Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 57
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 57

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 57
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H*tW«rt«d(MM) 241 Scrvic* Station Manager Silirv open.. fieri.' opportunity for rtgtil man. SyKnll Quillficaires: T5 **» *-«. -Indeo. P. T. SERVICE STATION MECHANIC ATTEND. ISbMKcZlffl'iJSSSSt Service Station Salesman Experienced. To KM ,mo. Sey bngS'm a"*" * · SERVICE STATION MAN . SERVICE STATlON-FijII time ami ' part llm«, l«il reltrenctl. Age no limit. 4550 Oranoe. men'with tune-ua braVe exper.i 1 .yr. local references. Salary ' iST-HAROLD 2». E. X!h ST.. L.B. WOOt VrOTiMl. 31 MItctlteirtowforSoU 72 i ^ M fp^^BpVS; pftfce niacn. 5uov. U alrls.Jlev r» pi IRONING don* In my home, 11 hr. 1 d»v aervke. Vfc. *f Mwno !· t, Ui. '"" I-RAY Tech. ourri, mtd! work. Box reg./ office oroce- h,-,*"^-,- o«TM|?}.» ii«tit hsfcos. d, will live In. P. 0. Box »U, Lnna Beach MOTHER w/tVyr.-otd son seckt live- In. Hwuek«p(nq or child car*. 4 vra. exer. Reii. JZ-5a« LADY IXlnt. drlvir) w/c«r Icr· Mt by hr.-dav. Rcay rales. 27j1?8 IN MY HOME. Phw: 4»J!3S SERVICE Man. EleclroXjx needs Man, Dnln llore. Saliry. 59IZ327 a:JO AM. · · STATION ATTENDANT Foil pi. time. Must be exoer. Mobile Station, Bdlll. Del Amo TECHN1C SHIPBOARD ORDINANCE ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS . Immedlale ocenlngs for expert- enced men In test checkout on U.S. Naw tgufpmenli, m the fof- lowing fields. N.T.D.S. air search radar, general communications, teletype, or ortfnance systems. ^-- ··"ORMATION . GRAY '830-2811 MEVA CORPORATION HwmsM'ix. ?hur. '-'."""FOR iNroSS · CALL MR. i Technicians Electrical Prefer 2 men wllh IC-S or 3 rale, USN. Experienced vtllh magnetic amplEflers navigational devices. J2.7J lo S3 JO'per hr. depending upon experience. MILLER MAGNETKS CO., INC. HOUSEWORK by day or hr., exper. 415-3314, call aller 6 P.m. CALIF. Reg. Nurse wantl work. Hri between y a.m.-3:30 p.m. 735-5331 HSWRK.. call J D.m. NURSING care to elderly woman. Days only. 430-1557. HOUSECLEAN vrndcws wall fh GOOP FAST WORK. iyl-6Ka. GEN. OFFICE. EXP. PERM..MATURE. S day wk. 434 Mil DISPLAY t*bleu )SO pin racks «4n«rsj mlrror / ill i'«l t mwil- ni, women i. chlldrent) but); 3 ltboM fUbg cjbkicltr m D c«b1n«tii 4 NCR PO n«; chalrti deWl'fljeii 1 .mxl Vriast the --i compiel. tddreuooraDn dtt ck ilgner} checK orotectc lain rods, refrloeralor; co . ig* .91 her Tlemi loo" riyrnercy* f» m Pacific HE l·ou^ .mention. Columbia a fc il let fait »hel]f- *pn deph ctori coke cab. 1 y -- . .. k oaymen TROLUX .vacuum cleaner. .LX. *0, lile model wllh ·tjichmtnls: !«. Dlr. 2X5 Pa- cllk Ave. DUPLECATINt · WajMfi*. G C » d cond. cost ti5o. yyin Mil (or siso. Including supplies. MtetflatMtHforSaU 72 i USED BUILtlNG JMTERIAL5 -Used Itora fixtures iA counters. Lumbef, g!ai*. plywd. £ ohrmblnp JgNG B|ACl1.J=enc. t.Malertaf -gohl queen sire. conlroll b. W {,',T 3£ Mlsedlemtem for Sol* 72 SALei Big Here, floor .1 to%xJ t ' I Micfiwwt'' iui]i»- »»S; hundreds it sot. dllowa^JOc; king »l» heavy mattress pads u; King) tlit comforter! W; kln« l!i« ouflltd ipreads 1151 vetwet remnants appro x, - 4 ydi. long, split wtdth»«.» «a.I 54". h«vy tnholilerv fapijcs »l,vdl big M pf drep*ry lebrict 50c Vd; the Tarotsi stock of wholslerv velvet a Long Btia it Vmnil prkti. Greenwood/ 3?4» E. 4 h. Open todiy 12-? all day S«f. · itructlon, sacrtllce. ^^Western Camera a. I. 4. Call on Expert Cafl cm Expert Coll cm Expert ' 35 "Yeu save Tint and Money Wh» You MlsctrtawwnforSaU 72 M«»ra_Dleet-TMod»lT.71 wart parti. Over SOO tcro (HrtrasDIt- let soar* parts and Industrial '1. T«ln pile ·""··" parti, fiew conroonenli. o«ar and ^ , . Power Taken;Id. Ei compressonrilr tools, loot -boxes, PIP. flttmgi air cironeii Ci ·--·-·-- -'··· -ver 200 cftli...- nt to . personal mlpCCTIOn Wll 1 "· unt nrAnv\llu on r«ueit. N "KV MIK.I1*. \TVl VIMT101CII j Pa OC fe u . r .«,*!|h_.?y«r..»» OelillR r .. .., New~maferlflt'for"c~on'. tractors^.Truckers, vywkbMl mr. *, iru . ,, alorj, Plthermen, Marine RencW [Water. Well unlli), RtMir thopt «n sold wltaSbuf ilrrilt or reserve Property ol and i, be M J o o n the premises of Marine Indvttrlil Suoply, 645 W. Anaheim, Long Beach, Callfornli. AuctXm to be conducted ,bjr Jtanlejj M. Frltd- ! li ..-.. --. 135 Post sf., 1 San Fran- clico and Sk) Oslrow, Auctioneer*, 1224 So. Fl -- ' -Contact anv Long B r - - " · TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SECTION CALL . . . Brown In Long Beach, HE 2-5959 Mln Boll jn Lak.wood, ME 3-0764 Mils McCullouan in Bellflower. TO 0 - 1 7 2 1 i . Mill fait In Orcnq. County, JE 7-9120 LOVING child care^U day. Days only. Vic. 41h t, Redondo. 41^3817 pic* up 4 HSwk. by fr., whin Ing, reliable, rets. Work Wanted I MEN! 32 RETIRED moKon picture prolec- tlonlst, 31 yrs. .XA.'desires full or part tlm. work as prolt^tliullst typ. · theater work Accoustlc Ceilings ACOUSTICAL celllnss sway aoolled. Lew rales. Free Est. 941-OtM Asphalt Blackcoating Auto-Painting ANY CAR- «nr Wor. »55. Barnett PaTntTlTOt Alamllos. HE 7-2575 Brick Stone Work trailer has* dasiTl 'Ifcemey loin luibn If need be. Call 4UM74 alter t p.m. TELEPHONE SALES j:^3 hr. or more. J1.3C 1 oyaranleed, Perm., Ml or part tlrr.e poilllcn. '" . TELEVISION TECHNICIAN - OPPORTUNITY for experienced men lo work for a larpe company pefformlnB oulslne serv- tcft. ·Advanceme.!.* opporlunltv. Trsln- - [no In cotor and sillrf state. Ex- ceptlflnal comDany benellls. APPLY .. . PACKARD BELL: ELECTRONICS -3IIOE.Wjl[ow,LongB«ach An equal opportunltv employer- TERMITE INSPECTOR" · s day wk. Top wises.' GA3-541? TOOL CUTTER GRINDER, EXPERIENCED Permanent employrneol In cTI ffaW · mfB. concern. No'W* .limit. Goqo · TOOL DESIGNER Deslon piBilIc. mold end ito and fixtures for small electro-mecnar.- leal component*. MlrJmym 3 yn. experience . reaytred. . Send Resume 1o Pddic Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State College Rd. Anaheim (7 1 4) PR 4-52 1 7 An equat opportunily employer , ib!» reliable wanls any of work. No salts. Prefer ener's helper. C«5Tl (7MJ U7- MALE--30 vr*.'oW, 15 yrs. dfrWna rm. waiter domestic. Days pref. Xnl kxai refer. ^3-87iT. CONSTRUCTION sua't or oeneral foreman"over 15 years exoer. in all Ivoesol construction. -]j2-78M. GARAGE cleaning, moving, liohf haullr.g. - Man with % ton pickup. "fcli URE MAN -- Coll. education, ...s of Ideal: management executive exper. 4tf3795. REPAIR RENEW Leaks fixed, coatings imall lobs _O.K._Frj» estfmales. HA 1-am EXPERIENCED SI'eiman WI1U car, 29 yrs. ot Selling, wants Sales Job. Salary + oomm. 432-772? V STAKE Body TrucX w/driver, S7 hr. HES-i?» GAP.DENING WAMTED BY MONTH OR WEEK. 64MW7. Core of Children 33-1 -{Llcemcd Hamet Only) · A-l MASONS PLANTERS -PATIOS - FENCES FIREPLACES. CA 1-JO3 Electricians comm'l wiring, InstaUallons.- frt . ., saves _ 4J8-44»: ELECTRICAL wiring all tvD.1. Reasonable riles. HA 1-2184. Call after 6 run, or before i;M ajn. Fencing SAVE ON NEWfe_r,ce IU ed- SLOCK FENCES -- My SMCHIIYl Xlnt ret. UH 0-273J; WA M4J7 FENCES. BRICK-- S 3-4762 cr GA 2-M43 Floors-Refinlshing a n r e n -- . , . Lav floor tile, kitchen or bath, J2S labor. 1 day service. ME 4-3241 Cabinets CAB. Irdlv. de: flcallons. For Uc. Ins. EMODEL1NG wd C«b»et Work. HLB i. Lfcwd. 42M7I any lime Carpentry Rm Additions -Remodeling C. VanderStdt. Lie. MS-I769 CARPENTRY--CAB-CONCRETE Garage door soecla lit --15 mln. · lSl2 room adoYltons. l»5. ,, Licensed 418-«!1 ARPENTRY--Cabinets, remodeling, Formica, tile, palnllng. No Icb too ·nail. nvnta Reasonable. ·'·THE WOODPECKERS"-Gen. repair, an types ol aWtwl's'f'; mica, luminous celllnss. 433-M32 FLOOR .HIKG old Personal service, ?2 years experience. Free estlmite. ~ Painting, Paperhanging J. C. Holland Painting Co. Very reasonable prices. Low down 8, up to 2 vrs. to pay. All work has · written guarantee. Professional Painting SPECIALIZE IN EXTERIOR so Interior. Prolect . vo-jrse Reasonable rates V All Work Guaranteed INTERIOR-EXTERIOR For free estlmit. Call Mr. GrazM So. Flgueroa, - -1 any of the JHCh-- HE cjiure and rfelalli. les. .bov. or phone 54331 for bro- Ntl 72-A LAMPS, -Tibia. Brtc-A-Brac, Re- frig., stove, dfal. bad Rfffht stand. 4 custom made olnlrw chrs. U50 Los AlhH ptiia (n)xt lo mjrkjt/Pr- ·-'--· GARAGE Sail ^1 ale. H Plua st«(«») crocheted afghcni, some wrrJture, jj. t ^ 9S £j Be 11 flower. .' ' FURNITURE, household, yard, tools, 71 records player, books, small aopllances. Rocks-rovgn, sliced I, poTlined. 230 Adam i, NLB. ! eitalei. An. ........ .jmllure, patio furn., washing machine, bench lax aVIolner. 3t40 Lime. . VAOON wheel bunk be* w/mat- tresies. .Portable stereo. Toys. ~rdspreedi. Misc. 425-H11. 4341 onlalr Ave., LXwd. Village. MALL comnwrclal type Ketvtnafor freeier, US; small CT relrlg, SIS; new 30" range hood w/fan, U. 433.8413 p n. only. , . PATIO Sale. Sat. 9 to 5. Hlde-a-bed, baby articles, etc. 4733 Brlercretr Lkwd. ' i WATER HEATERS l-Yr. Guar-Speciaf Prices Steel Tanks Glass Lined Tank! 40 git. S28.M 40 oaT. S29.»S 30 gal. S2J.95 30 gal. J2« M 20 cat..$21.95 20-gal. S2495 Reconditioned Conform to Aopr. Safety Standards Also new IQ-yr; cuaranlee ' healers at competitive prices L_ S PLUMBING SUPPLY."o, L a , S PLUMBING SUP 3211 E. Anaheim. L.B. ' ftjulhafw for Sate 73 25-Pc. Walnut Group GORGEOUS I I Recent factory 3o3 ouf purchsse Inclurel roonw dresser, nfafe mirror, 2 nlli standl, w/draw«rs. Hltd board, frame, box spring and mattress-PLUS bed spread! QuH « loam rubber sof. chair iHauBM er sofa chair colorsl, 2 step tables, fsoTld). 2 decora lor lamps. Smart- I/ styled dining sil.'able w/le«l II 4 loam padded chairs. Poll, lively stunning d chirrs. Poll- upf Tola! Drlce O.S.PETERSON GARAGE SALE--Wtt Flower S', Bellttower. Saturday Sunday. 72AA -- . v .......... .,,», aporox, .70 carat. Emerald cut. VVS excel. color, 14 carat while gold w/un. diamonds on sice. Retail valve, VS». Will sail for 1400. Wrlti Box A-SOM, Imlep., Press-Tele., L.B. 3.47 K. LADIES diamond ring w/2 slo diamonds, $1,100. 4ai-40U. GARBAGE DISPOSERS ^NEW-LATEST MODELS * Zfnslnk eri'o? r H*'^ .425.6132 . raze 429-7I2 REX Calt'Vnvilme'.' _.. jloor sanding, beautiful finish, arid waxed. 1-day service. SAND FINISH ROOMS FROM I». Lie. . Insurd. Call IIM-OA 4-7174 Furnace Repair Clean Adjust $6.50 24 MRS. SERVICE 43M043 Garden Serv. Supply LANDSCAPING Sprinkling _ svslemj, Inslajled^ TANDSCA'P'P RENOVATING--PRUNING COVEY B»3.S42»-aft. a-t57-3440 COMPLETE landicaplng service. A.I Carpenter-building, remodel e. r«oalr.^=re« Estimate. NE t-KII CARPENTER. Remod. glass sliding drs. Wall knocked euf. GA 2-4469 THE -Inaeper^lent, Press-Telegram recommends.that .11 references be carefully checked regarding baby sitting and care of minor children. LICENSE CHILD . CARE, N.L.B. Xlnt loving care, breakfast 1, unclf, fenced yard. !3-5J5S LIC. child care, days. Reliable. Nr. Spring t, Palo Verde. HA 9-M37 Swops. 62 WANTED-- Pick -up truck ' Irade as yo-jr hcme In Doml w/Ioe. r«c. rm. . pvrnl.f on nice 3-bd 335- TOOL DESIGNER Design imall Tltr'i ntf fixtures for Knowteoge ol tape programming desired. Minimum 5 years oroerience reoulred. Send Resume to Pacific ScienKtic Co. 1346 S. State College Rd. Ananeim (714) PR 4-5217 ^ "An eoual opportunfly emptoyer^ TOOL DIE MAKER 'A 1 or eager ambltfous young "B" punch press dfe experience In lob shops. Well established. Lvn- wood firm. Good benefits. Salary open. Phone 636^721. UNIVERSAL MOLDING CO. 10607 Stanford Ave.,- Lvnwood Miscellaneous Wanted 63 Wall knocked ouf. GA - ·tory. _R«model. Add la ADDITIONS, REMODELING * RE. PAIR WORK. TO H)le2 VAILABLE NOW-- AoWon! t. R morfel. Lie. 8. Insured. HA9-2S57 ^^RPEKTRY » gen. repairs. Real. Small loss my speclanv. 421-7498 EXPERIENCE wllfdo the lob-You nim» It. Work gwr. 439-7«a 1ST CLASS Orpenter work. Years _of_ experience. 434.3407 ADDitlONS, renvxiellng. Kkih aual- Ity. W8.W Construction. GE n-2448 $ TOP DOLLAR S GOOD USED FURNITURE. AP- "LlANCES, 8, MISC. PLR. I45-»471 PLlAt- WANTE- _. 9457 -Flora M7-3087. .NTEO--Junk batteries, S1.60 ei. ... v|1( s t Bri ui ower . Open 10 a.m.-s p.m. WE.BUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Independent Paper Stcck Co. 1401 Palsy Ave. -435-5J1 ? TRACER LATHE OPER. M'Jit be able to read blue prrnlir mfcro-meters, scal«, have some txnowfeiife Df mefal culling machines. Must nave some basic loots, such as. Micro Meters, CaUpers. scares. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC 5«l -TELEGRAPH RD. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PHONE Ttt-tl]' TRAINEES So. Calif.'s lareeit carpet Service Business Tiai ? openings for trainees ai BIDDERS, on service estlrnatei. Ace 90-30, sales exper., helpful but rial essenlial, 1125 + ner wk. M\ Ward.- 925^49«. HIGHEST orJcw paU for quality men's-ladles aoparel.HE 7-tlOI dr. 1 BUY furniture, run, tools, misc. ru. HE M7I2; HE -3543 Mochiiery and Tools ^5 n lus ·64 ALLEN Sccoa tune up unit model 2729, on roU-a-way. overKauled, new leads. $695- Don Temali Chevron 63*1 E. Spring Ph. WcCULLOCH Chal.1 Saws Chains, Ic ele a PATIO TOP. GA 7-736? . BE Lsndscap'o W-9»7; RELIABLE PAINTING YOU CAN 1 D^EisiD ON US. Bonded -- Licensed -- Insured 438-1169 YOUBUYPAINTI [ PA1 NT- Free eatm. Reas. rafts. 1*5-003 WANT _ Icunm or den. Call _,, work a specialty. Satisfaction ouar. Free est. Evts. 423-7622 - 1NTERIOR.DCTERIOR Bruili, · scrav, roll. 15 vre. exo. All work Buaranleed, Very reas. CaFl Anytime GA 3-6389 BOB PRIESTLY N* 5-760? WALLPAPER .! BEDROOMS Ha Includes ciixr and labor Painting Conlraclor 14 vrs. In L.B. PAINTING, cujtom hand d*c- orarg, SDan'sn comblnOj anUau- WEEKLY LAWN SERVICE DEPENDABLE. HA t.«78 sfl i EXPERT lawn care, Curlli lanrf- scaamo iprlnklen. A»so yard deanlnn hauJUip. Larrv 63B-705 BALDING'S GARDENING SERVICE Free esllmates. Clean-uo a sne- cTally. Ask lor Bill 43M772 PARK'S Cleanup corned I 1 * lawn servfct. Aph malfHenance. Tell m what you will cay. 415-74?? BLDS. MATERIAL SALE BARGAiNS-Plvwood, 4c tt.. Plr.e oak moulding!, 2 · 3c ft. Finished lumber, 7c (t. !x«, 4ic tt, 4x«, 90c ea. only »10. Pine i hdwd. doors, 3. Cabinets V. IDPs of Items,- less ttian y» price. 17« HAYES AVE. SALVAGE MASTERS' Ptwd., doors, window], tirdwds., plumbing, formica, air condltlo.1. ers. SALVAGE MASTERS ' I'M Santa Fe or 21920 Norwalk Blvd. Both yards open 6Vi days DID vcu know that you can puv black amber handled screw drivers, many sites for 4c each at Aufo Supply Outlet. 1S02 South St. (between Oranoe Cherry) Open to 8 p.m. Sundays to 3 p.m. Call 422-2S21 for- every kir.d of Sporting Goods 72-B GUNS--reloading equlprr.enl suo- -"-- ""' Remlnalon deluxe · Lomb 2V«4; ^U ;keet Dump. !U pU N et .... pump/ Baud. Lon oa. Remington Kx,- Cuth/ extra tubes; 1 Dally IP-?. SaL-t:30^ Sun. 17-5 S F TRANSFER NEW FURNITURE 7 bookcase teadbouds . 11 ruas, 9x12 22 Simmons Ortho L oyil · spring malK, bolh. 4 maple llvtnB 13 mooern ban · dinette sets . (round, oval 10 sectionals _ n jeli . - I5S »!' rectftAgulir) - GUNS--GUNS ^ Open ev*s 'tll J ,»~Un4VBrMl Arms, 15509 Para mount Blvd./ Paramt. 630-7313 · ' POOL TABLES ': VAiolesale priced. 100% tlninclno. Home coin pperaled, . 81-64a5 POOL TABLES -- Slate, «1 SOT. Coln.QTier. home type. Dealer. 2, S GAL. butane tanks,.] Hum · butane hoi dale »». 4MDM? WHOLESALE. MEATS Wed., Thurs. 'Frl. Only T-BoneSr Porlerhouse. Top Sirloin. Cube Steaks, Chicken Fry; --85c Ib. Ground Beet Patties, all slied--44c Ib. CITY BUTCHERS ·Ml E. K'.tl ME4-412J AVERAGE ROOM $14 Exterior ifucco bunflatowi $195. Best ref. I. materials. J32-3331 LIcenMd I Iniured. L. H. SPAINHOWER EXPER. Jaoaneie gardener. Former ly from Pasarfens. Free esl. _439-72R5. MOV/-«dce'. bed worfc. MaFntenance. Mat removal/ renovating clean- UPS. Call Fred. HE 7-3953. LAV/H service/ quality Carpeting NEW 8. USED carpels Installed or repaired. Free estimate. Jack D« Younfl-- TOWOW Carpet - Uphoi. - Cleaners CARPET iroNMsti any front rm hi --w/r\evr etnripment 'ery cteanlng. SIO lalt. Quick tfrvTrjo nt l?t-.317 MOW «foe 3X TTWTilh, SID. Cllp- pTn.ii hauleo, cfBarrups. j?X-7t3?. Pet Care :XPERT grooming 8. clipping, el breeds, specil -botrdlng rates. KENNEL KARE .. GE 8-791 Piano Tuning Flastertng ADDITION SPECIALIST PLASTERING LATHING AccuiIIcal cHtfnoSi palclilng, re- stucco. LTc. ins. Reas. Free eit, GA 2X541 V. DAVIS ACOUSTIC Celllns SPECIALIST Old celllnai matfe naw. Fix anv celllnos. No mart cracks! Sound NYLON CARETINS S2.95 A YARD Sculptured h«w- carpet. Regular 110 value. Many w/dolc sackings. BED comol. SI 5; dtvaJi Sit); bdrni. set compl, w/box soros. matt. W3i 5jc. djr.ettt J20; r«frlB. MOi stove »35j 10- Ml, tlsh lank w/flsh, porno heater 720. Many other Items -- Mut sell -- No r«as. offer refused. 16719 Lak«wood Blvd. d r. KIRBY VACUUMS Allacnmenls, polisher, recond. $49.50 1411 CHERRY AV=. Long Beach FIBERLAY PLASTICS COMPLETE SUPPLIES Pouring ot oraoes every v/edries- dav. Free demonstration Saturday IZJC^ 41S-U14. 2053 Sanla Ft. 300 SO. YDS. of continuous filament NYLON CARPETING roll enfi. Values JS.J5 to J7.95 su. yd. Now (2.95 sq. vd. All large Dleces. Long Beach Furniture Co. ath Long Beach Blvd. GORDON SMITH surf board concave f T'. Clear. CE t-lfu Furniture for Sal* . 73 $.30 DOWN · · hom« with all new furni- Will furnish your entire ture, including range,' re- frig., TV, dining room, living room bedroom sets. Free Parking Fr» Delivery Out of Slati Credit OK LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6TH L.B. Blvd. Dntn. SLIGHTLY DAMAGED FREE DELIVERY GA 2-WI . . TERMS . 5 9 2 1 ATLANTIC, U B. WAREHOUSE MAN ON DUTY Mon.-RN «-9 Sat. '«. Suo. f-i MARKET SI/ ANTIQUES ' I.PM' · GA; 2«! OPEN 11 AM TO 1J40 E. MARKET ANTIQUES, chine, kio lable 8t- collectori. ltemt.'230 Ad.VTili NLB. - izr~-r- - BOXTLES ANTIQUES, prlv. _-.. Ave., HynltnctM Perk. LU WE need anlFoves 4. umnual'Uunt '4« awry. OEt-«ii W,.-^.-^ Want.* i^Ts TOP PRICES ·PAlDi^" one P Estalei, fyrnttixe I . . . . Jnesi IrrvenlqryV-." · furnttyre in ·ttwaw."*,- · REPP MOTT, INC^ Ml E. Anahi'lm CE,.«'JOT 1 We Buy Sell Good . U«d FurniTur. A'M^ PARK FURNITURE OPEN EVENINGS TIL-,9; Tues. i, sat. 'Ill i Closed Sundays LIONEL train set, locomotive I LAWN movvlrt? edgln,?. NLB area -Q3$5 By Tot* or. month, ai72- MARCH SPECIAL _ W-w carp rlcnned onlv 4c so. ft. 432-711 AMY LIVING ROOM 8. HALL Crrt! el eaiieT^OliLYtlOtJjjjM Ceramic Tile CERAMIC Tile-new I, repair. Ll_. cr small lobs done. Real rates. Wprkouir- Lie. Contr. HA ?-377 "Sett tSls. n prorslSD "sJTM«.' YOUR call~brTna, a tile seller_nnt PACIFIC COAST HARDWARE » salesman. DUALITY WORK 185 LB. Blya. GA.7-77M juir. Lie. Free est. 43i-70? ACETUILENE welding sat. attefl' . saw. 576-3W9 aft. 6 p. STATIONARY i oortaDle welSlro eoulcmeritr overnead cranes com- plele, otheV mis. CaII Bill 634-6MI FINEST workmanshlD. New ren-.od- .1, repair. Lk. Free est. CA 7-1815 QUALITY NEW RemoOel. Loe. 8. small Ipbs. Over 70 years exp. Reas. 421-7677 Concrete Work TRUCK DRIVER Local (feltverles. Musi t-ave ClaH- A, or type 1 license. Downey Fertilizer Co. ?«7 E. ImMrlal Hwv., Dcv;.iev. TRUCK DRIVER Gen. warehrxie wcrk. Paid vacation 1nw;r. Married man ^t«t. TRUCK TIRE MAN TV REPAIRMAN ERIEHCED ONLY. Da' 093; Eves-HA 9-4513. , . Blvd., Lkwd., Ph.: MA-152i. TV TECHNICIAN Immediate openTng for TV technician. Exwr. rwulred, TCP t Lib-r,il bcmflli. Aoofv 9-5 E RCA SERVICE CO. 960 S. Sanla Fe. Carn0!on PHONE SA 3-5417 Equal OcoorlunHv £m pro ver H, P. sas pcwired polisher orlnder i tools. ME .-H332. air com?. , other body oaseTlST oft IM 6400 CHERRY Ave. OLDER .Tvode. #4 W. S. turret laihe, stwne coiCttt. 542 E. Bin- nlng Compten, 5 to 6 p.m. Sat. . 12" CRAFTSMAN band saw w/mtr, itarrd chine. Real bargain. (7IO Kl 2 "ATCEMENT WORK From 30c iq. ft.'Drtv". patlw, wtlks, itepj; etc. 19 vre. * x B«r« Ff« tsllm.' IM-1639 or GA 2-0079 SPECIAL RATES-- Free, Fsllmalei Patio - driveway, foupdBtlonvM- CQitd asorwratc. Lie. Bo7-4975 Glass Mirrors ABLE GLASS SERV. -- OPEN SAT. P ra iff, wtnaaws/ mirrors, TODS, e!r. 1417 Cola Ave. HE 7-40H; HE 2-3«9 Handymen Trasfc Haul-- Tree Work * GARAGE-- LOT CLEANING A ALLOWANCE ON SALVAGE 7 years of satlifred custorners. HE 7-3953 or ME IW3A1 PROPERTY cleanup, pafnllnn, lite haufkvg, tree lopolno rtrnov*!. Call us for Dromot service free estrmaf*. 429-S015! .KS-1,22. TRASH Haul-- Oesnup v«rd flower Hauling, Express PA FT.£ S e.,P^. ES - WAL ' K H S E iBfe "N^fo^^r 0 ' 1 ^8 --'^ HAULING, game, lot fraih. clean UD, remove trees, fences, iw, shrubs, walks, slabs," wrecking, odd lobs. L.B. or Lakewood areas. Fren Est. _tfaJJ_JIM.__HE yna BY ORIENTAL--Hauling, garage yard cleanup. Expert tree serv. Allowanc. on salvage. Free esl. Guar. Lie. 425-1034 or OE 3-2312 SPECIALIST In small i patchtna. Do own work. service. 43M244 for crcmp APT size slove, S20. 2, PATCH tilaiterlns oor specla tv. EXPERT WORK GUAR. GA 2-S007 SMALL PATCHING--InsWe or out. Anytime. TO M411; »25-57it Ray CEILINGS -- Plainer patch, siucco patdi. No lobloo.snull. OJ; 41833. PATCH work, stucco, acoustic cell- Uw. 5M-Z318; 4XW7M. PLASTERING. p»tlo ilabi, cement . patl -2448, work. GE H448, (7141 TW 7-47W SMALL or Ice. patching, reslucco. Fait service «. reaj. M5-14S2. Plumbing, Heating MOVING? BIG TRUCK OR P CK- UP. Light Haulln?. Reas. 422-3577 . ENE'S MOVING SERVICE Reaicnablt ralw. PATIO ROOF" SLAB. WlHl yi plans or will design. GE T-4 V/ALK5, slabs, JIMS, tcftfng str r pi patio Top- Any sire |cb. /37-S576 Contractors-Builders Coins Stomps 66 BUYING U.S. proof set B U rolls. 905 E. Market. :» 3313 Camera Supplies 68 TV Tecri-Ouhide Inside Salary ooen fo Qualified Mjin. TE 4-16M AJ*. , Veteran? Ex-Servicemen? Skilled ort Young or? Strong or disabled? Need a lob? See Mr. R. Slrecker 218 Locust 4 lo pjn, wkdvs onlt WELDERS Capable ol dolr.g cwn layout an fitting for custom fabrication. APPLY 'M »ERSON OFFICE 71000 S. NORMANDIE TORRAHCE WOOD MOLDER ALUM., TILE MAN Must have mobift home exoerl- tnCt ' T E R R A CRUISER 9250 WasTiburn Rd. Downey store wcrk. Some aulomoblli krto.vle.tee heioful. Posltfofl can Irad to aiilifant manaocrifilr. Submll qyalllltalhifli Box A-OAS, irufep. P.T.. EmpT. Information 28 AUSTRALIA IS RQOWNGl Latest fnform»tion on Job*» _^ portunlfles artd Llvlfl.,' Ccwxfiflor.s T1 J bf Amerlcaru m Aus- r mall t?.00 to Auslrtlan compiled b/ Americans [n Ait; tralla. Afr mall t?.00 to AinlraNan Reoorls, 41 Lake View Drive, , Narooma, N.S.V/.. Australia. f roperty Monagcmcnf 30 Manager for 7 Sfnglos ON OCr-AM BLVD. OM253 cr 4T44T9, Mr, Caofan V/ANT «xper. CouoTe, 10 U. Cpurf. · 3rd T«m;He. Part rent or fym. 1 Br.,.ulli.. tffta^dws.'CA*-I7» 31 NURSE PRACTICAL. EXCEL. REF. SLEEP OUT. 437-1070 . Work Wanted (WOMEN) ~RSE PRACT---'- --LEEP OUT. DELUXE CAMERA REGULAR $149.00 SPECIAL $99.00 MANY OTHER SPECIALS ON PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT CITY PHOTO 1719 E.Anaheim HE 5-8928 EX-PHOTOGRAPHER has camiras, Buildings to Be Moved 69 Will Fit 25'-30' or 40' Lot New cuslom-bullt mod- stucco home IT LB. Bulll-ln stove t, oven, ndwood (loors lire thru. out. Sep. 2 car garage. Will movr anywhere. 100K llnanclnj. Call day cr nlte HO £5934 LARGE 3-BR. house w/3 saraces. VfjH!. TOoai 2-«94 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 BLUE Lustre rot only rids carpels of sail but leaves pile soil and lolty. Rent electric shamoooer, 51. Imperial Hardware Co., 437 ·..B. Blvd. ·fe Local 25 Years % ADDITIONS Free Est. 100% Financing LICENSED-BONDED-INSURED CAL VET HE 2-3997 DAVENPORT CONSTRUCTION CORP. PLUMBING -- M HOUR NO TRAVEL TIME CHARGE Stoppages repairs. GA 2-494 cars, switch engine^ t!« ta cart, 077 sftoo* truck wllh s w c - es trestle*, 3 transformers rnany^tr, .ccessorjes.^xcer. freeierl, tto MS. Apt. leaf dlruttte set, ST5; l n .. . rvg, KfJ. Kenmore washer er comb. t20. 436-0289. I' deep ilz. drop " , n ^- CANVAS, ·wn' Hrpi, boat covers, misc. Made to order or repaired. PARAMOUNT SALES, 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; Tank Canister Vacuums $14.11 AT 1411 CHERRY AVH. HARDROCK MAPLE .;· B ra nd new, never used 4 Vcom group. Includes 7-p!ece plneipp!e poster bedroom set wttri ma^ilve No Whare-But No WWe ONLY AT HUB! STARDUST orotjj*--ask for oroyp by name. Liv.- rm.. - we olfer beautiful quilted scfi fr matching chair. 2 makHnp neva-mar walnut sl«P taW« coffee table, pr. of lovely makhlna table Jamps, along wnn 2 satin sola cushions. For the btdrm, a Wr. Mrs. dble dresser with mtcror, 2 commodes, wUh matcning panel headboard (thli Incl. box mattreiies with 2 dreiser lamps). For the tfrnlrvg «re», beaullM m(nX color (Unette taN« 4 chairs. Incl. dshes. Now for voirf kitchen--a beauilFut Admiral refrlg. full size range wllh king-iizt oven, all of tnis for *707.M--lax paid. WISh vour good creolt, absolute minimum down cnty W.35 a week. Out of *t*1t s | r |^NLY C AT e HUB FURNITURE 806 SO. l.B. BLVD., COMPTOH 5-ROOM GROUP WILL DELIVER TO . RESPONSIBLE PARTY All new furniture plus slove, re- frig., washer, dryer TV. Also Included--2 Bedroom sets, 1 with twin beda; JMnB^ reom.Jurnitvr; beds; ilvrn ete with 2 . end tables, coffee poster Tl -drawer dresitr and plate mtr- § -- 2 nif« stands, 2nd bedroom ixfes twin b«d. Also Ear y trtcan living room ensemble i beautiful tables and lamps. Maple dining room group Jncrrde* tatl«, 4 chairs/ buEfet and Kitten. Orfslnalty priced to se ^ j s«ll for i!»9. 8 ur price only MV7, SIO delivers, ash terms. W i l l separate for aulcX ia!e. O. S. PETERSON FURNITURE CO.; SINCE 1W3 5390 LB. Bl. GA 2-7896 Dally 10-, Sit. 9:304. Sun. 12-5 WE BUY SCRAP METALS. Iron, limit car, bait., etc. Paramount Salesi MOO Paramount Blvd. 30LF clubs "Vlctura" 4-woods 8. Irons, 5S5. Fin. o!d bart)er chair, 450. 9SS9 Alcridra, Bellllawer. (Own 7 days). NEW TRASH CANS Used cam. A4-3JI4, 3031 Long Be er. A-l. ach Blvd. REDUCING TABLES; RE RENT--BUY. , Vibrator. NEW-USED ' , Save ihe Warahsa Way STOVES !t REFRiOERATORS Living room, bed/ocm, · ruflr, dinettes, chests, lames, etr BARGAIN? GALORE 1 - 2 - 3 ROOM GROUPS ' S S SAVE S 1 Leonards Furn. Whse. S588 Atlantic, Terms COMMUNITY AUCTION--15015 Hiw- thorn. Blvd.--every Wed. nlfiv 7 p.m.. Sun. TO ajn. The AyctJcn that sells better grade furn^aoaL WE ALSO BUY and DO PAY junoF for the best. Call SP 2-U71, .Auction Twice Weekly. LIC. PLUMBIN CONTRACTOR-additions, remodeling, recalrs. Waler healer, etc GE 3-SOT STOPPAGES · SELL - SEP Lie., Iniurei Dratrn - Sewen LIMITED TIME ONLY Custom draperies matte J] per wldlh, labor. Call Dealer's Decorator Service, 414-3384. ; Refrigeration REFRIG. Serv. re Mir. Domestic comm'l. ratei. 432-22M rRASK hau*, consfoctlcn clean up. Call "01 e^ 43S-4353; HE 9-M29 MOVING 8, LIGHT HAULING Reasonable rales. 437-5050 Haullnff-- Ga race cleanup work. Roormg APPLIANCE moving «. light haullno. Careful lindlg., low ratej. HE2-724J TREND CONSTRUCTION CO. Room Additions, Remodels Kifchens, new Const. STATE LICENSE-- INSURED "0% FINANCIN- EE ESTIMATE 925-3753 Housecleaners EARL'S WALL WASHING, Xlkh. bath 515. Flat paint einertlv washed [no streaks) -- Hv. rm. $15 lo S18. Floors waxed. Time payments If desired. 4WJW! Free Esl. 100*,: Financing THOMPSON Construclion Sill PARAMOUNT BLVD. L.B. ME 3-9670 MUST SELL-Klna-iIre bed, reFrlg., dresser, X «wl. v/aler healer, lamp, end av celfee table, table chairs, exlenjlon ladder, etc. TV t, Radio lubes--save up lo 70% All Brands, two stores. TOP SALES Co., 12159 S. Front St., Nory/aft; »9 W. Alimedj, Comp- lon, HE 1-»?1; HE M1M. CARPET swceocr, JIO; Mavtag wringer tvp. washer 527; tao* ra- ccrder, «Sf llpor . Urno, J10. 45 , . record plaver 510. w lamp, 5 . 422-3A7. ELEC, stove, Iron-fEle Ironer, KENMORE wrlnoer wasber. 3 vrs. power edcer, never lawn mcyr.r, «exer- 2 GOLD wfng chairs. 2 Duncan Pfivfe end tables, lab:e lamp, antiqued cabinet, xlra wide crisscross curlaHs. HE »-7iS9 ulo. washer, 3 cyi . J65: ours 36" bike. » fer Rar. Bellllower. _ . Mrs. dresser !. bed frame, OO. BABY Slll Slllino, . Lait CHILD CARE, my home, fenced vd. Bellflower »re. M»284I IRONINC--RM. or psrt time JljSb "·*· hr. Los Altos Jrea. 596^61i6. vvTLL care for children, in my II- censed home. 435-4261. . BABY SITTIHG-OAY-EVE. ELEC. addles machine; also meat band saw. Like ncv/. Sacrlflce- .:E n-6623 1 WHEEL kwage frailer, factory made. US, Hunt's Aulo Repllr, 6500 E. Atcndra, Paramount. Russell Construction Co. ROOM ADDITIONS ± REMODEL Cal vet--FHA --l»i% financing LICENSED - BONDED-INSURED II YEARS LOCALLY Call IJGV or nlgSt for free est. Long Beach Ofc. 437-7713 SEE OUR DISPLAY ROOM AT MAIN OFFICE 72330 So. Western, Torranc*. 320-4570 HOUSECLEANING-walli, windows, floors, stoves, bllndl, rugs, Insured. 50 vrs. exper. Free esll- ile. GE 3-tM. PROFESSIONAL M e t h o d V/ALL WASHING may Save a Pahl Jcbl Reduced rates for Carpet Cleaning r. WAXING. 43E43»I QUICK SERVICE--Wall window washing, floors waxed, expert painting. Reasonable. 43A-5125. EXPERT wall 'washing. 20 vrs. exo. Insured. Free esllmales GE 9-252? Janitorial Service REAS. DEPENDABLE Landscaping STUART'S Lawn Service--Full m tenance^ mow, edge, trim 8. bed Linoleum PROFESSIONAL LINOLEUM SPECIALIST In floor covering. Lie. Contractor. 423-M73 or 423-3533 RE-ROOF WITH SEARS No Down Payment Up fo 3 Years to Pay We Install or Materials Only For Free Estimates Call Sears Long Beach HE 5-0121, Ext. 264 450 Long Beach BL, L.B. WHITCOMB CORP. Eves. 4S2MO TRASH CANS J2.95 Weldlno. Lawn mowers sharp. S6. SMI Cherry. GA 3-4413 f? days). VIE WILL MEET OR BEAT All Advertised prices FIRESTONE CAMERA HI-FI 9494 E. Firestone Blvd., Downey NEAR new Restaurant equipment, Pizza oven, ctiir brdrir, s gns, etc. Call for aopl. HA SIMS. SPECIAL all new turnlture. Bed- oom set Ml; Danish mod. divan ' '"t; cofte. end tables. 7 PC. d : netle formlci $7.50 PER MO. Pull Pri»$2l4.84 OUT OF STATE CREDIT, OK M.J.B. Discount Furniture 5318 LB. Blvd., NLB Dally 10 a.m. fo 0 p.m. Sat. lo ajn. to 5 p.m. Sun. 12 to 5 DJU. GA 3-8002 FURNITURE 8. APPLIANCES . CASH IN 30 MINUTES : 925.|548 fj n n Leonard's Auction - ... CASH MONEY app:i. P tccls .4214901 GASH . ; Br. lurn. eppl's. GA3j07j._.JL-n lEST PRICES paid (or go*J /yrn: Call BAB Furniture befZrVvoy sell. aiOO E. 'Anaterm. _GEjmii Spot Caih HE 2-3038 ANYTHING OF VALUE." 1 NEW OWNERS NEED.--. USED FURN. APPLIANCES: C F Furn. 1461 Civrry GE M*S2 : YOU NEED CASH? WE -NEED furniture, anllouei. rBnoes.ind r«~- frlos. Calf Pat MO-19M. ;··'" I MM ED. cash (or od. - used · ntlques, range*, refrrg^ "' Hpusehofd Appfiagees 7S * BEST VALUES # MAYTAG -- auiom. washer,." real ' ' · ' cle 1 vr. lndjwndefiT, Preis-Tetwram, Home Furnishing and Merchandising Classified Advertising Cod» Any advtirtliwnent wMch contains mhleadlng copy Is not acceptable. Advertfserr.enl* placed by commercial advert lierj must Include the "FTrm Name" or word "Dealer." Personal olitress cjlms, · rnircial ·dverrli«rs. Ptiriiss or cla'ms Inferring merchanohe Is con* · slprtfd are not acccplaSie. . WANTED Responsible party l o m a k e pay- menu bn S rooms of furniture appliances. Ho cfown pavmt. Pay- mi. $17.50 wr mo, 6al. $229. Con- sfsts of rangr, relrlg., AWFM stereo, TV, d^nelle set, living rm, set complete/ bedroom jet. ALL FURNITURE JUST LIKE NEW WAREHOUSE FURN. 2074 Santa P» Ave. Phone HE 2-5469 '. o-Jar. . _ -2-spd. autom. .wastK., lafe ir.odeli 1 vr. euar.'___i^.513i FRIGIDA1RE--autom. washer. 1 like cew, 1 vr. 9U4ir. _. m KENMCRE--avlom. I'lstier,---. re* biHtt, like new, 1 ' ou*rj 1!J FRIGIDAIRE -- I . ;lg. 2-dr. v-/ freezer, neat'n elf ouar. __S1M FRIGIDAIRE--refn . W/C/OJs, tc? JouTsVSr'-Hre'frlff. ouar.''. i» tAAfff more to -choose Irom. HILL'S-: 5450 ATLANTIC AVE. Open Mon. K Frl. tu 1 ;i Tues., Wed., Tnurs. «. Sat. lll-:3» RefrlBerators. _ Gcod refrlg. '· *??," 16' bottom freezer _;J7«.SS (rio-frost, new Kety., your, retflo 112-50 ma. reff. J3W.K) 1 - · ·' Nevy O'Keete Mvrlltt ^ (fr.lgnt damaff. . Contempo: 3. cotpifrtone, reg. f429.9V your range tt SIS rm},) · .. . New aulom. washer :!«.«! [r«. J1W.95, Kelv., your washer a. $10 mo.) -- ·- · Good C. T. .refrig, ^KI.K BAKER'S . m ' Pacific Open eves. HE 2-mt-- ~c hair 'US; cofte. end tab! walnut $19; 7 PC. d : netle for" top S45J.. Relrig. .MO; .slove Alsr " v ca US. Also «hllt ttev luPftll llnole- urn $5. 16718 Latewood Blvd. Dlr. 30" MAGIC Chef Gas Range, aVfli oven. Like new. S8S. 9 It. modern sofa matching chair. Green blue Quilled print. Good ccnd. S90. Gray formica table 4 chairs. 125. 596-6437 MOVING Refrlg. 1 Dr., ) Br. Ml . w/dblt. bed. 1 Br. sel w/l t«.,i beet. Pallo furn. Raltdn group. Kltch. chrome jet, 5 PC. misc. TO 6-3453 Why Buy Used Junk!'- . When you can buy a newjIMA v/edgewood Hclly ias range, i full she rirvge with .'automatic * DuaranFeeV ·""· "rV Dooley'j -Hardwara MaH NORTH LOKG lEACHr'VY 5075 Long Be»cn Btvd,- NEW 19S4 family me Suoer Deluxe etrlgeralori, have laroeij : w-ft reaier, 13Vi ig.- H. shelf arei, ul- rac Dlal wtilt* . . , . delivery and full Guarantee: * Doojey's Hardware Mart ' , . . ul-widlli shelvei, 3 irye eog ks, plus 3 ;t!e[wes In doo l-a-matlc defrosting.. Coi r. S124.l eys ORTH LONG BEACH',' LONG BEA Furniture for Sale 73 MUFFLERS -- Glass or stalled. 1 year ouar. ATlesla Blvd., BeUflwr. TRASH CANS DEL. $3 GE f-8.95 Open Sun. »43 E. 17 h DUALS InstalJed moil V-8i, «». Comolete^-slngle mufffer Installed $5.50. Wf2 E. Arleifa. TO 1964 STEREO consofe, never u M7. Will acceol *1-25 per wee GE 4-1 SW dlr. TOP used, week. SALE SALES CO. fon. , . Alondra, Comp- COFFEE 2 end tables S25; slat brnefi; Hoover portao'e washer It iptn dryer »125. Pn. 428-7459. BRUNSWICK POOL TABLES, «75 ' mplete w/ecceuorles na. .SW-2I91, free def ICK '(A model, 100% finaiKina. OFFICE DESKS, cBalrs, files and fireproof 11 lei. PARAMOUNT SALES, «OQ Paramount Blvd. ENCYCL of th« (714) ' CANVAS work, marine or ccnvnl ..- _... pymt. Ban* "terms."'ALL ."ypes recover (24 hr.l UH 4-7M4 «jwo^ R6 WK.m!,a DEPENDABLE Root Co. GE«-(437 RE-ROOF WITH SEARS HE 54)121, E»l. 264, 450 L.B. Bl. ofd. Free estimate. FEKCE-ctialn link, galv., run tt. 22cv gales reduced prices. At] open? days. NE 9-O11. MEW used TOY*, overstuffed chair. Gossip bench, baby ft. Pupoles if mTsc. Cell »«-7i5; HOTEL APT OWNERS See u» before you buy. Big Disc, on Fum. -C..C, LlQU.lDATOf- IW5 len..y;ed..Frl. i HIDE A BEDS 24 to choose from for Immedlale delivery. Priced a I low as S57«, includlna Innersprlno mallress. Free Delivery. B fc F Transfer, 1131 Gavlola, L.B. _HE_M45I - Danish walnut, complete: Returne from model, all onlv 3299. R«0- irfar M99.?S. Lcno Beach Furniture, 51h and Long Beach Blvd. 5 PIECE Walnut Bedrm. Set eludes Mr. Mrs. Dresser, 1 nile slar.iti t. headboird, SS9. Lona Beach Furnllure Co., th 8. L.B. Bl/d., Downtown L.B. CHARCOAL Neyamar coffee table, 2. matchlng_sletvend tabies, patr of »*m lamps, tion. asis Ave. All In .Kg! cne S37-263I Garden Grove TALIA14 provincial marble tables, hanj-a-llBhts 4 otner mhc |r--' lure. Cr" 4 PC. maple bdrm. set. By Baunj- rllter. »?75. Vftdays aller 4. 431- P25. asse 3UY 2 TORRO lawn mowers, reconditioned, like niw, SO In. swal. UN 5-M84. ^_ . 13^' ADMIRAL GE relrtos. Xlnt. cond. Ycur choice. «5 ea. 1511 ' E. Artesta Blvd. Prly. ply. Rubbish Disposal roUR garaoe cleaned S. rubbish Hauled away, »». GE t-M7l, Moving Storage Frank Wargo, Gen. Constr. Remsdellnff . Attdllloni - Homes Commercial - Industrial Income Units. FREE ESTIMATES TM% FIHAtlCIHO Kf-liU BRING IN YOUR PLANS AND/OR IDEAS lei us hclo you figure the cost (or your NEW home or ADDITION. Ko charge or cbllga- tlon. 530! Atlanllc Ave.. L.8. Door Hanging Draperies Dressmaking ALTERATIONS, MENDING Call eves, t weekends, HE 2-13J3 SECURITY VAN LINES Quality moving-- MlnTrmwri rates. LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE. CALL ANYTIME^ 4M-S505 Painting, Paperhanglng PAINTING -- Reliable Don an xln*. lo MAd1»on 4-9005; Reasonable. ' Bob, di NOS-li INSIDE or out oarnllng. Mtchi. 'AINTINO, Paperhanaing, staining. Free est. Guar. Lie. Inc. 434-U03 PAINTING, paoarhanglng-, ptaster- Ina, repairs. If.. Poehleln 43S-7iit LICENSED PA1NTER-M vears In L.B. Heat and reasonable. Syl-1537 PAINTING--Inter. exter, (re. tit., Ins., « yrs. e»per. CE IUM BOV/LING Ball Bag, ooff can bap. Mlic summer clolhei, (lie 12 t, 14. Fur slo'e SMI. 4M-59M. NEVER used MIcte-a-Bed, aqua. coit im sen ti25. 3o vr. ptv- rwyfh. POV/ER vacuum lawn swi used cnce. Pali mf. Sell : a'leralloni. 7SQ Atlanllc. HE /-JKJ FINE custom dMismaVlr.g t. alteration s--Lakewood._M5-0«0. REASONABLE » vr. e , rt; nl. Electricians COURTESY Ekclrlc-Resldential 4 Cornmen.^,,, too m ^^ COROAY Electric Co. also do small lobs. PAINTING - Plastering g. Papering _Loyr_ra1«. 43S.S?M cr 591.3814 PAfNTING. 1st class work. Free est. Slarl now. Burns. 423-1570 Sandblasting Sandblasting Restucco DICK-WA 3-407» Bob--434.014; SANDBLASTING · RESTUCCO. Vei. reasonable. Lie. GE 1-291? Sheet Metal Blowers Fans sinks and hoodi, stainless steel work, gullers conduclcrs. Hall- arc wetting. Mirln. sheet metal . and repa r woik. MacCLOSXEY SHEET METAL 1315 W. 11th St. HlP6-4928 RAIN GUTTERS, sheet metal wo % Termite Control HANS TERMITE COMPANY FULL Disclosure Inspection by State Lie. Inspector. 428-3345 TERMITES, Amer. Ter ROACHES. Free est. Tree Service GE f-ll2a PAINTING-- High oualilv wort; Attf reasonably. Fre. est. 424-4550. SEMI-RETIRED SPECIALIZE In (nimel. Kitchens A ·!' J5 - ""'" ;l "" :L ' ««.uVbaih. Licensed. Fr« «it. J91-i»i REMOVE--TRIM--HAUL AWAY Free Est. Low prke. GE y-3070 WALT'S TREE ~ remf " T'S TREE SERVICE-Pfunl oving. Lie-, Ins. SW-5IM. SINGER porlabl. sew. mach., SIS; auburn wig, real hair, S75 or best otter. Pn. 434-7IS8. FURN. i . FROM ESTATE LANGSTROM On. rm. Mt. ll* Very oood com). 4Z5-5 NEWLY re-UDTiOI. blue Mat* Victorian couch--A RARE at S2JO. Call 426-iMT TV/IN bed, box spring 1 matt., kneehole desk 1 chair; ^drawer nest. All rriagle. 63J.3032 1 PC COUCH i CHAIR, new 579 3 RM WE'RE secllonals. Maid. -- vck, 15 sofas, chairs ..s. Up to 50% off. Taylor «5f Orange, Long Beach. NEARLY new furniture appliances, also BBQ, power mower, etc. 3524 Karen Ave. 429-8382 GOOD USED Plumblw Supplies. Bauer, mi Redondo. GE 4-3517 KIRBY vacuum w/all new, US. 43S-9W6. w/allacnments. Like BEAUTY snap comb-out dresisr swivel chair. TE 4-3802 all. 7 p.m. HOSPITAL BE Bcelers, IK CLOTH WINDOW Shades. 10% 0 Maton 8r Tult · Xxi AlUn UPHOLSTERY fabric, 7Sc yarif up. Taylor Maid t55« Orange, LB MOWER OGER 1115- CLOTHES poles, lines, elfi Installed, repair, rellne. 935-5429 PIPE fhreaoTng machine, soil p r p ·· · ·" ntter 5 P.M. tllllr.M. 433-3448 aft USED carpels rem leum. Prhr. Party. . . WALL heaters, w/thermosl iri, 55^00 BTU, SJ7.9J lat, iffiM. N^ 9-4511 TWIN bdrm. ma»!e sel w/sprlngs «, malt. S100. Chiorrat dlrelle Ml, mlieT 1955 Pallll. 430-7950 HOUSEFUL marte furniture. Din. Br. sets. 42i4)9M_ BEDROOM sel; walnut. ar.llciue;Po- larold color pak; chair. 633^d25 MATCHING davenoorl char eloe, excel, cond. Ph.: 432-SJ57 50-- 2-PC. sola chairs, (59, «S58 ,., .'avkw OA 1-SM 3 RMS. furn. 8. piano, Zenllh itsreo- lil-ll. gd. cond. M7-15«. SOFA, 3 CHAIRS. THE FINEST Ltke new. Sacrifice. GE 4-29M Bargains Rotary Lawn Mw»ir '16" PertiM. CMleJa A Camblna- IM .TV Sets, euarin- si Md; Pay ai lltttl as * week » Studle t louch ___--TM--, ' Ml. Modem f «Hh }n«pberd cajterv * Jwlrel Rw*«r, vinyl coyer Swivel Relax* Chair f »9« J9" » 49 » SKtMeul . Rofl'Rd DIMtte, w/exten. lert. ExcelleBl '34" Full site · »t QtS - - Crib *«» El C«mln. i ld" Bays' Bae : *^ OverHl«l MX $»rtiws jnj M.ttresi » Recai\SkneTMayl» Wrkwar ^Jtirnlnum SJJ Full sited o'XMf. 1 1. Merrltt Gas Rang. -Cai Dryer, Gtb»ti fro»t tlaar FMdrniili Early American Channel-Back KtViCh^r, Kcellent CM. _Hnndr«*« of Hewt-- _Ho M«ntj D»*rn-- McMahan's FumirruitE 1895 E. Anaheim OPEN MOH., FBI. TIL » SAT. TIL t TM. sei m ·* wiigii*, i«"" · "·-- '-- --- - --=-- ----j --^ PumihiT. for Sate 73 Fumirar. for Salt 73 Step Up To Top Qualify G.E. refrlo., 10 cu. It. modei'.w/ gleanilnff new exl., crlsper, frozen area, elc. FuH price only »7», Lv delivery f 4 moi"· -'·*- -Stove Works, »S _ \_S-Stu: Qftn Mon.'. Frl. sT.-HEf5«i/^ rkV - -'-'· to 9,- S^n. 10.5. Stop Up to Top Quality GaKtrs Salller gas range- nkeV nd. Thermo' control overlr^T* recond. Thermo-control oveii.-n* lite. 15*, Inckjo* delivery 6 mos 4lh St. HE'S-SSS? Open S 'Mon. !i Frl. lo » Sun.- ^5. REFRIG. B. stave, size, excel. condlllonr »70 "lortoWor mitt _o»er. Call 43»1445 anytime.··" 5-DOOR relrlg s«; aulom. washer, 5*?. RecoixJllloned. Guaranteed. _COAST APPLIANCES KE^i-33M KENMORE wiiher, 2 speed, 2 cyl. filter flow, A-l confl. Guar. delivered, Si7. nt-illt ,--··· WEDGEWOOD gst range, cond. «50. Call M54453 STOVE 1O); relrlgcralor SIS. Good working condition. 632^96£.', ' MUST sell Ccporr Tone 30" efecfrk range, 'ts Kenmora. Call 431.9959 REFRIG. VMNTED--Highest.cas!; Working cr not. "Ben" HE'-233i t USED FREEZERS, UO · Dealer. APPLIANCES ' SEF1NI5HEB . GUARANTEED. 434-2947 12 CU, fl. dbl door Serve! gas refrlg. Ic. nufcer 1125. QI-ISM WHIRLPOOL autom. washer, excell" cond., OS. GA 2-5733 ..-.'.. 12 FT. Serve I, 70 Ib cross , loo Ireeier. 5525 Daogelt, 59«.»104 '60 MAYTAG automatic washer. $3$. 1632.Walnut. Aot. 10, LT8TV , REFRIG. crostlop. S35. · AOfoai . wasner S3S; TO 6-9M7 ---TT..; KELVINATOR refrlg. 11 cv)'' fl. Xlnt. cond. HA 5-23IS --r. KENMO_RE autom. washer, dellv- ered guaranteed ! Mmkof Imrrumtiirs ...r--?.? NEV/ Guitar S12.50; New Efec "Guitar 529.50; VOX AmoVwilh-reverb J17S. Used eltc. gullar *l».5ai8uv Trade. '433.90W .Albert Music 209 E. Ocean 8lvd. FENDER Bandmaster g me,-, trand new; Fender " ' · ICC. Perl 5-0843 Kter Mustang ·)-- .cate/ cond. Make M(t; -HA ' - f f i I FENDER Amplifier, »95. Harmony guitar w/1 pick uci tin. 4»71!l afrer 5. . ·. ''- RELAX-A-CIZOR FOR FIRM RE. IMJCINS. Lai, model. 4JO-8041. mjLINtg. -·!· moqei. *3v-ot wios, 100% hutmn.lttir. cijjs* 829. Aqua Vila Dlsl. 423-4193. FOR SAL E--Cord of firewood. GE 9.7S01 stlcr i p.m. Upholstering REUPHOLfTFBY sire O% olf. Free estrnules. 3 Generations of upholstering. Taylor Mala Up- hilitew. GA 28349 Or NE 1-2293. frUollr VEHO » CH FABRIC MMO, NAUGAHY »7i-50. Labor t materials Inclu I '1® -'HYDE eluded SOFA MLSO--matcnlng chair inM Includes libor 1 material. Free arm UBI. 4H-8412 or 423-1713 FLUORESCENT lights uied new, 434-M1S eves. I. Sur.davs. Gorog* Sales 72A Jems. MM Sherman Pl£4 ~ 1 block E. of Cherry. SO FA S, chiln, draoes, dlnlAg table, venillan bllndi. Mtic. 432.)17i. TRUMPET B Ral, Holkw), Ilka t hinraica Claim Settled EverrthlHS Gees Regardless SLIGHTLY SMOKED Eiairpk: t eemplert* mn. «f R»w fimltiir« -Intl. ell major apellMKM. $.181.00. f-Z p4sym«nf» of $4.JS w»«kly. In- cliKki fr«i«f-r«frlcjerotor, O'K««f« k Merrirf gos raneje, G.I awto. wcuker. Completf dinette, beaytlful decor Itviiej rm. iu!t* wifti toblej * lamps. Also fosMoiwbk! i«lroo« s»t in ehclee of colon, plus you can purelioi* all or any part at tr»m«ndoii« laviisaj "now." Many, many oili.r items ai qiqantic savlnqi, EASTEMK DISCOUNT FURN. 6016 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-907* 3-PIECE drum set 1 extriU'LIk* new. Call 634-8132 after 3 Pianos t Organ* : 3 p.m. ' 7?LOWREY THOMAS Piano Sales Rental t TAILFORD-S PRIV. PTY. wants to for casn. M7.U87. Duy ,011* WURLITZER Dual Manuei,. Organ, orlg S1JOO. Sac. V? prke, aller 3 p.m. GE-1-3071 MUST tell--universal accordfi«r/vi20 ban, mifce offer, t3S-iu»-..---t REPOSSESSED ulayer clK«/;w/ . rolli. Save »3tO. 433-2401 - Olr.v MAGNUS Chord Organ, console, «· new, sio. 33» Pacinc, ApJ.-.'3i. · Ph: 437-M22 V^.V. ' . HAM/AOND Spfnct Organ. ' bench. wal. Like rS». MSS. 433-54S1 dr. ^no.S^'caTi^*?, 1 ^'''"' PIANO WANTED -. PrlvaUTPfrtV-! Te 4^255 . -- - - . . ^ l ELGIN Baby Grind walnutolMM,! Xlnt. cendmcn. HOC. t3347N- «'*-. 1 ,:rj

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