Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 4
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Pro And Con Of Job Compensation Faults Seen In Proposal Efforts to limit benefits payable under.the workmen's compensation law began when the commlssio'n ·was in financial difficulties, yet the Initiative measure ' on maximum benefits now proposed fails, to correct major faults In the compensation law, Fred Orr, chairman: of the .Tucson central trades council legislative committee, said in commenting on the Initiative. In the committee's- opinion, the Initiative would revise the law's to the one- factor of finance, ye let-correctionjOfmajor admlnistra tlon faults go without effort; to cor rect. That fault is lack of requiring certain-qualifications of com mlssloaersfto be appointed in the future. 'Among such qualification should be experience and training In Insurance.- Another is the procedure by which claims are han died, with the commission both the Judge and the Jury,' rather than acting as a court of last-appeal-.after a hearing board'-has acted and be fore an actual suit is-filed in courts of law. Ulastratlon TJscd Sponsors- of "this Initiative have told us that these matters win,be recommended.' But, we did not observe any such recommendations .prepared when there were requests of the governor lastrwinter .to. include the industrial commission In ·ubjects for the special session of ' the legislature. , ' Considering;'the" specific ;prbvl ·Ions of the · initiative, Orr-;con tended,that the proposed maximum salary upon which- benefits can be computed would result In decreased benefits during times when there It a higher cost of living-with no prospect of this cost falling. ·Orr was emphatic' : lriVexplaining that this'initiative affects not only members of labor , organizations but-all those employes who now'or might' in '.the future make more than S30Q per'month...F.or,purposes of Illustration he used a carpenter's -wages... . "A carpenter making $89 per week, or S395 a month, would, at present, receive $256.75 per. month In benefits if he were totally disabled. Under the initiative,.' he would receive $195 per. month. Most families have three 'children, and $195 is insufficient to support -such A family," Orr contended. Wants Teeth In Code · "If this .same, man were killed, the $25,0100 proposed maximum would keep -his family about six years. If the .children are small at the time of death/this aid would ·top at'.about the time the mother needs help--about the time the children are ./in high school. 'It means another, ' : niother. working, with children neglected,";.Orr. said. Orr continued that while.-premiums for compensation insurance are high, the most effective way; to . reduce .them (Is to plit iieth.la Arl- lona'g safety:code. "We have the regulations, but no penalties for violations,.so the code means nothing. While it Is true the rates may be reduced for various classes of. businesses which have good no-ac- Here Are The Provisions The way the'workmen's 3 compensation measure will appear on the'ballot Nov. 7' is ·as'iollo.'ws: J '" ' ' - '-Initiative Measure . ; Proposed'by Initiative Petition 'An Act , . _ · Relating to workmen's compensation and amending article 9, chapter 56, Arizona code of 1939,.as amendsd, by amending section S6-952 (a) to exclude from the average monthly wage as the measure of'Compensation alV'amounts In excess of. $300 par month, and by adding thereto section 56-954 (a) to limit the .total of benefits which may be'paid all dependents of a deceased.-employe to $25,000, If you faVqr the 1 above law, vote^ES. If opposed," vote NO. ' · 308 YES r"J 309 NO r~j cldent-'records, one business In any particular class which has a high accident, rate can. prevent such re duction. Another factor in high premium! was the method of computing benefits prior to the reversal by the supreme court of one decision, N and another decision' concerning compensation which affected motion picture and other, industries. 1 In the first case, .the court told the commission .it was using the formula which was not logical and led to unjust.results. 'Proper Basis' -In:'the..second, .the''-earning experience of a workman over several ·years,was declared the proper basis 'for 'computation of benefits, not unusually high,' temporarily daily wages projected over months and years. ; The 1950-report of N the commission (for the year 1949) shows some -operating balance,- Indicating these two decisions are helping to bring the commission back .onto solid ground In their computations, O r r declared, · - . - ; . - - . - . . · ' ' "In our opinion," Orr said, "this latest move; to restrict compensation payments is an effort to. break the effectiveness of the. law. Most of xis were willing'two years ago to allow a maximum og $1,000 per month wage limitation for comput- ng purposes if it-would help the motion picture industry to return to Arizona. We -are not willing to support"'an initiative which is larmful :to the welfare of injured vorkmeri, which we believe this measure to be;" Orr concluded'. Dormer Lord Mayor Of ,ondon In 1945-46Dies CAMBRIDGE, England-, Oct. 31. j?}--Sir Arthur' Charles Davis, 72, ord.mayor of London, in. 1945-46, died at his-home near here Friday. Heat Scorche; Winter Zone - By United.Press .Most of the nation enjoye Fourth, of July weather on 'Hal loween today. From the Great Plains to the Atlantic, a ."heat wave 1 ' sent th mercury ' climbing to ' record or near-record-heights for' this lat in the fall, Meamyhlle, the Pacific north /west fought flood waters raised by North Pacific storms.last week and braced against two new blows approaching the -coast. 'A cold front, all that remainec of/'.the storms that ripped the Pa clfic .coast last week, pushed over the Rockies and down onto- the Great Plains. But it "was expected to send the mercury tumbling only in western portions of the plains states today.-. Straw hats blossomed in^Texas Chlcagoans walked the streets ;in their shirt-sleeves and ice. cream parlors did a rushing business! in New .York- as- an Indian .Summer sun ma(3e.Jack-0-Lanterns shrivel The heat was blamed for the de rallment.of a Louisville and Nash ville, streamliner, the Southwiarl at Louisville, - Ky., yesterday. A railroad spokesman said the accident, vln- r which nine passengers were injured slightly apparently-resulted-from expansion of the rails In'83-degree heat. · v . , ; IRON DfGREDEENTS PITTSBURGH--Makings ton.of pig Iron takes 1.73; tons of iron ore, .93-ton of coke, ".41: ton of .limestone, some cinder scale and scrap and 4.5 tons of air. ^ tHarf the proposed-maximum,-and therefore setting such a maximum is' jiot"going, to actually reduce benefits-paid topmost workmen. . ' /.' '. State Is Highest ' ' -'I J Any. analysis 'of similar compensation '.benefits " 1*, other states Men who -thoroughly understand shows'Arizona, to.be the hlgh'egt in. Group Favors Change In Law amounts is one of-those changes, explained that pro- association. Drachman visions of the Arizona law in effect prohibit insurance companies from operating In -Arizona because with a generally unlimited liability- amount of a -claim to be paid -- there Is" no, method of determin- Ing'the cost "of such Insurance. Drachman cited the statement of the Insurance department of the United States Chamber of Com- mprce, which asserts that "to compel employers to insure in a monopolistic state workmen's compensation insurance fund not onlv interferes with freedom which all private enterprise should possess, but lessens the emphasis on loss prevention." compensation insurance--actuaries hired' by the Arizona industrial commission ~ ,have- recommended changes- In/the Arizona workmen's compensation law and .the initiative measure setting maximum benefit of Columbia? Many of the other the 'nation ;by_ r a' r -wlde\ margin', Drabhmari said."? For 'total disability the' maximum -In- thi* state is $150 per.ye'ek, while .the next highest is-$35 per week 'in the District ^t /^j-,JnVv,l^Jo' HiTnn-tr nf. ·f Via rttVior* s_tates limit the time during which declared Dick Drachman, president this amount will be paid, but Ari- of -the Tucson Insurance · Agents' See More Service The {insurance, companies believe that-through additional,services to both workmen and 'clients, the 10 per'cent additional premium' which must ibe'.paid for private compensation insurance.can--be offset. The initiative; would -not; change' the present method' of:-,handling, .all claims -through^ the commission's office, Drachman'explained., ' Taking the'first'provision of the measure, -setting--a -maximum-; of ?300 per month In wages as the basis of computing .benefits- (65 Der cent of this amounf'for to'ta! disability), Drachman said that in actual practice this will -not be- a reduction in benefits,:. - - ' . . - · ··-..:· For. proof, of .this statement ;he referred to: : the ·-. annual. statistical study, compiled by. the ..yalley National .tank: which- shows that annual-.";· average'·-wages paid to 10,100 'construction workers was $3,320, "-or $287 per .-month, -which Is $13 a month less than the pro sosed $300- to be used in comput- ng benefits. ·This.-statlstical study also shows'-that'the lowest-annual averag'e iir wages.-paid-- is .in/the utilities and transportation industry--$1,590 a 'year, or $132 per month. zona does not Another factor which Insurance companies must know In order to set-premium-rattes Is the-maximum amount that win he paid" In event of death. At the present'time the Arizona law sets no'maximum. This measure, Drachman explains, would set a maximum of $25,000. Even this is $12,200 higher than the next highest state, Minnesota. Drachman observed there has been much,argument over,whether the state Industrial commission is operating efficiently. "One of the best ways to assure efficient operation is through competition, There can be no competition in Arizona for compensation insurance under the .present law," Drachman said. Concern Shown Such competition, he said, would result In the commission checking its operation against actual results. It would-not take lengthy and expensive court procedure to force the,Issue. - . ' .' "'·-..' As one example, Drachman declared that private.insurance companies are. much -more concerned with -accident : prevention. Their safety engineers have- achieved outstanding records in' this work. The cost of accident prevention 1 is included In ..the ' premiums and Its benefits- are reflected in "lower costs. · · · · - . . . .j ..."But the-, great beneficiaries are the men and women who h'ave not been crippled or killed ,1'ri industrial accidents that have been pre-1 vented- .through 'the · application of, effective .loss prevention'.engineer-j irig methods," Drafehman, explained.' "Arizona'.s- compensation insurance rates, the highest In the nation,' are a. threat to existing Industry and are a discouraging factor to industries, which would like-to locate in the state," Floyd Raines, Secretary of the' -Phoenix Chamber, of' Commerce, declared. | He .added that in the past-18, months between 50 and 100 persons representing -Industries 'which Price Of Food E^ning Going Higher WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. U.R -Retail food, prices may rise to an all-time High by the/middle of next year," thV agriculture department said-today. 1 /-'"·" · But" the department said- Amer- cans-^on a per capita basis--probably, ,will eat- bettec, in 1951 than they did either this year, or last.. \ A 1 'department review of the-national food situation said the prospect, of -higher prices arises from 1 he' probability that an" expected ncrease, in supplies will fall to keep."pace with'increasing con- iumer demand. The . report predicted that per capita, ^consumption among civilians- probably will "increase next year in such foods as fluid milk, cheese, eggs,* meats, fresh oranges and" grapefruit, citrus Juices, ice weam, tomatoes,and leafy green and yellow vegetables. "Consumers were promised a'brief respite In .rising food prices. The report said the price tag at retail s "not likely to rise much more efore late winter." But things will be different next pring when there is "likely to be reinforced pressure on prices." "Accelerated 'consumer .demand of food, unless checked by anti- nflationary'measures or other ;de- «lopmants, could push food-prices ay mid-year up to and even beyond he record level of the sumrfer of 1948," the report said. This shows, Drachman asserted, considered'Arizona for a site'gave hat the :workers actually average,|the high compensation Insurance In. wages paid during,a : -year,'less [rates, as 'a'.'.reason.-for .not locating , READY-MIXED' CQNCRETE... DIAL 3-7566 SAN XAVIER ROCK SAND CO. e season's sweetest Nc£ time, try tht All-new streamliner TONEWORLEANS On your next trip east, plan to ride America's newest and -finest transcontinental streamliner--the new Sufc set Limited---via New Orleans and the Old South. Take your choice of-luxurious all-room Pullman or the extra-comfortable new Chair Car accommodations. Enjoy features like these: "Feather-Touch" '· ~ doors; "breathing" windows that never fog or glare; circulating ice water in all cars; instant fluorescent lights; private, enclosed washrooms in bedrooms; "Sleepy Hollow" chair car-seats with extra leg room; dust-free, draft-free, air-conditioning. The new. Sunset Limited is $15,t)CO,000 worth of Budd-built streamlined luxury. It provides fast daily service to Los 'Angeles and New Orleans. Moderate extra fare. PlaiLto ride.it soon. .Remember, you can include it in your trip.east for little or no additional "j ticket cost. Fine, streamlined connections at New Orleans to and from New York, Chicago and other eastern cities. S-P The friendly Southern Pacific Ticket Office -- S. P. Station Telephone 3-6911 * 916 · t at SAFEWfly now This week...fresh in nnnnd from the growing fields... rAert hearts gap celery Delicto^ matoes ripe, WBI * , j Bao* 118 ^ ** .riabt riP eDess ·want them for cnmchy salads:..for all kinds of cooking...and for eating out of hand like an apple! These are younjj carrots, crisp to bite into and delicate" of flavor. Sized just right for handiest use. Like all carrots atsSaieway, these have the tops trimmed off in the feld -.. so the tops can't go on drawing moisture and flavor but of the carrots. You've riever'tasiied fresher, finer carrots--and Safeway's .proud to'have plenty for yon. Loads and loads coming in. daily. Enjoy some 1 All your money back (without returning a thing) " , * on any fruit or vegetable that doesn't please you'.., IT SAFEWAY n Arizona, and the. state thus lost: .n- opportunity to diversify "Its| iconomy and increase payrolls.. ,':·- A course-in refinishlhg furnltur was started 'last night'at'Amph theater evening high school. Ric ard N G.- Evans is Instructor. Th course ;is held-ln f the school wooc shop. A, course in tailoring, Includlr first class, construction of tallore garments, will begin'at 7 pjn. No 7. A slip cover construction ,clas will start at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 In root 2 of the homemaking deparrmen under direction of Mrs, Laur Mandel, Students are asked to bring on] iaper and pencil to their first das aeetings. G A S FIREPLACE INSKIITS LOGS VENTED HEATERS RADIANT HEATERS Conversion Burners SAVE 40% USE GAS! 719 E. Broadway Phone S-TTTZ DR. ARTHUR F. WOODROW . Announces the Opening of His Office, for the PRACTICE OF OPTOMETRY Complete Visual Analysis Corneal Contact Lenses Qrthoptics (Visual Training) / · " · · · ' ' " . i 27 E. Broadway Phone 24361 Qfonm .Tu*id»y Ivcntni, Oo£ ft, 1IM Immunisation Contrail- Whooping Cough Spread' PHOENtxi Oct.' 31."U,R'r-rTrii state department; of' public; heiltli said today '"an immunization r 'pro; gram"at Ft. Thomas Indlan'-Ccamp- s f brought «'whooping cough" outbreak -under- control.' · -'";,?, The* children In v the ' cotton'," worker camp, located near Safford,- were'lmmunlzed Immediately'afte'f the 'outbreak 1 was' reported i last- week. One "-child died i from'com-' plications resulting from whooplnff , gH? ," " ",», . r ~,. he program was under the direction ,of Dr. John N, Stratton, Safford'City health officer. PIANOS ·5V Mason Hamlin ·, dickering ·jlr BeUy ROM Musette NEW PIANOS '20 '20 DOWN MONTH USED PIANOS DOWN MONTH Will accept your old Piano foi New Furniture or Appliance. 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