Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 3
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« » * * * · ||:Ewing,; Scott II-Arraigned S-v-for 1 Murder LOS ANGELES CUB -- Self styled "investment counselor"'L. . Kwlng Scott, 61, Monday wa _ arraigned In Superior Court 01 . one count of murder and rear, ralgned on nine counts o forgery and four counts of gram theft. Scott wa ordered to return to court June 10 to enter his plea to the charges, which are an outgrowth of the mysterious dli. nppearancc of his socialite wife Mrs. Evelyn Throuby Scott, 63 two years ago. Scott was returned to Los Angeles Saturday from Detroit · where he was arrested on a fugitive warrant- while he was attempting to enter Canada. The fugitive warrant wus Issued after he Jumped $23.000 ball on forgery and grand theft charge* and disappeared a year ago. ATTIRKU IN » blue suit. Scott told newsmen toforc his court appearance that ha was "conducting an expensive In vestlgatlon to determine t h e whereabouts of my wife, "I'm firmly convinced, she's alive," he sold. lwt| iMtlk Mlf, TMh, M«Y 11. HIT . INDEPENDENT-ftg. A-3 fill 70 pages. They are an out growth of a Grand Jury Indict, mcnt which charged him with Mrs. Scott's murder and manipulation of her half-mllllon-dollar estate, Scott has denied the charges ami sold he was n 'Victim feud" between the late Dlst; Atty. S. Ernest Roll and Police Chief William H. Parker. qt i ,, SF T ^ E MURALS - , village discovering the French led by Jacques Car, . j V rcn ,? e Rlver Indlan murals are being com-f., tier In 1535 on their second voyage up the St. Law- pleted In Kansas City by Thomas Hart Benton , rence. (Right) represents discovery of St. Lawrence , (shown), noted artist, for the New York State ;-; - In 1534 by Cartler. Cartler is giving a rosary to a I owcr Authority. (Left) depicts Indians of a Seneca --· group of Scnccas.--(AP Wlrephoto) '£" Assembly Group r-kt_*'l ** · ·_ ^ ^ Blast Sets; · Garage Fire; Loss $7,000- Fire destroyed a garage belonging to Kdwln Lawler at · 2378 Tulane Ave. Monday, caus- Ins damage in excess of $7,000 to the building and Its contents, Police said Lawler's 12-year- Its OK to Vnitization Plan The A s s e m b l y ways an means committee Monday voted unanimously to r e c o m m e n d adoption of AD930, clarifying the city of Long Beach's right to enter Into voluntary agreements for unltlzcd operation of the tldeland oil field. Principal purpose of the legislation la to make certain that the proposed unltlzcd operation old son, Gary, reported he opened the overhead enrage' door and heard n mild cxploslon.!Lf|(( The building was engulfed In flames before he knew what was happening, the boy said. He wai not Injured. ffit by Tornado (Continued From Page A-l.) were set up In t h e Ruskln Heights area. Volunteer nurses, doctors and rescue \inlu moved In quickly after the storm. Police said their b i g g e s t a voluntary basis will not problem was the Swarm of sight, mpalr the city's tldeland grantjseers who blocked 1 passage of ;Showers Start Kansas Citv VACATIONER V STOWAWAY San Jose Girl, 21, Held on Mariposa HONOLULU (UP)--A 21-year-old San Jose, Calif., jlrl and three Honolulu tecnaged boys were held as stowaways Monday aboard the Australia-bound liner S.S. Destroyed Were a 1955 auto, a 14-foot boat, two outboard motors and other sports equipment. Firemen said they were unable to determine cquse of the fire. Sciwnce Award; Alan Monroe, son of Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Monroe of 830 E. 1st St.. has been awarded the Burton W. Schclb I're-Medlcal prize of 525 at Park College, Park- vllle. Mo. Tho prize Is for ex- · ccllencc In science. the city. i rugs Mariposa. Matson Lines officials said the girl, Jean Braswell. and the boys who were not Identified by | name were discovered aboard for A Matson spokesman said Gentle showers started In the, cars, flashlight Long Beach area shortly after flares. 11 p.m. Monday and the Weath- The only lights available for, there was no Indication that the the search were from motor! four planned their unscheduled s and emergency voyage, but they would be transferred to the .Hawaii- OFFICEKS tramped through the area w a r n i n g everyone 'gallon, against the danger of escaping er Bureau said they would con. tlnue through the early morn. Ing hours. The "unusual" for May wcath- gas and live wires. TuX' USffJKS ,ea^° I'oTha? %£*££ Kansas and northwestern Mis- sourl M o n d a y and Monday bound S.S. Monterey today for return here for further Invcstl- said. Authorize Bids The Board of Harbor Com- mlsslonort Monday authorized "torm. night. Western Kansas, In the meantime, was swept by a dust. nvltatlon of bids for construction of a 6,400 square-foot pre- 'abrlcated cteel building for the Navy on Pier E. Estimated cost of tho structure Is $33,000. Navy's Midget Sub Damaged by Blast PORTSMOUTH, N. H. (AP)-^An explosion occurred - . . . . . . Monday aboard the Navy's experimental midget sub- otner " wfteicd minor Injuries, marine X-l, tied up at the Naval Shipyard here. The' Th" twister moved on. level Severe damage was reported from one of the twisters which wrecked half a d o z e n farm homes In Cloud and Republic counties ot north central Kansas. No Injuries were reported. The storm at Emporla poured I down nearly art Inch of rain In 30 minutes before heading to ward Kansas City. · · · · . · NEAH OTTAWA a f u n n e dipped down and smashed the [arm home of J. A, Marsh, killed Mrs. Marsh, his wile, 78, Marsh was critically Injured. Four MISS BKASVVELI.'S mother, Mrs. Eleanor Tennyson, said from her San Jose home she was "horribly upset" to learn of the . whereabouts of her daughter. The mother said MUs Braswell f l e w to.the Islands only last week for a short vn cation. , · . "I know Jean had no though! of going to Australia," she said Matson officials s a i d there did not appear to be a conncc tlon between the girl and the three boys. Byrd, Bridges^ Fire at Budget CHICAGO (U.R)--Democratic Sen. Harry F. Byrd and GOP Sen. Styles Bridges led representatives of 30 major groups Monday In demanding cuts In President Elsenhower's budget. Byrd, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, called the $72,800,000,000 b u d e e t "the In this week's Post Transit Bill OKd by Senate ; SACRAMENTO (UP)--The Senate Monday night approved an Aiisembly-passed measure to create a Los Angeles Rapid Transit Authority. , . . . . Nnvy said no one was hurt. Capt. Robert L. Moore, shipyard commander, said part ol tho sub's bow section was destroyed. He described the blast as a minor explosion.; · Two of the X-l'i crew were aboard, the Navy said, but they were not Injured. Cnpt. Moore said there was no fire. Cause of the blast was not Immediately disclosed. ,..,. A . , ,, The X-l was designed as a harbor penetration vessel for use with underwater demolition teams. She Is even smaller than e the Holland, which was a 74-ton vessel of 54 foot length and 10 foot beam. The 25-lon, 30-foot lonr X-l has only a seven foot beam and Ing a roadside motel south ot Ottawa on U. S, 50. Guests saw It coming and ran to safety In filling »tn tlon, overturned five transport trucks and wrecked a nearby restaurant 'As It approached this metro- net then with perscope down stands only! po " tan aren °' « ( million popula 11 feet high. tlon the storm's violence In. The vessel was on display fl t creal(;d ' Sevt-ral f u n n e l s ap- the shipyard Saturday during " one ncar Olathc, 20 Armed Forces Day. Visitors saw m " e ' to ttle "outhwest, and an icr launched by a crane and,°_ th fj at . atcr retrieved the same way. *" Dave Beck Ousted by AFL-GIO CouncU (Continued From Page A-l.) facing newsmen and photogra- paying phers. OBORGK MEANY. 'AFL-QO president, who had taken a stern stand against Beck from the outset of the Senate committee disclosures, met with newsmen shortly thereafter. He said: that Vice President Beck ha? been guilty of gross misuse ol union funds entrusted to his . care. "Whether he has violated any · laws, stain or federal, dealing .-'··' with theft, misappropriation or ; embezzlement. Is not for us to consider or determine. * · · · · ~ "THERE IS NOT the faintest ' question In our minds, however, · that ho Is completely guilty of * violating the basic trade union ~ ' law that union funds are a sa. .' ' cred trust, belonging to the *· members and to be protected ! and safeguarded for the Interests of tho members. ' "Whether Ueck stole the funds · · or borrowed them, the record ' shows he look advantage of his -, position ai n trade union official » _ , to use money belonging to duel- (lndt and cot a E en eral . dressing members for his owr personal gain and profit. Beck showed up for the hearing on time but was kept cooling his heels while Mcany reviewed the situation for council members. Brought before the council, Beck heard a general num- mary of the clyirgp" from Menny down.. -·,;· · · · ·» -· .v 'A; AS MEANV put It later: "I told him what 1 thought" of his actions." Beck, a little paler and more subdued than usual, whistled n tuneless tune as he passed newsmen on his way to the meeting. lie made no comment after the council acted. In a statement read to the council, Beck claimed his temporary suspension which had preceded tho trial was a legal 'nullity," Beck's position was that the chargci against him concerned his activities with the Teamster* Union and not as an AKL-C1O officer. Also, he contended the charges related to a erlod prior to adoption of the present AFL-dO constitution. . Hill, 30. south. A third was spotted north ot Olathe, and the fourth struck. TWO PERSONS were Injured near Spring Hill, where tho home of Alfred G, Larson was hit. ^ The Martin City shopping dls. trlct Included several filling tui- tions and stores'In about three blocks. At Ruikln- Heights all 15 stores In the center were wlpct out. Randall gave, this descrlp- tfon of tho funnel: "It was a dirty gray. Inside It was a white house about 60 feet oft the ground whirling around and around as It passed my house. 'The air was absolutely still before the funnel hit. Then a dull roar b e g a n , and It got ·. The quietness was. weird, and then the roar began." : RANDALL SAID lightning flashes a few minutes later revealed a second funnel which did not touch the ground, Robert Tatum, a reporter for {he Kansas City Star, saw the tornado coming directly at hli house and he fled with family In their car. Corifidentia Mag Pair Surrender LOS ANGELES W -- Th niece of the publisher of Confl dentlal magazine and her bus jand arrived by air from New York Monday and promptly sur rendered on criminal conspiracy charges, Dlst. Atty. William B, Me esson said red-haired Marjorle Meade, 28; and her husband red, 33, were the first to sur render of 11 persons secretly In dieted last week by the count; grand jury after an Investigation of Confidential and other to called scandal magazines, . · · · · /,. TUB MEADES w e r e ar- ralgned on charges of conspiracy to commit criminal libel, print obscene literature and circulate Information about abortion and male rejuvenation. .'They were released on $3,000 ball each -after Superior Judge Uouls If. Burke set Jun« S as their date'to plead. Both denied the charges, "We will fight to the limit because wo have committed no crime," Mrs. Meade said. She Is the niece of' Robert Harrison, publisher of Confl. dentlal, The Meades operated Hollywood Research, Inc.. which the'district attorney's office described as a listening post here or Confidential. Sen. Richard Richards (D. Los Angeles), who handled It for author A s s e m b l y m a n Charles Wilson (D-Los An gcles), said It would affect Lc Angeles County only. v s The bill, as It passed the A tembly, would have cover several counties. Senate amen ments restricted It to Los A gelct County only, and t measure now must return to t! Assembly for approval of tl change. - ,, - · ,, , . _ . " Richards said he also saw It that the bill was amended s :he public could not be taxe :o support the authority unle ;hey voted to approve such tax - ' , . . . . . . . I ' · , .ffj;..; ..,..'. "A mass transit system the will work can, perhaps, I L.A. Chief Hits Back at Cohen LOS ANGKLES UP -- poll Chief William Parker foug back Monday at former gambl Mickey Cohen's blast at him nationally televised from Ne York. . . The chief Instructed an all to seek an action for slandi 'rom tho New York district a torney's office and to lodge protest with the Federal Com munlcatlons Commission, Po slble action by the Los Angcle County Grand Jury also was In orated. A tape recording of Cohen nterview Sunday night o Hike Wallace's New York ABC TV show, "Night Beat," will played today for the crlminn :omplalnts committee of th county grand Jury, · · · · DKP. DIST. Atty. William rtltzl, announcing this, said th Committee will decide whethe Cohen's attack should be hean the Jury as a whole. Thi recording was taken to Rltzl rand Jury adviser, by twi members of the police deport mcnt's Intelligence unit. Meanwhile, Parker Instructed iat unit's chief, Capt. James lamllton. to confer with the lew York district attorney 01 10 possibility of filing a alnnder complaint. Hamilton already was In New York--vacationing, said, not shadowing Parker Cohen. Aroused by Cohen's tirade on television, Parker demanded: 'Are there no reins on this new medium:" IF ACTION for slander Is deemed unfeasible, the police chief said,, he has Instructed Capt. Hamilton to go to Federal -ommunlcatlons C o m m Isslon leadquarters In Washington, D.C., and flic a complaint. Parker said: , "I want to find out If a network can carry such character assassination with Impunity. In my opinion, the stations thct most dangerous I have ' ever known" among the 25 budgets he has seen In his senatorial career, ' · ... ;..; · : · II« called for a slnsh of nine billion dollars, and Bridges, ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee Eald more than three billion dol lars could be lopped off the President's r e c o r d - breaking peacetime budget. , · · · , · · . BVKD, OF VIRGINIA.* and Bridges, of New Hampshire, spoltc to more than 100 representatives of such croups as the National Farm Bureau Federation, tho U. S, Chamber of Commerce and the American Medical Assn. ,-, . . . They met In an "Action Conference on Cutting the Federal Budget" to offer concrete sug- ;estions on how government ex pendltures can be trimmed, George Williamson, Chicago candy manufacturer and gen ral chairman of the conference said earlier a prime aim mlgln c a demand for free and equa radio and television time to an. wcr President Elsenhower's alks In defense of his budget, loycvcr, no action on this Is uc was taken Monday. The secret of vodka enjoyment is in WoEfschmidt's Wollschmidtlld..Duniiilh, Md. can-led this' proRram"must"bc WwlOOprooi.JOO»CninNtuliiiSpirtlf held responsible." . . | Pioducl ol U.S.A. worked out 'through this sy tern," Richards said. He said the bill would perm he authority to obtain presen r!vate transit lines throug mrchase and the sale of bond Get Up Nights? , DM r» Mlmr ' BLADDER IRRITATION ' Ko» n* ·«·» M nil«r I rom i NEW praHMI MUM K. B. II. Thli ·niMKIni formula Mfllitm nalurv'i irrr wmMr IMIM . . . MX hut MM on) · MnMMHM r. II HimiulK tM Impotlttf Iwita. O*( rtllir »|H1 HMD U» MATt/KAI. w.r-K, B. II KXIalU MO UIlUOII A IHll will v* · vm . , Mllv II.DO. Atlll- It SCHULMAN'S NUTRITION 142 PINI mt Ut PINI FUZZ HARRIS CUSTOM TAILOR T h i r d S t *\i« MI tur ··"· . ~~ --ah upphii ·IWH fir · tint » lirllnl · InnlitM t»fli| FTRY IT TODAY AT:-- AIIOCIATID HIA1IHO CINTIU ' 491 Mi* Av** UM tvwli ' 707 i* miu ttn* tin, u*. BOTH EARS «/ ' Secret * WORN IN THE EAR * ENTIRELY CORDLESS NO TUBES THREE TRANSISTORS EAR LEVEL HEARING cam IN » wmn ·WON ltlNlat*4 HMrlnf bitin FraclQ* Ear. III Hw lit,, lH| Kilt Nl Mill ·IMH ml ·· UM. N»Mt ., «H»M .. IPT S-31 Fnt HMI Trial D«t««ttritl»M .ong Reach · Santa Ana TV'S MASTER: OF INSULT Television's hilarious mailer of wit speakii up about every- ' thing from TV giveaway quizzes to egghead shows and Biidietire'ratingsyilemi. And, in true Marx fasliion.Croucho pulls no pundits--or grouches ; 1 --in this exclusive Saturday Evening I'ost interview with Pete Martin! ' ' , ' Grouc/io reveals: · hli canny, comlc's-eye view of television audience.raling , sy»lemi--and why ha ssyi only. . an idiot would think llicia "electronic PeepingTom» H gia r 1 , an accurate count of what : America wntchei. · ,,....,. j · lili blunt opinions of the kind ' of people uliii utuslly show up · ' ai conteitanti on hli TV iliow -^ --and why he lays the big draw* · Ing card for them Is nol tho ." chance of winning money, - ~ · lilt hilarious analysis of bit- · ' money quit shows -- Including ' liii theory that the FBI helped ' Chsrlci Van Daren by slipping ' him the answers. .. ., r · why hefeeli intomnla li neo es»«ry to his job. In fact, ha i »ivi, "If I'm nol lenw I'll soon · bo in the pail tente.** · why he maintaini hit Iniulti and acid remarks don't really oflnul anybody, . 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