Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 33
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FRIDAY, FEIRUARY 2, 1973 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 33 Tucson (Television TV Talk SAM WATERSTON,' KATHLEEN WIDDOES Star In "Much Ado About Nothing" Channel 13, 7 p.m. O KUAT-PBS Q KVOA-NBC Q KGUN-ABC O KZAZ-INDEP. (BKOLD-CBS 8:80 P.M. O Circle Of Fear Shirley Knight Hopkliw quests as a young Secretary from a small town who joins her more experienced friend In the city only 1o be baffled by the office "club" and the witch-tike happening! behind thi Friday Afternoon 5 «Noon O Days of Our Lives Q Newlywed Game (D Phil Donahue Show AhtfiropoloQlst Dr. Colin M. Turnbull draws p*r»llelJ between the IK Tribe of EMt Africa and llf* In. contemporary America. (1 hr.) 0 Guiding IJght ::., 12:M P.M. 0 The Doctors Q Dating Game 0 Edge of Night. ±i 1:00 P.M. 0 Another World O General Hospital Q) Movie "The Miracle of Morgan'! Creek," iw epmtdv :Wtth Betty Mutton and Eddie Bracken. A timid fellow get! frustrated when MI airl-frlvnd keep* running arouna Wun servicemen, (t hr».) (B Many Splendored Thing ££ ": '·· 1:MP.M. - . · Q Return to Peyton Place S One Life to Live Secret Storm : 2:00 P.M. O Somerset O Movie "I'd Rather Be Rich," 1H4 comedy with Sandra Cm, Robert Gaulet. Maurice CMValler and Andy William*. Betty Boop ctmon follow». (t hn.) . CD Family Affair, comedy Ore* Merrli Is Vln't ou*st ; 2:31 P.M. ID Mike Douglas Show nv Oulnn Is Mike's ce-hwt with j Roger William*. Eddie Egan, Paul HI, charitt McCregw end Betty .IT, (IVihri.) · Perry. Mason Raymond Burr liars. (1 hr.) J:W P.M. O New Zoo Revue ·· ' . 3:J»P.M. Q| Uncle Bob's Show BOb Leve host* local children's OrOflrtm. Five minute lOortl show fallows. OD The Virginian Jamei Drury start In rerun wettern aerlet. (IVi hri.) 4-.WP.M. O Merv Griffin Show O Love, American Style 4:30 P.M. Q ABC News U) Andy Griffith Show 1:00 P.M. O Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood A'marionette qlvet Mr. Rogers an Idea fora story. Repeat. Q (D News Q That Girl, comedy 5:31 P.M. Q News (9 Electric Company Educational qoali Include PH sound, con- *onant L and letter aroup IE. Repeat. Q Truth or Consequences ID I Dream of Jeannie, comedy Friday Evening I;M P.M. O NBC News Q Sesame Street Oscar tries to trick everyone Into saving the word "no." Repeat. (1 hr.) Q Star Trek William Shatner and Leonard NImoy star In space adventures. U hr.) HI Dragnet Jack Webb stars In rerun police stories. fj) News f:30 P.M. Cf News ID Make a Deal Game ID To Tell The Truth 7:10 P.M. O Hee Haw Johnny Paycheck, SandyPosey and George Llndsey guest. (1 hr.) Q Mosaic A aoeclal segment featuring Otv Coun- 3l membersanswering auestlons called in bvvSfwtM on the City Bond Issue. (1 hr.) Q Brady Bunch Bobby upsett his parents and teachers by making a personal hero out of Jesse James, the outlaw. . ID This Is Your Life Dana Andrews Is the surprise auest. CB Dramatic Special "Much Ado About Nothing," Joseph Panp's New York Shakespeare.Festival production of the Shakespeare comedy. wi^^^^r^sl ^^srsy^^M T) Wa ken, April Shaw, Mark Hammer, closed door. Kathryn. Havj, Jon Cypher, Neva Patterson, Brldoet Hanley and Paul Carr. (l hr.) Q Washington Review News of the past week Is discussed by Washington newsmen. Q Room 222 A bright, rebellious student plans to refuse a college scholarship to protest scholastic competition. Chris Beaumont and Paul coml gutst. . Q . Movie''.v ;, .; "· "Warpath," l?Sl western with Polly Ber- qen 'and Edmond O'Brien. A former ' Union soldier hunts for one of the three bank robbers who shot and killed his fiance the day before their wedding. (1 hn.) 8:30 P.M. 12 Midnight Q Chiller · . "Th* Mummy's Hand," 1*40,' with Dick ' Foran, Wallace Ford and Peoav Moran. :·: (3 Movie .'". -; 1 "Dance of Death," I960, with Felix Mar. ten and Mlchele Mercier. Saturday Morning © Bugs Bunny, cartoon «:3I:A:M.;.:'/'.; Q Jackson Five, cartoon (E) Sabrina, cartoon 7:11 A.M. , ....'; Q The Jetsons, cartoon Q The Osmonds, cartoon O Chan Clan, cartoon 7:31 A.M. Q Pink Panther, cartoon |g) Superstar Movie Antimated film. (1 hr.) ffi Scooby Doo Movie Antimated film. (1 hr.) 8:00 A.M. O Underdog, cartoon 8:30 A.M. O The Barkleys, cartoon Q Brady Kids, cartoon ffi Josie-Bussycats, cartoon 9:00 A.M. O Sealab 2020, cartoon Q Bewitched Q) Flintstones, cartoon 9:30 A.M. O. Runaround Comedian Marty Allen and Kent McCord ("Adam-12") guest. O Kid Power, cartoon 10:WA.M. O World in 80 Days, cartoon Q Funky. Phantom, cartoon , C Archie, cartoon . 10:30 A.M. with a Giant 'Search' producer to write in errors .Special "Birth and Death Of * Star." Monday's program. Repeat of Couple Backed By Felix, Myrna quits her lob as Oscar's secretary to pursut · carter In show Business. 8:00 P.M. O Bobby Darin Show : Bobby's guests are Fun Wilson and sinter Petula Clark. (1 hr.) O Masterpiece Theatre "Tsrn Brown's Schnoldavs," part III, Repeat of Sunday's program. (1 hr.) Q; Love, American Style 1: "Love and the Laughing Lover" stars Charles Nelson Retljy.and JCcljy Je|n Pe-. ters. 2. Q Lidsville CD Fat Albert, cartoon 11:00 A.M. O Houndcats, cartoon Q The Monkees Rock |g| ic and conwdv. dren's Film Festival "Love and 1h* Perfect Setup" stars victoria Principal, Michael Burnt and tenure Kasdorf. 3. "Love and the Hand Maiden" stars Jed Allan, James Callahnn and Mlchele Lee. 4. "Love and the Hot Spell stars Patricia Stlch, Mike Farrell and Virginia Grey. (1 hr.) PETULA CLARK Joins Bobby Darin Channel 4, 9 p.m. 10:00 P.M. O O CD News Q Mosaic II To be announced. CD Movie "The Lost Man," 1W» drama with Sidney Peltier, Joanna Shhnkus and Al Freeman Jr. Story of a man evadlns the law after committing robbery and murder. (2 hrs.) 10:30P.M. d Tonight Show; News Jerry Lewis Is sub-host wltj. quests Louis Nye, Sarah Kennedy, Bobby V)n- ton and Ike and TJna Turner. (IVi 0 Wall Street Week Tonlflht's ouest Is Mlml Green, Vlce- President of Josepthal Co. Q World of Entertainment "In Concert." The Ednar Winter Group, Dooble Brothers, Jim Croce and war are featured from Madison Square Garden In New York, Cl'/j hrs.) (B Movie; News "Heaven with a Gun," 1W western with Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Her- shcv and David Carradine. 11:30 P.M. O Tele-Ir.ternacional "Natacha." Part I of "Stowaway In tht Sky," French film about an elderly, eccentric aeronaut and his flight across France in a free balloon. Repeat. (1 hr.) s il:30A.M. Q Roman Holidays, carton O American Bandstand . Current records and dancing hosted by : Dick Clark. 4D College Basketball Maryland vs. ooke Unlv*rilty. (2 hrs.) Saturday Afternoon 12 NOON Q Forunv Four Q Puf 'n 1 Stuff . CD Land of the Giants Science fiction adventure series. (1 hr.) 12:30 P.M. O Agriculture, U.S.A. Q Get It On 1:00 P.M. O Time For Timotfty Q The World Tomorrow ffi Desert Trails l:3nP.M. O College Basketball ASU vs. Wyoming. (2 hrs.) O Pro Bowlers Tour The J50XJOO Kino Uoule Open Is covered from Overland Park, Kansas, (m hn.) .|D Lew King Show Variety program. (1 hr.) (D See How They Lecrn 2:11 P.M. Q) Golf Classic Mike and Dave HIM sauare off against the team of Chi Chi Rodriguez and Bob Roi- bura. (l hr.) Z:30P.M. ID Women's PGA Golf 3:N P.M. O Wide World of Sports The National Figure Skating Championships, held Jan. 24-27 at Minneapolis, are ' shown. (IVi hrs ) CD Where The Jobs Are 3:30 P.M. O Up With People Highlights of Denver concert. CD Lee Trevino Show The merry Mexican golfs with guest celebrities. CD Tucson Illustrated 4:00 P.M. Q Roller Derby Action-packed competition. (1 hr.) O Hawaiian Open Third round of Hawaiian Open Is covered live from Walalae Country Club In Honolulu. Final round Is 3 p.m. tomorrow. (1 hr.) Q) American Adventure (E) Crafts with Katy 4:30 P.M. ID Boxing f£) Animal World 5:00 P.M. 0 Nashville Music Q Fred Snowden Show CD'Untamed World 5:30 P.M. Q NBC News iQ Hollywood Squares Kl Wrestling Live coverage of local matches. (1 hr.) © CBS News Coincidentally, the day the cease-fire in the Vietnam War was announced, "M*A*S*H," the comedy, series set during the Korean Conflict, : began production on an episode titled "Cease-Fire." '·"? ' ''.. ·'·. ' . : . , Tony' Spinner, producer of "Search," is convinced that in order for his series to be right, his stars have to be .wrong once in a while. Spinner pointed out that, "Nobody had ever made a mistake. As performers, our stars (Hugh; (TBrlan, Tony Franciosa, Doug McClure, Burgess Meredith) are outstanding. But scriptwise, they were infaUible. That's not believable^ I can't believe it Why should I expect a viewer to believe it? So we're changing that aspect, among others." · ·· · ' Liza Minnelli, who received 'the Entertainer of the Year Award from the American Guild of Variety Artists, was quoted BS saying: "When I perform, 'whether it be on stage or film, the last thing I think about is winning an award. Show business · is the only world I know, the only world I love, and that's why I perform. "Don't get me wrong, it's great to receive recognition from your peers; it gives you that truly indescribable special feeling to know that the people you love and admire appreciate your hard work." ; · . - · · · . - . · ' · ; · Paul Wincheli, star of "Runaround," is not only a 7:30 P.M. Q Partridge Family When Danny finally returns the «fj«njn a youn* qlr f«l$ tor him, he winds up wl'h * black eye and the convletum that women are peculiar. Bert Conw and Jortle Foster quett. 01 Rollin K«nny Ro«r» hosts this rock-oriented va- ruty show. InformatlOT to these listings |i Mtwwks Mrttocal stattow. . Tfcts newspaper assantcs B» , («r enws EDGAR WINTER Feature* "I» Cmcert" , 1*:3I p.m. veteran ventriloquist but a handy man with carving tools as well. He made both Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead, his two wooden sidekicks. Dick Martin has never had a break, but Dan Rowan has had more than he'cares to remember/ These breaks aren't opportunities, but bone fractures. And the casts aren't theatrical groupSj but medical appliances. Dan, watching Dick get into a fake cast for a routine they Were .about to do, turned suddenly reflective. "I wouldn't rm'nd having a hundred dollars," he mused, "for everyone of those things I've been ::."···'_'·. : ··: ;'/:;·;;.;-:/ : -"' Dan, asked about all his breaks, tried to recall. "Well, let's see. I broke my left arm falling off a horse when I was a kid: I broke my middle finger playing baseball around the same time. And I broke my right arm in an auto accident when I was in high school." A crash in New Guinea while serving as a fighter pilot in World War n left Dan with a compound fracture of the left leg, a simple fracture of the right leg, both forearms'and a broken bone in his back. Dan's post-war success and affluence changed nothing fracture-wise. In a recent accident on his boat, he broke toes on both feet. --Mary Shay Glad You Askedfhat! By HY GARDNER Selma Diamond Radio Stations AMERICAN .'iii: ii ::A ; J-.i: ; ; t:ii v:n , STRICT KOSHM DMKT HtOM NfW YOU*. ·!! . Milt UNO ST. ^ r ^ Ready t* Eat ^ 70| 4 »«wnetof «·«*· le«l ef Qftl PASTRAMll^lSAlAHl K.1 SALAMI SNACKS ft'I ^- Moliih- HniiM's TED WALKER C O N S I S T E N T L Y R E L I A B L F rtrr SOLD OVER ONE MILLION PIECES ** IA II tat *«H. II le t EL CHARRO RESTAURANT THE ONE-THE ORIGINAL TUCSON'S FIRST - EST. in 1S27 NOW LOCATED AT 311 N. COURT 622-5465 OPEN EVERY DAY FOX LUNCH AND DINNER SERVING SUN: DINNER ONLY SAT. LUNCH SPECIAL OLY BOTTLE BEER 25« WROUGHT IRON A ' S i ' i l A ' , A K L ; S · i , A " * ; ' N M ' , FREE ESTIMATES Sun States D e c o r a t i v e Iron 0 « « S fl fi.llb I V ( S 11' 7 4 f TIGHT ABOUT r f FASHON TV or APPLIANCE REPAIR All Nam* Brands ./"··:, PH. '·.:··'·'"; : . 298-2397 Professional Sorvic* 6965 E. 22ND ST. *·· r IM * Q: I remember that reporters used to complain good-natured- ly that Harry Truman used to walk too fast on his daily early morning walks. Did be have any ipeclal technique? - Mn. K.M.D., Oak Lawn, 111. . . HST figured it was close to military marching time. "I walk about 120 paces a minute," he snapped'. "And if that's a special technique, it's the only one I'm aware of about my walking." Q: Selma Diamond, who turns up on talk shows now and then, sounds just like Jane in that old radio program, "The Easy Aces." Is she? - Wm. H. Gunklach, Cincinnati. No. She was a different Jane -- the wife of Goody (Goodman) Ace. The 15-minute domestic comedy series, spiced with malaprops, enjoyed one of the longest runs in the history of big time radio. Starting locally in Kansas City in 1930, it went network the next year out of Chicago, and from 1933 -1945, origi- . nated in New York. "Easy Aces" returned briefly in 1948 with a half-hour format played to a live audience. Q: Q: Didn't Richard Long once marry an actress knowing she had only a short time to live? And did it have a happy ending? -- Mrs. Eolores 0., Cleveland. Long fell in love with Susan Ball, a beautiful, high-spirited actress, then discovered she had cancer. Though she was told she'd have to lose a leg, they were determined to still go through with the marriage. Susan vowed, "I'll walk down the aisle." And Dick declared, "I'll marry her anyway." Both kept their promises and when the end came, the bride was buried in her wedding gown. Ironically, the title of the young actor's first film was "Tomorrow is Forever." Long -- who doubled as actor and director of "The Big Valley," is also familiar for his earlier TV roles in "Bourbon Street Beat" and "77 Sunset Strip." · (Do you have a question about a famous personality? Send your questions to Hy Gardner, "Glad You Asked That," in care of the Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 5027, Tucson, Ariz. 85703). Copyrlsht 1973 UT. I P.M. MOW ICE SMTINC LESSONS ADULTS IOYS CIXLS t »«C. UVLT KATE SESSION FRI. 4 UT. 1lillTOMlMITEQ SKATING EVERYDAY OPEN BOWLING 12 NOON TO fi P.M. 3 GAMES J1 ICELAND 5915 EAST SPEEDWAY C. MCHOISINGIIEERMG CO, DC. ESTABLISHED 1946 AIR CONDITIONING HIATINO SALES - SERVICE PHONE 881-2770 BABYLAND 3535 E. SPEEDWAY... 326-7526 IS«Y FU»N . ACCESSORIES IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT STEEL GUITAR CLINIC CONDUCTED BY SHOT JACKSON Pres. of SHO-BUP Guitar Corp. In Conjunction With GRETSCH GUITAR CO. MONDAY, FIB. 3 -- 6:30 To 8:30 P.M. OFIN TO THE PUBLIC -- NO CHAROt All p*opl* interested in STEEL GUITARS, or any other kind of music art invited. Howard Beaver, hit ttaff and SHOT JACKSON will answer an/ questions and give demonstrations from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. Enjoy some country music, too. BEAVER'S BAND BOX .4540 EAST BROADWAY 325-1509, . ASK CITY HALL Dial 884-3976 54 Million Dollar Bond Issue Questions Answered Deputy City Man*g*T Wm. Ealy Councilman Myer* and Romero KUAT-TV CHANNEL6 7PM PEL 2 This ad underwritten by Tucson Contractor Managers Tucson Network Stations KCEE (790) -- (NBC) Popular, standard and classical music, KHYT (1330) -- (Mutual) Contemporary music. Sunrise to sunset daily. KIKX (580) - (ABC Contemporary). Progressive roc!'. '24 hours. KXEW (1800) -- Spanish language, Latin music. 6 a.m. to sunset. KOPO (1450) -- (CBS) Adult and pop music. 5 a.m.-midnight. KTKT (9%) - (UPI) Top 40 Music. 24 hours. KTUC (1400) -- (ABC Information - Entertainmsnt) Ne"'S and information programs. AduH music. 20 hours. KUAT (.'.Sal) -- (NPR) Educations', cultural and public affaus program; jazz and classical music. 7:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Tucson Indepcndfcnt Stations KAIR (14M) --.Contemporary good music. 24 hours. KCEE-FM (H.I) -- Multiplex stereo. Adult music. 24 hours. KCUB (1JH) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KEVT (III) - Spanish language, Latin music. Sunrise to sunset. EWFM-FM (».«) - (A3C-FM) Multiplex stereo. Adult contemporary music, special features. 24 hours. KHOS (Ml) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KXEW-?M (M.7) -- Stereo Spanish language programmins 6 a.m. to l «,m. KFMM-FM (fS.5)-- Religious programs. 5 a.m. to 1 a.m, daily. ATTENTION CAR OWNERS B. F. GOODRICH FIBERGLAS BELTED TIRE SALE «0* SIZES 170-14 -- 078-15 With Trade and F.E.T. of $2.59 to $2.78 Per Tire DOUBLE BELTED FOR EXTRA STRENGTH AND MILEAGE Whitewall (Blems) £ Master Charg* -- kankAm*ricard Accepted c^-tv.BAUM ADAMSONl r CAR CARE CENTERS | 296 N. Stone £ 22nd Alvernon .* 3355 E. Speedway 22nd Kolb TUCSON . NOGALES Channel 11 has at least three more Univ.. of Ariz, basketball telecasts coming up, the next one on Feb. 8th ogainit the Univ. of New Mexico. If you have an outside antenna and your picture is not clear on Channel 11, it ii not because of our signal, it's because your antenna is facing in the wrong direction. A Simple attachment of a second antenna on your existing most will bring Channel 1.1 in juit as well as any other station. Call your TV service man or Channel 11 for further information. WHIN IT COMES TIME TO IUT TOUR TOOL TAIL! WE OFFER 40 YEARS OF ASSOCIATION AND EXPERIENCE IN THE BILLIARD FIELD ' ·ECAUSE OF THIS -- WE ARE RECOGNIZED AS TUCSON'S NUMBER ONE SELLER FOR A^ KINDS OF ·ILLIARD TARLES A SUPPLIES. WHATEVER YOUR NEEDS -- WE CAN HELP YOU! 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS FOR YOU. BUY YOUR TABLE OR PUT POOL AT BOTH LOCATIONS MR. BILLIARDS 1280 West Prince Rd. (Rowing W*llt Center] , 4414 E. Speedway (1 BKk. E. Columbus) 327-98055 FACTORY DIRECT PURCHASE New 1973 MATHES 3 Days Only I 18" Color 23" Color Combination 8-Year Color Picture Tube 23" Color TV AM/FM Radio Stereo Turntable SPACE-SAVER SPECIAL Mini Combo 19" Color Set AM/FM Radio · Stttreo Turntable · Beautiful Oak Cabinet *WT With Trad* Free Delivery Free Service 90 Days Same As Cash Bank Financing Mitchell TV Stereo 2410 E. Broadway 623-5853 Open 7 Days a Week It's Time to TRADE IN that Old Furnace on COMBINATION DAY NIGHT HEATING COOLING MOTORS REMMMCNI IT REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONING and GAS HEATING Combined in On* Compact Unit that Installs Quickly and Easily on your Roof or Betid* the Horn* -- Takes the Gas Fumes OUT of the House far EXTRA SAFETY. ENJOY THE FABULOUS HEALTH BENEFITS OF AIR CONDITIONING NOWI With Dutt Fr*e, PolUn Fr«* Air, Relieved of Excess Humidity. The WALLY SEWS ORGANIZATION S A V t TO $ 2 0 0 W h e n Y o u T r o d e - l n Your Old Heating A Coolinf Equipment, L 0» J iFMttlMHUT WITH ECMWKUtK SWK» CMrlK WITH i; ICW-CCST : EUCTKKITT ; SJ2S E. SPEEDWAY EA 7 6301 WSTUUS OUTDOORS TOSflVf SP»a CAU NOW rod A mil ffTNNAni

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