Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 30
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msiPtxstuT -- »·«., tori i PtHt-TEHCRAKL Wed- AprB t I Scat Mond CitittProp. 14C l-J DOWNEY 1A MIRADA NORWAIK ·5W1MM ING POOC TIME * 15*15 . It + a 2 bedroom *n4 ' 1IO1 vatia av«rloo.,.ing toeautLtu* - feactv»rl Owntr «· · Uijfccac* · antist. See lo «ppr«eliV F«t- · place.' cfnvminfl kftnot * out. .· Only ri iOO r".r. Owner CCnna East- Submtt t2« otrw*. A , wonderful toc«tio* near Cerrrtos * Cftllege! WiH a'wiys koLtf »'* ' 141 GARDEN GROVE 4 EFOROOMS (15.500 targe 4 tearoom. 1 ttmt. .tear tnoooitie center ft achoott- Land- acaoed Wed yard. "OKCJEY DOWtl CI -- lO. DOW* FHA. BAPKAtV REALTY, "··fftjna CE VOP13 er TAirtor M801 teJl E. Aaogra ilvd.. teilflo«er : --. . NO ON. si .' ''.* CR FMA .· Arfrac Ver. mot rtucr*. s»a- i CMKta'V. area. lot. fc-rl.. t.le. d-so. ', 1% 00- co». Rang efilh 113. U. - yard. Only IS2.M -no. Pt I ERS . Lit! 3-J7 ·' PIONEER BROKE $400 DOWN -' Take over FHA to** on 3 bed- .·room Home, tun once tiJOOC. ; RYUE REALTY '. W3» E. Artesia lellflower · Phcne t2S3D71 ; r- so DOWN . tovtN 4 Barm. + Den. Ti tarn. Fireouct. 't fenced yard. Ml.» P 4 4 to vets. Krv at I I Jo Chip XMlti UN 3-4747 I't baths, rrotesslenal tandsctolng »le,l5«. WQ Vanouard A«- Garden Crove. Tw ariouard » Vmt. HUNTLVGTON BEACH . 1HH L RttSTONE DRIVE BY CA 7-Stil; 43Z-71« REX L HODGES CO. ! SENIOR CITIZENS I Lead the good Hfe at e tome at your ewa » a teaulitut community wnere yoe hear tne laugnter ot you!*. »r«n we wish, enloy trie carnoanionshio ot tcllow-aoulti er retire to the ou«t privacy el your cory new '"""J^J^St ttvat costs yoe JUST EIC-HTY ·."E DOLLAR! (Mt.OCI PER 1AOHTM! «a grass to cuL na exterior maintenance so aandie; yetyoe eve surrounded By land- are community, htar t*ie bealA, Hunfingion Cer.Knental TOWN HOUSES BroeMiursl Adams HunTmgion Eeach Meiey to Leoe 101 RCALHtlTII 1S1 Private Money LOA.NS S1SOO tnoo -USA] -$150.00 OaV $92 Mo. IncL P1 · Lew dn. FHA or n dn. Gl. «BR. Vi tath. Ipe. Ititctien. Cor. tot. . ED BATES REALTY VM tTTJa fit. ft Family Cfn. II. tin on RJ tat. TTiltt'. A real buy at ' I .PAR.WOUNT ATTRACTIVE, NEW 2 3-BEDRM.HOMES witt fjreclace. caroetina. feuin- to range ft even, waste dlsootaL orar $195 DN. + COSTS FROM J 14,790 TO $17.570 SEEVt£S4JkNCE. Realty TtJ JHAIK ST. rKmring^on Beack 6474172 or LE 6-8837 $10.000 Inferesl Icr* «i 8% ' »HY PAY UORET We tie arranoe Id Trust Deed Laant 11500 to SOflOO CONSOLtOATI ALL YOUR SILLS IK TO 1 LOW EAST PAYIACHT fKEE AfPRAlSALS NO OBLIGATION Hanbery's EM [. BROADWAY CE A Jilt MotercycJ«.Scoot«r»lit | A.tot Woattci 173 Import * Sport Cert 174 TRIUMPHS. SEE TODAY Et _toiv -- »S NO PRQI YAMAHA from $285 Rabbit . fjunmae, . Totiats» Sport Comptrt 167-A TSUCK-CRAFT CAWPtRS--Faery ta voo. We wlB aof be wnden^lo:. wm trade tor most anvthina, U4C E. Canon. Tarranct. pi. rRa · EU.S-FARCO CAMPER SALES. See our weekend ad. Hanv mod* elv U«e mover. Wntmlmter. tma. vs, ma* v ot c c. BIVC soedal buiv la* ar trade for late model VW. KUCd FABULOUS TEAItDKOP CA«PERS rldiuo*. tMscount. ^-amount ME »J4SI CAMBERS For Rent--Reserve Mow! to Atondra. Paramount ME a-zci $199 Dowt BlymH. less t* real Vacant--Lovely }edrm^ 1 badv Hc.l tirt. Bin R.ftQ. Fenced yard. Mj qualifying. Move la Today Ervertv Jadkson R»v. TW 1ISTT t33 Westminster Blvd. JE 4-rot BRACKEN Mortgage Company A t-W-t-D GENERATION tUSINcSS Maximum Isi-Jnd Leans QUICK CASH LONG Trucks Tractors 168 JUNK CARS XIC-HEST PR idS PAO FREE PICKUP SCRVlCf CAY1N JUNK 1W l-ECCN DO YOU NEED MONET7 Car fgytngtrhi Tod Hie,*? tve wiB trada ye*.* car ar eauttv tur a tower anccd c«r or buy · ** 'cRBTf MOTORS TPS Lang »eac» ilvd. MI tVa DESPERATE fat CAIS tonut ts tar TR1. Healevs. also Somes, jags. Porsche. MG. vw. fcenautfi. etc, we also caa co~ aJOR ft seB vour car ft 0ct ton LONG IEACH IMPORTS MM L B. ilvd. CA HOt EED CARS ! 1 H for »54l won 19*11. Sn norm fun. DICK BROWNING Dcoltr ME«U4 TOP CASH ANY CAa-A»IY UCCEL tocjl or out of »'··» keen* Own rv«rK d». » to 1 »TM }in W. Pacific Cfiasl v-R CE IMIO HE »i» LG. ~r36 HEADOUARTERS TF mfonj' - ; It UA, Jmm.c ·M Uit, lar« · SterHon Waqoa$ 175 JtYiBt) Sport Cars AKAHtUn ft ATLAHTIC HIM OPEL ·5? OPa $4?9 rECORD STATION WASON (. 4 H. Vtavl kiterior, Luraaoe radk. Clean ft *** conitloBT PHIIHAU ^n t. PAC. C$T MY. C4.« * · · · · "42 V/AGON _l_J18T9 at'U^.^ .TS Attei for Sdt 174 BUCK GLENN E.THOMAS CO. stsssz. """ » » 4 · + » ·60 VALIANT V-200 4 «oor »a90*. Sljn«af« tranv. «tH. Lvstenout or«Y tnna. (· eel lent for vaconoa enjovmenL Pe d monm aa dew* n- vwnt o« aoeroved £rtdit TneA Auum* Eatanct el $850 PEUGEOT "59 PEUGEOT J695 . IMPORT AUTO 1*4 l_ ·- Hvi HE LACUNA BEACH ~ · THIS IS IT ·· *T30 moves voe ia. J-bdrm. stucco · tow cavments. witn saint ft lavn .. makn ttvi aini a datl bouse, lust ,. S9,t^0 F.P READY REALTY 1 1M01 Lakewoad tlvd. f.E 3SS · - HOME INCOME ' 3 CM I inTOJ. } BA. ft I I I . Owner Witt carry 2nd TO. Small ' eowa ' arran3ed~Cail · 6A J-KSTi Eves- C» »4»M · REX L HODGES CO. . Houna Beacft. im Lon Bead Blvd. Hcmtoci 2-7941 Tryst Deeds 152 QUICIC CASH FOR 1ST ft 2NO LARGEST NEW S USED Track Stock ea Long fteaesi BUYING--SELLING trend NeJyrToa r.ckp $I7?9 STOCK JT 147 Set «r (.ill BiV aViansfield cr Jack Brown, CA 4-X3V1 Ma BURNS FORD STICKS WANTED Long B««t»1 klslint tuvtr '""BOB THOMPSON'S 1CT1 Poclfle Cd K«y, GA O4US WANT Uto modet Catftuc sedon. HJVO »clou Crnn HilH «·· mortal Park toti valued M S1K« ·s dn ovmt. UcCartuN E (rSII · LUOTO C FATTEXSOM T» pncn for Oeaa Can tICT UONS BEACM BLVD. LI- IMPORTS WANTED C (01 AUTKET HE Z-4441 JUNK CARS WANTED CO oa for most tin. TE *3BO PORSCHE ·3* PORSCHE Cony, njoer. Clean. CS CeL Or. 3*37 ELFIr^tone Hvi LO 5:n RENAULT TM1»3 UKAULTI" "SPECIAL PRICr NICK PASTOR IMPORTS 340 Import Sport Cars 1 74 HAVE 1st mtge^ State at V/asninv i bal.. a mot «jv Sea- LOS ALAMJTOS I- $7900--1 IORMS. ' w 'hardwood floors. I vn. ofd. · tsx OH. 171 a me cars alt. Call · Benire Jones eves CE t-»CX · MOUID REALTY HA S-7494 OroafjeCcgaryPrep. Ml · - $200 DOWN . «U«nv S ft 4-C«dreora t*omrs .' snots from *!4,i5« -- Sola en 1 FKA terms. S*vt fialvtc* of down ' B».vment wftilr nm rert. Marry fca*vt tidwl tran. X taattu. *r«- i TMCSA. tUJift-lni A elfwr Ktrit. i A- flood detjd tor · lamihr witft , ecoa ordjt: KFV «t . . . iVAPHAEL REALTY, 4411 IUt«ni $? a S DOWN -- * YEARS CU . Set HAZLET. JONES CE VM11 REALTORS CE f COT I1M2 UNGllTf... l» Appt JBR^ den ^eme. Good finan. Page I Cunningnara GE 1-3732 eut rt ta. Can , CAM FOR TOUR TDS. 1ST. JNO ft 3RP. MO COSTS. GA 4-1714. 3»% DISC iiOOO 2nd Ta IV UO mo. AB due 3 vrs. ~" fcftj - CMC cat forward rac- tor. Aao » ft 0-R. semis. Aisa Dorset 22"]ton love bed ft nu MoOlbs tow bed Harr. Wacon. eaoo Paramount fcfvd. KEADT MIX CONCRETE BUSINESS I] lOOMINC;! Cet m V now. Own vour own true*. Lew Iniflal Investment wim large regulable local comoarnr. Can UI-tMS EVES. ·V FORD V L »» ·£f Herb FHeJantter ^ aa t. pax CST. CE i-uu *USCELLA\EOUS NEW TIRES aOOxlX aSOxU and Black--sie-na*. svnite--xn + tai SUOOUTM TIRB COWPAKY 27TQ ft Atlantic. Lanfl Beacm 1700 Sanla Fe. Los Anpelet ·elCARAYHl£$lS95 Powder blue. wws. 4-speed. Hard- toB. "~ laid Beautiful.* IMPORT AUTO _ I. Blvd. ME 1-ma '49 IVrU.Y$ AWHEEL CRIVE STATlOTt WACXm -fa Herb Fnecflar...?er tf ?ra E. PAC CST. oe M4*u Money Wonted 153 AVAILABLE--2nd TDj I-BDR 4 tireolace-narflwood tloors. floor furriacc. 4 miles ta new Dougras Scace Center Systems ' faalnV. tll.SOO. Terms. «m £. ' 15th. WesfrnmsTer. ANAHEIM I NO. DOWN NON-VETS · ^5'A% Inf. No Secorujj : -:YOU en THE DEED · ' tfrsn.. fi barns. F A heat. ' 0^% Raraoe. nr. scnools. $15.79 ' F«4t2B cer mo. Includes P ft . t taxes ft insurance. ! FISTA REALTY CO. REALTORS ME asaa day er night MIDWAY CITY FHA-- CAl-VIT-- SI A a R nome. TSTI Wilson. 1*4 bants, caroeted. Insulated, wearh- er slriBDed. teiKxd Tard. covered satio. Make etler. Owner anxious RALPH L SAFRE HE 142SI C.4 E. ««T HA t-ITTg STA.VTOV BYOV/NER LEASE PURCHASE Possible }Brs~ 1^4 eattis. howd. (Irs* bit-ins, forced Oir ptrg. SOT en. HA S-4J03 CS49I UtSlV.L\SltR IT S A BUY J-BR, T6 ·. hofne w* bff.-im, cor. pat,*}. Can Soohrf:c^d RDC V LHO^ G K^OO. CaO Petenoa HE .W.D41 UrT-, »n tfut n VTT. PraDerhf value lll.»5Q. Onvr by f9Z2 Part, B«{t- fiower. Cad Ken. TO 3-737* i:4JOO tsX Ta to-yr. loan. r-tJ mo. ·fret «.·% en downtown BartirrB tot. Ait tor Frincr* of Bar%ar.v HE 7-QS*n WAKT S.9,000 toad OR BQOd »1X500 1st TO. Pay 7%. OolUJtrts, CE 4-Dil « davi HE S-U7I eves. L1 KE to botraw S2.0DO tor fiuuneu. Cootf securttv. UTV ktterest. Box T-l05l» tnOeo^ Press-Tel ecrarn KE£O IIC.CCQ, 10% Miteretf. I yr. flue. Cot! attya) 1st marta., car w*n*, Eve'L Bkr. CE *9KA. C-*NE« warrtj VMOO tor Tst T^. on C.L. B. commercial propenv. CE JW^4 . CE 1-7993 *OMA», very muctt ftt rreed would tiki to borrow *UOa TO 3«tJ Boats and Oatboords 1 40 ·U FORD V Ton Picltin. StanHard. Beautiful suasriinalan blue. Almost new a glv heavy dvhf rubber. H-£lt3a. S799. Hale Young Ford. :«a E. Anaheim CE tone Chevy .melt. - M FALCON Econeiine gicfcue. Radio ft heater. Rear clean srurk. A-l warranty. Priced to sen. IT3VI. Hale Toung Ford. ISO E. Pacrlic Coast Hwir. CE *-077t ·SI CHEV. SDK. DELIVERY. S3» TtV Herb FriecJlander 2TJ E. I"AC CST. CC »« TO CMEV. Vi-TOrl PANEL, «2» Tf Herb FrTecJ!anJer i" m f.. PAC CJT. CE ». ·59 FORD CONSUL $595 Radio, heater. Save ss; IMPORT AUTO 1*J L. r Blvd. HE *E? t F^rSh LO Jrtl ·57 DAUPH1NE $395 Xlnl tramoortation. Save sj's. IMPORT AUTO U6» u ». aivd. HE IB: Beltflower L»krwood Vnim ft Arfeila TO «IU '60 COMET WAGON 4 Ooor. VvMartl Tran. «ta Uc. * PVJ 391*. Gleanunt wtufe extertor wltt deluxe red trie* mruout. Pa C2 · mocHa en dowm Mymenf on aoorived credit. Then Auumt Batane* ol $1050 tax ft teens* delivers ED BARBARI PLYMOUTH Einowtr Lakrwood iSm I Artnia TO Mill * 1553 BUVCK Attci for Sol* m CHEVROLET CsTpetUtf, automatic radia. fiei ·* aril itt vr- «erlor. 'Sf-rss srst IS ONE TODAY $999 Ma BURNS ANNEX UO Long- Beacn BlvdU HE H7M '60 VALIANT WAON a MIS- Automatic ttH. ebonyblack Original thr,- cut Rum ft looks t«ceL Pay 122 a znonlft em down eaymem oa aooreved *j*St. Then Assume Balance of $1000 tax ft Rcensa delivers ED BARBARI PLYMOUTH ·ZM tellnower Lakewood Between Souta ft Ariesia TO T-C1H 'M KEWAUVT DauoTune. Runt xmt V7 on. ft U per mo. dlr. « REKAUITS trora _ »estone Hvd. LO Sa delivers OJLC. IS RENAULT Cauonlna. S2S Ort. Or. lot C. Fresnnt Blvd. LO mtl SBICA Y* -5* T90 SL-* CWf- * *(fctr. «2S tfet. Otr. 3487 £. FtrtsTorit B'-i LO 7-nl *S9 UORGAM + 4 Rfetr. 1 tr. 3407 E. Fimtonc LO 7-7161 A-1 TOPS FOR ECONOMY 1959 S1MCA Tail Etna 4-door sedan, has *· speed iffdt shift radio, heater, wiutewalt tirev Clem oreen taOt wifli contoured kraltier tvoe Interior. Uc lOOOm BEST BUY! J599 MEL BURNS FORD 20S5 Long Btadl Blvd. West Side ot Blvd. CA a-CT5 OA t-CTI '59 Plymouth Wagon I nassenoer. Auto, t ft H. Pwr. ttrg^ etc, L ic. * R 5 Y « i A real value. Runs ft tookt good. Pay 117 · monts ea down cay- man* on aooroired credit. Then Assume Balance ol $1000 tal ft Hceme delivers H) BARBARI PLYMOUTH Lakewood IS IS V t^ 'to RIVIERA FUU.Y EQUIPPED noine red. Never teen red. drive out a-ulo onry $4499 cJ.Va* Anarieua AtUnKe e tnoi stared. cower brakes. 'Attractive Cascade alue fnso. Phis* (nonalr lock- kit alar. BJ jnatca.^ j^-a sna Ub toin FAYuluT grobleV U day Vial cntiann. DUFFiELD tlr««-MerQiry. I*B Lakewood Bfvd. at she Long Beacfe Traffic CJrcK. C*9ff1a. Open eve, ft Sun. A-l · O« SPECIAL 1959 CHEVROLET (EL Al* SEDAN Powerglust. VI engine, vm . neere-B ft brakes, beater, (added dasft. whltewen. tins. Clean tur- ejuoisg body wit* matdunt) av krior. Slock *ta. $1199 Ma BURNS FORD' IBS Long leacR Ilvd. west *de o« Blvd. CA AK13 CA a-3314 ·60 CHEVROLET IMPALA Canvertlbla. Auto. V-ft. (ad. ft ktr. CK. Uc. IOOE SO. Hero la that red convert. you*va teca ktotlr* tor. . Ply 117 a month am dow* Rav- menl oa aocroved credit Tnen Assum* Balanc* of $1375 Tax ft License Denver* ED BAR BAR! PLYMOUTH rs» BelWower l«kr-ood Between Soutt ft ArtesJa TO 1-C11I er. Autorn blue lu-tc KO DOW1I PAY1AEKT emblem. 13 tri trial exclunie. OUFFIELO Llncow-Mercory. two Lakewood Bfvd. at me Long Bcadk Traflk Circle. Cttr.l Ccen eve, ft Sun. ·II BU1CK Special V 4 Sedan. Radio ft beater, automatic. Goddess 0014 finish, ttatctiint kilr. WSW tres. Near new. I*, mo. wnorm. dn. 110 OOUM PAYMENT aroblem, 10 d» trial eicfcanoe. OUFFIELD LMcoln-lwmry. 19JJ Lakewood Blvd. at tne Long Bcacm-Tratl.e C^cle. C4.W1A Open eve, t Sun. ·61 LARK WAGON door. Automatic, I cyl RIH. Lie. * FKC 013. Runt ft tookt real good. PiyJCSa mo. on Assume Balance o . .S,e' (IJflower Lakewood i ScuT* t Art«»!a TO 7^117 '60 Dodge 4-4r. t-pau. Kent »rc« -»159S Radio. Iwatp Tonaueflrtt. newer itv-er^ real cledW. l-owtrer. ne« car trade; eicellent firtisa and FD»«ECR«XALl.Y VERNE HOLMES-Oo3g« SSI* ft Atlantic CA_*WC3 SPRITE ALFA ROMEO · 13 ALFA ROMEO'S" -SPECIAL PRICIT NICK PASTOR IMPORTS ANGUA rp VXJYTS von « J t±m. ft den. ' JA 7-g»T ; BUENA PARK -baln. ckan. HI. /all A idscaoed. STOW · aWanrers. fsfto. leinascaoea. ·' an,^J730 pno. 10 OuahN tor fHA .· lean.- KEdw ' .' MTTil without coots. · LEOM SOWARTZ RLTX . ttm Beeck Blvd. Buena Part . VH M130, LA 1 U7i , v-v e*n)., brt.-iw randc, vaTio, / e t a / 7911 Orano $T7i TOTAL moves von today. J- bdnn. t, den, J taTtt. fenced. .' Cn lAULBEKBY CE MC27 CVTRESS alTOr SAVING RENT RECEIPTS '· Vatarrtt Wove .· nowf 3 Br. .til. '· rm^ ser». pore*, large tot 60x141 · an fenced. Keea *tors*i, ctutiem * er wtiar kav* von. For irrtorma- · tion calT Jim or Irene. S'eeie. r3 JL-^.n SU Seal ill TttiAMCWK, JUST tl^TED 4 IVS^ IW I A. $15,500 7 YKL OUX ttxT3S LOT Paga t CunnltrgTiam GE 1-3737 . HOUSES--I Ibdrm. 1 l-bdrm. Caraoe. GunT room. Laf AOxUT Good Income, lemrt Mary A. lm;m CE 15397: CE Itt^ E*TQ«-ORAI.iT HEALTY km. : L tfatn, tit,QOI South Bay Propf rrr DOJHXGUEZ 3 BDRMS. 2 BATHS ea two Rl lots. Fun price Sll.m BEACHWOODGA 2-1205 SAN PEDRO -vNEft Mini Seui M Hills M M Pedrv. bit 3-B-t, liomt w/ Diihwentier. *s*, was ^nTt Fool- arp. »ti fl Bit. -ins. asher, dryer. . . . S2*47\ Ptronc tar aaot. T , . ndscpd: E J 3K» TORRANCE TRY IMtB flown. $107 monfQ H ctuSna taxes a. bn. I de» vitti covered Bdatio. P*r»*S4» 5P .v;901 FA i / HA . . oe FULL PRICE -- LOW on! T** E«T. MOUIO UAITY , · *· i:50 To-al * · neves voa M J-b*rn_ } bam. . carpecrto, drapes, WILMLNGION Oet-of -Towi Prop. 143 ·3* FOR ^-TOM PICKUP. t9 j% Hero FrTttiTdrtJer ^fr- _2aCS E. PAC. CST. CE M*u *S2 CHEV. ^,-foit PANEL. 1379 · Herb Fnetilanr/er · JtHt.JE. PAC CST. CE »*U4 FORO piclcuoi. ts A V-itw »l ENOUSrt Ford Anglla I doer. Black. Heater. V99. plaza Moron. I743f Clart St Bellflower. TO T-CTS 1962 UK. U $1395 GUARANTEED I si CLASS! JAMESTOWN OS» Long Beaca tlvd. t- 1. JAMESTOWN PS8 torn BeacH EfvA L. B. 1 14 OE tUXE RurKboirt. w Mark S5-A Merc, enaine, rtmot* ceiv .*or», 4 freiiler. Has evervUlint. Red whit*. Orioin..1 cmt w« smStt: Show roam new, first fl39S Ja^_e*. . CE 9 OOO Bidg. Conrr»cTor-- o. built. H«ve 14ft fibc f _ _ **r. for ir«tie. neetf UFT. Yankee Qiecer, glanetL ot «xlr»SL Low wheel inr. ~---|Jr motor, sn GoldStar Home* IT SPCEO BOAT-twiH »Mx fv.rv ·Lrttxi«rd iretor, V«iPtr. too tifet new. Only 1730, CA 7-7392 Cresn.Rtr. Soortslint ·:».; liTc. Johnsm Kttrt-j Bet) burvs. Senrtct Harbor Myin* GA i-COO .KUUtMER, U' saitoat L trailer- Good dacroa Mill. Flberalaucd hut] and deck. GE »4QD4 RHODES If A CTCar Dav-Saileri 4V200 E. .pfftSi. t^S^E iM«77| CAI uoa i«r Oinonici. MarmaBazaar · ^ ·Vn*oa wnaier. Saootx leafija tn»- f D12« 7 TWIN Engine fhr Br JteveL Trade tor Income erty «r T CC SCAT* ft MOTORS-- *.*· ft trsed. UFT. Ciassoar Del War wim cabin, a HP Ettia wm «ailer ft accev sories. IAI -«63X. ·ulrsm, irarav. piettiv. cfter. i re^tuiej com. 'to CHEV. . . . ·.. camper, tt von **v« no trronev we cm fmjrrct in. Ca9 JJlr. _ JUlenen, TO *-4314- dtr. REPOSSESSED *S» Fcnj Vj Iwt PJ. vt it. ft K Nice ctean frudu Cag mif. BeTl. TO HJU Olr. *U CHEV. Fkrefauda V* ton PU- Good w«r» fcorw. AcaT ctarar... Call Mr. *fte(lea. TO .W.4. dTr. itf CtSEV. Sedan Den very. 2*1000 actual ml. U9S. Week dav» onfy ·see Boh, \C3 W- Wlti St. -- 't2 Corvan drop camper. UK "40 CHEV. ·WTON. CUSTOM OB Norm Hoffman Trucks--WE »-«27l « n V t_B- BLVD. COMPTOTi . . . ptv. On«L owner. . car. 15d So. An ·37 CHEVY PU, vi-totv ,.toa _ $450. 350* Ftrrman, LatxewoocL .CS«A3 after 1:38 AUST1N-HEALEY. AUSTIK-HEAUY HEADOUARTERS ·54 - '61 ·54 «oW »« l*r* $W5 *55 «rir« nice ! 1?95 · 5 7 4 PU « ewner S I 5 9 S *5I 4 PL «iT*t, mni set Jtfc9S *59 2 PL rew ittrlor _*;i59S ·W Z PL A. Wtp. $1?9S **0 4 PL. tmrrac. $1195 ·41 4 PL fa. Wacl $2295 ODCH Sunday deYme Sport Cars ANAHE Ul A ATeLANTtC SUNBEAM ·a) SUNBEAM1 "SPECIAL PRICr NICK PASTOR IMPORTS *S4 MERCURY Wagon. Radio A treater. Automatic tranvniss'ifm. itri*In.f lutone linrsh. Conlrastinq Interior. Best ont M So. Calif. 133 tna Wtasrm, dn UO DOWN PAYIAEMT problem. Up-dav trial exchctnoe. OUFFIELD Ltncoln- Mercurv, VW Ltkewood Bivd. *r the Lor,.. Beacm Traffic Ckrcfe *tjaVW14, Open eveninj A Suna»y, ·5? U SAKE KTr. ,H9f 4-dr. cwr On. ft brakes. Xceo- Honal Bice orioinaf car. OSBOlffS 20TH t CHEMT 7 BUHtlC Special -door naro^oo. automatic, radia ft deafer, power steerinz. U99. Plaza Motors, 17CT Clark SL. Bellflower. TO MTU ·58 HOT ROD $1079 Cnev. Cel Rev 3 door, 271 engine (three-twosIL «speed, Ivoor xhrfL X PitS Io2 * Finance Prcb!ems» Ten Ust 6LENNE. THOMAS CO. Codoe Dealer OE. Anattein Esfabtisned 1*01 _ _ _, HawiiLan Brottft flnhA. White ftldewall tiTRL A atiara *5 oJSS^WVtSj "Snrtilefti W tiay frial *ich*npt. OUTFlELO Lincoln Marcunr. ma Lafcewood at ttie Lena Bear ~ Beacft Trcrric rvt t Sun. ttiruout. Runs I ______ . _, S27 per mo. for rtn. pmf. en gtf CHtPKY ·!* SLMCK. It Sebrc. HTD. Ftnr. *ir. pwr. itr.t- br Mem. Law mile*. Xint LtxU L drlva new. S1ML Pty. ·S5 BLT1CK FwH power, BlU A n enc, S2S c*Trt 4 fissumt contr taU. *t «:tJJ tno. FwP DTK* IA2D7 U.KE.VOOO DLR. _ 17 Bl/CK. SoeclaT fttcr 1599, steering. Real clean 17900 Belltlower » . TO Htf-l 5* OHEV. Bel Air. Mick. RIM, A V riL Runs like new. Pav S3 per mo. fur drx. pyml en aoor. cr. Then assumt contract ot ISXL TLL C«tt OiENRJ'S V^HEvTitt Air V-L Autnra. RJ.HL Runt A looks Hit new. P«vC2 «r. Tlteit assume contract of 1621 TIL Dels. O-HENRI-S ^".CHERRY CAfi^S CADILLAC ·11 CHRYSLER Wagon, t-pssa. _ A K. Autamatlc. power Srcerfnx pwr. brakes,« vinv^ Inteflor. - Beautiful futone finrsti. 1VSW Ures. C99» MO DCWnt PAYWEWT problem. iad«v Viarf ewAanoe. DUFFIELD LttTCOln-Uercunr. 1940 L»krwood BrvdL at Die Long Bead. Traffic CVcM. 84-mt. evenirg A Suntjav TRIIBIPH **1 AUSTIN HEALEYS "SPEQAL PRICE- NICK PASTOR IMPORTS arges s e e c o . e w - s e . JAMESTOWN tt9 Long Beaca BNd. L. B. Trailers I«5 -0_CH£VT_ PICKUP, good transOi. AMFtt fdadla. deluxe. E 3-1011 "SPECIAL NICK PASTOR IMPORTS 113 Firestone Btvd LO 77lal -SOUTH CATf -5» FORD · oass. Counlrr Sdn. V-a Autom. R.ftK Pwr- ltr». brakes. Wws. ltr. fresrt- like new. Fav S27 Dn. Bmf. on Aoor. . sume contract of S72S. T ft "^ OHENRfS P«J CHE«BT CA WAGON TOWN 3S StatTo* Wegom H54 tnra l?62 100% Financing (Aoor. Crei 7223 L.LB!vj.LI.A a-7041 AUTHORIZED SALtJ ft 5£RVIC£ Largest selection. New-Used. JAMESTOWN lisa Long Beach g'vA. t, B. ·5*-'-.7-'5*-'5 T-a r* -- a vmrt to cfitxn* iron. LO 7 J14t 125 del. 3407 C. F.res1one BJvtt. VOLKS\VAGEN ·63 VOLKSV/ASEN Ready tor Immediate delivery, Including the card to-find ljt» te- 'SO CHEVROLET * DR. While witH R. K t. Autem. One ewner. jutt fikt new. Af« Ford 1 Rambler WIQDTT. Local Beauties T«l« Your Kcl 1962 SecJan cfe VH!« FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING Ct voo like certectioa la an automobile you will *nd * U mi fine Canac. unblemished white tirusn and bal tut red leather Interior. Power windows, power door tocks. six way seat, plus ttie snanv otner cower features oHered by Cadinac. A wrnen KOV mectiandcal warranty goes wim inn car - U.IK 1961 Heefwoorj Tklt 1M3 Cadinac trade-u b a sleek, let black beauty. R bi turly eauiooed. inchjdino factory conditiening. You win have ' - - . . - - . one . TOT B- BLVD. '55 CHEVROLET $595 STATKm WAGOH V«\ automatic transmission. WARREN MOTORS Cn Long BeaO Brvd. CA * OC ·59 PLYMOUTH $799 OLlt VI *0«. ST4T1CH »AO. Automatic, xtra nice conidtion. .c* «.* c. AC CST. ·5 VOLKSWAGEN $695 Radio, heater. Too value. IMPORT AUTO ley) L- B. Blvd. HE 11714 ll FORO Station tvigoo · cvlinHer st.ct sMft. TBJS car runs real oood. Radio ft Heater. Extra clean. t3. Halt Young Ford. CIS E, Pacific Coast rrwv. CE 4-pvrt I90 Heefwood t-*-«-.or ttvAt tooki new. tf» luri to believe mat t could kave been driven 30.307 Biilei. and BE SO CLEAN. Tl;l tk a one owner. 13 Cadinac travae-.n, wim 'U license tees paid. To* must tee arvj crive mil avtamoDiie 13373 RIDINGS CADILLAC Long BeacD-t ONLY Aunonzed CADILLAC Oeater Ii01-g Long Beacn Blvd^ L. . ·S3 CHEVROLET $799 B900ICWOOO t-CR. V I WACXttt. AuTomafic. RftH. oower steerma. Clean ft xmt. condition. PHIL HAM. ian E. Pac. Cst. tume ·62 CHEV. II $1895 Prkrd to sen. SCO mPirV ' Lite new. Automatic. Radia and titater. IMPORT AUTO U6» L. B Blvd. HE SI91I £V. Biscavne. Stick. Ru new. Pay C7 per mo. f pmz. en Apor. cr. Then a "U CHEVROLET fcmcala ' Vwrt Couoe. Vft. automatic, radio ft eater. Power strng, whltewalls. Artie wtiito wi» red Interior. Lew miles. 12O9. Hj ( e Young Ford. BOO E. Anatieim. Long _ Eeacn. C£_1JBjl ·a CHEV. like new. . _. _ Dn. pmz. on A£or. u. t nen av- tume contract of SSSa T ft L deri. O-HENrll'S Vfi CHERRY CA MSej . '53 CHEVROLET $129 I EL Alt CONVEBTIBLE ' Sncl. R ft H. Toe runner. FHIt HAU im E. Pac. CsT «4-H« ·60 IMP ALA "«9-$ 1699 4SPEEO wim t2 ~40r" ENC-IKC. Jet black. Extra snaro. PHIL HALL im E. PAC. COAST 4D1IUO ·U CHEVROLET hnoai. »dr. hd». V-l Pcwergtide, tinted wlnd- stiielo, wsw. factory air. owr, strg. ft brakes- PrFv. ofy. Xlnt. cond. tJSTiOavi CA Hia; eves. CE 127x2. WILL SELL FOR $5501! Private tarty das TI Ford Fairlane SCO hardtoo wllb stick tranv '62 CacMdc ConveirlbTt Your chalet of I BORGWARD ·5J BORGWAB . 3450 E. F res ton* Bfvd. LO 7-ZU1 RUCKS -- Al tvoes -- Buy ft sett ·WTU.TOP/ SS» F. PacCst^t-B 4ROOU caoin M Arbuckre. 7ux:«T lot ft «C*m ktl Ideal tor cabins, trailer courts or novce. Marker ft -- ' Oflice. U,m. CE tlSTJ CARDE.V CRO\T * AHENTION if V U E N A PABK Uv« hi comfort M tttu beaufjful 3-br^ IVban w'buflt-M range a ' even, w-w carper ft flrsoev r» 1 **one f rertace. AHa tronT ft rt«r * varat fceauti fuity lardscaoed wiffe ' BB3- eana. SrrmHen . iff. Omcare »r» srice ol . Hi* ttown C4 er J% FHA. * 4 n»* names to cftoes* from 1-br, * TO bTns wit» bC1.-*rt. C3 wnder * r-sTTkel ertct. ..111* tnev Uxt, ' Vfltm- far ·nrv tlHOI ft mn. * P/Tttts. cf 1T.S incL evenrinirts. . LoveV 3-br, 1 ta. Cinge^txrsd , Imeenat CsTatn nomt s*'nvsiac . tile kit ft taTi, *',« earner ft . Ion- o* -Cood;«- Prtced af ; »11.f3L Wo en. O) n, *·- FHA. ''r Al Amenc*B Brolten rT8rCi^^i.jwus~RMr · $13,000 . Attractlire HeSroom ft large rgrrt. . pvt^rra. I B lot. Qu:et ne on' GUARANTEE: DOU BLE TOUT money to i yrs. Buy Tit or f.* ACRES. HE MET. C,BOa acre. HE *7O7 LOT M Salton Set. S400 eouity. win sell tor taa. t-PH JOSHUA FREE r/ 2 Acf« $1295 ful orlc* MS DOWN. $15 MO. ZITRO REALTY. Yocc» Valley HE 2-04I -- LoTi 9 Baac.. Beachts er Atrcage Mi ' 2B LEVtL ACRES «* grovina SacramerTte VaJler, "A GREAT iwvtSTttEKT."' Ven» liberal terns. Owners. TR »T3in; tvn. TV 7-X, LA. POWAY. touttl of Escand:OO ofl ,Hwy. 375. Vacre yiew of green after i g m. mE '» 1123 ACRES, cond tor flucl cMk farm trance. Orrtv *T7J t*r acre. Rl*v OE NIW 10.55 GUARANTEED $49iO tnd tix. Be Local detrverr. let- DO. steo. CTAlom tumnTvetf, Glass door, carpet, ataf aJurn, awntna. HARVTTS »uv K.1T* dcttrxt i-tbdrm. Chran ft ffxtxim. carpeted. Wlti «« eoultv »o resoonvte parry. Pnv- OASIS-TERRY SANTA F£ Tradewinds, ISrJCZ Lkwd TO .V.2S.I CPE* I TO 4. W Cnoader K» n. cametetf ft drapes, bit.*.*. *2*4 Martna Vj«* Or- 6*1. Store Moaile Ect Prf.*. 27* EOAOMASTER. A runt! num. rro* em. Finf HOW taftev ISC* ATLANTIC B-lt, COMPTOH 0 FORD V I PU. _sfi*p«, TO ef-stxr. JTEP bumper* for Auto Ports Repo.r$ 169 Br«slh«r*t Aufo Wr eel Ing Loti to »--apprct 150 cart M parti, ta U«v. thev art potna ta run a storm druM ihm *e middle of them. We must tauldate -wtvole- M1» or retail. Let* of good Iran* portano* cao--rto recsortabl* efntr . . Good condition. HILLMAN MINX fl HILLMANi "SPECIAL PRICE- NICK PASTOR IMPORTS 34S1 Fireslone (lyd. LO 7-71«l -SOUTH CATE- JAGUAR ·U JAOUAKS ·SPECIAL PRICr NICK PASTOR IMPORTS id Firestone Blvd. LO I^Hal -SOUTH CATE- ·« VOLtSWAGEK Dlx. leddn. Rtasonable. Heater. wtutewalls. exvas. Musi settle estate. aSSa Valnvt. K.L.B. KEPOS5ESSEO -O Von I KomlM Won. yoo act miles. 13 dn. ft SllH a wert OAC. Cat Mr. Ajlellen. TO HJ14 dlr. CVEI 39 VWt. All guaranteed at Kendon IHoton. IHI P. C. Hwv. TE 1X14 sve L*e Trades ·St VOLKSWACOTI- S2S delivers. *U VW DtHini STarton Wagon. 2500 miles, am. owner. C*B. HE n E. Tin si-*, t. · *S7 FORD Country Sdn. R. ft ft* pwr. £tr0. One owner. Like new- tig on. ft assume tal. ot at t» no. Ou. ME tTCt mi t on . Wagon. FuR p CaliUr. Bt« ·St CHEV. Un Wagon. FuR power. V- . TO *«314 Cr. ttass. St V-L R.fth . RE POSSE SS1OK It Cnev Green- flier Saortsman. esprf Rox. Uke new. Can »r. BelL TO a-ana dn-. ADTOS for Sale 174 AnSCEIiANEOUS ·55 JACUAR RAtr. XK ta. Cood sa vy-sS.'" *-««« Lin ·St JAOUAR sed. Auto. XA S3 oet. WE'RE OFtH Sm«OAY I' P.M. Rancties ke Al aextera states Coenran Rrty. g3 Efcn HE -53CT TREE IROCHUKE. Land. San emo Caunty. CVoraon Rlty-. Pala. Calif. . ^, . . 1 TO 13 acm H OanVard. Prmc. Can HOC OOWH FHA · RAPHAEL REALTY, M1B Hal Ot j-KH ar TA»lor t ; ; : $17.000 . LovtV IBedroora ft tamiry room. 1 tatna, ttaag ftreaiact. st-w caroeaw eVaoes. Built-in range ft even, ceve-ed paria. Lanoscaoed ' fenced yard, no KIOKEY OCX* · CJ -- IMC Dm FHA. , · RAPHAEL REALTY. V.i (Catena · CC VgH ar TAylor taei IDTUT JIIL t f AU. tu. : Na Dow* Gl-low DHL FHA tiice yard. Cane ta to L.B. Just ve.ra SEE TOOAYI ATIIStSOK REALTY TA 1713 ·OUU. DIRECT CR COLLECT- Mesa tola cad Desert MS fFOX SALXI CABIH wim a acres. 13 mi. Ho. ef Yucca Valley. Owner. I7BB Clart, Berinower. LCE- Moaevto Looa (Bit REAL IITATH 151 T E A R droa sr»lcr. autane gas ft sieve, kce bo*. Hew eaant. Good itai ' drice^ party. ·SJ ttiCl SELMA IwtM. r Ufce new. KOJ t, Wx3« JWontctair. XFI. Trailer, U am. toS Amara. Bellflower. TO 7SUS; TO a-SiB. If TRAILER--SHept S . --S4*S na Laaewood Blvd. Downey _ Vacant overs-irt ft featt*. nuoe av. rm^ dM. ear. XM. Be. tujn Tail et^r gjrrstinfl s r ^*s koan wim eaiy terfm en dn. aywie. er fiedn. C-l. *** dn. FHA. Key at TrCrAELL, I KATELLA. JA 1-O2* carney Jbdnn^ twge tamflv rm~ »n.*t. w-w carget. drapes, fioer- fias% Irautated. weatenrslrtpped. e _ - ^ _ **. . ».- -^ OL earn. · fence. fTO ax. FHA, Rey ava RATELLX Ja . I »JnV - . - drapes. »X tenet. »a«. f ERNI E t UTT. JA 7-7791 $195 DN. CA$"H IN A HURRY! / Sorrow OR Teur Ham* 9* Ka lalloofl f avmenfi / Tata S roan to fee r* Deal WIT. . local C*. The Guiver Co. (Linden Atjenf) HA 1-8241, 5518 OtJAmo CLakewood. Comer Benrower l.l Trailer Space 145- A only. «c isr STOP RITE Bonded trake snoes, an cart U.9 evdianoe. Bonded Brake wtnie. C?e E, Anaheim Pft. O-7U7 tlUJiiM JS-i.i 'tlSTALLfO KetaviB ft r«4 Ctierrv Airte Parts z«yj CH««r AVE. CA ar»i ATMOWPSOll mag. wneelt for T Bird. POB. CA »B«t HOWARO aluminum rods tor tn*. Cnevy vt- »sed STS KE «m an. DecfricCort 170 WE f AT CASH FOX USED ELECTRIC CARS Airootfo Electric Car Co. PI LONG BEACH BLVO, L. B. C-OOO CAR new ctiamer, ric. 113 KAR.V1A.W GHIA MORRIS '41 I-COOt 1000 $795 eUAtAMTEEO I si CLASS! JAMESTOWN T2S» Long Beacn Blvd. L. ». M.G. C£ Artoj Wanted 173 TCP P«*tS PAia On an manes from ms eo Harbor Chevrolet. J77» Cherry A*»- . . Pac. CsT. HWT.X.B. LCTJT rates an modem tacititw*. adutts. Bet ok. «E e9t} Trc5tn Wonted US-C »-£ HAVE J. ft HO«». HOWZI ta trade tor Trailer Homes' CttTIf CO 2EALTT SALIS nJKtf*ff~~ CASH -- IN A HURRY -1ST t 2ND ID. LOANS IOUOW ON TOUt HOME CHECK out LOU AS 5^.% tRT. f*ef APPRAI5AL (LAFHAEL ca HA «-5»l7 _ a3 E. mSURAMCX-- SAYIKCl ft LOAK CaR P«yi»y aa ^ T a!T3 UCCWO trust dM07 bars. I yrs. » I DCAL 01 toant exzlutryelv Prompt acfusn on an aopncanont. K B Rotjertson. » Atlantic. Ht M7P ita^ OA a nbl CASH F01 -5S Ot OLO£1 CHEY. O» FOtO. 6tt-im PRrviTE PARTY~wiB say casn a* 5^, 3 l.?c?a{ f ''^ trade f.~*l CAtS OA Ml L SVH.LC* POT Cask, ta ft eo: For wiose cars. '62 MS MIDGET Soe^rinf condition, fuTty r^ipped. RlrL SISn. IMPORT AUTO tM L.-B Blvd. HE 1H14 AUTHORIZED SALES ft SERYICC Largest telecrion. Hew-Used. JAMESTOWN w"w r vinyl ktt VOLVO *57 VOLVO ^299 R. K* 3-speed-- runs good. Bodv iajt E. PAC CST. «Y. Ot-fM n VOLVO, ase^ Rttt, Adi ta aeL ixr. ma E. Fir Blvd. LO Aatique end Classic Con 174-A $4195 cfeYille Anaf.cira ArUnftc 54 CADILLAC Coup*. R*d.B and hearer. Automatic, power steerinft. , 10 , FltlD Unoin-Mercyrr, tWO LakewooJ Blvd. at ttie Long Beacft Traffic Crcl*. dCtma. Ooea eve. A Sun. IS OtEV Set Air S0crt Coe. tuttv eaot . »!5 Dellven S27. ma ea iPcciAi, CAR ctx TO'MTII 705* tLAKEWOCn BFU-fT-QWEH " ·51 CHliVY. Bel Air tuJTs. Fl ti F»" RthU w:* air cond. Venr 1.100- Harrv Macon, *OW mounl Blvd. _ . I tawr. ten er ·54 CHEVY 7«r. tncSL R * H ' *'-- ditlaa. Best offer takes. 4532 Hadt- eftv lahewood. HA M371. ·S3 CAOltLAC Fleetwood. Radii *nd bearer. Automatic Vam. Air cond. FuB aowtr. BabT blue fin teft, matcbina InTenor. An easy feuv lor 1)^*1 low price. __1399 HO DOWN PATIAEMT problem 10 «av trial *«ciun0e. OUFFIELD L*ncotn-*Aerojrf, IIUO Lakrwood Blvd. at V* ttong Beadl Traffic _.. _~. _ _ _ ^ jy^ ·M CKEV, , . Crcdric windows. Alany txtrn. I --- n«j . Clrr*. Ooen eve. '»t CADILLAC FkcetwoodL FacL air cond. RtH, fun jJwr. Windows. SC..1.., brkiv, steerina. Btu« prev *ntr. ErmJn* wtiitv tinisb. On* Owner. Car not cheao . _JaU39f INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSlfirO ADVERTISING AUTOMOBILE CODE fey ett StotTott Wagons 175 11 FALCON I dr. St tvaaon STiaj. Low ert. amr. ar trade. WE tVM ar ME 4S7J AknU R CC 137 na LCT-T Beadi BML L.B ·U -- MCBL !Ub ft ntiaCCTI ·^SFEOAL PRICE- NICK PASTOR IMPORTS CUKVtMT JIROOEl. advertninx ittter ttvart Frandtrteta Oeat . _ acceofed » C.TY* after local armouncement date. CURBtMT JftOOEL wniOes. a* vertse.* t* etner tian oeaters franchnetf tar tr« make adver- «w4 vi irssumtd lo bt ·"*-! HO DOWM PAYMENT problem U tr* trtaJ exchange. DUFf IELD i tiuotn-MVercurr, 1W9 Lakewood Jvd. at ttie Long Beadl Traffic Circle. C4-C9l.k COtn eve. 1 Sun. ·57 FaTsKwctp 4-tir. SreTa* A * Mew 2-tone vainf. excellent tires, original knterlor; t«wner fecal; Toreueflite, sower tteer. ft heater. VERNE HOLMES--Dodgt 3SHi t AKanf. BUICK »T BVKIC Sabn. Auto. R**« ft HrrV Dwr brates t, iteenro, -»3 ftotm*. Cans-der older ear H 1rad«. *Tlv. rty. EO-*^J* casn. vet') AlanvM. an. I ajn. 43-697X 9 BirtCK SoecLat **". swSan. ·utgt lran», 1. DtMr. J5CO. GE AotoPomtBepmra 149 Aata Pcrtt Kepcira U9 -J2 DU2 TO. Mad.t.ed ft ressorarion ttaned. nza CA insi. ma carrt FrL t a.m. to lat. a · m. 9 MCA Koadslnr deDvert. *"* * M UO MO -TF" rdstr. Trucli Tractors lit Tracks Tractors . Out. Firestone Brvd. LO f-tM US . o«y cast] on me toot today ivato Rarty tor clean fe-ailer. "f S«» WILL PAY CASM ta private aartv _ tor caan traiiar. a,E It.o SVANT CASM For Your TroilerT Carl lmi» at troun, IS HOT PRIVATC aartr tf*rinv to Morercfelei.Sceertrilti TWUMPHS-NEW 1 USlO fOemot to R.dr) ·»- FM. OAC Hionest Tracst-ma » Sa. Cal4. IONS IEACH I'-WMPH ra » PAC. CST. HC a-ra OPE» IRt. HO»I Ua Pac. OA»3»TI S» » O «. PTM. pn/. Tarma. Can Hg »ai33 I ta tt am. c«a «.M. TRAOC -37 O»y. tor neto-riycte. OA 4 3314 NEW 1963 CHEVROLET FLEETSIDE '/i-TON PICKUP WITH I-FT. IED '84 $j Dein v 196 50 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. ME 0-5841 PARAMOUNT 774-1300 tinir d Ctapfu IM. n rinaiiat lit I. tleiil" $». 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