Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1930
Page 5
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D(6pArt» ttt Asking Coflu Act taw fur aft, tl : l tJ. d., June 2.-: inlsori ina lit flying in Pennsyl- 8 tat AS, , it became Pki^attd commerce depart- ...OUVO^UUTO. rirads in asking congress fr" efttlf refTsftjEWrT authorizing the afmj» air" CtSrlpiPtiit test commercial alr->, ejraft, frfifa- tfctidft followed on the ttfeels tt fistftbllaHment of a new set of regufatl'ons by the department of cBmm6irfe«" requiring air passenger opetatAltf (ti be licensed. {UhftJlgftifllCftnce of these steps to air dSlVeiopflidBt in Pennsylvania is empha- sMW B#< the announcement today of iw aerdrlatttlcs division, that 411 alr- • 6ftttt WWtf either licensed or identified itt'the 8tat6 last month, of which 343 Mrtre fofllAed licensed by the govern— addition, the statement went on, tWe sttftaf^tJoasts 535 qualified pilots. Transport .^pilots, who handle the hlg oiBmniflJiSriilftwes' for the carrier com- p'pieij^lrtltribered 188 of that number, M^hile private,pilots ;constltdted 234 of tfte totalj ' and pilots with "limited commercial ratings" numbered 98. >lh trieiibill proposed by Secretary Of? Wal» Htfrley, today and submitted tti the ,house, 'tfie corps would be «tttth6i?l«(>d to test planes for Indlvldu- a« v - or tOif corppratlons at the expense of those seeking (he test's. J*rhe : >p|'Jtnar^" reason for such legislation, fifecretary .Hurley says, is that at'Wright fleid, ,Ohio, the war depart- Hlerit has "the/most complete lavora- tdrles tot testing aircraft equipment in the tthltfed^tates." Another reason IB; the fact:that'private plans would be impressed by the government In case of war;': and that the tests would constitute « ' distinct military advantage. "TjMeanwhile, the department of com- njerce "Indicated today, the time within •Which'' transport operators in Pennsylvania- may fipply for certificates of authorlty.rto operate Is shortening. The n6w fegulationa became effective May IB but operators were given until July 15 to "apply for certificates. .'Federal .inspections will check on compliance of llne% in the state with the, federal regulations before a final certificate .• is .issued, but pending that inspection . temporary permission ' to operate will be granted. BRITISH WOMEN REDUCE; PRAWN SALES SHOW GAIN .LONDON, June 2.—They call It "allnjmlng" here; In America it's reducing. v: JBut "whether It be for allm- mln'igfv'QRi Deducing, prawns are the thin^i^/TJljtf women of- London swear by'theih.'v : ; . ,WHy, ; . prawns were introduced in LondcJn sixty years or so ago, but not VmtljVrecently did the ladles take to them for'weight-losing diets. And the much-surprised prawn dealers have found th&t their sales have increased enormously. 5 \Pr£wh salad, is a favorite dish at the London Snack counters, and ia also .Mil''demand at some of the ex- elusive -restaurants. What, really. Is ( the British empire coming to? (Copyright, 1030, by Now York Sun.) U; CHINESE LABORERS LOSE MUCH TIME BY STRIKING SftANGtiAI, June 2.—The number, of working days lost in thiri city during 1929, because of strikes and labor agitations, reached the hitohishlng total of 1,445,062, or more than 400,000 in excess of the .total recorded for any previous year, according to the annual report of. the Shanghai Municipal Council of' the International Settlement, which has just been made public. . • No major Industry escaped without at least onei, labor revolt. The tobacco business suffered worst, being Interrupted by nine different strikes. The'tot^l number of Chinese establlsh- rflcnts disturbed by labor trouble was 705, while" thirty-live foreign firms were closed for various' ' periods. There were 114 strikes, Involving approximately 200,000. persons in the municipality of Greater Shanghai. (Copyright, 1930, by New York Sun.) Sunday Excursion by Special Train and Steamboat' "Washington" to Rock Springs Park, W. Va. and Return JUNE 8, 1930 . Spcclul Train leave* Alloonn 6.SO A. M. connecting lit Rochester, !'»., with ntcamrr for (10-nillc ride on the Ohio Klver. Returning: ftpcclul train leave* Itocliexter 0.30 P. M. Hound $3.50 Trip Including; nteiuuer faro. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD fiy iOMN ft. MOttfttS, Stall Coi<r(!ll^)mf«flt. MftklOO Olf «•, Jaft* a tdh'oVr, despite hl« cAfldtdftcy fbf this 6w> rfetsiy ssftatorthip, !» stiii tJRit- ed States aMbassftdo^ to Mekicd In faet, as well aa in name. It ts Impossible for him to talk face W face with officials M MexlcS City while discussing lotfal issues oft the stamp ift New Jefsey, 'Sut con* stant communication With the env bassy here, including frequent long distance telephone confefencea from his home at Englewood, have kept the ambassador as closely Informed of vital developments in American relations with Mexico as It he were still In this country. Ambassador Morrow has announced he will return to Mexico City for a brief .visit -immediately following the primary election June 17,- but it is taken for granted here that* regardless of the result of the election, his resignation from the diplomatic service will follo-wi within a few weeks thereafter. }. That Ambassador Morrow's accomplishments have been numerous and important is generally recognized among impartial and informed persons. 1 He has been criticized on occasion by those who declared he was too willing to compromise. . A new-comer in official diplomacy (the new ambassador could hardly be considered a neophyte in the diplomacy of modern business), Morrow introduced the principal that the United States and Mexico should be friends. The situation in respect to the Mexican petroleum laws, .which vitally af- Jit tfil'fifirtrtt «< ft*fbtfft\l«B* to which Ufru fbtrfwf Wall stfttt banker 6*&tt«ft t! rilgW defrWS ,6f Hafd-tosatl* ed business aeumefl, th« petroleum attuatioli was *ttlted by a c«tHf>fo»lsfe which wail accepted by practically evefy" important Aniirteaft fiOf»¥a»iy wltti interests In this country. in the matter of the 'Meaieaa astafWMt -laws, which authorize the ex- propMatldti bf parts of large estates, the .united States government has taken the attitude that since the laws are perfectly valld r -and MexieA Is Within her rights Ift enfofcing them* It is futile to attempt to coifcply with the demands of some American owners of land In this country that their government prevent the execution of the laws. On x the other hand,, the embassy under Ambassador Morrow has been . iett, i« a ttMctty tifttffffeml tapacit#, to assist an Acceptable settlemert of the rellgteus dlfflcultler* whlih Bad pWclpltatfed ft cWl W«f 1ft M«fco> scarcely neefls retottflted. Most of the credit for bringing togeth** the , 6* American <rtH**» df Jt«*f-' cafl gwftHntrtent aftd fftfFrftad Bton*». aftd otftgr gueatfon* rttrwin to be settled. M Featuring Vital Ffcrtwwr for A$ 1409 £l«V*mh Customers' Week AT THE STAR STAtt Service from 7 ». In. to t) 0. m.— While Von Walt. HIM Aw. ' A. R. PATRICK } £ta el 6 r Eleven Sixteen, Twelfth Street O. 8. MENCHEY DEPENDABLE PLUMBEttS Call On U» We Are Dependable 887 17th St.- Phone S-8875 The Trousseau "Amongst other nicities—Slippers —the bridal pair—a pair for travel— afternoon—theatre—really an event that compels a complete slipper put- fitting arid each pair must be minutely correct— • We are prepared to stylishly serve you! 11 IS Twelfth Street TVltoone's Finest Do not ivait any longer. Store your FURS noiv. Phone 7155. \ Read this announcement—and own something fine at an ordinary cost! I2IO Tomorrow ... Two Important HALF-PRICE Events That Will Interest Every FASHION and ECONOMY Wise Patron ... on the Mezzanine Floor . . . CHOOSE From a SPECIAL Group of High Type Pattern HATS Selling Formerly at *10 to $ 15 Beginning Tomorrow at Price « Large and Small lleadsucs Also Tomorrow DEARLY ALL HIGHEST TYPE HATS Reduced! Regular $16.50 and $22.95 One-of-a-kind Pattern Hals All Headsizes! 13 Every sale must be final! ... on the Main Poor . . . ALL SUITS of Cloth Including Ensembles and Two-Piece Suits i None are reserved — Our Entire Stock is included — Sizes from 14 to 44. Beginning Tomorrow Price! Former Prices Were $25.00 to $149.50 Prices Tomorrow .75 This Indeed Is Your Opportunity To Save For when BRETT'S offers anything at HALF- PRICE) regardless of what it may be—you can rest assured 'hat you are buying it a GREAT DEALi LESS than the actual cost of manufacture. Our stock of suits is much too heavy and wo must clear them at once. Their styllugs were never so youthfully, Beautiful and the workmanship is of the finest. Those patrons who have seen this collection, know that only the highest type of materials have been used in their making, Including the famous F. and H. Telga cloth, Vio crepe and novelty twe.eds, mixtures and other sports materials. If you have or have not been thinking of owning one of Brett's Beautiful Suits. Decide now. Just take HALF-OFF at the time of Purchase. LUNCHEON LOAF Larger A&P 24- OZ. 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Beets Carrots Lettuce . 19c . . 4 /*«. 25e 26cA».19c . 20c Onions HI 2 bch*.9c Radishes bch. 9c Every Meal Apple Butter %** A & P Pure Fruit Preserves & 01 Quaker Crackels 2 Sauer Kraut 2 Baked Beans QuHa £ edr 3 Root Beer Extract Borax Iwenty Mule Team Fk8r< Plain Olives . 2 £ Sweet Pickles . 2 •»«• 19c 25c 251 25^ 23^ 25c 27c GOOD VALUES Voods of fln« (juality ace low priced In A & r Stores. Tlirliiy . Home Managers save every •week, bujliiff "Where Econlray BuJes." 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