Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 56
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 56

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 56
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^Tijg^iXII ' - ' . , - r«m*'i?Eii«AM, Vr'i.'. %5. \\'. \m ^ «H*ipWMd. (Worn.) 24A Hi ^.COCKTAIL WAITRESS · ^·Exoerknced-- accry In perton aHer . 1 4 p.m. GeorQt' s Roundup, BIB W. - S roiiriv V.UAII rugnway. COCKTAIL Waitress Harbor Lights. .....IM N. Avtlon.T/llm. TE }5«7 viqCKTAIL WAITRESS -- "CO-CO" ( . DANCER. Apoly A PM » Carribe an Room, 2I» Long Beach Blvd. u ..,., COCKTAIL WAITRESS \ Young, attractive. Ill L.B. Blvd. -COCKTAIL Wall r ov attractive, "i vug. The PWvrooin, 241 E. Ocean COMPANION -- HoirsekeeDer for ?j£ Salary ^4- room ' board, fit i, CONSULTANT- -- Hair fashion con- .1-. suitant wanted for leading Depl. .,-. *tor« In Lakewood. Lie. rwt ret. ,t;ajSal. + comm. aller 2 wkt. free · . training. . Muit be attractive, de- Prefer M* S to*38. °Mhs HanTM; , . COSMETIC -- Druo d,,,. m 4 part time openinos. . Exp. re- f Wired. Drugstore In h. Downey I location. Mrs. Still. SeMrfw. ;DANCERS BAR GIRLS - 2523 E. AnaruJm, Wilmington ·pt.llme Too pay.. Holiday Dante Club, 311 E. Ocean. HE 2-8V72 · only, fringe benefits, int., vaca- tfoni, holtdav pay, oood wages. · DA 5-3531 .FINANCE SAYINGS LOAN · ' ' NEEDS NEW ACCOUNT CLKS . TELLER TRAINEE .,;:Theie permanent ooilltons are ·uvfrfe ample advancement oppor- -rtunlry, fringe benefits, group Tn- wetfc, pakt vacations, AglJcant ti nrjst have-H.S. diploma be pent, neat and good poHe. Etec- Irlc fvpewrller . experience re- qvfred lor new .iccount clerk po- 'illlons. Mr^wicie? N'|' Sn' t extTail ...A FINANCE CO., NAT'L rtHas' ooentno lor '2. Must have .r.:collectlon exo., ages 20 to 3D. .·« Salary .commensurate wilh exp. CaH 427-ins 1:30 am. to 10 a.m. ,"· 3:30 D.m. lo 5 p.m. ^ "GIRLS $200 WEEK i UP ·a'- Season lust starting. Train now, - ~0v«r 21. Call 11 Illl noon. } . · 430-1(06 -'GIRL, attractive, about ST.' to Inch Social dancing lo a slncle per- V.-..30I, eves. H hr. Call HE 4-8917 'GIRL,- attract Eva, for concesson ,,. -work on New Pitt. M to 25. ..·"· .S34-SJ7I or 430-1324. £;:- .' GO-GO GIRLS :'-' HAIRSTYLIST v ·.;· MUST KNOW- HIGH STYLING Salary + comm. 4324423 .iV-lJrt E. 71* St. 431-0211 -vi- days. Ph. GA 7-S5S5 ' 'HIGH STYLIST, EASTSIDE AREA. 437-M66 '·' HOTEL MAID. Mlddli aged lady. -.. Thorough, references. HE H206 "''·'· H for P 2.'chridrer, 0 """ """"pASSSS - :: .. HOUSEKEEPER *' -*'S days a week. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A" - '· ' APPLY IN PERSON · ;1 WOODRUFF GABLES : . '. . HOSPITAL ' ; 17BOO So. woodrulf Ave. -- Bellfkrwer . WA 54211 --p-home. Lakewood. SVi days. Salur- -·- day ' nights. 10 to 7, Mon., wed., ·Vr'-Fif. J140 monthly. Call 439-44K · ',t for Interview. ' HOUSEKEEPER Wasted. 2 small ·V 'ChlWrtn, llvt Inprelerred, ma' * ' ture woman. SJ73S afler 6 D:m. . Salary 1150 mo. + rm. board. .- home of professional man. Must -, be awe. to communicate will) i"- children. Xlnt. opportunity for .··HOUSEKEEPER fcr molherless home. 4 children, school aoe. Live In. Private rm. Consider 1 child. ' r. References. TO 6-r741. HOUSEKEEPER. Live-In. Full chro. ;-. 3 adutJ. 1 Teen. Lkwd. HA 1-1121 ··HOUSEKEEPER'llve [n.'Llle coofc- n ' Ing. Xossmoor. GE 1-SW7, alt, 6. HOUSEKEEPER. March «!b. Seml- -C Invalid lady. No imoxe or tfr nk. "!! Live In. HE 5-2M5; 438-0347. s HOUSEKEEPER-- Live-In care of - · · 1 child "5. ?A -days. S120 mo. V GE 1-4J60 ?·,·: lady In wheel chair. 6304*7 HSKPR/chlW care. Dr; home. Llve- ·:ln. Hunt. -Beach. 1714) 142-3023. -HOUSEKEEPER, live In, lor one lady. Park Estates' apt. No smoke - . or drlnx. ' Afternoons off. Box HOUSEKEEPER. Live-In, for school ··· teacher, widower with ere school child. Lovelv home. Rossmoor. ' Refs. rea. GE 1.3354; GE O-OiOd HOUSEKEEPER ' · Mon. Frl.' Own Iransn. EAO-144* ., HSKPR. Mon. ' Ihru Fri^ own Irans. ' Loc, refs.-JW day. 5SWK40 aft. 5 ' HSKPR. Live la. Stml-lnvalkJ molhsr - Become cr.e of the family. Room ·- HOUSEKEEPER-Llve In or out. ·; Gen. hlwk., Ironing some cook. '-*~ Ing, pallefit w/chlWren, own car. · - · Refer. 425-2411. ··'HOUSEKEEPER, S100 Ber mo., live H, 3 aoXllls. HA 5-22M. . lo 6 DJn. or more' Own Iranio -- CaH »66-1777. '--.desired by doctor's family. Live :'.. In. Must M"k .English. Rich : - HSKPR. wanted. Live In. Adu 1 * .... 2 children. Lite . Cutles. Pleaian -^ surroundings. i9a-?WO alt. 5 p.m '·- HOUSEKEEPER-- Companion to eld ·v erlv lady. Live In. Sal. SW-65M '^HOUSEKEEPER-- Live In. 2 girl " -·· 10 8. 11. *100 monlh.-433.2J53. · ; i. HOUSEKEEPER ''.:'·· LIVE IN-- CHILDREN, WIL ' - - HINGTON AREA. 2 DAY WK OFF. SALARY OPEN. Ph B3M73I -.HOUSEKEEPER for. elderly genlle n: man. LIVE IN. References. 477-410! or GE H153 ' ! HOUSEKEEPER-- Mon. thro Frl ..-"live out, 2 chUdren tt.». Kelt?" JISO mo. 3»42M days. 630-511 ';: eves wkend. HOUSEKEEPER-Priv. rm., boar + oood wages. Not over 50 yr to assist manager. Care of elder ly ladles. Beau), home n tiv · · 304. N. Canvcn Blvd., Mor.rovl 3S5.1S57 - JS/-3531 HOUSEKEEPER; mature, 3 hrs . - dav. -Must live tn vKWty of 31 7 HOUSEKEEPER, npcr.. live' OK ' " 2 adults. Musi be cawbn of (u charge. Good rel. rea. 9 to 4:3( ;'··. T hr. Sat. Salary 5200 mo. Ca KEY PUNCH '^ OPERATOR Hioh School ared-jate wllh 1 vf Alpha Numeric exoer ence. GENEftAL P 'TliE'pHONi DIRECTORY CO. 1775 XIMcNO (Tralllc Circle) , An EauaF Oppoflunllv Emolover All around worker. AocV In K ' ' son, HIKcrest Ccnval. Hoip. 3* ' "· Cedar. ".·LADY, Live-In, care for 1 trrw .- , children t, lite houirteerlnfl Lak J,., wood area. 42M1» afler 6 p. ' ' (If no answer call »3«-25471 .- - ihow lovely coslume lewelery ·::· g'SS 1 - Wl *"· 4:x » LADIES " {; , PART TIME WOR LADIES-- You COT aver, M ci Ui aV7 R 5rE L yf. R f.Te,ood..4irj £.· L-V-N or RN v MO, offke, no eve.. Sal. or S work. Ph- 636-2247. MANACUR1ST wanted. Genie c · MED. assist. E.Mf P.M. ParM Hon., Tues. I V/trJ., 5 lo 1. F 5-9, ill.. 9 lo 2. Lakewood Arl; j area.. - · GA 44 ' .MEDICAL r«c«ptr«nlsl, exuer. :·/ Dr.-i office lo · Torrmci a , ," '" MEDJCAL^ASSISTAN tip Wntd. (Worn.) 24 A SA MEDICAL SECRETARY F ir OrtKopcdlc oJflce. Expcrrenccd ; MEDICAL ASSISTANT -! =DICAL Ofllce-- Downey area. E»- j«r kneed medical assistant or ' . -VN. 40 hr. wk. Sat. 9 lo 1?. nil 7:39 to l:» pjn. 424-mso RSES, reslstered, LVN, orderty, SA xoer. nurses' aid. AcMy In per- «i Grand Ave.. L.B. , NURSES . r · 1 T 0 7 MEDICAL.- SURGICAL INTERESTING SALARY AND FRINGE BENEFITS WILMINGTON :OMMUNITY HOSPITAL NEAR ALL FREEYYAYS° R NURSES AIDES Exoer. Convalescent Haspllal. NURSES-- WED1CI HE Appry In person Signal HLLI Conva escenl Home, 2375 California. NURSES-- REGISTERED s 7-3 OjJera.lri7 rm. RM, Ml Pedl- alrlci, medical 8. surgka! RNs, miinv bencnts. Call Mri. Auwnw, 5 DJ/*cter of Nurses for apol. Laltewood General Hosp. 5300 Clw* Avt. TO fr« ] URSE urcense reahttred. 5 dav weckencft. 1035 OIlV* Av«., L.B. NURSE R.N,-^ DAYS WEEK RKJ.ira!!. Grovt ConVL't Hosplta URSE (Chrtsllan Sctence. for el- " derly lady. Muit dfrvt. Mountain reiort. G.vt vxper., age salary txp«fed. WrlleBox A 3444, Indfr NURSES-REGISTERED alw lufll or par! time, all snlHs. OFFICE JOBS - Temporary WESTERN GIRL INC 130 PlriE ME7.Z L.B. PERMANENT POSITION High school sratf. Must be flood tvp-'st, ocneral of 11 n dut 1 w, 5 day work week, gcod siartUig DIAL FINANCE CO. 1330 E, Compton BIud. Ccmplan 3FF CE-- Central-- tvpfng. Pkaiant phor.e voice. Call AJA. ^-SVII. OFFICE RN n Bellflower TO 7-1717 Operators SINGLE NEEDLE . AND OVERLOCK Work in Modern Factory in Torrance Progressive Management Steady Work Benefits Srenell Manufacturing 2180! So. Western Ave. at Carson 15 MIN. FROM LB. 320-4200 Location: Two miles from San Diego Frwv., Harbor Frwv., Pa- dllc Coast Hwy., Artesla Blvd. PART lime counter girl. Must sew. Favette Cleaners. 2452 Pacific Ave. .P.B.X. ADMITTING CLK EXPER. P.M. SHIFT Woodruff Comir.unHv Kospllal 3800 WOODRUFF AVE., L.B. PBX-TYPIST Large Board Must be experienced ; Guy Moothart, Inc. 111! NO^LOKGpBEACH BLVD. REAL ESTATE SALES Choice olfrce. Long Ben., LaVewd. area. Opening fcr 3 people. Nationwide advertising. Top camm. RECEPTIONIST On« OlrE Office-- over 21-- Jut!« Tnd. tvpTn.0 lite booVkwplr.ff. Own tranitMrtatlcn, Hours a to 5. Hawaiian Gardens Area, UN 5-0207 Receptionisfr-Sfenographer who K personable and auallfled lo taVe dictation fc Ivce for a number of ptode. Olf«ri p«rma nenT worV, pleasant envlroivren eoocl company benefits. APPLY BUFFUM'S DEPT. STORE Pine al Broadway Lonu B*acli REGISTERED NURSE far DR/S OFFtCE. Exper. pref. but not essential. Submit quallfl- caHons reaiwst for Intervfew REGISTERED NURSE INDUSTRFAU PUANT RH w/Callf, lie. oleasanl per ionalitv. Good typing fr ability In set UP dispensary nee. Position include) secrelarlel reception B!F? U GWJDRICH CHEMICAL co SIM E. »3rd.SI. TE 5-S354 An Ewal Opporlonitv Employe RETAIL store a«Istai4 -- Genera office plus sales. Mature Lake^ wood resident preferred. Perma nent-- Star) « fir. V/rHe Box A 319 cfo Ira.. Preis-Teiegram. R.N. -- Full or part lime. Schedyfe a U or H to'7. Top rated acredllet convalescent hospital, |usl ncwh ' Lvncrest Convalescent Hoipi a '· RN OR LBN * POSITION OPEN-- INQUIRE · IN PERSON. SANTA FE COV HOSP. 3294 Sanla Fe Av«.. L.B 5 RN's-LVN's AIDS ' FULL OR PART TIME a l«5 CHESTNUT 7 ' RN'S P.M. charge position relief. S fl Chr.ilODher Convalescent H«o)1a r Call between 9 a,m. X p.rr ? . RN and LVN For reH«r, Hlllcresl 1 Convalesce "VIVACIOUS SALES GIRLS r . EXPERIENCED ONLY AGE 25 TO 55 : with real selling abilit needed in our high vo ume speciality shop, bo HOT APPLY Jf Good Basic Salary Ph Com mission Exception " Benefits. CALL FOR A APPOINTMENT ·n. CE 3-4579 - GRETA'S BeTmont Shore -JJ SALES SIRLS nv SHORT HOUKo ·^ for aflernooni il cve/ilne* iw » 3 """'J. C. PENNY CO. 2124 Bell (tower Blvd., L.B. * Cooal Opporrunllv Emofver c Al K\ AHY -- PART TIMc fl* EXPERIENCE NECESSARY s!a Apolv TM Roberf Hall Ctothes 5^ 4MO E. Pacific Cst. Hwv. ^r- perunaTtty. Weekends' nl 1 CM fflT awt 43S-26A1. n- SALES-- Set vtrvr hours fnc Jiry rxial In ixdtlng career a: rip Wntd. (Worn.) 24A | H«lj WontMi (Mtnl 248 H NEED MONEY s OR EASTER EXPENSES? j i art earning subitanlfil Incomi i ·nmt#artl¥i Avon Cosmtlki hat c all GA 7-W7I, Ex(. B, ~~ SALES-LADY'S DEPT. A Via be experienced. Will train o be assliiant to manaoer. totr ?l, A^pf/ 57* Pin*, L.B. , SALESLADY ^r hwsfrtarts li gift). Expcrl- ncel prrlcrref. HORACE GREEN i SONS UK Allantlc Ave., L.B. SALESWOMAN EXP. A SEAMSTRESS ?equ r« past experience tn sta- ofe needle In a manu feel wing inop. Apply In person, morntnn on I/, . VIRTUE BROS MFG. CO. , 1?£01 S. Santa Ft INo. L.B. Area) :CRETARY who speaks IK»nl Scandinavian languaoef a l s o knowl«dfl« of SpanTiri Gerrnaii. WrUe P.O. Box 351, San Pedro. ECRETARY, comtrgcilon clflce. Salary cMn. .6631 Cherry. Ave. A : CRETARY-- Shorthand lyplno rea . 1 to 5 Sally. Sslarv open. A SINGLE NEEDLE . · TACOS JOB OPENINGS NOW. Telephone) Receptionists ParMIrr* to work. 43 vn. er oilier. -Start l Jl.» on hr., wllh adwtcemenl up to 52M mo. Ap- pllcatloris being Taken bcrw. 3^. 9212 Alondra Blvd.. Bellllower. TYPIST J450 K. B. area, ulnt polenltaJ w/orcw- TM COmP |!YN AGENCY 5211 Atlantic Ave. 633-im FYPIST m Ons.'S davs, one weekends. Box T-S66 Ind. Preu-Tele. WAITRESS Parf time. Must be available dur no the dav and 2 eventaot ua!1l 7 or 8. Aoply at W. T. Granl Co ri Lakev;aod Center. WAITRESS-- fail, efficient A derxnd- able r 7900 E. Alondra. Paranxunt. WAITRESS/ experienced, age 22 to E 30. Kfllclent. AHcrrwoni and eves. Good lips. Apply after 2 p.m. WAITRESS EXPERIENCED R ANC HO DINER , 1 3 2 W. ANAHEIM WAITRESS. Experienced. BreaMal *M it 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. AMy Halsey's Dutch Hut WAITRESS, cocktail, young, atfr, Apoly 313 E. Broadway. oood Jobs open -now. Room t board + excel, tfw + 5700 ma UP. No deposit, fees 15S ol 1st mo, GWINN'S Emofovment Aocncv 316 Elm, Loner Beach HE 7-2S35 WOMEN WILL TRAIN Woman 30 lo 45 to sort and classify second, hand clothing in V«ts store. Steady work, Insurance, vacation banus.' f you have no small children apply In person orjy, at 219 Locust 9 a. m. dally. WOMEN Sewing Machine Feeders or Vatvers and Slecvers. Exper- fenced tn MULTIWALU PAPER BAG CONVERTING PLANT. Apply Employment Office · BEMIS CO. INC. W3 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. Wilmington An equal oooortunltv Employer. Women-PBX Exp WOMAN alone needs hskor.-conv 'panton. Live in. Life wcrk. Ho Invalid. No smokers, tfrlnkeri or pets. GE 3-7165- V/OMAM, rel Table, to live In with e.derlv lady. Must be neat. Seme wages. UN S-7220. WOMEN-- Thr Fuller Brush Co. now has oDcrtunmes for we men to service cur customer* in, ycur X-RAY Teen,, full or part tlrr-e. OrthcoedFc offke. GA 4-U71. YARDAGE sales-- experienced only. APD(/ In pefion, 635 Sou!h St. Help Wanted (Men) 24B Flight Crews Trans World Airlines Current and future da SEES. Must have commercial ITcensc. Require instrument reading, anti first class F.A.A. ptivskal wilhsut wavers prior lo class. Minimum age », hfilohl 5' 7" to a' 4", vTitan 20-30, correclafcte 20-». INTERVIEWS 9 A.M. TO 3 P.M. Saturday, March 12 TWA Employment Office Los Angeles International Airport Bring tocrs, Hcenses , coTtpu er military leoaraUon pa Mrs anc college franscriDl. An eoual ooportunllv empkiver Income lax preparatron. % 4 bcmw. High volume, toe. LB. S ACCOUNTANT- XfrU career ooporfL-nlfy fcr VO'j fro acctHi nta n 1 li Mu 1 ll-un OTBanfiatlon with main office lo caled In Temple Oty. Dulles w Financial Slatemenfs aV Accovn Recondllallon fc Analysis, 2 to year college accounting required Age fo 35. Send resume salar PT ADJUSTOR · · Casually -- Tcrrance, Rerfont Beach area. Experienced. Satar Hartford aafmj 50 Allantlc, L.E 1 ADVERTISING SALESMEN bock, direct/ specialty, eic. Me media. Bfff money. Front an bonus. Must be free lo (ravel. you are pood, call Mr. Jac i W I i i f e , HE 7-0984 at vour carUe 1 convenience. If you are great ca AMBULANCE driver all end. Ex Weilmlnrter Ambut., 13776 GoWe west, Westminster. (7U) 87W55 ASSISTANT Manacer, exper, varle or deal, slore man for po-Jllo-n , asiislanl mgr. Good opoorlun r for advancement, oood warkV I camnilons, ma[cr mescal Dla '· pard vacation, AoNy in oerso T»77 Paramount Blvd., Param. Assoc. Representative team selling while earning. XI « Income. Prestige posllton. * MR. AJEWAN «^90 al ATTENDANT, SERVICE STATIC Exper. lufee man, local rirereno 4K1 E. Tnd St. ATTEN DANT, iervfct Statton mechanic. Apply En person. i - south Street, L.B, AUTO SALESMAN Comblnalibn New and Used, E pertenced, excellent comm:sstoo Demo Plan, pdrd vacalfon B gro Jnsurarvrt. Appty fo Sa'es M. aoer. NO PHONE CALLS PLEAS RAY FLADEBOE, INC MERCURY «, COMET )Iv 17617 S. Bellflower Blvd., Bellfl AUTO SALESMEN Only top salesmen r.eed aot ShouVf make $15,000 fo 5?0,0» year. 330 ft. Long BeaoV BT W. F. McPHEETERS 1450 Long Beach Btvcf. AUTO SALESMEN for a 100 car a month + dea shfp. Excellent floor triffrc. F demo. + closing help. Pr Pontiac experience but will If TT, - rlBht ma-i. If vou Hire mor **· Sales Wanaoer. . a 7SS9 E, FIRESTONE BLV ttlA DOWNEY tip Wonted (Men) 241 He DRILL Prni OPT, Hat HI. Salary AUTO SALESMEN ^gMfL^Sife* 111 * Co " *** tU Amerkt's hottest car. fht MUSTANG 100 In stock, pptor. or promMton, will Iraln Tl nol iprd. Full company beneflls -- emo. plan. Apclv LOS AUo Ford^ 01 UTO SALESMEN * \ NEW AND 1 USED HERE'S WHAT WE WANT . ' Top-no ten salesman, 73 to H. ' Pleasantly atraressivf »' Hloh guarantee ' Liberal cemo' plan. I vou feel you are Qualified »nd lewre to pel sheaJ *|fh a leader Ike PonlFac and Tempest, set oni Turpm, HEIMAN-TURPIN Poniiac 41! WEST ANAHEIM MlrrtCnglon TErmlnal Sr/231 JTO Sporh Car Salesman Sell Ui« HOTTEST ·!![»' In Im- Auilln-Kealcy, sprite Ml!geV B. all olher knpomd car». Greal oo- porrunltv for rlohl person on 4- man jlalf; earn Trom itoo to HMD mo. Closed t P.M- Sat. i M dav Sunday. See Lou MJrablll evei. 6 10 9 only. Jamestown 1150 L.B. Blvd., L.B. HE 2-7911 lob ' for v rlgW man. E'lchorst's, . BU9 Long Beach Blvd., South Gate UTO TRIMMER-- SteadY work, ex- BAKERY ROUTE Established route wllh' larae baktrv. XI nt Iralnlrvg pn0ra.Ti for man anxtaus fo operate a business. i36-8038 or 426-5328 BANK . VAULT TELLER EXPERIENCE Permanent Position Excellent Opportunity Employee Benefits CITY NATIONAL BANK. 349 Long Beach Blvd. LONG BEACH 435-5301 1ARBER. Part lime. PROGRESSIVE BARBER SHOP. 435 No. Avalon. WllrrJrtfierr. ., TE 2-1451 JOURNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL - BOILERMAKER' thoroughly experienced In petrcHwrn · refining maintenance.- High school graduale. Perman.ent ccsKion. Exec lent bencHls. UNIONoTl CO. Los Angeles Refinery 1660 W.Anaheim Wilmington An Equal Opportunity Employer BOOKKEEPER General office. Call for sp^t. or 600 W. Hlh. HE 2-091S CAMPER Men , all phases. Exp. oflly. Fleet -ATre Camper Co., CAMPER TRAVEL trailer builders with · foreman ability. Good CAR WASH men. I-aVewod. South. Car Wash* cor. Lkwd. South . CAR WASHER CLERK YOUNG men In han*c le e- pricne service ord«r desk and cUsuatchliKi. Must live in 1IK Long Bead] Area. APPLY IN PERSON PACKARD'BELL ELECTRONICS 3 1 10 E. Willow, Long Beach An eauaJ opportunity employer "LOCAL FINANCE co. Needs collection assistant, sotr.e exuerlence preferred, married man In need of permanent posit kin. Good future wllh a growing company, auto allowance, 5 dav week, paid fruurance hascllallzaDcn. APPLY BETWEEN 3 5 P.M. Prudential Acceptance Corp. 2390 Pacific Suite 3 CONSTRUCTION PLAN AHEAD Salesmen needed for conslrucltcn saTeSi we will train vou. Commission In excess of $900 per mo. Call Mr. Carr.ev HE 7-W67 CONSUMER ACCEPTAKCE YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST MANAGER IN CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE DEPARTMENT OF LARGE F RM APPLICANTS MUST PRESENT A GOOD APPFARANCE AND HAVE HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION SALARY $130 PER WK For apodnlment ealt 435-2823 9 A.M. TO 2 P-M. COOK-- Grllt-- Hamburoer D--1ve-ln Full or parr time. Nllet. BURGERMASTER DRIVE-IN 4W1 paramowet Blvd. Lkwd College Boys , weekends. Ho phone can. Mus ! be over la. McDonald's, corne Florence UaVewood. See Mo 1 DAMAGE CONTROL i All. ev-Naw man with knowletto 3 of damage control systems or ex perfer.ce as Inkrng drat sman * Contact Mr. Brian al TE 2-7W DANCE Inslr's fntervlewerj, Fu part tfme. Top pay. HoHdav Dane Club. 311 E. Ocean. HE 2-W7 ° 76S E.-8ROADVMY DESIGN DRAFTSMAN Minimum 5 vrs/ drafllng exoer . ence, furnace, industrial nealtn £ equipment or relaled llelds. J Pacific Scientific Co. ! Permanent, full lime, t «5«0 dialer Drive SP 3-W ^ CITY OF COMMERCE An Ewa1 Opportunity Employe - DESIGN DRAFTSMAH. Oil fie ,! equipment eiro«rlenc« prelerre *; 2«5 Pa!m Dr. Slanal H V J Design Engineers 01 Draftsmen ,,+ FiltraHon^ A.S.M.E, pressure nT vessels, fcea 1 exchange, mi I 0 s«c. and machine design er - perlfnce dcslraWe. Great DON. lentlal with active exoandino J' leatfer In the filtration Industry. 195 Commercial Filter Corf - 117-U REYES AVE. COMPT( HE t-sm *r DESIGNERS mi Piplnfl Piastlc mould desH n, TmmecTate Local out (A tov J| Xlnl, rates. DISPATCHER for security wo "T- Dralr exempl. Between 20 1 necestary. Apply al 20/5 E. Cu ly, St., N.L.B. b-tween 11 a.m. 2 ^ Draftsman; Mechanic* PERMANENT EMPLOYMES WRITE PO Box ISO, SAN PEO DRAFTSMAN er- ELECTRICAL. Circuit design, ree trof wTrlng evperrtRca tftslr* S," PACIFIC SC1ENTIFK m - COMPANY (220 Owl-l Drlvt. SP 5-» j_ City of Commerce DRIVERS EARN UP TO 31% ~ul /pan tlmt ootnlntn. Goo^ tiimoc Co. 1W1 W. ISiri. . y CLEANER-- lor dl lervlci , ECTRICIAN JORUNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN 1 H-oh School oratfuale. Perma^ rveni position. Excellent benefits. APPLY IJNJIOM Oil TO A Los Angeles Refinery , 1660 W. Anaheim, c Wilmington s An Eqjal Opportunity c Employer .* EXPEDITOR Prevfovs ejtpcfkoce In productlo.i scheoullng - expediting for · small manuf a clurl rvg oxnoanv. Pacific Scientific Co. h 1346 S. Stat» College Rd. Anaheim [7 14) PR 4-52 17 An Equal Opportunity Emplover XPER. Hair SlvlHt Excel. ODsjor- lunHv. D«lmonl Holi area. Saury 4- Comm, 4W-75I?. ·Factory Worker YOUNG MEN 430-3371 "XssfsTANT MANAGER ExD*rt«Ked ' coniumer flnarwe mm lo loin rank** expanding company. Excelletil oooarlunltv for casw!i man dtilreoui ol. raotd urogr«s. Excdlenl salary yrim p«neroyi employee benellls. . For Interview phone Mr. Ladd at 4S7-5M1 or Mr. · Williamson at 437-03*3. In slrlct confidence. 3M? LOS 'ANGELES * Rnance Co. -- Nat'l Has openlnos lor aggressive men. aces 22 lo 30-; Appllcanl must have comutclwl 2 vearl ol C04- lece have manaoemenl poteri- r. tial. Salary commeru-jrate - w l h rr. exp. Call 4/7-19M 8:40, ajn. o . \9 a.m. 3:30 p.m. to S p.m. Finance Manager Trainee EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. H SCHOOL GRADUATE.- AGE * GRESSION TRAINING. APPLY IN PERSON 2244 Long Beach Blvd. FOUNTAIN Boy. Over 18. Apoly Ben's Family Restaurant. 29S5 Betlllowor Blvd., Cor. Spring. FRY COOK; PART TIME Experienced on grill fire. Interviews dally-* to 5- LYMAN'S 4390 ATLANTIC AVE. · LB. FURNITURE SALESMAN H ghly qualified-- medium lo bel- ter fumllure. Carpellng fc draperies. l4^^er^o^ design background, TCP mor.ev for top producers. SIRIS FJRNITURE 1235 Lona Beacli Blvd. FULL lime -work -f overtime for men wfo are not afraid of hard, dfrty work, Low pay. Must know about sprinkler sviterm. Musi be llccrrse. Ato1y after 5 o.m, a 1569 W, 17ih St. 01 hers need no , GEAR HOBBER OPER. Must have some experience on melal culllnp; Ti3chlres 8. basic Vr.owledgc of gears. Have basic nand tools sudi as mkro rnc^erSj scales, cnllpers, etc. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC KOI TELEGRAPH RD. PHONE 723-62U GENERAL MANAGER OVERSEAS QUALIFIED WAN. SMALL SHIPYARD, PHILIPPINES. GOOD PAY. GOOD LIVING CONDITIONS. Musi hava experience Hi all phases, Balcer .Commodities 268-2801 GENERAL OFFICE Gocd tvohl. Aoe 40 to 50, hour* 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.. must have car. Must be Long Bea di rest deal. CaH ^34-3 500 after 10:30 a.m. GENERAL office work. CalhclFc n- slltution ncedi man 71 1o 3$. R«- ov P.O. Box 317. Hunt.* Beach. GLAZIER-- Learn a lra:f«. Mu?t be neaf mechanically inc lined, over 21 prefer married. TO *7M7 ft GUARDS MFN NEE05D AS SECURITY GUARDS. Experience un necessary Unllorms equirxr.ent furnished. Vacancies exist In Los Ar.o=lei Orance Countfes. Prince beneflls Include paid vaca- t or.s. Car phone rvecessary. V/rlle Box A-3701 Ind., Press-Tele. Guards-Security.. We need men from 35 lo 5? vri. of ao« for SecurMy Guard posl- llons. Ex DC rf ence not reautred. Vacancies exist In Long B'.atn a r e a . RlnM benefMi Include parrf vacnHonSr Medical Hoip, Inwrance -- Muit have c a r e* Aopl/ Mon. 1hru Frl. 9 a.m,-2 TJn. 2485-C Long Beach Blvd. Guards Wanted 1ime. Prcaliao shoo. Good oca- lion. 439-^ M; 434-4665. HARDV/ARE man. Experienced. 5 days. South Gale area. 636-31E5. HELP WANTED Full Time Days. McDonafd Drive- In Restaurant, 339? Tweedy 81., HONE OPERATOR Clarlc Wheeler Engrg. HOTEL CferX. Middle aorf, neat. 4 day wk. References. HE 6-1206 Hydraulic Profile Opr. i 3c Milling Maclimisl · 7 vrs. [ot-shop exper. 50 hr. wk. 1330v S. Woodruff Downey ' fNOUSTRIAL Sales 73-29, College degree pref. AAA-1 Cora. e Salary/ bonus, comm. Car urn : INSPECTOR ? experience rtculred. tt*n.\ have 2 cwn tools. 636-C697. IHSPECTOR-- experfenced, Mechsn - cal 1st arllcre setup. HAVEG INDUSTRIES 123J7 E. Imperial H*rv. An Ecual Opportunity Employe JANITORS (2) Belfflower.° ! °SM'Mr. Hall. " ' f LAB TECHNICIAN ij M.S. graduafe wIEh oood grade 1 J! In Pfivsta S, CtMmlstiY. Sonw co leg* preferred, ExcfEleflt btnefits Prone (or Interview. 63MMS1, Ex tension 47. LATHE MILLING MACHINE ootralort. "A i B CLASS" fo 1st 2nd Shllls. Mull have cw l»fl. Acoly 7S30 E. JACKSO ST., PARAMOUKT. LATHE Ooerator, lob ilxw e/o* Ph.: 437-5119 LAYOUT Fitleri for structural sleel Overtime. Ur.Eletf Fabricator!, Inc , 101(4 Shoemaker Ave., S " ' F )N · · · · 4 Machine Operator ": LATHES m MILLS rt. DRILL PRESS «" Immediate Openings 1 months experience win cwsli "T wrih an aog/ettlve. diversin 1 commercial ano defense CMrtpan vtt mull expand our w f Coait operation need qua in r?o meri eeUen* fringe benenii. CALL OR APPLY ae. Commercial Filters Cor MACHINE Tool Assembler. H x Wilton, wa S. Atlantic Cudi MACHINIST ytr 2545 PALM DR., SIGHAL HI Ip Wonted (Men) 241 Hi WA :HINE SHOP o S. PALMER « ASSOC'S g BILLING M«Sin» Oprj. *, ·IYDROTPI OPERATOR LATHS OPERATORS M vl 3-D PROFILER OPER. B BURR SPECIALISTS * Day S. svvina shift ' · GROUP INSURANCE .WACHimSTS-inpeflenced. J HAVcG INDUSTRIES 1»2I E. Imxrtal Kwv. c Santa Fe Springs j; n Eoval Opportunity Employer , ClIINIST _ ! Seneral Machinist · j em cal ptanl malnlenance. Dav 1 lift, steady work, close tolerance vrk. Engtnt lalhe, mlNlng ma- hke. crEnoer. Minimum experl- 1 AJM l'l:»'?M Atondav Ihru Friday S M A C H I N I S T IOLLOW SPINDLE OPERATORS OK PER HOUR TOP BENEFITS LONG BEACH AREA SA 4-8561 MACHINISTS Fully qualified with minimum of 5 years -in job shops, Tool and die experience desir- Non-defensive work. CALL 328-1 851 FOR PARTICULARS REYNOLDS METALS CO. " 2315 Dominguei'St. B Torrance · California An Eoual Opporlunllv Employer uACHINIST AUTOMATIC TURRET SET-UP NloKIl Must be able lo let m W S, I-AB and 1-AC aulomallc. MILLING MACHINE ' SPECIALIST MUST bt abk o set up and ogerale verlEcal horizontal Ivpts mlKs. Minimum 5 yn. recent «x- ptf ertce r caul red, ENGINE LATHE SPECIALIST Must b* ab!« to trt UP and owr- at* eng'ne lathe, minimum S yr*recent ixoe rienct required. MACHINE OPR "B" , NlgMs Muit be »b!e to selup and c«r- ate drill presses and be aWe to cper. " various other proouction macnines. Prtvlcui A/C exper - ence required. Pacific Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State Collego Rd. Anaheim J714] PR 4-5217 *MACHINTsTS Needed Immediately TURRET LATHE ENGINE LATHE 1 year mln. machine exp. re- aulred. Too pay. merit lncreai«, excellent fringe beneills, aavanct- ment opportunltv. , , . PcrmrWenl labs for duallflta rr.en. Join a diversified commerce defense conioany with expandtog Weil Coast operation. CALL^OR APPLY Commercial Filters Corp. 18744 RCVM. Con-^on, HE *-5iCO MACHINIST Small erialneerlng frm In. Whltller area needs macWnlst uruier « years of age. Good on mm anc eng^eefLrvg lathe, capable ofmak- ' rg own set UD and toollao or small parls. Call between 1:30 and 5. Ph. «98-7785. An Equal Opportunity Employer MACHINISTS GENERAL, CLASS A Day shin, overtime, b«riel]1i BRO-CON MFG. 9220 S. ATLANTIC SOUTH GATE MACHINIST-GENERAL Must have all around matMnht exoerleoce. Have cwn tools. Be ab!c to cut threads on lath* fc basic =now!edge of hand tools. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC 5401 TELEGRAPH RD. MAGAZINE, phone 8. crew_orcan ; MAN--AclIve pensioner for rrfohl walcrVr.ff |ob. 7F.417T9 Help Wanted (Men) 24B MACHINE Aeronulronic Newport Beach California IMMEDIATE OPENINGS · MODEL SHOP MACHINISTS · GENERAL MACHINISTS · LATHE MACHINISTS · COMBINATION WELDERS · MECHANICS- PRECISION MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY General aircraft experience required · SHEET METAL MECHANICS- EXPERIMENTAL Interviewing ScKedult I Week Days 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sat. 1 1 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. r Evening interviews by ^ appointment only PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURING ', BUILDING j FORD ROAD S Newport Beach, Calif. (714) 675-1234 Ext. 1875 or 1937 I Aeronulronic "M DIVISION *~ PHILCO CORP. g DEPT. «7H TM U.S. CITIZENSHIP REQUIRE! IH AK EOUAL OPPOJITUHITr hv EMPLOYE* FOR ' rtpW«rt*d(M»o) 241 H NTENANCE . REPAIRMAN er«ril m*!nl. vrork in cMmlul To, plint. Exper ^ dolriiili. yll worts mjiy b* Involved. Racheil* Laboratoriei i Id Henry Ford Avr. HE 355H R kn Eoal Opooflurwiv EmDlOYtr H 1 H FOR POOL SERVICE ROUTE · tre tBMndlno. «IM. tit m ME td of 1 mort pool wrvkt mvu | lull b« experienced, ilcatfv. i 4rlc year round. T o p waut). \ Tvfevr. 4«^7Wi* MANAGER TRAINEE HICKEN DELIGHT -Send re. ,, ume if Box A 3»5. preii Tele- , ·V., £.B. q MANAGER TRAINEE , *K« w, Rapid ajVvctm«nt [or ws* who Quality. Promotion lied uoon lnotvttfu«l merll. Aoti 1 r-2?. Muil b« Wsh school gra^h e,. PT «rer »m* collco*. Aul \ ennlngioo bt(we«n 9:30 A.W. * 177 .00 P.M. "' GAA-1775 ' MANAGERS hurp vtcrklno sales manaoen. have tne ocrxirtunlrv or your le llmel S3.W(i lo . S5.000 wr Hn h, every montn. For delalli N MANAGERS ASSISTANT MGRS. MANAGER TRAINEES APPLY IH PERSON ONLY 1 A.M. TO 11 A.M. FIDDLERS THREE 4WO ATLANTIC Opportunity lo rem MS per week 0 wntii learning cur buitaeii. ELECTRO LUX COUP. 515.9947 AN to jell Hem. * Medical In!. Top deal, leadt. Mr. Jor.ii HE · MAM Truck cirtver factory work. Me- chanTcalry Inclined. Older man preferred. $1.75 per hour. Call Tn AM. Mr. Bond. Scruce 4-1 SOT. livery work. Apolv between 1:30 a.m. l p.m. al 543° Cherry Ay. . MANAGEMENT trainee, under 3S, MECHANIC Experienced on' scwtng machine intofl special 51000. MULT1WALL P A P E R BAG^ CONVERTING Apply Employment Ofllc* Bemis Co. Inc. 9?0 E, PaclEIc Coail Hiway. An Hciual QowJlunlly Hcnp!ovtr MECHANIC-GENERAL VYIFh Shop Management experience. Flying "A" SOOO Long Beach Blvd. MECHANIC: Tractor, QualllTcd. LTghT Induurial/ o*s cKtMl. r V W s t h a v B Tools For appls. 3M-4949, ' Mr. Georot An eouil oppcrtunliY *mp(OY*r. M ech a nics^vlotorcy cU Need 4 men. Top waptl. P*td vacations. Koipltiltzitloo t. Mil LONG P BiACH HONDA 5105 ATLANTIC MECHANICS ' . Shsat Metal Mechanics MUST DO CWK layout letups L operate all sftoo eouromenr. WELDER CERTIFIED HELIARC Prevloui Union Xflllillon ml MEVA CORPORATION A SUBSIDIARY OF HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. WILMINGTON', CALIF. Ph. MR. GREENWOOD tW-!«ll MEN Der Wienerscrinihsl RAPIDLY EXPANDING We need hard working niwi capable ol managing drive Ihru reslaurani. Aoes \9 lo 31, w^ provide extensive training wlln twod starting salary, paid vaca- tron other benillli a challenof for maa tooVifrg for a future. MEN--AGES. 21 -OYER ELECTRONICS PROTECTION Permanent oart-tlme employes necceif. Must be nlgri schcol grad- ua e, physical fitness ind refer* ences reoulred, Muil clear for bond, ponce - commisibn se- curltv clearance/ Muit be S' iv* Inches tail or over, ISA Ibi. or over, en Ihe Tob iralnlnB elec- trrcal knowledn helpful. Phoni LU 8-061: Mart. Ihru Frl., 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. An Eaual OwortvrJtv Employer MEN Here Is Your Chance - Join A World Uader .In Speciaffy Chemicals CERTIFIED LABORATORIES --a 44-year-old, AAA-1 company recocnlied for crtatlvi research and constant product development. WHAT? $t\\ solvent], deaners, de- greasers, Et?trlcanl s, turf prod* ucli, and specially cliemka s ' direclty lo Inrfusfrv, munfcl- MlUlej/ schooli, and Inst lu- llont where repeat tMJilnesi t WHY? UP to $200.00 a week oYaw, p^ui high commissions A protected accounts 4 Unusual fringe benefits ^ Unexcelltd field training program. WHEN? NO. VI We are prowfng and pros per fr« all.lhe time; IF VOLT haven't been, vou should lake · hard Took at us. WHERE? ' Make 1he move now to No*! ea/nlngS) oro*fh, challenge ar.d security with CCRTIF ED LABORATORIES. If yen are a professional sa M- man call P a u l Y a t i s at Hollywood 9-8315 In Hollywood/ ' California, on Friday, March Ulh, from 9:00 a.m. TO 12:00 4:00 p.m. i MEN-- ASSEMBLERS General production for cvnpe coach const ructkin. Eioer. ore f erred. «iO Dale St., Buena Par MEN-Full Time Sultan Car V/ash WEM, semi retired w/car to collec adverlliFng accounts In L.B. fc iu v rourvl'ng areas. 2 or 3 days pe wk. Sleao*/ work. 443-S7C 1 ? MEM-- The Car Radio Sound Cenle In Long Beach Soulh Gal nreds car radio $ound syiten repairmen momt. Ira' 2S37 L.B. Blvd. GA HU pry lo responiible hardworVer Brjnches oocnlng. need serv, me mgrs. No Invest. Resume P.C Box A 6371, rntfepeodenl, P-T. MEU 40 + PCC. future, will ral earn ITGuO Isl vn 4j*-0jl6 MEN-- FULL fc PART TIME. FwUer Brush Co. I1I-77M MEH-tHigusled w/Job? Can ra Help Wanted (Men) 24 niiiiimuiHiiiiiiuiiiiuiiiiiiJ I 25 ( Special I Patrolmen E To polite ill fiirktr in- E ilallatlans, M»»t kivi = c:r t lellphOBt, Mnt = H abl to dmlsh ml- E forms. S 1 1 a i 1 wtrk, = IKi vf, MI\II b«»!' = Ills, paid viotltm. E QiallflcatloDs; S'lO" H E over) ninlniM wdttl = ISO Ibs, i[i 22 t* 55, E wllllnj It wirk, ni ft- E lict iKtii. = Apply In f trim ! NEWTON 1 SECURITY , | PATROL | 512 Htartwill lid:- _ TllllllllllllMllllllllllllllllll irpWcmt«t(Mtii) 241 H ^in, (2) Young, Mirritd t work on vtcuum l *pc^iini 104 r trvckl. No cxMrltrxt rcc- 1 SMry. mS monrrt $Mirv lo lUrl. c ap(o Bdvanctnxnf ivf f'^t ir-an. Mjil havt nejit wo«jr«rK«. Aik 1 r TROY, 1411 CtlEBRY. H-OI wllh car. Full er Mrl m«. Avcrtot S3 txr tcur. Roul* ' iffl. Awlv 1W5^. Ward»« 1- ! 1 only. « MILLING MACHINIST · ENOINE LATHE ^Lta^Vrlfri 1 ^^ MOLDMAKER xperlenced In ln[ectlon, transfer k compreiikm by established cvs- om plasttu firm En Paramour), ILERS- mactUn* MX! Mnd. Al»o awmtn, Entrtervced only. '· HUNTER WOODWORKS «S E. 213rd St. torrance Nalronal Seal Division ENGINEERING CLERK NIGHT COLLEGE STUDENT 1634 Pallor, Rd.. Dowixv TO 2-8163 JRSERY men mgrl., eiper. excd. ODoor. w/leaouw nvrierv. P.O. Box ?«, Monterey P»rk, Calif OIL WELL SERVICE ELECTRIC WIRELINE SERVICES Man--?] la 3i-im* eiKlrk or nrvechanlcal background, high, school or ad., math Ihru ^ipecra. Work- consists ol ooeralUvo I. nulntammg mobile toulpt. Some oil Held exotr. prefer. TRIANGLE SERVICE INCORP. Ah.7100 or P.O. Bt tW, L.B. W10 UTSkOH collector win ltd. Exper- ~ lenca ntc. Av»!on Jewelers. 1S40 PETROLEUM ENGINEER 1 vein or nrvor* txpertefvc* In develop, or Drod. engl- j · nwrlng work In L.A. Bist. S*Iarv open. Write delaine education and expertence. E. B. HALL* CO. 420 Henry Ford Av«. Wilmington or call HE 7-d923. exlemkm 13. Mon. Ihru Frl. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PHARMACIST '"M^DALL PHARMACIES 5MI ATLANTIC BLVD.. L.B. 'IPEFITTER JOURNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL PIPEFITTER thoroughly experienced In pel rol turn refifxlng nrwTrvle- nance. High icnooloraduiti, PerminHvl powtlcn. Excel- kflj t * n * APPLY .UNION OIL' CO. Los Angeles Refintry 1660 W. Anaheim Wilmingfon An Equal OppoHunity iMPLCiYER PLASTIC MIXER Prevloui *xp«rwrKt In rnMrtfl · nd pouring pUitlc nritterlilt l EovrqllnD a tranifcr mctdTng prtii reojilrtJ. Pacific Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State College Rd. Anaheim |7U] PR 4-52 17 An equal ooportuntty ·motavtf PLUMBER wllh (rude «, looli. 434.JMI REAt ESTATE SALESMEN CHECK MY PROGRAAV- W» floor 1lme-(wt in* · Tttcpt.) No montv ^ ft* otflci H«m« rtden used (you pet th* call from your own llstlnBilj Sain meetings weekly. "Ketp abreast o( the latest-- m your proltsslon/' Commlsstoni (Ah, vesl Thtv'r n»ooll*We). Mon-L1cen»m. elite my ichoolkvg progrevn lo MT v^u OTHER WORDS "1 WANT YOU' Oil Phil Vroomin PHIL VROOWAN, REALTY REALTOR fc NOTARY 155S9 3 ell ilower Blvd., Btllftowl 925-mi or TO 4-571S $ Real Estate Saltsman ODPOT. for txptr. $*!*sm»n 1 becom« istoc. Call Bill Munlz. Muntz Realty 439-2 16f REAL ESTATE SALES full. or pirl tlrn*. TOP commlsilwi, Ftoor^ffrrv ROUTE SALESMEN (2) 1J M hr. Mint b mirrltd, Kav salts CXD. Srvk* fvOtr Brufr customers only. GE 1-4IM, HA M5M ROUTE SALESMAN Local Co". Opooriunlty for tJ vaiKernenf. Too P»_y. Am erica r LTncn Suooly Co. GE tllOt. Sales -- Career Opporfuni^ J800 PER MONTH Married, 31 lo 45, residence 1 vn ability to meel talk w/busVies leaders. For apllludi ttst, M« resume tele. 4 to Box A-4377 SALE SWAN -experienced only, build Ing maleHals for chain ot norm mprovennent cenPers, Some Htm btr efperlence reaulretf. Contact Mrs. Adims it 7l4_i3»-3l30 for appoint mint SALESMAN COTISISTEHT EARNINGS $200 to $444 PER WEEK Unlimited Qualified apooln men THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORESTERS Is took tno for h/ch ctlUwr rna to contact new -member* of ou world wide oroanlzallon. 472-1205 : MR. CROMAH 10 to THIS IS A REAL OPPORTUNE r . SALESMAN - . Men's furnhhlnTS J, iDor twia k Pirmarrent. Good opgorhmll ' CENTER. 1 t SALESMAN Exper. Sewlnp SAachtae Saleimi r Cotnmrsslofl J5%- Owsortutilty * advance lo manaacmcnl poimc n lor rlahl man. Co. beneHls kx Medical prooranr, rellremcnt pfa 1 vacatbn plan. Can lor AM k Sft^Fox. * *'""" ra-fiJ SALESMAN ' fwce tn Ca1lt. Fowr Vi haur pre entatlons per 4ay will make v S» per day) For Interview cal LOI/G BEACH ;W-" T TORRANCE MO-H SAM PEORO B9: r SALESMAN L - WHOLESALE s National Manufacturer : appliances has openin E or one man. Excellent { : ture. Established accoun = turned over. Comple ; training period, Pref E young man who will grc = with us. An outsrandir E opportunity. = THE HOOVER CO. -- 1?7) PI»E AVE., 1HO FLOI = INTERViEVrS SAT. M |OG = HE 5-5441 -- "An Equal Oooorronlrv ErrrplOY »(pWant«4(M«ii) 2«^' SALESMAN ; o in SUNSET DESICKESS J. UILOERS. Stll bdxk wn Ittxt. jlksi 1, iwlmmlrij owh. APPLY I. lift Lang Itatti Blvd. In or* «acn. SALES OPPORTUNITY ll*l, w« will Irilrt vev. Commlv- SALES-- Interesting Field,, or uJeimen, who w«M to ot* - N». Wt ir« lncr«atlng our $Uff n the comtrucllofi Ir^ilry. W» vOt Iraln vou to earn In txcew ALL MR. SAHCH- HR 7-WSf ' SALES . REPRESENTATIVES .. ALLSTATE ' INSURANCE CO. ;· IMtfi IMse idvantaoes: A COMPREHENSIVE TRAILING al company expenit A COMPENSATION PLAN wllh income potenllil In e*cet* Of S13.0QQ avwillv ft Pickigrd FrEntw Seneltls fncliKflng Prodl-Vurliva 0\tn ft PAID VACATIONS, ft Manitttmcn.) PofenilaP. We are INTERVIEWING For 1 · AGENTS In the LONG BEACH AREA, Men hired will have a iucctu- M background tn public con|acl work; prefer apes 25 rnru «;" high school edixallon; Strong desire for financial success" backed " vo with wHtirtoness to work. Call RICK JOHNSON al . . 429-241! FOR APPT . SALESMAN "^TVi?fr?G^I^T^' **' l5HOURS-r-$47 : - : 44 HOURS-- $140 - · GE MIMJ HA 545M, I..B. Offlc* 1 ALE SMAN . · , , SHOE SALESMAN .'·:· EXPERIENCEO GUILD HOUSE · .' mi Atlinllc. Bl«by Knolli SALESMAN ESTABLISHEO EAST COAIT CO. ' oVilrti uleiman .for U.S. · Navy- . ShlDl AlTol S, kxil Poll E»tKl, , P«rl«cl oeoprlunllv .lor rtllred Chief x lit clau. Write Bov C-I7S Indn. Prtii Tile. lnlcr. v ewi hit. Ulh, Cllv Cenltr Wott . L.B., Mr. 0. Cohn. SALESMEN --117.000 FOR RIGHT MAN ovtr 40 In (rx Lono Beach . area. Free trro to pome at bonus · for producer!. TaVt Irlpt lo contact cmtomen.' A'r mill L. K. Duke. M«r.. Ttxij Rtllnery Corp., Bov 7lti Fort. . Vrtrth i, T««l. ··': OPPORTUNITY -·-· KNOCKS ·; : INSURANCE, BOOK, BLDO. CO* . SULTAHT S. DIRECV SALESMEN 1 winl 1, wgr«il«," well^lr*tied mtn, .who ne*4 w reail S1IOO ptr mo. No tfcperrencA'j rtectnery. 1 orftr in ·xctTlcm^ TRAIN INO. PROGRAM. - ·' SALESMEN ·-.« TOP CLOSERS,;-; No CMViMlnff. Wt *P«xi n.QCO'. * to keep our men swamped wllii ' .finest Ttids. Top mtn can eirn · $3000 · mo. L up. EiUb.i 17 v c , * iirm. . Draws avail. Ca'l Mr, ,, Rcblnson. Men. Ihru Frl. W1-7J16 EnUrqing Salts Forct \! InSalti ·;;;;; A fint opportunity for hootit, *in^' · KtUc man Interttltd In becom* . TOO notch ur uf«man. With". opportunity hr .wN»nccm«nf. Ho tu*rl*rtct ntceiwry, Wt wrtl * lr»tn you 1rt · our Kmi-provtd^ mettrod ,ol. oood »,e«TMn»hlp. Lnrn Earn it Hit «arnt time. up to $250 a wk:-' Pullcfpaltj Tn: \, Oemo plan . . · - . . . » 1 paid Vacations 3. HoiPlUUiation PUn 4. Opporlunllv for Advonctment - " ' Prtfer men from 21 ta S5 vtarsj.' ", RAMBLER, 'HIM 1..B. 'Blvd., L.B, * SALESMEN · · · Eirptrltnct hc/n« Irnofovtmtnls." $100 wwk + commlssMn. H-tw car- , fvrn.-4uill(l*d m*n. 11IU DflJyj -. AVI./ Downvy. · 1*7-341* _ of It. Wt offtr you · prodixt lh*r · Is * necessity In-trty ifor* or w-.. -i rrce-- not a bxury. W* offer ou f known compjKiY thai poes all cut \ I f c r It's jalesmen, (rcm Initial IraUvino to prowtti men Ihit niW, 1 ; WOO to *7W P«r week »nd who · r« no) ·friiq to work for H. ARE ^Oy THAT MAN J If you ·* art call. Mr. D*Vrd Van MrwftW" 1774, 772-4174.. *T SALESMEN ' '* 1 ' Neal Apoearlng, 'quick thinking - a wiy lo suppltmtnt Ihttr or«str\t Income. Wt art Cooking for men . who. wllh to J«arn tM avlomobic*'- buslnKi. Wj will Ira In you fo,; tarn up' lo $1000, mo, doing out-'" . ld« saftt work. Ovr ftcllltlti will ' b* placed il your dlsoeia! . !·· * manaa«nent wfll b« available at all llmts to aislit you. If you Ilkf can money; contact Jed Lo" flosco, Sales Maiuctr, In person anvday cxcnri Wtdoeldiy. Loui.5 Fraham Pontiac , , t DOWNEY - ., Salejm«n-Motorcycl» ' EXPERIENCED OHLY · " · GA J-14J3 · " - · ' SALES.VIEH-- Local or out ol Hale. IttDE.Soum N.LB., lotolla.m." SALESMEN WANTED : ; . Full or part time fcr LJ^. Counly. , ' Call 1:S to f:M .Mm. Pelican, il Water Cond. PrrxfiKli. }7?-1621,v ' :i . SELL CARS? c ! No tKperlenct rvecenary, w* havi r aualintd. managers»in ydu/^ / II you CM follow Instructions, you · % c*n m«k« · good living here vnut -, vow learn. Lois ol noor Knwl . rlllc pay pUn Incfude* CASH^IIv..* * call Sales Manager at 426-nol. "' '* 0 Chrysler- PJvm«jlh ^ Willow · Laktwood Blvd., L §. ' n SR. COMPUTER OPER." ; Night iWII. 1401-tlPt txptr. + 5 EA/v*. Top Waaei, BeneflU, Ptr* manenl Job, Gardeni artl. , SERVICE SALESMAN.,,., i- Good co. benefits, exoer. re- HJ quired. Contact Mr. Swansorr, TO -9W2 '! SERVICE Stltion Alteixf. Futl or !? part «m». 40« Lkwd. ·(., cor. y Carion I7». S»rvic« Station Attend. Have experience rrwchanlral . if ?5hl f mwi «n 7lh. GE *34J4. - SERV. Stsllon Allndt., Extfcl h«» . 9 up 4 brikn. Must have u% u . ifilllv. Salary + .comm. Bm u Vkk's Cnevron Service, SOW f, Cherry, L.B. · - · · 'ft ence? S. mull be have mechanical. exper. 1«9 v/. Anaheim St., er RICHFIELD-S · · w SERVICE Station Atlerxfant · · 101 E Ocean Blvd. - · ' q SERVICE stalton altendant. Mull ~ * b» exMrknced. Local relerewe, - AooJy 7512 E. Alondra. Param't. ,,, SERV. Sla. arlendanf, exoer, In. 3R 14W! Bellflower Blvd., Bellllr. SERVICE STATION-- Exoer. help. Hours 12-M PJH. AKHV Union t" Station, ll» Stodebaxer Rd.. L.B. = Help Wonted (Men) 241 Help Wanted (Men) 241 = HiiiilimiilllimiiiiiiimiimiiiiiimiiMiiiiiiiiiiHiiiillilllllllHif U TACO BELL j E = Fanoif IFH! U«l^»e Mtxlcan FooJ = ' = i Drift-In ««sfauronts = II NEEDS i! 1 1 COUNTER MEN NOW!! |: = = Full Tlm« Hlojk ScliMl OrcrfMt* P«t T'un« = ' = E **p\t nftulm It crtiflif «r««f ·pptrtitilit =-, = = fcr *«k!rJ«»yi»f ·« '·ttreitii) r» firir*. =·' = = ft, iM.nUw ctJl-- TACO IIU S = = 37I-M7I-- MM. rtra. Hun. 10 A.M. N 4 P.M. =^ IIR SlIlllllllllllllllllllllllMIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIIIMMIMIIIlllllllllIlK

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