Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 59
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 59

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 59
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.;.U*MniHlM4 Homti 110 Blelerf lerf re- carpets, OK 1125 mo.,-1st S. last In axhance, 370} AnaV St., i from · fn wsrl, _ Ph. GALL US FIRST . PAC. CST. HWY. CE S-99M -HEW 1 story 3-lr, -i^trpts., flrept. Jusl "" issumenoM at tlJi'i ·?:·· (tc4, Fountain VIII ·V' : -tves. weekends. -_ ..WESTMINSTER i l ,4-fcedrms., 2 . baths, carpeted, T MVeced,' fiftced, close to schools, ."..-fhooplng, Saj)-. pleoo freeway. ^"-Lease, 155 mo. 59s-90H. -·ELLFLOVrE* -- SllJ.iO. 2.Bdrm. ·.X.'Attch'd gar. Drapes. awn care. *'.AeWn.-To» tor older col. No -'-MM. Trash t.water pd. Wiring Mor eke. appl., or. gas. 9933 Rose. :·· rro 4-?»3, Borgman inc.; 9H9P.' 'LUX. BAYFRONT HOME --'-Near LB, Marina. Elec. bll-lns, Slshwasher, refrlg. 3 Dr., 2 balks, --.Ige. patio. 5339 Paoll Way, 714-- ···M7-MII. ' UnfaniUlMtJ Homtt 110 Llve 3 br. IIIJj Westminster tr., I ba; 1150 lease. den, patio, . Lovely Execvfl spacious home. PARK.BSTATES flva 2 br,, , Enclosed HE5.MN RENT FREE HAVE I brs. on nice cwtet street w n rent for nearly nothing to r)jht ?*m1ly oJ 3. for care of yard minor rtoeir. caT Mrs, Gerson -- 424-»35 or SP 5-3331 Rctitai Agncrts 113 OWNERS DON'T TAKE SECOND BEST No one has matched Nebeker Realty's program for property management. Get the best. CALL^IA S44tl OWNERS PROTECT YOJR INVESTMENT with a Ift-poTnl renf program. PRESTIGE REALTY 56SO E. Pac. Csl. Hwv. GE teltlrHMt Opp. 12* COMBINATION SALESMEN FACTORY REP DISTRIBUTOR crifn ·wvcfe' U.OOO r»* ou m*a*iK vovr morvw tkmtv VlnCS aVld S Hroxtmalfty ·f ill timtv arvj vog"burcA*ie nothing unril It [» sord.-JJ^OQ Mr monih should be vour rnfnlniu/n siffe^r"*"'- r - t cHar-Kftr refere n our Utedlon. altY eifsbltih o br«*K ttw cost aavantap MONDAY FRIDAY ttninns Opp. 124 Schwenn Property Mgrnt. "AL F L E T YPES OF RINTAK""" ISO a. UP. Downtown i Eailtlde SERVICE Famllle* Our SwclallY ' Come lit Manaoemerit Sirvlc*. BERYL L1HVILLE CO. K* 5-40J2 RENTAL frcnili ENTAL P Yellow pa bulll-ln oven/roe.'; refrHir./ wathtri -- drytr^ Fullcrm., craxd. Lfl.'dbl. -JoViUs! TE'~IOT««,! r 4£«17 ·· ::««··. "4-BDRM--- Orange County. . . -aiiippjiaricw Ind. 1 Be TWI" Doug'lt. Hunllnglon , . Yn. ·oM, · ' ·?,' fenced 'yd. ff'eves, 71« ·"'.. SHARP 3 BR.. H/ 2 8A. ..,W.;.!N^. Y *A»,,"/»,? r -rff m. . ENCL. YARD, w/w, nr. Loi l In. · LMM/icil. , SI 4S. 430- HUNTI up. 3 s -- Jrlm Aols. wtm- boat 'slips within '-.- walking distance. Huntlngton Har- INGTON HARBOUR -- SZ75 1 4-bedroem homes Ma- ' I-.- walking distance. Huntlngton liar V:-beur Sales Corp. 430-0511 KLB-LARGE 2-bdrm. i sewing rm ~ 4- small guest room w/4i .bath oil . ing rm. all guest room w/4i bam oM e. Stove refrigerator Ind, ·:;··;· ' · .NAPLES "" N«w 3 br's, 3 bath, mod., crcls., -- Wipes, buffi-lni, SMS mo. 4H-3I06 ;.-: 2S3-BR--LEASE MOORE. . SE 3-7461 OV/NERS--Nted rentals any area. SIGHT ti SOUND ADV. o39^?39 Professional and Business OHicts for Renr 114 BIXBY KNOLLS SUITE ON THE AVENUE Approx. IQOO so. ft. .An exceo- tlonalty alracllve Bldg-, suitable tor professional or business- Will remodei It deilred. ma. 3»31 At- ianjtc Ave. GA 4^4931, eves GA 4-2927. . Brdg. .n«r Marlnt. H Plaza. Still* ,0i. 433-29 OFFICE, luxurkHillV turn., two l- vatt office]/ r«t room «nd LITM rtcepllcn aria, wrklno, rulau- rant next doer, ulllHln Ind., iTr condllronlng Mid. Lcis* ivftJI. CENTRAL LOCATION 1500 so ft air cond. Newly decorated. Designed for docfor but su Fabfe for bmtnm, S250. 477 Atlantic. Xall owner GE 94134 Los Altos Area--E.L.B. 2750 Bellflower Blvd. 1 blk. 13 Sin Diego Frwv. Alr- . :, ff., forced air, eception rrn, S170 it5wer W ar«. ] "call 430-4141' iller %** TBDRMS. EASTSIDE OOD 3-BR f«m rm. EIK a\ CIU«. Flrwl. Yri Icait, . KM. lit 4 ml .mo r«it plui eleanlnff depollt. 429-3098 'PARAMOUNT--isw etxter. Nice 2 -rrfra.fe j'BidVo.ii'Blfr riSrlJJ -.' UN 4T9 · · ·· · LOS ALTOS 3 l 2 ba . hinlor ·- or.- Ihni- Venxxl. WW?3.£ t «.ti?, ScS: Water MW. «i -DOWNEY n«»tv ·* '-w/ureort. Tra iw/ceroort. Trash · » · water paid, Oawn ke«. J children, no pets. HlOO fno.- 9349A . Elm Vista Dr. NEAR State Collese--3-br., 2 baths, "convertible den, new carpet ulnt, drapes, stove, la roe private i.xyarden p»He. Least SI8v7 431-t43t PARAMOUNT--2 bdrm., newly re- dec.1. Im proved, ,v/-w cut., (ctt fl i^'fl e. Chldren OK. rco. yd. OD . de- v-tacn. Mr. tl2S. Realtor WA5-1M1 -H^-2 BDRM. Hdwd. firs. Stucco. VSm. fen cedvd. Water trash pd. . . ^:Rtar hx. .-·.HA T4940 -BEDROOM house, fenced yard, , $*) mo. Z children · ok. , Hawaiian Gardens. '-LAKEWOOD-- Clean 2 bdrm., dj- '·iDtex, nr. jhODOIng bus. SV5, no l-.Jet cturge: J B Realty. ORANGE COUNTY COFFEE SHOP [nclodei Dfowrtv, txlra stofi room 4-* 2 wH.' All renled. On comer toi. All for very low dowfl. A T*rrlffe Or»n,« -- La Mlrada area. Attractive It Exclusive better lines tn Shopofng Center. Estab. 7 vears. Inventory aocrox. »a\000. Fixtures. 132JO termt. TONY FAUST 1128 W. Lincoln, Anaheim KE 5-9339 KE 5-1612 BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Due to 1i-efn*ndous expansion cixwi/n, cpMrlunity axfit» tcr Pepperidge Farm FRANCHISE ROUTES Ind. 'n the Loi Anacln Area. P/tsi-Ttltoram jlox_ r _A_255 CAFE (COFFEE SHOP) Only 13 slooli -bu! busy tvcry minute. Cit 4:30 p.m. A days. Bu»y Downey Inkrs^llon. Orlp. owner retlrlntj. Aowox. 5200 -WKPoy ffTrOft on Icnptr hwrt). R*rftct fpfjEW. Smill down p»y. m*flt. Agf. 9013 E. ImptrTil Hwy,, Down«y- WA 3HJ79I. DONUT BAR N«ta $300 'weekly. Cutest sot In town. No nittav* d«vs. (£*sy for ecH.) Owner will teich. Shopping cenfcr tec. No ntir com Ml,-Don't mi» Mil Small amount down. 9075 E, Impirlal Hwv./. Downty. Agf. WA 3WI. · BE YOUR OWN BOSS TAKE THE UM1TS /OFFYOUR INCOME Bemnt a wecniM Texaco eal- er In a arowlrrti are* . . . wlm a arowlrni Company, · Financial Assistant* Availabl* ^ CompUt* Job . Training with Pay ·ff Exeeltint Location! Availabl* Teuca IlK able In (tu R«ai btatt bell, 12t TRADE 6 NEW UNITS fer tAuM »r j Owner. HA 5-9443 rf^t99Vf (tJllMl tW M« J * INMItT.t 130 ' Outstanding Comrrwrctal lovestmeiit +' a wonderful tax shelter. 4 stores + 3 ants, nenhr of parhlrtf. located on corner lot. 1st loaa fias 3% Int. Owner may carry va, er exchange. Look Inlo "C-3 CORNER" Near Anaheim I Xlmeoo. Choice location for food to *o operation. Rlty 1714 Clark GE 3-7417 C-3-- 100x110 ' labtlshed KcMintsT Ven'icir furnished. Some capllal needed for worklno inventory lap ar°Wr"c5feN IF eJi7N r^i^AM,,*, I W. Huntlnglon Dr. Moni BeerTavirnNets$l60QMo Games alone net' $700 mo. duke box'owned by seller Included - price) 2 pool tables, shuffle srd a^bowfer always busy. IS board a\;bow1er always busy. IS stool bar. Top tt maker In every wav. local for CDl. Priced to sell this week. Small down -payment to rel.'party. Aot. 907S E. Irn- perlal HWY., Downey. WA 3-8791 Service Sta. for L«at« HAMS. Stand [at car wash). All handout h huge car wash and across ilreel from Union hall, Just rloht fcr cpl. II car prkng. Same owner 12 years. Need rest. Take home S300 -weekly. Prked for quick sale. Flexible down payment. Aot. mi E. Imperial Hwy., Downey. WA M781. · · BEAUTY SHOP-- $2500 m tSS! .?£ dBh'MBr! damei for clients. Lo rent 4 *ta- Honi. MUST BE SOLD THIS WEE K. Owner muit go iome- wtvefe?? GA 20901 Myers ME 34222 BIXBY KNOLLS Mod. office. HO so. ft. UHI. air cond. Only $125 n». GA 7^953. Commercial Artist Excel, arrangement on attractive otflce. 3724 E 7lh St., L.B. . 434-9047 PRIME' locatlon--cntVc faor, 2nd f N . W. corner BroMaVrav L1m *. Will complelely remodel, for pro- ft»ltvu1, R.E., tic HE 2-4II1 IF . 3 p.m. ALL mod., alr-cond., paneled office, desk space, imt. stora or barber · Ih °°- fn5 K ^»5"tlanttc : UXE office Atlantic to share. GA 7-89V7 NEW Offices w/AIr cond., criv. bath. Reas. ME3-41M or MK4 1«7I AIR COND. I3» S3. ft. 2 restr Storage. Parking. 431-1C5. Bus. Indus!. Prop. 115 (FOR RENT) 2(H5ES. on lot. 1 br, u 1ft Ir. fum. J7S. Uii S ,.. Paramount. WA3-««7. v -Paran LKWD.--Clean 3-br., crpts.. fenced M5-1IM Eyi unfurn, OS. Sin Mifcoi, .n 3-br., 2 ba., draoes, ed yard, water pd. S15. 'e- I. wk ends. WRIGLEY--Beautiful J-br., urpet- Ing. freplace. ON. gar. fed. (130. »1-4'Q3 LOVELY 3-BJrm., ? bath, bit-Ins, Hreol., drapes. Dble. gar. Fenced yard. Westminster Slol ·S-BEDRM. Yard. Close to school, -.ion, shopping. Children (21 ok. Ira- at 2339 Adriatic Ave. Lakewood Village--3-BR. Lovely lot. «14i. 430-3145 1-BR. home, w-w crpt.. drapes, stove, child ok, nr. schl. 1 bus. 3!39 E. 4th. Owner. -- STORAGE spece In toe. warehous n cenlral Indvil rial area OF Very hlgt) celling. Areas of so. ft. to 5000 sq. It., some w/neaw duly shelving.' Also outside space In fenced paved vard. Avail, about June 1st. Mo. rental or 12 mas. lease ok. Forklift with operator »va|j»bl«. Conv p.ete. repair shcp faculties Fn one area OF building also for rent. Coffae Shop--5 Day Wk · v , t · j to 3: 30. Has be«r. Sol . d "Mom * Poo" ootratron. LOW 10 isa HERE'S Terrific return on 11500 tnvejt- menl. Co(n Laundry-- 30 washers, i dryerj. Neat tlB-tos com). Total--Mi thli-- only 35500. GANNON'S GA M4»; ME 3-475] WELDING IRON SHOP ia^M58 ** ** 5,1* LQffW3fflA,1Sg5«i Market-6-$7000 Mo Srou Comotele orocerv deU *undrle«. Ooerated 14 yn. Hn. 7 to 7. Kent S150. S1SJOO total. CHIDESTER'l HE 7-0744 Hynllnftofi 'Bcpi ftli Unotntruded *, for devel- a . . . GE 3448? Inc. Prop, for S«U .132 CHARM + INCOME S.^" charming i fireplace. 1 bdrm. + 'converi basement with spart bdrm. teen, rurnpus or amusernenl room. Present Interne uoi + Income, or {ccwincy value of okterKSusJ Modes exi '~' BUSINESS Property In shoppl ler, I j .- _ X .-.. NOW Used for SC«cr IOIH. I.1T' Ing Quarters In rear. 4419 E. Ira. nr. L.B. Freewav. 12500 handle. 631-3425. In shopping ; screer) rnfo. I rear. 4»l9.. _ CLOSE IN LOCATION ·WOO ffiwn will VKH you 1435 mo. Inc. ·--I Bdrm., 7 furn. Across street from school. OWNER ANXIOUS Yoy must-see th s one. On « wjia cor. lot. ·Mod. I Bdrm. ao" with w/w and flreo . +' 3 other unlll. Only 12500 dnT Inct S2K mo. MAX LIVONI REALTY 1101 ATLANTIC IM. Propttty (Motoli, Tratttr Porks 133 CMmiwrelaMidwt'l 131 (IITES-LOT» " ACRE ZONED M-l" with 10400 sa. n. of warehouse. Win sell whole .parcel or will build foiutt on IjTft. x 1H. SANDLER-ROSEN Rrty 1714 Clark ' GE 3-74*7 Liquor Store-$12,000 Mo. Groit Two .1-6 r. eats. Rented ar iu 8, . HB 741U , n . CHIDEITER'S COIN LNDRY $8000 FP ABOUT 33000 DOWN tl mach's. 5 dryers. Real it maker. Owner leaving tree: Will teach new buyer. Must sell tms week.'Aot. W5 E. Imperial Hwv., Downey. WA 3-0791. TRUCKS V/ITH JOBS i . . , conttructlon Co. In L.A. area. Low .HOP -- Harbor area. Ideal for ·ou.pment malnlenance, dTeiel repair, electrical- New blcg., good Qp^wf.Wi't'M. - -i " -- - 'Mstl, SIDE LINE too cond. ers. Doing ooodt *1500 tfn. Tola COCKTAtL LOUNGE PLUSHI Center. CORNER, 123x125+ ProXj^JMtr) » ft. sell or 1raH 5723 E'. 2nd St. Realtors GE 3-0403 Own-Yow-Own Apt. 134 13* ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS ·rea] w* j«itn""on'"vo'yr W .w. --, .. F."J!AJ»««-w« rtJ^wi.hw. ·Kit weINnk be(of and whal It .--- - -- ttt MOW vow bow \\_ctn be financed, whit your ltv miKh'c.asii Inoonie iPvouri month. If Ct tMkts f cenl* - buJrd, we can provlda 100% [rufldng for »e ertlra prolecT, CALL TO 6-0792 Or write 9717 E. Cornplon Blvd: BelHlower. alln.: Mr. Schmldl. how m each ~ » to tli Otonm for Sot» 13f 5'BIU 3 BATH. 2 STORY [* 1 H'ifliii . to *»^W or aiskl AWAII BOUND st sen super % er.' x e » » e - W-w, draoes a\ other sking price Is 34.'50 ANT HARDWOOD FLOORS? II LOW DOWN R-4 II Near 101 h i Cherry , . . w'llh a good Spanlih stucco ovplex on It. 47x130 to alley. Income si40 mo. Dralled owner must sell . . . submit your lermsll STOTLER Realty SERVICE 4313 E. Carson, dav-nlle. HA 9-5901 C4 ZONE $16,000 -IW4 ES. 98) REX L HOD . 430- GE BRAND NEW HE 100. KERMOSA orh $13,500 "LOTS! 1 N?. S.D. Fwy. . Nr. S.D. Fwy. Nr. s.D. Fwy. Cor. - ' 3535 rr .--.-- V.--V/ardl V.--Ward I a, Walnut BLISSFUL PRIVACY ? cean Bluff 2 Bedrmi, 2 baths. t resnge to the fullest. A thrill RACTEL WoNS* eves: 434-5017 CLIVE GRAHAM CCX ·00 E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2-3W1 OCEAN VIEW SILVER SEAS.. APTS. * """ SPACIOUS DUPLEX ! duplex on largt lot near Wilson E . F , - ^ (S202) REX L HODGES YOU SUBMIT Owner anxious. I units, od I (BFI06J REX L rand NEW Ij Sh6(*;no . est offer takes' this Hide Jewell Ooen Dally 1-i. ltweller,. Whittle r ' BEAUTY SALON 4 0 Dtf .itor setup. Fu 1 Ey Eopmt almost rvew. Gross per mo. Cyprau ire«, aft. 5. COIN-OP LAUNDRY. LAKEWOOD'S PINESTI Gross'JTO I1SOO 4- a month. WHAT A WAY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME II CHIDESTERt HE 74764 T07II Lul Corner Santa Fe J-77J3 BEAUTIFUL LOCATION For your 2nd Draw Shoo. Alr- eondlfloned Blag. 1200 so. ft. 'or lease 'ad]ic*nt to Beauty salon. GA 2^044 or eves. NE 5471T COCKTAIL BAR BY OWNERS. Disagree, SUM ma. --w. Leas* 2 vrs., 1 n». left. OFFICES TOWKE THEATRE BLDG. 1ST FLOOR PARKING Suitable flnac. CO., banVlno; prof. - TR 8-2910 BOTi CEK :EE RENTAL SERVICE .LANDLORD i ^E.NANTS · RENT OR BE OWNER B«drm.,' 2 bath. $135 month. Cvpresi. Bkr. GE 1-1471 4BR., 2.bath. sis« mo. Like new. Vacant. Huntlngton Beach. · Br. GE 1-1671 J.OVELY 1-Bdrm., 1V bath, Ige. Ovfta rm., w/w, nlcel/ landscpd. 72i-- 2 STORY, 4*r., 2 b». Sbl. oar., redecor. 1 blk, to . Comer. 1430 E. 1st ., dlp., ocesn. 43M9J9 II!0-Uwd-3.BR,2 ba. Very claVn" ' H'A iT^ 1 ^ 100 Ctllt[lr '" 1 °' K - Bkr ,. 5-1KI2 SPAC. HEW 4.BR-, carpet!, dra PAC. HEW . - , , .fences, bullt-lnt. seo. din. r lam. rm. Flrepl. .. iiJ- ^'iV flr.lsV'3.^^~eomer ot anta Fa t Carum 5t., Domlnoutz. Heavy traffic. Growing ar*a. Plenly partttno. Xont Ol. Will - modet fo lult. Call TE 4-1i.*1. COCKTAIL bar. Drinking man's i Ml. DOM W.OH mo.- DILJS SUOO on pooJ. Fuui/ carp*ted/ panel walls, tic. Owner win finance to re!, eel. ts*y terms. For detail* call Downay, WA 3-^79.. Apj. nra,, Ms V 5r ;oSu u 'rn e i^' I1 r?u!l "^SSfhSESSi SSSfS^. service station for lease mmlnvjm Inveilment required. CAFETERIA» benLooan i ,hitt-5 AW'»4753 RESTAURANT -- Buffet style. «X) emoioyees next dr. Seats 150. Ter. rinc Br ns,soo_F.p. uofm in. B.B.B. OA 3-7031. DRY CLEANING for sale. Lomira area. JTS-T^l. BURGER DRIVE-IN. Lkwd.. over «WOO mo. srois. Broker NE 1-I1M NR BIXBY PARK Comoletely remodeled 3 br, 2 ba. Now a duplex. Home 4, income? (D 148) REX L HODGES DIVORCED To mike prop settlement, must sac nr. new Eastslde 18 unit Gold Med. ert. P.P. SW1.000 (30,000 VILLA' RIVIERA'S BEST 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, thrllllno UR A e ?HE H L"LVol7s" 1 " 1 E 1 vl? ll 43 4 -SO,7 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. ·00 E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2-3WI 11 2 LOVELY O.Y.O'i 11 Or» 2-Bedrm ;4 one I-BR. Boftl short walk lo ocean. Fabulous terms, fait possession. Furnished or . unfurnished. You ewe It to yourself to see these sparklers. STOTLER R B alty SERVICE ·U13 H. Carson,. dav-nlta HA 9-5901 BUILD 18 UNITS 72x250 R-3 lot. Ideally located for IV's, y/ 1 A ki !7 Z 7i 1 rS 1 A ^rm (BFI05) REX L HODGES Want 3 Bdrml., 1W bull.Hn III 117 I OVffl «,l , _ We have . ; lor vour Inspection. Asking price of 120,900. CALL59M5I4. JOHN READ RLTY Ine. forS4jU, BKBY ,«» DREAMS . . . CAN COME TRUE! effrom e 2- cnoll). Vflll s 130.0M }o llrtW. Choice 2- S R T d*n » 5-BR, T bath! with r without Pool. Please make your "·' ^G'A 6-559! '·':, MOO RE EFFICIENT SERVICE BIXBY KNOLLS ReaJiv GA 4-1523 SPRING PARK SPECIAL Beautifully decorated. In .one ol Long Beach's newest subdivisions. Huge rear living room, lovely deep pile carpeting, spacious modern bulltln kllchen, large bedrooms '4 2 pullman-type 'baths. Cinder bock wall surrounding well planned landscaping- Below 135,- gpo a\ several comparabies to show you. If vou like nice MIT aW^JIIfftrrkl** 11 W A L K E R LEE ASSUME G.I..LOAN 4 bedrm., two bath, elect, built- ^,ffi»^,'JS^^ m - .wfffi CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS 3 bedrm.. Onl va BUILDERS . alj-.ui about IhU desirable SCx » W lot In good Downtown rIOULD Rlty GE 0-7561 Pries Reduced CJ Cor. ' Broadway Poloma. 45xT50. ' Facing 3 rfreets. ' HE «-«45 PICKERT 1122 eT. 1st rdl Low down payment. ·Voi.nw'ri.Wa aVllW MOULD REALTY 596-8712 largt be baths wtln Homts for S«)« 139 , "4" BUY WISE "4" 5 BDRM., 2 BATH, 1 STORY 3- Yr. ycunfl home, close to Navy Hospital. Only sJ7,yOO. XIM loan. V/OMAN DESIGNED KITCHEN Loe. 2 bdrm. Dutch Clean home. Xlras oalore_..Try J1.500 down. . s 3 bdrm. home-- 3 units Lkwd. Best MOULD REALTY . GA 3-M53 QUIET* 'SERENE I Bedroom den, ocean harbor view. Eily to own. Call . . CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SCO E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2.3961 DON'T MISS THIS Pride of ownershle Droparty. At less than 7x oross. Beaut; 14 unfts on E . Z r . d St. Pool, built- ns, caroeted li draoed- RLTR. GA 4-735I APT. HOUSE OWNERS Increase your net by packaging your Insurance. Reducerf rele for units txri t s r.ce 195i. OWNER win leat story otflce bfdg. .. Downtown corner lot. IUTI Nei. S30^00 down. MOULD REALTY GE 0-7M1 Bui. Opp. Wonted 127 CASH for your bus. cr Inventory move out today. PH. 1.735-1151 Real Esftit* WeMted 128 YM -- Carpets, busy shoBPlnn a mo. rent. Partne equip., furniture. rae.Mrklno. 1 so rtner IwOO'or sell all 5s. Booths, cewiter. Closed Iris wk. on Atlantic. I2S». UOO rfn. Lease 1110 ma. 421*553. 1050 South St., N.L.B. BY OWNER COCKTAIL BAR Phone HE 7-5124 truck N.w. CORNER Broadway , Lime. Prime loc., 1W sq. ft., will re- moifel. Cocktail bar, etc. (Back ot Marrfs Ptoa. HE 2^U1 aft. Store), Modern 16x80 9 tolleti. Ample parking. oT23 L.B. Blvd., 1 blk. FJ. of Arteslt, 'nr. Frwv: NE 2-MI5 or NE «-2ik BUILDING for kale, 4200 H. ft., all or part. Cor. Westminster Pacific In tha^Kevstone Square, West- mlnsler. 714--893-9711 alter e p.m. BEER BAR EMERGENCY S1CO3 tn. Must be sold this week. steal al MO.**) F.P. Rent »inn mo. singer, 727 E PC Hy. 591 * MOORE Over,$3,92 1 ,567 IN FEBRUARY Over $6,500,000 . . MOORE FIXER-UPPER BELMONT UTS BEST AREAI I UNITS. "DIRT CHEAPI" REPOSSESSED. WILL SELL AT LOSS. GANNON'S GA 3-H26 GE 8-W15 Closeoui Special OPEN DAILY 12-4:30 NEW BIXBY ROYAL 2033 E. 3RD ST. Small down. E-Z terms. 2-br., 1% ba., gar., all elec., clev. HEOM34J Plckert 1122 E. 1st St. MORTGAGE CO. REPOSSESSION 3 bdrm., dole, garage, »19,995, tow down with terms to suit. Kevrly redecorated kislde a\ out. £lala entry, nardwood floors. Ex- eel, area, South ol Canon East of Studebaker Road. See at 7150 Monlaco Road. S BEDROOMS $26,9501 , Thai'3 rtohll S extra rooms, 3 luxurroui marble - Difiimaru. nmjiy**iiw kitchens with bum-Ira, no wlr- Tng, slltfno doss efoor to txrra ran?* rear yard much more too numtrouj lo mftntlonl Low cown FHA or wi will tryarantta the sail of vovr w*mit noma at .yalue__K .you WJY this : LEE 3425 Bfayton--Op*n PM 3-BR. ' » ' 2 11 -- : -' Paved alle/. _i*» r " BATH, 50x120 K-2. SUBMIT. CARSON PARK. VV PAINTBRUSH SPECIAL ",, Wllh Sodnfl around rh« oxryr, what tntter Jlrr-i to Mint??:This "ilo 3-bf, "F" modal hw rtar'llv. n. Alio, eitlna «p«ct ki be tie first to call are hard to com* by. NEAT CLEAN]". 2 btxfroom horn* taritFi 18x22 fttnlly rm. Exin n1c« cirrxt «V dup««, cor. flr»f1ic«. lovtly home. JfeXOO. j»l? A R R E T A E L sTX, rfSiffim "COPPER KEHLE" itvlfrrfll Thl» oortKou* hom* h«s svcryiMiXlt 3 sp*crw» bifSroama, SO SELLABLE! . Yep-tUi 3 br. \n rJce if**' nr. g^:i»intAfir*f4K (2K 154] REX L HODGES 4228 JOSIE ... OPENifM Abov* everafl* 7-badrm., ^dtv'd patle, many extras . . trv-WrOOO down, owner moving East, ^ ' 5M-1671 CAPRI GE^^T575 LOyELY 3 Mn ·^ CIRCLE AREA . 2 BRS./ convni«nt to Dovo*n, theppln.?! bustntss. pride of trwatr- iMo hi rujig^rlxod, for *M. call owner GE 4-9lt3. CITY COLLEGE AREA wood Mnellrro/ qualtt floorj, ankle-deep ca ujV.t earaot lir earaot . Otfly WJ ierms for all) Or we will war- ante* th* la'e of your prestfit h«m« it market value If you , . spacious bedrms., l« pullman baths, carden patio. New decorator carpeting drapes. Brand new kitchen with deluxe fcll-ln range oven . . and natural wood cabinets. Water softener tool FHA terms alsol Lististed at only S22.750. ELLIS-SCH NEAR THE OCEAN1 Downtown area--You will lovt this one! Call anytime 435-420! Millia Coins Sanden Rltr 223a E. Broadway . GE 4-3417 ESTATE SALE apt./ torn* Iin-nliHlnn. Mar. IS T3, 10 to 4. WHICH ONE FOR YOU? We can locate you Irkiny part of town vour heart may'dealre. North L.B. 2 bdrm. _J_ 2735 Ladoga, Open Sat., Sun. 2 Story, E. 1st St. Asking J C-4, 3 br. corner. ELB _ 11, Sharp 2 bdrm. , _ Blxby Park SCHWEnlN REALTY^ G6 3JM1S TRUST SALE 533 Apolan Way, L.B. 3 bdrm. JTden, 1U 'bathT brl V G.I.'S FHA V 3 bdrm, w/w, dree., tile kit. t bath. Jj.LB.. owner will hetp fin. w/,5fi dn. Quick post, w/good 3 bdrm., rw.-new, $r' tot. /w, drps., FM « TY HA MOULD RLTY HA 5-7496 CAPE COD Z-STORY SEMI-COLONIAL . . 4-Ddrms-, 3 baths, family nn. wo '- ^ Built,. l»3-carpels f 3 BDRM^IR'EPLAe.E ALL MODERN.KITGHEN · BuIIMns caWnets. aalbra. · Laroe seoarale dlnlno rm.;. · Big 53xWyard with trees'. · Neat clean home vard · Wtfle drive fo rear oaraoe': 1 - · Walk to Douglas Colleoe. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 413? Norse Wav HAS841S - 4-bdrms-, 3 b 65x1 » lot. ' ..SSSfSr en, a , rick rpet d draDO. Sep- double garage, - enlv - 445 CEDAR--OPEN 12-5 Nice 1-BR. w/or without garage. " ' irfcJt sale. kMn Rltv. 435-4178 "BLD AN ESTATE!" U UNITS^-10 : vrs. old trial's rnlghtv Interesting to see.- Garages, pool, balcony. UTOO Income. 3535 AtHnlk GUSTINE GA 7-5409 TRY $9,000 DN TONER Rlty HA S-7427 MR. SELLER Call today for your coov of our Modern Pldorlil fr*tt.od of Sailing Horn**, No Oblloitron, of course. MOULD BEER BAR--"GO GO1" Entermt li the 'works. Gross t3K» mo. Good lease. 15001 dn. CHIOeiTER'S HE 7744 cott. Ave. 1 b!ocx PRIME LOG., restaurant row. will remodel. 6O E. Broadway. Acro 1rom rvew Safeway. HE aft. 3 p.m. . cross 2-4«l ·NUB--2-br. Fenced yd. Dble. gar i Carpet, drapes. (125. Avail. 23. . GA 3-047?. fARAMOUNT. 2-Bdrm. Fenced yard, i Children O.K. IMWi McClura «34- -3MD. 531-7513 11SO--LGE. 3 bdrm.. crpts., dros. Nr. Douglas, public S. Calhollc schools. Ko pets. 3417 Rutcers. 2X00 SO. FT. offices f. Ige slorai area. Good soulh Gala tec. 105- S. Atlsnllc. SIM mo. Available now- FR 9-4358. LARGE Volume Service Station for lease. Good bacX room income. Take SDPTOX. S5XJX to handle. Best location on Pac. Csl.Hwy. S»2 ETPac. Cat. Hwv. 43MKJ4 Inlo on "How oentty A Pront PARTAKfl, 2750 To Choose Int tab/e Francms 0 BelHlower, MAIINA ««·-- Hx-., »»., Jmlll-St., dtl. oar., fenced ,- S2M mo. Ph. 437:5566. !"?,,: Sltv-^4 bdrm., 2 bath. Med ill Ion, ·ee. Avail. 5OLD MEDALLION -- Brand new store unJIs In shopping cntr. 15x45 each. 530 E. Willow. OA M9M ·^Sr.Tf! J BR,, fenced yd., . ..pouilas, waleY .- 20717 sein . E. Lkwd pel, nice. " Idren ovei OX. (XT. ' »H5. kwd. area. e. 1150, Will ir li. rfA i-l: LKWD. Plaia Clean. Vacant 3-b., : ·*r_. l ? t » i f-' W- »WS TM. -+ -«S Cleanup INT-l-h PARAMOUNT--1-bdrm. duplex, nice area, w-w, dlsp., par. Adults. - UtJO. Sillier. WA 5-1201 --ELED, largt fe ? 14J2 it. Wi I St. NLB-1M1 E. «tth St. nr. Cherry. Lg. ' rvew 2 br. Oar. Fenced, ' .-. Adulfs. Ho pen. tllO. I) . Ho pefi. 1 ilt mo., tr 3-BR.--till) mo., trash «. water patd. , 11607 v/alcrosl. Rear house. Nr. ,-PJconr t, Pel Amo, UM 4-i09 ,4~BDRMS., 7 baths, flreol. Cot.. ,-blHr.s. sfa. H.B. (7141 (OTiai ·1-BR-, fenced yard, do? OK. Sacrl- .-(Ke. tSi. Betnonl Hfs. GA 4-7»S flELMONT HEIGHTS. 1 Bdrm. 1110. . llr. beach. H " r U9--STOVE, refrtg. mil. pd. l-br. ·' Lg«. fenced viVay lin ptne 11 3-BR. house, w-w cols. drapes. BUr. HA 1-94Q]) GE I-2.M4 eve. , LAROE Mw. New. Oir. Kids. OK. ; 7317toti, Paramount. HAS-fn . MS menth. GE ESTABLISHED owner M n t sell, igs Im eves, or yam shoo, same Due to. Illness . lient d. nd ofjone Davs HE 7.7116, RESTAURANT--Lunch t Otnner, good hrs.. welt equip., parking, well eslab., good Uvlng, S2b« Mill. Phone 830-9731 A.M. BARBER SHOP Rent S45 mo. Good E. ton9 Beach loc. Call 434-0574 anyllr- DON'T LOSE IT - WE'LL BUY IT Richards Rlty. HA 5-1251 IN 24. HOURS GUARANTEED SALES sold! 1-M3B Uit with us XII OW It's LEVIN-SOMMER RLTY HA : OR RESULTS list vour property Wllh GEO. DUFF RfeALTY-lim Mam St., Seal Beach. 430-3BOO. - OWNER'S DESPERATE MUST SELL or TRADE 4 Un Is In L.B., pood location. Exchtnoa tor beer bar or ? 7 ? ? TURF REALTY 4J1-U VV THREE 1-BR Exceirent^cond. Inside. out. EAST 4TH STREET tare* + 7 turnlihed ante. Ine $515 mo. No. vac. oroblem. PREVIEW SHOWFHG LA CONTESS LUXURY 1 bdrm.. loe., all electric, quality apts. Private garden, oatlo off llvlng-dlnlng. Ideal tac. Canute. SI 4,500. Owner. 437-9125. VACANT apt 17, 120 Alamltos. 1-hr., all electric, w-w crpt., bullt-lns, open l to 3 p.m. dally 'tn aold « call 434-1449 lor apc't. . 1st. 2 br. lower, BY OWNER new all el 2-F. Ph. PDRM, lower, ' efec, 4 yn./ 1 ' 3 " "llv* S0950-FURN. 1st floor double, aose In. Ma Int. $23.17, tncl. aft utli; Realtor, 414 E. B'wav. HE 7-6359 HUSE $17,900 LOT [ncludB^J bdrm^ TA baths, din. rm - "REPOSSESSED 3 br., I'.i baths, hdwd., fireplaces. Assume Gl loan, pyrnls. 199 mo. P i 1. Wells, GE CUOM. ASSUME SI/4% LOAN 4 bedrm., 2 bath, elect.' cumins. shaxe roof, hardwood floor. Ex* litlng loan JI7.400-- 5131 mo. i MOULD 596-8712 893-0553 WOW!! 5-Bedrms., bIMn range ft oven. Dlsnw. Profess, larmsc. Carpets -;aut. drac '" ita cond. CAPRI 11CT Los Alimllos Bl. Gg 0-7557 . REAL NICE school O. BIB Howai ler, Realtor GA 3-M71 W COUPLES;I; HERE IT IS! / A comfortable 2-BR. newly decor ttiruoui. w-w cots . i _ draws. Sprinklers xtra large garag« t Lovely neighborhood. Prked .at lust $11,950--Ipnulre today. ;.UO Alherton (al'paU Verde! : Rltr. 59J-3364 I7k-7il m 3655 CHARLEMAGNErLB Professor offers Ms' .charming home lor first time! W-w facett- ing, comer lot. 2 nice bdrms.. 2 car delach. gar. shown bv-appt. HUMPHRIES REALTY 'TO 7-2707 Mil E. Alondra Blvd., BeHtfkiwer OPEN HOUSE 3 bdrms., 114 balMi wall to wall carpetl. Vacant. 3029 FIDLER. 847-1791 Blako Rlty eve. HA9-3M] AIAMTTOS HEIGHTS VACANT 3 BR Best location-- beam eel lino, all new kit. Lge. det. guest hse. GE MI91 B a u e r ^ 43»XI133 (D 152) REX L HODGES GENE P"GE RLTR. GE°3-1397 GEM177 BELMONT HEIGHTS Duplex Or 4 Bdrm. Horn* 215 Prospect Open Sat. Sun. p.m. Lower 2-Bdrm. With flr»e!*e». n*w carpef, built-In' - 1 · - i,nn«r unit 1-1027 Ask for Luella Hurley GE 4-1027 McGRATH SHANK CO. GE 9-2121 GE 4-1627 5-BEDROOMS ssn Y oven/ 2 flrcnl tfrm.), ca s. (i I dra I AM A FRIENDLY HOUSE . . Large a^Bdrm, den, formal din- Ing rm, biautTM kltclwn, like brand new cond. TRY 13,000 ·.STI-Jay-- LEISURE WORLD, choke 2-bdrm. S,E^cornej wt. .Bus parklrjj S.E. corner aot. Bus at door. Ph. 433-8318. BEST BUY IN LOKG BEACH li furn. stucco apis.. S7V.500; In excel), cond., all rented. Nr- Cherry, new sloves, refrlgs. Oilers-- Donovan Rlly. 434^004 ^ BY OWNER Court 4--1 Br. houses. Inc. S3oO. E. side, erase In. Clear. Prlncloal: only. Ph. 434-4S29 Try $2500 Dn/Fre« Rent owner. Bkr. HA 5-441*. HAVE BUYERS Waiting. List with McCARLSOH Rltv. 433-7457 30NUT SHOP--Booming Nortftern CalTl. Good hunllnf arxi flsMna areas. CaT for Inlo. U5-2401, Mon. thru Fri. VACANT -- Stores - Whses · Olfltes Erp. salespeople needed. HARRY L. COWAH CO. HE S-4O1 $65 MO. 15x45 77JO E. BROACWAY HA 5-307) -OT S7X1IO with 22x125 steel sorln- kled Udg. Sliding doors. 11' h! x ]ii GE9-2HO. mi Orliaba LITE INDUSTRIAL BLDG, lot rent. In Los Alamllos. Call 431-aos] er 43»147I. 2500 SO, fl. Beaut,, new store b'do. For franchlia bus. and other*. Gard. Or. (2HlTl7i.313i; S39-3IJ2 2907 E. EDEN BR. He 7TH clflce 20xM 125 ROC Really 43«-939 STORE 2yx4S', «0 MO. 3131 E. IQItl. KE 2-1935, GA 7-4392 BELLFLOWER -- O.tllce or store. »x», 15114 Ctajfc. TO 7-3211 STORE for leale. good loc, Westminster. 7K-MK4I6 213--«H»KO '^.^^.·mig 1 *" STORE + AOt., 1?5. Eflltild*. AJiO - ., . Ifch 1 Cerrllos. 131. 3J-701D. Antiques Bric-s-Brac Store, H vn lamt loc., , orois, for ouldc sala, c»ih only owrwr, write box A-349S c/o irvd.. Preii-Ttjeqfem. BEAUTY SALON BODY SHOP-Fully equipped, heart of town good oayfig business. I31 Palmer Court, rear of 1629 Long Beach Blvd. LIQUOR STORE. Finest Los Altos Ion.. Al| pew_egulpment. Ter- OE 9.2323 .kwvur% ,»lvr.^. rMmi locallon. Al new eouTpr rifle potential. SXI.OOO Ed Grant Realty ^ne~Hc£».- CrfaiJS cars. ArtesTa' Blvd. SV CANNON'S GA^en' RETIRE WOO YR IN ( YRS. on 15000 Investment as Illlla ai (500. No active participation. 433-3«l; 424-3174 DRY CLEANING PLANT BY OWNER-JI3JOO F.P.. TERMS RENT-I.eau. M-l. 2100 sq. ft. S175 mo! NE 2-M2 4^)0 E7 Weber, Cpln Wanted to Rent 122 WANT to rent June 15 to Sept. 15, 3-Bdrm. house on or near tos jay. Also boat possible. 443-2377. Lear Alamt : slip II WANT 3-BR, furn. house, Jefferson jajjaft^SfMrfii^ w ^^ AVY Captain. XK) fa JFt, unfom. Apt., or f HI area. Until S«pf. ADULTS. 2-Br. furn., 3 A D U L T . . house, duplex, Hots. Perm/ jJSffl^" PREFER. Us Alam;to.s ^^ . bdrm. home, to *12J. Business Opp. 126 BEER Food. 11CS3 net mo. S7,3X F P. Short hours. S950 down. ' · - · · -- - 1 1 J 2 CATERING truck with or wltfiout route, very reas. ·« Chov. T437 MKT. · Seer - wine Candy. K03J. Western, Fountain - Sunvnerland at San Pedro. TE 3-7J1S CAFE, approir, iIJi a district. Loiv rent. -equip. Small dn. Ready to o )37 Ko. Pacific. San Pedro. a dav. Business ' Best modern NEED 2 or 3-Bedrm. house, Lkwo' or Los Altos area. Bkr. HA 1-9401 Lo 3 br., rentals. IN3M) br., 1'A ba., bll-l . Lot $0x364. Tr REX L HODGES ln kit. x . r Gaonon HODGES HE 7-1251 1-BDRM.. 2 bath, ocesn vie E 1-0926, C BY owner--deluxe, large 1 Br. all elec., drauei carpets, elev., ffar. 7302 E. 2r.d 51,, G-2. 433-ttn , . oundorcof. S!l mo. Bkr. HE 6-74JS Puptexcifor Sok 135 --Icony style, L to sell, 29% 'dn. or submit. UNITS. 2 2-Bdrms. 10 1- ms. on Appfeton. Low down. Ed Grant Realty GE 9-2323 Long Beach Special Two 2.PT-, 1V4 ba. e»ch. Studio. *"**££$!« . Try 117 (P537) "£! 8£ Real Esrot* Exeh. 129 VV 18 UNITS WITH POOL -^-""Loa'n' ba 2 ,.^. rm .'i ... carry. Will sell fvousa. rfvpdxj trl- Mn. Bam«. 6%. Owner will carry. or trad* for J ""·**·*«..- BELMONT SHORE 7 Ct«a.n units. Inc. ISM, equity JJ1XJM. Aso, Jllsoo ewlty M 3- · Borm. home, Appleton aV Oranew. IB Park Ave; Gg 4-9945, 43Mm 9 UNITS IN NLB 7 1-BR'i 4 1 3-srs. Lilted prti (U.900. Rental locome mMttr year. Let's talk TRADE on Sis slnele residence or duplex. JOE HODGE, REALTOR GA 3-7914; HA 9-5083) GA 3-l33» Larga N»w Four-Flax Alt 2-r- ·" "-·"- ~ Medall.. RODMA1 ·Br. Studios, IM baths. Gold Inon, prtv. patlot/ 5 ear. viAN REALTY HE M41S STUDIO APTS. New 4 unit each 2-Bdrm., IK baths. Gold Medallion, S'garaoes. 12 UNITS, 8 GAR. 6 YRS. 17 Un. $79,500 $1000 Inc. iLiW ^tfei 01 """ 0 "' ' " UNITS 1730 INCOME " ·" ^.n-ss! IQDGES irm [* HE 7-l_ (T4J4) REX L HI EXCLUSIVE ADULT COMMUNITY VJrgWa Country Club «rn. Minute* frcm Freeway Tax advanisoei -- s/S duplex ,,.,-- -- 10% down. Open 10 to 6. 424-7564 W A L K E R 4 L E E ·CUSTOM DUPLEX 1 vrs new. 3-BR 3-BR. Built-in kllchen, His or tile . ; must be ""OWNER MUST SELLS i^li!»..'= »·_*?"*· .WU trade LENDER'S Repossession! (59) 3 4 BORM. HOMES ORANGE LA COUNTIES ' *TM* Wl OPEN SAT. SUN. 1-5 4933 SAM CARLOS (County strip, Compton). Lovely redec. 2 l den, lots of charm, bit-Ins, new w-w, new 3 car oar. w/xtn ' 3-BR POOL Entry way . . ..rear living, rm., overlooking POOL-- Unloue kltch. Spacious dining area with built* Ins. Unit heat. 2Vj baths. Tru y a nice hcme. Priced to etl. Fred Ro» Rlty GE 4-0981 VA RESALE 3 or 4 Bdrm.' Government cwnerf, Lew down. 5VJ% roan. Many to cnoout from, LEVIN-SOMMER RaaFfy 6761VJ Carson HA 1-84M HA 9-5917 37J9 RADNOR-- Vacant. 2 bdrms. Dble. garage, yard. Bkr- HBS-7192 DOMINGUEZ NICE 2-tr. stucco, Ige. detached oar. Covered pallo on Ige. lot. Bv own. 135-9471. ' ' DOWNTOWN OWNER SAYS: $495 Total Down Paymt BUYS saon fo'b* vacant COMPLETELY FURNISHED custom 2-BR: w/loe. rooms, stucco, hffwd. ^sfs^^tJsr^mi D.Van Linen Rlty 435-8341 GUEST HOME G fE^'fR^HO C L?Gfs" 2 Barm $10950 EAST BROADWAY Just listed. Corner 3 i den, rwot living room, electric range, disn- r. A lot of Irvine for only Hwrvl -*GE PAGE RLTH. OE 3-1397 ORIZABA. 3 BT-, closefs -f newer . --"n,-"-'* Bkr. . 2 bath, Ssfxik nr. Bluby BY OWNER LARGE 2-BDRM. «M077 BY OWNER. 2.bdrm., den, sep. dm. rm. 4059 Colorado. GE t-1322. BELMONT PARK 3 BR.-- 1% BATHS Homey home "?.[,,."* * Trnsptn 3 Br., Big Fenced Yard A-I'.REALTY SERVICE I E. ?nd St. Realtors GE 3^403 Conval«sc«ht Hospital Building slfe-or 10th St. Cirri er 200x150, 2 alleys; nr. St. Mary's Hospital, 1 PETTIS 1 432-5477 24 HOURS DRIVE BY--MAKE OFFERI 051 Lima Ave., corner C-zone, SOxlOO, 2 sly., 4-ir., J ba. + I-" 1 '. duplex oil lease. PETTIS 432-5477 24 HOURS BDRM. »15,7Sp FP, 30 Vr.-lfen ramm. «08 California, bkr 433^t943 1047 ELM. Inc. S270. Small, small, small !n. Degley. Rltr. HE 4-97J1 EAST SIDE 2 B R S DEN In popular .V/llsAn HI arear\CO .^ . »*, (DI47) REX L HODGES HOME ; OFFICE' 7.ROOMS ON CO CORNER. Owner will finance. No minis. - · - ' -.:»'-1. BROAOWAV ATTENTION: GI'S 4-Bedroom twme. Entry way. Otf- «t ! lvT 5f t j;TM- * H !L nr t\fff: s »»; :teus ulhs. . . hen with bullt-lns. M . ? . " a o l ! . M y . CALRIty 42 1-9441 VV BEST BUY IN WRIGLEY 2- rm uijt. 250-v. · -roe living so- ft. racn ATr cond. do", garage with elec.. garage doors. \Vi blks lo bus shops u Only ta.SOO. P.P. Rltr. HA 1-Sll IS UNITS BY OWNER 4 NEW UNITS On yeur lot " GA i-WW BEER BAR by owner. Good should make siibo mo. RI. - Incl. prknj S2DOO nandles. $10. AUTO repair garage tor sale. Best localtenln LTB. Write III? ftea- gan St., Los Alamltes. HOBBY Shop, Illness forces sale. Sac. Gross J1IOO mo. Low rent- good Tease. 594-7111; 43(14773. PLUS Goo estabtl Bimards, 14 table , busV area. We Pfi: I45-54 SHOE Repair locallon. 44,000 ars « day. 9435 Alondr« Blvd., Brner of Clark-. 9g-5M1 MEAT Mkt. New. Sell or lease. Shopping center. Orange County. -easonaole. 430-ioiO. BEAUTY SHOP, xlnl. Bellflower I 2 oe-r. S2000 + Inventory. ' 4-IH3 or CLEANING PRESSING SHOP Fuljy eqpt. $1500. 6e reear tti spring crean-up. 431-7944. AUTO Repalr-fiHIy equip. Also sun suitable for sleam clean 8, BEER. Wine Groc. 4« W. 3r Long Esl. $1MO + inv, 437.11V :OIN Laundry--1111 Palp L.B. Call Hi-lia aft. J I E, 3RD BONITO I nice fu/n. units. Inc. 1500 mo. Trade down. $17,000. BOB COLE REALTY 1» PARK AVE. GE 4-9J45 4TH ORANGE 1»9 Part Avt. CE 4-ms, 43MHJ EAST L.B. -B«:., J*«th Spacious kitchen, bulft-lfts. f. Trad* for 1 o ' comer. Trade SEAL BEACH-- 17M Ocean Ave. i units, good Income. Leaving state. Owner, 10«Vi Seatwav. BEST DUPLEX IN BY OWNER. DELUXE DUPLEX IN BEAUTIFUL LOS CERRITOS -*?».· .JUST LISTED Ihs. Forced air heat. »d Rose Rlty GE 4-0981 WANT A BARSAIN7 3 bdrm., den. Hdwd. fins, Ba* * Built-in bar. Swlmmlne pool. Efc. J18.SO3 F.P. tlTOO down. Im- med._, possession. E. Lakewpod. $495 DOWN Lge. New 3 Bdrm. Family room. Bath i, ^. 2 cur gar. Bullt-lns, etc. SI If Mo., Pil. J1I.«!S (E. Lakewood area. READY REALTV HA 1-«94I FULL PRICE $24,900 4 bedrm., 2 balhs, covered patio, bullions, tlreprace, (5-Pfan Garden Park) Nodn. dl or SI ISO FHA MABRYRaalryGEO-0521 ipen hojne -rar4Mnonf. 309 CLARE WO NT clurrnkvo Be. PK. J-br. Do not olstirrb octuoajit. Phena BYRNES, Rltr., GE 8-5123! BELMONT SHORE Corner Home SHKleui 2 tr. w/fuenact htat. Dishwtsher, BVo-fan, 3^r aari!?*. Nr. bt*ch fc sJvsw^ Pffcad to wlU .. i, mcheol* rsrf 50 - lealtors GE 3-M03 . ALSO one near l h REA C L 5)23 E. 2nd St. COLLEGE PARK Estates. Love!/ 4 bf./ IK' (4L41 ) R £ X L HODGES TO SETTLE estate, lot 10. block J., 67x135', 4 rentals, Ocean villa Tract. S9|.l»90 7 UNITS on 110x130--in- alley, Was Side, Inc. S3I730, mil. tin. r , Irade tor 7. Owner TE 4-4743. LARGE 3-br. house Hi tront with drapes t, rugs; duplex In roar. 43H44S or 434.4171 eves. 21 UNITS--$98,500 Benalonera, Immac GE HMTt r« 417 no poll DICED right stucco « units furn. Rm lo bund. (27,500. Inc. *321 mo. USOO dn. Owner. 423-7959 TRIPLEX 2 Bn. ea. 3 vrs. old. EestsUe Inc. H75. Owner. 4J4-IM4 UNITS. »I9i mo. Inc. Redec. sj5.;3o Owner, 3478 Linden. 7141 LE 9.»» BY OWNER-- 3 u 3445 Ransom St. units on R-4 R-4 lol. 4M-OM7 t ws-xst£to'%sf.?%m 4 3S£i Dbl. story duplex SHARPIEI al 1,500 so, ft. ea. Will carry or Irade THOMAS Rlty. 426-251/; WALK TO TOWN i dup'ex. l-br. din. ri e»., gar. Nice cor. Low dn. $11' SEATON t SELOVER HE f TRIM 2 BR With w/w thruoul, new drps., red wood Irlm, very dean ca. li GE M371 Sneed GE 40 (LA88) REX L HODGE ESTATE-SIZE LOT 1 brf/m. 1 car oar. Hdwd. floors. ^-^R^LTY"' 0 *^ 1 !^ SK». Rm. fo bulk). Lol 50x130. EZ terms. SI5/00. Owner. HE 7-3771 wr-jf-'SKt.'*'^ L.B. 2 BR. duplex with dble. gar. ~%f- ® 8Bh. WUSfi NEW DUPLEX BUILT ON '0' JWS45. GA I^4t4 1-OORM. TrlWe)c. Imma vrs. S24,»0. Subnill llison Rltv., 1720 E. 101. 1-BR- ea., 'on L4»ts for Sri« 13* EXCEL, localron. R-4 zone U'a!V + olii 4 unit aot. 3631 E. 1st SI., HORWALK-- - K-- U loll, 5J-S100--U300 aa O.K. for move-in. All terms. - . Aller t p.m. 714-- urry o lully Improved. street bondi. " M , - . GE u- 2 BR $7500 Neat Spanlih stucco on Pacific Coast Highway. See I submit. GA 2-12S7 LYONS GA 3-J3M (JI4II REX L HODGES $15,500 TAKES IT Ofder home. Cor. lot 1 Mrm, +. 15th S, Coronado. Owner. GA 7.Q903. · GOVT. REPOSSESSIONS r dn. TIRED OF BIG YARDS Roomy .2 br. den on choice crnr. w/formal an. rm., sm. yd. 1 prrce. 3E 9-2U1 McConr.el GE 9^347 (852) REX L HODGES 4 Units on Bayslior* Avt. PROBATE SALE Attractive I^jdrm.'homf w/alchd. bachelor apt., enclosed back yard. DMe. gar. Furniture avaliaMe. For 242434-3 IGlendale) Wilson? 3 + Br$ 18900 IMAGINE! $6900 F.P. ·U"* Mabry EE/MW. J Bdrm. .«ESI; OLDER 2 br., C-4 50x135 lot, etc. Equity ism BROKER OE 1-tSIS LAKEWOOD AREA BIXBY AREA UNBELIEVABLE 2-BDRM. SPECIAL ONLY »l«77i i sd75 dn. for most buyers. SMO dn. Cold War Vel · Clean home BIG vard. OauWe garage. Very good school area. JOHN READ RLTY'.lne. 4137 Horse Way HAS-6414 FIREPLACE PLUS .'·. . Spotless 3-BR.. redecor. In out. Try NO DOWN Gl--LOW DN. FHA RAPHAEL 4435 E. Spring '" Open Daily 4819 Matney 2 t den, huge living rm. 3 blks. E. of Orange; 2 blks. So. of Del V1KIN6 REALTY 4M4114 GIs NODOWN For NoDn! Rcnf To Buy 1100 DN. (4 lake over payment). 3 Br., 2 bath, cots, bullt-lns, fireplace, vacant. 3 ml. E. L.B. Bkr. SE 1-U71. ONLY 1127.33 CV mo. Incl. everything. 3 br., IVi ba., dbl. gar. Cor. F.P. H7JOO. Broker GE I-AS1S Op«n Houses-Owner S-Br. r Ige. lot. Good lee. DMe. --- · -· ----- -side t out, GA i-7304 par./fencad, fedec, Insid^ l_ outj Ige. rms. GLENN C-ti CA 7-S4Ot 3-BR. fc family rm., IVi baitii 'cav'd pallo. nylon carpeilno- ExcHent CMdlffon flinKHjt. jrakrM.oflJvJJW fcr Veterans. $2.000 will MnoVl. ELLI5-SCHRADER ME 3-J133 2 BDRM. BY OWNEH.-; Near Country Club Estates. W- TAKE over i'/ 4 % FHA loan wllh low down paymt, ofl brtrm. home ctoie ' Pavmli. leu than rt u ,, B , rnonevsaver special. · V. HA »-s«a ELL.S.SCHRADER . ofl sharp 2- e lo May: Co. rent. Thls'b · SKHHHII ... 4 Bedrms^ l.i bain home on 50x152 II. R-3 lot.- For only «17JOO-Owner will pay' all escrow charges. Submit on dtwn Davment. ELLIS-SCHRADER ME-3-5HJ 2 BEDROOMS ntus 15x18 den. wall/ WMI carpeting, dishwasher,- B»Q. delachm dble. Mrai». }«0-djm r *' F KA loan, STOP FO Lovet/ home, hx non. Flexible terms raasonaola offer rt MARY HOLLAND, BIXBY KNOLLS LOW fov*n/ Cow Interest, no poinli. 2-3-4 br. hwnci. Real barcurnst TURF REALTV . 421-U11 5xl» R-3 ZONE. W^-Br. twww. Ofter? Oavnar. GE 1-ntA Beautiful Contemporary OM of tha flnnt horn*! In ttw KnoUs. lmm»culat« comilTlon. 3 lirK barms., cen. formal itvutfl rm., dinUvfl rrp,, all »Kc. kllchen, separate breakfast rm., doseis A ilwiM In aAum}anca, Wall to wall carpet (Trapes. 3,350 so. ft. C«ii flir^vfl office for addrcis. mio 1 **"- «-*«* VV WANTED IMMEDIATELY Y OWNER-- aean 2-br. aV far llv rm-, disposal/ dbM. garage, v^Wf tiicd. Close to HI Schl. Ifi9 tcW brook. ME 4^417. . "TT This 2 Br. Won't LaS 1 ·· GIBSON REALTY- 413i Paramount Btvd.; HA iitii VHERE "O" WHERE can you get 3 BR'S.. new paint new. car. vtt for V1.4M. Owner 43S-K9 1 REASONABLE 3-br., IVi ba., 12)^00. -Own. Write Box Inaep.-Press Teleg., L.B WALK to Douglas. Two 2-BR., c*r-

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