Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 30, 1963 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
Page 19
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TUESDAY: EVENING. APRIL 30. 1963 TUCSON D A I L Y CITIZEN Stars Play · 'J ~ 'Cat And Mouse' In Brazil Games By KEN DAVIS SAO PAULO, BraziM**-If you take a look at the ·core of the fourth Pan-American Games, you might have some doubts about the wisdom of having such a pageant every four years. . . Uncle Sam--accused of self-interest and dollar diplomacy for a bunch of years --wins 19 of 20 swimming and diving events. Uncle Sam--the Colossus of the North--takes eight wrestling gold medals. Uncle Sam--the ugly Gringo f~k · when he starts wheeling and r l*ftTY1fYfl4tYl dealing south of the border-- ··· * vIlMJ HU11 takes six of seven weight- Tourney Must Have 'omotion Tucson Golf Association President Robert (Babe) Hall asserted last night that the Tucson Open must be kept befort the public 12 months a year in order to make it a success. Hall's statement came after a report from treasurer Tom Callahan which showed the TGA to be $3,800 in debt frcRV.tho 1963 Open. Earlier statements said the tournament lost $500. The difference was created by outstanding bills, which were previously unreported. "The community must be kept aware of its civic responsibility in supporting the Open," Hall told a regular meeting of the TGA. "There is more publicity, going out on ; the Tucson Open than anything else but the Cleveland Indians promoting this city." The TGA, in hopes of making the 1964 Open a financial success is considering several fund raising proposals, the most significant of which is a suggestion for either full or partial sponsorship by a commercial concern. Hall appointed Fred Marcus to head a committee which will study such a commercial sponsorship. Other fund-raising projects include the TGA's Golf Day and a fashion show by wives of the members. ' The TGA has already held one Golf Day and netted $800 from it, according to Callahan. The second of these golf days will be held at Tubac Valley Country Club on May 26. "We're doing more work right now than we have in January in past years," Hall said; "We have time to analyze these things . . . It's not November or December and we can put the Open on a working basis with enough early effort." lifting events, 10 of the first 11 shooting events, four of seven rowing and figures to take the Ijon's share of track and field, equestrian and fencing competition. IS THIS any way to win friends and influence Latins? Well, take another look. Organized Cuban claques in the grandstand of Bom Retire baseball stadium set up the usual outcry in Caribbean rhythm and went slightly loco when Cuba's classy team tromped the Yanks, 13-1 and 3-1. The great mass of fans-most of them Brazilian--do not react. They give the boys from the North every bit of their due. A pretty Yank diver admits she is more than somewhat interested in a handsome Mexican diver. THE WAITER on the 14th floor of the Jaragua Hotel asks in Spanish for a U.S. button to wear. A former Brazilian swimming champion says in Portuguese many nice things about Yank technique and spirit even while Brazilian swimmers are getting their brains beat out. "We of Brazil," says a native of Sao Paulo in halting English, "will never carry over from the sports these things into politics." Another Brazilian, trying his best to forget his natural politeness and speak honestly, says: "IT IS a good things, these games. You (the United States) brought basketball here and we are better, all the time better. Now, we have a title. We have the title of the world." Still, no one likes to lose. When that happens the calls in Portuguese say, in effect: "Of course, you win. The big cat and the small mouse. You are big; we are small." NOW OPENING at the Minute L U B R I T O R I U M Lubrication Specialists · Brake Repair · Tune-up KUSTOM TRIM Auto Upholstery Auto Tops~Seat Covers Boat Upholstery Custom Ready made seatcovers 22nd PH. 326-5741 t] JACK SHEJUOArt STILL FISHING IS STILL OHE OF THE MOST POPULAR TYPES OF F1SH1HG, ESPECIALLY FOR YOUNGSTERS. NEEDED ARE A CANE POLE OR A TREE IIMB, A LIME,A BOBBER, A SINKER ANP HOOKS. ALSO BAIT-- WORMS, MINNOWS, FROGS OR INSECTS. _// OR YOU CAN GET A FOLD- UP FIBRE GLASS POLE. IT CAN BE CARRIED EASIER.. GOOD F1SHIK SPOTS ABE NEAR TREE STUMPS, POCKS, PIER^. EARLV IN THE MORKING SHALLOW WATERS ARE GOOD. DON T JERK THE LINE UP AT EVERY JJiBSLE. L6TTHE FISH PULL7HE BOBBER UNDER, ThEN JERK SLIGHTLY TO SET THE HOOK. NEVER JERK RIGHT OUT OF THE H,O. O IS". KINO nUTURea iYNDlCfrTC. bt. NAUGHTY KITTENS 'Makeshift' Cats Topple LA State LOS ANGELES (Special)--Arizona had a catcher and a pitcher playing the outfield, a first-baseman on third and a few players in the doghouse, but still managed to defeat Los Angeles State, 3-2, yesterday afternoon. Some of the Wildcats, left , Long, who normally plays out of the starting lineup due first base but played third to a violation of curfew, yesterday, belted a 350-foot forced Coach Frank Sancet to shot into right centerfield for go with a "patched up" line- the deciding run. This was U P- the Cats second homer of the But the lineup came through day. Hector Barnetche clout with flying colors, as Lance Colonial CC To Withdraw January Ban FORT WORTH, Tex. -- (#) --Colonial Country Club opened the way today for controversial Don January to be invited to the Colonial National Invitation Golf Tournament and appeared to have ended a week-long rhubarb. January was the center of a heated a r g u m e n t that brought threats of a boycott on the part of the players. He was left off the invited list and the players claimed it was because of criticism of the tournament by January while he was chairman of the tournament committee last year for the Professional Golfers Association. Colonial's board of governors decided last night that it will leave it up to the PGA tournament committee whether January is to be invited to this year's tournament. The committee, headed by Lionel Hebert, will meet at Las Vegas Saturday during the Tournament of Champions and decide whether January will be invited. Colonial said it would present reasons why it did not invite the golfer but them. declined reveal Means GUARANTEED QUALITY WORK AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SPECIALS OS.J REMOVE PAN, DRAIN CLEAN OIL SCREEN BAND, AND LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT ADD NEW FLUID ALL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SEALS REPLACED GUARANTEED DISCOUNT AUTO REPAIR 6COO Miles or 6 Month* Written i Guarantee J 820 S, 6th Ave. at 5 Points 622-4651 OPEN 8-1 DAILY Saturday 8 - 4 p.m. one . in the first inning, almost to the exact spot of Long's blast. BILL REYNOLDS, normally a pitcher, started in right field and contributed three hits to the Wildcats' cause. Arizona Goach Frank San- cet Said that all members of the team who did not play, with the exception of a few pitchers, were involved in his disciplinary action. He also said it was only a one-game punishment. The Wildcats, with the first Western Athkt.i.c Conference baseball title within their grasp, will now meet ^Arizona State in a three-game set starting Friday night in Mesa. Two wins in the three- game series could sew up the title for them. ARIZONA ·b r h rbl LA STATE ·b r h rbi B'netche.cf 4 1 2 1 Sanchej.ss 4 0 0 0 Tosto,ss 4 0 2 0 Vlck*rs,3b 4 0 1 0 Th'bald,2b 4 0 2 0 Nerl.cf 4 0 1 0 Brown, Ib 4 0 0 0 Aversa.lb 4 1 2 0 , Long,3b 4 1 2 1 Klng.rf Pafera.c 4 T 0 0 Coutts,2b Guans,lf 4 0 1 0 Tewell.lf R'ynolds.rf 3 0 3 1 a-HauB«r,lf 2 0 1 1 Mp'rlson.rf 1 0 0 0 Carting 3 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 0 1 0 I 0 0 0 . Nlchols,p 3 0 0 0 Huntcr.p H'llcker* 1 0 0 0 Sprasue* b-Pase ! 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Totals 36 312 3 Totals 32~2~i~l a-- Singled In the sixth for Tewell; b-- Walked in the ninth for Sprasue. STATP .............. - STATE ......... :.... 010 00) 000-2 E-Ssnchfli 2, Nerl, Theobald, Rty- 7'£- rn°- A - Arrions »'»·' La. State 27-15. DP-Hunter, Sanchez, Aversa; Sai- chei, Coutts, Aversa; Couts, Sanchez, Aversa; Patera, Theobald; Nichols, Tosto, Brown. LOB-Arlzona 7, La. State i HR - Barn * fc "e, Long. S- Nlchol. , . . . Holllcker ........ 3% Hunter {L,iS-3) . . 3 Spraaue ......... e, 100 4 2 0 6 , AUTO AIR CONDITIONER Nationally Known up 239 95 Completely Installed 12 Months' Warranty Bank Financing MEDINA'S SERVICE GARAGE N. Main at Speedway Ph. MA 4-8597 HUNTING AND FISHING Bill Davidson Are Marlin South Of Guaymas? Time May Tell--Maybe In May Still no billfish being boated around Guaymas. But I hear-tell marlin have been sighted 50 miles south. It still appears billfish might be tugging baitfish by mid- May or perhaps a trifle sooner. 1'Ju weather's right- warm Gulf waters, southerly breeze. Meantime, you can mark time with y*llowtail and red snapper, and grouper. Still on the angling front, and amid a glut of new equipment, True Temper Corp. is out with a new closed-face spinning reel--spincasting reel, if you pv-ifer--that is calculated to eliminate many of the faults of standard closed- face rigs. True Temper's new Model 420 has been. fls-kM^isd more than a year to prove it's backlash-free. It coerst-is with a roller pick-up pin that has a pulley-like action rctaung inside a special track to engage loose line instantly. The rotation, coupled with a new plating process for friction points, reduces line-fraying and flattening, too. Also incorporated in the 420 are a star drag operating on the drive shaft, not the spool; a clamping ring inside the shroud to hold firmly on backcast without slipping--but releasing freely on the forward cast, and a cross-winding motion on the snap-in spool that oscillates but doesn't rotate. This is intended to permit smoother, farther casting minus the danger of foul-ups. All in all. it does sound interesting. The spincasting reel is considered an American adaptation from the classic European open-faced spinning reel--hn attempt to make spinning easier with some of the attributes of lighter-scaled bait-casting. This new 420 IF it is as good as billed may go a long way. It's generally conceded even now that the easiest, surest way to introduce someone--youngster or whoever---to freshwater fishing is with a spincasting reel Now it may approach the foolproof... again, IF... Pena Blanca Monthly Derby At Pena Blanca, lodge operator Ken Shults said yesterday he'll renew his big-fish-of-the-month contests in May, on channel catfish and bass. Trout catches are getting fewer as the waters continue to warm up. Ma}. Clarence F. Horton of Davis-Monthan AFB proved there's increasingly good warm-water fishing, taking a 6%pound channel catfish and good catches of bass and crappie for embellishment. And veteran Nogales reel-craftsmen Joe Roberts and R. A. Alexander hit the lake for limits of bass over the weekend. John Henderson of Tucson boated a 4-pound bass, and Terry Concannon, also known here as a trapshooter, collected a 3*/ 2 pounder in weekend skirmishing at Pena Blanca. John Dunn and Roger Bopp of Sierra Vista connected on bass, led by a 5-pounder. Dick and Charlotte Gamblin, always sharp, had five bass. Stan Hill had five bass, the Kozaks (John and Jack) had a 3-pound catfish and half a dozen bass, one a big 'un. James E. Shelton reported in with a mixed catch. Alaskan Hunting Calibers Dr. A. J. Wagner's rifle on his Alaska polar and brown bear hunt is a Mashburn 7mm Magnum (George Parker, hunting with him, adds the load the Tucson physician used to collect his polar bear was the 175-gr. Nosier bullet, 73 grains No. 4831 powder). George is using his much-traveled .375 HH Magnum, and Bill Schnaufer a .300 Weatherby Magnum. R. T. Gridiey, Catalina High principal, says CHS will reinstate competitive rifle shooting when the school's new science building is completed by fall, 1964. CHS, which under Ed Kuhn's coaching used to produce some of the U.S.' best high school rifle teams and individuals, has been out of the sport the last two seasons due to (a) need for the range as classroom space and (b) lack of a coach after Kuhn's academic duties precluded his coaching, Gridiey said. NOTES: The Outdoor Sportsmen, of Arizona have obtained good cooperation from the U.S. Forest Service, led by C5yde Droan, in asking for and obtaining better boat- launching facilities at Pena Blanca Lake. Now the problem is to keep people from violating regulations in camping too near the launching-site. Tonight's Tucson Rod and Gun Club meeting (Roskruge School, 8 p.m.) will include discussion, probably, of predator- poisoning. I'm told the Rod and Gun people have invited spokesmen against poisoning, as well as others, to present viewpoints. v LEAGUE LEADERS NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING (35 at batsl-Edwards, CIn., II; F. Alou, S.F., .3»2; Altmen, St.L., .384; Howard, L.A., .384; Groat, St.L., .364. RUNS-Flood, Sf.l.., 22; H. Aaron. Mil., 19; Groat and White, St.L., U; McCovey, 'RUNS' BATTED IK-Boyer, St.L., 21; H. Aaron, Mil., 14; Mathews, Mil., and Demeter, Phil., IS; Edwards, On., Fairly and Howard, L.A., and White, St.L., 14. HITS--F. Alou, S.F., y; Howard, L.A., and Groat, St.L., 28; H. Aaron, Mil., Cepeda, S.F., and Altman and White, St.L., 27. DOUBLES--Cepeda and F. Alou. S F , 7; Cardenas, CM., and Groat, St.L, 4; eight tied with 5. TRIPLES--Altman, St.L., 3; Cardenas, CIn., Fazio, Hou., Roseboro, L.A., Hickman, N.Y., and Groat, St L , 2 HOME RUNS-H. Aaron, Mil.', 7; Demeter, Phil., 3; Howard, L.A., Clendenon. Pit., and Mays, Cepeda and McCovey, S.F., 4. STOLEN BASES-W. Dsvls, L.A, 4; w'i'thN 1 "*" " nd Fl00d/ S '' L " *'' Jl * lled PITCH!NG-Washburn, St.L,, 4-0, 1000; Nottebart, Hou., Friend, Pit., and Brog- llo and Simmons, Sf.L., 3-0, 1.000. STRIKEOUTS-Koutax, L.A., 33; Washburn, St.L., 30; Mahaffey, Phil, !»; Bunt, Chi., 27; O'Toole, CIn. and Drysdale, L.A., 26. l*»»^ I RACING Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Sonoita, Arizona Conducted by: Arizona State Racing Commission--Sponsored by Santa Cruz County Fair Rodeo Ass'n. 4 BIO SUNDAYS _ MAY 5 MAY 12 J MAY 19 MAY 26 1 1:30 P.M. Post Time Pari-Mutue! Wagering Food ond *efr«shmen»i Hom«mad« Pattriet AMERICAN LEAGUE » AT TMC (35 at bats)-Caujey, K.C., .00; Yastriemskl, Bos., .34S; Wsaner, N'Y" '"o ; ton ' Wssh " · 3 2 '' Boyer ' ,, R "£. S ~V U " son ' MIn - 15; Pearson, L.A , m. h * r - s , K - C " w « ner - L-A., and Hlnton and Lock, Wash., 13. RUNS BATTED IN-Alllson MIn. 17; - . L. Thomas L.A. H; Wagner L.A. 13; . . Batt:y, Mtn., Osborne Kallne, De»., ·VdSfj.,- 1 j i , HITS-- Hlnton, Wash., 27; Waaner, L.A., n v T, homas ' L ' A - M* Yastnemskf, TMiESl2f' De '" and p ""°n' L.A., 23. InfrS rh? S ~ Y H itr " nr " kl ' Bos " »' R°£ HeTwHh 4. Fre90li - "-.A., 5; ten TRIPLESV-Hlnton, Wash., 4: Clmoll buff" K'C Wflrd ,' , Cm " Alvls ' Cl «" TTMa- bull, K.C., and L. Thomas, L.A., 2. "°M* RUNS-Wa ?n «r, L.A., *; Alll- " 5 P ° we " ancj Smllh ' Bal., rh Charles, N ^ BASES -A P8 rlclo, Bal., «; K.C., i; Tartabull, K.C , 43; ,| X ,, e{f wlth j. 4 ' «n. K r K ' C - *. 1.000; T^' , ·£" , " nd Cheney, Wash., 3-0, 1.000; elaht tied with 2-0, 1.000 STRIKEOUTS-Barber, Bal.;' 31; Bun- nlnu, Det., 30,- Cheney, Wash., U; Rakow, H. Aaron, Mil., M; Mathews, MIL, and K.C., and Chance, L.A., 23. And ASSOCIATE 8 UNIT COURT Cxcelknt norlliiiit location, Flat rtnt- «l rcc«rtf. Coed Termi available. We would bo pr«a«*«J Vo (how ir r« y*u. * Rcal EsUt * -· Insurance RECREATION LEAGUES SOFTBALL OURY PARK MAIDEN MONSTERS .....30000-3 J 3 EASTilDE BAPTIST 121 lx~i ^ 0 Few and Few; Landl* ind Hlckj. ENGINEERS 203 00-5 S 3 SMOKE EATERS 10300-4 \ 4 Bobb ind Cooper; Sleeley and Arm- Jtrone. SINOS 010 122 1-7 t ? ARIZ. BOOK STORE MO 141 x-12 10 3 tee and Leon; Bills and Davidson. MAHZO FIELD PARKLETTEs 40271-9 t 3 QUEENS 101 |0--3 J 5 Valdei ind Romero; Willlem! and Msn- zano. DIAMONDETTES 234+-12 4 MEDALLIONS . . " . . . O i l 3-13 4 I Torres and Huahes; Mesa «nd' Clark. 'ST.BAPTIST 1235J-14 7 2 RAT CLUB 114 01-? 2 5 Kern and Kern; Romero and Romero. t-DS WARD »4 003 50- 8 10 2 RAWS 20 4 X _] i 10 5 Carell and Schoenberser; Moreno and MENLO PARK FIELD £L RANCHO COS Oil 0--1 i t MILL-TOPPERS 152 000 £J \ \ *·*' McD«n.!3i (?) and Morgan,- Vellhuysen ana rt-m-. MEAD'S PHARMACY.. 0?6 000 0-? 2 1 EDUCAT. SUPPLY .... OCX) 001 2-3 1 2 GIeason LOP«Z, Poljton (?) \ 1027 E. 6th St. · MA 4-8857 PARAKEETS 701 (10)0-11 12 2 CACTUS BELLS .523 00-10 1 7 Rasmewen »nd Ftdtrlco; LtRoy and Emij. SANTA RITA PARK YWCA 00000-0 t 1 HAMILTON SPTG. GDS. 135 4x--!3 4 2 Pepper and Brlnley; Mittldln and Grantham. FIRST BAPTIST ..0100010000-2 7 1 WHITTHORNE ....0000002000-2 7 0 Hodgson and Petfenon; Whltlimrne, Becker (« «nd Prater. BASEBALL HI CORSETT FIELD MARANA CO-OP 100 OOi--2 3 4 JESTERS 300 122-» 7 4 Goodman and Llnsey; Ubmack and Mandoia. GIANTS , . 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 -- 4 2 5 ORACLE INDIOS . . . . 0 0 0 4 4 0 0 -- 1 0 I 4 Wilson, Bianton (5) and Henderson; Plereeson, Foster (5) and Kent. ESTEVAN FIELD OURY PARK TIGERS. 3000002-5 4 1 TRIPLE B 0021000-3 4 3 Campus, An«l» (4) and r-'lorej; Smith and To-nberry, Klttte (7). JACK ELLIS 4?X 004-13 7 2 TUCSON GAS 004 010-S $ 4 Acuff and EreU; Black, Soackman (3) and Roe. Keating Seeks Fix- Legislation, ,. NEW YORK-- Ufi --Sen. Kenneth B. "Keating R.VK.Y. has urged the membe'nhl^'of the National FoatballFouridii- tion to support in the strongest way legislation designed to eliminate fixes in: sports contests. ; v, Keating called for support of a bill he is sponsoring in-a. speech at a foundation luncheon yesterday, Keating said his bill would make it possible to exercise federal Jurisdiction over schemes which utilize the facilities of interstate commerce to influence corruptly the outcome of sporting contests. MERCURY AVIATION CORP. Ph. 294-3474 Tucson Municipal Airport VA APPROVER FLIGHT GROUND SCHOOL Authorized Cessna Dtatar LEO'S VALUES 1WINIT SPARE flattires! I only Large 16-Oz. Size BIG BOY WORK CLOTHES BOMBER BAITS ALL SIZES--ALL COLORS REG. M.25 DOLL FLIES Bt/y MANY AT TH/S PRfCE FLAT FISH LOW AS FISHERMEN MONOFILAMENT LINE 4, 6 or 8-lb. test. 100-yd. spool . . . . . WORMS BOX HEAVY HIP BOOTS FISHERMEN--HERE IS A REAL BUY--REG. $12 pr. KHAKI OR GREY S h i r t s . . . . 52.29 P a n i s . . . . $2.29 COVERALLS WORM BOX ESl WAIST-HIGH WADERS LASTIC METAL FISH PLIERS REG. $7.50 /% Al NOW ... 69 BLACK HANDLE NETS 38 Olive Drab Blue Weave 5.95 FIBERGLASS tf*39 SPINNING ROD 2 FIBERGLASS tf% «% C Costing Rod J....88 8-FOOT tf»f%C CANE POLES 39 LATE SEASON SALE BOWLING $1 ftO BAGS I .TO APPROVED Life Jackets For the entire Family! Adult Size 3.98 lldren's WATER JUGS v $129 WATER BAG A must for deesrt -I Of driving »·«*» --^ STYRO FOAM ICE CHEST 20 QT. $«98 SIZE 1 VIKING CLOSED FACE $0fe7A REEL 3' 9 KADMANN OPEN FACE ***" SPINNING REEL O M1LTEX STAR DRAG SC88 SALT WATER REEL CAMP STOOL WOOD ALUM. HEAVY DUTY WOOD FRAME COT EASY FOR STORING,... fletal Folding Cot S 1 With Plastic Webbing LEO'S AUTO HOME SUPPLY 2823 N. STONE MA 2-7637

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