The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 16, 1976 · Page 2
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 2

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1976
Page 2
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De >er 16, 1978 PAGE HAYS DAILY NEWS On Parole Of Dennis The Menace E. Howard Hunt Delayed WASHINGTON (UPI) — The U.S. Parole Commission Thursday postponed a decision on the parole request of E. Howard Hunt, now serving a sentence of 30 months to eight years for his part in the Watergate burglary. The three "national commissioners" and one regional commissioner voted to defer the decision until a meeting of the full commission in Burlingame, Calif., probably next Jan. 25, a spokesman said. Hunt, 58, is serving his sentence at the federal prison '. camp at Eglin Air Force Base, : Fla. The former CIA agent was accused of acting as lookout in a nearby motel when burglars were caught bugging the ^Democratic National '. Headquarters in Washington's Watergate complex in June, 1972, triggering the scandal that led to Richard M. Nixon's resignation as President. The national commissioners had already announced they would join 'the regional commissioner in the decision "because of the national interest in the offense." In a telegram informing Hunt of the postponement the commission added, "Because of the nature of the Watergate case the decision in the Hunt parole matter was a responsibilty of all voting members of the commission." There are normally four national commissioners and five regional commissioners but two posts—one national and one regional—are vacant. Hunt was indicted on Sept. 15, 1972, on six counts of conspiracy, burglary, wiretapping and interception of oral communications. He pleaded guilty Jan. 11, 1973, and was sentenced on Nov. 9. Hunt tried to withdraw his guilty plea so he could stand trial but his motion was denied. He was freed on his own recognizance for 477 days while his case was on appeal. Hunt was confined in a Washington jail from March to May in 1973, when he was transferred to the federal correctional institution at Danbury, Conn. The following November he was transfered to Allenwood, Pa. He was released on appeal in January, 1974. The appeal was denied on Feb. 25, 1975, and he reentered prison on April 25. Hunt will become eligible for parole next Jan. 10, a spokesman said. If he is denied parole he will be released mandatorily on or before June 3, 1980. Hunt was given his initial parole. °G\REFUL WITH OUR CREDIT CARD... MY DAD SAID IT <;HOULOM'T < Russia Harvests Record Crop Famous Actress's Husband Dies In Nevada Shooting MOSCOW (UPI) - The Soviet Union appears to have harvested a record grain crop this year and probably will not make any more purchases from the United States in the immediate future, a U.S. Department of Agriculture official said Thursday. Richard E. Bell, assistant secretary for International Affairs and Commodity Programs, said he drew these conclusions from three days of semi-annual consultations with Soviet trade officials. Bell said Soviet purchases in the first year of a five-year . grain trade deal now stand at 6.6 million metric tons, including 3 million tons of wheat and 3.6 million tons of corn. The agreement sets a minimum yearly purchase level of 6 million tons, evenly divided between wheat and corn. Soviet officials told Bell final figures were not yet available on the size of the 1976 grain crop. They quoted a statement by Politburo member Fyodor D. Kulakov Nov. 5 that 220 million ,tons had been harvested by the start of November, to come within 2.5 million tons of the record 222.5 million ton harvest in 1973. "Several times during the discussions they referred to their record crop," Bell said. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC : New Year's Eve Dance with J Chambers & Company Featuring Kathy Dreiling Tickets Available At The Brass Ear - Crispin's Honda Prehop Cleaners • Hays Music Co. The Appliance Mart • Midwest Music B.Y.O.B. - FREE SETUPS SNACKS 9:30-1:30 single $8.00 • couple $15.00 : Ramada Inn Calvert Room :; LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) — Rick Manzie, husband of actress-singer Barbara McNair, was found shot to death in their Las Vegas home Wednesday, two years after two associates, reputed mobsters, were slain gangland style in Chicago. Miss McNair, weeping and distraught, flew home from a nightclub engagement in Chicago. Manzie, 36, was found in a pool of blood in the dressing area of their 20-room house, wearing only a T-shirt. He had been shot once in the head, detectives said. There was no sign of forced entry, burglary or a struggle, police said. The house was not ransacked and all the doors and windows were locked. Manzie, who married Miss McNair about five years ago, reportedly ' -was once associated with two reputed Chicago organized crime figures, Sam .Marcello, an alleged loan shark, and Joseph Grisafe, described as a 6-foot-6,270 pound underworld "enforcer." The bodies of Grisafe and Marcello were found in 55- gallon oil drums on the northwest side of Chicago in July 1974. Police said they had no information that Manzie had any more recent connection with the Chicago underworld. The body was found by Miss McNair's brother, Horace, 41, who said Manzie was alive when he left the house at 4 a.m. to buy groceries. Miss McNair did not appear to know, when she arrived at the airport here, that her husband had been shot to death. She looked startled when questioned by reporters, and said she thought he had The most exciting ordinal m$ event of all time is alS Copyrigni <t> MCMUXVI by Ono De Laur enliis Co/[xxal>on AH Rights Reserved Dino De Laurentiis presents a John Guillermin Film "Kirg Kong NO PASSES PLEASE starring Jeff Bridges Charles Grodin introducing Jessica Lange Executive Producers Federico De Laurentiis aixi Christian Ferry Screenplay by Lorenzo Semple. Jr Produced by Dino De Laurentiis Directed by John Guillermin Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry Panavisiori" in Color A Paramount Release . MANN THEAIflES fcad •TteCrealpnd Pro CbUurertLBKING KONG' Iran fochd Book; | Original sound Irack album and lapes on Rtpribe Records | died of "some kind of illness. Officers led her away in tears . to be questioned. Miss McNair, a former UCLA medical student, became a star in 1963 by following Diahan Carroll into the lead role of the musical "No Strings," and had her own television show for a while. In recent years she has concentrated on nightclubs and movies. She and Manzie were arrested at the Playboy Club in McAfree, N.J. in 1972 by investigators who said she took delivery of a package of heroin sent from Las Vegas. Miss McNair insisted she never used drugs and the charge against her was dropped. Manzie, who pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to possess heroin, was fined $1,000 and placed on a year's probation. Beery Wants New Judge, Prosecutor GOODLAND, Kan. (UPI) — Bankrupt northwest Kansas grain dealer Jerome Beery of Colby filed two motions under his own signature Wednesday in Sherman County District Court, asking for dismissal of the judge and prosecutor in Beery's aggravated assault case.' Beery is accused of threatening an official who was preparing May 18 to auction property owned by Berry to pay off creditors. Bill Cole of Goodland alleged Beery held a shotgun and ordered him off the farm. Beery's lawyer, John Kite of St. Francis, filed a motion for change of venue, but Beery filed two motions bearing only Beery's signature. One called for disqualification of County Attorney Perry Warren and the other asked Judge C.E. Birney to dismiss himself from the case. Beery cited conflict of interest in asking for Warren's ouster, saying he could not be a fair and impartial prosecutor because of his current association with a Goodland law firm representing clients which have filed bankruptcy action against Beery. Seeking the judge's mid an dismissal, Beery alleged Blrney had made sarcastic and demeaning comments to Beery in court. Birney took the motions under advisement pending a hearing. Beery also faces $1.7 million in civil suits from area farmers for alleged failure to meet contracts on grain sales due in January. His firm, Brownville Grain Co., was placed in federal receivership later that month. FAMOUS CEMETERY LONDON (UPI) - London's Highgate Cemetery, closed for two years because of vandalism, is now open. The famous cemetery, where Communist theoretician Karl Marx and Victorian philosopher Herbert Spencer (subject of many a British joke, since Marks and Spencer is a popular British store chain) are buried, has been saved by a local conservation group. The Friends of Highgate Cemetery have pruned trees and bushes, polished old tombstones and repaired gravestones broken by vandals. Free Kids Show Judge Postpones Nemechek Trial WAKEENEY (HNS) - The trial of accused murder Francis Donald Nemechek of WaKeeney has been postponed a week following pretrial motions Wednesday inTrego County District Court at WaKeeney. The new trial date was set for 9 a.m. Feb. 7 in Saline County District Court at Salina in a change of revue request made earlier by the defense. The delay was approved by Trego County District Court Judge Steven Flood, who will preside at the Nemechek trial.- Defense Attorney Robert L, Earnest of Russell requested Auditor Acquitted Of Fraud Conspiracy TULSA, Okla. (UPI) — The defendant smiled and grabbed the extended hand of the special prosecutor. "It was good to beat you," Norman Cross said, slapping William Hawes on the shoulder. Hawes looked down at his cowboy boots and smiled. U.S. District Court Judge Allen E. Barrow Wednesday directed a judgment of acquittal in the Home-Stake Production Co. case in favor of Cross — the only defendant to face trial in Tulsa in the case. The decision followed almost three months of complicated testimony in which the government tried to prove Cross, an independent auditor, had conspired with former officials and associates of Home-Stake to bilk investors out of more than $40 million. Most of the victims of the alleged conspiracy were wealthy persons looking for tax shelters. Many entertainers were among them, including such stars as Jack Benny, Liza Minelli, Walter Matthau and Barbra, Streisand. Barrow had refused several times before to dismiss the charges or to direct an acquittal in the trial, which began Sept. 20. Defense attorney B. Hayden Crawford decided to try once more before the case went to the jury. For Norman Cross it was the end of four years of investigation, accusation and prosecution. He said it was a relief. the week-long delay because of the unavailability of Dr. John Cody, executive director of the High Plains Comprehensive Community Health Center at Hays. He and Don Tiffany, also of the High Plains staff, examined the suspect for the defense and were termed "key witness" in Nemechek's defense of not guilty by reason of insanity. Prior to the February trial, Nemechek will undergo another series of mental examinations which were requested by the prosecution. Date and place of the upcoming tests were not announced by the court Wednesday. Flood also granted a 90 day continuance in the trial proceedings of a sniping incident in January in which Nemechek has been also been charged with. The motions Wednesday were the last pretrial court proceedings against the suspect, who is charged with five counts of first degree murder, involving four women and a 3-year-old boy. The five charges have been consolidated for trial. Bennett... (Continued From Page 1) cut from the budget of Social and Rehabilitative Services. He questioned the need for "specialized social workers," and suggested "more of a generalized and less of a specialized" position, to handle more than one type of case. — Bennett urged the legislature to "study fully" the aspects of land-use value assessments on real estate, and predicted any legislative action would probably not come before the 1978 session. The legislature must determine exactly what constitutes agricultural land in order to avoid "a land speculator's dream," he said. Bennett said he will take into consideration all the comments he gathered while visiting 12 Western Kansas towns before making his budget recommendations to the legislature in January. Ann Landers Has An Answer Bod Child? Dear Ann: Almost daily, 'and now in your column, something is published about "warehousing " the elderly and the inhumane conditions of homes for the aged. How many of these "experts" have actually faced the problem? My 83-year-old mother has had two strokes. She is senile, can't walk, is very heavy and has no bladder or bowel control. Trained personnel is required to take care of her. Unfortunately, my mother is very demanding. Her latest request is that we take her to the hairdresser, in an ambulance, if necessary. (There's a hairdresser in the home but mother doesn't like her work.) When mother first became incapacitated my father tried to take care of her. It amounted to 24-hour-a-day duty and nearly killed him. She doesn't like being in the home, of course. They must tie her in a wheelchair so she can't fall out. They insist that she eat her meals and take her medicine. She views all this as a conspiracy to "mistreat" her. Father visits her twice a day. I see her at least four times a week. For the privilege of keeping her in this "wearhouse" we pay $1200 a month. I don't expect to live to be 83. If I make it I will surely be on welfare. Mother's illness will have wiped me out. As the nation's leading Arbiter of Conscience, how about presenting the other side? — Another "Bad Child" Dear Child: I was inundated by letters from "the other side" and my heart goes out to all of you who are caught in this trap. There are no easy answers, but it seems to me that if our great country could spend 150 billion dollars on the war in Vietnam, someone in Washington should be able to figure out a way to care for our elderly at a cost that will not pauperize whole families. Dear Ann Landers: Several years ago a woman who worked as my husband's secretary told him she thought she was falling in love with him. He said he took it "as a joke," reminded her that they were both married, and he swears on his mother's name BAGDAD" Saturday Only, Dec. 18th Starts At 2:00 - Out At 3:30 DECEMBER 18 - "THIEF OF BAGDAD" 625-9567 STARTS FRIDAY, DEC. 17 A campus experiment three coeds didn't take seriously! HIT fMWWf FM IN11W SUM*. QUEER 11 a FRANKLIN I SCHAffNtR M PHPILLOn p UUW WI'U $H YM MOT YURI there was no affair. The secretary moved out of town with her husband and family soon after her "confession." I .knew nothing of this episode until a few weeks ago when one of those "Language of Love" cards arrived. The former secretary had set it to his office but it was mistakenly forwarded to our home. The card listed poetically "my reason for loving you." The damn fool signed her name and added, "Be happy." I wonder is she realized how much anxiety her card has caused me. My husband must have liked her once, but now he says, "Forget, the dumb broad." Well, it's not that easy. My first impulse was to send the card to her husband (I'm saving it) but there are children involved and I don't want to punish innocent people. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to hurt her as she hurt me. What do you say? — Unwanted Mail From Wichita. Dear U.M.F.W.: Your husband gave you excellent advice. I hope you take it. People who try to "get even" invariably end up behind. Tear up the card and quit while you're ahead. Is alcoholism ruining your life? Know the danger signals and what to do. Read the booklet, "Alcholism — Hope and Help," by Ann Landers. Enclose 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120.

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