Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 2
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1 , Page A-2-INDEPENDENT ^ »««^ ·"'· T "'« *·* " BANKER TRIPS ALARM K -«" t «"'«»J' 1 »· Jhft World Arou Mom of 14-FpiZed in Holdup * · ' - * . * ' " · ' " ' · ' - ": i. : · ,1 ' - / j , i '' . ·. - - . . - ', · . A ft" By TEDD THOMKY ' jv'. : Elsa Maxwell went to'a sort of party In Paris Mon- »«, ;· i ' day and as far as she was concerned It was a king-sized *t;' ' flop. It was also very hard on her king-sized posterior. (J: TUB (lET-TOflETHER, well-attcndcd by attorney*, Judges bailiff i and the Jlke, was held In court where Elsa U being sued ployes' outside the Bank of for libel by another world-prominent fatty. Egypfi ex-King Rlchmondvllle moment* after Farouk.,,- ,.,, .· , ·" · · - · · r, . NOT ONCE during the entire proceedings did- the usually ·] loquacious Elsa get to open her.' ;C;mouth.,-.- · . i...,. . - ·· / i ;*; FOR FOUR HOURS she sal ·I'on a hard narrow bench'listen- ",'lns to the lawyers. · · "THIS is p u n i s h m e n t : enough," she muttered, rubbing · 1 Ijthe offended p o r t i o n of her '·anatomy. · . · , · · , . FAllOUK CHARGES he Wai libeled by a section In Elsa's ' book, "I Married the World." ,' ,^.In tl,o volume she quoted a tele- ' ·r*gram she tent him In 1950 In V which she declined an Invitation "··he sent her by replying that »he , didn't "associate with clowns, » jnonkoys or corrupt gangster*." . THE 01ST of the argument ) -by Farouk's lawyers was simply this; If Elsa hadn't used such ' coarse terms, Farouk wouldn't EL8A MAX WBLL have fallen from his throne, f j t Wa, a Hard, Hard Seat ' Nmscr wouldn t have come to power, the Suez Canal wouldn't have been nationalized and the ' w o r l d would have been spared much misery. ELSA AND the court spectators were quite amazed by that RICHMONDVILLE. N. Y (HE)--A stocky, gray-halret mother of 14 attempted R daring daylight bank robbery Monds; but was foiled when an 87-year- old bank president tripped the burglar alarm, A convict nccom pllce shot himself to death rather than surrender to police Police said Mrs. Leona Wll- Hams, N. Y., 50, of Clapper Hollow was seized by-bank em- she handed a note to cashier rhaunccy.II. Winters directing him to fill a bag with money. Police said Mr*. Williams held another bag In her hand which the note Implied was filled with explosives. Her accomplice, Floyd Miller, 47, also of Clapper Hollow, sped off In the getaway car when Mrs. Williams was seized, , . ,, THE DRIVER of the car, llchard Stannard Jr., was re- eased after questioning. Police laid he had driven the couple here In the belief they were going to shop for grocerleu. Miller, released recently from Clinton State Prison, killed him- . MUM. LEONA WILLIAMS Accomplice Kill* trfslf . ' . . . . - - . , · "'·' * elf with a shotgun as state po- Ice arrived at his home to quei- Ion him a few hours after the robbery attempt. Mrs. .William* old , police that MKler had slotted the robbery so that they could get money for a trip. She had been living In his home a housekeeper. The note handed to Wlnte said! "No false moves, No tal Ing. Put everything you have this bag. All I've got to do drop thl* bag,I'm holding. 1'v got nothing la lose. Hand bac the note and* do not move It 20 minutes after I leave." ,... · * * * - : / WINTERS handed the note Bank President John D. Holme who ordered the leav and tripped the burglar alarm a fire siren. Police said Mr* Williams, described an "hard learing," walked out of th lank- calmly as the ala: sounded. She had no gun, Mrs. Williams, estranged from icr husband who was rcportc to- be living at Whitehall, N. Y :ook the new* of Miller's 'deat 'relatively calmly," police said. · · * . · POLICE HAD thought th woman was a deaf mute unt he told them she left her hear ng aid at home. Police said the second ba which Mrs. William* carrlc nto the bank contained a 'tnpty glasi jar Instead of ex iloilvei. 2 Calif; Wives Get Divorces^ * · ' · . · - . -' - · ·. 7 * , ? j \, i. , . - t Marry Each Other's Husbands . ....... - 'J *"' . ' . - · . :.. . , . : . ~ : · . , - . . luper-dupcr chain of claims. TIIK COURT will hand down Its verdict In 15 days. "If ' Farouk wins," said Elia, , weeks!" - "I'll swear off parties for at leaat two , '.' ffiJIv J-fn ln San Dle EO' J o ni » Arce had kind of a party ' * WH'J " V too. He went fox-hunting aboard a bulldozer · Instead of a horse, something which takes talent of a very . , special variety. . -,,r · .- ·· . . . . . · ;;. SHOUTING "tally ho|" or maybe It was Just "here we go,' ; " Arce followed his quarry aboard the bulldozer for a short dls -'tance In the city's Balboa Park, then hopped off and finished the V'chase afoot. · . , :'· WHEN THE-HUNT ended, he'd bagged four California gray ·· MX pups, about Hi months old. Two others got away. He took · 1he pupa to the park's zoo and then went back to his job bull".dozing for the city lanltatlon department · ' ' ' ··*· ' ·*· ( ·*(·' . . : ·, I . . ! ' - i ^ i « * : . . « « J a Tlirtt U i m 9 ' A fa»clnaUng Eskimo p a r t y was * M.S i. fiat nun. , cribed ln rare detall by Guy O kakok, . Eskimo correspondent for a Fairbanks, Alaita, newspaper. Here'i 'Okakok's dispatch, word for word: -,, "TONIGHT Is big night for Barrow Village. Instead of hav- Ing late show In native store theater they put up a native dance, . Reason for this Is that cowboy Roy Rodger (that* Okakok's , ··pelllng, not ours) want to see the native dance. Men even .-.womens who wants to come In would'say SAY WHICH IS ROY RENO UEt--Two Mlllbrae, Calif,, h o u s e w i v e s went Reno's divorce court Monday to (ever their marital tics clear the way for a friendly swap of husbands. Mrs. Betty Jean Schwartz, 33, stepped Into the court .RODGER, room too. of course several whites from camp was In the FINALLY after Roy Rodger «een the dance he stood up be- 'fore the qudlcnca and told the people that he himself always · wanted to come up to Barrow, finally he made It, Man who ' »tand along side of me said. SAY IS THAT HIM? I THOUGHT -HE IS OLDER THAN HE LOOKS. That Is why we called a i big night." ,.,, . -,.. . .. . . . , · ADDENDUM! Roy Rogers, Hollywood film star, was at Barrow. Alaska, last week to hunt polar bears. The secret of a real Bloody Mary . " · . - . - Is In Wolfschmldt's Vodka ' WoHtchmMI Ltd., Dundilk. Mtf. ' JOoilOOpfOoMOO*GN)lnNmtulSpWtl Product olU.SJC Weather High ind low Umporiluno 10 ro. Winthir porlod by tho Unllod H. L. . H. L. Long B.«ch eg (9 OM«. City " 82 62 Loo Angilii o7 55 Omtht »1 45 Ln Vfg» 7l4IPhoonli TS M Boiton 50 44 Plttiburgh . el 49 6360 i 7151 . M4Z . , 49 44 PortUnd Cl.v.lind , U 4 e s t , Lou(» Dnv«r ' ' M 9 1 81. Piul DM Molnit It 4« Salt Lak« Dilrolt 97 49 SinPranclica 99 92 F«lrb«nH«,A 69 91 S«.lll. 9741 89 79 Thirmil NtwOrloni 81 70 WMhlngton Ntw York 6048 TIDES High lldti todiy will b« 4.1 ft«t ·t 6i2S p.m. ind low lldti will b« O.S fool HI tons a.m. »nd 2,2 fttt «t 1*117 P.m. High tldu Widnndiy will b« I.S fttt l 4131 «.m. and 4.4 foot il 8i03 p.m. nd low tldt will bo 1 foot «l I1i08 a.m. Sunrlm 9i48| luniott Tttt. INDEPENDENT MMitn VMF C*rH*f Oollwy _ H.OO H4.00 Slngli Copy -- ' «* iy Mill tM *4.0Q Pubiniwd daily MMPI ttindiy ·' imth (t. ind Pint Av*., Long BMeH It C«l!f, mi«r»d to tttond tlin mttttr Mir. 27, IN), it Lena BtMh - - »ui Haiti Rule Ends Under Army Defi PORT AU P R I N C E W Haiti's ruling executive councl appeared to be collapsing in chaos Monday night. Its end was being hastened by the defiant national army and by a new rebel regime claiming control over all northern Haiti Brig. Gen. Leon Cantave de- fled tho council'* order to surrender hi* po*t an army chief, and an army takeover appeared Imminent. / 'fop ranking army 'officers went Into urgent conference at army barracks In the heart of the city to discuss what they will say In a proclamation. · · A committee for public safe, ly at Cap Haltlen, 85 miles north of Port Au Prince, nounced It refused to recognize the council and w o u l d rule northern Haiti until, a presl dent Is selected who will guarantee "honest and free elec- tloni." ., · _ · · · - · - . , : " '· ' O · ' · « ' ' , - , THE CAP HAITIEN group appeared to be linked with a rebel committee In St. M a r c that touched off the latest of Haiti'* long series of crises with ihow of defiance . Sunday against the J-man ruling council. · .... .-,.. · · The 7-man council, supposed lo rule until presidential elec- Jon* In June, went to St. Marc n an attempt to show It* au- horlty to the rebel*. It was limed back at the gates. But Cantave and a t r o o p escort were 1 admitted and hailed with crle* of "long live the army" and "down with the government" District Judee Grant U Bowen for Jive minute* Monday morn Ing and wa* granted a divorce from Dr. Frank E. Schwartz, 38-year-old eye specialist. ... Early In the afternoon the second wife, Mrs, Betty Brooks, 35, went to the same court to end her 11-year-old marrlago to J. Martin Brooks, 33, owner of a prosperous garden supply firm on the San Francisco peninsula. THE EXCHANGE Was mlnated swiftly after the CUl' two w o m e n and their respective mates-to-be succeeded In eluding pursuing reporters. : ·»-. At mld-aftcrnoon, Brooks and the ex-Mrs. S c h w a r t z were "The husbands ' of t w o women r e v e a l e d their wlfi iwapplng plans early last month as the wive* left for Reno. They said they not only would trade wives, but homes and children a* well. , ,.-. Dr. Schwartz said the couple* had been close friends for more than two year* after becoming acquainted t h r o u g h church, P-T.A. and Cub Scout activities The'iwItcH In affection* wa* something that "just gradually evolved, he said, and they came to a mutual agreement on the exchange last Christmas. . · » · · 'r UNDER THE TERMS of the exchange, Dr. Schwartz w i l l granted a marriage license at'move Into Brooks' home and the Ormsby County Courthouse raise the; Brook* couple'* four children. Brook* will- do likewise, b e c o m i n g the second In Carson City and were marrlee In the same building by justice of the peace Dan Murphy. Dr. Schwartz and Mrs. Brooks received their marriage license In the aame courthouse where the divorce had been vranted; played hare-and-houndi with newsmen, and then were married In the state building at 4:30 [,m. by Justice of the Peace William Beemer. A witness to this ceremony was Reno attorney Ell Llvlerato, who had handled the divorces of both women, winning the dp- crees on .grounds of "extreme cruelty." Both couples dlssappeared Im mediately after the ceremonle* without laying where they would loneymoon. · MRS. S W A R T Z and Mrs. 3rooks, the best of personal riends despite their unusual re. atlonshlp, shared living quarters at a Reno motel apartment dur- ng the six-weeks residency lerlod. father of Schwartz' two children. Dr. Schwartz said the situation had been thoroughly explained to the children and that the y o u n g s t e r * were very pleased. "They feel like they're getting an extra daddy," he said. The Schwartz couple vere married July 28, 1944, In New Kensington, Pa. Their children are Michael, 7, and Lori, 3. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks were married In Detroit on March 11, 1946, and are the parent* of Gregory, 10; Peter, 8;'John, 4, and Meriwethcr, 10 months. Fast Life By PETBONIC8 JR. WE ARK JUST NOW recov- crlng from the $60.000.000 street and road program estimated by deputy city engineer. He proclaimed It would tain this much money during Ihn next 14 yean to nuwt our ·treat and highway deficiencies within our city limit*. ., THAT IS OVER $4,000,000 i year or more than half ai much as total city taxes at pres- · ' But It may b« an cwntlnl eipondlture If wn are tp k«p up with thu VMt InrrauMi of HiitomobUet d u r i n g th«0 yean. · : _ ' ·· y. WE CERTAIN'LV NEED a ot of Improved and -widened itreet*. ,., , . ,,-, .- The economy of cltleg li dependent on fait treniportatlnn between all Motion* of the LONG BEACH NEEDS better streets to carry private can. And It need* a ipeedler and more convenient iiyitem of publlo transportation, Comfortably Correct .' Silk and wool iporh jaeketi for comfortable . . . yet correct · . . wear In warm weather., 3O.5O 4444 ATLAXTIl Pridin Til 9 MM AUTOMATIC OEFffOSr \ , New '57 RCA WHIRLPOOL .* All-Porcelain Washer * Imperial Washer * BulIMn Filter * 3 Water Temperatures * 2 Speed* * Built-in Sun Lamp PEK WIIK REG. PRICE $309.95 YOU SAVE... 80.00 NOW ONLY LONG BEACH WOMAN LOSES 52 POUNDS HEARING AID BATTERIES 10 /OOFFI Ft? id HtMl til ·till* ' liwittiM rnik I fil i«ir. "" ' Mill Brim AMipM ' xitoiiinv Mum** no IIITI* I "liriltu Niirtii til Dwlw" II! Nit Ul| IMA II HI M4II Mn. Arm Cooper, 4208 Chrlc Avc., Long Ilcich, hw completely changed her life. A short time ago she looked 1) yean older than her age. She couldn't wear nice clothes--hated to go anywhere or |jdo anything, Now, there it the amazing transformation shown in her photographs. Fifty-two pounds slimmer, she wears a size 12 dress--looks wonderful in snorts or t bathing suit. She is wonderfully poised and confident. She pays careful -attention to g r o o m i n g . Overnight, Mrs. I, Ctllf. Ad|u4ictt«l by I Court. Lot Angtltt County, 1141, OMrM No. C-KMQ. porlOf I OM. *,. DENTURE QUIZ Bt/ng Informed Mpt so/ve dlftltult dtnfure problems t Mot timid yM iiptct it lAtlWl OtntMIlt , t HM don DM At il dtntwti iffMt chmnit I Wktt It btlnf dOM ttMt · tomr smlwiit «. Whit mittflilt ml tutu p · bill nodnn ttntunit I. Whit It iMMdliti rntx* tlw, tnd wliit tdnnU|(it th Wntt hipMM to t mouth nth miutif t«tM T. Ho« CM pftclMi dntmi DENTURE HEWS --How troll M tmdt '. 1 C*i dnn«M M MM to tnoTfiMltit ' H. WM k tM but MtM If dMiwitt TMI VMONv ·nutrnuiveu VOUMMVINOe JNAOVANCI HELD OVER! FREE! FREE! FREE! KID'S TREASURE TRAY MEAL ENT: "Jewel Salon offers one of the most complete answers tc figure problems in the South _!!' new! tio itarving, excr : CLIFTON'S LAKEHOOD IT MB TO BE INFORMED QUICKI NEW DENTURES WHEN YOU FIRST NEED THEM ... ON CREDIT... W.It 43 days for 1st «rodlt paymonr-2 ytar* to pay, 446 PINE AYE. 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