Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 30, 1963 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 21
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TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 30, T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE PUBLIC RECORDS MARRIAGE LICENSES Of raid Lop«2, 21, of Buen* Park,. Calif., ·nd Donna Carp) Bennett, IS, of Tucson. i£dw»rel HKtof Almwla, if, of Tucson, jjnd Shirrrn Ra« Gtnn, 17, of Tucson. Gerald Lawr*nc» Manrots, 19, of Rockland, PH., and Anita Mat McEwen, 17, of Tucson. . Roderick Jtffery Evinson, 22 of Tucson, «nd Vlrelnl* Louise Wllbanks, 21, of Tuc- »on. : Richard Gilbert Stapp, 30, of Tucson, ·nd Judith Ann Fltisersld, 22, of Tucson. Fred Ray Cagle Jr., 33, of Tucson, and Ann Cecil* Colllni, 20, of Phoenix. 'Oan!e!'W»vn* Martin, 23, of Henrietta, Okla., and Barbara .loleni Clayton, 24, ef Lot Angeles, Calif. Pon*1d Ruitel Aletf, 22, of Marana, and Mary Joyce Grimes, 19, of Twin Cltyi . Bautlsti, it, of Tucson, ind Cell! M. Toro, 24, of Tucson. , -Victor Terry, 25, of Tucson, and Sar- bara Jean Travh, «, of Tucson. 1 Raul B, Palms Jr., 25, of Tucson, and Lillian Mendoza Duarte, 20, of Tucson. Qwrge Ortiz. 23, o) Tucson, and Anita B. Pallanes, 1, of Tucson. DIVORCES Geraldln* Richardson vs. Bennte Richardson, decree. Vlvletinf Bolen vs. Donald E, Bolen, dismissed. Evelyn Pauline Stroup vs. Earl N. Stroup, dismissed. Jamas Dorsey Walker vs. Carol Mae Ellen Walker, decree. Marilyn Jean Newman v;, James Lee Newman, aka Harvey Henry Baker, decree. Sybil Juanlta Zimmerman vs. Buford Joseph Zimmerman, complaint. Beatrice A. Grleso vs. Raymond Grlego, complaint. Betty L. Sulllns v». Charles W. Sul- llns Sr., complaint. Arlle L. Helnteln v«. Mary Ann Heln- leln, complaint. Joan M. Hup* vi. Franklin Euaent Hupe, complaint. ITCH ING Torture Stopped like Magic ert'j blejitd relief from totturti o Itch, rtctel itch, ehifinj, rtih and e'cxcm*, with *n imazinx new tdentlfic formuli -e«!kd IANACANE. This fMt.JCtfnit, icsin- Itit medicaicd cteme kills harmful bicierta. Kermj while ic loothcs riw, icritittd and Tnfltmzd k!n liiiue. Stopi scratching -- 10 ipcerf«ht»lins. Don't luflct another mmuif. Ct( IANACANE today it all dcog KOICI Laun J. Haw ley vi. Gordon D. Haw ley, complaint. Al i x ?.'!?, r * D *" G "l«« n '» v». John EcJ- ward Glllesple, complaint. BXRTHS St. Joseph's Hospital Mr. and Mn. Ernest Dolby, 4302 E. Edison, t boy at II ill p.m. Apr. 28. Mr. and Mrs. David Brown, 2550 N. Spsrkman, a girl at 3:14 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mri. Darrall Call, Ml S. Fordham, a girl at J0;30 i.tn. Apr. ». Mr. and Mri. Walter Earloy, 5818 E. WaverJy, a boy et 11:22 a.m. Apr. ». Mr, and Mrs. William F. Veltenhelmer, WIVt E. 24th, a boy »t 10:56 p.m. Mr. and Mr». James R. Randal), MOO E. Ell, · girl at 6:19 a.m. Apr. 30. St. Mary's Hospital Mr. .and Mn. Ysldoro Alvarez, 118 E. Palmdale, a girl at 1:30 a.m. Apr. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ellis, 1854 W. Welmore, a boy at 4:14 a.m. Apr. 30. Tucson Medical Center A/IC and Mrs. Robert Wlcderrlck, 2229 A, N. Columbus, a girl at 8:11 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Genuna, JSOO Robin Ave., a boy at 8:16 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Ybarra, 1437 N. Rlvervlew, * girl at 10:31 a.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Charles SchacX, RI. 3, Box 861, Tucson, Ariz., a boy «t 11:52 a.m. Apr. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marshall, 631 N. Jones, a slrl at 2:29 p.m. Apr. 29. Mr, and Mrs. David Keller, 6981 S. Santa Clara, a girl at 2:42 p.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perez, 379 S. Meyer, a ulrl at 6:17 p.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Matheson, 3030 N. Geronlmo, a boy at 9:04 p.m. Apr. 29. Mr. and Mrs, Michael Jones, 9W Sherwood Village Dr., a girl at 12:1B a.m. Apr. 30. A/IC and Mrs. Michael Magulre, 1817 S. Wlnmore, a boy at 5:25 a.m. Apr. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Melton, 2134 Golden Hills Rd., a sir! at 5:54 a.m. Apr. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hanks, 528 S. Country Club, a girl at ilo a.m. Apr. 30, w.or FALSE TEETH? ·a», chew, smile with REGULAR OR HEAVY GAUGr D E N T A L . C U S H I O N S · I- . M. l_--^^VOO^^B^^^^ Help* keep seed* out... ptah H«1p» «au pressure en gumt Helps prevent cfiddnfl AT WS1 NK STME · MOKIJTS SWIT 60 * FIRE CALLS (Calti In 74 Hour* to I rm. Today) 12:3J-1Z:4« r».m.-Engln« 4 to 5*00 E. SpMdwty, tr«sh lire. ):«M:50 p.m.-Engln« 1, 3 lo Highland Av«. fl/id E. Brojiwiy, felt« alarm. · · 2:03-1M? p.m.-Enflln« 4, 15, Lsddcr Truck 1 to JOOl W. Kins Av»., minor nous* (!r«, 3:01-3:13 p.m.--Engine 2 to 240 S. Convent Av»., fo,-cs J!r;. 4:59-5:23 p.m.--Engines i, 32, -«oo«r Truck 1 to 139 N. Main Ave., mattresi f(r«. 10:18-11:31 p.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to »« N, Stone Ave,, first aid. 10:« p.m.-12:05 a.m. -- Engines 700, 1500, 2200, Rescue Truck 2100 to 3230 N. Chapel Ave., house trailer (Ire. (Rural) 12:lo-l2:X« a.m.--Rescue Truck 1 to ?44 W. 21st St., tint aid. Doolen Teacher Going To Turkey Gregory Sabalos, a Doolen Junior High School science teacher, will teach in Turkey during the next school year under a Fulbright Scholarship. He was notified of the scholarship yesterday by Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. State Department. Before leaving for Turkey, Sabalos will study geology this .summer at Vassar College under a National Science Foundation grant. A graduate of Columbia University, he is 'currently working on his doctorate degree in education at the Uni- Tom Inqlis Flower* 2362 E. BROADWAY ,MA 2-4643. U.S. WlATHt* .. V A FORECAST . · ' i i _ T .. · ; Unt1l Wednesday ~Mornjng ^ \ W (; " , j ^ Fi a ur·% ,Snow LoW ^·»**»*^*'» «·*· »·*»·»* tC\*».v^4»»i ^ --AP Wlrepholo U. S. WEATHER FORECAST Showers are expected tonight in the Atlantic Coast states from Maine to South Carolina. It will be cooler from the Mississippi Valley and the southern Plains eastward through the Lakes region, the Tennessee and Ohio valleys and the north Atlantic Coast states and warmer in the Plains and on the south Atlantic Coast. Tucson Skies Today Sunset today 7:03 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow ,. 5:39 a.m Moonset tomorrow 2:02 a.nv Full Moon, May 3 The planet Mars, seen quite close to the Moon tonight, is now 113 million miles from the Earth. During the next 8 months tti!s distance will be almost doubled. versity of Arizona. Sabalos has been teaching science at Doolen for the past four years. LANGERS /or all your floral needs. 541 E, Peimington MA 24W8 NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEMENTS AU persons owning properly heretofore assessed for improvements, will take notice that an installment of interest will become due on or before the first (1st) day of June, 1963, and if not paid on or before ·aid date, the same will become delinquent and five per cent (5%) penalty will be added to the amount thereof. The following is a list of the Series Numbers and Names of Improvements on which install- ,ments will be due and payable as staled above: Series No. Name of Improvements 188 Anita St. District Pavement Widening Imp. 189 Bronx Park Addition District Sewer Imp. Norm Plumer Ave. Dlst. Sewer, Glenn to Copper Imp. South Menlo Park Granada Dlst. Paving Imp. Grossctta-Mlltenberg Dist. Sewer Imp. Alleys in Blocks 2942-44-78, City Paving Imp. Broadmoor Dist Paving Imp. 8th St. Pav. Widening Between Santa Rita Alley E. of Campbell Imp. South Cherry Ave. Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp, El Cortez Heights Dlst. Sewer Imp. North Campbell Estates Silver St. Dlst. Sewer Imp. University Home Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Cottonwood Addition Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp. East Broadway, Country Club Rd. to City Limits, Dlst. Paving Imp. Twenty-first St. Warren Ave. Dist. Sewer Paving Imp. Industrial Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Alturas Street Dist. Sewer Imp. Canlcc Dist. Sewer Imp. Speedway, Tucson Blvd. to Forgeus Ave. Dist. Paving Imp. South Park Addition Dist. Paving Imp. El Cortez Heights Dist. Paving Imp. North Campbell Est. Dlst. Paving Imp. Southern Heights Addition Dlst. Sewer Imp. South Campbell Ave., Broadway to Factory Ave. Dist, Paving Sewer Imp. Mountain Ave. from Alley N. of Grant Rd. to Copper St. Dist. Paving Imp. American Villa Resub. Broadway to ISth St. Dist. Sewer Imp. Western Addition Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Alleys in Blocks 17-IS-2043, Buell's Addition Blocks 7-8-9, RIeckers' Addition Dist. Paving Imp. 22nd St., First Ave. to Campbell Ave. Paving Sewer Imp, Southwestern Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Alley In Block 232 238, City of Tucson, Dlst. Paving Imp. Toole to 18th St. Dist. Lighting, Stone Ave. Imp. Sunnyside University Hts. Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Plumer Ave., Broadway to 15th St. Dist. Paving Imp. Alleys in Fairmount Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Country Club Rd. 5th St. Paving Imp. Manlove Addition Dlst. Paving Imp. 190 191 192 193 194 195 198 197 198 199 200 201 292 203 204 205 20S 207 208 209 219 211 212 21J 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 Stone Ave., Drachman to Oro St. Dist. Paving Imp. 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 23S 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 Casas Lindas Est. Paving Sewer Imp. 22nd St., 1st Ave. to 6th Ave. Dist. Paving Imp. Country Ciub Manor Dist Sewer Imp. Grant Rd., Campbell Ave. to Tucson Blvd. Dist. Paving Imp. Elysian Grove Paving Imp. Encanto Park Dist. Paving sewer Imp. Highland Park Addition Alleys in Buell's Fairmount Additions Paving Imp. San Clemente Dist. Sewer Imp. Catalina Vista Paving Imp. 10th Ave. to S. City Limits Main Ave. Transition Paving Alfar= St. Ocotillo Park Paving Sewer Imp. 18th St., Campbell Ave. to Tucson Blvd. Paving Sewer Imp. City Parkslde Lorena Homesites Dist. Sewer Imp. 2nd St. ISth Ave. Casas Estrada Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp. Encanto Vista Dist. Sewer Imp. Alleys in Block 9, Buena Vista Addition Blocks 24-43-49 'City of Tucson Dist. Paving Imp. Country Club Manor from Tucson Blvd. to Country Club Rd. Dist Paving Sidewalk Imp. 16th St., Highland Factory Ave. Between Mountain Vine Ave. Dist. Sewer Imp. Cinco Via Dist. Sewer Imp. American Villa Resub. Broadway to 15th St. Dist. Paving Imp. City Parkslde Lorena Homesites Dist. Paving Imp. Avondale Dist Paving Sewer Imp. Country Club Road 5th St. to Plma Paving Imp. Duffy Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Sahuaro Hills Dlst. Sewer Paving Imp. Calle Guaymas Misc. Alleys Dist. Paving Imp. Blltmore Addition, Contzcn Ave. Alley North Eastland St. Dlst. Sewer Imp. Broadway, Randolph Way to Craycroft Rd. Dist. Paving Imp. Southern Heights Dist. Paving Sewer Imp, El Conquistador Estates Dist. Sewer Paving Imp. Sway Way Addition Dlst Paving Sewer Imp. Alvemon Addition Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. E'A of Rosemont Blvd., 5fh St. to Broadway Pavin» Sewer Imp. . " Highland Vista Dist. Sewer Imp. Desert Highlands Dist. Sewer Imp. Parkway Terrace Dist JPaving Sewer Imp. Series No. Name of Improvements 2«3 Campbell Ave. Grant Rd. to Glenn St. Dist. Paving Imp. 264 Palo Verde Blvd., 2nd St. Dist. Sewer Paving Imp. Ware St. Ash Alley Dist. Paving Imp. Oracle Rd., Drachman St. Dist. Ornamental Lighting Imp. Casa Mesa, Darling Acres Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Speedway, Bentiey Ave. to Crsyorofi Rd. Dist. Lighting Widening Imp. Kenrose Park Parkview Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. Glenn St. Campbell Ave. to Tucson Blvd. Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp. 1st Ave., Glenn St. to Alley N. of Elm St. Dist. Paving Imp. Alleys in Solot Plaza Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Broadway Estates Dist. Sewer Imp. Country Club Annex Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp. Melrose Ave. Palomas Ave. 19th St. Dlst, Paving Sidewalk Imp. Grand View Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. Desert Alre Addition Loma Linda Estates Dlst. Sewer Imp. MIrasol Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. Hoffman Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. Campbell Ave., Grant Rd. to Glenn St Dlst. Lighting Imp. Copper Terrace Addition Water St. Dist. Sewer Paving Imp. * Glenn St., Cherry to Campbell Ave. Dist. Paving Imp. Adams St., Seventh Ave. Arizona Ave. Dist. Paving Imp. Grant Rd., Geronimo to Park Ave. Dlst. Paving Imp. Downtown Paving Widening Imp. Downtown Dlst. Lighting Imp. Catalina Jerrie Blvd. Dlst. Sewer Imp. Congress St., Freeway to Grande Ave. Lighting Imp. North 4th N. 6th Ave. Dlst Lighting Imp. 17th St., Campbell to Plumer Dist. Paving Imp. Wllshire Heights Dist. Sewer Imp. ElCampo Estates Sewer Imp. Speedway Addition £1 Dist. Sewer Imp. Speedway Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. Cecelia Timrod Street Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Colonia Allegro Dist. Sewer Imp. North^ 15th Ave. Dist Sewer Imp. Linden Park Dist Sewer Imp. Loma Linda, 16th St. Dist. Paving Imp. Broadway Estates Dist. Paving Imp. Hoffman Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Catalina Jerrie Blvd. Dlst. Paving Imp. Country Club Park Dist. Sewer Imp. Speedway Addition Dist. Paving Imp, Sentinel Dist. Sewer Imp. Champion Dist. Sewer Imp. Wilshire Heights Sub. Dist. Paving Imp. Hi-School Addition Dist. Paving Imp. Arcadia Ave. Dist. Sewer Paving Imp. Irvlngton Rd., Park to Campbell Dist. Paving Imp Belmont Country Club Hts. Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Del Monte Village Dist. Sewer Imp. Country Club Park Dist. Paring Imp. Encanto Vista Dist. Paving Imp. San Clemente Dlst. Sewer g2 Eastland 27th, Venice Herbert Aves. Dlst Pavinir Imp Glenn St. Olsen Ave. Dist. Paving Imp. South Sixth Ave., Thirteenth St. to Seventeenth St. Dist Lighting Imp. Speedway Addition 12 Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. Missiondale Rd., Valencia to Bilby Rd. Dist Paving Imp. Speedway Addition $1 Dist. Paving Imp. Cloverleaf Addition Dist. Paving Sewer Imp Haskell Dr., Winstel Blvd. Dist. Paving Sewer Imp. National City Annex, Blks. A thru E., D!st Paving Imp. La Mesa Dist. Sewer Imp. Wilshire Heights Access Rds. 14th St. Dist. Paving Imp. Mariana Vista Dlst. Sewer £2 Glenn St, Rosemont Blvd. to Craycroft Rd. Dist Pavlnff Imp, ""* Contzen Ave., Alamoda Si. Misc. Alleys Dist Paving Imp. Monte Vista Drive, Sycamore Ave. Arizona Ave. Dlst Paving Sewer Imp. Halcyon I»d., Allen Rd. Mountain Vista Dlst. Sewer Imp. WInterhaven Dlst. Sewer Imp. Pullman City Addition Dist Sewer Imp. Miracle Mile Manor Dist. Sewer Imp. Avondale Addition Dist Paving Sewer Imp. $5 Craycroft Terrace Swan Rd. Widening Paving Imp. Santa Maria Dlst. Sewer Imp. Columbus Blvd. Dlst. Sewer Imp. Southgate Sunset Villa Addition Dlst. Sewer Imp. Sahuaro Rilllto St., 9th, 10th, llth Ave. Dlst, Paving Imp. Parkview Addition Dist. Paving Sidewalk Imp. Mountain View Acre Farms Dlst. Sewer Imp, Llnd Rd., Hendrick Dr. Misc. St. Dlst. Paving Sewer Imp. 25th St., Curtis Vine Ave. Dlst Sewer Imp. Grand View Addition Dist. Sewer Imp. £2 East 5th St, Jones to Wllmot Dist. Paving Imp. 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 2S5 298 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 ,343 344 346 347 S. 4th Ave., 20th St to Benson Hiway Dlst. Paving Imp. Installments as stated above are payable at the office of the FINANCE DIRECTOR, CITY HALL, CITY OF TUCSON « , . . . . .. »« , ,,, , ,^, 6^ N. Meyer Ave. Tucson, Arizona PnhHsh April 30th and May 1st, 1963 H . L. Danforth, Supt. of Streets WEATHER 2.93 .01 .15 2.57 .96 .21 .13 Apr. 23 Apr. 3« Apr. ( Apr. U Highest t«r.n. yesterday ....... .,,,... 83 Highest temp, year ago ............. 82 High record for date 1949 ............ w Low temp, ye-iterday ........ ,. ....... 46 Low temp, year aac ..... ,...,..,.,.. 62 Low record for date 1960 ............. 40 Mean temp, yesterday ........ .. ..... j, Mean temp, yenr 350 .,..,......,,... Ji Normal temp, this dare ............. 69 Humidity 5:00 p.m. yesterday ......... 7 5:00 a.m. today ...................... 31 Sunrise-- 5:39 Sunset-- 7:03 Data for 24 houri ending al 5:06 a.m. Tuesday, April 30, 1»63. Station Max. Mln. Prec. Albuquerque.. .......... 72 50 Atlanta ............... 69 59 Bfllinss ........... .... 54 37 Boise ................. 7- 49 Boston ................. 67 46 Buffalo ................ 76 51 Casper, Wyo ........... 55 35 Chicago ............... 74 34 Cincinnati ............. 66 51 Cleveland ............. 65 55 Denver ............... 61 36 Des Molnes ... ........ 62 37 Detroit ................ 61 38 Douglas ............... 80 44 El Paso .............. 81 52 Falrh»nk« , ............ jg 3i Flagstaff .............. 65 32 Ft. Worth ............ 80 59 Grand Cunvcn ........ 62 42 Honolulu ............... 83 72 Indianapolis ........... 71 44 Kansas City ........... 71 46 Las Vegas ............ 81 55 Little Rock ............ 83 54 Los Angeles ........... 80 58 Memphis .............. 81 59 Miami Beach, Fla ..... 77 73 Minneapolis ........... 56 32 New Orleans ........... 86 74 New York ............. 68 ^1 Okiahoms City ........ 79 .;·· Omaha ...... . ....... . . 5 5 39 Philadelphia ........... 66 50 Phoenix ............... 89 56 Pittsburgh ............. 60 50 Portland, Me .......... 62 44 Portland, Ore .......... 65 50 Rapid City ............ 47 35 St. Louis .............. 82 50 Salt. Lehl City ........ 65 . 39 San Diego ....... ..... 73 56 San Francisco .. ....... 62 52 Seattle ................ 61 45 Tampa ................ 85 63 Toronto ............... . 67 46 TUCSON ............... 83 57 Washington ........... 63 53 Wichita ................ 73 45 Yuma, Ariz ............ 95 60 J5 .0! .10 tr. .52 .30 ,28 .42 .04 .16 .09 .61 ;oi .23 --Robert L. Kins, charge, Tucson. meteorologist In ciiucnir ANNOUNCEMENTS AHUMADA, George, 25, of Fresno, California, died April 27th. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Ahumada; sisters, Mrs. Maria Luisa Olivas, Mrs. Norma Cadena; brothers, Federico, Hector, Alex, Frank and Joe. Rosary will be recited at tha family residence, 808 W. Sandy, T u e s d a y evening. Mass will be offered Wednesday, 9 a.m., at St. John's Church. Burial will follow in Arnado Cemetery. Arrangements by Tucson Mortuary. BURNETT, Esther Trine, 64, of 2300 N. Elaine Blvd., died April 29th. Survived by her husband, G e o r g e ; sisters, Mrs. Edith McLaughlin and Mrs. Edna Burell. Arrangements pending. Arizona Mortuary. DE CAUX, Mrs. Margaret M. C., 85, of 3018 E. 17th St., died April 28th. Survived by a daughter, Mrs. Margot de Caux Williams and 2 granddaughters; Mrs. James M. Townsend and Mrs. John M. Malanga. A Rosary will be recited Tuesday, 7 p.m., in the Arizona Mortuary Chapel. R e q u i e m Mass 10 a.m. Wednesday at St. Ambrose Church. Interment in Holy Hope Cemetery. FONTES, Abundio E., 57, 117 E. 30th. Died April 29. Survived by wife, Refugio; 3 daughters, Miss Maria Luisa, Mrs. Rebecca Acuna and Mrs. Graciela Garcia; 2 sons, Raymundo and Armando; 5 sisters, Mrs, Luisa Levy, Mrs. Margarita Gssca, Mrs. Maria Luz Rodriguez, Mrs. Ernestina Valenzuela, Mrs. Josefina Rosas; 1 brother, Francisco; ·3 grandchildren. Rosary will be recited Tuesday 8 p.m. '.at Tucson Mortuary C h a p e l . Mass will be offered Wednesday 9 a.m. at Santa Cruz Church. Burla! will follow in Holy Hope Cemetery, FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS FORTNEY, Walter L., 71, 137 W. Roger Rd. On April 29. Survived by wife, Fern; 2 sons, Lawrence and Joseph; 4 grandchildren; 1 sister, Mrs. Grace T. Ikkanen; 4 brothers; Hollie, Lyle, Ralph, and Jay. Arrangements t o D C a n - nounced by Adair Funeral Home. '1AMILTON, Maxwelton, entered into rest April 29th. Bring's Funeral Home. HARRITT, William W., 73, 3600 W. Speedway. Died April 28. Survived by sister Mrs. M. H. Carlisle. Services Thursday, 2 p.m. at Elks Lodge, Parker, Ariz., with the Elks Lodge officiating. Masonic Services at graveside conducted by the Masonic Lodge, Parker. Arrangements by Adair Funeral Home. HOWELL, Eaward F., 80, North Hollywood, Calif. Died April 25. Gi-aveside services South Lawn Memorial Park Wednesday, 10 a.m. Arrangements by Adair Funeral Home. KISH, John A b r a h a m , 32 years, survivors, parents, John and Maria Kish, of Gary, Ind., 2 sister?, Vli-ri. Margaret Kish of McDonaK, Ohio, Mrs. Goldie Kneisley, Gary, Ind., Mr. Kish was a teacher of Art at the Univ. of Ariz. He received his Masters degree at UCLA and studied in the Chicago Art Institute, some of his works have been displayed at- the U of A. Services and burial will be in Gary, Ind. Arrangements by Valley Funeral Chapel. KNIGHT, Henry S., 92, of 2328 E. First, entered into rest April 29th. Husband of Bertha; father of Henry S. Jr.; grandfather of Walter and Sara Lee. Funeral 2:00 p.m., May 1, Bring's M e m o r i a l Chapel. Burial in South Lawn. Friends may call from 2 to 8, April 30. LEV, Joseph, 69, of 840 N. Campbell, died April 29th. Survived by his wife, Dorothy. He will be sent, by Arizona Mortuary, to New York City for services and burial. McDOLE, Mrs. Vivian, 62, of 5250 Royal Palms Dr., died April 29th. Survived by her sister, Mrs. Marion Jacobs, and a brother. Arrangements pending. Arizona Mortuary. OSTWALD, Walter, of 4143 E. Kings Rd., entered into rest April 27th. Services and burial to be in Casa Grande. f i r i n g ' s Funeral H o m e i n charge of arrangements. TYLER, Sylvia, 6, 3232 N. Chapel. Died April 29. Arrangements to be announced by Adair Funeral Home. WILLIAMS, James, entered into rest April 29th. Bring's Funeral Home. YOUELL, Muriel, 64, of 2841 Palmetto, entered into rest April 28. Wife of Robert; mother of James R.; grandmother of John R.; sister of Laura Meldrim, Neven, Cuthbert, Russell Burrell. Private services to be held in Bring's Memorial Chapel. Burial to be in Wickenburg, Ariz. Friends may call at Bring's Funeral Home from 2 to 8 p.m., April 30th. LO.ASSIFIEDJ Rales and Deadline* Minimum C«sr Ad 10 Woroi t K Mln'mum Chars* 10 Words I) 00 Five Words to the Lin* . Numb«r ot illv Rain PW Wore Consecutive D«yi Sam« Copy) . Same Copy . . .Same Copy A i Same Copy Same Copy All Oiy Riti .... f .01 ... 11 .... J4 CLASSIFIED INDEX (Cont'd) DEADLINES New Ads--Weekdays 5 P.M. Change of copy, correction! and cancellations 4 P.M. New Ads--Saturday 3 J?M, Change of Copy, corrections and cancellations- Saturday 8 A.M, to 2 P.M. Sunday 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. IMPORTANT: Check your »d the first day It appears; in event of error please call Immediately to have It cor- reeled. NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. PHONE MA. 2-585S CLASSIFIED INDEX *pls. UnJurn.--Rent 121 Acreaae v« Airplanes for Sal* , *j Announcement! , 4 Antiques ti Appraisal] nt Apts Furnish d--R«nt 113 Autos for RBi.t 31 Auto Palnflnsi, Repair* 3d Auto Part*. Accessorlet 32 Autos ior Salt }» Autos Transportation i Autos Wanted 21 x.wvrf ....,........*..,. Same Copy! Plus City Slat* Salts Tix Ch»nne n» ropy - (.finrae SOc Box Numbo service Charg* He Additional Building Materials 55 Business Directory ; ~ Business Frontase M? Business Opportunities ISO Business Property ...170 Business Rentals , 1« Business Tralnln* , 9 Cash Registers W Child Care O Chinchillas 114 145 male'!!!'.! U Clothlr; tor bj|« '.'. « Dogs, Cats, Pats 73 Employment Agenclet 11 Employment Prep 10 f-srrn, Ranch Equipment 74 Farms Ranenea 173 Femste Help, Instruction* 17 Flrtolace Wood 54 Potass, Groceries to Funeral Announcements Funeral Directors v IB Garages, Misc., Rent , Guest Ranches Help Wanted, Female. Help Wanted. Male . .. Haip Wanted. Male Pemal* HI-FI, Stereo, Recorders ^3 Hotels, Guest Houses 1ft* Hoijjthafd Goods 13 Hoi'jsxeeplnB Rowns 107 nouses, Furnished--Rent 119 Houses, Unfurnished--Rent 134 Houses for Sale 1«7 Houses for Sale Furnished 194 Imported Cars 30 Income Property 1M iidustrlal Property 171 ir.austrlal Rentals 14S In Memorlam 1C Investment Property 167 Jev/etrv «0 Lei's Swap M Livestock 7J Loans Real Estate 1$i Lost Found 5 Lots for sale .., 17J Mschlnery for Rent S3 Machinery fcr Sale S3 Male Help. Instruction* IS Male Help, Invest. Req 12 Meats, Fishes 77 Minerals 59 Miscellaneous for Sal« U Mortal-.^, Contract!. Sal* 1SS Mob!!* Hort-.ti. Trailer* 1W Money to Invest Ira Man'-*' to Loan 152 '-'.oney Wanted 151 Musical Instruments TO Motels 1M Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooter* it New Merchandise M Nursery I an^traotnp SO Office. Business Eautprp.int 9B Open Houses for Sate 180 Out of Town Property 17S Out of Town Rentals 143 Outdoor Furniture M Pawn Shops 42 Personals . 3 Photographic Equipment U Pianos, Orpans . 91 Piano Tuning W Poultry, Eegs, Produce. «tc 78 Props.'' 1 Management 154 Rial Estate Exchanj 1M Real Estate Tralnlna 177 Real Estate Warf«l 143 Resorts Ill Rest Homes 110 Room Board 104 Room Board Wanted '05 Rrnm WlthouJ Board 1M sv.-men i* Situation-. 'Rented, Fern art 22 Situations Wanted. Male t Female 21 Sper.!at;y Shops 70 Sro:tlnB Goods SO E.u.v.ps t, Coins 41 Suburban Property 1M Television Service, Repairs 9i Tires . 34 Trailer Courts HZ Trailer Hauling :i« Trailers for Rent 113 Trailers Wanted 158 Travel Opportunities » Truck Equipment .Repairs 41 Trucks for Rent 40 Trucks for Sala 39 Utility Trailers 44 Trucks^ Wanted 38 r.v., Radios, Phono* Wanted to Buy Wanted to Rent 45 103 Funeral Directors l - B PARKER-ARIZONA MORTUARY -MOl E. First St. EA. 7-«ll ARIZONA MORTUARY 7 E. Third St. · MA. X-8485 "A complete Funeral to meet every Income" Valley Funeral Home 1545 N. TUCSON BlVD EA. 7-4341 Card of Thanks |D THE WIFE and daughter of the late beloved John Machala wish to thank everyone who helped and tor their many kindnesses and expressions of sympathy In our recent bereavement. Agnes Machala . __E mllv_Machala We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our many friends who were so kind to us during our recent bereavement and also for the beautiful floral offerings. Mr». Robert _Hall , Children Florists \ E LONGONI'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 2716 E Ft Lowell Rd Personals Lost Found __ 2 LOST -- Gold Tosca ladies watch. _ _ aye- Co._7 93-8474 eves , _ LOST: Vicinity Arizona Inn, bunch of keys with Mexican com taa. Reward. MA. X-7M7. _ _ LOST: Man's brown billfold-- Liberal, Reward. CY. 7-1874, MA. 3-M87. LOST -- Boston Bull Terrier. Answers _toj"Ou_ke." LReward. 337-2395 _ LOST- Blacklldge-Oracle. Car keys _on ring -- pink ston e. MA. 2-2407. STRAYED from 617 N. Venice, Pekin- aese, silver sable. No taas on. Reward. Call Mariorle before S p.m. _ __ _ FOUND: Part Beagle female. Recently spayed. Vicinity Pueblo-Gar, d.ens ,_E A .^fcjjjM.. Personals _ 3 DON'T Bfc LONEl Y Social Introductions ky Alice. Requests for all ases. A private and Licensed service. AX. 6-DJ92. __ ALCOHO1 ICS ANONYMOUS - ' _ MA __ SCIENTIFIC advice pertaining to all problems 17 E. Roger MA 3-1M3. OLO Coins wanted. Kopper Coin Co ..34 E Broadway 672-741 ' _ ____ VIOLET'S European Psychic readings. By appointment only ?4-057l. _ LADY MARGARET -Psychic -Crystal _reader. By appointment. 29X-7561. Georgette's Health Club Massaae - Meam oath Intra-rea x? N Fremont, cor Brtwv 623 B932 GLADYS Meacham Psvrhlc readings E Falrmounl_E _ _ _ FREE! HUMAN HAIR 'WIGi JUST INVITE 5-10 OF YOUR GIRLFRIENDS OVER FOR A WIG PARTY WE DO THE RcSTI DIAL EA. 5-3364. ____ RELAXING MASSAGE Deep massage. 4Y.'4 N 79J-OBM Oracle, SIXTH Tucson Conference, with Huah Lynn Cayce, director. :doar Cayce Foundation, recently returned from Egypt and Palestine. Lectures and slides on the World's past, present, and future. April 30lh. May 1st; 2:30 and B p.m. Tucson Garden Club. 311 N. Campbell. Consolidate all bills and Paymer.ts, S asl due or not, Into one low week' payment YOU CAN AFFORD. f you OWE Pay ai low as: $800 J12 per week £8 Hi EVENING APPOINTMENTS ON . . REQUEST out or town accounts are welcomed CREDIT ADVISORS Rm, 512 Phoenlif Till* BWg. 622-4749 Your horn* __ tMotiBbig rate;. ........... PLACE .DETECTIV^AGEMcY. In- vestlgstlons unlimited, civil, criminal. For attorneys, business firms, private · Individuals, Insurance com- panl«, commercial. Dial t24-5W, $1 PER DAY rental for Electric Carpet Enampoccr with purchase of Blue Lustre. JaegrneVi. _ MASSAGE, steam, solarlums, home- calls, Health club. Santa Rita Hotel. MA 3-0551, ext. J85. Announcements __ 4 · ARTISTE BEAUTY SALON $12.50 Elegant Perm M.50 comp. EA. 7-9352 Open Eves «5S E Bdwv. TRADING STAMPS EXCHANGE'bT (Service charae 35c-- 1200). Ross, EA. 7-4172. fMv hobby 9:00.1:301. Auto Transportation 5 ATLANTIC-PACIFIC DRIVE-AWAY. INC. Nationwide-- Bondable drivers Your car delivered to from any city _ 793-93/t _ __ AA AUTO Drlveaway. Your car del. .anywhere^ CY_ . _ _ _ Travel Opportunities 6 RESPONSIBLE parlies wanted to dr ve late model cars to Seattle. ph - MA - . LOOKING tor 2 riders to Chicago. Share gas. Leavlnn May 7nd, 9a.m. \SU E. Lester St. EA. t-3507. _ CARS available for the East. AA _AutO. MA. 4-2441 or 297-211?. _ 1-2 RIDERS. Driving lo Indiana May 13. _ _ DRIVING to Seattle and Alaska May ,9, 1 or 2 persons. E A. 5-3621. _ NEED RJDE to work around 2 p.m. from Proctor Ranch to Plma County .Hospital. Call 39M35J. Employment Agencies 11 GAMMON PLACEMENT 2 LOCATIONS-- MA. 2-4858 Rm. 810 Phoenix Title Downtown Rm. 202 Snadron Bldg., *« E. Bdwv. _ _ , _ M A L E HELP WANTED OFFICE mach. service trainee 70-30 . ______ . . . $300 SR. Public Accountant ......... $450 TAX Accountant, CPA ...... to $12.000 ACC'T-Office Mm-., 30-50 ....... S700 AUTO spray painter ............ $433 PHARMACEUTICAL Sales, relocate ! A , L E§ £ ep °L f . nriach.Y" »,-.,,--*,wi SALbS Engr. hlg. air cond. exp FINANCE TRAINEE, 21-27 . . S3Z5 SHOE SALES, Spanish Exp. .... 1280 ,,_,. FEMALE HELP WANTED SEC'TY steno., 20-30, 5-lay .. . 1275 cXEC sect'y, ratal! 35-44 '...":: M25 LEGAL sect'y, experienced $300 TYPIST, Gen., office sharp .... J275 RfCEPT., Lite steno. 18-30 ... $235 SECT'Y--Girl Frl., 22-30 . . to $350 tPSAL £ ect 'v., dictaphone S275 SECT'Y.-Steno., 25-50, sharp ... $300 DENTAL Ass't Girl Fri., Exp $260 SECRETARY, Convent, mtg. $275 CREDIT M6R.. Medical off! ...: S3SO Far Western Placement Arizona's Oldest Employment Agency -,, . . 1923 to 1963 301 Ariz. Land Title Bldg. MA. 3-5737 FEMALE HELP WANTED Need Lots of Stenos M ar . EXE to $350 - pher - . - , l mortsaae LEGAL Sec-Dictaphone MED. Sec., heavy Steno FASHION Artist (exp.) SECY. Dictaphone 8, shorthand MALE HELP WANTED SR. Acct. 5 yrs. supv ........... $800 JOB Analyst, Sla. exp ........... S400 SALES Engr., elec. supply ...... $600 !BM Supervisor ................ $450 BAR steward Supv ............ $450 ASST. Mar. Loan exp ....... JJOO ASST. Mgr. Finance Trainee ... $325 SALES Rep. Ind. exp. relocate, r2frii' I V s - Co ! l Y JmarrIed °P«n PAINT Sales, outside exp., 30-40 - . . . . | V . . ....... ^ $400-5500 Male Help, Instructions 13 EARN $125 WK. C.I.E. can set you employment while you train tor a fabulous career in Electronics or drafting. Call Mr. King. MA 3-7000 Career Institute of Elec- tronlcs, 191B N. Stone Ave. _ GET A CIVIL SERVICE JOB TRAIN NOW Exams coming up. Men S. Women, ages 18-ST-- many opportunities. Good pay-- Vawtlons-- Sick leave-- No lay offs-- Retirement benefits. For free brochure listing lobs 8 salaries, write Washington Service Bureau, P.O. Box 1549 or call MA. 4-2441 til noon Sats. __ MEN GET IN HIGHER INCOME BRACKET! Enroll today, welding or refrigeration. Day or evening classes. Budget payments arranged on tuition. A.B.C. Trade School, 550 W. 29th. St. ·HIGHER PAY THROUGH PROFESSIONAL DRAFTING · Electronic · Electrical · Mechanical · Architectural · Structural · Topographic ELECTRONICS Electronics Technicians Men and women trained In bas trie c electronics and elec ly and the use ot test oment are ready *o grow the space aae In Circuit Analysis and trouble shootinq, Schematic Reading, Bread- Bpardinq. Prepare for FCC License. New Classes May 6th CALL. WRITE OR VISIT DURHAM TECHNICAL COLLEGE 443 SO. STONE 792-1411 WANT A BETTER JOB? Men and Women Train Now For CIVIL SERVICE JOBS Pay up to as high as 592 a week fo start. Grammar school education usually sufflcent. Keep your present lob while training. U.S. citizens only For full Information Including list of positions and salaries send name ant) address to: Key Training Service, 5981 E. 26th SI.. Tucson, or call our office ph. 296-5B47. JOBS In electronics or draftlno can be yours If you call Mr. King MA. 3-7000 now to find out how you can be trained to quality for high pay. Don't delay. · CLASSES STARTING SOON. · LIFE TIME PLACEMENT. · LIFE TIME REVIEW · LIFE TIME CONSULTATION . · JOB GUARANTEE Low naymenls--we finance everybody Career institute 1918 N. Stone Globe_Branch 38j_Broad_st._.415-tll1 Help Wanted, Mde~^1'4 SEE Electronics i drafting ad unde7 inst 13. C. I. E. MA. 3-7000, SIGN painter, all around, sober, goi wages, steady work In a nice town. Call 5«-9013. Meronev Sign Co., Cemtns, N..M. 12 to 14 Yrs. of Age · INDUSTRIOUS » IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF · EARN YOUR OWN MONEY! Th» Arizona Dally Star and Tucson Dally Citizen sr« now accepting applications for Carrier Jobs all over Ini Clfvl JOIN THE 700 STAR-CITIZEN CARRIERS NOW RUNNING THEIR SMALL BUS NESSI Phone Teday . . MA. J-5135 Circulation Department K Wanted, Mai. erSRei: Mllfna eli In tnlj m vestment rf 14 Eltclrotux, woftd'i UraiHl Kft rWrtJtftatrttt ·xMrMiK* *«*··/. to 'W* fwinet ,«MJt yu»f.', : nwtSjr"^- WS ARE JtIM .looklnol Exp Rt. nwn, tr.ucfc. Salary,,.0 ,'itH.chanlc: Ml'W,, Ironies s»!esmaiu'counler man. * Plus commljjbn comm*nsurat« w ability to produce and iell. Te meal knowledge of . «l«ctroples. I*'"i essential as will si good salfj iv»r. ·sondllty. Write statVii^ qu«imcalloni Ki.iEl"'" 8 .. 2TK' .'«WM. »"·«·« : . telephone number. ·Sfar- ding -ciriiiep Box USED" : W RY RE- 137 VARIC AND X-RAY FLUOR! CENTAL INVIIT-IGA^NS"^ t £MS- YT1 SfrT^?!= ADNCE PA^S Experienced ' Automobile Metal Man p.«lred by nationwide orsanlzatlon. Must have own hand tools Top waies and fringe benefits. Confsr? Staj^Lubera, BIS S. «th Ave^ 7:30- STRONG exoenonced aardener -for J^ 9 2i $?"· Permanent employment for riant person. White and married. Local references required with Fell concerning | 0 b. Live on clac* EXPERIENCE5~lTirTrral repair aa- rage mechanic. Own 'hand tools. 3W-I7I4 Drapery Installation Man Ex S ell «"' ODportunltv. Broadway or cali TOP NOTCH specialty salesman to promote or takeover a new noncompetitive household product. · To share In all the profits. Ca!I In person at 7075 E. 22nd, Monday, be- WOOUCUTTERS wanted. Chain saw ' Wllh -«"' ^»- S t ? ian ','T IU5 * be experienced a w r ^ k v e 7 0 " wages - * e .. , FULL tjME OPENING " Customer service for nationally advertised company. Average earnings S110 per week. Opportunities for ad- yancement Apply 1135 : E. «th St., .8 to 12 only. _ ~~. *'*» PER WEEK ' Fullei- Brush Co. will have an open- Ing soon due to a transfer of a man earning $140 per week In territory. Married, 22-4, car, some college. Ariz. State Employment Service, Pro- after 3 p.m. _ _ GAS STATION attendant. Must be" experienced. No others. Halbotin Chevron, Oracle 8. Prince. MALE EMPLOYEES to operate dish washing machine or pot-washer. Starting wago, il. We prefer family men. Musf understand some 6no- llsh. Purr's Cafeteria, 5601 E. Speed- Top wages fo lot man who has had experience working on large Used Car Lot. See Lew, MACK MC GlTM USED CARS INC., 2930 So. iSth h nelpe c r f ^ sed 77 ' 22 - us have phone. Single experienced preferred. 594-4705. after 4 p.m. YOU N G man as .driver and helper 0 r o I s a l r T l e ! l ! t o n i i , s . Apply ar ^ijy tr. t /in. · ~ · _ · WA;NTED: Experienced cable tool driller. Call MA. 3-8989. AGE .23-xo, married experienced ntgnr maintenance. Must have own transportation. Janitorial route. 297- Dance Instructors 7^ Experienced Hlohest cay scale In state, up to « per50 "' Mr De " 15 MEN TO DELIVER Papers, starting Wednesday, 9 A.M. Best pay In the West. Meet at comer of Broadway Swan In the Swanway Plaza shopping center. Sun News. ELECTRONICS . . . ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS TECHNICIANS RCA offers financially rewarding assignments in the Far North on PROJECT BMEWS The Ballistic Missile Early Warning System needs exceptional technicians with one to five years maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and modification experience on the following equipment types: · RADAR · TEST EQUIPMENT · DIGITAL DATA HANDLING · #5 CROSSBAR/DIAL PBX For those who qualify, RCA will provide advanced systems training at full salary In RIverton, N. J. Subsequent assignments will be at thi BMEWS illes In Thule, Greenland, or Clear, Alaska (M miles from Fairbanks). At these far north sites, food and lodging are orovlded tree. In addition to bonus for on-slte asslonmcnt and scheduled overtime. For Immediate Interview: In Tucson Call Mr. R. L. Pierce At MAIn J-35W Thursday and Friday May 7 and 3 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Or Send Rejyme Toi .Mr. J,T» ThstcW, Bmp' Mar. RCA S«rylc« Company, Depi. BM^JI 1908 Bannerd Slr««t Rlverlen, Niw Janev An Equal ODportunlty Gmoliw RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA V SALLOWAY R»mbf«r JMP nwdi hya salesmen at'once, due to Increai* ·· In business at their three locations, . n=/. e *P«r!ence .helpful' but not necessary, Exultant pay, · permanent ·, S?dne° n ' PP In person,'1237 ft. , WHlfE cputreur, married, no ~«e cornmodatlons for children in fur- nTsfied apartment .on slace Only a£ · pJlcanfs considered who fnclude |o«f state time and type 0 oT experience '', a Xff'H "*· Kwlv Star Cltlien Jox 197-D. _ Branch Manager Trainee ' YOUNG'MAN. with executive n'"" iT"?!""" w '" b f trained for Branch Manaoer , of forge, growing ' consumer finance company High school araduate with above average grades. Age 21-28. Aggressive, pleas" [na personality, with ability to meet . the public. Not a selling job. W» 2!H? afmlnlstratlon.' fn add?(Ion*1o good staring salary and complete ' program of company paid, employes ' benefits, car allowance paid when you ' use your car. Frequent salary In- ^'"''SF'iR^H GRADUATE CHEMIST" 4

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