The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 4
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fifti ftfftortof... fIRE UNDERWRITERS CAMPAIGN fOR STUDY Of PROPERTY VALUES fh«: *rit«*, whfc ffi* -**jp<*tea local inAurtuftce th* ewmtiy, his be*a tattyifig « * campaign urging &eopl* to rtvttw the extent of their coverage aM to taafc* the proper adjusttaeat wh«ft underin- surance i* discovered. to Stazospdrt, this would not ap- sly to a great ettent, for most of the homes are new, and the values have increased no great amount since the homes were built However, many of them have had fn&fiy jadditioftft of .ejlpeQ^ive pei'fioti&l belonging* — futtishings or appliances — since they **re built, ftftd Inside Washington... stt»«t$ift« fertenriohfc AM theft if* stfll *on» older ho»«s that w*rt built at the time World War tt ended. ha*« doubled in v«*e, and the c ar* that the ifiSuraft** eafffed BOW the same a£ that carried in 1$45. In this cartpaigh, the petsohal economic interest «rf the inturtftes business and its agents is obvious But the campaign still serves the econwftW interest of everyoft* with a hftffift of 6ther Wad of property subject to d*» structioa by tire and related htttardi. For those who have intentions of being fully covered, but have fibt checked their insurarice coverage* against values, ft would be a good tffitt now to do so. POSTAL RATE INCREASE DOUBTED — While chances look brighter for the administration's bin to te<*(**« we; nation** postal rate* than a year MO, fee** stffl H considerable doubt that it wilt t« enacted by Congrats this year. . the legislation, already approved by the Hfttt* post office committee, probably will «* through fhe House successfully even H> 1*1 i^tt £ fttiifiiMfeff 6f StMMubttt ire &nbitttt£d at PoKttaaster General Arthur summerfield's . tectk* of curtailing mail service. the bit hurdle 1* the Senate, where time wUl become a major factor. With only about two ftOBtB* remaining in the current session, could kfll th* measure. If fiM bffl doecal pa** this year, the road ahead wffl be even rockier next year beeaus* eongresioaai elections ar* coming up and potttidan* are hesitant to go before the voter* with a.mail rate increase fresh in the pubiie mind. I be bfll, unsuccessfully demanded by Prcrident Xtetahower since be took office, i* designed to act an additional $500 million annually for the debt-burdened Post Office d*V*rtat*at Rate* on tetter* would go up from three to four cent*, air mail from tig to seven cents aad postcard* from two to three cents. Second and third das* mail rate* WMud similarly increase. * • • * • OUT OmitO—Senator Kerr Scott 03), Morta Carolina, recently mentioned to Sea- ator Frederick Payne (R), Maine, that he had • hankering far Main* sardioes, thereby *etv |, ting off a friendly •»*^"ftf*t of giftc.hetateejvv., the two. Payne promptly contacted the Maine sardfofc industry headquarters and a case of their pioduct was won delivered to Scott. In rrtuin, Scott lent Payne a present from North Ctrtliaa—com* old-fashioned peach and hon* ey-fl*vored chewing tobacco. Payne himself hi* been reticent about whether he sampled the chewing tobacco but On The Side ... in telling hi* constituents, of the gift noted that Scott it "one of the?&w member* of Congrest who stitt chew." ;~j* . - *-,. * * •'• ' .,•' • 61 DEHYDRATED DttT-ln World War II, American combat rations included dehydrated mflk and eggs, la the future, Gls may eit complete pre-cooked dehydrated meals. Samples were shown recently u a Bouse appropriations subcommittee. Reflecting the feeling* of many doughboys, Bep. Dan Flood CD.-, Pennsylvania, cracked that wartime dehydrated eggs tested like something prepared by German spies. Army offidtls didn't take any exception to his statement.- Howe*vtsf, they *^*» T ^fltn*4 tbat the present egg is "really a very good product" On fhe current menu are such item* ss chili and beans, which, officials promised, will be "palatable." The Army said the experiment is design* eri to keep combat troop* wen fed while re* ducing the weight of their rations. • ROCKZT MISSILES PRlORITT-Tbe Defense department is placing top priority on development of rocket-propelled ballistic* niifsiies while cutting back its original schedule.- on jet-propelled missiles with • much sborUr range. The step-up in the Intercontinental Btl- llslics Missile (ICBM) and other weapon* come* in the wake 'of reports of Russian prorress along the same line. The ICBM Is deigned to carry an H-bomb warhead and travel upward of 1,500 mile*. ,- ; ^British intelligence source* say the So* ,X«Ut* may b* two or three years ahead in th* development of intermediate missiles (800 to 1.500 miles). Experts say the accuracy of the Russian weapon Isn't known. However, the United States, t«Hn t no chances, is embarked on • development program, with the cost of three projects approaching the billion-donar-a-year mark. The three weapons are the ICBM Atlas and Titan and the intermediate Thor. LOVE UTTER IS ALWAYS SHARED ' By E. V. DURLINO Ever been beet man at a wedding? Did everything go smoothly? How about th* best man at your wedding? Did he handle his part calmly? Usually the be". >•<•*•) Is more nervous than either tiie bride or bridegroom. , t am eoneteatly receiving request* for advice on how I to handle the beet man *s- I bdfev* there b* a course of to-I available for >** be*t men. I This instruction could be I handled by churches. •wear, or play th* hone*, h* ik an Irishman. But h* still Queries from Oltnt*: Q. What wa* th* nationality of Ade" * Genae, th* dancer who starred to 'Th* Soul Kiss"? A. She was a Dane. Bora la Copenhagen. Her real aamo was Peterseo. Q. Will you settle an argument between a Southern Califor* nian and a New Yorker? I* there any smog in New York City? A. At time* Ujer* i« a littie smog In New York City, but, of cow**, it it v--y unusual. MOSIC What is tii*> extant of your infromatioa *> to musk? Ar* you (arailiar with Bettho- vens Math Symphony? If Bat, get a re- conKng at it. PtercU* L*Guarti» «nc« said, •Beethoven's Ninth Symphony it about th* «Mt**t pi*** of rausfe ever written. It ia .» sort of apirftual and musical background. A sedative, * vitamto, a tanie and a stimulant. A* th* opening ban start, you relax, As it unfolds, you reach and hold your It was B<n Johnson who said, "Love i* • spiritual coupling of two souls, so much inert excellent as it least relates unto th* body." . . . Field Marshall Montgomery i* » vegetarian and <to«f not smoke, drink, THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS at K**fcv T*+*tn. b I4WCS I. KABOK*. JS. be. PIXARE MOTE 1ph*t i* the value of a good t|ti*? Th* title -Gentlemen Prefer Blonde*" on that story by Anita Loos is said to have increased its value by at least a million dollar*., Titian titled a painting -Two Women Seated Br A Focatert," Tb*w*rk attracted Uttl* atttntie*. Th* titte waj chaag*d to •Yacred and Pretan* Lov«,» Th* patot- ing immediately became world fampw*. i. P. Morgaa ottered IT minion for it Th* otter wa* refused. The painting 1* stffl ia th* Borgh*** 0*B«rte* to BOOM sad i* owned by th* Italia*; Government, •uucrtr Kentucky top* the nation in tb* matter ol tuning towns with girls' name*. The Blu* Crass State has no ie** than 101 town* so named. Tb*** indud* Santi, Orae* an4 Phyilis, Ry. . , . Oo« thing ta*t stop* young (eDows from writing ardent to** letter* to girls is taat most young foaal** afejpw fHch fommiBilratiop* to. tiiei]' jgirl friend*. Mot ca* girl to a thousand k*ep* her lov* letters to b*rs««. you tawr, tor thr*» pi****. Th»» i* what Cwfacius had to say abort shopping. How right w«* bet | bay*, fallowed that pottoy tag iota- time and have saved my**if «|*t* a little money. ?or nouanl*, tf;#T«ss7 ***.-*" >•* •' ^ ^ A-1, * 'C" t " . * - _' JS •• 1 \ ,, * - i ' A* ''" t ^>~' ^ f >. fjajitk JBlJBL' S laUg VMH ft* «nafid ffiat ttti* attt' taat aneMar •& I* fltttstent a* ana <ir»*t Srt- that tt*y tt **d ttttt Htnn ata a*r«* WM att-tftfit «•»- IvBa 4ff iftjpccti6n to Sett cMmtfle* a«atn*t cheat- Mi; Hewt Cemmifif ,*. -" UP ro wit televised in BHUM afttt M pte*ent*«*n in th« DaWd StatesX tt Rat been iligiVttNi that M*cMiTlan make a slmi- ur appMfanw *n a ftttttlan tw« «N»tHtt progratn. H« 1« f*p*rttd to be ilhltfili Ail*iat it*T ^.^iL. A.* AM trti* B*>i ttkm. nwcn nvrv QMS wvrcn to uw L loMk o\n tnt W C0HM etaefltff in wtentu will be alttd teen by • Bam eommitiM ra National Deport... NIXON MAKING HAY FOR '58 NOMINATION era** By LTLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON — Ol — It was by calculated risk and no mere chance that Vice President Richard M. Nixon stood up last month to be counted a* an sH-out cheer leader for the Eisenhower administration. It was a calculated risk of presidential politics looking to the igto Republican nomina- . __ _ It was no mere chance because Nixon has repeated the maneuver three time* thi* month. The vice president is likely to be on his feet 4 good part of the time between now anl the ItW Republican National Convention. He win b« telling the voters, especially Republican voters, that they should rally to Us- etthowec s support. Face* Diffleall AmdteM* Nixon'* lt * f *"tt "of the H*- enhower administration last month was before the Iron and Steel Inititute in New York. , It was all out, unoiulifltd by reservation* or doubts. Next cam* the vim precK denfs addrew lone S at Ashville, N. C, before the General redaration of Women'* Club*. He* faced a more difficult audience the next day her* in Washington. Give The Kids A To Know Their Dodqr ' - TM occasion wa*' a not* Retiuhlkan ^ aumaonad to harmoaiaa r — ^ differcnoM owr PrattdeM fit- tthowar'* Wg tfkehding budget Prettminary regional eonfer- ences had estebBsfaed the fact of disharmony aad disapproval among local party leader*. Mixoa. oho** to chatfkpioa in , that speeth file modem RepUb- Ueaalsm to which party con- *erv*Uv** object. 1 » i,,-,, • Hi* advice wa* {hat the Re- pUcans should cease squabbling among themselves and devote thefe-energl** to battling Democrats. . .- -.-,• As in New Tork in May, Nixon aligned himself firmly with' the administraUaa and it* pol- Wes. ___ t ._ :> To ttte wofitaft a**ed&blad - Ift • Ashevilte, Nteea directed an urgent ptea- for support of tha administration with (pedal emphnit on three hotly controversial subjeots: 1. National defense spending. a. foreign military and eco- •bfidi lulapw I know yo« do not aran wta* tojfcfljBgi ehOd wffl bMom* *tck and Mtd U»acavto**ofaphyski*B.may- b* har* to go to a batvttal or BtlcaathaTctotacaaudteta*. But U to a ___ dead who **«ap**aBol Samoa*. Moat y«B«mUra ar* act tha* tataqr. OalHhktiknowwbatltUali itort bate* b* *iio*nt«f i tt*** * iMMdara* wbaa b* *> t* not la aa Warn TO* go to tba ail of hat at ttw ttenofi •PUB bow th fST^MUhi •M •. • / »**t tt-a> yo* paa* a. > numi. J. Th* pending dvil righto ': btt. ' ' /'• ' His axwt recent speech wa* , Sunday night before, the grad• uattng da** of the Univertlty <« Mteaugaa. "' •-•- • In that addre**, Nixon defended aaanhower'* decision to aid Communist Poland, and spoke Cor moderation to any l*gl»l»H«n to curb labor union •bases tin,; position taken by th* t1**nho*«r admlnistrittoa. By th*** speeches and other* to com*. Nlxoo 1* identifying hbaaeU *• an administration caadidato^or the 1MO Re- pubUcaax pTMidtnUal aomtaa- M Bjr^^*»Jd**rtifylBg himself. Ntxen I* aacrtflrtng some "COB- **rvat(v« mptibllca and b* I* aware of • • ift ftftid that the «tt\ptigik in the ttolfed State* -loaw Ilk* »1- tt o««nii*d Iftklf.** in «M Onited statet, th« againtt the tett* It e6odueted largely by «d««l»t* who — in dUarre-" UMM With other tclentlsU — Mid Out radioiettv* faiktot leiwiiii^ IkiMn tett* may doutn ditMmt tt future feneraflcns to;dr«ftd diteue*. ift drtit Britain, the d*. nund i* b*tog made chiefly by ttrt l«fU«t labor party, ;the oppoattion to M»tMm«n'*&iti- ttrvatlvei, ud by churchmen. the d«mtod hit the Mad- lint* to the tJWtrf State* lart M -n<Uy whan Dr. tania Pauling. Nob«l Ptie* winner .a( the CalUttnia Inititute of tceh- Mfety, tfmounced that 1,000 *dentitt* had joined hin in urfiog an intanatiooal agrej- mtftt to end texts becaus* of radiation danger. • O»t« lleptte* PtuUng Mid hi* annotmc*- iiietil (tew out of a speech he made to Si Louis on May 15. He Mid more than 30 adenttst* had "collaborated" in wtptrtog the appeal. •TMT did to a* ladivtduals, he (aid, and no organization wai Inyolwi v • « .>• ;-.-. Maemillan last Tuesday and Ki*enho^er last Wednesday ga^their 'replies 16 these who demand that teats be ended. They both said it was their duty to see that their countries were safeguarded againrt attack. Bsenhowtr spoke •with special force. He said 'the United States could not n<mt to ban testa "unless we also had a . system whlcn w* ki<ew would forever bin the tie of ... then weapons in war." . fittitori tr*'- tWnf Vfctefan* group* it fronts W rail* tuna*. They k**t> most of the find*. ttpUMtn* **#» You can eJrpctt a friendly diptomattt fiuMm Mr b*- tw**» ttte ft«w AuMflan antd Atr.*H«n kmtHUtldart! to Hor- wty. Both at* *wm«. Bn roul* to Oslo on fh« l<Mr **r- Mfttfjdrd I* American. Am* b«**d» mnrti M. i. Willis. Alrwdy UWH II AtttWan AmtMflidor Or. J otlantta Ifett* K*eln. Or. ilMUehnilt ti <m« of Burot*'* best <lt«Med ««• men. t)iplom«U *r» tur* MM Wtfflt wUl want to holtf up America* oxL Alrwar AffiUBMI W*teh for th« Curtl* Air Safety w*«rt to tacteu« Jlv- ttMd <tf IcMta th« fl|ht in Wathiniton ovar w*y» u make the ikywty* safe The Curtta Cowmliflon, *mong other thing*, called for a complrtaly independent federal aviAttta " Same con«ra»«m*tt, white approving the eonunlMlMt'a rtcfflim«nrt»tloni in 'general, MT they are d«J*ned aUaont rttirely f W the IRdaflBlU future, while the mart critical period will come In the next three year* becaute of crowd* ed air lane*. OUTLOOK Ualtod Press 4*nt* cMond the wsrld look = ahead al the MWS that win .' make the headline*.. ; Peace Priae Tot Ike ; tntbien- in Norway President Kwnhower a chance to win this year'* Nobel Pe**p p.-Ue. ftnn Moe, diairman of the foreiga committee of the Norwegian Parliament, duclosed last week that Eisenhower ha* baea nominated as a candl. date. In doing to. Mo* «ulo- flMd Bsenhown'* "iadefatL. 'gable* work for peace. A CMunttto* named by Par- Uaaient wfll choow the win- Mr, tt HsenJwwer won, he would, b* expected to go to Norwar in December to re- ,t«lt*it. *owreei raggett that mlgbt be a good time to a »f Tour "«ummir con- You're Telling M« A child, recently bora in Bra* zll has been named Nhyklykra Bid. Bet hell be 100 before hi c*n pronounce hi* name. •I'll Russians are being urged to buy "medicinal underwear," product of Soviet science, and which I* s»ld to cure or alleviate a variety of disc****. So far, we hear, Moseovite* have shown no Itch to acquire thi* new type of Red woolen*. II! Some 2,000 (dentist* have signed an appeal for discontin. uance of nuclear bomb te*ts. That'* what w* call a real counter-blast! I I ! Philadelphia'* new tquarium will cost approximately $1,500,000. That, says Orandpappy Jenkins, is a lot of dough for a fish pond. II! A farmer of n*ar Saragoisa, Spain, report* two chick* hatched from a sing!* egg. Hi* turprif*, no doubt wa* nothing compared to that of the mother-, ban.. •., . ; '. • A T«*aa thief ctote SI Bible* from a book salesman. II tha crook would only read on* of •m he'd probably Mag th* other U back. DAILY CROSSWORD Then, a BW* later on, g«r&?.assffi iaB*h*Utatb*b«a Aafwr Try and Stop Me •y liNNEH WJfKOW AOAWA dotaff M sp«nt »oaai» days at "" ''" " h**» te ada*jt you hav* W»fci Ti ^?_? ^^*^^ I-? « ! -%i.'*4

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