3 and 4, 52.00 . . All olher. $2.25 . . Daily, ten cents per copy. FULL UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL WIRE SEKV1CE PUBLISHED FROM 3211 E STREET, EUREKA. CALIFORNIA, E V E H Y EVENING EXCEPT SUNDAY, TELEPHONE HILLSIDE 2-1711. The SlHiultirtVs Eiliforinl Policy: \ Unswerving support of the principles of democracy; | in federal, state and community government; \ Preservation and advancement of the opportunities for p u r s u i t of private enterprise in California and the Redwood Empire; Unbiased reporting oj the news; Preservation oj the p r i n c i p l e s of free speech and a free press; Support of uU movements lor the betterment, the I h e n i i r i f i c n j i o n rind the general development of Eureka j « n d o l h e r cities find loums of Humbolclt connty. j Man To Watch Because its residents have so many automobiles, sprawling Los Angeles is probably the most smog- conscious c o m m u n i t y on the continent. When the wind is low in velocity, people complain of burning eyes and sore throats. The state's anti-air pollution law is goading Detroit automotive engineers into research on means of c o n t r o l l i n g exhaust fumes. This makes the case of James F. Lathers, aged 59 and described as ;i "bearded inventor" of Imperial Beach, Calif., interesting and hopeful. He has been working on an a n t i - s m o « device, and recently was given two t r a f f i c tickets lor producing "excessive ex- h a u s t ." Prok'sting. L a t h e r s v i s i t e d t h e police s t a t i o n , i v h c r u I r a i ' f i c o f f i c i a l s e x a m i n e d t h e maze of pipes . h i t t i n g from t h e m o t o r of his hoodless 1953 convertible. I t was found that the t a i l p i p e was connected to a large m p l a l barrel in the t r u n k c o m p a r t m e n t , and t h a i it gushed pure and harmless steam instead of p , l i s i m o i i s carbon monoxide. The t r a f f i c bureau voided the summonses "in fur- t h e r a n c e ot justice," and Lathers admitted t h a t while his i n v e n t i o n is not ready for the market, it has poss i b i l i t i e s in rendering automobiles both noiseless and smokeless. This makes him a man to watch. If his invention fulfills its promise, there should be statues put up in his h o n o r in every city--including ours--where residents suffer from the noise and f u m e s of gas buses, jalopies, hot-rods and trucks. Not an old-fashioned equestrian statue, but one of a bearded gentleman proudly at the wheel of a f a n - t a s t i c vehicle belching pure steam which ushered in a new era of pleasant u r b a n living. S PAW,- fVE' COME BACK To ET SlS, " By PHIL NEWSOM, UPI Foreign Editor Notes from the foreign news ·ables: Moslem Restraint: French officials are wondering imv lon'-i the Algerian nationalisi Fl.X leaders .·ill kvop the Moslem city masses in cherk if OAS terrorist killings continue 1 . The discipline of the Moslems under heavy provocation Disarmament: There is a little, but not nine! ope that something still may come from the 17 - nation disarmament conference in Geneva Any concession wrung from the Ru.v-ians will have to be obtainec drop by drop. Meanwhile, the conference ha? News Behind the News WASHINGTON -- I n permitting [active role is supposed to lend Justice William Joseph Brcnnan more weight to the opinion than Jr. fo write the majority decision (if it had been handed down by on legislative rodislricting, Chief!'' TM pr e Associate Justice. luis amazed (he French. The qncs- ^tled into a steady routine of in lion is whether it will crack if t h o j f i n i l c lal!c OVCI ' Cach tin . v detail,! present bloodshed continues, Ilotli the Moslem leadership and i he French government believe in* DAS campaign is a de-lib-, aiiempf to puail the Mns-j inio retaliation, and t h u s ; nid East and West are .swinging; :iuay at each other in (lie propa: -^'inila battle, virtually ignoring' he fight neutral participants. , maiion am! originating chiefly in about c a .series of micltiur weapons familiar with Justice Earl Warren indulged in i bit of public and political jsyeliology frequently practiced jy the kite Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes. Only veteran numbers of the court understand and sometimes resent the by- pkiy. Normally, when a decree has such a far-reaching and revolutionary sweep effect as the attempt to equalize the balance of politico-economic power between the rural and urban elements of society, it would be delivered by the Chief Justice himself. His Chief Justice Warren held to this tradition in the historic and controversial 1954 decision doom- ug school segregation. He also delivered several opinions that were criticized as making it more difficult to convict certain types of criminals and Communists. As a result, he has been lambasted more severely than any Chief Justice in modern times. Former President Eisenhower, who appointed him, never dit give personal approval to the 1!)54 decree, although he en- 13*1) B A t 9 H t · i K}£3k M f f ^ M T a f f i ff MfltfSUI ; BR6 WtJHis S wSOW NEW YORK ( U P I -- The door of opportunity stands open for the girl who \v;mls to be a physi- ·cist. So says a woman physicist, who for almost 20 years has held L\ key job in one of the nation's major research laboratories. "You ask about job openings," said Dr. Elizabeth A. Wood, who lives in New Providence, N. J. "The American Physical Society at its January meeting reportcc M physicists looking fur jobs. Hut liOO jobs \\ere. looking for physicists. "It doesn't look as if the supply of men in the field can meet the ( cmand for good ones." she said. "So what we need .'ire some really talented, first-rate wo- i!y first." she said, "and a desire to know why things are the way they arc, and how we know what they are. A critical mine which docs not accept everything at face value. And, careful, honest powers of observation anc calculation." The woman physicist no longer is a rarity, she said, anc many of them have contributec or are contributing vastly to man's knowledge. "Of course, you can start wit! Madame Curie," she said, "bu today, we have such women as Dr. Chicn-Shiung Wu, whose experiments with parity have won ler international acclaim,' 1 am Mrs. Maria Mayer, for her studies on Ihe "shell" of thc atom's nucleus. Dr. Wood is an expert in crys- men. Companies don't want to (allograph}' at the Bell Telephone scrape the bottom of the barrel Co. Laboratories in Murray Hill, --they want to skim the cream N. J- Why study the structure oil the top." Mrs. Wood, -lit. is the author of a new booklet called "re- and properties of cystals? Because." she said, "crystals are an essential part of all types o u a r d i n - Careers For Women i n communications. One part of the Physics." The publication, available through the American In- transistor radio, for instance, is a tiny crystal helping to make s t i t u t e nf 1'hvrics. New Ynrk, of- lls operation possible." ft-red these 'sujuestiuns to the Mrs - Woo(] - :i nallvc of Newe r ! Imping for a career in the Vork a ^' has degrees from forced it as "the law of the land." * * * Out From Under Heal -- Chie Justice Warren, therefore, appar cntly thought it advisable to turn over the redistribution problem o the Neiv Jersey jurist. Inci dentally, many constitutional law yers believe that this opinioi ranks in importance with tin Drcd Scott finding and the schoo desegregation verdict. Justice Hughes's similar stra tegy in this respect is discusse in an authorized biography of th late Harlan Stone, who succeede Hughes as Chief Justice. Wit the other two liberals--Juslic Holmes and Brandeis -- Ston was frequently irritated by th C. J.'s handling of cases. WALTER WINCHELL ON BROADWAY hips on a Shoulder Good Housekeeping's comment: An associate of George Mont- ornery and Dinah Shore says of lem: They have great respect T each other. George is a big lugh guy but basically a gentle- lan. Dinah is first, last and al- ays a lady in the Southern tradi- on -- and ladies do not cry in ublic.'" You quit pickin' on G. Jessel ke tliatl AP: Havana: "Cubans are com- laining about the food ration- ig. . .meats, butter, milk, vege- ables and other items." Let'm cat "Yankee Go Home!" igns. "San Diego, March 10th: After tudent Ed Cherry walloped the azi chief on the jaw the latter ·as asked if he had a statement. ie said: 'I'd like to smash his secretary of the state is making Dean Husk look pretty good." 0, you're just jealous. The beautiful torch song "The Thrill Is Gone" has a line tha goes: "Now it don't appeal t you." It doesn't, mes enfants. Jes' cal me Perfessa. TV critic Philip K. Scheuer' crool comment: "An intimate re vue called 'An Evening with Gen ievieve' opened last night. . Unfortunately the star and cas are hardly enough to make th' evening worthwhile. . .there is ni scenery to speak of -- not kindly at any rate." Cheri, pay no attention to thes terrible members of the Press ace! Translation: ith fayth!" Td like to thmalh From a N. Y. 3-dot imitator 'Is the new mystery girl in the ife of F. Sinatra, West Coast ovely Rita Florence?" No. UPI via Washington: "An edi- orial said of 40-year-old Col. Glenn: 'Many of the very same ompanies which bragged and rumpetcd their own contributions Project Mercury's success ·ould have refused Col. Glenn ob because of his age.' " Put that right back where you KNOXVILLE, Iowa (UPI)-Th spirits flowed a little too freel lere during the weekend. A semi-trailer truck overturne vhen it swerved to avoid a ca and spilled 2,000 gallons of whisk, nto a ditch. ead it -- ol'm! Bob Considine's From the L. A. Herald-Exam: 'Spyros Skouras. president of her ludio, returned from visiting Miss Taylor in Rome and said that umors of the reported breakup are absurd.' He rejected reports iat he flew to Rome because of S'hclpmeh, 20th Century-Fox! TV critic Bob Hull's burp: "We avc just passed through a week f calamitous doings on television likes of which I hope I never ee again." Ingrate! If it weren't for tv's ast wasteland, you wouldn't have uch easy columns to do, tsk-tsk. From the papers: "Munich, Germany: Mrs. Anne von Ribben- op, widow of Hitler's foreign ihiister, has written a book enitled: 'Conspiracy Against the 'eace.' It deals with events lead- ng to World War II." Yah, fraulein. Ve decadent mericans provoked Hitler anc 'he Master Race into defending he Faddaland from "encircle- nent." Hcil to your late Heel! The L. A. Times' mean editoral: "Amateur Night at the State Department. The U. S. attorney [eneral's de facto functioning as LOUGHBHOUGH, (England) -- UPD--Harry Waterficld, 85, who las spent 40 years as a boiler ·oom worker was given a choice an award for his long service. He chose a refrigerator. TODAY'S BEST FROM EUROPE The Lighter Side In Washington By DICK WEST BLABV, England (UPD - Evening mathematics classes are be- ng attended here by 100 parents so they can help their children vith their homework. CEDAR RAPIDS. Iowa (UPD-- Robert M. Smith Jr. lost control if his car and it ran through two ences, clipped off several telephone poles, knocked down a mail box and smashed into railroad tracks. The accident knocked out telephone service (o 50 homes and emporarily halted Rock Island ines trains because of the track damage. The only thing unscathed vas Smith. EXETER, England (UPD -- A jotential customer enlered a bookshop and asked if it carried any special books appropriate for Lent. "I'm sorry," the salesperson said, "we've given up our lending library." LEICESTER, England UPI- Leicester Jail is looking for supply of "gay picture" magazines to brighten the lives of illiterate prisoners. WASHINGTON (UPI)-A friend of mine in the baby doctoring game has called my attention to a couple of items which he re- ;ards as significant developments in the healing arts. .One is a report on a plan jointly sponsored by the American Medical Foundation and the Sears Roebuck Foundation to help place octors in small towns. "1 didn't realize that my knowl- dge of mail order department :ores was so far behind the lines," my friend commented. Isn't it wonderful that you now a.n order a doctor from Sears toebuck? "The catalog should be most in- eresting. No more waiting in doc- ors' offices. Buy now, pay later, omplete assortment of 19G2 mod- Is available." My friend added that he also ·ould be interested in seeing ome of the letters that customers rite to the complaint depart- lent. He speculated that they light read something like this: "Dear Sirs, "Last month I ordered one ob tetrician, complete with instruments, but through some mixup n the catalog number we got an ar, nose and throat specialist in- lead. "We are relruning him, here vith, and since my wife is abou 1 o deliver any day, would you Avoided More Attacks -- Whc the "nine old men" came unde fire of the liberals as reaction aries, culminating in FDR's a tempt to pack the court, Chie Justice Hughes tried to--and di --repulse FDR's assault by per suading conservative colleagues t uphold New Deal legislation. H had his hardest time with th late Owen J. Roberts, the brl liant Teapot Dome prosecutor. In many instances, the nei Hughes majority, reversing pre vious decisions and precedent set by themselves, adopted the ery philosophy of the three iberals as they had expressed it in their dissents. But Chief otism of U.S. politicians. This could blur the image of ACA and The Washington Window By Lyle C. Wilson (lease rush the obstetrician? "P.S.: How much is the 'down payment on a pediatrician?" The other item that Intrigued my doctor friend told of the de- 'elop'ment of an "electronic lulla- ly," a battery-powered transistor- zed speaker for use in getting abies to sleep. The device is placed in the crib vhere it makes "a comforting B-flat hum" that allegedly will tranquilize 90 per cent of fretful nfants is in 30 seconds to five minutes. "Somewhere my pediatric train- ng has been grossly neglected my friend observed. "I have nev- T before been aware that a B-flat ium would tranquilize fretful in- »nts. "Why B-flal? Is this the key of most monotone motheres as they sing lullabies? "I suppose that psychologists who are interested in pre-natal nfluences would say that B-flat is the lone the baby heard from lis mother's intestianl activity be- 'ore it was born. "If that is the case, then my sense of pitch must be off. It seems to me that the last time I listened to an abdomen with a stethoscope, the tone was a per- "ect C-sharp." Not being cither a medical man or a musician myself, I'm afraid I can't clarify this matter. But f I ever order a doctor .from Sears Roebuck, I want him to lave a tuning fork in his kit. The News WASHINGTON (UPD -- That tablished as a trust. ACA chair- Justice Hughes never permittee any of the trio Io deliver the new liberal opinions. He would turn the assignment over to one of the six conservatives in order to take the heat off them, and to refute FDR's charge that they were "living his major complaint against the and legislating in a horsc-and- buggy age." H, Aiil To City Bosses -- However, the three liberals, who had a grand but biting sense of humor, outsmarted the Chief Justice. In Iheir separate, concurring opin ions, they recalled that the ma-;i! .science i The f i r s t step: field. vitahlish ! linn educational found.-ition in- i-indiiis; l;muu;ii;es, li'iiic :tnl ni^li^h 'om[Hisilinn, 'in ;uidilinn Io niailu'inatics ;nitl sciciH'O. The yc;irs of j;r:idunle sludy, 111 . ..nrnard College, New York, andji o r i | y " f lnc cmir ' was now ir . I l l r y n llawr. in Pennsylvania. Shc| lcl 'P rclin S thc Conslitution in no is a Phi Bcla Kappa, author of numerous technical articles cryslals' properties, lecturer, ,-intl a fellow of both the American Physical Society and Ihe Ameri- She has been will) Bell Labor;!- lorit's .since HM3 :ind is married to one of (lie firm's electrical a woman's hi'coming a physicist is her prejudice nuainsl herself," .said Dr. Wood. "She grows up in a sociely lhal says .science is man's licid . y. is ;ill riglu u n m a n . OIUT sin 1 owrcoim' ,'ind It-aching, lor [ii.ili-hiih'iil ;niil di'lrrminahon, she is cord with Iheir views as expressed in previous dissents. Many lawyers regard it ns · perhaps poetic justice- been chosen to deliver the opinion on redistricting political dis- Iricls in favor of the great urban ccnlers. He hails from what used Io be me of Ihe most polities-ridden eilies in the land, and whero th lale Mayor Frank Hague once said, "I am the law." II is Ihe fear lhal the Brennnn decision will strengthen the power and scope of city bosses like Hague lhal arouses misgivings iver ils potential implicalions. ( A McClure Newspaper Synili- ·ale Feature*. vas not quite the kiss of death hat former Gen. Edwin A. Walker conferred on the organization known as Americans for Constitu- ional Action. Not quite! Walker testified before a Senate :ubcommittee investigating freedom of speech within the armec services. ACA was identified the standard by which the resigned general judged the patri- do the organization considerable harm. To help set the record straight: It should be remarked that Walker did not get from ACA any o] the information on which he basec Kennedy administration. He al leged that there was in Washington an unwritten policy of collusion and collaboration with the International Communist conspiracy. Americans for Constitutional Action got shoved into the Walker show because he advised troops under his command in Germany Io check the ACA record of candidates for political office before voting. His complaints about collusion and what he called the decision - making apparatus in that Justice Brrnnan should have Washington were vague and un- iiipporled. There is nothing vague about ACA ratings of members of Congress. Whether (he ratings are sup lorlcd by adequate evidence is i judgment eneh person must nake for himself. Conservative- nindcd Americans generally will iccept the ACA ratings a.s soundly ascd and valuable for illuminat- ng Ihc voting record of senators mil representatives. ACA is a responsible, reputable organization. II is a non-partisan,' volunlary, national political action ind educational organization cs- man is retired Admiral Ben Mo- reel, formerly board chairman of the Jones Laughlin Steel Corporation. Directors include former President Hoover; Charles Edison, of New Jersey: Felix Merely, "of Maryland; and Loyd Wright, former president of the American Bar Association. Moreel slated the organization's political philosophy in a statement on publication of the firsl ACA index grading members of Congress on their voting records. "If a n y o n e has wondered," Moreel said, "why the socialistic virus has been penetrating our oversized, centralized government, resulting in higher and higher taxes, bigger and bigger public debt and more people pushed around by government than ever before in U. S. history, he con find the answer in the ACA in-! dex." The index reported lhal 14 U.S. senators and 108 representatives! of both political parties could be' counted on consistently to supper sound money, local self-government, individual liberty and private competitive enterprise. There is an ACA consistency index lating to 77 U.S. Senate record votes. A senator who voted right )y ACA standards would grade 100 per cent on consislcncy. How this works out can be shown by comparing Ihe ACA consistency grades of four notable dcmocrallV senators: Sen. Harry F. Ilyrd, Va., 112 per cenl; Sen. Frank J. l.auschc, Ohio, (II; Sen. Hubert 11. Humph- ·ey, Minn.. 1: Sen. Wayne Morse, Ore.. 5. The ACA standard was lhal the voles were oilhrr for or ngninsl ndividual dignity, sound economic growth, slrongiT consliliilionnl lovernment, collcclive moralily and socialized oconomv. By United Press International GLOUCESTER, Mass. -- Atty ien. Robert · Kennedy, asking Americans to hlep project a bet ter image of themselves to Euro peans: "It's up to the people of this country to gel across to those in Europe wat true Americans are really like." HONOLULU - Adm. Harry D Felt, on the involvement of Amer Scan soldiers in the fighting in Viet Nam: "We must remember thai when our people are fired on, they an prepared to fire back." BLUEFIELD, W. Va. - Mrs Tunney Hunsaker, wife of heavy weight boxer who suffered a brain injury during a boxing match: "I hope they ban boxing. I'm against it all the way." A l m a n a c By United Press International Today is Tuesday, April 10, the 100th day of the year with 265 to follow in 1962. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Jupiter and Saturn. The evening star is Venus. On this day in history: In 1841, Horace Greeley published the first issue of the New York Tribune. In 1849, Walter Hunt of New York City received a patent for tiis invention of the safety pin. In 1946, Japanese women went to the polls to vote for the first time in the history of Japan. In 1951, President Truman decided to relieve Gen. Douglas MacArthur of his commands in the Far East. He was formally relieved the following day. A thought for (lie day: English writer Samuel Buter said: "The man who lets himself be bored is even more contemptible than the bore." SENATOR CAUCUS, by Pete Wyma Copr. '42 Gen'l Featuttl Corp. TM-WorM Rrariti Rivd "When you voted to increase the National dcbc limit, I was sure you meant ours too!I" -- --,

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