Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
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Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 17
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UNDER... OVER... ...AND ALMOST OUT Long Bench, Catif., Monday, Feb. 1, 1960 'INDEPENDENT Paqe C-l LEMON WILD, LOSES 5-3 .By DAVE LEWIS. S[iorls Editor Pro Tennis Tour for Women? Last year the Harlem Globetrotters' "extra attraction" was Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain. The club enjoyed one of its greatest years. However, this was an in-between year for the Trotters when it came to basketball names (hat spelled "socko" at the box office. There was no new personality to take Chamberlain's place. Abe Saperstein has been looking ahead to next season with high hopes of engaging the fabulous "Big 0" from Cincinnati -- Oscar Robertson --to tour with the Trotters for a year. In the meantime, however, the shrewd Saperstein cast about for an added attraction that would keep the "repeat business" the Trotters enjoy year - in - and - year - out rolling in. He finally added a tennis match to (he show featuring Althea Gibson, the first Negro ever to attain pre-eminence in that sport, and Karol Fageros of " g o l d e n panties" f a m e . They'll pei form Tuesday night at the Auditorium when the Trotters make t h e i r annual - Long Beach appearance. Althea reportedly signed on the Sapcrslein tour for SlOUUtll) t h i s s e a s o n , Miss Fageros for S30.000. The figures may be a l i t l l e high for KAROL FAGEROS Plays Lady-Like Game publicity purposes . . . but they aren't too far off. ·^t -k -k n " M ALTHEA, WHO BECAME THE lop-ranked women's star in Ihe world, was asked, "Do you think there is a f u t u r e for pro tennis among women?" "Yes, I do," she replied. "Karol and I aren't the first, you know. There have been others before us. But this is the first time a women's pro tour has been made on such a major scale, and I t h i n k it could be expanded in the future." Do you think a women's tour similar to Jack Kramer's men's troupe would draw crowds big enough to make it a paying proposition? "From what I've seen, I believe so. Naturally, we reali/.e that ihe people who have been watching us primarily arc there lo see (he Globetrotters, but Ihc reaction has been excellent. "In fact, Karol and T have been received so wonderfully t h a t neither of us feels t h a t we are second billing to Ihe Globetrotters," Althea says. "I thought before 1 even joined Mr. Saperstein's tour t h a t I'd like to start a women's tour myself," she revealed. Is she s t i l l considering it? "Yes. This t o u r ends in April and if we don't go to Europe w i t h the Trotters or negotiate a new contract w i t h Mr. Saperstein. I'm going to look i n t o it. The possibilities are there," Althea pointed out. -Ar * * HOW MANY WOULD MAKE UP such a women's tour? "About six girls would be fine," she says. "Maria Bueno, the U.S. and Wimbledon champion from Brazil, would be my first choice, of course. Then there would be Christine Truman of England, Darlene Hard and two others. One of those would be your own Beverly Baker Fleitz of Long Beach if she would consider touring." Miss Fageros resents Ihe implication that she is strictly n stooge for Althea on the tour because she wears gold panties under her white skirt. "I'm not the best tennis player in the world," she says, "but neither am I the worst. After all, I was rated as high as fifth. The publicity about my 'goldies' made me out to he a freak. I can play fairly good tennis. Sometimes I wish I had never been identified with the gold panties. I play a lady-like game and hardly anyone ever sees the panties anyway. "I'm no match for Althea," Karol concedes. "She beats me most of the time. But then you must realize that she's one of the greatest, ever to come along. I'm not embarrassed at all. However. I've given her some stern competition. "Once in a while I give her a real battle, pressing her lo S-7 and 8-6 scores in the special match in which the first one to win eight games is the victor. Twice I beat, her . , . in White Plains, New York, and Indianapolis." * * * BOTH FEEL THAT THEY'LL BE beuer off for making the tour if they ever have open tennis tournaments. "This lour with Althea has improved my game considerably and I think I would make a fair showing in any open play," Karol says. Althea declares that open play "would do a great deal for tennis. I thought they were going to have an open tournament in Iflfil and I was disappointed to learn recently that they won't. I'd like to get inlo lhat compe- (ilion. I've improved 200 per cent on the tour and I feel I still have five more good years of tennis left." Miss Gibson says she likes the traveling life of a professional lenms star "much better t h a n being an amateur. 'I here's a certain satisfaction in earning a living from some-' 1 I h i n g you like to da What's more, this is no show business! Arcna nclw *n Ihe lour. Both Karol and I are playinp as hard as we can everyj a P°'is lakers and Philadol- night. It's for real!" ' I phia Warriors. Randall Baffles J *r Tiers By GEORGE LEDERER One of many pitcher-hungry major league clubs could do worse than to sign Jack Randall, the Long Beach Nile- hawks' all-America softball f linger. Randall, though throwing h i s underhand assortment at "half speed," stopped Bob Lemon's All-Stars on one hit Sunday as the world cham- pion Nitehawks won a three inning softball vs. hardball exhibition game, 2-1. About 1,500 fans witnessed the novel charity show at Blair Field, which r a i s e d nearly $5,000 for the Auxiliary to the Seaside Children's Memorial Hospital. Even Lemon, a member of the major leagues' exclusive 200-game winners' club, had to take a back seat to the UP, UP A N D . . . Woody Sauklsberry, 6-7 veteran from Complon High and Texas Southern, will start al forward for the Philadelphia Warriors against the Minneapolis Lakers tonight at t h e Sports Arcna. He's an outstanding reboundcr and scorer. tit ·K ^ ?,%',,','" ' t .«-*~~*y r ,, V* fireballing Randall. Lemon': w i l d n e s s in a two-inning comeback try allowed the Long Beach Rockets to win the seven inning baseball game, 5-3. SUCH MAJOR leaguers as Rocky Bridges and E d d i e Bressoud failed to hit a fair ball off Randall, who allowec only five fair balls, including a double by Harry Minor Randall struck out five and walked three. "1 didn't let Randall throw hard when I saw that his control was way off." said Nitehawks m a n a g e r Joe NITEHAWKS PITCHING STAR Jack Randall may have had the edge in distance Sunday, but he made the most of it in edging Lemon All-Stars, 2-1. Throwing underhanded from softball rubber (top left) Randall faces Rocky Bridges of All-Stars. Top right, Nitehawks' Cy Phelps looks at orthodox overhand delivery of All-Stars' Fred Strobcl. Above, Bridges is safe at first as Rockets' Bill Bouley is too late with pickoff throw to Brian McCall.--(Staff Photos by Kent Henderson.) Rodgers. "I was afraid lo let him go all-out and he threw at about half speed." All the runs resulted from errors. The All-Stars scored in the second inning when Minor doubled to left and Hawks catcher Stan While! made a wild pickoff throw to third. The Nitehawks scored twice in their half of the inning when Ted Herder beat out a bunt, Cy Phelps singled and third baseman Bob Bailey muffed Lou Berberet's throw to third on the front end o f j a double steal. LEMON, trying a comeback at' 39, didn't have it. He inherited a-3-0 lead from start.- er Tom Morgan but lost it pronto by issuing five walks and four hits. He needed 54 pitches to get six outs. But like Randall, Lem didn't bear down. His pitching chart read: 29 halls, 15 strikes, four hits. Don Rowe, ihc Compton 4 Hot-Putter' Nets S I 1 C T\ "W7"* ouchak s.U. Win lefthander who is the property of the Pittsburgh Pirates, turned in the outstanding hardball pitching job. He worked four innings, allowed only one hit and fanned five. He also drove in three of the Rockets' runs with a double and a single. * * * HARD WAY SAN D1F.GO -- Mike Sou- "golfer of the year," finished chak ran into a tigerish young golf professional named Johnny Pott Sunday but finally subdued him and won the MO.OOO San Diego Open in a thrilling finish. Big Mike, a veteran of the t o u r n a m e n t wars, shot a -5- under par 67, his second in as many days, to post a 72-hole score of 269. The total was 19 strokes under par for the distance and was worth 52,800 for the 32- year-old Grossinger, N. Y. :)iayer. Pott, 24, from- Shrevcport, La., who never has won a major event, came in w i t h a 69 for 270 in a gallant bid to haul down the top pri/.e. Art Wall Jr., another vei- eran from Pocono Manor, Pa., 1959 Masters champion and tcnion Stars Rockets AB R H · AB R H Bndgcs,2b 1 0 0 0 McColMo 4 1 0 1 Breisoud.s:, 1 0 0 0 Highlicld.c 3 1 0 0 Bailev.3h 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 Marshall,Ib :' '1 1 1 C a r t e r . c t ? 7 0 I Minor,It 7 0 0 0 Wimlow.rt 3 0 1 ( in,rt 2 0 0 0 Stecle,3l, 1 0 1 ( McC.iulcv.rl 2 1 0 1 Adams,?b l 0 0 ( *.c 3 0 0 0 7 0 1 1 i.n 9 1 1 0 Bp'jlcv.p 1 0 0 ( n 0 0 0 0 Ro-vr o ? '.' 0 '. ;tl."l I I 0 0 Suvllv fi 0 0 ( a l l O . S S ? 1 1 1 r/lC'll! i 21) C 0 ) ( Ib 1 0 0 0 I 1 0 0 0 I I 1 0 0 0 11.rt I 0 0 n in 0 0 0 0 31) 0 0 0 0 ,21) 1 0 0 0 'Ikwn- Totals n 6 i i 'f 1 ''"':, a \ z. a o o o--3:' 0 ' c l ' r 0 0 0 0 2 3 «--5'. H ,l;'V . ,, - (-1), Le'-oi (7). Bo:i '^n'' 0 lev ,13), P.ov;e IJI. WP--Rowe. l-P-Leiri-l^'^'n Olf Boulev 0), Lemon '(5), Rowc (7). SO--By Boulcy (1). Rowc ( S ) . DP-Stccle T o t a l s 10 A'ia.ns lo Mcf.ail U--Ruin, Borlard, I pcer.cj Johr:cn, Miller. 7-2.00. noil, K--,tr NOT SO SOFT third with a 68 for 273. Colo., who had a 6-under par 66. Money winners: Mike iouLhak 67-68-67-67-269-S2,SO] Johnnv Poll 69-6666-69--7/0--51,900, Arl W.1II Jr 68-68-69 6B-273-S.I,.|00 Allen Cclbcracr 6J-72-69-69-2M-S1.100 Dave Marr ..., 66-7l-70-67-274-sl,IOO Arnold Pointer 7 .. 71-6? 65-70--375--S 8511 Bob oo.iibv 69-66 ro 70-2/5--s 8W Don January 67-72-70-66-- 27.5--5 850 Howie Johnson ... . 7I-71-67-67-776--S 730 A l Besselink 73.67-68-68-276--5 730 Douo banders 72-70 66-69-277--S 650 .lav Hrh-rl . 71-70-66-70-277- Don Whllt 69-71-69-69--27B- P.1UI tlarncv _.... 69-72-68-69--278-- - ·· · OT-j9.iW.7i--j/a_ .. .70-70-68-70-278- 650 -190 J9C1 POTT NEEDED a birdie two on the f i n a l hole to tie Souehak. His tee-shot was about 25 feel from the pin and he missed by a fraction of an inch as the ball rimmed the cup. Souehak, who found the hard and fast greens at the Mission Valley course to his liking, went out .in a 3-under par 33. At this point he had tied Pott who went out in 34. On the back nine, iron Mike birdied the 10th and the 15th holes and had pars on a l l others for a 3-1. NAtt!* 1 'IJJAW7I "It was just my day," said 1 '*^ 1 ' K U W L big ^ Mike. "My putter was! J, 1 ) |j\|$ SHOWN ""souchak's lone bogey w a s l K W E TONIGHT ...67 72.72-68-279-5261.« l o r r y Baiher .... 75-7.1-68-68--979-5761.« Aa'orl Rudolph 63-77-7-1-70--2/9--576I.-I3 icnc Littler 73-68.66-70--279--5261.t3 lam Revnolds . 67 69-77-71-279--5761.« Jouo l-ord 7? 6967 71-279-5261.« -Ves Ellis Jr 69-71-66-73--779--S261.-17. .·-Phil Rodder:, . 6B-7U-/1-/0-- 2/9 Jack Ellis 68-73-70-69-280--5 130 D,wc Ratian 69-71-70.63--7EA--S 130 Earl Stewart 69-73 69-69-780--5 130 Tommy Jacobs 71-72-65-72-280-5 130 (x-Denolcs amateur) on the third hole where he h i t his second shot into a bunker and took a six. He sank a 5-footer for a birdie on the f i f t h hole and a 4-footer for an engle-3 on the sixth. He Lemon All-Stars (oil Randall) FB H T- K BB Bridges 0 0 1 I I . BMw 1 " 1 o o 7 o 5 ' lil ' n l 0 a bunker on t n e 'O" 1 o i l ojholc, but h e recovered f o r a o o o olbirdie-4 w i t h a 3-fool putt. o o 0 0 0 0 - _" _ · _"i IT APPEARED at one point IP,, I l i e : I,Ml 1 1 Nilrhawks (OH Strobel) rs H r 7 I 0 0 0 0 7'j 6 3 3 Lemon. Alt-Stars Uoni Beach Rockets · P B I . IP-f/Di i l h a l Souehak might have ; nJmissed Ihe top money because 2 5;of a photographer's flash bulb. J jj On the n i n t h green, Souchaki Films of Washington's 4-i-8 Rose Bowl conquest of Wisconsin will be shown at Franklin Jr. High at 7:30 tonight. There will be no admission charge. The Huskies sent their own game films to Long Beach for showing in appreciation of the hospitality offered them during their bowl workouts here. was lining up a 3-foot pull for I l a u I v S G'l I'OUSE, » M birdie when the flash bulb r 0 o 1 7 went off. He missed it. Best final 18-hole score was shot by Don January, Denver, arriors, Lakers Duel in Arena By DOUG IVES A (real, and a treatment --that's the hill of fare for viewers of tonight's professional game at the Spoils W i l l Scores 1 I (Story on page C-.'i) The treat w i l l be watching high-powered basketball as only pros can provide and spectacular scorers t h e likes of Wilt Chamberlain of the Warriors and Elgin Baylor of (he Lakers. At t h e samp lime, Ihc 'crowd will serve as n "test c.ise" for a possible pro basket hall franchise in Los L\p,in f ,!on appOi table and NBA is i n e v i officials would no doubt consider a capacity crowd as an indication that Southern Californians will support a pro team. Tonight's '.op attraction w i l l be (he duel between Chamberlain, the league's No. 1 pointmaker, and Baylor, who ranks third. Chamberlain, the 7-foot. 2-inch "Big Dipper." is averaging 38 points a game. Baylor 2K. Roth mm are 23 years old and neither-- believe it or not. -reached his peak. Chamberlain and Baylor are only two of the pro greats who will perform. The Warriois have the likes of Tom Gola, Paul A n / i n and Guy Rodgers, Ihe Lakers Hot Rod Hundley and Boh Leonard, all college all-Americas. Philadelphia ranks second in the Faslcin Division. Minneapolis is third in the Western circuit. has Tipoff time is 8 p.m. In a 6:30 p.m. preliminary, the Vagabonds, a colored team, meet Los Alamitos Naval Base. The games are being promoted by Ihc Salesian l-'alh- ers, w i t h proceeds going lo their youth activity program in East Los Angeles. iTradc (Jainhcc lo Cincinnati ST. LOUIS (DPI)--The St. Louis Hawks announced Sunday night they had acquired Larry Foust. from the Minneapolis Lakers for three players and cash and Dave Pion- fek from Ihe Cincinnati Royals for Dave Gambee and cash. The Hawks said thai in exchange for Foust, 31, a 6-9 NBA 10-year veteran averaging 13.6 points per game, they gave Ihe Lakers Charlie Share, 32. an 8-year NBA veteran, Willie Mcrriweather and Nick M a n t i s . r.tinmrrrii'n ?.] Rods-r-. 6.) Co: 16 S t.*R,i ll,j.-,1 Today's Sporls . , Ccorr, Arcr-*. p p r"

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