Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 10, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
Page 3
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Judge Postpones Verdict In Huge Damage Claims LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Sup rior Judge Lloyd S. Nix Monda postponed until Thursday the a nouncement of a verdict in tl $4.6 million damage suit filed b builder Hal Hayes against Conti' cntal Casualty Co. The- continuance was granted allow Nix. more time to study te timony and to give attorneys i the case time to present oral a gumenls concerning the integrit of two witnesses. Attorneys were asked to pn pare their views on testimon given by Alvin T. Locke, a ct defendant in the suit, and Joh K. Stoddard, manager of Contin ental's bonding division in Los An geles. Hayes claimed in his suit-tha he was forced to abandon $60 mi lion worth of military housing pro ects because Locke, a contract estimator who was recommended t him by Stoddard, made "inac curately low" estimates on pro ect costs. Continental has filed an $8. million counter suit against Haye for reimbursement of funds pai to suppliers and subcontractor under terms of completion bonds Congressmen Vote Calitornia Wines 'Just As Good' WASHINGTON (UPI)-A grou of congressmen got together Mon day night and agreed that Cal fornia wine is just as good, if no better, than imported wine. Most of the California congres sional delegation played host at wine tasting reception with jus such an outcome in mind. Democrats and Republican agreed it was a success. "Our California wines are ver much the equal of foreign im ports," said Rep. Harold T. John son, D-Calif. Rep. William S. Maillard, I Calif., said he always served Ca! ifornia wine to visiting diplomat and "they're always surprised a its high quality." Rep. Clem Miller, D-Calif., sak he thought "American wines hav to meet, a much higher standan than imported 'wine." Others'in attendance include Rep. Ralph Rivers, D-Alaska, ani Rep. Joe Martin, R-Mass. The; had a choice of 34 wines repre senting 17 wineries. Overseas Aid By Volunteers Noted WASHINGTON (UPI) - Presi dent Kennedy Monday proclaims this week Voluntary Overseas Aic Week and said he doubted tha "our assistance programs abroad especially in the distribution o food, could be effective withou the help of the voluntary agen KIEM TV 3 . TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 1K1 4:W--Commander Astronaut. 5:30--Quick Draw McGraw. 4:00--Newi *:lfc-We«ther. i:15--Dougl« Edwards Newi. 1:30--Championship Bowling. 7:30--Marshall Dillon. «:(*-- Password. 8:30--Dobie Giltil. t:00--Red Sketfon. T: 30-Global Zobelt. 10:00--Garry Moore Show. 11:00--News and Weather. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1T62 3:34--Search for Tomorrow. 2:40--Guiding Light. 2:55-CBS NCWI. 3:00--Brig tit er Day 3:15--Secret Storm 3:30-- Edge of Night 4:00--Commander Astronaut. 5:3ft--Yogi Btar *: 00--News ino--weather. K-RED 1469 KC KIEM WEDNESDAY: Local News 7:45, 11:00p, S:00p. Mutual Newi on halt hour. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather 4:48, 7:32, 12:2Qp, «:1Sp, »:S*p, 10:3Bp. FAA Flying Weather 7:30, 7:1Sp. Slock Market 7:SS, S:10p. State Employment 8:54. Eureka Police 9:S«. Farm Advisor' 13:30p. Employment 1:54p. Highway Patrol 4:5Bp. eureka TONIGHT S:30-Bullwlnk,e. 4:00-- The News by Six With Jack Mortimer. i:l5-Hunlley-Brmklcy Report. A-.3-- Rtpeord. 7:30-- Bugs Bunny Show. B:OB- Bachelor Father. 8j30-- The New Breed. ?;3tt-- Yours For A Song. 10:00-- Haiti. 10:30-- Death Valley Days. 11:15-- Hews Final 11:30-- Tonight (In Color). TOMORROW »i1S-Romper Room. 10:00-- The Price li Right (In Color). 10:30-- Coffeo Break With Tha League. 10t45-- Kemp's Garden Newt. lliOO-- Tennesiei Ernie Ford, Hi3o-- Yours For A sing. 11:00-- Camouflage. 12)30-- Window Shopping. hOO-- Day In Court. lilS-- Mid-Day Report. 1:50-- Bingo. JiftO-- Jano Wyman Show, 3:00-- Quocn For A Day. 3:39-- Who Do You Truit. 4(00-- American Bandstand. 4iSO~ American Nawittnd. SiOO-- Ranger Mark. Si 36-- Comedy Caperi. i'M-Tho Hiwi by i Wiltl Jack Mortimer. Ann Landers ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS Dear Ann Landers: Just how far is a female registered nurs supposed to go to make a male patient comfortable? Is the nurse supposed to help him shave when his wife is righ in the room and perfectly able to do it? Is 'it part of the nurse's jo to massage a man's neck and back when he is in the hospita for a leg injury? Vou understand this nurse is not a special--she's just a. floo nurse. I notice the women patients down ; the hall always hav their call lights on: They could croak before this nurse woul answer their bells. She's in my husband's room constantly--adjusl ing the window shades and filling his water pitcher. Are there any regulations about how tight a nurse's uniforr. is supposed to fit? Please give me the facts in print because I'm sure others would like to know, too.--MAYO MRS. Dear Mrs.: I hope by the time you read this answer your hus band is at home, and that YOU are feeling better, too. Some females can't tolerate another woman near their husbands Such a wife is often hostile toward, and competitive with, her hus band's nurse because of the nature of the service she performs I assure you, Ma'm, your husband's nurse was only being cheer ful, efficient and friendly--like it says in the manual. Dear Ann Landers: My wife is very fond of a 16-year-old gir who lives next" door. She has engaged Dottie as a sitter for ou three children on several occasions during the past year. Dottii is reliable and competent and the children love her. One of the rules set down by my wife was that Dottie is not ti have guests over while sitting. Last week Dottie offered to sit fo half price if she could have her boy friend over. She said all they would do is homework and watch TV. . I am opposed to this. My wife says the fact that Dottie askec proves she's a good girl. Also, my wife says it would be nice tc save the money. Your opinion is wanted.--MR. ? ? Dear Mr. ? ?: The answer is no. Not even if Dottie were willini to pay you to let her sit. Teenagers should not be provided with such a cozy set-up. I has too many ingredients which could add up to Big Trouble "No visitors" should be a hard and fast rule for all teenage sitters Dear Ann Landers: I've been seeing a woman who is charming intelligent, exciting--and also very mysterious. She claims she i employed by a secret government agency and that I must not asl her any personal questions. I'm not permitted ot pick her up at home. She meets me a the corner drug store. I can't get her home telephone number- she says it isn't necessary since she calls me every day. (True). I've never met any of her friends or family. When I ask ques tions about her faith she tells me to have faith and one day she'l tell me all. I've been dating this girl for four months and I'm falling in love. My friends say her story sounds fishy. What do you say? -TRUSTING FOOL Dear Fool: I say any woman who can't be phoned or picked up at home is probably concealing something--like a husband. People who work for government agencies, don't have to hide their friends and relatives and go in for type of hocus-pocus you describe. This doll sounds like bad news. ·fr "fr · · Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Before You Marry--Is It Love Or Sex?" enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Sem them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Israel, Korea in Diplomatic Move JERUSALEM (UPI) - Israel nd the Republic of Korea will stablish diplomatic relations at le ambassadorial level, it wai mnounced Monday. Bank Quotes SAN FRANCISCO (UPI(-Banks Bank of America ,55%-58yi Security Firlt 73 -77V Eells Fargo 70 -73' is United California 58 -62 Crocker-Anglo 51Vi-54¥ THE FAMILY CIRCUS, by Bil Kecine "The sarhe to you, Fella!" MIDGEI WRESTLERS EUREKA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM TONIGHT 8 P.M. LITTLE BEAVER LORD LITTLEBROOK VS. FUZZY CUPID SKY LOW LOW ..... AND -- HEAVYWEIGHTS RAY STEVENS U.S. CHAMPION VS. JOE BRUNETTI ..... ALSO PEPPER GOMEZ vs. RED BASTIEN PRICES $1.50 · $1.50 · $1.00 LITTLE BEAVER DESERVED SEATS Now On Sl. at Hook t BulM 133 F Si. N« phnni Clllt pltM Maximilian Scheil, Miss Loren Win Top By VEKNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- Sophia joren, whose fear of losing kept ler from appearing at the scene of her greatest triumph, today was acclaimed by Hollywood as [he best actress of 1961. Sharing her victory was German born Maximilian Sehell who won Ihe best actor Oscar at Monday night's 34th annual Academy Award presentations at . Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, making it a double win for foreign stars. "West Side Story," voted the jest picture of the'year, almost swept the boards, winning 10 of its 11 Oscar nominations. Miss Loren, an international jlamour girl, won the award for ler sexless role of a tattered mother in war-torn Europe in "Two Women." Earlier Monday the actress, in Rome for a new film, said, " juess I didn't go to Hollywooi jecause I am scared." On heai ng of her victory she said, "I'm so happy I just can't believe m; ears. It's just wonderful, wonder r ul, wonderful." Plays Defense Attorney Scheil won his award playing jerman defense attorney in 'Judgment at Nuremberg." In hi acceptance speech he thanked hi costars saying, "especially tha ;reat old man Spencer Tracy whi vas nominated for the eighth tim: his year." "West Side Story's" 10 award placed the picture second in .ime Oscar competition, toppec mly by "Ben-Hur" which collect ed 11 golden statuettes two year i. It also won an honorary award for "the art of choreogra hy on film," given to Jerome Robblns. Two of its winners were Rita Horeno and George Chakiris who vere voted best supporting ac ress and best supporting actoi espectively. They played lovers the musical which also won est directing awards for Roberi Vise and Jerome Bobbins. The 2 hour 5 minute telecast uth Bob Hope as master of cere monies was attended by 2,500 persons, including many of Holly vood's top stars. Crasher Startles Hope Among the nominees in the au lience were Natalie Wood, ompanied by boyfriend Warren Beally. Paul Newman, with his vife Joanne Woodward, Audrej lepburn, Geraldinc Page and Slu irt Whitman. Comedian Hope was startled by lie unscheduled appearance o jrofessional gate crasher Stai lerman, a New York cab driver Grocer Dies In Struggle Over Bag Of Peanuts MODESTO (UPI I - A Modesto larket owner collapsed and dice londay night shortly after slrug- ling with a customer who alleg- dly walked away from his store : ithout paying for a 39-cent bag t peanuts. The market owner, Joseph Nu es, 60, was dead on arrival at ounty Hospital. He apparently uffered a heart attack. Sheriff's officers reported Robrt S. Bell, 42, went into Nunes [arket in East Modesto and pur- liased a bottle of wine. When he 'alked from the store with the eanuts, Nunes' wife, Maria, fol- iwed him. A struggle ensued and Mrs. Nn es called for help. Her son, Erest, left the store while her hus- and went to her aid from their ome next door. The men subdued ell while Mrs. Nunes called heriff's officers. Nunes collapsed shortly after ic officers' arrival. Bell was larged with assault, battery, dis- irbing the peace and petty theft. Joan Crawford Hostess To Hands SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UPD- n unusual glamorous touch was Ided to the Academy Awards lis year when actress .loan Craw- ird was hostess to a champagne irty in her backstage dressing oom. Miss Crawford, herself an Acad- my Award winner for "Mildred icrce" in 19-15, presented Money night's best actor award to laximilian Scheil. While awaiting her call to go i near the end of the show, [iss Crawford invited stagehands, ardrobe girls, make-up men and hers to visit her dressing room. She had n caterer deliver chain- tgnc, soft drinks and hors 'ocuvrcs. The training college of the oyal Canadian Police at He- Snsk., has perhaps (ho ily church in (he world used schisivcly by policemen. who appeared on stage to present him with a miniature award for "your 1938 Oscar." Berman attracted attention by crashing President Kennedy's inauguration and astronaut John Glenn's New York reception, The best song award went to "Moon River," the theme for "Breakfast at Tiffany's." A crowd estimated at 1000 cheered the arriving celebrities, saving its warmest welcome, oddly, for two television stars, Rich- screen, were ard Chamberlain of "Dr. Kildarc" Monica jail. and Vincc Edwards of the "Uei Casey" scries. Following the- awards, winnei Scheil said, "I thought Paul New man or Spencer Tracy were mj competition. I was really expect ing Newman to win." Flies Fro Miss Moreno had flown all the way from the Philippine Islands where she is making another picture, to attend the Oscar shindig She said, "I was wondering wha it would feel like to come all thi way to lose." In addition to best picture, th best supporting actor awards anc best direction. "West Side Stoi\ also recorded Oscars for best ar direction of a color picture, bes cinematography of a color picture best costume design of a colo picture, best film editing, bes music, best sound achievement Judy Garland, a nominee foi best supporting actress was forced to cancel her appearance whei her son Joey, 7, became ill. Sanla Monica police arrested 12 pickets representing the Holly wood Race Relations Committal two hours before the award pro gram hegan. Charged with Ires passing, the pickets, carrying pb cards saying movies were unfaii portraying Negroes on the booked at Sant * * * * * * * * Even Ifie BesS Actress Didn't Sfiow By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD- (IIPD -If the Oscar show gets' any less glamorous than the one televised Monday night, it can be held in a ligh school gymnasium. Even the best actress, Sophia Loren, didn't show up for ABC-TV program, although idvertised for her award in the local trade newspapers. It was an act of ingratitude to her audience. Greer Garson accepted for her and hammed it up, as usual. It's only a half-hour drive from Hollywood to Santa Monica, where the awards were held, but the whole program was light years away from anything resembling show business. ~ ' and Producer Arthur Freed director Richard Dunlap consider the program a news event, not a show. The idea is that viewers are supposed to bo interested in looking at stars instead of entertainment. Okay. Besides Miss Loren, vhere were Marlon Brando? Marilyn Monroe. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Gary Grant. And so forth. If any of them were n the audience, why weren't hey utilized? We got some stars, of course. But we also got people like Richard Chamberlain and Vince Experienced Mon Named To Eureka Police Department An experienced police officer lecame the newest member ol he Eureka police department today when Chief Cedric E. Ema- liser announced the appointment if Douglas Wayne Sharp to the ocal department. Sharp was selected from a if applicants and came to the Surcka force from the Roseville lolice department, where he bar icrved since December, 1950. Sharp attended both San Jose itate College and American River lunior College as a political science major and took basic police raining at the Concord Police .cademy in I960. For the time being he is as- igned to police headquarters here or orientation in local depart- icnt procedure before being or- crcd to field duly. He already as passed all local tests and has ecn sworn in. The 24-year-old officer is niar- ied and lives with his wife and lirce children at 1001 17th Slreel Edwards -- television's two famous doctors--although their movie contributions rate a zero. The songs were the same case. Nominated tunes were sung by people like Gene Pitney. Johnny Matliis, Gogi Grant and Andy Williams. Who is Gene Pitney? the What movies have these people she made? Where was Bing Crosby? Sinatra. Martin. Judy Garland. Why didn't Shirley Jones sing? The idea that the show is not supposed to emphasize entertainment is an explanation, not an excuse. Even a news show needs pace. The Oscars have to get rid of all those honorary awards, which are just plain dull. Showmanship Lacking Hollywood trying (o be conservative is like Elsa Maxwell try- ng to slip into a size 12. Being conservative is not what made Hollywood the most famous en- :ertainmcnt center in the world, Pun, glamor and showmanship did it. All three were lacking Monday night. The Oscar show needs a re- ·amping. Bob Hope's gags arc imitless, but his annual appear- ince as master of ceremonies las almost made it his private house party. How about some- me who is less of a gagster-- ike Jack Lemmon, who was ilarious as a presenter Monday light. Spencer Tracy, an absent nominee, spoke for many stars whc'n he told this reviewer two year; ago: "For the Academy Awards lo he paraded in front of a TV camera, and then pay for it- well, isn't that something. I've never attended any of those awards done on TV." Can you blame him, what with the toothpaste commercials, and a drugstore type named Gene Pitney, wailing a song with such lines as, "Ours is not an easy Soph/a Gefs Word By Phone ROME: Holding two t e l e p h o n e s , Sophia Loren hears news she won best a c t r e s s Oscar for her role in "Two Women." (UPI Telephoto) ROME (UPI)--"I'm so happv I just can't believe my curs. It's just wonderful, wonderful, wonder :ul," Sophia Loren said ecstatic jlly early today upon hearing she :iad won an Oscar as best actress of 1961. Miss Lorcn's penthouse* apart ment in the heart of Rome sooi was a bedlam of ringing tele phones, photographers and close Friends--including Italian dircctoi Vitlorio DC Sica. Sophia was dressed in a night ;own and dressing gown, whili her husband, Carlo Ponti, wore dressing gown over his pajamas The tall, buxom actress yellei for champagne and she was join ed by her husband and De Sica vho drank exuberantly to hoi )scar--even though it was only :30 a. m. (Rome time). One of the first long-distance congratulatory calls came fror ine of Miss Loral's closest-Holywood friends, actor Gary Grant. "I went to bed early last nighl ut was so excited that I woke ip at three o'clock," Miss Loren old United Press International. 'I've been awake ever since." "Some friends called me from lollywood and told me about my vinning. Greer Garson accepted he award for me." Husband Held In Wife's Car Death BAKERSFIELD (UPD-A hear ng was pending today for a ma chinisl at the Naval Ordnanc Test Station at China Lake, cuscd of crushing his wife death with the family car in th carport of their home. William Horvalh, 51, Chin Lake, was to be brought here fo preliminary hearing and tri on charges of suspicion of drunke driving and negligent acts resu ing in death. Officers said Mrs. Bridget Hoi r ath, 45, was pinned against th carport wall by Horvath's ci Kennedy's Sister On British Mission SHEFFIELD. England (UPI)1 Irs. Eunice Sliriver, sister of 'resident Kennedy, visited here oday in the role of consultant to ie President's panel on menial clardalion. age . . lems." the young have prob- Well, at least Tracy didn't advertise for his nomination. LOS ANGELES (UPI (-Former tennis star Gussic Moran was awarded a divorce Monday from attorney Frank Simpson III. She testified that their marriage of less than a year failed because they did not share the same interest in sports and friends. Miss Moran, 38. of Santa Monica. Calif., told Superior Judge Rernetl Wolfson her 35-year-old luisband went, sailing while .she played tennis. First Meeting On Status Of Women WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The residenlial commission on the talus of women held its first iiisincss meeting Monday and irged elimination of government ob discrimination against women. CARPET OF THE MONTH DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile Reg. n n -r«j "·TM I B Sq. Yd. . . I B iq. yd. Incluclot inlljillntion pail MONTGOMERY WARD Hosts Expectant Parents Tomorrow The second monthly hospital visit oi' Parcnls-To-Bc will be held Trinity hospital. A r c a t a , . Wednesday, April 11, at 2 p.m.; Purpose of the visit is to ac-| quaint expectant parents with the : : acililics and personnel of the ma- .ernity department prior to the )irth of the child. The visit will also include a lour )f the department. Stale Department WASHINGTON ( U P I ) - Presi dent Kennedy announced Monday lint C. G r i f f i t h .Johnson, vici ·resident of the Motion Pictun \ssociation of America (MPAA) vill succeed Edwin M. Marlii us assistant .secretary of state fo economic affairs. Martin was recenlly named as iistanl secretary for inter-Ameri :an affairs. Fureka's finest selection of DIAMONDS . . . yours at · NO MONEY DOWN · UP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY « YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE 31 JEWELRY CO. SU FIFTH ST. EUREKA Call HI 3-6349 WATCH REPAIR ONLY S C 9 5 5 Y o u r watch thoroughly cleaned, oiled and limed to new watch perfection. Satisfaction guaranteed. Automatics slightly higher. JEWELRY CO. FIFTH ST. EUREKA Call HI 3-4349 ALY'S offers you o COMPLETE HOME DECORATING SERVICE Free oj Charge! Miss Gladys C a r l s o n , Daly's Interior Decoralor expert, will gladly call at your home with drapery a n d h o m e furnishing ·samples, measure a n d furnish estimates.. . advise on color harmony . . . without cost! No room too small! DALY'S has the LARGEST DRAPERY SELECTION in Northern California! More than 1,000 fabrics to chose from . . . for every type window, for every d e c o r . Draperies made to order . . . or ready - modes to hang right now! 10-MONTHS TO PAY when you charge draperies at Daly's! ATTENTION ALL ELKS! REGULAR MEETING WEDNESDAY APRIL Tlth Closing of Applications FRIED CHICKEN DINNER ATTENDANCE PRIZES 1st PRIZE $200 2nd PRIZE $200 3rd PRIZE $ 30

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