The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 7
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wf>- r PeilOwsriitl Wete 1ft- BitufiJay < beg1rming»t*a.«, tft« CaHHng lot tUcfc of the kt fteww- Fi«t .Mgtftoditt fflittreh, the SefiM* MW of tlw church will conduct aft tll'day , yottng people will enafge ef ctf , wltB ff« picku? . V JWSceed* from the project will be uwd to flay for th« ed- HEKDKRSOH MeHrtZKY Officer* \ntM fcfttt* at ftattce war** fcaKfrt whft |»t*. mat my ».,v-".-^, tri BLONDIB > GEANDMA. BEETLE BAILEY a f «eaf*>ltee«ttek Merti S«Mlarknltf by Mr t, 6*Ua Cappt, *U" ffia frttpett «<*», M«mi«kr, a litf . wtlf <ir«fld 8«ttftiwHi»HL tTnlterilrr. tilt «sr Mnt,i Beeft fMiBdartdfi Httti Bctiolaf at a.faneBeOa fctld at tibf ' ' Coldwater Commission JeWnA lieutenant' Robert R. Coldwater, ton of Mr. and Mr*. John A. Coldwater, Freeport, received htl comfnlsHon in the Air fore* Reserve* front Brigadier General Emrnett B. C*s> gady-durlng ceremonies held at he tJrUversity of Texas June 'One of forty-one AFROXC cadet* commissioned during the iraduatlon day ceremonies, Lt. :oldwater was graduated from he College of Business Administration with a Bachelor'* Deree In personnel masagement. fhlle at the University he was a member .of the Men's Independent Campus Association. Lt. Coldawter will report to •eekland Air Force Base for a four week,, orientation course when he is called to active duty n November. From there he is Scheduled to enter the eleven moth navigator training pro- gran through which he will ani the kflver wing* of an Air Force 1 navigator. • • • v CxKrrau.TH 7 ' orcrVMUTHK tTo-nn*rr- UL' ABNEE Bring Own Mugs , 'LOSDON —«R— A traveler 6 Russia ••advised would-be tourist* to bring alog trwlr own batik tub plug* when they visit i* Soviet Union. Richard Jane*, In a letter to Use Sunday Express, said bath plug* "are virtually non-existent I the Soviet Union "because it an old Russian custom to wash oneself tat running water. . o- First words,*pok«n over the telephone- were} "Watson, come here; I want you," spoken by Alexander Graham Bell to hi assistant. KHJfOy A RIAL ITALIAN PIZZA PIE r*perenlt tlatym pxfc tea- TELEVISION LOG :?i Ch«afl»t Kffltt.TV Chute! It-JttfeTW 4:10 TWWBAt ' (2) Star Performance (8) To Be ArrftbunSed (18) Kttirlk'* party, (S> LMney Town (8) Geography for SOW JESSIE JAMBS (11) 1 Led 1 th<*« 10:45 <4) Mann About Spttti 11*0 (2) Tftnlgnt , li:i$ (13) Late, New* 12:00 (2) Sign Oft (ii) sign ofi 1:20 (ll)_B«nifig Hymn 8:00 (i) Re* Rdgef* (8) Td 6* Announced (11) Range RtdeT • <J3) Mickey Mouse S;36 <ll>-Sport*,& Wiatoet . S:« (2) Channel 3 Kewsreei (11) Doug Edwards and the News 8:2* (11) Morning ... 8:JO (J> Mdrniag Devotional* . _ (I.') RUralfevettle 8:45 (2) Oeoti* RMtntr* bUfld Hs WAONltt HuNl'EH I TheCommunityCakndai 9:f» nntsit w*. t, jttnnt tt «:» Mt- take Jackson fcrtanis, City Cafe, utk* Jackson «:» pjm.~ Angleton Uotts OIUo. ApgletoD Comrnunl- »:» p.ra^tadles AoSittary, Velasoo Fin Dept «r« BtoUto. VelMco t.OO pja— Braiocport Optt- mUt Club. Dow Hotel •:30 pjn,-T wives, civto Meeting Room, Bnsouport • Savings Center T:JO pin. — ttkt Jtcknn Xutm BUr, Uke J«ck- ion Masonic Ran 7: »? PJn^- Freeport Uou Club, Part c«f«, nerpon 7:aO pm— K of P Oulf l^Hlg« No. m. K rf P H»U, Velasco 7;JO pjn<-CJnU CUy Ma- •onlo Lodge Mo. UM, M»- Mnio B*U, Oluto Cltr 8:00 pjn -AirRtsttyB ««»- * tot. teilori ' t)o* ttctei 7:00 p.m.— M»Jn* . filog Oo HUl, Mtt - ^^ tttepott Pl«a- «:00 (2) (8) • (11) (1J) 6:10 (2) 6:10 (13) «:15 (2) 6:15 (13) 4:25 (2) 6:ao (« 6:20 (8) (11) (13) 6:45 (2) World At Urge To Be'Announee* My Little Margie • T. V. New* Today In Sport* ' Weathergal Channel 2 New*r«e John Daly and the News Weathercatt Jonathan Winter* A Prospect of Literature Name That tune Conflict NBC New* * H«U motu, Freeport Legion IMrpa.-* of P Lodge No. 473, K of P BaU, Fresport .10 pJn^-Brasotport Don- cert Band Rehearsal, Dow Plant B Cafeteria rlOjut^- Lake Jackson Women's CJUB, undvett Howe, take Jackson T:» pm-- Freeport Ameri- catt uyen. Legion BUI, i:00 pm^^Cniahts of Columbua, Barbeque comiatt- .teijtoeeang, K <rf C Hafl, Freeport — — — 7:00 (2) Jane Wyman 7MH) (8) Vhi QtUj (ll)Pha SUven 7:30 (2) Circle Theatre (8) The Latin America! (II) Red Skelton (13) Wyatt Karp 8:00 <2>'Pr«iaent* TV Aitembly (11) 164,000 QueaHon (13) Broken Arrow 8:30 (2) Code Three (8) The Bible Speak* Today (11) Highway Patrol • • (13) Telephone Time CaU rrwpctt S-11U, Kxtento. m ttt Urttag Presented at A public servic* by The Dow Cften'cal Conyany Texa* Division 9:00 (2) Arthur Murray -Party (8) Frontier To Space 9:00 (11) To TeU The Truth <13> San Francisco .Beat 8:15, <8> Sign Off 9:30. (»ttml6"° ' (11) Private Secretary (13) Play of the «:S5 (11) U» stdUnM , Anthern, Oh, Anthern, Prayer 7:00 <2) Today S 7:48 (11) 11 Video Une 7:85 (2) Today la BMuten 8:00 (!) Home . ... (llJffarfyMosW 8:10 (» Home «1) Arthur Godfrey Time '••• 8:»8 (« Window to Home 9TOO (2) 9:30 (2) (tl> (13) 10:00 (2) ' (11> io:l8 (it) 10JO (2) (11) • (IS) The Price Truth or quence* S*H'«e It ...„. r-v.tper Roote 11:00 (2) (11) 11:80 (11) Tic Tac Dough Valiant Lady Love of Lift It Could Be ¥oti. • Search For To- ' morrow ' -•' jToUywood Theatre •• "Movie Date Amoe-'n Andy ^,A« The World Turn* 10:00 (2) Public Defender (ll^Otty Deteetiv* , v OW Movietime U. & A iO-M 1.2) Final Edition New* (11) Late Show (11) Late, Shlw 10:40 (2) IV?*' •-• •-». ' Ij30 2:00 2:15 2:30 (11) Our MUr Brook* . (13) Tumbleweed Time (2) Tennessee Xrnle (11) Llnkletter's House . Party . ___(2) NBC Matinee" Theatre (11) The Big Payoff (13) Afternoon Film Festival' • '••"• (11) Bob Crosby •'•' (2) Queen For a Day (11) Brighter Day (11) Secret Storm (11) Mge Of Night (13) Action Catvaeade (2) MririAn nh^««> ' -« (11) Early Show . , 3:30 (2) Winner* Circle . (13) Kfaxy Kat Theatre . . Never Before Has One liar Won All ' * :3A3 to CBDCK'B RAINBOW IWT QeU Bl»d. r*. V, traoaportation velu« tiun regard- '••r.f.- Th« men'wlfc ln$w the moit about caw picfc Plymouth as tops in value,4tyling, handlin&econoiny! !\A Mil II 1 •'. .It '. .-. .<T flYMOUTH-"5»yle .„_. •f Hi* yMi^^DtlC* IM7 Cor* AnnucjL •'Style Leader ji of the \eaj Award, pnoeotfd to flvmouth DirUioo of PlYMQUTH - "*»M»y in (•IYMOUTH - "IvperU.r cay Run PtywouHi WM ftraj: leader of the American auto- tiop oo the *ctu*J *w«r4,) * First i« Wery w«y! Tfce anty low^riced car with Towion-Aire Ride.,. I to rlvmouta U«TI»IOO of Ojr^C*irMr»tioB,fcy»h* pUce in Qass 'A,' ttt\. editor* of IWl's 1957 Cars a^that incl»des all of the Annual who have chosen the 1957 Plymouth a* the style well-known Kvttoutfi ... J M«f«*l*t Awnrcl, "Presented to Chrysler Co > dUJu sad roadaViliry qtt»|> iti** of their family of Bn>« , eeri." (Citation of 1957 " Iffftor Trend AwerJ, pm> . wm***rAm \ •^VW^^f At tar *f « Wiftw fcr jo* ftur PlyflWa* .W»r Ml kCKjJw&ife'ilftvV

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