Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1976 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1976
Page 24
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N«1hw«t ArV«n*»» T1MK, Sunday, April 18, 197* , ARKANSAS ' Professional Basketball By TVf'Aw«cW«I Press 'NBA Pta.vofls 4im11(jrtag Round Eastwood Holds Slim. Lead In Tallahasse Tourney ,, ... Apr. 18 BufUto at Philadelphia, after- Detroit a* .Milwaukee, series tkd M. ,' tied ty, Apr. IS Stittte 'at Phoenix, fieri i-i. ',_;; ···- Twr^Uy, Apr. 20 Seattle' at Phoenix W«****».v, Apr. 21 . 1 ClOT«lMxi kt Washington 1 nairtday, Apr. « _'u Washington, at Cleveland lei *$WMl«y, Apr. J5 "^Pboenix al .Seattle, nfterntx'i Monday, Apr. 26 ."Cleveland - a t Washington, TALLAHASSEE, Kla. {AP) - Unheralded seven-yen* lollr pro Bob Eastwood knocked I wo more strokes off par Saturday and held a one-shot lead after Th-j-d-iwrxl ««#* SatunJay in tfw JWJ.OM T^tU?'*'*** Oftfi M ttw 7.131- j-juxi, pftr-W KUI^m GcCf a-J^ Oounlr7 "rit* twi^^i Bob Easlwwl te««.7»-3M John MJkhatfn- S..l-«b-ate Gary Kw;h ^-59-67-207 - - Tom Stortry J-72-7\J- BOb Cnarle* 6S-7J«9- Ron Cwrudo 72-70-fs- Hac McLflnAin 73-7069- Bttbtiy WaUtt iO.T*-S- Dan Elliot! 70,73*3--312 Gritr Jones 72-TO-iO-- 312 JC* Vorter . 7369-71^312 Vlrtor RppaLisJo 53-73-70--212 Lon IHilfi 51-74-71--J12 f Newquiit TO-TI-^i--313 Tw#4*y, Apr. 77 Seattle at Phoenix, Jf nee. Eary / ^ - . TtaiTSfUy, Apr. Z9 Washington at Cleveland, ~ "i^F Pfeotnlf «£:; Apr. 30 If twees- , Apiv 1$ at San Antonio, _ -San Antonio leads sent*, 2-1. ftfoday, Apr. 19 Sail Antonio at New York Deaver7at Kentucky Wednesday, Apr. 21 Deow; at KenWfey New ^ork at San Antonio, If ... Apr. 22 K«Bhicky at Denver, if i wry at K«rtw*y, after- Ssm ADtooio at Kcrw York, tf Apr. H tt »»«*- Arnold f Tred Marti .Nate Slajfcts Forrest Fftiler Bobby CoJe Wik« lUasor · Ste^'e ilefnyk Lee Wj tie Arwly Btsa Mariy Flecknisn Tom E\-ans Pan! !oran Rax CaldweL Glbhy Gllbefi Dol« ;Eay« .varit pfcn 81 ' Perry LeilLe Bob Duval Wlke Khea Jim Thorps Dave Pbilo fob Menne Bob Shaw _ " . Veralo "»ry Wlch. Tom Purb«r ~ Lolt . PoweiB ,--,-J BaloccU E.T1. SilWe 71-11.72-215 71-72-72--213 65-73-7569:73-73--315 6^72-71--215 7-72-73-T 215 7373-71--216 71,74-71--SL8 72-7I-7B-2LS three rounds of Ihc ?80,OQQ Tallahassee Open Golf Tournament. Easlwcwd, whose best pre- vioiis finish was a tEe for eighth in last year's Byron Nelson Classic, stood at 11-under-par 205 for 54 holes after a 7i3 on the 7,124-yard Kitlearn Golf and Country Club course. He has led this Professional Golfers' Association event from the start after shooting an opening-round 66 His closest competitor entering today's final 18 holes was John Mahaffey, who fired a sis- imder-par 66 Saturday to move 10 shots under par. Third was Gary Koch, who had a Five-un der 67 Saturday aiid was nine under par. 1 · Lyn Lolt, who had trailed Eastwood by a single shot first two days, posted four bo goys and finished the day with a 'one-over-par 73 to fall '"'shots off the pace. WSix other golfers--Ron Cer rudo. Bob Erickson, Hot Charles, Tom Storey, Allen ler and Mac McLendon--wer at 211, five under par. NO CHARGE A charge by Arnold palmcr the pre-toumament favorit after tying the course recor riathe. The 46-year-old fonne with a 63 in Wednesday's pro- ain events again failed to mat* 70-74-72--216 S3-74.75--216 70-74-73--216 (3-T4-74--216 73-73-72--217 7S-73-7I--i21 72:74-71--217 75-71-71--217 72-74-71--217 73-72-72-317 71-74-72--217 72-73.1 77.57-1 71-73-73-7517 70-73-71--217 73-7J-72-21S 77-6^72--216 74-73-72-^118 71-71-73--216 T-7B-72--21 73-73-73-^36 TtWt-li--214 71-75-73-^21 College Baseball Houston 10-4. Tosfis l j Tesas Tcell 8-] S. Baylgr 7-10 T«sas ChrUUttn at SoulfaerQ Methodist, ppd.. wcl Eromids :lcr of Hie lour hni his second Iraiglit par 72 to remain Engle shot .untlcr par and 10 Tots off ilie lead. "It would he a thrill of a llfc- mc to get the first win. I think hat's the hardest one to get,' aid Eastwood, a 30-yoar-old csitlcnt-ot Siockton, Calif. Eastwood held n two-shot ad 'anlago until three-pulling thi inal hole for his only hogey 0! lie day. He had three birdie! md snlvAgcd'ii par-three on tin 5th holo wilh a spectacula chip shot which stopped lw eel from the hole nfler tii drive oversliol the green by 3 ect. In llahnffey. he faces a (01 mida.blo foe in Ihe final round Mahaffey, 26. wns eighth earnings Insl year wilh S141.4 1 ind starids 24lli this year wit $24.052. "He's got more cx-perienc than 1 do," admitted Eastwood who first joined Hie lour in 136 bill was taken oTi it for lw years when he was dralted inl the U.S. Army. "Bill he's gol to play th same holes I do. I'm jusl goin to go oul , a n d play hole-b; hole," added Eastwood. Mahaffey, a Kerrville. To native who has cleared th §100,000 mark in earnings th past three years, said: "l'\ had a little pressure befor !'m going lo go out and ju play golf tomorrow. I'm goin to fry to do better than 66." . His six-under.par round Sa urday included seven birdi and 'a lone bogey. He term' his play "solid ... 1 really fe I shouldn't have had a bogey Violence In Pro Hockey TORONTO (AP) -- ' Conn my the, - Hie mnn who b-' 1 ' le Leaf Gnrdotis and oui. Toronto Alnpiu Leafs for nany years', says lie can'l KI?C hat all the hullabaloo is about 0 nc cm ing vtole i ice i n pro ockcy. The man who once nid: "It you can't Hck 'om in ID alley you can't beat 'em on ice," says he found nothing ttanioful in Thursday niglil's National Hockey League pby- ff game al Hie Gardens he ween the Leafs and Phlla lelphia Flyers. ' Three Philadelphia players-; oc Watson, Don Salcski and ilel Brirtgman-- were charged Friday will) -various counts of ssaull acid possessing. otfen !ve weapons- (heir hockej licks. They were remamlct Satiirtlay t o ' J u n e 10 For se a (rial date. Hockey, says Mr, SmyLlie, h A man's ganic" and players lave to know how to "give ant ake." "How many people are hillei iti sports compared to the mim bcr killed by sucking ciga rettes, drinking beer uncl wild driving?" Lawyer Alan Eagloson, who represents the NHL Players As sac ia E ion, says it is t ime the la\v here and in the United Stales took some notice of vio Sencc on the ice. Referring lo an incident in volving a Metropolitan Toronl policeman behind the pcnaltj bench in Thursday's game. Mr Eagleson said: " S w i n g In sticks at police caniiol be toler aled." The association, he-said,' been unable to persuade owner of hockey teams to crack dow on fighting, "but \vu thigh have lo insist on it ,or ' nvc inoi-b of our players n ourL nml behind bars." Some fans who watched UK amo, cither on television or ve. said they were; upset by 10 violence. "It wns disgusting, absolutely isgusling," said Peter Wrigln t Toronto, wlm sent lii* MJJH^ gcs 10 and II, out of the room vlicrc they were watching the atiie on telcvEsiou. Joan Mclntyru, who wns nt he iinme, said people sitting m rout of her kept yelling: 1 Wt want blood, we wanl blood 1 . \ntl she called (he game a clis- race. ]nga Aagnai'd of Toronto ap Guided (ho actions of pohct and Attorney-General Ro.\ M c M u r t r y , w h o ordcrcc charges filed. "It seems to, hi he · most effective way ot con rolling violence." she said 'iNothing else seems to work." Referee Dave Newell, callw 1G3 infinites in penalties durini ;hc game, which Leafs won 5--! Cards Holc-ln-One PANHANDL10, Tex. {AP) -Tommy Brown, an 18-yoar-o! n'gli school senior, figured h would blow his shot on the pn 5. 418-yard sixth hole at lh Panhandle Country Club, t" did -- right into the en p. "I knew I hit it pretty good, Brown said, "but 1 couldn't Ui lieve it when I found my ball i the cup." The 155-pound Brown said 1 used a three-wood last week fo his first hole-ln-one.. He cardc a 36 for the nine holes played. According to Golf Digest, 11 longest hole-in-one in t! United States was recorded a 440-yard hole in Omaha, Nc' in 1965: CHICAGO (AP) -- Mike chmldt hit fair successive oinc runs, Including a two-nln, i-brcnkinf! shot in Hie "10th in- ing. mid drove in eight runs, o w c r i n g the Philadelphia billies to a wild 18-16 victory the Chicago Cubs Satnr- ny in a slngiesl which fou ired nine home runs and 4 its. Rick Monday hit hyo home uns »nd a pair of singles ii ,e first Four innings for Chi Eigo as the Cubs van up. a 13-2 cjitl before Schmidt and the "nils Iwgan blasting away. Schmidt hit a 'two-run home the fifth, a solo shot En tilt cventh, capped a live-rut ·^iglith with a three-rim home and finally slugged his fourtl traighl and tiftli Ibis season ii ho 10th. Schmidt's power show made ihh only Ihc fourth player loi lit four "consecutive home runs' n a major league game and he first National Leaguer lo do t since Bob I/we of the Boston Braves on May 30. 1B94. The other two players to accomplish the Ecat Were American Lea gi i CTS----LO u G ch r ig of the New York Yankees on June 3, 1932, and Rocky Galavilo of the Cleveland Indians on June 10, 1H59- The Phils (led It 13-13 in the ninth with n ]cndoff homer by Bob Boone, tlicn made it 15-13 on a single by Bobby Tolan, a triple by Larry Bowa und a meze bunt by Jay Johnsfone. The Cubs came back to tie it 15-15 in the bottom of the ninth on a single" by Jerry M double by Andy Thornton and n .two-run single by Steve Swi sher. Orioles Top Oakland 6-1 OAKLAND (AP). -- BaW- norc's Cy Young Award win- icr Jim Palmer pitched Ilia 111) Itircc-hlUer of his major enj^nu career Saturday, beat* ng (he Oakland A's 0-1 in their ionic opener. The Orioles' right-hander held tlic A's liiiless until the sixth inning \vlicn Former Oriole Don Baylor's one-ouL single scored 'Cl.mdell Washington w i t l i the only A's r u n . The Orioles took a 2-0 lend in Ihe (on of the sixth on a pair of unearned runs off Oakland stnrler Mike Torrez, a former Oriotc. In the seventh, Ihey scored four runs. Including two on rookie Andres Mora'B first big league lioinor. Mora, n 20-year-old outfielder who hit 35 homers last season in the Mexican League, Ml the first Ditch bv reliever Paul Lindhald over the left field fence. Lindbnlri had pitched 91 consecutive innings without allowing i home run. Palmer walked five and valltcd one in picking up his ccond victory against one loss. Sets World Record ATHENS (AP) -- K'alalil Maracosu of Romania b r o k o he world record in the women's 2,000 meters Saturday willl n time of 5 minutes 43.94 seconds at Athens Karaiskaki Stadium in the Greek-Romania' Track and Field Meet. The 20-year-old Romanian star eclipsed the record of 5:48.08 held by Crete Anderson of Norway. Miss Maracoscu also tried to break the one-mile world record hut her 4:29.0 was fmn:-tcmlhs of a second slower than the time held by Paola Pigni of Italy. Pqlfner May Be Lcqving Tour TAL^XHASSEE. FU.- (A? ! -- AraoJd Palmer shot a. dls-; ·^pointing even-par 72 in the $W.OflB..'TalIaliassee Open golf todTianent and said afterward be was-considering dropping off ih« tour for awhile. '"Really, I'm not playing wtll,"^ said Palmer, the one* time ruler of the PGA tour who hs struggled aU season, missing Itie cut in live of the nine tournaments he has entered. "I've tried to play out of it. I havenjt'been. very successful at that;"lailded Palmer, reer ha$ gone downhill dramat- leally-Sfnce he recorded a career-Sigh $209,603 in earnings in 1971. -He made only $36,293 in 1974 and 559.017 last season. "I fee] the thing might be to lay o!F~a couple of weeks," he said. ;'/J'm in a quandry as to Calmer, 46, is not among the lop i'tN) money winners this year.v*He stands at one-under- par ?15 after 54 holes here, far out otihe lead. But in the pro- am prior to the tournament, Palmar shot 2 course record-tying 63, T TnV just not hitting the golf haUs'^ood," he said. i I get something going ss like H Might be good disappears quickly," he BiB Manon " G*orj Griitfei Tray Ocnla · Divid W. S»Kh Sunday Starters B.v THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Probable pitchers for Sunday's, major.., league baseball games: National League New York (Swan 0-0) at Pittsburgh (Reuss 1-0). Lfls Angeles (Hooton 0-1) at Atlanta (Morton 0-1). San Francisco (Montefusco I- 1) at Cincinnati (Gullett 0-0). Philadelphia (Cariton 0-1) at Chicago (Zahn 0-0). V Montreal (Warthen 0-0) at St. Louis (Denny 0-0), San Diego (Strom 1-0 and Jones 2-0) at Houston (Cosgrove 0-0 and Andujar 0-0), 2. American League Chicago (Wood 1-1) at Boston (Lee 0-0). Minnesota (Blvlevan 0-1) at New York (Hunter 1-1). Cleveland (Dohson 0-1) at Kansas City .(Leonard 0-0). Milwaukee (Slalon 2-0) at Texas (Briles 1-0). Detroit (Bare 0-0) at Califor- nla (Hassler 0-1). Baltimore (Holtzman 1-0) at Oakland (Blue M). ' .. P Make light work of · problem weeds! : J, Two convenient spray cans that I ;·.; help lawnowners forget about weeds. ».. (A knock Dot grass and wet/Is in walks, driveways and lauos. The idtsl way to cono! profcT«n ««ds *nd gn«« aroond the horn*. Talces cut cf Ihc to'JEKits lite clamf* of eosne tes- CTC, tpxdweU and KpoUtd spo tge, Can $2.45 clear out dandelions and similar needs without harm to grass, Controls 30 ci ihe most common faoaJ-, leaf and vining we«di found m UftTis. Yet Jl's kind lo good grin--EeU il grow /ner- rily on, Alio- an ideal control for poison $2.45 UJr Hardware Phon* 521-4500 AUTOMOTIVE SALE WARDS GRAPPLER' ' Tubeless' Whitewall Size Free Front End Check! 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