Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 23, 1973 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1973
Page 5
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Unique Mission To Egypt X-RAYING THE PHAROAHS, by J. E. Harris and K. R. Weeks (Charles Scribner's Sons -- $10) Harris and Weeks, an Egyptologist and a medical student, recently went to Egypt on a unique mission. They x-rayed the remains of many of the ancient pharoahs.. The results wfere surprising and informative as this account Tax Guides Of In Arkansas House IRS Said Not Final Word NorlhwMt Arkantcu TIMES, Friday, Feb. 23, 1973 · -Avrrr«vu.LK, .-- -Bill To Revise Printing Contracts Filed reveals. The · pharoahs .and' other Egyptians'tei- nobles and priests, were found to have many of the same diseases that are found today. One is reported to have had polio and an entire line was teeth. found to have bad ENIGMA OF TIME QUEST FOR THE FUTURE, by A. E. Van Vogt (Ace -- 95 cents) A. E. Van Vogt is an idea man of the genre. His fiction Is wild, yet carefully thought out. His characters are normal human beings, who more often than not prove to be very unusual. In "Quest for the Future" a college science teacher, Peter Caxton,. stumbles on some unusual films. The- films suddenly appear in his projector between classes. This leads him into a mess. He believes one of the students or a teacher is trying to foul him up and he accuses before having any facts. The next thing he knowns he is fired from Tichenor College and is working as a salesman." · ^ On a train.. Caxton meets the beautiful Selanie and her father, Claudan Johns. This soon catapults him to the Hall of the Future. Then the switching begins. He moves into different times and then discovers that there is another . man who is trying to destroy tlie work of Johns. He accepts an offer to fly in a spaceship to Alpha Centuari that will take hundreds of years. When they arrive, they find out that distance has been overcome by faster ships. He goes back to Earth then once again back in time and must 'sleep' again until the present The keepers of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo cooperated with the doctors. The mummies, many kept in a special room in the museum, were laboriously dragged out, laid on a special x-ray table, and just as carefully restored to their boxes after they had been photographed. One surprising find was that what was thought to be a child of the high priestess Makare is actually a baboon. They don't know why it was buried with her, but it was probably because of some plot in the temple. Before the x-rays, members of the ruling families were thought to form a single genetic line. They don't, say. the authors. They were able to trace the different lines of the pharoahs with amazing success. The authors also t e l l about grave-robbing by ingenious fallahs and how much of the gold originally' buried with the pharoahs was stripped from the Valley of the Kings and sold. Ramses, the husband of Neferti, who is believed to have let the Israelis fio, was found not to have been circumcised. Before the study, all pharoahs were thought to have been. Methods of embalming were found to vary in different eras. Some were carefully mummi- :ied so that hundreds of years later they are still in good shape. Others, carelessly embalmed are little more than bones covered by wrappings. The expedition has drastically altered ideas many about generally held E g y p t i a n WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Internal Revenue Service puts out about 80 official guides to help Americans prepare their federal income taxes--but don't count top heavily on them. None is the last legal word on disputed returns. That includes even the most popular IRS guide, the how-to- do-it book entitled "Your Federal Income Tax." It costs 75 cents, which Is tax deductible. The Government Printing Office, incidentally, tried to raise the price to $1 effective this year, but that ran afoul of price controls. The other tax guides are special publications to cover specific tax problems. Court rulings have established that only the voluminous tax laws and IRS regulations written by lawyers in technical legal language are the final authorities in tax disputes. But, lest taxpayers lose faith in the guides ,the IRS is quick to point out that most don't have complex tax problems that would require fine legal interpretation. "It fits their situation in most cases," a spokesman said in defense of "Your Federal Income Tax." For those taxpayers who feel they are entitled to a deduction in a complicated situation but aren't sure, the IRS said the best thing to do is to contact its offices. A taxpayer who doesn't want to do this should interpret the facts in his favor if he thinks he's right, the spokesman said. . . but if the IRS doesn't agree, audit. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A bill was introduced in the Arkansas House Thursday to revise the law on state printing contracts and to give the Printing Specifications Review Committee authority to veto contracts approved by the secretary of state. The proposal, filed by Reps. Rudy Moore of Springdale, Don Corbin of Lewisville and David Orr of Texarkana, is an apparent outgrowth ot the controversy last year over Secre chronology and culture and has revealed new information on ancient diseases and medical · p r o b l e m s . The report is illustrated with original x-rays and other photographs, some in color. time returns. "Quest for the Future" is about the enigma of Time, with a capital T, probability worlds and how one man overcomes his own shortcomings to be worthy of the future. It is not Van Vogt's best venture. It doesn't, of course, compare with "Slan" or even the Null-A tales, but those who enjoy the old' masters will find many things enjoyable in "Quest for the Future." the taxpayer risks an Gold Hits Record LONDON (AP) -- The price of gold hit record highs in Europe for the fourth straight day today jumping $3.63 at the opening in London to an all- time peak of $83 an ounce. The price of the metal has now soared nearly $15 an ounce here since the U.S. currency was devalued just over a week ago. Normally the gold price changes only a few cents in a week. Dealers said the main reason for the soaring gold price was continued uncertainty over the value of paper money. The dollar was weaker in early trading on most ' European money markets, including London, Zurich. Frankfurt. Paris and Amsterdam, but it strengthened in Tokyo. OLD THEME MADE NEW WALK INTO MY PARLOR, by Rona Randall (Ace -- 95 cents) Rona Randall gives the old theme of lost kin returning to ancestral home a new twist in "Walk 1 Into My Parlor." Belinda LeMaitre comes lo Queen's Manor as a lady's companion. The woman she is to take care of is her mother, Lady {Catherine, who doesn't have the foggiest notion who Gillian Conrad is. Pretending that she is Gillian, she meets the family , lawyer, Matthew Deacon, the doctor, David Harvey and others surrounding her mother. After L,ady Katherine had been brought home by her father, Sir Humphrey, forcing her to leave Belinda in France, she had slowly lost touch with reality, Belinda's father had been killed during the war" and she was reared by an aunt, Francoise. She had come to the village where her mother lived to look at the place. When she discovered the opening, she took it. Another woman comes to Tredgnld manor to claim that she is Belinda and the real Belinda is almost killed when the horse she is riding hits a wire during a jump over a hedge. She and the doctor then join forces to prevent the lawyer and his protege from getting the estate. It is at times trick everything works out fine. Rona Sell-Insurance Recommended For Schools LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A bill that would establish a self-insurance fund for public schools was given a favorable recommendation Thursday by the Senate Insurance and Commerce Committee. The committee also gave a favorable recommendation lo a bill that would establish a pool of private insurance companies that would accept assigned risks from school districts that are unable to obtain insurance by other means. Under the self-insurance bill. $2 million would be appropriated to set up a mandatory self-insurance program for public schools in the state Education Department. The adminis- ;ration-backed bill resulted from a study problems school districts were having with prop- Roark Facing Indictment On Medicare Fraud LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Ben ny .Roark of Fordyce, a unsuc cessful candiate for state lane commissioner last year, surren dered Thursday to authorities a 20-count federal in dictment charging him with at tempting to defraud the medi care fund. The 35-year-old Roark, win owns a business that rents sick room supplies, was freed o: $2,500 bond. He was indictei Feb. 14 .but the indictment wa not made public until after h surrendered at the U. S. mar shal's office in Little Rock. He is to be arraigned Monda before federal Judge G. Thon as Eisele. The indictment charges tha Roark submitted 20 fals claims . for payment to Ar kansas Blue Cross and Blu Shield, which acts as payin agent for the Social Securit Administration, administrate of the medicare plan. _ry ot State Kelly Bryant's andling of state printing con- acts. The bill declares that "it Is ecessary to define and rcgu- rize procedures in such a way s to assure" that state pur- hases of printing, stationery nd other materials are made at the lowest possible price to he state and its taxpayers, due onsideration being given to re- uired quality and-time of de- very." At the same time, the meas- re would cut down on the vol- me of work done under state rinting contracts by narrowing te legal definition of "print- ig," opening the way for more se by state agencies of their wn duplicating equipment for heir printing. State Auditoi immie Jones recently tight- ned the restrictions on the use f the duplicating equipment. Under the bill, all printing ontracts entered by the,secre ary of state would not become jlnding until the Printing Sped ications Review Committee gave its approval, along with he approval that is currently equired of the governor, audi or and treasurer. The measure also would re move from future printing con racls any items now cpveree .hat are not printing or station ery as defined in the proposed act. DRUG CONTROL Sen. Ralph Patterson o Morth Little Rock introduced ; aill to create a drug control di vision within the state Healt Department. Patterson said th office \yould enforce regulation pertaining to the control manufacturing, distribution an dispensing of controlled sub stances. Three senators introduced bill that would transfer the ei forcemeiit division of the Alco holic Beverage Control Depar ment from the Department Public Safety to the ABC Con mission. The governmental reorgani- ation act of 1971 placed the en- rcement division under juris- ictfon of the Department ol ublic Safety. It originally hac icon under the jurisdiction ol le commission. Sen. Joe T. Ford of; Little ?ock introduced a bill tha ould remove the slato Secu ities Commission from the tate Banking commissioner's Not Recommended LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The Senate Education Committee recommended against passage Thursday of a House bill that Rail Executive Dies CINCINNATI. Ohio (API Patrick B. McGlnnis, 68. former president ot the New York, New Haven Hartford Rail-^ would make driver education a- roac) anrt an expcl it(vc of other compulsory course in all public high schools beginning with the 1973 school year. The House has approved the bill bv Rep. L.L. "Doc" Bryan of Russellville. otfice. Under Ford's bill, the Securities Commission would function as a separate agency. r a i l r o a d companies, died Wednesday. Writer Dies LONDON (AP) -- Elizabeth Bowen, 73. author of "The Hotel" and "The House in Paris," died Thursday. SATURDAY IS SPECIAL! In addition to the complete doily news report, great pictures, popular comics and columns, Saturday's issue of the Northwest Arkansas Times is always chock full of features you like. Tomorrow for example . . . Fn.r/cffeuillc's new ordinance (o control dirt;/ monies iras adopted last Tuesday by the Board oj Directors, but not without some Keystone overtones. One director icanled (o fence oil all drive-in movies and another thought ice should" conlro! indoor mouies, too, while toe were at it. A couple oj FayettcuUle legislators, veteran Chnrlcs Stewart and Hugh Kincaid J r . , discuss how it is in the state House of Representatives this session. Lake Faycttcvitte will become a 643-acre municipal park -provided the city can thread its way through the jungle of impounded federal aid funds. For how it will look when -- and i/-completed, check Saturday's paper. You'll also find Friday night's area sports reports FIRST in Saturday's TIMES. Arkattirais GRtti*0 SIMMONS GOLDEN VALUE DAYS GOLDEN VALUE SUPER FIRM erty and insurance the rising cancellations cost of pre- Protection Costs WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate has passed a measure providing for $35 million annually to pay for anti-hijack police forces at the nation's airports; The bill goes House, where Sim-guard edges give extra durability. Twin size, mattress or box spring $79.95. Cover formerly the ure died last year. The bill also gives the presl dent discretion to suspend air- aid or harbor hijackers. day. by an 89-0 vote, came just mystery and threats to the hf week after new federal anti-hijack regulations went into of the beautiful heroine to make the story interesting enough to and communities to provide police at their own .expense. - Beautyrest Matt Extra firm cushioning support *"· ^ plus comfort. Exclusive Adjusto-Rest coils. '" Sim-guard edges give extra durability. ""*· Twin size, majtress or box spring $69.95. Double (shown), mattress or box spring $74.95. Queen Set $199.95. King Set $289.95. .YOU GET A COVER BEAUTYREST ON A MATTRESS SELLING FOR MUCH LESS. Smart Spring wardrobes begin right here ! W0% Polyester Double Knit Fabrics for Spring Sewing Second Floor f Of. $6.91 Yd. Yarn Dyed Polyeiter... Great Spring collection of yarn dyed poryeitor double knit fabric! in 60-in. wMthl, full belli. Say* ·* your Spring «nd Summer wardrobe by sewing now I S59. 95 VOGUE Cover formerly on $69.95 Back Shield World famous fashion designer created the cover, Simmons created exclusive Adjusto-Resf coils,' Sim-guard edges for extra durability. Twin size, mattress or box spring $59.95. Double (shown), mattress or box spring $64.95. Queen Set $179.95. King Set $259.95, S89. 95 BEAUTYREST BACK CARE Beaotyrest by Simmons has separate colls that support you all night as your HS-J^ muscles do all day. That's why sleeping one Beauty rest is an overnight vacation. Twin size, mattress or box spring $89.95. Double (shown^ mattress or box spring $99.95. Queen Set $259.95. King Set $369.95.

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