Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 6
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P«j. A-o-INDEPENDENT U* »iaU. CMI, iHt. «*« «. Sleep Like Log sti Shuck «; : :=t: fn« CcLVI liill artx Illl "» !··· Ml Malrilul J taMl ll nil Itwatl airfilr !· ana ·Owli at "*n Vulni ntMm WML til Itll-llI Mir lar IN l»'" »« Mid. )M it (rMiuli. KM rnltl la Ittl- *· V Cra«|«l»|.». Y. l« Mini fcB ·»··». MTA Announces Increased Fares Transit k M The Metropolitan Authority released Monday to show new fares now in effect between Los Angeles and Southland points as a result of the increase voted last Friday. ' All one-way farts over CO cents are subject to a 10-per- figures cent federal tax. the MTA pointed out. The new Long Beach-Los Angeles one-way fare Is 89 cents plus 10-per-cent tax. A 10-ride commuters' t i c k e t . which is not subject to federal tax, costs $850 for the Long Beach-Los Angles run. I* LM AMlIlt Cao»tl, IWHH tai ***n ·* !·« w e M Mln7(IU Ml HC U Go SantaFe ·aMii rate» Varax. tr c-Hi »«· raara. il caatlf Santa M farlMt. II cratt. an* II cent. la Cawlr. «M«raf lam Iran n a. (Hi MI aKMtMJ: , tl.Ui laMa. IIMl laraa Part. II COTHI rttlartai. II HI HMIOt- M laac*. II.MI NMMd Hack. II III ra*ta. II Vl Ja«la A«a. ll.trj $aal aack, IIII. MM tamat taack. II.II Cat! al rfta llfMa canwaviars- liclth n at NHawi: ·alinatr, U 111 labnaiil Mara. II 111 C»mart«. M7I1 Da»«r. mil ta Haara. Mj Lanaa. W.7I1 ' AiiaiwM. tlltli lanaa. lull; Part. H»; FiWrltii. till Hnmiai ··ack. 111)1; N«»acl C:xk. lllll. OrafK. tail; lama Aaa. HI 111 Ital liacn. 111. a«« SWHI UK*. Hill. Now Only round trip PIUS TAX GOOD MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS Kow--you can save 12035 of the regular fare on Los Anccles-San Diego lounil trips that are made between Monday and Thursday. Tickets sold on Mondays and Tuesdays are j;ool for 2 days in addition to the date of Fale. Tickets sold Wednesdays and Thursdays must be used not later than midnight Thursday of the same week. Santa Fe operates 5 streamliners each way on fast, convenient schedules. Knjoy refreshments in the club car or just sit back and take in the sccncry-no highway haz- jirds, no traffic problems at all. And you can check 150 pounds of baggage free. Next time, go Santa Ke. You'll be glad you Hid. tot Anfelti travtltrt can board it Pica Rivtra, oheie thtre'i plenty ol free parking. for Information or retervitlont: IN LOS A N G E L E S - P h o n e MAdlion 4-0171 MHAMBM-AI2-3554 IIOUYWOOD-HO 9 1191 fAyDEM-SY MI91 IIVtRlYH:tlS-CR 1 57JJ IIUNIINCIOH PAKK-IU 1-7J23 IWA f.'0%:CA_rx t lilt CltNtlAlE-CI23Ul INCltV.'OCD-OR 7-1J72 'V.HIIIItR-OK ! 0143 ION: BUCH-HU sees lam k Wt I* l HCMMI: . U». n CMtll LMIWM4. II MAD AT THE WOKLI) * i Threatens Tot, Kidnaps Women CHATSWORTH Oil -- Police said an 18-year-old dishwasher, nccusrd of threatening a small child and kidnaping two women, told detectives who captured him: "I am mad at the world. [ don't get along with my parents. 1 just wanted to get away from everything." Assembly * Raps Nixon 'Slur' on SACRAMENTO W -- The Democratic controlled Call fornia Assembly expressed its regrets Monday to President Kennedy for a "carpetbagger" s t a t e m e n t attributed to Richard M. Nixon against his 19GO presidential foe. A resolution referring to " t h i s intemperate attack' was adopted by a strict party vote of 42-33 over objections by Assemblyman Howard K Thclin, R-Glcndalc. that it was a "vicious partisan attack." Nixon, former vice prcsi dent, is seeking the Republi can nomination for governor of California. He has said that any notable brought in from outside the state to bolster the cause of the Democrats' Gov. Edmund G. Brown was a "carpetbagger." * * · t MAJORITY leader Jerome R. Waldie, D-Antioch, who authored the resolution, said one such statement was made by Nixon during the President's recent visit to California. Waldie said Kennedy came here to speak at Charter Day exercises at the University of California and to talk with TORONTO MV-Actor Bert jihr and musical director Joe lamrll of the film production Ten Girls Ago" .were disabled Monday. 1-ahr was suf- cring from pneumonia and larnell was Injured in a high way crash. Informants said Lahr. who co-stars with the veterans Sustcr Kcaton and Eddie Foy Booked on suspicion of kid was Stephen II. Mil Icr. The two women were Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, and Mary Lou Steve. 22, Suzannu. Doth of Santa A STOREKEEPER. M r s . Mary Lima, .14, said Miller dashed into her establishment 2 Dominicans Die in Third Day of Violence S A N T O DOMINGO, Do minican Republic l/B -- A policeman was shot dead in Santo Domingo Monday and at least one other person was reported killed in the third straight day of violence. Gunmen firing from an automobile killed the police man and wounded two others. One man was killed and several wounded in street clashes in San Cristobal. 18 miles from Santo Domingo. Knife-wielding youths broke into two radio stations in Santo Domingo and broadcast appeals to overthrow the ruling state council, which is preparing the country for elcc lions after a generation of Trujillo dictatorship. ilonday and grabbed 4-year' ild Debbie Solomon, foster child of Mrs. Lewis. Whose little girl is this?" demanded Miller. 'She's mine." replied Mrs. Lewis. "Well. I'm going to kill her unless you drive me where I say." the youth shouted. "Please don't hurt the girl." he mother pleaded. · a · · · WHEN MILLER a n d the ivomcn entered the car. Deb )ie was released. After a short drive, Mrs. Lewis prevailed upon Miller to return for the child. On the way back po- ice spotted the car and stopped it. The suspect surrendered without a struggle. Miller later told detective: lis hobby was "learning the history of every person executed by the state of California in modern times." He was particularly inter ested. the officers said, in the career of Stephan Nash, a mass killer executed in San Quentin's gas chamber. farmer President Eisenhower at Palm Springs. A spokesman for Nixon later said the statement was misunderstood but W a l d i e said no demand has ever been made for a retraction by newspapers which printed the remark. Newport's niakinp n my unro*ful r.-iroor out nf nurpriMiip ppipplr. And, a iniplity |ilra.anl way nf lifp it i . . . especially for the fiilks nn the i«ri\ing end nf the Mirpriw*. Nrw|»rt i* wrr wrnlwn fwl of i-lioifc Cluster.Small wonder some |Niipln think N«port's price nf $2,961 a nii-piiiit. And )fl. Newport'", low price i«. imly tli" first liriglit riMon on n whole package nf Miiilei. Opon it. The l « « x l . . · the ilonrs .., Iho trunk, l/iok into llw liMtt of its jxiwrr- liou-c. W|IM« a \if "' li.p. llrrlxilt V-!J cuciiif «ails fnr our kry In Mil the fu«c... i n n \iiiir hand nrnm Newport's roomy sofa M\I|« and frcl the rich ilouMe-wrave fabrics. Si ami nn a luiniprr ... Unmet a bit. Th« rallies s/cm trim'/ lirar come coutlrsy nf Uni- l««ly Kimlrurlimi. It's nll-welilnl. Clif-cl tho trunk. A nix-footer ran rlimli in comfortably. Nr«|Mirt's Ifol of surprises is as lonp a ils «hr?llia.R . . . a", wide n« il* swrrping wind- thirlil and ni thick a its iloep-pile rarpetinp. \\ liy not cc your Chrysler dealer mon. Ili« MirpriMiig big Iradr-in allowance lias atvi had n lot to tin vrilh Newport's rapid ri«e to famr. · WimiifiiHjrrr'' uice^'fl mail fricf fnr -»lW ffilnn, r \rlavtr nfilrslinatim hn'cn. IIUtr 11 nil titnntra. ..ahr, Ihinu'II Ailiiifi; Off Set Jr. In the movie being iruda here, had to leave the set. Ills doctor said Lahr's condition Is "not too good" because of a .high fever. llarnell was hurt In a car- truck collision. He was reported in serious condition with fractured ribs, fractured collarbone and a broken shoulder. NEW o PENSIONERS WELCOMED fci J»JT dfttnt ibotit CW- tft\ li which pa BIJ be intitlttl under eiptidtd Hm ti tunuutai n*. THE PHONE THAT TF.ILS .your savings HE 6-4072 In li ENTURES OLD PRICES HOW CAN THIS BE? ll'i very SAME. 1 jimple when you know fact]. · nuj Every year wt learn to USE lu TM OUR TIME BETTER. Since the coil ol dentures n large!/ the co»t ol the dentiii'i lime/ ve have been obU to KEEP PRICES DOWN. DentUls earn more now and material! coil more, but wa jave thij by -- -- -- -- -- j REDUCING WASTE in time. I Wait 45 | NO IXIIA CH/klCt 101 Plate In Long Beach 446 PINE AVE. Repairs FRU TARKINC . . . . »TH 0*1 LOCUST | All Dr. Campbell Office! Cloud All Day Saturday* I Now Insured Savings Earn a High 4 3 /4 CIffiYSLER300! llrrc's Ilir sir/lrr thal's m.ikine n r.irwr out (if winnint;! \Vinnor: Maniif.irliirrr's Awanl fur Itr-'l lYjfnniiani f, (.'.la»s 1,1'lirr Oil Tri.iU s*-. ... lirst phre in loth Trallic I'.ISMIIR nnd Fuel I j-omimyl S|xirts-lri\en ^00 Imlay! It's built ' /"^'/^'·^V-i^^aOrift^t fur the "Hot Linf"l '- · · · C-.-*1.yC*Sv\/ , THREE CHEAT CHHYSIEHS: AEWI'OHT · aOO »lUXUIUOUS XEW YOIIKEII... again, nn jr. cdilions lo jeopardize j our investment rfff""***^- QopQu.!!!/* R. O. GOULD CO., 1600 Long Beach Blvd. ·f* 1 ·*'«r*aaaaaeiWr^aaaaaV**WT^' H 7*» Chryilrt ,TX) :*l*ir litia liar Jiff i'iit. a year Joor/,._j . ° n c vervrt,i« j.."* . 57 Ctr, C " ' Pay,,- rmi """"*"·"'·* 4%% -., ·· ·· · ~-t

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